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Theatricality And Deception Are Powerful Agents! #SHORTS


This is exactly why men shouldn’t get too excited whenever they see a women who looks attractive with a face full of makeup because you have no idea what lurks underneath all those layers of powder/foundation.

Makeup is a straight up deception, witchcraft and sorcery which unfortunately many women have been suckered into constantly putting on via the cosmetics industry indoctrinating and tricking them into believing that:

1. They don’t look attractive without the use of the industry’s products.

2. They have to continue escaping the reality of how they actually look instead of embracing their natural visage.

3. Without makeup they are inadequate and irrelevant.

I have to laugh at so many women who rate themselves so highly when it comes to physicality because too many of them are hiding their faces behind sack loads of makeup which means they’d lose at least 3-4 points at minimum if that same makeup was removed.

Most women these days on a deep level simply aren’t confident even though on the surface they’ll act arrogant and haughty pretending they’re the best thing since the internet.

Gentlemen, be on the lookout for many decepticons roam the streets seeking to deceive, mask off. Finally, any female who refers to herself as a “bad bitch” or uses any title with the word “bitch” in it needs to be avoided, she’s for the streets!

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Avoid The Decepticons Like The Plague

Most High Bless

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33 thoughts on “Theatricality And Deception Are Powerful Agents! #SHORTS

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Make up is witchcraft and woman these days foolishly believe that they are better looking than men because they have their face caked up full of makeup. When these women take off their make-up alot of them look ugly and horrid to the point where the men are actually better looking than the women just by looking normal himself. A womans good looks doesn’t intimidate me because a womans sexual prime years is between 18 to 30 and then they hit the wall.

    1. Yep it is sorcery(pharmakon). The witches in the older times referred to it as “glamour” magic. Being able to change one appearance…

      1. Truth mate. The pharmaceutical industry is one big front for the arcane arts. Entertainment too, TV seems to have a brainwashing effect. Only supernatural events can explain long lines of people going out to get a vaccine that will mess them up and blaming those who see the devastating effects of such a drug and staying away from it. BW love makeup and fake hair, and a lot of these white boys and Jewish men are just as childish and pushy.

        Maybe this explains the blind adherence to race purity and denegrate behavior among these groups.

    2. True that. But marketers have to sell a product. Why do you think there is this big push for materialism 24/7? Because Zionists like Bill Gates and Valkists like Charles Shwaub know that a blinded, over comfortable, obese and bratty mob of city dwellers is no threat to the reinstitution of feudalism. Why do you think the ‘white genocide’ crew and their right wing counterparts in the pro wack movement have no real aim or purpose in mind, just whining and trolling all day on the net?

      Makeup like internet anonymity is an excuse. This is why I don’t feel sorry for e-thots, fake SJWs or a lot of race purists: they talk big and do nothing.

      1. Brendan Dubalo,

        Unfortunately, a lot of women especially in the West have bought into this materialism garbage.

    3. Verbs, the SYSBM cohort is many cuts above the average specimen in the general male population. So while the SYSBM cohort sees thru the makeup, implants, fake hair and nails fraud, the general male population loves it.

      The black male simps that I know, love the fakeness so much that they view the overly made up, implant wearing, fake hair and nails wearing version of the scraggle daggle, as the real version. They view what’s underneath as the fake version. To a somewhat lesser extent, the same phenomenon takes place with the white male simp.

      This is why I always bring up male simping, in any discussion about female fuckery. I view black male simps and black scraggle daggles as two sides of the same coin. As a matter of fact, I view male simping and female fuckery in general, as two sides of the same coin.

      The male simping craze feeds the female fakery and fuckery craze, and vice versa. You can’t really have one without the other. To ask which came first, is like asking which came first, the chicken or the egg. The fact is, as long as you have one, you have the other.

      Any behavior that has no adverse consequences, but is richly rewarded, will be double downed on. Since women are rewarded by the general male population for fakery and fuckery, they will continue to engage in it.

      Like the marines, SYSBM is for the few, the proud.

      1. AmericanBlkMan,

        The more natural a woman looks, the more impressed I am with her. The makeup look is a fake look plain and simple, it is very rare to come across somebody who has flawless skin, most folks have blemishes somewhere on their skin to varying degrees.

        The simps are a massive problem, you’re right, they’ve enabled this dysfunctional makeup culture amongst many women.

        SYSBM practitioners will continue to be a cut above the rest, we will never accept any behaviours or practices that aren’t normal.

        Too many women treat the make up practice as a literal religion, what happened to the days of just using a good lotion or in the case of black women, coco butter?

      2. Simps are worse because they are voluntary engaging in their behavior and receiving the least benefit. They do the most work for little to no benefit.

    4. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      These women literally look like circus clowns out here with all of the fakeup on their faces, I’m not impressed. But then these will be the same females talking about how they want REAL MEN, smh.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. Don’t forget Verbs that women also lie about their height when they wear 4inch high heels to make themselves taller than the man and at the same time these same women want to date only tall men even though many of them are short themselves (the short women height range from 4ft 10in tall to 5ft 3in tall) are the biggest culprits in height shaming a man especially if the man is short like 5ft 7in tall or below.

  2. Good Lord, have these women ever heard of a dermatologist before? They look horrendous! Here’s the thing about make up: it only masks the symptom (pun intended), but never gets to the source of the problem; they don’t stock skin care products in the supermarkets for nothing! There are even natural things you can use for clear, healthy skin; I met an older Black lady who was told when younger to use nothing but alcohol on her face, and she currently has no wrinkles or blemishes whatsoever .

    They say beauty is skin deep, but ugly goes down to the bone; I like to call it “The Gremlin Effect” (there’s a monster hiding underneath the beautiful exterior). As Bane told Bruce in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, “Theatricality and deception, powerful agents to the uninitiated, but we are initiated”. #SYSBM

    1. Well said.

      Let me add that men should start rediculing the extreme makeup, the fake body parts, the fake hair, and nails. Instead, they thirst for it. This in itself, is simp behavior.

      I truly believe that women rise or fall to the level that men tolerate. Most males are too stupid to realize this.

      If you want better women, stop simping !

    2. “Good Lord, have these women ever heard of a dermatologist before?”

      It might not matter if they have HIV, HIV can cause bad skin conditions.

    3. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Unfortunately too many women are lazy by trade and these simps that surround them have facilitated that culture, so the makeup in their eyes is a short cut to getting that flawless skin, however as you stated the makeup is only covering up a problem which is still very much present.

      Diet has a lot to do with the condition of the skin too, we see this particularly in the case of black women who eat some of the crappiest and nutritionally deficient foods on the planet and they wonder why their skin looks like the surface of the moon.

      True SYSBM practitioners don’t entertain witchcraft and sorcery in any form and we never will, makeup is completely unnecessary.

  3. My older brother (sibling) always tell me when you meet them in the club (not those black hood types as he does not go to these places) they look like a 8 to 10 at best. However after be bang these women, get them into bed (he does not deal with hoes or scraggle at all) and wake up in the morning with all the makeup gone, they just look like plane Jane.
    However plain Jane do not look like these BW because he does not deal with BW.

    At least he does not deal with BW because he would saw worse. The picture Verbs put up because the picture shows BW are completly unhealthy.

    1. Andy C,

      Remember when Trick Daddy came out telling black women to tighten up, he also mentioned the fact that black women were spending huge amounts of money to get makeup done, I believe he said $150.

      Quality men in reality are repulsed by makeup, fake nails, fake eye lashes etc, they much prefer natural looking women. Yes sir, once the makeup comes up, that is when you begin to see the true product.

  4. I would rather see natural beauty without makeup.

    Makeup is simply sorcery deception.

    If only makeup was permanently banned from shops in society and banned online, the sexual market value would be very low compare to now.

    I would tell my future stargate to look natural.

    She don’t need any expensive makeup to impress me at all.


    1. Witwijf said “I would rather see natural beauty without makeup.”

      That is how it should be. Because once you are in a relationship with a women you will see her natrual self.
      If she is dependant on makeup 24/7 then that is a no-no. The woman reveals herself when waking up out of bed in the morning.

      1. The majority of men don’t have the balls to try to talk to 8’s and above. That’s always been the case so you settle for a butter faced 5. Once of perks of being a DJ is that attractive women come up to me.

        That’s why I am not intimidated by them. I find women in the West to be generally subpar, the ones on dating sites/apps. That’s why it’s a much better idea to get out there, lots of attractive Slavic women who wear little makeup. Yet their some who do and you can see the dramatic change in their looks.

        Which is why I focus on women with selfies. If you look good with your hair up in a bun and yoga pants that is the type of woman all men should strive for. It’s Pookie and Midnight Freddy who don’t have standards.

        They’ii bang some overly made up 5.

    2. Witwijf,

      If makeup was banned from shops and online, I honestly believe many women wouldn’t bother coming out of their houses, too many of them rely on makeup so much, I’ve even heard some women say that they feel naked without it, smh.


  5. When a man sees a woman with makeup on where he sees her in the street or at a rave, when she takes off the makeup, you see a different person. When you leave with a woman at a rave and you wake up and you see that she is not wearing makeup, you will say to “Who the fuck are you? I didn’t leave with you at the rave last night!” As I see the pictures of black women with no makeup, they look like they have bad skin. But then they put this makeup on and they look different. And as these simps see these women putting on makeup, they will say that these women look beautiful but they will get a shock when the makeup is off.

    1. Money Cultural,

      The simps love the fakery even though the fake looking women don’t even give them the time of day during their prime years but will most certainly take a simp onboard once their options have run out. Makeup is deception plain and simple.

      1. And as these simps love fakery, these scraggs with makeup will still go for the thugs, worthless men and hopeless men and refuse to deal with the simps.

  6. The makeup is for simps and arselickers, to prop up already weak self confidence. If you’re a real brother (not the homothug fake nighas with gold teeth) you can make a woman’s veneer crack in seconds, just sit there. Once you’re already balls deep in Madison, the makeup goes away.

    Another influence is the plethora of youtube videos like Nikkie Tutorials and Bailey Serrian, literally teaching young girls how to mask up. Never mind the horse bags Joe Bribe-em forces you to wear, makeup is the original mask mandate.

    1. Michel,

      As I said before, quality men really aren’t swinging for face powder blasted females, they’ll note the fakery and keep it moving. Men who are of true quality when it comes down to choosing their women won’t make a song and dance about those women who choose to coat their faces with layers upon layers of fakeup, they’ll silently avoid them.

      If a women has a naturally attractive face, she can’t make any improvements on it using cosmetics, she’s be much better off using natural products as well as keeping her diet in check.

  7. I’ve had women literally be shocked that I find a woman attractive when she’s not dressed to the 9s. If you have to literally rock the runway in order to look good, you DON’T look good. The term lipstick on a pig is accurate: if you have to be extra gussied up just to turn heads, then you’re typically turning heads in revulsion.

    Not to mention all the bad skin conditions that women develop from wearing this dumb shit. As always, they sell the cure after selling you the poison. Notice all these “skin treatments” that they sell women nowadays. Do you really see that for men besides maybe some extra strength lotion? Nope, then again, what do men not wear? Yep, makeup! “Health enthusiasts” are for one thing the most annoying women on the planet and are symptoms of the west, but they’re also hypocrites of the highest order given their propensity to rock fakeup.

    And just imagine how bad it is for daggles: makeup AND weave?!!! Not a spot on their heads is clean!

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      What you’ve mentioned here is key in relation to the many skin problems that makeup and other cosmetics cause. One of the main reasons why so many women have rough and flawed skin is precisely because they keep using makeup so much of the time.

      Once upon a time most women used to throw on makeup OCCASIONALLY, they never treated it like a religious practice and they weren’t afraid to walk out onto the streets natural, oh how times have changed so much.

      Funny you talk about selling women the cure after selling them the poison, we’ve seen this Texas Two Step with so many things in life.

      For example, the vegetable oil industry demonising butter but then introducing toxic vegetable oil low fat spreads and margarine replacements(margarine is practically literal plastic, put margarine out in the garden, bugs and insects won’t touch it, however they’ll be all over butter in a minute).

      I haven’t seen a daggle with smooth skin in such a long time, they’re the ones spraying the makeup on their faces as well as munching down margarine and vegetable oil spreads and they wonder why their skin resembles an area that’s been hit by a forest fire.


  8. Verbs, bruh! Some of us are trying to eat dinner here…. 😉


      1. Now I have to pour bleach into my eyes to burn away those images from memory…


  9. Another bullseye, Verbs. Goes hand in hand with this article from last year where Walgreens & CVS both caved to BW whining and quit locking up black beauty products, because we know BW are more apt to be boosting that sh*t. I guess CVS & Walgreens figured the annual losses were acceptable.

    The white girl in the main photo above doesn’t seem that bad. I can’t tell if that is acne or freckles, since she’s a redhead. Just get her in the gym for a couple months and get that chubby face down, she’ll be good to go.

    As for the sistas, it’s over. Bad skin from bad diet, don’t wash your face regularly, smoking, drinking, too much thug di*k, then slap makeup on an already bad road. Then don’t wash it off properly at night and there you go. Add the disgusting weave they leave on for weeks and it’s a wrap. And God forbid BM say anything about this sh*t or the hyenas will attack. Nope SYSBM is still the best solution!

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