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They Continue To Embarrass Themselves!


Now, your modern day black female is constantly making the claim that it’s actually black men who are making her look bad, not the fact that she herself is engaging in questionable and dodgy behaviour.

So, let’s ask a few simple questions, regarding the first video, who forced the black female on the right to put on a wig which she subsequently lost during the ride? Answer, nobody, she did so off her own back, she wasn’t forced to do so by any outsiders.

My second question is this, regarding the second video, who forced that single black mother to record herself walking down the street which subsequently went wrong when she lost her footing and fell to the ground? Answer, nobody, she did that off her own back, she wasn’t forced to do so by any outsiders.

This is my entire point, black women off their own steam are constantly engaging in goofy, reckless and irresponsible behaviour and filming it, yet in the name of feminism and irresponsibility, the black man must always be blamed when things go wrong as a result.

Additionally, let’s quickly talk about how these black women look which is an absolute shame within itself. The weaves/wigs, the heavy makeup, the fake eyelashes and the fake nails make black women look like unattractive exaggerated tranny-esque cartoon characters, the fake look is not a good look, it’s an embarrassing one.

This tranny type visage that most black women have chosen to adopt in their desperate attempt to seek attention is yet another reason why more black men are beginning to give them a wide berth and instead opt to deal with non black women who typically look more natural.

The truth of the matter is where black women are walking around looking like exaggerated, tranny looking caricatures as well as getting involved in nonsensical goofy acts trying to garner some attention, via their own hands they are making themselves look unattractive to the outside world on all fronts which in turn is causing even more folks to steer clear of them which subsequently isn’t giving these black harriets the attention fix they so desperately seek, this is why they are now resorting to more outlandish looks and behaviours.

Gentlemen, as you can clearly see, NO black men were involved in the making of the videos above, at this point black women look incredibly stupid trying to place the blame of their current in the sewer image and reputation on black men, the evidence is clear, they’re executing the damage upon themselves without any outside help. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Steer Clear Of Goofy Broads Doing Goofy Stuff

Most High Bless

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46 thoughts on “They Continue To Embarrass Themselves!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    The first video was well funny and I was laughing so hard because one of the black women chose to wear a silly fake wig on her head. It goes to show that black women hate being black and they are the biggest self haters on the planet when they are trying so hard to look like white women. Black women can never out white a white woman because they don’t have the white womans genetics or dna. This is one of the main reasons why I refuse to date black women.

    1. You’ve been saying the same crap for 3 years. Move on and STFU

      1. Exposing SYSBM.

        Fuck off you gay prick. I can say what the fuck I like you cunt. Go home and get bummed by your poof boyfriend.

        1. Thanks for telling me about yourself. Learn something new everyday.

          1. Exposing SYSBM.

            Fuck off you dickhead. We SYSBM black men hate Simps like you.

                1. Money Cultural,

                  Fountain Top wouldn’t know about help and therapy even if they both slapped him square in his jaw at the same time, unfortunately he’s a chicken necked coward who’s unable to face his demons of the past and so instead he’s opted in for the hobby of stalking other men online, but we’re not supposed to view such behaviour as sexually suspect, right?

                  1. This narcissistic boy is suspect big time. Not man will not use his spare time stalking other men online. I have never seen anybody like this before in my entire life. When I heard that his mother use to fuck him up when he was a child, then I started to wonder why he’s doing what he’s doing online.

      2. Question. How you ever seen a therapist and talk about your childhood? How you seek help for abuse you suffered from your mother when you was a child?

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      These modern day black women are a profound embarrassment, yet they have the audacity to tell black men to “step their game up”, smh. There isn’t anything on a black female these days that is real.

      They will never be able to replicate Becky, it’s never going to happen, however you can’t tell these delusional broads the bad news.

  2. “The truth of the matter is where black women are walking around looking like exaggerated, tranny looking caricatures as well as getting involved in nonsensical goofy acts trying to garner some attention, via their own hands they are making themselves look unattractive to the outside world on all fronts”

    Verbs, straight truth right there.

    But as you have said on many occasions, the overwhelming majority of black males still pine for these beasts. Any male who pines for these circus looking cretins, is a simp. Even bottom shelf Brad doesn’t pine for them. For him, they are just a convenient, no strings attached means to release some aggressive sexual energy.

    This is why I come down so hard on the black male simp cohort. The black male simp cohort provides the market for this behavior. And for this reason, I will not cut the black male simp cohort any slack.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      Black women as a group have departed so far from natural beauty and femininity it’s scary, yet they continue to act surprised and sulk in angry and bitterness whenever a black man crosses the fence to deal with a non black women.

      We already know that they’ll get extra salty if the non black female is white. The black males simps are the ones keeping these black sirens afloat, as I’ve stated before, if it wasn’t for them, these black witches would’ve drunk down their overdue recompense and judgement a long time ago.

  3. Those vids are examples of embarrassment.

    An ape negress female can never be a white goddess and they are very jealous about it.

    They would always put their negro cuck simps and their kids under the bus for a piece of wig with a piece of gold, including a piece of silver.


    1. “An ape negress female can never be a white goddess and they are very jealous about it.”

      Funny you should mention that, BGS just did a video on that very subject.
      #S Y S B M

    2. Witwijf,

      Black women honestly believe that they can replace the white woman as the white man’s number choice of female, these heifers point blank refuse to read and accept the writing on the wall.

      Captain Snowy isn’t checking for them like that and now more black men are beginning to throw in the towel and venture off to deal with cooperative non black women instead, oh well, this is a situation the black witch created with her own two hands.

      1. “Black women honestly believe that they can replace the white woman as the white man’s number choice of female, these heifers point blank refuse to read and accept the writing on the wall.”


        I really think deep down that this is their problem. They’ll never be Becky or Susan so we’re getting the longest temper tantrum in history.

      1. Verbs,

        ……….The bottom one I’ve seen…..I really shouldn’t have looked at that top one though..😐

    1. They should’ve used la chancla upside that daggle’s head and held her till the police arrived.

  4. The fact the BW collectively continue to make fool of themselves without BM as they continue to pin the blame towards, is delusional and proving they possess no accountability.

    As for the two videos, classic display of buffoonery. Still a part of me was anticipating one of them to blame BM for any incident.

    1. Blackdjedi,

      Their whole “always blame the black man” process is one of the main reasons why black men worth their salt are walking away from these women in their droves, even Obsidian acknowledged this before he decided to roll down Turncoat Ave. These heifers are going to understand the true value of having a good man around when society fully collapses.

  5. Bruh, I laughed out loud when her wig flew off her head; I really should’ve seen that one coming! Also, it looked like her soul left her body as soon as the wig was gone; in reality, riders sometimes faint while in mid air, but the lost weight adds a different dynamic to the clip’s hilarity. At the 1:27 mark, she came back to and realized her embarrassing hairhat malfunction (apparently, the glue used to hold that wig wasn’t strong enough). As for the stragg who was walking the streets dressed like a prostitute, she’s a clumsy persons who’s clearly not ashamed to be dressed like a whore in front of her sons. Is it any wonder why so many Black men grow up to be sexually perverse? They learned it from their daggle mothers!

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      If you check out her Instagram, the black female in the second video has a habit of falling down for some reason, she must have balance problems because there are so many videos of her hitting the deck.

      Video number one just shows you how mentally unstable most black women are, gluing the hair of non black women onto their scalps and then walking the streets acting as if such behaviour is normal, smh.

      1. I think she does it because she thinks it’s funny; she does claim to be an entertainer.

  6. Verbs,

    I remember both clips from ‘Say No to Single mothers’ group.
    Especially the 2nd one.
    As you notice and hear carefully on the 2nd clip where she was prostituting (dressing in all kinky and leather) next to her boys, when she slips, the commenters saying her slip to the ground causes her to fart. As you hear it carefully.

  7. You’re going to be talking about this until the sun goes supernova. LMAO. Find a new hobby (and I already know your lame and predictable comeback).

      1. As soon as I saw Buju Banton I knew what song it was! Can’t find the original.

        A fish man dat. Bwoy!

    1. Exposing Himself Aaron Fountain,

      The booster shots are coming, I know you’ll be lining up for them if you haven’t gotten one already, your time upon this planet is very short. Anyway, your shaming tactics(coincidentally the same technique the modern day black female uses)won’t work over here, it’s not my fault you’re unable to defend your black queenies. I believe it’s you who ought to be seeking out a new past time.

      1. Verbs, the Fake Academic got a flashback from the time his belligerent mother fell down in the street for no reason.
        Most likely the fish man has no “Academic” means to refute the footage. Oh well.

        Fountain, coming over here beating his chest, trying to catch a wind of confidence 😂

        Fake Academic, go fetch your free donut. Don’t forget to tell them to pick vial number 2 for you.

        1. Michel,

          The dude is on his way out, such is the fate of those who choose to wallow in unsaturated ignorance and denial.

    2. Fake Academic Fountain still online looking for black male penis? Maybe you could start with C Boogie since he likes being rooted up his anus.

      Fake Academic Fountain stalking black men online as a result of his violent mother upbringing, she’s the first person you’ve gotta examine for your getting turnt out. Do you have the nuts to do so?

      1. Undoubtedly that Aaron Fountain Character is a Progressive Shit-Starter. Someone Who was Raised in a Single Parent household Where the Mother is the Dominant & He’s the Subordinate. Raised/Programed with the Logics of Don’t Bring Home No Becky, Lola, Ming-Ming etc. Only to Accept Black Women of the Worst to Lowest Common Denominator or Someone Who According to others is a Self-Hating Black Man. Who finds it Easier to be a Gay Black Man than a Strong Forward Thinking Straight Black Male. Either way He Needs to Take his Ass over to that Lipstickalley Forum Page. From there he can be There with All the Other Anti-Straight Black Male Haters. Which is More his Speed. This Place is For Straight Black Men Who are Looking for Better & Will Not Settle for Less than that. SYSBM For Life!!!

    3. “You’re going to be talking about this until the sun goes supernova. LMAO. Find a new hobby (and I already know your lame and predictable comeback).”

      We’re going to be talking about this until BW quit being so fucked up. Which means we’ll be talking about them forever and ever, amen.

      If it makes you feel any better we will be talking about their beta simp “Yasss Queen” enablers, too. Like you for example. Happy reading!

  8. Right, the first black chick who lost her weave, Tommy Sotomayor was arguing with her. And the second woman, the browning with them thick thighs, when she hit the ground, I have to shake my head. You can’t make this stuff up. And I know that these women are single mothers. They have husbands because they are not marriage material. No man will not marry these women. The problems they will give to the husband will be too much to take.

  9. These chicks could be around NO black men, kill a kid and then blame black men. Likewise, black simps would still come to their defense. They’ll also likely blame racism or some other such old chestnut.

    Y’all remember when cornrows were a thing? Black men in the NFL and NBA grew their hair out EASILY, yet these black women have the same haircut as you and me and anything else us too much to manage?

    Again, if they can’t handle their own hair, why would you want to “handle” them?

    Likewise, those young boys in the second video are likely used to seeing their mother strut and slut it up on the street.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      The problem with the minority of blacks who are somewhat civilized, is this. They are in complete denial about how uncivilized and barbaric the majority of black people are.

      Uncivilized black males are one thing, but uncivilized black females take nastiness and every form of repulsiveness to the next level.

      As I have often admitted, I started out as a simp. But once I gave up simping, I started looking at the whole black collective objectively. When I started seeing black people just as they are, at first, I couldn’t believe just how fucked up the black female collective is.

      Yet, we entrust these beasts with nuturing and caring for children. The black race doesn’t stand a chance. Those who are not murdered in the womb by the scraggle daggle, are still doomed in the womb to a life of failure, by the scraggle daggle’s stupid behavior and evil nature.

      These scraggs will drink, drug, fight, and engage in all manner of debauchery thru out their pregnancy.

      Most of these scraggs themselves, were the spawn of the likes of 12 Gauge Mike and Shaniqua with the blond weave.

  10. LMFAO! That’s why I will never deal with black women ever again. Non-black women can grow hair down to their ass effortlessly and you never have to worry about weave when you deal with a NBW. Black women can barely grow hair that at leach reaches their shoulders, they’ll even be lucky if they can grow their hair long enough to have one of those mini ponytails that looks like a rabbits ass ROFLMAO!

    The monster black woman that I was with previously before I went SYSBM wore weave that smelled like cat urine, no cap. And its crazy too because she had long natural hair past her shoulders when we first met but of course since the black woman is so filled with self hatred she decided to cut all of her natural hair off and replace it with weave. But now im with my beautiful Columbian woman from Cali Columbia and she has hair thats nearly down to her butt. I told her to never cut it and to let it get longer and longer and shes listens with no problem! No rebelliousness, no attitude, and no masculine behavior from her. She’s so gentle and soft and sweet and delicate and feminine. Lol black women are on a continuous downward spiral of self destruction. Please continue to expose these black monsters.

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