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Even though I don’t like this heifer because she’s a bimbo who has been used by the music industry to steer young girls into adopting gutter, degenerate and reprobate lifestyles, Minaj on this occasion is still right to advise her fans to err on the side of caution and never to allow themselves into being bullied when dealing with the bioweapon.

Of course over here we already know that the “jab” is designed to depending on your immune system either kill you quickly, kill you slowly over time or/and in the meantime sterilise you. It’s not like we haven’t already been warned about taking the bioweapon and its consequences by the Eugenics kingpin himself Bill Gates:

We always have to remember that Eugenics at its conception was crafted for the sole purpose of keeping the black population numbers in check, this is still the main aim even though these so called elites have now begun to factor in other ethnicities into the depopulation equation.

Black people of all the folks on this planet in light of the dark history of experimentation that has been levied against them should know better than to line themselves up to be guinea pigs for an experimental gene altering potion that at the end of the day doesn’t even do what it says on the tin ie protect/provide immunity from Covid.

Outside of Black Caesar who was given the boot, take note of other folks who before used to frequently comment here but have all of a sudden disappeared, I strongly suspect they fell for the propaganda and went and took their Bill Gates “remedy” believing all the nonstop hype the mainstream media has been pumping out.

Any Negroes who line themselves up for the shot and either die of blood clots, heart complications, brain complications etc or who are permanently injured by it deserve exactly what they get and more, especially in light of the fact that as mentioned before, these vaccine manufacturers have been given total immunity from prosecution by most governments worldwide.

Of course the bootleg mainstream media went in on Minaj for simply highlighting what happened to her cousin’s friend, you can see this on her Twitter feed:

As I’ve mentioned before, every one of these mainstream media pundits that have pushed this Convid garbage from the very start and who are still continuing to propagate the false narrative need to be burned alive, especially now that the UK government has given the go ahead for 12-15 year olds to get bioweaponed up:

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, you’ve got the floor gents, enjoy.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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85 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

  1. I can guess who isn’t posting anymore, maybe that person also believed Joe Biden won 2020 legitimately, while calling us dumb nighas?

    Billy No Mates is a eugenicist, who experiments his death shots on African and Indian native populations, that, plus Tuskegee should have been a clear warning to brothers to stay tf away.

    The propaganda is thick out here, just know you cannot walk back the death shot. Once it’s in, its a matter of time. I’m expecting a few people I know to drop off sadly.

    Also just watch when Boris the Twat and Thin Lizzy change their minds over jib passports, WFH and lockdown. When all this shit is over, I want Hague trials 24/7 and live televised hangings (guillotine is preferred).

    1. Michel,

      The jib jab passports have only been postponed/delayed due to the heavy backlash, they are an intrinsic part of the “new normal/great reset”, the so called “scrapping” of them is a blatant Kansas City Shuffle, dude was lying through his back teeth when he said they’d been scrapped, scrapped my back foot. Remember, they’ve already paid a company millions of pounds to implement them, there is no way the globalists are going to walk back this part of their plan, it’s too important.

      Unfortunately, we have some black men out here who despite the dark history between their people and the State, still believe that the government cares for them and wouldn’t do anything to harm them. As the Caribbean saying goes, those who cannot hear must feel.

      Just got word of yet another work colleague who died on the job, unfortunately more deaths are coming. I’d much prefer to burn these criminals alive at the stake, that way we can hear them scream as they pay the price for the untold suffering they have brought upon others. How much more will the ignorant sheeple continue to go along with?

      1. Dead at work, smdh. Please tell me two and two are being put together by your colleagues?

        Boris the Twat and that Nadeem Zawarhi (with Matt Hancock’s hand up his arse) know they’re fucking with us and are loving it. Masks or the under 12s get it?

        Chasing children with a prick, with full media and government protection, who does that remind you of? Jimmy Savile.

        1. Michel,

          Unfortunately at the moment most of my work colleagues don’t have the ability to figure out what is going on with all of these sudden deaths in the workplace, they’ll need much more of a significant number of deaths for the cogs in their brains to begin turning.

  2. Gentlemen,

    Yet another reason why you must never put your seed into any of these black harriets, she shot her own son to death over a memory card. What’s equally as bad is the knuckleheaded father still saying that she was a loving mother who loved her son despite her putting two hot ones deep into her son’s skull, smh:

    As per usual, when it comes to women in general and black women in particular killing children, the mental illness card is always pulled on their behalf in order to lessen the sentence, however if a man were to do the same, he’d receive absolutely no mercy or leniency whatsoever.

    Even if we accept the mental illness diagnosis as true, shouldn’t the son then have been in the father’s custody? I you wonder why so many men are forgoing having children in western countries.

    1. They continue to prove that they are the worst mothers on the planet, and also they choose to have bastard kids with the worst men that they can find. Reading this story makes you really wonder what was on that memory card. My guess would be something criminal and/or pornographic. Keep the Wall up.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    I refuse to take the vaccine because its going to kill me. I find it fucking disgusting that the government are forcing 12 to 15 year old kids to take the vaccine because they are trying to kill our future generations. As for black women, I will never ever have kids with a black woman because they will beat my kids and they will probably kill them but when that happens everyone gives the black mothers silly excuses as to why she mistreated her kids plus black women are not very motherly at all. I want the mother of my future children to be a non black women and she has to be childfree like me so that we can create our own nuclear family from scratch plus my future wife/girlfriend has to come from a two parent home because she has a good idea and good foundational basis of what a functioning relationship is between a man and a woman looks like and not this I am a independent woman, I don’t need a man feminist shit.

  4. By 1/10/21 the covid traffic lights for travel will be scrapped in UK.

    In Scotland, the covid passports will become mandatory by 1/10/21.

    Shorter lifespans to live for 5 years maximum or less.

    The word eugenic should be written on all bioweapon vaccine labels.

    The vaccine manufacturers can murder billions of people and get away with it by law.

    No compensation after allergic reaction injuries and death.

    Bring back the death penalty to hang elite governments, vaccine manufacturers and NHS doctors/nurses who refuse to help unvaccinated pregnant women.


  5. There are claims over here in Trinidad that the “friend” is just using COVID as a cover for him getting an STD due to cheating on his fiancee. And a Google search suggests that he got either gonorrhea or chlamydia.

    And tbh, it sounds like something a Trinidadian (or “Trickydadian” as per other Caribbean islanders) would pull.

    That said,
    (1) this Nicki woman is a disgrace to anything Trinidad
    (2) I’m still not getting the poke!

    1. @Glen


      I think that Nicki Minaj is the scum of the universe–but even then, I don’t think that she should be cancelled just because she dared go against the narrative.

      That’s how it is with these lefties are: they pretend to be your champion, but as soon as you set so much as one toe out of line, they’ll come for you like a StarCraft (ever heard of that game?) Zerg-rush.

      1. Kameron Brown,

        Agreed, I don’t like the witch either because of the damaging lifestyles she has promoted to young girls and women, however she’s right when she says you should be able to ask questions and do your own research before choosing to put any substances into your body and you shouldn’t be bullied into doing so. These lefties are utter trash.

        1. @Verbs

          It’s odd how these people are squawking about “science”, but then they come at whoever dates question it.

          News flash: if “science” can’t be questioned, then it is no longer science, but a RELIGIOUS CULT.

          Most of our collective scientific knowledge today is only because there were people who dared “question and challenge the science”.

          Science once said that the Earth was flat. That is no longer the case.

          Science once said that the Earth was the center of the universe. That is no longer the case, either. Not only that, the man who publicly challenged this claim was mistreated and imprisoned.

        2. I hate ratchet HipCrap “music” & the fake lifestyle its media whores promote. But I gotta give big props to Nicki Minaj for putting this libtarded negroe MSNBC presstitute in her place.

          📌 This is what happens when you’re so thirsty to down another black woman (by the request of the white man), that you didn’t bother to read all my tweets. “My God SISTER do better” imagine getting ur dumb ass on tv a min after a tweet to spread a false narrative about a black woman.



          📌 The two white men sittin there nodding their heads cuz this uncle tomiana doing the work chile. How sad.


          LOL!! At least she appears to be more sensible than the other “woke” idiots in that space. She’s far more real & sensible than that scraggle, Cardi B.

  6. Even my own mother is finally questioning this nonsense and refuses to get the jab. Recently, I had another cousin pass away, fairly young too. I don’t know the exact cause, but I’ll suspect it was the jab, especially since he looked even younger than he was.

    Too many black folks will complain about whitey while gladly matching to Tuskegee Part 2. Also, too many black men have no brains, be it concerning black women or anything else. Sure, they may bitch and moan every now and then about weave rats, but anything beyond that? They’re too afraid of being seen as “coonservatives” to actually stand for a damn thing, even if it’s their own lives.

    This is why even here there has been and will be a trickle of posters, too many have lined up the okey doke. It doesn’t help when they lap at Biden’s crusty teet and disparage those who don’t as coonspiracy theorist niggas (hint hint).

    In all honesty, they need to concentrate on getting these hoodrats jabbed, as so many black folk wanted this regime anyway.let them and their liberal hipster compatriots fall.

    1. They post memes about Tuskegee on facebook but can not seem to make a correlation.

    2. As I have said in a previous post:

      People thought that Noah was a “conspiracy theorist”… until it started raining.

  7. Iowa gas classified the “virus” as endemic and has stopped actively tracking the numbers, with most if not all restrictions gone as far as I know. Of course, the only reason that the media is not castigating them is because it’s IOWA and not Florida, Texas or some other big state.

    Those looked over states will be strongholds for those who wish to stay in America. Likewise, shitholes like Louisiana, California, New York and Hawaii will ROT and it will be glorious. My biggest fear for Florida is that Desantis runs for president, leaving Florida wide open to be destroyed by some damn liberal.

    1. Hey don’t be shitting on Iowa, they got good potatoes up in that bitch.


    ThE cHoSeN pEoPlE!!!!

    Israel is a shitstorm right now, and I have to wonder where those idiot evangelicals are to talk about what’s going on in “deyz holeee landd.” Evangelicals are nothing but simps for Israel and it’s pathetic, they’ll do no wrong even when their entire set up is unbiblical. Then again, you expect most of these idiot Christians to actually READ the Bible they claim to believe in? If that was the case, they wouldn’t be buying private jets and limousines for their pastors by way of tithing so much!

    1. LOL. No surprise. The FBI needs to go after Putin, Dugin and the rest of the frauds in the multipolar world order and lock them up….It’s no surprise that Russia, Israel and China are working together….


    Desantis is fining anyone who tries to do vaccine mandates. I don’t think the fine is large enough, but it’s a start. You’re seeing TONS of hospitals suddenly lose nursing staff over mandating the vaccine, though the news is trying to make it seem like anything but.

    Some say they were regretfully coerced into getting it, but they just means they were dumb enough to possibly consider it in the first place. NO SYMPATHY!!

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      Desantis should’ve doubled the fine to 10 racks, however like you said it’s a start and the man is most definitely moving in the right direction, seeking to look out for the people instead of selling out to Fauci’s con and big pharma. As for the jab, I’ve seen so many people who I believed had some form of intelligence get duped by the mainstream media only to rush out to get their death shot. Extremely harsh consequences will most assuredly follow, oh well, their problem, not mine.

  10. Visited a Chicken Wing Fest in Knoxville about a week or so back, and it was quite great. Tons of fun and food and no mask or other requirements. Even went to the mall and other commercial venues and had no problems or requirements. The few people I saw at the fest with masks were oversized daggles, go figure. (chicken bone beach?)

    Many of the overlooked states and cities are essentially back to normal, they don’t give a damn about Biden, Fauci or the other corrupt idiots trying to run the show. Knoxville was also dotted with tons of flourishing comic book and gaming stores. Many of these niche businesses SHOULD have been wiped out but are now thriving more than ever because they explicitly REJECTED mandates and became safe havens for fun and relaxation amidst the nonsense. The main ones who lost businesses and money were black and other minority businesses, many of whom still cling to these stupid rules.

    Also, there were numerous sexy as hell women there, especially Indian women. I think Knoxville has gotten more desis recently.

    1. I have been saying for a long time that this is what a lot of BW will be pushing for in the future. They will want good BM (not saying that Umar is one) to be with multiple BW regardless of is he is married or dating. Non-BM don’t want BW and pookie and ray ray are useless, BW will push to normalize openly sharing good BM, “side-chick” culture is the beginning of this trend.

    2. Mister Master,

      It will be interesting to find out the backgrounds of these two women, do they already have any children from previous relationships, we need to see what type of women he has settled for. It is also interesting to note that one of his queenies is very light skinned, she could even be mixed race which would fit into what I’ve been saying about diluting the black bloodline or departing from it altogether in order to increase your chances of finding a quality woman.

      The problem here is even though he’s finally gotten his queenies, there is still the issue of his school that hasn’t been dealt with, dude isn’t out of the water yet, far from it.

      1. The fact those womin went along for the ride just proves their flawed judgement abilities. But we already knew that womin do stoopid shit. And I guarantee u they have baggage from other “relationships”. Soon, they’ll be fighting over Umar’s worthless black ass.

    3. Polygamy is illegal, therefore he is not really married to them “queens.” In other words a stunt. But seeing as there are 2 million more BW than eligible BM in the US, doubling up is the way of the future for American BW if they want to be married. I pity the fool who takes on 2 of these belligerent daggles they will end up teaming up to bring down the man and lick each other down instead.

      As JamesSYSBM says, keep the wall up.


      Now where’s the boys school at?

  11. Happy Open Mic Wednesday; so, the media has gotten to work discrediting the drug Ivermectin as an effective treatment for COVID:

    Funny how doctors were instructed to ONLY use Remdesivir, a drug that was never FDA approved and proved to be so deadly when tested on Ebola patients that they couldn’t even finish the trials. There are doctors who have testified that Ivermectin IS effective in treating COVID, yet they aren’t given a platform on the news; instead, they continue to force feed us more BS about this plandemic and other cultural issues.

  12. This is VERY intrusive…

    There’s an old quote that goes “whenever there’s a big story in the media, look for the story they’re trying to distract you from”; while the mainstream media continues to castigate Biden for pulling the troops from Afghanistan, Biden just passed legislation that is going to catapult us back into the Dark Ages.

  13. More chapters for the “Strong and independent” chronicles:

    Eviction notices will get to renters sooner than most relief payments
    “Black and Latinx women, who experience eviction at rates higher than any other demographic, will likely bear the brunt of this. This scale of housing loss could be nearly impossible to recover from, trapping renters in generational cycles of poverty, homelessness and instability.”

    Like I always say, the permanent underclass.

    Tampa police called for hundreds to be evicted. Entire families lost their homes.

    ’10 minutes to pack a bag and leave’ — Woman says complex pushing residents out quickly

    ““The apartment complex knew about the damages in my apartment for a week and never said anything to me. They told me I had 10 minutes to pack a bag and leave,” said Kaiya Wilkes who moved in just last month. She said she saw maintenance working in her apartment and assumed she’d be given the all-clear to return once the mold on her walls, and peeling ceiling was repaired.”

    “Rough times ahead” evictions climb in Birmingham, surrounding areas

    ““I was sleeping inside of my car and the AC went out” said Frances Wallace.
    On Monday several people, including Wallace and members from Birmingham’s Black Lives Matter Chapter, gathered outside of City Hall demanding that city leaders push state leaders including Governor Kay Ivey to stop evictions.”

    Now That SCOTUS Has Ended The Eviction Moratorium, What Do Black Families Need To Know?

    “They also concluded the risk of eviction is higher for Black women than any other race or gender. These effects can be disastrous to a family. They lead to homelessness, mental and physical health problems; as well affect employment.”

    Keep the Wall up and keep your eyes open, its about to get rough for a lot of the “strong and independent” BW.

    1. Listen to the BW in this video, the entitlement is amazing. These ragged BW were squatting with their kids in someone else’s unoccupied house, got removed by the Sheriff after barricading themselves in, and are now angry with the police for kicking them out. They really believe that the house is theirs. This is the permanent underclass (low income, usually dark skinned, single mom BW), section 8 is basically a dead program, BW and BW single moms are about to be getting evicted left and right, and most have no good man to turn to. Expect a rise in theft, prostitution, and squatting in states that make it easy for people to do so.

      1. Oh well, tough titty. The “strong and independent” black wahmen got this. Us “bullet bag” black men “don’t build,” so don’t look at me for help. SYSBM.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      If there is any so called mystery disease out there then we already know where it came from, the so called “vaccine”. Additionally, this could be a mainstream media ploy to simply cover up the deaths that are occurring as a result of the jab. On another note this could be a hit piece on India launched because of the fact that they opted to treat Covid patients with the drug Ivermectin instead of the killer bioweapon.

      Remember, the same media attempted to demonise the President of Mexico just because he stated that he wouldn’t be bullied into jabbing children and also wouldn’t allow big pharma to use his country as cash cow in order to increase their profits.

      1. @Verbs

        It’s funny how Covid didn’t mutate for almost a year, then as soon as the vaccines came onto the scene, then all of these X-Men variants started showing up.

        1. Yes, that is a very good point about the vaccines. But the presstitutes will spin it for Lord Ziostein’s benefit. The Deep State are masters at making the best of a positive or negative crises. It is a thing to behold.

          When the Revolution begins or the masses start to rebel with LETHAL FORCE, it is absolutely MANDATORY to TAKE OUT the Big Media snakes & their LYING accomplices — by any means necessary. They must pay dearly for messing up the minds of the gullible majority.

          Exhibit A:
          “What, your repeated LYING lies on the idiot box TV encouraged the ignorant public to cheer on the destruction or Iraq, Libya & Syria?? And u withheld facts that the US/UK/NATO/Israel/Saudi Wahhabi pigs CREATED, armed, trained & funded ISIS/Daesh/AQ/ISIL which is borderline TREASON??”

          “Well, were gonna cut yer tongue out since u lie like a rug and YOUR lies have costed hundreds of thousands of LIVES.” **throws tongue to the dog for a snack ** Next!!!

          Exhibit B:
          “So u published a LYING article in the ZioPress about the Sept11 psyop which resulted in the deaths of thousands of solders & innocent collateral lives along with an international migration mess for the First World??”

          Well, we guess u need no use for them thar fingers since u won’t ever be typing on a computer again. Chop-chop motherfucker…choppity chop!!” ** throws 10 fingers to the dogs to eat. ** Next slime ball!!!

          Exhibit C:
          “Oooh, so u were an MSM presstitute observing Julian Assange’s kangaroo court hearings LIVE? U mean u heard & saw factual evidence that the man was JUST REPORTING forwarded INFORMATION showing ‘public servants’ conducting TREASON against We The People?? And yet you still IGNORED it? Did u REALLY study ‘Journalism’ at Columbia University, or was it Haaaarvad? Suuurely u must’ve taken a course in ETHICS, hmmn?? What sayeth u??”

          “Well, u don’t need those EYES to SEE any more. Nor those EARS to HEAR since u were not interested in using them back then in his case, eh presstitute? We’ll let u keep ur tongue – for now!” ** fines alma mater $100 million from endowment fund for not revoking the presstitute’s Journalism degree & for doing a poor job at teaching industry standard journo/media ETHICS which resulted in serious damage to society. **

          “Go on now, enjoy the rest of your miserable life & try to repent.”

  14. Even though her music is corrupting these young girls, she is right about the vaccine. Not only it will make a man’s testacies swollen but it’s killing people as well. At first they where using the vaccine to black people but they are using on other ethnic groups of people. The beta male Bill Gates is nothing but the head of this vaccine that is killing people. But the man in the sky is watching him and he’s watching him very carefully.

    Anyhow, I found out that the former dancer Jhonni Blaze has been molested by his step father when she was 13. And what make it worse that her mother sided with her husband. They both divorced now and Jhonni pay the divorce. I have done an article about this today and it’s about how black daughters get treated by their mothers. And trust me, they get treated badly.

    And one last thing. I was watching a clip of Love And Hip Hop and I saw four women fighting. The man is in a polygamous relationship with the women and then the fight breaks out. Right, out off all of the women in that female brawl, the Latina is the most attractive. Why? Who has their natural hair? She does. And guys, you would off see fatty pulling the Latina’s hair. She realise it’s real.

    1. @Afrofuturism1

      Speaking of which, he actually got a Nobel prize for it back in 2015.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      This is why all of the so called journalists who are continuing to keep the Convid scam going and failing to report on what’s really going on need to face a firing squad or a blazing fiery furnace.

      1. Adopt don’t shop is usually said concerning dogs. So would that make daggles bitches in heat? 🔥 🐩

  15. Greetings brothers. Despite the fuckery that is this death shot, which has affected my ability to fend for myself (job-wise), I still refuse to take this so-called “vaccine.”

    No job, money, women and/or material possessions is worth your soul, body, and dignity. As well as your integrity. That being said kudos to Afrofuturism, Verbs2015, Michel and many others for distributing information pertaining to BS-19.

    1. Now with that being said, I do have a lot of articles and links debunking the BS-19 narrative which I will share now:

      1st is that BS-19 vaccines that are produced consist of aborted fetal cells as well as vero monkey cells. Especially Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson.

      2nd is the history of vaccines regarding their actual development

    2. Blackdjedi,

      Yes sir, and we’ll continue to get the information out there. I won’t be taking that death shot either regardless of what trials and tribulations come with the refusal.

  16. On a lighter note, saw the new God of War trailer and the inclusion of another race-swapped character under the name of Angrboda (Greek name).

    At first I was pissed of the pandering to Black people (specifically Black women), but after researching her name, I started laughing given her role and connect to the dysfunction and chaos Western Black women create and unleashed.


    If any of you brothers noticed the shitstorm surrounding this topic, just sit and laugh.

    1. I clicked the link, and my mouth hung open when I learned the meaning of the name ‘Angrboda’ and the kind of offspring she produced; that is the perfect description of the daggle!

  17. This is an interesting watch:

    The whole video is important, but I want you guys to pay special attention to the video starting at the 1:04:00 mark; that is the real meat and potatoes of this presentation I want you all to see.

    1. Sunday law, the Adventists speak of this. They also have publications against vaccines. The video was good.

      Unfortunately, the Adventist official mainstream church does not speak out against what’s going on. This is why I can not take many churches seriously and can tell you that their parishioners are no more spiritually awake than any atheist.

      1. I was born and raised in the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and I, too, have noticed the official mainstream church give in to the mandate; thankfully, not all church members are asleep. Some of the links I’ve shared here were first shared with me by an Adventist.

    1. Blade,

      Like I said before, any business that enforces and supports the Nazi Convid passport will not be seeing my dockets at all.


    Here it is, my official store! (Mouthful of a url, but there’s a reason behind it). Lots of clothes, collectibles, electronics and more, with even more variety coming!

    If you don’t like the price, you do NOT have to, either. Let me know and we can haggle, plus I’ll be dropping a code later today that will lower the price at checkout. If you have any problems, just let me know. Shop till you drop and let me know what you think.

    Also, was it Quincy that launched his shop this month too? Give us the link again so we can buy more from you!

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      Feel free to post the link to your online store every Open Mic Wednesday, you can even put in the Off Topic Section as well. I be purchasing something from there soon, just got to look through the shop when I’ve got some free time.

  19. Anyone who gets the jab at this point without researching why people are so adamantly against it, deserve any and all health consequences coming their way.

    My job is mandating (or attempting to) we get the vaccine. Given its New York and I’m employed by the largest employer in the state AND its healthcare, I will be out of a job by next week at the earliest.

    Then come the lawsuits; and there are already plenty. People in this state are fed up and rightfully so (there are protests EVERYWHERE everyday) which unsurprisingly isn’t making the news. know there’s a federal injunction stopping employers from doing this, but will it last? Will the New York State Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court actually uphold the constitution?? My hopes aren’t high, but we shall see…

    1. What are the protests looking like? They need to raid city hall.

      1. Most of them are not super big, but given they’re happening in liberal ass New York City of all places, it’s pretty significant. There are others scattered throughout the state as well. Even a fuck Joe Biden at Citi Field the other day (which again is massive for NYC).

        If the idiots in the city are getting fed up, there’s some hope for this state after all as they are the ones who sway the entire state in an election.

  20. “The ‘vaccine’ lessens COVID symptoms.”

    1st of all, that’s bulls&^t. They only changed the definition of “vaccine” to justify the existence of this drug, since by the standards of the classic definition of “vaccine”, this new injection fails, HORRIBLY.

    Secondly, a “vaccine” that only lessens the symptoms of Covid? That’s not a vaccine, THAT’S F^&@ING TYLENOL!

    1. Kameron Brown,

      I’m not dealing with any businesses who choose to implement these Nazi Convid passports, don’t complain and say “we’re not leaving”, just don’t frequent the business to begin with.

  21. FYI…via Disclose TV:

    📌 NEW – Israeli Ministry of Health (right) recorded saying to the Minister of Interior (left) “there is no medical or epidemiological justification for the Covid passport, it is only intended to pressure the unvaccinated to vaccinate”.
    – press View to see video as Twitter is obviously trying to hide it 📌

    📌 Hot Mic Catches Israeli Health Minister Admitting Vaccine Passports Are About Coercion
    – Officials unaware comments were being broadcast live on television. 📌

    It’s not like awakened Netizens didn’t already know this. It’s just that many are playing along with this stupid game where the prize is ultimately depopulation by medical genocide.



  22. Some black womin just don’t realize when they’re getting USED by the System. They need to learn how to stay in their own lane so to speak. If you’re gonna compete in a “beauty” contest in a white country, then FFS send your best looking BW just like the brothas send their best superior athletes to compete in PROFESSIONAL sports.
    Fascinating comments.

    Former Refugee Becomes First Black Woman to Win Miss Ireland, Complains About Racism
    – Celebrates how “world is becoming more diverse.”

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