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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!


This is an extremely disturbing and sad sight to behold indeed, how the mighty have fallen into the mire, the muck and the filth. Obsidian once upon a time was the tip of the spear calling out black female skullduggery and dysfunction(BFF), he was so effective that when the wide load cruise ship Simone 56 alongside the high priestess of Swirl Mountain, the now divorced Miss Christelyn Karazin drafted up their infamous hit list, Obsidian Radio was at the top of it.

Now, as we all know Obsidian has done a complete 180 telling black men that they need to reconcile, negotiate and horse trade with the same black females who’ve been warring against them since slavery and possibly before that.

In addition to this sham of a position, the guy has also decided to take a stand for the LGBTQP community(something that was highlighted in Reg The Bad Guy’s number 420 Livestream 11 months ago back when the Kevin Samuels sexually suspect “do you have a big dick” eggplant scandal kicked off, Obsidian also stating at the time that the Black Manosphere needed a “queer eye” at its head in order for the black men within it to do better, see mark 2:00:00 onwards).

How exactly is placing a Sodomite at the head of heterosexual black men going to help straight black men do better, I’ll wait? I don’t know how so many black men can’t see the obvious link between Obsidian’s open support of the LGBTQP community and the rise of the fruit Kevin Samuels himself.

It seems that there are way too many black men out here who don’t have any problems being lead by homosexuals as well as females, they have no desire to return to a patriarchal structure that would once again put them in place as the head.

There is NO profit for any heterosexual man to pledge his support and allegiance to homosexuals, NONE. This is one of the main reasons why the Black Manosphere was so easily co-opted and incorporated by a mystery pastor, because the likes of Oshay and Obsidian were too busy defending Cool Whip Samuels to notice what was going on right underneath their noses.

Additionally, the same Obsidian who is now telling you to support Sodomites and the rest of the LGBTQP clique if you remember once upon a time was heavily advocating for strong black communities which could only come about via strong black families. Homosexuality is diametrically opposed to any family structure yet alone the black one, I’m sure the guy must know this.

Obsidian has shown himself to be an unprincipled buzzard, he is more than willing to sell black masculinity down the river for 2 shekels of silver and a milk toast biscuit because he believes that Kevin Samuels is going to bring him into the promised land flowing with milk and honey.

Once again, to those Kevin Samuels fanboys who claim to be heterosexual, it isn’t a good look you being starry eyed and swooning after a man who is clearly homosexual just because he’s calling out this modern day black female.

When Samuels finally comes out of the closet(which is exactly what Obsidian is trying to pave the way for with his statement above), a lot of black men in the manosphere are going to look incredibly stupid and suspect in their fervent support, defence and following of Samuels including Obsidian who once claimed to be “the voice of the everyday brother”.

Kid Organic is right, the real issue here is Cool Whip attempting to masquerade himself as a heterosexual black man when he clearly isn’t. A homosexual man who has an overwhelming majority supporter base that consists of heterosexual black men, what’s wrong with this picture Additionally, homosexuals, lesbians and trannies have no problems referring to heterosexuals who advocate on their behalf as “useful idiots”.

In dealing with these disjointed black sirens who black men are supposed to “horse trade” with, are these the kind of women that they’re supposed to be haggling at the table with:

For those black men who still desire to deal with black women, all the best and good luck with “reconciling, negotiating and horse-trading” with them, you’re going to need all the help you can muster.

The haughtiness, pride and the arrogance of the disrespectful black female will soon be brought to an end, there will come a point in time where she will literally be on her knees begging black men for help and protection.

These pompous and boastful ramblings you’re currently witnessing from black women are merely the calm before an extremely turbulent and violent storm. Meanwhile in other news:

In the long term for those in relatively good health this actually isn’t a bad thing because it will force folks to start looking after their own health as they did long before these sellout white coats called doctors who were formally known and labelled as “quacks” came along.

So, let me get this straight, the cardiologist centre is refusing to see a patient because they haven’t taken the bioweapon that we already know doesn’t protect anybody against the “killer” coronavirus the government claims is out there.

It was always about medical tyranny from the beginning, demonising those who refuse to go along with the draconian program and who can see the Convid hoax for what it really is.

To be honest, observing what this Convid 1984 scam has revealed thus far, do you really want to be around and associated with so many non thinking knuckleheads who blindly trust in the State and that will follow the instructions of doctors and nurses who have quite clearly sold themselves out to big pharma for 3 shekels of silver and a piece of mouldy bread?

A recent article reporting on a study out of Israel shows that those who have been bioweaponed up are 6 to 13 times more likely to be infected with Covid, it turns out that natural immunity is a much more reliable path of protection than these vaccine manufacturers gene altering magic potions(which is what I said from the beginning, you can’t successfully develop vaccines for viruses because of their rapid mutation rates):

Remember, the so called Delta variant(formally known as the Indian variant) is simply the cover currently being used to hide and distract from the huge number of infections(blood clots, enlarged hearts, brain issues, all of which the mainstream media without fail always deceptively label as “rare”) and deaths being brought about following the introduction of the bioweapon, we aren’t stupid over here.

As I’ve stated before, I’ll be relying upon my own immune system thank you very much, these governments and the pharma companies they’ve conveniently granted prosecution immunity can keep their “jabs”. At this point anybody playing an active role in keeping this monumental fraud going who knows better needs to either face a firing squad or the guillotine.

As Bane states in The Dark Knight Rises, “courts will be convened“, however not the State’s courts filled with these corrupt judges and magistrates who regularly take bribes and who choose to rule in the favour of evil works and those who enforce them while at the same time shunning and scoffing at the good, nope, instead courts ran by the common people will eventually arise and deliver much needed justice. Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, you’ve got the floor gents, enjoy.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mindset)

Most High Bless

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65 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. Black communities are exactly the same as LGBT communities, all non black communities have always known this.

    Straight black men can never prosper in such community with manly females looking exactly like trannies.

    If only 99% united against the 1%, the mainstream media would be out of business a very long time ago.

    Sadly many are complying like a robot to not ask questions.

    The spike protein in these jabs are mostly causing blood clots and heart inflammation.

    Because the central banks are broke and don’t have enough money to pay every pensioner in future, this is why the banks are planning a great reset.

    The great reset to the elite governments is simply depopulation through bioweapon vaccines and possibly nuclear explosions.

    A bit disturbing for pregnant women not getting help from cardiologist centres for refusing a bioweapon jab that also causes sterilisation and miscarriages.

    These elite governments, doctors and nurses should all receive death penalties for huge crimes against humanity.


    1. Truth. These government agents are simply thugs picked up by the bankers.

    2. This is why I say blacks are liberals by default. The men may harangue about pet issues like black women but that’s about as far as they’ll go.

    3. Witwijf,

      The black females job is the effeminise the black male so that he is neutered from becoming a leader and thus will never pose a threat to the faux leadership position the black witch has been given over black society by her white lord and saviour Major Sleet.

      With regards to this convid hoax, the majority of folks complying with so called government “advice” and not bothering to question anything they’ve being told is extremely problematic.

      However, in the near future the sheeple will receive a very rude awakening which will shake them to the core.

      The real fireworks will begin when many of the compliant sheep finally realise they’ve been tricked(when folks begin dropping down dead in huge numbers) and they finally see the government for what it is, an enemy!

  2. Verbs 2015.

    I will not be negotiating with any black woman because I don’t find them attractive at all. I rather ride off to the sunset with my beautiful childfree non black woman so that we can have a great life together. As for the covid 19 scam, I was in Whitehall in Westminster, London last night and I was chatting to some white guys who were a anti vaccine protest group and they was telling me that the covid 19 jab is a bio weapon and that the whole pandemic situation is one big hoax plus the government is fucking evil and I could not agree with them more and I told them that I refuse to be vaccinated and they fully agreed with me 100 percent.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      It’s nice to be around like minded individuals who can see this convid 1984 scam for what it really is, it can be depressing being surrounded by sheep who haven’t got a clue and who immediately blurt out “conspiracy theory” whenever they hear something that the lamestream media hasn’t told them.

      As for black women as a group, they’re done, they will continue to slip further and further into obscurity. What black man with his head screwed on straight is going to walk into the lion’s den and attempt to deal with hostile women, I’ll wait?

      1. @Verbs

        People called Noah a conspiracy theorist…

        …until it started raining.

        1. Kameron Brown,

          Yep, and when the water underground began to burst through to the surface, they finally realised what time it was and attempted to break into the ark but to no avail. A harsh reality is most people on this planet unfortunately are meant to be slaves, they cannot think and reason for themselves and as a result deserve to be conquered and ruled over, oh well, their problem, not mine.

  3. Whoever manages to not die from the jab off top will eventually be linked to the cloud via 5G and vaccine nano particulates. At that point they can just send out a frequency or new “upload” to kill you. They are rushing like something or rather someone is coming… Just my two cents.

    1. Do you think it’s possible they could link those who took the bioweapon to the cloud through 5G to control them like a machine?

  4. Israel is one of the most vaxxed countries on Earth, yet they still have a 90% coof rate…

    1. What puzzles me about the vaccine operation in the unHoly Land of the Chosenites is that it’s obviously killing some & weakening the immune systems of those who survive the jab. I was under the impression that, at least, Lord Ziostein’s children would get a real less toxic vaccine that actually protects them while We The Global Goyim Sheep get the killer brew.

      Right now I’m a bit confused about what’s going on in Israel. I haven’t a fucking clue what’s REALLY going on there right now. Didn’t all tribesmen in the WTC & Building 7 NOT report to work on Sept 11, 2001? So I don’t get why they’re killing their own — unless I missed something.

      1. Dark Cultists hides behind groups, nations and religions. The “blame all Jews” meme is a smokescreen designed by the elites, so that you look over in the direction they want to look.

  5. Allowing some unknown unvetted pseudo-pastor/doctor to come thru and trademark the Black Manosphere term will be the death knell for the formal Black Manosphere on YouTube in 2022.

    Something I find interesting about the LGBT advocacy for profit is the lack of a full discussion on the absence of a give and take proposition.

    A simple question.
    1. What is the LGBT position on anti-Black male hate/misandry in the West?
    2. What is the track record of LGBT organizations in rejecting anti-Black male misandry?

    Has anyone else noticed an eerie silence from the LGBT community on Democratic super-donor Ed Buck anti–Black murder trial?

    Ultimately, the integrity and standards of those you choose to speak for you beyond yourself, is your fate. Choose wisely, and ask this final question:

    Would they be foolish enough to allow you to speak for THEM?

    1. King Sigma,

      Homosexuality profits homosexuals and them alone, there is nothing they do or achieve that other groups can benefit from. Typically when the LGBTQP community successfully manages to lobby for some sort of legislation/law to be passed, it is solely for their gain.

      However, whenever black folks manage to get some sort of law written in their favour, these LQBTQP blood suckers are very quick to also jump onboard claiming themselves as a “minority group” as their leg up in order to syphon from the particular law and the benefits attached.

      Aren’t these the same lot that recently released a song talking about how they would indoctrinate children into the LGBTQP lifestyle and there was nothing the parents could do about it?

      People need to stop tiptoeing around homosexuals, just like the black female they really aren’t a friendly group of people, just like the black witch they’re violators who seek to contaminate everything they come into contact with.

      As for the Black Manosphere, it’s done, Obsidian at this juncture is simply attempting to pave the way and smooth out the path for Kevin Samuels to come out of the closet by trying his utmost to persuade heterosexual black men into accepting homosexuality and thereafter allowing the fruit Cool Whip Samuels to be inserted as their leader, smh.

      Just check out the comments from the same post on Obsidian’s community tab:

      When it comes to the sodomite lifestyle, black men as a collective despite most being raised in single mother households by women who for the majority part tried their best to effeminise and emasculate them, are the most resilient and stand offish when it comes to homosexuality.

      This will never change, Obsidian believing that he can alter the heterosexual black man’s perspective on homosexuality is a fool’s errand that will not end well just like all of the other failed endeavours he’s attempted to embark upon.

        1. Kameron Brown,

          At minimum Obsidian is trying to butter up the Black Manosphere to the idea of the heterosexual men within it being lead by and associated with homosexuals, Kevin Samuels being the primary man of concern.

  6. Welp, that is scary.

    On a lighter note. I used to have a thing for going to Thailand one day, until a YT channel called “Mediocre Tutorials and Reviews” introduced me to this Filipina chick’s channel.

    After near binge watching her videos, suffice to say she has single-handedly sold me on The Philippines.
    She pulls no punches on the good AND the bad of her country. And she has good marketing skills. I’m gonna grid for a few years toward this goal now.

    I suggest that you check her channel out.

    1. I’ve had a fair amount of interaction with Filipinos, both male and female. It has been mostly positive.

      I do believe that a Filipina with a traditional upbringing would make a good wife. However, if you brought an attractive Filipina to the US, the toxic culture of the US, and the incessant gassing up that she’ll get from both black and white male simps, will change her for the worse over time.

      I think this would be less of a problem in England, and maybe Canada. But in the US, there is a glut of thirsty simps, there is an extreme glut of thirsty black simps. The other problem with the US, is that the majority of women are overweight. Obesity is a problem among black and white women in the US. It is worse among black females than white females, but still bad among white females.

      The effect of having so much female obesity, is to increase the sexual market value of average looking women who are not obese. This is probably a contributing factor to why so many American males view any woman of normal weight as having high sexual market value.

      1. AmericanBlkMan,

        England and Canada better countries for a traditional woman? Only if you live in a small town/village in the countryside and have a house in a secluded area where you have very little contact with the outside world.

        Outside of that forget it, the UK and Canada being socialist hellholes I would argue are even more toxic than the US.

  7. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! It’s a very sad situation for the Manosphere right now; they have gone from a digital space for Black men to discuss bettering themselves to a digital form of the communitah where daggles and faggots are now welcome (maybe that way, Fake Academic Fountain will let them off the hook). As for Samuels being the “queer eye” for the Black Manosphere, I still haven’t forgotten how he avoided directly addressing the gay rumors in his interview with DJ Vlad.

    Now, this COVID-1984 mess gets crazier by the day; recently, Joe Rogan was infected with the beer virus, and he was blasted him for his anti-vaxx stance. Cowards love to see you fall when you go a different route, but guess what? Joe Rogan beat the virus in 2 days using ivermectin, meanwhile boxer Oscar De La Hoya is currently hospitalized after taking the jab. We’ve been lied to about the virus from the beginning, and few of these doctors and nurses are honest enough to tell you the truth; here’s one such nurse:

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      The majority of folks following Kevin Samuels are heterosexual black men, thus in order to keep the cheddar flowing in and his popularity thriving, he’ll have to dance around and truffle shuffle whenever the question him being a fruit is raised until he feels the time is right to finally step out of the closet.

      Obsidian is trying to prime the Black Manosphere into accepting homosexuals and other members of the LGBTQP clique so that he can insert Kevin Samuels as its head.

      Here is the problem though, most black men in the manosphere are giving Obsidian pushback on the idea yet at the same time too many have failed to realise that they’re already being lead by a homosexual in the form of Kevin Samuels, smh.

      As for Convid, I find it very strange how the only remedy that’s being promoted is the bioweapon which isn’t even a remedy within itself at all because you can still catch covid and transmit it even when an individual has taken all of the associated injections, smh.

      1. Verbs,

        Another observation about COVID-1984 that can’t be ignored is that none of these world leaders are dying like the rank and file citizens who have taken the jab; the only world leaders who have died are those who refused the vaccine in their countries (all of whom are Black men). Things that make you go hmmmmm…

  8. As Bane states in The Dark Knight Rises, “courts will be convened“, however not the State’s courts filled with these corrupt judges and magistrates who regularly take bribes and who choose to rule in the favour of evil works

    Sounds like my kinda courts. Now, weh dem rass’ole courts be at? It’s waaaay over due cuz I wanna see some fcuking heads ROLL in my lifetime. This month & year if possible. Not holding my breath though cuz the sheep are playing hands-off checkers while these ruthless elites play full court press chess. However, I did enjoy the Dark Knight Rises reference…never seen the flick b4 at all:

    The Dark Knight Rises – Crane’s Court Cases (HD) IMAX

    Now, I’d also LOVE to see this kind of corporate board room justice imposed onto the 1% elite & their crony henchmen. I’d pay to SEE payback like this:

    Does any1 remember Kevin Smith’s Dogma Boardroom Scene (with Ben Affleck & Matt Damon)?

    1. Black Picard,

      The haughtiness and the arrogance of the 1% will be their own undoing, the courts of the common people are coming.

  9. Vaxx Cult Debunked:
    Based Kids using their brains:
    I told you Putrid was fake:

    These vaxtards love to whine about ‘misinformation’ when they themselves have spread and supported some serious lies. Notice how silent the wignats and hoteps are on Belt and Road and tech transfer. This shows you who controls them all!

    Something to keep in mind:

    Only gullible clowns keep on seeking out attention, fame and power to prove how ‘righteous’ and supposedly just they are. These fat fucks never did a bit of exercise in their life yet want to play God? It all boils down to these BW and fake liberals never leaving their communities or engaging in honest work.

  10. Man, I been through a lot lately. Job been wearing me out, and I lost a cousin last week. But I’m holding in strong though. With the Black Manosphere and Black America, I’m literally through with them two communities. I watched some dude’s video he did a couple of months back, talking about black America, and I comment on that video. A few weeks ago, Someone replied to it, and said I act like this society ain’t racist, I’m delusional, look at the news racial incident happen, why would black folks get over something that is still happening, and I wonder why I’m rejected because of my disconnection. Okay, I didn’t reply to that, because I ain’t got the time to deal with stuff like this. The reason why I’m rejected around black society because they don’t respect the good black people, and they take advantage of them, and use them as butlers. Yes, I see racial incidents happen in the news, but am I gonna waste my time and energy fighting and fighting and fighting and fighting, and not getting to living my life and doing big things? I act like this society ain’t racist, and I don’t know was this person directing at American Society or black America society, but one thing I will say is Yes, American Society is F ed up, there’s racism everywhere, but what else is new? What trips me out sometimes is that some black folks say black people can’t be racist, and I’m looking at that as like what?! How can black people not be racist? Idk man, it’s certain topics folks bring up, and I can’t really get into that type of stuff because a whole debate will rise up, and it will never end. For instance, that whole LightSkin vs Darkskin debate, it’s super cringey to me. If dark skins got a problem with light skins, then why the hell are light skins still being created though? Then, these folks say Dark skins males are more masculine than light skins males, bruh I can’t no more. Also, here’s a good one, the dating shit: Dark skin males be with Light skin women, Light skin males being around women darker than them, Light skins can’t date each other, blah blah blah. If y’all want my advice, it’s this: Let folks date whoever they want to date, period. Stop looking at skin color like that. Who the hell dates like that, date someone because of their skin color? I got preferences, but that don’t mean I discriminate. I just my own taste of women I like. I don’t date what people want me to date, because they don’t run my dating life, or my choices. I’m a grown ass man, period. If people got a problem with the taste of women I like, then boo hoo, deal with it! They don’t run shit. That’s all I got to say.

    With the Covid mess, I seeing some people fighting back against this. Some folks say it’s too late, but it’s better late than never to fight back. They talking about endless booster shots, blaming it on the unvaccinated, all this mess is gonna trace back to these psychos for sure. A lot of shit these corrupt are doing, they hiding something for sure, but I don’t know how long they will hide it because they forgot something: The internet. Digital Footprint. At some point, a dime is gonna be dropped on all these events because they still talking about them on the news. They still talking about the election stuff, which it was a big mess, but still I ain’t voting for neither party though. I’m getting tired of these ads popping up talking about get vaccinated and all this, they is talking about removing natural immunity and replacing them with vaccinations, and I’m no doctor or scientist, but I don’t know if the human body is suppose to take a whole bunch of vaccinations. That stuff be sounding like a drug overdose to me. Telling people to get multiple jabs, a lot of people are gonna be dead over that damn jab. With these businesses and places requiring people to get the jab so they can participate or work, they gonna lose money over this mess.

    With Kevin Samuels, I don’t know why dudes cling on to this dude. This is one thing I don’t like about the MGTOW/Redpill spaces, and not trying to diss or nothing, but it’s like I don’t need another grown man telling me how to live my life and all that. Then, when they make videos talking about women, I get it though, but at the end, I just be like they gonna do whatever, and my advice is not get involved in that. I’ll deal with women that wanna rock with me, and start a connection with me.


    Here we have some cute and kind Muslim desi men doing what they do best: forming sexual grooming gangs! Expect this to only increase with Afghanistan nonsense, notice also that Islamic terrorism DIED under Trump and his regime.

    This is also in the liberal Lala land that is Canada, which is a crap hole and a half. I wonder what our friend Black Caesar would say.

    1. Would not surprise me if Black Caesar got one of the safest government sponsored friendly jibs. Brainwashed and scared of the false narrative, yet lashes out at me for even questioning it. Running towards the same Captain Tuskegee that he refuses to work for.

      1. More like the same Captain Tuskegee he’s begging for work from, especially with all these mandates he’s likely just going along with.


    Again, teachers and professors are the laziest most worthless pieces of garbage IMAGINABLE! Don’t let ANYONE convince you that they’re underpaid. Hell, how could they be when kids homeschooled by parents with NO official teacher training are better students?

    This is in Georgia, too. Honestly, most of these lazy bastards need to start receiving surprise visits and going missing.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      I seriously believe that surprise visits and people going missing will really start kicking into a higher gear off once the sheeple realise they’ve been tricked into taking a bioweapon that has nothing to do with the virus the government claimed it was supposed to be for.

      Freedom fighters(deliberately being demonised by the mainstream media via the misleading term “anti vaxxers”) will off a few folks here and there, however I believe the sheeple once the actual horror of what has taken place finally sinks in will be even more savage as having been injected with the death shot, in their eyes they’ll have nothing left to lose.


    This is in Egypt, where COVID is widely ignored. I’m actually looking into the country, despite its weather being hot as hell. The culture is very conservative, and probably a good place to have a wife and a family. None of this lgbt crap like over here.

    Notice throughout the video too that the soyboy of a videographer tried to get people to wear masks. Disgusting, most westerns are pathetic but will actually talk about “imperialism.”

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      This is exactly what happens when you choose not to listen to the mainstream media propaganda and opt instead to just get on with your life. North Africa just like the majority of the continent is militantly against the LGBTQP garbage.

      Yep, too many westerners are dumb as hell, hence why the Chinese were able to run this entire Convid 1984 scam with ease including the wearing of face-masks that the Chinese and other East Asians had been wearing on the streets since 2012.

      Once again, the knucklehead in the video is wasting his time, face masks don’t work, we’ve talked about this before:

  14. Obsidian has took the L since he and shay gave into Simoe56’s hit list.
    There was something I forgot to mention Verbs when a month ago how I explain the origin of the downfall of the Black Manosphere with the hit list. Another reason why Obsidian gave in and create an alliance with the Swirlers because during the Simone56’s hit list, there were Swirlers and divesters did a collaboration video with Sophia A Nelson ( and ( She was an acting lawyer at the time to represent the BW and hiring her to sue and shut down the Black Manosphere for slander. This is when Obsidian and Oshay sweat in tears and call it a truce like a coward.
    I remember years ago the Nylah Says going to sue Slaying Evil, but she has no case because Slaying Evil Website is based in the UK so she got no leg to stand on.

    As for Kevin Samuels, again he make good videos, but he is just flamboyant. I will keep saying this and I know Mister Master agree with me on this and that is they need to stop with with God complex like Kevin is the next messiah.
    The reason why Kevin is the realist person because he talks raw truth to these BWs and we know BW need a slap of hard Truth about themselves. I am glad Kevin do not affiliate with these Manosphere guys. Even the manosphere worships him like a god just like the BW kissed White Men’s ass. Kid Organic is right because i anyone lets say I make a video disagree with Kevin just for a simple thing, those Kevin Samuel brigade will come after me and if that a female or a woman disagree Oshay will make a video about it coming to rescue like Superman. I might as well can him Captain save-a-Kevin. I think these manosphere will put the lives on the line for Kevin that is how far they go.

    Now for this Obsidian want to have this Black Mansphere-Gay-LGBT alliance, this is pointless because BW try to push this to BM and the reason why this LGBT Agenda again the BM fails because LGBT do not come after BM.
    What Obsidian fail to understand that to the Black LGBT groups, straight thinking Black Men are like Garlic to them, Yes – Garlic!. Some SYSBM have this Holy-Onion Vibe, that is why Gay and Bi BM do not like Straight BM. They just go after white people.

    Let me explain about this Garlic and Holy Onion vibe and why I call SYSBM and straight thinking brother this:
    This is because bloodsuckers and fleas do not like Garlic because it repels them. Just like the holy onions, eat a lot of those and the blood sucking lizard will like you and they will not bite or poison because the Holy Onions repels it (See the movie – Disney’s Holes which reference this).
    When you are Garlic this repels all the hoes, scraggle daggles and all these disfunction BW. That is why they go for thugs like 12 gauge Mike and Shotgun Joe because the hoes smell blood just like Single mothers smell blood to these simps but the simps blood is too weak to suck.

    1. Michael MisterTea

      I like that Garlic and Onion analogy.
      Because many years ago, I do consider myself as a ‘Garlic’ and I refer females who does not like me because I have standard ‘Vampires’.
      I look at the western females as that. When I hear things like how BW hates thinking brothers because they cannot suck their blood, resources and their souls. That is why the brag about how Thugs are better.
      This is simps do not understand that they get their life drained by these dysfunctional females.

      I like the Holy Onion term in the Disney’s holes because when you eat too much onions the lizard hate that so they cannot bit you.

      This is something Verbs and SYSBM brother need to know because I want them to watch this film called Disney’s holes, I show them a clip, there is this section which they guy put together called ‘Kissing Kate Barlow’ which shows the origins of the dry desert.

      The reason why I want to show Verbs this because he make countless topic about the Dick police men, in this case White Men.
      Basically this teacher like this this brother because he was a good man and gives medicine and when she likes this BBC, the White men gets pissed and get jealous. After they kill the BM, the whole lake cause a massive Drought lake was fried up and curse for hundred of years because they killed a brother and the teacher got revenge.

      1. Alex C,

        It’s funny you posted that video because a brother on Twitter sent me this video of a black principal who was suspended because “a parent” complained about a Facebook post on his account showing him embracing his wife(who is white). Now, we already know it was either a disgruntled black female or a racist white male who complained(if the complaint is genuine, it could’ve easily been some school board members of the Admiral Frost variety who didn’t take a liking to the fact that a black man is in a reasonably high position and additionally has a reasonably decent looking wife:

        Though we SYSBM practitioners don’t use racism as a crutch in order to invoke the victimhood status, we still recognise racism’s existence. Yes, there are many black men out here taking some serious heat from General Blizzard, his black female flunky and her pro black stooges for choosing to deal with women of a non black background.

      2. If I could sum up this short film of Kissing Kate Barlow, it would be that White male penis envy caused a good girl to go bad and get revenge for the murder of her soul mate; also note that Sam didn’t fit the bill of what is considered a “high value man”, yet he was able to pull a beautiful White woman by simply being the caring, compassionate man he was. That was SYSBM in action!

  15. I’ve been uncharacteristically positive through this CONVID plandemic, and it seems the tide is turning. If you’ve watched MSM the odd caller to LBC radio has been dropping truth bombs, protests at ITV News and a million march almost weekly in central London against the coof pass. Things are looking up.

    If you haven’t got yourselves ivermectin, know a African bruh and get neem powder and zinc tabs. There’s no need to get jibbed for something that is 94% survivable.

    Jibbing school kids is the last straw, toddlers will send the government to the Hague and the guillotine.

    Still too many folks in masks, even though it’s been over for ages. Like Verbs said, folks have to go hungry to even think about standing up to their government.

    1. Michel,

      Yep, so many still wearing masks even when they don’t have to. I’m seeing a little more rebellion on TFL services, however it still isn’t enough.

      Indeed, it is unfortunate that at this stage mass death and empty bellies will be some of the few reasons to cause an uprising, at the moment the sheeple are too fixated on calling anybody who brings them information they haven’t heard via the mainstream media a “conspiracy theorist”.

      Outside of heavy witchcraft and deep enchantment, I’m really struggling to understand how anybody can believe anything the mainstream media says given their atrocious track record.

      Anybody who pushes policies to inject children or who actively participates in the process needs to be burned alive at the stake, from “children are invulnerable” to “get your youngsters jabbed up”, the goalpost moving is off the chain.

      Look at how many young folks have died so far especially those in sporting careers taking the kill shot:

      1. “died after a short illness…”

        …caused by the killshot. If that doesn’t start ringing alarm bells in someone’s head, they’re too far gone. Never mind what “Dr” Killary Jones (UK’s Dr Oz) suggests. These media scumbags straight up need to be picked up by military and their tribunal televised. Fauci can go first.

  16. I was watching the England Vs Poland game and when Poland scored the equaliser, I saw this polish woman celebrating and when I saw her, I went nice. You see the rainbow flag, there are two new colours. There are new more colours but I’m goanna stick with these two. The two colours were black and brown. I think the brown colour might be Hispanic but I know and everyone knows about the black colour of the rainbow flag. You know what he black colour reminds me off? These simps who are dick police. I have done an article today about this and these simps who are against SYSBM. And I remember the live stream with Obsidian on Ray The Bad Guy.

    And the Convid scam, the reason why there is a plandemic is because that the government wants to destroy the economy. And if Labour wins the next election, they are goanna have a hard time fixing the economy because it is damaged. The Torries fucked it up. I have never seen the economy like this in my life. There is a saying in Jamaica and the saying goes “Duppy know who fi frighten!” That means that a ghost knows how to scare when someone does bad things. And the duppy knows how to frighten.

  17. Those tweets about how BW have hate towards BM does not surprise me at all because we all know how they truly feel deep down in their rotten souls.

    I am glad Verbs shows us this because this is their true nature.

    I know people like Aaron will say ‘this is fake’. No, it is not fake, BW just put out their true real feeling on the internet.

    1. Mister Master,

      Aaron Fountain can’t do anything about the truckloads of incriminating evidence black women offload onto the internet day by day demonstrating their out of control dysfunction, disdain and hatred for black men especially those of the heterosexual free thinking variety, therefore even though he has no standing nor the authority to do so, instead he attempts to play the part of a judge presiding over what can be considered evidence including its origin, a handicap of some sorts.

      As I’ve stated many times before, evidence is evidence no matter where it comes from or what format it’s presented in. Aaron fountain will learn the hard way that you cannot defend that which cannot be defended. He already knows this, hence why he has no choice but to appeal to braindead knuckleheads who can’t recite their 2x tables.

      The modern day black female’s decadent, reprobate and volatile nature is evident for all to see, there is no hiding it nor defending it.

  18. How long has it been since I commented… the black woman’s threat goes stronger… but I must persist.

    In case some of you have forgotten, this is author/black men’s revolutionary Shawn James communicating from the year 2027. Long story short, black women have taken over the world and are actively hunting down all thinking black men.

    This one is for you, Verbs. Because you were right in your last comment to me.

    You said that it was impossible for black women to actually unite and form any semblance of a New World Order due to their imcompetence, selfishness and general idiocy. You were right. Within 2 months of dominating the world, thanks to help from Liberal whites, black women immediately started in-fighting.

    What is happening now (your future) is a Mad Max-style world, where warring factions of belligerent black women are actively destroying the planet due to petty nonsense such as fighting over weave, or just plain fighting.

    Taking advantage of the chaos, I got in touch with Verbs himself who was organising a revolution in the UK, and travelled there. Over secret communication lines, we discussed to put our differences aside and work together as thinking black men to combat black women… once and for all.

    However – and this is where you need to pay attention, Verbs – when I arrived, all was lost. I followed your instructions and made my way to Kensal Green where you had supposedly made your base with your fellow UK black men. What I saw… was disturbing.

    Verbs – whose real name, I found out is Gilbert Bunsworth, was dressed in what I can best describe as a page boy’s outfit from the Victorian Age. He was surrounded by other black men dressed the same way – I believe your commenters on this website – all sipping tea and acting as if they hadn’t a care in the world.

    “Oh lally lally!” Verbs cried when he saw me. “That’s not Shawn James, is it? Come on over here and have some tea, you silly goose. You must try the scones too! Oh lally lally!”

    I was aghast. This was not the strong minded Verbs I had verbally battled over the years. Something had… infected you. I had heard rumours that black women were emasculating thinking black men with a certain drug – was this the case?

    I will get back to you soonest, friends. Till then, stay vigilant and keep watch. The future is dire.

  19. My brother’s work mate began actively hallucinating and having brain problems after she took the jab because her knucklehead of a husband made her do it she didn’t know much about the vaccine and its effects she was real mad after she found out about its effects i hope her p.o.s of a husband gets what’s coming to him smh

  20. The Coming Wave of Evictions Is More Than a Housing Crisis

    ““Really concerning,” “quite bad,” and “a huge problem” are three ways that housing experts I spoke with characterized the wave of evictions that’s now approaching. They told me that millions of American adults and children are at risk of getting evicted, and that Black renters, particularly Black women, are at the highest risk.”

    As usual the “strong and independent” BW are the most vulnerable. I’m sure they will find a way to blame BM somehow, even though they are the ones constantly choosing to have bastard kids with broke and no-good BM. There is a coming flood of homeless BW, get ready.
    Keep the Wall up

    1. As a landlord I can speak to this. The only people in MY circumstance who have applied for state aid to pay the rent are black women…

      Once again…just my personal experience

  21. My online e-commerce site will be ready next week. Feel free to shop til you drop and let me know if there are any issues. I’ll create an SYSBM checkout code to lower prices!

  22. Greetings everyone. As mentioned I will tell you why I went MIA for a while:

    – With the BS-19 crap affecting my area in the realm of job hunting, my focus and attention had to be set towards researching laws that support my individual right to not take the experimental drug while finding stable income. Which I have made progress while finding a couple of interesting information regarding this “pandemic” aka fear porn to which numerous people around the world have become addicted to it. Especially during the summer where I work as I saw a combination of dysfunction from Western women and paranoia of staff being concerned about the “delta” variant.

    – My Health and Well-Being: As I have devoted the time to do my exercises while avoiding BS-19 nonsense. That and nutrition given the research available to read and apply the knowledge.

    Interestingly, I have observed and read well-said articles from SlayingEvil and keep up the wonderful work Verbs.

    Moving forward, I will post my comment every now and then as this site provides excellent research information regarding BW dysfunction and Anti-Black Male misandry. Definitely Fridays.

    1. Now with that being said, I do have a lot of articles and links debunking the BS-19 narrative which I will share now:

      1st is that BS-19 vaccines that are produced consist of aborted fetal cells as well as vero monkey cells. Especially Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson. 

      2nd is the history of vaccines regarding their actual development

  23. 3rd is the old fraud even admitting the transmission for asymptomatic individuals is very rare and severe side effects have been reported and documented among individuals who have taken the experimental jab.



    4th the U.S. laws currently in place that represent individual human rights still active and the consequences that follow when trying to infringe it in the job field:

    Last but not least a link to an exemption letter template for those who want to use it:

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