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They Say One Thing But Do Something Different!


Yet sometime later wasn’t this the same broad who sexually entertained Robert Perkins aka That N***a With The Tattoos FOR FREE, a Slim Sauce type Negro who has at least I believe 5 babymothers excluding Cynthia G herself? She knew this but still decided to go there with dude and ended up getting pregnant by him, smh. So much for black men and the power and wealth requirement, lol.

Fast forward to 2021 and you still have knuckleheaded black females and even a number of black male simps still following this chick despite her credibility being slammed clean into the bottom of a dirty toilet bowl. You cannot complain about “dusty beta male coons” only thereafter choosing to open your legs to and getting knocked up by one, make that make sense.

Now Cynthia G aka The Black Witch Of Scalp Summit in the past has attempted to ignite some sort of conflict with SYSBM practitioners, however we simply chose not to respond because it was clear and still is that by opening her legs to and getting impregnated by the same “dusty” Negroes she regularly complains about, G has completely discredited herself.

Even now the cake faced, wig wearing harriet G is still trying her utmost to put a dent in the mechanism of interracial dating between black men and non black women but to no avail, don’t believe me, just take a look at her video catalog and see for yourselves:

See, many folks don’t know that the high priestess of Scalp Summit Cynthia G just like the overwhelming majority of these divestment/levelling up squadrons is a failed swirler, back in the day she tried her best to land herself a Major Frost, however the mission was a complete and utter failure.

Additionally, it hasn’t sat well with G that free thinking black men are able to blend into the interracial dating market with relative ease, therefore in her rage and fury she’s decided to dedicate all of her life energy into attempting to throw a spanner in the works of black male/non black female unions.

However, being the stubborn mule that she is, Cynthia G and her angry and bitter meddling cohorts refuse to accept that the SYSBM spirit is too strong for her muddying the waters witchcraft.

How many times have we said the following, SYSBM cannot be stopped and there is nothing Admiral Frost, his black female flunkies and their pro black males simps can do to turn the tide.

This is why I really have to laugh at cake face G and scratch my head as to exactly what results she expects to manifest with her endless campaigns railing against black men as interracial dating amongst free thinking brothers is only growing.

I guess with Cynthia G just as with black women in general it’s simply another case of grabbing some popcorn and freshly squeezed juice, sitting down and watching another failed bread and circus monkey show derail itself and slam head first into the sand drag.

Siren G’s energy would be much better spent concentrating on and looking after her baby instead of embarking upon fools errands trying her utmost to make black men look like a bad choice for non black women, YOUR SCHEME ISN’T WORKING WITCH:

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Scheming Black Sirens Will Always Bring Calamity Upon Themselves

Most High Bless

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43 thoughts on “They Say One Thing But Do Something Different!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Cynthia G is one of the biggest hypocrites on the planet because she says that the only black men that she wants is a top tier black man with money, power and resources, but she got pregnant by a ruff neck bum black man who who already has 5 kids from 5 different baby mothers smh. She also says that white women and other non black women are not interested in black men for a proper long term relationship but if that’s the case you wouldn’t see SYSBM mixed race relationships between black men and non black women growing worldwide plus you wouldn’t see any mixed race kids and mixed race people who are half black walking this earth because they would not exist if white woman and other non black women wasn’t into black men at all plus Cynthia G is full of shit. Mixed race relationships between black men and non black women is only going to grow and get bigger as you already see it in real life and on YouTube especially on Mad Bus Drivers youtube channel as he shows you that black men are desired by all sorts of beautiful non black women throughout the world for a proper long term relationship and there isn’t a fucking thing that these pro blacks, black women, simps and racist white guys can do to stop the SYSBM lifestyle growth. As you already know Verbs that the reason why black men like myself are dating non black women because we had enough of the black womens crap and they wonder why no decent man wants to date them and the reasons why they are the least desired woman on the planet. I refuse to date black women and I don’t feel guilty about it one bit and these pro blacks can call me racist and a self hater for refusing to date black women but I just don’t give a shit because their opinion is irrelevant to me.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I really cannot understand G’s mission because I can clearly see its obvious trajectory of failure. Again, just like the fake academic Aaron Fountain, G has no choice but to appeal to brain busted, non thinking knuckleheads and angry and bitter black females who’ve got nothing going for them in life and who believe that downing black men 24/7 will somehow make their situations better, smh.

      Her credibility is completely in the sewer, gets pregnant by the very same black man she takes issue with but because she’s persistent, she believes that this somehow makes a difference ie negates the hypocrisy, NOT. SYSBM isn’t going anywhere no matter what crazy schemes harriet G attempts to implement, unlike herself non black women despite their various shortcomings overall make smarter decisions when it comes down to the men they choose.

      Couldn’t land herself a Captain Euro and at the same time the bitterness and anger continues to sink deeper and deeper into her rotten heart every time she sees a black man with a non black women, oh well, that’s her problem, not mine.

      1. Pathetic. She now claims to be for the race, and was swirling and calling black men raccoons? Shows you how ‘tough’ black women and Lord Euro really are.

        1. Brendan Dubalos,

          Black women are for themselves and themselves alone, they couldn’t give a rat’s testicle about black folks especially black men. If they really cared about black people then black women would keep their money in-house instead of handing it over to East Asians for hair that doesn’t belong on their heads and fake eye lashes that don’t belong on their eyes.

          1. You’re right. In Jamaica after slavery, Africans still had control over food production and industry, Indians, Chinese and Arabs were involved with trading and so-called Jews handled the money. The Africans got rich off using the natives in a share cropper system where they were paid very little money, and were crowded into urban areas. The Asians and Middle Easterners got part of the spoils through their grocery shops where the natives went to buy their products.

            This created a feudalistic society where ‘anything black nuh good’, meanwhile the poorest Africans still managed to send their children to school and demand change in the society. Black women protected the system by encouraging swirling and a servant-like mentality in their children.

            As a result, after independence, politicians were able to exploit the poor by promising them free things for votes. The Soviets came in with communism and CIA Castro and Kissinger exploited the American public by bringing in their drug dealer buddies and supplying guns to state sponsored terrorists in order to ‘save’ the island from Communism. Anyone who has done research on this topic knows this is a joke, as the US and Russia are controlled by the same bankers.

            Modern Jamaica is now a ruined hellhole, where materialism dominates and simping is making a stream of news reports due to murder suicides and domestic cases. The local women are queens of weave yet can’t organize due to being ‘poor’. Yet you can hang around Long John at a illegal party, with a gun in your waistband though Shaniqua…clever..not.

            ‘Brogad’ who is a proponent of sustainable development and multipolarity put the island under three day lockdowns due to ‘Delta’ and ‘Mu’ and the idiot ratchets went out partying and allowing their thug boyfriends to roam the streets to kill. I kid you not.

            1. “protected the system by encouraging a servant-like mentality in their children”

              quote for a millennium right there pal. This is indeed quite a common sight. Now I understand theoretically this being an adaption to torture and persecution INITIALLY…but this technique is so common and widespread we must assume this is naturally what some of them just do.

              I mean it is the perfect way to have control over others…you know the saying about the hand that rocks the craddle.

              The issue is when those who were supposed to be controlled no longer can….and then these handlers are no longer needed. Ala typical “useful idiots” and REX 84 protocols.

  2. Cynthia G should only focus on race purity black males.

    Non black women ain’t interested in race purity black males.

    It ain’t rocket science.


    1. Race purity is a mafia protection racket. Nothing more than 17th century hotep nonsense designed to divide and conquer – ironic that a dusty swirler is trying to push this narrative. What a racist joke.

  3. I’m honestly unsure what Cynthia & the other femcels are trying to accomplish by belittling black men all over social media. You would think women that have the least long-term dating options would be more nicer, but I guess that’s not how this works. All they’re doing is driving away the few black men that actually still want to deal with them. Pretty stupid if you ask me.

    1. Robert Hicks,

      Because white men didn’t and still don’t find her attractive, she believes that she can make the same thing happen regarding non black women and black men. Black women don’t deal with logic, common sense and reason, they will embark upon some of the most outlandish missions if they believe they can get one over on black men.

      1. Disagree. Caucasian males have low standards when it comes to female behavior and they are the same males, along with black females, who taught black men to have low standards. Gynocentrism is legally enforced by Caucasian SIMPS.

        1. Anonymous,

          Then as I’ve been stating, the most viable solution is for those black men with sense and intelligence to separate themselves from black women since they’re co-conspirators in teaching this standard degradation.

      1. That’s not it. The Jezebel spirit inside of these women is simply doing what it has always done. Attacking God’s children. This is a spiritual battle these demons are fighting against black men. Remember, these are the same descendants of the people who murdered Christ (A black man).

        Most black men in the co-opted “manosphere” are gnostic SIMPS who believe in a female deity. That’s why they have females all up in the red pill space, sit around blaming black men for women’s behavior (see thugblaming), and just seem like a bunch of feminine whiny males with no real power.

  4. This chick is still talking? I thought she would be went Robert Perkins right now. Chicks like her just makes me wanna throw up. If she got a problem with mixed race connections between black men and non black women, even mixed women, then she needs to live with it. Looking at that twitter post, I swear on my lord black women always got something foul to say about black men. If these black women wanna mess with the white man so bad since they got the white man in their mouths, let them have the vanilla while us brothas get with something organic coming from either the White, Latina, Asian, Indian, European, Caribbean, or Mixed woman, you dig? Cyn G, you want that white man so bad, gone ahead and have him, and keep black men out yo mouth, chickenhead.

    1. D.K. Phantom,

      Perkins was never interested in G past busting a nut and he had no problems adding her to the babymother list. You’d think that last thing Cynthia G would’ve done is get knocked up by a so called dusty, but no, she invited Perkins in with open arms.

      G will simply have no other choice but to witness the increase in interracial dating, marriage and cohabitation between black men and non black women and there’s nothing she can do to turn the tide, NOTHING! Her attempts to make black men look like a bad option for non black women just aren’t working.

      1. She’s a delusional idiot at best. An absolute clown and narc fool. She needs to stick to chasing trailer trash and keep her ignorant mouth shut. No wonder the Soviets could only be ‘contained’ during the Cold War – BW and Lord Euro would lose their golden calf to leech off other people. And these are the people race purists tell us we must save?

        I’m no janitor, let the supposed queens and wannabe Vikings clean up their own trash.

      2. A black man is “dusty” because an immoral Jezebel said so? He saw some pussy and fucked it like any man would do. He did not want her and I refuse to use gynocetric language to attack black men. The problem is black men need to stop lowering their standards with women. If you see she’s a gynocentrist just ignore her, post warnings about her to other black men, and then cut her off.

        I’m not with all of this taking up the feminist mantle and running around calling other men “dusty.” The Jezebel loses when black men completely cut her off, follow Christ (the REAL teachings of Christ in the bible; not the gynocentric churches), and live a moral life. You cannot defeat the demon that is the American black and Caucasian females while living an immoral, Godless life. Money cannot save you from her. This is a spiritual war.

  5. Kid Organic already made a video years ago about this post.
    Looks like Cynthia G’s Twitter has been suspended.

    What I am told is the reason why she stop talking about white men on YouTube because the White Zaddy told her to shut up and stop talking about White Supremacy. Now she is focusing on BM hate.

    I give you a secret about Cynthia G:
    The reason why she has this hate towards BM because her dad was a drunken thug. Instead of conflict resolve with her dad, she decide to declare War against BM.

    What you did not know that she has a brother and a sister. Both date interracially.
    When her sister married a White Man she did a huge party with her sister and her friends. However when her brother married a White Women she goes on hate and dick policing hard. Calling him a sellout.
    Another reason why she make this BM chose local White Women Series because her sister’s husband – the White Man dumped her and her brother’s wife – the White Woman is flourishing every year and this hurts her hard. Now become a Bitter Black Witch.

    After that she decide to make a campaign to take out busty broke men, unfortunately we all know that she go knocked up one. Why this happens? Because she admit herself that she does not know what a good thinking brother looks like because she is blinded by hate.

    I would not waste my time with this woman and I feel bad for any man who support this poison.
    She may look attractive on the outside that is why simps support her but I describe her as a poison venomous soul.
    To me, she is nothing but a ‘Jezebel’.

    1. These types never change, do they? Never someone stable or in a position of common sense, always some broken emo kid who never got over his/her shitty childhood. From Snopes being busted as fake, to Synthetic Trannoid going all Seig Heil on black men who date out. Projection at its finest. Always the same story, again and again and again. NEVER changes.

      The likes of the Valkists and the Rothschilds knew what they were doing with this Willy Lynch program. Take the most denegrate and delusional white men, and the gutter trash known as the black female and have them believe they’re superior to everybody else out while abandoning their counterparts. This scourge of incels, low level pro wack simps and just outright idiots plaguing the modern world is proof that Sun Tzu was right on the money.

      All that time wasted on watching black men’s dicks and deceiving their gullible fanbase with the deceptive stories of being a ‘social media dissident’ during their endless whining about ‘muh reds’ -when they know damn well they’re just self righteous idiots who’d be doing service at McDonald’s if history had gone a little differently could have been used into putting aside money and otherwise doing things to help the community – but we know they’re not going to do that. It would require real effort and critical thinking – which these fools don’t have, hence why they remain broke puppets of international banking and organized crime.

      Cynthia G already has made loads of cash from this swirling gig – why would she stop? And that’s what angers me the most – the fact that these losers claim to ‘care’ about their followers when scamming them blind. No different from Alex ‘Super Zionist’ Jones and his Likud propaganda line straight out of Tel Aviv, or Umar ‘Blood and Soil’ Spengler who needs to be investigated for treason along with these scam artist black women and beta white males.

      The fact that this hateful, delusional wannabe Lelouch Lamperouge bargain store rip-off disgrace to the black race, still has any followers, much less a cash flow in today’s age shows how dumb and stupid the masses has become. Let me rephrase that:

      Lelouch at least had a motivation for his actions. Synthetic Trannoid is leading people astray by promoting hate and delusional fantasies which will get her entranced cult sheeple in serious trouble.

      1. They have a motive…their ancient religion tells them the way to Englightnment is through Supreme Selfishness, Dishonor and Suffering. Kali Yoga you can call it maybe haha.

        1. THIS. Yes, they worship a false female goddess. They even stick their tongues out while talking just like Kali. The funny thing is the British SIMPS behind much of the Hindu religion tried to hide the evil of Kali by inventing a a male Kali and claiming KALI YUGA was in reference to a male Kali and not the female. There is only one Kali and SHE is the goddess behind Kali Yuga. And Shiva is Satan.

    2. Michael MisterTea,

      Cynthia G, attractive on the outside??? You may want to revise that statement. G is the quintessential example of the type of black female who hates to look at her own face, hence why she cakes it up to the max as well as slams on her trusty wig to complete the witchcraft transformation, I’ve never seen makeup on so thick and heavy on a woman’s face.

      I didn’t know about her father, however I knew about her siblings and their engagements with interracial dating. The point of this article was to show how despite all the odds the bald headed witch is still going, albeit going nowhere fast.

      I’ll keep on repeating the same, G was already irrelevant before her escapades with Robert Perkins and having been juiced up by the dude, she is even more irrelevant now despite her delusional audience telling her otherwise.

      1. Verbs,

        The reason why I use the term ‘Cynthia G may look attractive in the outside’ because I observe the picture she uses, especially the one you use as an example for this topic. When I look at this picture and how I describe this is looking past the external to her inside nature of her. All her supporters and simps rate her as a 10 and called her intelligent or inspirational. Once you see her internal side we all know she is nothing but a Man-Hating femcel talking nothing but poison. Another reason why I describe her as a jezebel because she got this Valley-girl accent which makes simps dreaming about her. (SMH)
        Simps call her inspirational – What! How is she when she speaks unholy man-hating language.

        Did you know that she has a degree, I think it is in Psychology and Critical Thinking.

        She uses her degree on Analysing BM all day long, how BM think or why we date White Women. You see this on her videos, how she goes deep thinking about dusty BM. She is so deep into this BM, she got blind sided by BW when Swirlers does U-Turn on her.

        Another note that Simp followers do not see in Cynthia G, she either wear a wig or she wear a head scarf to cover her hair, why she does not want to show people what she really looks like.
        Remember what Andy C said on the previous topic when he mentions that his brother goes clubbing and when the makeup comes off in the morning you see what she really is.

        I know alot about Cynthia because Akwesi (aka Brother of Logic and Common Sense) makes videos observing Cynthia G and the Swirlers. He mention this. I do not know how the hell he listen to her god-forsaken voice all the time because I could not.

        Another thing that thinking brothers need to observe, especially in real life:
        Females like her can brag online about how they hate ‘thinking brothers’, BM or call themselves independent/don’t need a man. Make videos or post on Facebook on how they are happy being single and live life without men.
        But when the internet turns off, back to reality, deep down, they are truly a femcel, they go to their bed and they wish they have the masculine presence (a man) next to them in bed, bitter and angry that no-one wants them as they have this evil soul. Cynthia G is one of them.
        She can hate ‘Dusties’ all she wants, but she will never forget that she open her legs to one.

        They are all confessing how they really feel during Kevin Samuels’ show.

        1. Holy crap Michael, deep observation.
          I know Akwesi observing Cynthia G’s video deeper when he mentions about Cynthia G.
          Synthetic G did got blindsided by Christelyn Karazin when she made a video after the Clubhouse chat.

          I have notice about the BWs how they go online talking about how happy and single they are. Then when the internet turns off and come offline to the real world, they are nothing but a miserable femcels.

          G hates thinking BM because she despise what she cannot have, just like the Fox and the Grape Tree analogy. Instead of the Fox just take an L and say the grape is too high to grab, the fox rather say ‘The Grape is sour anyway’.

          David Carroll mention few times that to divesters and failed swirlers spend time all day during Christmas and Valentines Day talking about their hatred for BM because deep down they want them.

          Synthetic G uses her Academic in Psychology in BM to still trying to find out and analysing why BM choosing Plain Jane aka White Women without makeup instead of BW.
          There is nothing the analyse or to figure out. The answer is in their face, on their lap, on social media.

        2. Michael MisterTea,

          I’m going to have to side with Afrofuturism1 in terms of the physical, Cynthia G is far from attractive even with 1000 pounds of makeup on her face. Her supporters can say what they want, however as I’ve stated before, just like the fake academic, G has no choice but to appeal to non thinking dunces who couldn’t recite their 2X tables because she knows full well that intelligent individuals will immediately see through her garbage.

          She ought to be using her degree to study herself and to thoroughly investigate why she decided to open her legs to a Slim Sauce type dusty bum who already has 5 children from 5 different women. This is the thing with most black women, they love touting their education, however they continue to prove that they are the dumbest individuals on the planet via the many stupid decisions they constantly make, especially when it comes down to who they choose to sleep with and get knocked up by.

          Cynthia G represents your quintessential black female who on the one hand hates black men to the core but on the other will still get dicked down by them and in many cases get impregnated as well. Like I said before, she was irrelevant before her sexual escapades with Perkins, however now she’s the equivalent of an ancient relic that’s remained buried for 1000s of years.

    3. Accurate and also regarding Cynthia G, Two words: Daddy Issues. Even Sigma Jones in most recent video pointed out the strong percentage of Western women have daddy issues.

    4. How do you know her “father was a drunken thug”? Or are you just taking the word of a hyena and labeling a man you never even met with the label she gave you? Hence, you following HER like a woman.

  6. She’s known as Synthetic G for a reason (i.e. her fake hair and made up face); her little romp with Robert Perkins (Da Lame Wit Da Tattoos) in light of this tweet, that shows her to be a hypocrite, only adds to the significance of the moniker. She goes on about “3 trash bag dusties” and “beta male coons” yet she gets knocked up by the biggest one on YouTube? As David Carroll has said time and time again, BW are a mental disorder; it’s amazing how she still is welcomed on different panels in the Black sector of YouTube (not that I listen to them anyway).

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Most black women unfortunately are not built to function normally and correctly, they automatically lean towards dysfunction and degeneracy.

      Getting impregnated by Perkins was her biggest mistake, one which harriet G tried to keep on the hush, however the Most High above saw fit to bring her deep hypocrisy into the light.

      G isn’t the only hypocritical one out there, there are many other black females who are constantly berating and labelling black men as “dusties” and “lames” on social media behind but closed doors they are getting dicked down by the same.

      It’s exactly the same situation with the pro blacks dicking down white and other non black females when the lights go off, don’t be fooled.

  7. I want a yute! I want a son.

    You know something; I thought this scraggle daggle was gone. I thought that she disappeared but she’s still around. Scraggle G is nothing but a weave wearing harlot who got breed off by Robert Perkins who has around five baby mothers who are nothing but scraggs. And she tried to land a whitey of her own but that mission failed miserably. And if she does get one, it’s nothing but a beta male. The only thing she needs to do is to be a mother of that child and make sure that child is raised well. But with a woman like Scraggly G, I’m not too sure about that. as when thinking black men talk about this crazy broad who got breed off by the man who just like the black men she complain about, we have these simps that will come after SYSBM and go for the attack.

    1. Money Cultural,

      She got bred up by a dusty, a struggle Negro but she still believes that she can complain about black men as a whole, smh. This is the problem with these straggs, no accountability, no honesty and no responsibility. IF you choose to roll around in the dust, you become dusty yourself, this is something that this heifer simply doesn’t want to acknowledge.

  8. I told Verbs that Synthetic G would not stop criticizing black men after she split her legs to Rum Head Drake and unfortunately I was right.

    Who She Really Chose – a bum negro that got her all excited at his babymaking “game” and “swag”. Perkins didn’t have to pay, the favor was on the house.

    Wasting so much time mocking brothers that want nothing to do with them, born out of frustration of Who They Really Beat and Who They Regularly Abandoned. Synthetic G paid her childhood dysfunction forward for no reason other than unresolved daddy issues. SingleMother G and the carousel of failure. Poor kid.

    1. Michel,

      No doubt, I still remember your words to this day, you were spot on, the witch continues her quest trying to make black men look unsavoury to non black women even though the mission has been and will continue to be a colossal failure. Typical black female behaviour, will typically open her legs to a dude if he has gold grills, tattoos, his cap to the back, sags his pants, has a lengthy criminal record and has several babymothers, smh.

      Like you said, father issues, however she won’t dare take the time to self reflect, self examine, self scrutinise and self improve because she’s a coward. Nope, the victimhood mentality is always the preferred path of choice for the modern day black female.

  9. Jesus does this chick look absolutely HORRIBLE, and I mean HORRIBLE. Chicks that look like this should not be speaking about relationships, especially when they fail at them. Complaining about “dusties” but letting the sorriest one alive nut up in her.

    This chick can’t even get normal simps, she looks and acts so bad she can only get the WORST black men imaginable. The biggest thugs or the biggest losers like Shawn James are her only allies and the only men who would screw her.

    Synthetic G as Kid Organic rightfully christened her is one of several failed swirlers, she’s about as pro black as a Klan member. She’d also suck off that same Klan member, don’t let her fool you.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      In her delusional minds we’re not supposed to take note of her huge hypocrisy, she believes that she still has the weight and the leverage to berate and disparage black men even though she got knocked up by one of the worst types of Negro male walking the planet.

      I’ve also noticed that her “dusty” label has been picked up by many other angry and bitter black harridans who just like G speak ill of black men on social media, however behind closed doors are getting dicked down and knocked up by the same “dusties” they call out, how on earth does that work?

      Isn’t the pro black Kansas City shuffle always the guaranteed fallback option for these failed bitter swirlers, didn’t we see the same technique being used by the cleavage showing black Jezebel Irene Yvette?

  10. L Express continues to drop L’s straight to the scraggle’s doorstep on the daily.

    L Express – Delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free. Worldwide. 24x7x365.


  11. Its funny because I was just watching a video by an American black female who claims she is “redpill”; but hardly any of her videos are empowering to black men. Each video she shows is how women are doing this and that to black men. Its like trauma porn and watching all of the ways black females are slighting black men. She never offers black male empowering sessions; just keeps presenting black women doing messed up things to black men and making black men out to be powerless victims.

    Its just like that simp Dr. T. Hasan Johnson. You’ll be depressed watching his “woe is black men” videos. Just sitting around following every narcissistic female’s word, believing in the system that made them that way, and complaining non-stop with no solution other than to keep investing in the same system that created the issues in the first place.

  12. Black women don’t understand the female hierarchy. They are at the bottom. None of masculine dusty, weaving n wiggin roasties will get a 7/10 and higher white man with money (and he will most likely want an asian woman anyway). All other races of women are naturally more feminine without even trying. And whats even funnier is that they are delusional single moms like her that think they can get a High Value Male to take care them.

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