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Are These Your Queens? Attention Seeking #SHORTS


But remember, you’re supposed to be reconciling, negotiating and horse trading with these wide loaders even though they’re observably unattractive, well overweight and will be the same fat heifers who won’t hesitate to call you “bullet bags” as well as state that the police aren’t killing you fast enough.

Listening to the lyrics of the song in the second video, do you see how with black women it’s all about competition and not coming together as a team, and they wonder why they remain single at such a high clip. Additionally, as I’ve stated many times before, I’m NOT DEALING WITH ANY FEMALE who uses the word n***a when referring to me or any other black man.

Only witchcraft and deep level enchantments can keep black men interested and continually returning to a group of women who have shown them on so many occasions that they despise and hate them to the core.

On a final note, the attention seeking amongst black women is very real, they reject their own male counterparts but still scramble for attention engaging in dumb behaviour.

When was the last time you saw a black female engaging in something productive and constructive for Tik Tok or any other social media platform, I’ll wait? #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

The Attention Seeking Engaging In Dumb, Embarrassing Foolishness Is Real

Most High Bless

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41 thoughts on “Are These Your Queens? Attention Seeking #SHORTS

  1. Those chicks don’t even look real man, they look like actors in prosthetic fat suits. That’s how gross many modern day BW have become.

    1. Absolutely horrible and disgusting 🤮

      Those look like freaks from the circus 🎪

  2. Verbs 2015.

    Those black women on the above videos are so fucking ugly, overweight and horrid looking that I will never claim them as my women because I refuse to date black women for starters and I have high standards for myself in terms of the type of childfree non black women that I want to date. At the same time you get these simps, pro blacks and Umar Johnson telling us and trying to dictate to us SYSBM black men that we should only limit our dating choices to just black women because in these pro blacks minds that we need to save the black race and the black community even though the majority of them look fucking ugly these days. The black community these days is a shit hole and I am not coming back to save the black community because I am going to live life on my own terms and my own rules and not because I am black that I need to adhere to the stupid black community plantation rules.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I couldn’t agree with you more, black women as a group have lost their physical attractiveness, most black women are overweight, their sassy attitudes don’t help their predicament either.

      The simps can have them as far as I’m concerned, I’m not missing out on anything, they can also have their beloved “black community” which is also dead in the water.

  3. I wish hip hop was never invented in the first place.

    Rap music glorifies violent crimes, rape, STD, degeneracy and single motherhood.

    Encouraging non black listeners to say the N word while they listen to black rappers saying the N word.

    Most black people as a whole keep disrespecting themselves to the masses.

    They can’t expect non blacks to respect them if they don’t respect themselves.


    1. Whut? Hip-hop is de language of de yung blek male in da streets and shit, mane! Dat’s our voice and shit, mane. And we took da word “nigga” and made it a positive thang ya feel me. It wuz crime and drugs and crack and shit befo’ hip-hop my G. Da blek community wasn’t shit when we got heah, you sounds like an Uncle Ruckus, my nigga. Straight up boomer! You ain’t blek if you don’t like hip-hop just like if y’all didn’t vote for Biden y’all ain’t blek! I’mo be reppin’ hip-hop till I die, nikka! 2PAC IS GAWD! He iz our MALCOLM X!

      My cuzzin Shaniqua Watts told me about dis site, y’all a bunch of SELLOUTS! Y’all shud stay loyal to da SISTAS like da beautiful plus size queenz in dem videos! YALL MOMMA BLAKKK! DEAR MAMA!

    2. Witwijf,

      It’s a shame the direction rap has gone in, back in the day there was much more variety, nowadays I can’t even recognise what beast it’s morphed into.

    3. If it wasn’t for 80/90s hip hop like Ice Cube and NWA the father to son wisdom of ‘avoid black chicks’ would never have been taught to our generation. It was at that point when the talk shows became a “nighas ain’t shit” propaganda machine.

      Music was the last venue black men had to share our experiences, until it got turned over to the Dark Cult. Now it’s autotune mumble homo-trap.

      1. Well, it all depends on your taste of Hip Hop. Men in the forum have to realize Hip-Hop is the most listened to genre from age demographic 13-32. How many of us are in that age range honestly?

        Also, although I agree this new generation of rap is shit, you cannot dismiss all artist. You still have your J.Coles, Joyner Lucas, Jean Grae, and others who do have hip hop that is more mature & relatable.

        Honestly at 41, and where I was raised, I find my self to be more into House music or alternative rock these days.

    4. I will never blame a genre of music for destroying an ethnic group of people. There is no validation in that statement nor statistical fact in that statement. However, you must understand at a GRANDULAR level of how Black people of the Western Hemisphere were given a raw deal.

      This was beyond rap music. This was the combination of the civil rights movement(which is what assimilation,diversity, and inclusion is), immigration, neo-feminism, government policies, wrong usage of affirmative action, structural & institutional racism (against Black Men), and anti-Black misandrist laws ruined the Black community as a whole.

      Yes, there are Black people doing well but another dynamic in the diaspora is Black people do not work together well or together at all. What is worst, Black men have a bad habit of doing this(And no, not all Black men you can work with unfortunately). I’ve said this to another colleague and it took him a couple of weeks to acknowledge this problem.

      I live in the metro-Atlanta area which is like the DMV. A bunch of negro snobs who are too high off their own accomplishments. These Black Networking events here are just nothing but social hangouts for successful Blacks to brag.

      Not to develop a healthy connection and/or community of people who are in service & assistance to each other. We can talk about the “Pookies, Ray-Rays, and Sharkesha” all day. That’s a common denominator. But many educated Blacks are just as harmful in different ways to other Black people. Just my 2 cents.

  4. Man, I’m so grossed out by the appearance of those gelatinous straggs; the human anatomy shouldn’t move the way it moved as shown above. Have you ever noticed that an obese Black man’s body doesn’t look as nasty compared to an obese Black witch’s body? An obese guy is compared to a teddy bear while an obese girl looks like Rolie Polie Olie! I blame these simps for this; they have these hoes so gassed up, they believe they are ‘thick’. Boy, do they have the wrong adjective!

      1. Ironic, given that it’s probably their favorite place to eat.

    1. They’re psychopathic losers. Most of ’em would pussy out in a real fight, yet have the balls to talk about ‘bullet bags’. Sorry black women, go find your errand boy somewhere else.

    2. Blue Collar Trevor,

      The simps can have those types monstrosities, they just need to stop believing that others have to take the same path and accept such low quality garbage like they do.

      The sad thing is women of that size still end up pregnant because some desperate simp has absolutely no standards and feels the need to put his member into any wet hole.

  5. Jeezus Christ.
    Look at the left BW’s face on the 2nd video.
    That is some hideous looking.
    I cannot even describe the look of the face.
    It looks like one of these oil tanker face from Thomas the Tank Engine.

  6. Today, I was walking down Oxford Circus and I see a black guy with a fly white sugar honey. She looks good. And you know what else? Her toes look criss. Right, the two heifers on the two videos. Let me admit, that I had two fat chicks and my girlfriends and the last time I slept with a black woman was a baby momma who live up at Stonebridge, North West London. And I have approached fat women. As we know that 82 percent of black women are overweight. But here this. There are some black people say that there are fat white women as well. Yes, there are but not like fat black women. And the music they were listening too is something that I wouldn’t even listen. As thinking black men talk about these ratchet heifers, these simps from the Simp Super League will come after them while these heifers open their legs to the thugs, worthless man and the unproductive men.

    1. Money Cultural,

      Black men in the UK are out here representing SYSBM hard, we don’t play. The simps are one of the main reasons why so many black women are so morbidly obese and seriously overweight. Additionally, black women having a cruddy diet doesn’t help their situation either. Oh well, that’s their problem, not mine.

  7. I am in shock and yet have morbidly watched these videos several times, they can’t be real. As James said, these chicks have the physique of some fake fat person constructed from a body suit like in a Tyler Perry or Eddie Murphy movie. How. The. HELL do you let yourself get THAT big and think “this is fine.” ?!!!

    They’re inhumanly fat, like that’s not just normal obesity. These chicks have flesh/meat/fat curtains dangling down as if to protect them. Hell, men see this as a warning sign. The fat blocks their vaginas so it’s a sign not to enter. A Simp, however, sees it and lusts, lust lust lust while thinking of nuts to bust.

    I’d understand a black dude as big as these chicks dealing with them, and let’s be honest, such a dude is FAR less common than chicks that look like this. Normal or even just chubby dudes, however, have no reason to be dealing with these chicks. I wouldn’t eat near them, for fear of them grabbing off my plate!

    What’s worse, however, is muscular buff black dudes that look like Michael b. Jordan gassing these chicks up and feeling honored to nut in their fat folds. I’d be too ashamed to even get a boner near them, let alone screw them. Probably catch sexually transmitted diabetes, smgdh.

    White dudes do not gas up inhumanly fat chicks, hell they don’t gas up Melissa Mcarthy or Rebel Wilson (who’s actually not ugly). Even fat ugly white dudes with fat ugly white chicks know reality, they might say that their wife is beautiful just cuz it’s their wife but they know the truth.

    Meanwhile, black dudes that look like models are sitting around bragging about how they bent over someone whose blood type is KFC.

    1. Rebel Wilson and Adele lost the weight and look good but these fat black heffas act like they can’t lose weight and be like take me as I am. I don’t think so. SYSBM.

  8. That explains the earthquake tremors and tsunamis.


  9. In the first video, whenever that song is played, it’s some gross fat black hoes doing something ratchet to it. We literally have the worse race of women on earth to choose from.

  10. Dear verbs i dont know what to do i want a bw for a wife im in college tall and handsome ive tried to holla at a bw but it sems as if when your in college bw dont like the educated brotha so it seems my only option now is to date out which ive been iffing to do ive been texting this girl and youd think she would like me instead the heifer has been ignoring me so all this talk about bw wanting future high vakue men and successful brothas is all a big joke.

    1. Big Z,

      Don’t bother with black women at all, if your pants aren’t sagging down to the ground, you don’t have a set of gold grills in your mouth, your cap isn’t to the back, you don’t have tattoos and an extensive criminal record, your average black female simply isn’t interested.

      You need to seriously abandon the idea of a black wife especially in 2021, get yourself maybe a brown skinned mixed female or a melanated woman from another ethnic background. Don’t marry one of these black sirens, you’ll be extremely sorry.

      Black women are damaged beyond repair goods, they aren’t fit for either dating or marriage. I’m glad you’re seeing through their high value man garbage, they’ll only want a decent brother once they’ve spent their prime years being ran through by 2 Snacks, Slim Sauce, Field Mouse and the rest of the ghetto blockheads, then when they’ve reached the wall, that’s when they’ll come running to you with their bastard children en tow expecting you to “step up” and be a clean up man.

      There are too many quality women of other ethnicities out here for you to be so focused on the bottom of the barrel, failed black female. As the saying goes, go where you’ll be loved and appreciated, don’t fight for the attention of women who aren’t interested in you to begin with.

    2. Big Z,

      I would not think too much about dating at college as you should focus on your education.
      As for BW, I would not bother with them as they do not like BM with morals.
      If any other race women (White, Asian, Latina) ask you out, go for it. Do not think about BW. You are better off with foreign women.

      As for ‘High Value Man’, I will explain this to you:
      Kevin Samuels did not come up with this term ‘High Value Man’, ‘Hypergamous women’ did because they wanted to date guys like him and those successful type of like minded men.
      What Kevin describe High Value based off Women’s’ standard is basically a Top 10-20% men.
      Bear in mind that what Kevin said it is true that the Top 10% BM like himself do not affiliate with Celebrities, Hollywood actors, athletes or Walt Disney Bull-Shit because they have important things to do in their life.
      Also they are very frugal with money so they do not waste money unlike those Celebrities or rappers does.
      Another note is that they are very good at weeding out women who are not wife material. This is because they know most of these women just want to live in those High Value lifestyle without the work.

      This is what Verbs stated, the BW want a ‘Clean up men’ and those 10% men will never wife them up.

      People like me, Mister Master, Quincy, Andy C, Verbs and Money are based in the UK (living in London) and we have a lot of diversity there so we have options, however in the United States, successful BM will be hated for success.

      Take Verbs advice because BW will never give you time and a day. Other race of women will accept you for having a moral, virtuous compass. Let them take the thugs and bums.
      Also be careful, one day the same BW who rejects you when you are in college 10 years ago will hit you up when you are successful, leave them, do not be a clean up man because they will never respect you even you are successful.
      If the women want to be part of your life, let them (except for low quality females) and do not wait on someone are are not interest in you. Move on, there are plenty of fish in the sea and there are foreigners, do not let those pro-black tell you otherwise.

      1. Kevin Samuels is a homosexual and the “high value man” rhetoric is FEMALE rhetoric; where FEMALES are determining your “value” by how much you can pay her. In other words, its dressed up prostitution. REAL value comes from a man’s character, his spirit, not Federal Reserve Notes. The bible says its easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a NEEDLE than it is for a rich man to enter heaven.

        Kevin Samuels is a fraternity bum just like the majority of the “creators” in the fallen “black manosphere.” And their talking points are about a bunch of nothing. Video after video of thumbnails of black men with Caucasian women does nothing for a black man. Meanwhile women are pushing their hedonism eve further and telling other women how to outdo men, use them, and hurt them. Again, if you go back to the “manosphere” you get a bunch of simps whining about “who women choose”, skin tone, how much money you must earn to pay for a greedy woman, and worse.

        NONE of their talking points cut women to the core and put men on their A game. Its all a bunch of cackling from gynocentric male minstrels living in a feminine pecking order. These tricks calling themselves men don’t know how to dominate a woman, ignore a hyena’s demands, and empower themselves as black MEN. Instead they show videos of Caucasian women in bathing suits with corny disco music in the background as if that does something for men.

        Blacks are subjugated because most of them are stupid enough to follow any new fool that comes on a corporate-owned social media channel and vomits FOX talking points all over the place. Blacks don’t have a mind outside of the mainstream media (and YES social media IS mainstream now). What you think is a “grassroots” channel on social media is just more control. Half of the accounts posting here probably aren’t even black men. And their silly frivolous comments prove it There is no way to verify who you’re talking to on the internet.

        This is why you’ll see black male “content creators” stuck at 10 or 11k while a female, who talks about real issues that affect women, will leapfrog him and jump to 24k within months. She’s telling gynocentric women they are NOT queens and telling them to respect black men; while the black man is making stupid videos blaming “Pookie and Ray Ray”, doing slideshows of Caucasian women in thumbnails with bathing suits, or yapping about what black women are doing.

        There is no empowerment within the bogus “black manosphere.” Which is why women came through with an unknown male and snatched it up. And it does not matter if you “own the trades” on SYSBM if you’re not doing anything to aid black men other than slideshows on Caucasian females every freaking video. Get it together black men!

        1. Anonymous,

          “Video after video of thumbnails of black men with Caucasian women does nothing for a black man”.

          On the contrary, the images and short videos can serve as a useful mechanism to help break the spell of black men believing that they can achieve no better than the dysfunctional modern day black female that’s in their midst. Just to remind you, SYSBM is not part of the Black Manosphere, SYSBM was here long before the Black Manosphere was conceptualised, and it will still be here long after its death.

          “NONE of their talking points cut women to the core and put men on their A game. Its all a bunch of cackling from gynocentric male minstrels living in a feminine pecking order. These tricks calling themselves men don’t know how to dominate a woman, ignore a hyena’s demands, and empower themselves as black MEN. Instead they show videos of Caucasian women in bathing suits with corny disco music in the background as if that does something for men.”

          You haven’t got a clue as to what you’re talking about, what the hell is “A game”? All of the original knights of SYSBM are either married or in long term relationships including myself. It’s not about “cutting women to the core”, it’s about avoiding dealing with dysfunctional females where you’re forced to employ magic tricks and special techniques(simp strategies) in order to draw out cooperation and submission which is already meant to be in place by default, we don’t deal with hyenas over here, period.

          “Half of the accounts posting here probably aren’t even black men. And their silly frivolous comments prove it There is no way to verify who you’re talking to on the internet.”

          In typical bootlicking minstrel fashion, throws out statements yet fails to quantify them. Frivolous comments, where? Stop the “these people speaking are probably white men” clucking, this is straight out of the black female’s handbook, yet here you are claiming that we’re a bunch of gynocentric jabberers, smh, do you even think first before engaging your fingers to the keyboard? Additionally, you’re here commenting under the title of Anonymous yet you’re griping about others wanting to exercise their privacy, smh, are you for real?

          I don’t need to see somebody’s face in order to resonate with their message, it’s black women and their pro black simp stooges typically who have to view a person’s face first in order to feel some kind of confirmation.

          Trying your best to shame black men out of talking about black female dysfunction which is happening in real time as we speak so that other black men don’t get clued up and snap out of their indoctrination and programming, smh, that witchcraft won’t work over here shine.

          You’ve come to the wrong place, you keep talking about the Black Mansophere as if SYSBM is related to it, it isn’t. Sure, black men from SYSBM would and in some cases cross over and interact with members from the Black Manosphere, however we are not one and the same.

          Talking about empowerment, exactly what “empowerment” are you looking for, a pacifier, what, should I throw you in a buggy and push you across the street because you can’t cross it by yourself, what?

          SYSBM stands for Save YOURSELF Black Man, if he choose to embark upon the journey it’s up to the individual black man to make the necessary moves towards the betterment of his life. Knuckleheaded Negroes, always looking for the full complete ready made package instead trying to build something for themselves from scratch.

          We’ve always stated that SYSBM is for the few, not the many, if you want “empowerment” I suggest you head over to and interact with the pro black, red, black and green squads, it makes no sense as to why you’re over here and felt the need to drop a comment if you believe that our work here is unproductive and non “empowering”, make that make sense.

          Lastly, in my Cynthia G article this is part of a comment you posted:

          “The problem is black men need to stop lowering their standards with women. If you see she’s a gynocentrist just ignore her, post warnings about her to other black men, and then cut her off.”

          Which one is it, are we supposed to warn other black men about these dysfunctional black females or are we to stop because according to you we’re gynocentric jabberers who keep on “talking about what black women are doing”, make up your mind, which side of the fence are you on?

          1. Notice the “Caucasian woman” what was the supposed video involved. Seems we have either a WM, a daggle or a pro-black. That, or given the bitterness and desperation to be “empowered,” another Black Caesar.

            What TF man bitches about women but begs other men to empower him? That’s even worse than when women do it.

            1. Afrofuturism1,

              I couldn’t agree with you more, General Blizzard, his black female flunky and her pro black male stooges all roll with the same mentality and talking points. I too I’m struggling to understand exactly what type of empowerment this individual is looking for, what’s up with these folks and brow beating others about making moves when they don’t even bother executing the same suggestions themselves? Lord help us if we’ve got another Black Caesar coming through here, smh.

          2. I’m not even going to read all of that crap you wrote; because you guys follow a dude that makes videos with a helmet and jester’s cap on his damn head. While showing thumbnails of Caucasian females in bathing suits and have the nerve to claim that stupid nonsense is helping black MEN fight against the racist-matriarchy that has been trying to defeat black MEN for ages. According to the stupid SYSYBM democracy showing images of dumb females with bikinis on does something for black MEN. LOL!

            You talk about stupid shit with NO SOLUTIONS to the daily assault on black MEN. Your comments are like listening to a ten year old that is mad because another boy got a bike (bitch) he wanted and now claims he does not “want” the bike anymore; jealously considering the guys that are riding that rusty bike to be “Pookie and Ray Ray” even though the bike itself isn’t worth shit. After all to jester cap wearing SIMPS it surely CAN’T be that the woman is full of shit. You can never old her to be fully accountable for HER actions. Noooooo, its the mythical “Pookie and Ray Ray” that this otherwise blameless, noble. respectful black hyena “chose.” Its not her WILLFULLY fucking things up with her feminist gynocentrism that she got from the Caucasian male and Female and embraces with all her heart that is the problem. Nope, not to the fake black MEN and SIMPS of SYSBM and IBMOR. According to you “bright sparks” its “who she chooses” and “Pookie and Ray Ray.” LOL.

            Just keep making stupid, pointless videos with that jester cap on your head; preaching to a bunch of mentally ill nobodies while black females keep doing things to make sure black MEN are disempowered right alongside of the Caucasian females you worship.

            You guys aren’t about shit. You’re a trojan horse meant to hijack any real progress for black MEN.

            1. Anonymous,

              It’s extremely hard to tell whether you are a dumb and dumber black female or a high octane equally brain damaged effeminate black male simp because both are one and the same. I’m leaning towards a blockheaded black woman because you keep on repeating the same points over and over, however effeminate black male simps(who are raised by the same dumb black females)also engage in the same repetitive foolishness but to a slightly lesser degree.

              Solutions for who? Heterosexual free thinking black men are already on the ball creating their own paths, it’s only lost, effeminate, blue pilled black male simps as well as goofy black broads who go around looking for solutions for all black men including the scum buckets that helped destroy the very same community you’re seeking out so called “solutions” for.

              Take your Pookie and RayRay loving self elsewhere, again, go and talk to your Black Manosphere failed leaders, they’re the ones who’ve dropped the ball, we’re doing just fine over here. Pookie and RayRay, mythical, really? Yet I’ve just posted videos of black females stating that they prefer the same types of black men you’re now referring to as myths, you’re a true mullet head who clearly doesn’t possess any type of thinking and reasoning skillset.

              Pookie and RayRay, mythical, get outta here with that clown garbage:


              And you expect us to craft solutions for savages like this, take 30 seats with that crap. All black men are NOT worth saving especially goons, coming up in here talking about solutions but I can guarantee that you’ve implemented NO SOLUTIONS OF YOUR OWN. Go and save those gun slinging Pookies and Ray Rays by yourself shine bucket.

          3. You stupid jester cap wearing fool. If SYSBM was about saving YOURSELF then what is the purpose of the slideshows of Caucasian females that are supposedly for “breaking the spell over black men”? And again, how does a slideshow do anything for “black men” but show scantily clad Caucasian females so you dorks can masturbate to it? One minute you claim to be “breaking duh spell OVAH black men” the next minute when tasked to actually do something that MATTERS AND AFFECTS black men you claim “It UHbout saving YOself.” You mentally ill, inconsistent trolls can’t even get your lies straight.

            LOL. Put your helmet back on moron.

            1. Anonymous aka Dickhead,

              If SYSBM was about saving YOURSELF then what is the purpose of the slideshows of Caucasian females that are supposedly for “breaking the spell over black men”? And again, how does a slideshow do anything for “black men” but show scantily clad Caucasian females so you dorks can masturbate to it? One minute you claim to be “breaking duh spell OVAH black men” the next minute when tasked to actually do something that MATTERS AND AFFECTS black men you claim “It UHbout saving YOself.”

              You personally still have to make the individual choice to break out of the spell and walk away from the programming. Additionally, where there is a problem, typically specialised TOOLS are required to assist in rectifying the issue. Have you ever tried repairing a car or a house without any tools? You really don’t think things through do you?

              You’re spending copious amounts of time typing out comments on the jester cap wearing fool’s website, don’t worry, I’ll save you the trouble of making this your last comment. I really don’t understand folks like you, going out of your way to argue with random people online as well as entering into spaces that have nothing to do with what you believe in.

              Like I explained to your empty cranium before, we look out for responsible, accountable and honest heterosexual free thinking black men and have already helped many, we don’t look out for Pookie and RayRay, thats’s your job, however you’re too much of a dummy to help black men yourself and much prefer to jabber online with random strangers.

              Lazy punk, attempting to charge other black men with the task of saving the dregs and the scum of black male society yet you’re not even lifting a finger to help them yourself, you’re beyond a joke, smh. Your antagonising witchcraft won’t work over here.

              Off to the phantom zone with you, waffling jabberers are not welcome over here especially when they begin behaving like total jackasses.


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