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C Boogie – The Nerve Of This Fruity Negro!


Shout out to Kid Organic for covering this:

The actual video in question, from mark 34:10 – 36:30:

These are the so called self appointed “alpha/select” males of the Black Manosphere. How can any man call himself select/alpha yet at the same time allow his butt-cheeks and anus to be violated by another individual?

Additionally, just as Kid Organic stated, I don’t believe it was a woman who tossed Boogie’s salad as there is no way any woman would be able to overpower him to perform such actions even in a tipsy to drunken state.

Again, this is of course based upon the assumption that Boogie’s booty was eaten out and nothing more. Since he claims he was “out of it”, it’s quite possible that C Boogie was rooted by another dude or still he could’ve been pegged.

Now, apparently because of this sexually suspect behaviour Boogie has been thrown out of the Black Manosphere, yet we have a genuine homosexual in the form of Kevin Samuels who still remains within it and is welcomed with open arms, make that make sense.

How is one sexually suspect guy removed yet another sexually suspect individual is allowed to remain, oh yes, that’s right, one is calling out these dysfunctional black females whereas the other switched from admonishing black women to bootlicking for the black witch contingent ie reforming himself into a simp.

Dom Game, indeed, now we see what Boogie’s so called “Dom Game” is really all about, HIMSELF BEING DOMINATED by another individual(be it man or woman).

Now remember back at the beginning of last year where SYSBM was the talk of the town, C Boogie was one of these court jesting minstrels who had plenty negative to say on the lifestyle, how we are beta males because we’ve chosen to walk away from the daggle for reasons that are obvious to any individual with two eyes.

How does this dude reconcile getting is butt-cheeks violated with his philosophy of integrity and self improvement? You see how Negroes like this are so willing to sell their masculinity down the river for 2 shekels of silver, who raised you bruh?

The worst thing about this is the dude is still going around talking about lame this and lame that as if he has the authority to speak on those who choose to give the dysfunctional black witch a wide berth. Dude has been emasculated by whoever, yet is still here trying to call you a lame.

Again, I’m asking the question, outside of a medical check up, how is Boogie himself not an emasculated lame for allowing somebody else to violate his buttocks and rectum area, I’ll wait?

These black male digital spaces are full of fruits as well as sexually suspect dudes who at the behest of the modern day black female have no problems attacking black masculinity in exchange for some measly crumbs from her table, smh.

With this move C Boogie has completely discredited himself, he shot himself in the foot from before when he decided to lick the muddy boots of these black sirens(don’t forget how this mule had no problems conversing with Cynthia G), however to come out and confess to getting his salad tossed by a woman(supposedly) who he claimed was able to overpower him(really?) has now smashed his reputation into so many fragments.

Any black man worth his salt sadly is NOT going to receive any benefits listening to a group of men who have no problems engaging in emasculating, masculinity compromising, sexually suspect behaviour and talking about it on the internet. This is what happens when you begin catering to the daggle, you start taking on her traits and behaving in a manner that’s not comely of a man.

Remember, many dudes who will now rightfully cut off C Boogie on the flip side will still follow Kevin Samuels who is currently the worst blemish on the image and reputation of black masculinity to date.

At SYSBM we don’t play that, we will always stand in the corner of the heterosexual free thinking brother and will NEVER sell our masculinity down the river. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

More Fruits And Sexually Suspect Negroes Not Surprisingly Continue To Emerge From The Black Manosphere, Smh

Most High Bless

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57 thoughts on “C Boogie – The Nerve Of This Fruity Negro!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    C Boogie is a idiot and a battyman who should not be taken seriously because he allowed his masculinity to get violated. I am a proud SYSBM black man and I am sticking to the SYSBM lifestyle.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      You’ll notice that all of these guys who’ve talked smack about SYSBM are being exposed one by one. SYSBM continues to stand tall while the naysayers continue to get exposed and fall.

  2. SYSBM brotherhood is the alpha males. We’re alpha because we getting with quality start gates and stepping up our ground and financial game as well. Good men like us need to be heard more. There are many dudes that I know became full blown SYSBM. I always knew dudes like C Boggie was never an alpha nor did they have game to convince strange black women for sex. Once an SYSBM man get his resources right, the world becomes open to him. Remember, quality star hates matter. Yes indeed.

    1. Robert Chavis,

      Indeed, the angry and bitter black sisterhood as well as their pro black simp flunkies have heavily skewed the real definition of an alpha male. Real alpha males don’t walk into war and conflict where those situations can be avoided, this is why these Negroes going around claiming themselves to be alphas because they can supposedly “handle a strong black woman” is nothing short of a joke.

      Remember, C Boogie was the same dude who did YouTuber GameChanger dirty by moving in on a female he(Gamechanger) was already dealing with or dealt with in the past, alpha male my backside.

  3. This C Boogie character came a long way. First, he was a supposed ally to SYSBM and during the anti-Passport movement late 2019/early 2020 he did a switch up against the lifestyle and the brothers that supported the lifestyle because Boogie Woogie, Ringo TV and these other cats have young daughters and their fear tactic of there won’t be enough good black boys and men around for their daughters and now he is in the outdated business of giving game from the 1990s.

    Boogie Woogie telling this story of him getting his backend aten out reminds of the 50 cent was anal ated out by Vivica A. Fox years ago. I bet Boogie Woogie liked it the same way that like 50 cent liked it.

    1. Brotherdanunlimited,

      These sexually suspect Negroes continue to engage in dodgy behaviour behind closed doors, behaviour that they ought to be ashamed of the declare in public. So many of these rappers are dodgy because of the “sacrifices” they have to make in order to be promoted and made famous.

      Ringo TV Raw, Boogie Woogie as you call him and others who have black daughters ought to be concentrating on raising them to a high standard regardless of whatever outcome unfolds.

      They cannot disparage black men for looking at the gutter condition of the modern day black female and thereafter wisely choosing to seek out love and companionship amongst other ethnicities of women.

  4. In the LGBT World, actually Trans or in Gay community, C Boogie would be labeled as a ‘Bottom’ because he got his but licked.
    If anyone do not know ‘Top’ and ‘Bottom’. In the Gay community and some Trans because most white men are bi-curious (aka Versatile), Top is if you are Alpha male and the bottom is you are beta effeminete, regardless of how Alpha mascualine you are. Prison applies too. In this case we all know Fleece Johnson is the ‘Top’ and all his victims was ‘Bottom’.

    Now much said about Top and Bottom which applies to C Boogie section.

    I saw Kid Organic and the origninal clip too. When he mention the woman overpowered him for a hour, this is either a Masculine Type Dyke woman or a Transwoman because she is super strong. Lets say he was drunk I doubt a normal woman would want to lick the mans but for a hour and he could slowly fight it off. That is why I say this could be a Transwoman – Bi-Gender type Versatile.
    If she was a versatilte or a Top woman, I say he got lucky because if C Boogie was sleeping unconscios due to heavy drinking, Top Trans could easily put her hard horny d1ck in his ass and he could felt it when he wakes up.
    Also he was in the club, any hoes would of film this sh1t and put in on World Star Hip Hop saying ‘Tranny put her d1ck in C Boogies Ass’

    I am just saying as when he mention about him being overpowered.

    1. I agree to that 100. Especially it could be a Transwoman because of her strength and he was drunk.
      He acts like the OG on the internet and when it comes to real life the woman who licked is bum for an hour shows him who is the real OG.
      I notice the Manosphere are full of bi-curious people.

      1. Andy C,

        Sodomites, sexually suspect, bi-curious and other dodgy individuals are currently pouring out of the Black Manosphere at an alarming rate. It’s not surprising really, when you allow black women into the fold, this is exactly what you get as they’re the ones who gravitate to and aim to introduce sexual depravity into any environment they enter.

    2. MMT,

      I personally am going with the tranny scenario myself as it makes the most sense as C Boogie isn’t an undernourished dude, he was in the military so he knows a thing or two about combat as well as defending himself.

      These dudes stay telling on themselves, any man who found himself in a sexually compromising situation would be ashamed to reveal that to anybody, the fact that Boogie can talk about getting his butt spread open clearly demonstrates to me that he’s as far from being so called “alpha” as the east is from the west.

  5. C Bussy had his buttocks invaded by the Booty Warriors!🌈🌈🌈🤣😭💀 Dom Game indeed! Truth be told I wouldn’t be surprised if he survived this fiasco because as David Carroll always says a lot of these dudes are sexually suspect themselves! That’s why they always want another man to cam up, they love arguing with men & it’s definitely why these cats love dick policing/being the penis gestapo! SMH

    1. Val Zod,

      Indeed, again, how does the dude reconcile his so called “Dom Game” with having his butt cheeks spread open by either a burly black female or a tranny? These guys stay giving off black female energy but then have the audacity to turn around and call you “lame” for having self respect and keeping your masculinity intact, smh.

      1. Verbs,

        Without a doubt! That’s why these Communitah minded dudes are unsalvageable!

  6. A man who belittles other men for either pursuing women of actual quality (non-westernized), practicing self discipline for himself, and working to gain his own agency and respect, is one who should not be taken seriously at all.

    C Boogie and his Dom Game a.k.a be dominated is an example of dysfunction and effeminacy in one instance. What a fool.

    1. Blackdjedi,

      The effeminacy is off the dam chain bro, guys like C Boogie stay trying to impress and cater to the lowest of the lowest females on the planet, the dude can never be taken seriously especially after this confession.

      However, just like the black witch has so many black men still worshipping and pining after her despite the fact that she constantly disparages them, there are plenty of brainwashed jackasses who will continue to follow the fruity, sexually compromised fellow C Boogie regardless.

  7. No cohort of females on planet earth are as corrupted and tainted as the black female. That’s just a fact.

    Back when I was very young, I had some experiences with black females that you wouldn’t believe. Black women will eat your ass. I once had one eat my ass till the crack of dawn. She was no more than 110 pounds. She was just corrupt and nasty, and liked eating asses. I did not kiss her or anything else. She was just happy to eat ass. Some daggles are just that nasty.

    There are some hood daggles that are as strong as a man. But this simp was probably dealing with trannies. Especially if he was overpowered.

    I look at Barack and Michelle Obama. I’m not saying Michelle is a tranny, I would have no way to know anyway. But she looks like she is physically way stronger than him.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      That eating ass behaviour as far as I’m concerned is outright nasty, obviously unhygienic and a compromise on a man’s masculinity, this is something I’ll never be caught engaging in. I’m good with normal sex and any wholesome acts associated.

      I strongly believe that Boogie tranny dipped and attempted to mask it as something else, these Negroes simply cannot be trusted to give honest accounts.

      1. Verbs2015,

        I believe C Booty was with a tranny, and he knew it was a tranny.

        You are right about eating ass behavior being disgusting and unhygienic.

        That’s why men should be very circumspect about kissing women they are just getting to know. Have a good idea about where she puts her mouth before kissing her.

        Even vaginal oral sex is very risky. Men have gotten throat cancer from giving oral sex to women who carry the HPV virus.

        Sex can be very risky. Sex with the scraggle daggle is always very very very risky !

  8. If “total lack of self awareness” were a person, it would be this sus Negro; bruh, how do you get caught lacking this bad? This is daggle/maggle energy masquerading as “game”; also, does anyone else notice that all of these faux Alpha males in the Black Manosphere look and act the same? They all sport these thick beards, wear baseball caps and hoodies, and act tough to project masculinity in an effort to attract the scraggle daggle (this includes Manosphere conservatives); one commenter pointed out on this week’s OMW that Negros with these prominent beards are either cucks, liberal, or fruity.

    From now on, his name should be ‘C Booty’ because he clearly doesn’t mind having his booty taken by hoes that are doped up on God knows what; this level of effeminacy from him shouldn’t surprise us given that this guy had the gall to question SYSBM Practitioners choosing better options outside of the scraggle daggle. First it was Woke Progressive being exposed for homosexual behavior, now this guy? The Manosphere needs a serious purge of these fruitcakes; this is not a good look!

    1. Ringo, Woke P and Fake Academic Fountain all have so much sugar in the tank, you can call them Tate and Lyle. Not forgetting British Black Guy and his paid escapades…

      Gotta ask the question again – Who turnt them all out while growing up? Their violent abusive mothers.

      1. Michel,

        It always come back to the modern day black female, she is the root cause of all of the sexual dysfunction within black male society.

    2. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Again, you’ll notice how all of these problems began as soon as the Black Manosphere began to allow women to come into a space that was meant to be for men only. Like I said before, allow black women into your circle and sexual depravity, sexual deviancy, debauchery as well as the alphabet crew are sure to follow.

      The dude can never fix his mouth to talk against SYSBM practitioners ever again, just like Cynthia G he has completely discredited himself but just like G I suspect he’ll still attempt to ride out the storm as if everything is ok.

  9. The way this story was sounding to me, I was assuming two things: Either that was a trans, or a woman who’s probably heavy into that BDSM type of shit, who was doing weird stuff to C Phony. Talking about “Dom Game,” Bruh he got dominated. When it comes down to sex, I’m not into no weird type of shit. It’s crazy because I used to rock with C boogie, but once he got into that Dom game stuff, I stop listening to him. Wasn’t he the same dude trying to persuade us dudes to date his daughter or something because his daughter was not the preference, but his other daughter because she was Light Skin? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought I remember him talking about something like that back then. Anyway, These dudes that be saying they’re “Alpha,” and calling us dudes “Beta,” I don’t know if it’s me, but these dudes that claim the Alpha title are real questionable. For instance, that maggot face Myron Gaines from FreshandFit, that dude might think he’s alpha, but deep down inside, he’s questionable. I seen the evidence, doing some suspect shit. I ain’t forgot about that. Fighting with women on his podcast, dude ain’t no “Alpha” male. I’m starting to not like two labels, Alpha and Beta. Hence why I don’t be around them redpill spaces. Don’t get me wrong, it’s cool, but from my point of view, at the end of the day, you need to be your own man. I’m my own man 24/7 because that’s the organic thing for me. I don’t need other dudes telling me how to live my life and all that. I’ll go wherever places I want to go and have a good time. I’ll do whatever I want with my money because I can give a two shit about trying to keep up with the jones. I’ll be with whatever type of women I want to be around with because it’s my taste in preferences, not yours. I’ll travel to whatever countries that interests me. I’ll do whatever I want to do with my life because it’s my life.

    1. D.K. Phantom,

      Back in the day I subscribed to Boogie’s channel but then quickly unsubscribed when he began his black female muddy bootlicking escapades under the guise of “you guys are lames who hate women”.

      As MBD keeps on stating time and time again, most black men are doomed because they cannot get the black woman’s titties out of their mouths, they’re literally addicted to the modern day black female and the dysfunctional package that normally comes with her.

      Slowly but surely all of these self titled “alpha males” are being exposed for the emasculated, milktoast, soggy biscuit, effeminate Negroes they are, again, a so called alpha male doesn’t have to constantly announce that he’s alpha, nor does he proclaim and base his alpha status based upon his successes with women which is exactly what the majority of these clowns and court jester do.

      Just like the black female, give these dudes enough time and they’ll eventually expose themselves, in many cases voluntarily.

  10. Omarion Ft. Chris Brown & Jhene Aiko – Post To Be (Official Music Video)

    Lyric from Jhene Aiko from this song: “If your dude come close to me
    He gon’ want to ride off in a Ghost with me (I’ll make him do it)
    I might let your boy chauffeur me
    But he got to eat the booty like groceries
    But he gotta get rid of these hoes from me
    I might have that nigga selling his soul for me
    Ooh, that’s how it post to be
    If he wants me to expose the freak ooh
    That’s how it post to be ooh
    That’s how it post to be ooh
    That’s how it post to be
    Everything good like it post to be ooh”

    By checking out the portion of this song, it was usually the women getting their salads tossed around and finding it pleasurable to break that glass ceiling but now in this new era, from what I heard, men around a certain (adult) industry are getting their various salads tossed online like OnlyFans with no shame. They think it supposed to have the same orgasmic feeling or more than a woman. Did Tommy Sotomayor said that his was tossed?

      1. @Afrofuturism1

        When did Tommy Sotomayor admit to having his bum invaded???

    1. Brotherdanunlimited,

      Sotomayor has engaged in this foolishness as well, why am I not surprised? This certain explains his skittish behaviour.

  11. ….


    Unless this dude was dealing with Wonder Woman or She-Ra (not that any of you guys know who that is, but I digress), something is suspicious about his claim.

      1. @Verbs

        I was referring to She-Ra and no one knowing who she was, but point proven.

  12. Masculinity thrown out of the window.

    The black manosphere aren’t real conservatives, they are far from it as fake conservatives.

    So many things wrong about what was said.

    A normal woman would never eat ass for an hour.


    1. C Booty was dealing with transsexuals. That’s pretty obvious.

      But a lot of scraggle daggles will eat men’s assholes. A lot of white women eat assholes. Its nasty, its unhygienic, but it happens in totally heterosexual contexts.

      Now, in a heterosexual context, the person getting their asshole eaten is all the way in charge. In heterosexual settings, a man is demonstrating supremacy when he has a woman eat out his arse.

      In a high percentage of porn involving white men and black women, the black woman will eat the man’s asshole out. But the white man will not do the same to the black woman. Another thing you will notice in interracial porn involving black women and white men, is that the white man often does not give her vaginal oral sex. This has nothing to do with homosexuality or bisexuality. In this context, the dynamic here is more of master and slave and degradation.

      Many black men might be hurt by this, but many black females enjoy licking white men’s asses. Especially the ones who get turned on by the slave fantasy. There are also many black females who will lick a black man’s arse. This is just because they are nasty, and enjoy being degraded. There are a lot of such scraggle daggles out there. I can easily picture Cardi B eating assholes.

    2. Witwijf,

      You’ll notice any opportunity that pops up for the Black Manosphere members to compromise their masculinity is always snapped up and utilised wholesale. This is what always happens when you try to cater towards the daggle.

  13. Yo, you see what happens when you dick police? This frigging happens. When I saw him talking to Bareback Fountain on the live stream which I couldn’t watch it, I change his name to Simp Boogie Productions when he sided with the enemy. And now we have this on a wet Friday night, smh! When I heard that he got his batty eat, I was thinking that a man yam out his bottom. I don’t think that a woman will eat out his ass hole. The homosphere is something I don’t go near bro. When I see the homosphere, I stay far away from it. You really can’t make this stuff up. You have Bareback Fountain that keeps stalking one man to another and don’t deal with his childhood traumas; you had Woke Poofgressive who confessed that he’s gay and now we have this man who said it got his batty cress munch out. And talk about homosexual rumours, I heard that Madonna fire back at 50 cent because he was talking smack about her racy photo. I know that Madonna is not young but I hear about rumours that 50 cent likes it both ways. Listen, if a man wants to live a certain lifestyle, then that’s fine but I rather be with an ugly chick or be with a fat chick then be with a next man.

    SYSBM, hold your white sugar bunny tight in this cold Friday night. Have some red label wine with her just make love to her after wards. Something for you guys.

    1. Money,

      I remember a video when he had an interview with Aaron Fountain and all his fans and the Bitter BW saying that how he is the realest dude.
      Well after he had that interview with Aaron and mention about his but plugged. He should be called ‘Cuck Boogie’.

      Brothers here should take your advice about holding the White Sugar Bunny Tight because in the UK we do not have this dick Police threat her but, a lot in the America.

      1. Yeah, C Boogie need to change his name for real. He can call himself Cuck Boogie or Cock Boogie The man is ready to work undercover for the D.I.D (Dick Investigations Department)

    2. Money Cultural,

      As I always say, give them enough time and they’ll eventually reveal their true selves. Going on Aaron Fountain’s livestream is just about as bad as conversing with the black witch of Scalp Summit Cynthia G. Again, notice how C Boogie has no problems hanging out with other men who exhibit feminine energy, remember how the dude met up and hung out with the fruit Kevin Samuels.

      1. On Money, I’m goanna talk about C Boogie Productions after what happened to him when he got his booty eaten out. I don’t think that a woman turned him over and eat his but out. I think a man did the job and then did more. You know something, when I see a man with muscle, they act more beta then a skinny dude. I’m a slim 5’10.4″ guy who don’t act like a beta male at all. And Kid Organic did a really good job of making that video of Cock Boogie.

  14. I don’t know who this guy is and I don’t care, HOWEVER, if you have to be sketchy about who entered your asshole whilst drunk, then maybe, just maybe, you’ve got something to hide…? A rainbow flavoured dildo?

    Not our business of course, but negro please, stay in your lane. Claiming Alpha but lets somebody inside for truffle hunting. Nope.

    C Boogie. The C stands for Colonoscopy.

    1. The C stands for the object which penetrated him.


  15. Man it was a Gotdamn dude..and what guy is going to turn their azz up to let any “bloke” I mean “broad” do that ? Even porn stars rarely do that to guys. Once a dude turns around for that or even subjected himself to a situation like that ughhhhhh..plain and simple he was with it .

    1. Kungfumovieman,

      The dude talked about his butt cheeks still being wet in the morning, that could’ve easily been wet from the nut of another man or a tranny(which is still a man), these guys are slick, they speak in riddles, however we can decipher and read between the lines because we aren’t stupid over here.

  16. He used to hangout with Kevin “Moist” Samuels back in the day, so this doesn’t surprise me.

    1. Robert Earl Hicks,

      Nope, we haven’t forgotten. It is quite possible that his hanging out with Samuels earlier on paved the way towards this booty violation episode(assuming its been just one, there could have been many more that Boogie has yet to confess) with Samuel spellbinding Boogie and placing that feminine energy on him, anything is possible.

  17. ……… 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    ……. Lick it from da back!

    Nasty sons a bitches!!! Now, I’m of THREE minds about this nonsense.

    1. The woman in question was a daggle, after all, she manhandled him and had her way with him. Let’s be honest, for as big and burly as many buff black men are, the average black chick is a damn sumo wrestler on steroids. They can and will throw dudes around like rag dolls, after all, they’re basically fired themselves.

    2. It’s a tranny, in which case, I remember Black British Guy. He said that he liked eating booty once, and of course he outed himself as having gotten balls deep up in a tranny’s Fanny (US definition, not UK). Let’s still be honest though, most black chicks are just trannies that can get pregnant, so it’s not much difference.

    3. It was a DUDE, and he not only got eaten out, he got TURNED out, getting pounded like a bitch. This dude brought this little story up as a way to soften the blow (no pun intended) for when he likely reveals that he doesn’t mind a hot dog in his bun.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      I’m going with your number 2 and 3 suggestions and that “wetness” between the cheeks Boogie felt in the morning as I stated earlier was quite possibly another dude’s nut.

      Again, this is exactly what you get whenever you entertain the daggle or bring her into your square, funky sexual vibes and an off key dysfunctional sexual energy.

      Remember, black women live for promoting and introducing the LGBTQP movement and any degeneracy associated into anything and everything they come into contact with, that would include naive Negro males who worship the grounds those feral hogs walk upon.

  18. As Verbs said, why is this dude so problematic but Samuels is fine? Again, SYSBM black men need their own conservative movement, separate from both the beer gut and lumberjack beard white MGTOW red pillers as well as the black male “conservatives” who really just bitch about black women and don’t stand for much else. As dude said above, this is why I stay away from a lot of red pillers, cuz one thing Black British Guy said that was true was that these same right wing white dudes bitching about feminism and the latest Dr. Who are somewhere bruising their bratwurst to tranny porn as we speak.

    I HATE the LGBT, and to me a dead tranny is about as sad as a freshly cooked steak. In fact, I think I’ll cry my way to Longhorn right now.

  19. The good brother Dr. David Carroll (who’s been AWOL this last couple of weeks!) always says these niggas are sexually suspect. My question is why would this dude even admit to some shit like that in public? And yes, a tranny ate his ass out. Ain’t no chick can hold a dude down for a whole hour.

    As for Kevin Samuels, I don’t know what to tell you, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. As long as he keeps roasting these bitches, I’m all for it. The unintended side effect of Kevin is he is driving more brothas to go SYSBM as we see black female stupidity, entitlement and dysfunction come out of their own mouths. With over a million subs, a lot of people are watching these bonnet-heads go down in flames. Only the most hardcore simps would deal with these heffas knowing what we know today. In the 80s and 90s, they used to gaslight you that you were the problem. No more.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      Indeed, Kevin Samuels is successful and has many followers, he can roast these black sirens till the cows come home, however I’m still NOT going to get behind a homosexual regardless of the side effects benefitting us. If Samuels was a heterosexual black man then there wouldn’t be a problem.

      As black men who are trying to rebuilt the masculinity that was stripped from us dealing with these black heifers, it makes no sense walking away from the emasculating and effeminising black witch only to form Voltron with a sodomite.

      Where David Carroll is right in questioning these dudes in terms of being sexually suspect, in throwing his support behind Kevin Samuels, the same sexually suspect accusations can now be put in his direction.

      Like I said before, I’m not looking at the short time entertainment and gratification watching black harriets get roasted(which they 100% deserve), I’m looking past all of that and clocking the blatant homosexual agenda being pushed upon black men(via Kevin Samuels and his acolytes) and they can’t even see it because they’re too busy being distracted by the bread and circus acts.

  20. CBoogie cannot talk any shit about SYSBM. He has two MIXED children he made with a WHITE woman who later divorced him. So many of these failures at IR dating and marriage run back to black folks being so pro-black, pro-black man (in cases of women) or pro-black women (in cases of men). CBoog quickly forgets he admitted to this years ago. He’s mad that SYSBM did work for him.

  21. C. Boogie’s new nickname should be Fruity Pebbles.


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