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Is This Your Queen? A Feral Hog Attacks! #SHORTS


Due to severe mental issues, your modern day black female walks within various communities believing that she can vandalise and destroy the property of others and unfortunately for the majority part she seems to get away with it.

You asked for help, you didn’t get it, so in your “wisdom” you decided to commit criminal damage and vandalise the store, how does that work??

Once you realise who is raising these feral black females(other immature and dysfunctional black women), behaviour like the above no longer comes as a surprise to you, on the contrary, it is expected.

Once again, where is the fake academic Aaron Fountain or his bum chum Garage Autonomist, nowhere to be found. Where are the pro black simps, again, nowhere to be found. Where are the so called “good black women” calling out this dysfunction, once again, nowhere to be found.

Yet another example presented of what we SYSBM practitioners are saving ourselves from, there’s nothing “fringe” about not wanting to deal with women who go around vandalising and smashing up stores because they “didn’t get the help they wanted”.

Finally, here is yet another example of a black female vehicle raging, turns out that she got jealous seeing her babyfather with another female, so she decided to run the new woman down:

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Steer Clear Of Black Female Feral Wild Hogs Like You Life Depends On It(Which It Does)

Most High Bless

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13 thoughts on “Is This Your Queen? A Feral Hog Attacks! #SHORTS

  1. One day in the near future one of these feral hogs are going to be “put down”.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    Bloody hell Verbs these black women are so horrid that it’s no wonder why they are the least desirable woman on the planet. I have been living the SYSBM lifestyle properly for 23 years since October 1998 when I was 16 years old and I have not dated a black woman since that time period and I will never ever date a black woman again because they are way too masculine and violent for my liking.

  3. Top of the morning, and Happy Labor Day to the SYSBM brothers still living in the States; just watching this government sponsored Black communitah terrorist trash the store was upsetting. This brought to mind a viral video of some communitah raised simp who recorded a random White woman who approached him at a restaurant and said that Black men need to “get up and decide to put these Black chicks in their place”:

    Ignore the “woke progressives” from TYT and their commentary, but you gotta respect this woman’s boldness to approach this guy and say that; too bad she opened up to some dusty old simp who’s been brainwashed by the “yo momma Black” mantra. Although she did a poor job of articulating her point, she’s correct that Black women are responsible for the despondency we see amongst communitah members; either she’s very observant or she’s listened to the likes of Tommy Sotomayor. As an SYSBM Practitioner, I won’t check any Black woman who acts up; not my woman, not my problem! In the words of Dr. David Carroll, “The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual needs to seriously consider classifying being a Black female as a mental disorder”; this sheboon really destroyed the store because she didn’t get the help she felt she deserved? Man, if only it were an East or South Asian running that store, she would’ve caught a real beat down!

    1. True that. These black hoes are delusional and not to mention stupid. That’s the reason why they were put in power – to destabilize and destroy.

    2. That middle-aged white queen had it absolutely right. You can tell by the gasping and pearl-clutching from Ana and the so-called “left.” She was probably trying to push up on that brotha for some BBC and this was her rap. LOL. I ain’t mad at her. Give her another Appletini on me.

  4. I can only think of psychiatric hospitals when I see vids of a negress having mental disorders.


    1. Same here. In fact negresses are worse than mental patients, since they refuse to admit they have mental issues. Too busy stuck in the wannabe mafia don syndrome and trying to please everybody.

  5. No comment other than no surprise regarding the dysfunctional and degenerative nature of Western Black women. Other than that it has been a while and on Open Mic Wednesday, I will explain what I learned pertaining to the BS-19 and other things.

  6. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.

    In the US, a good deal of the blame for all forms of aberrant scraggle daggle behavior, can be pinned on the black male simp population of the US.

    In the US, black male simping has metastasized to a greater extent than anyplace else on the planet.

    In the US, Team SIMP got a big boost from 8 years of Obama. Then you have the token black billionaires like Oprah Winfrey, who have built entire industries based on black male misandry.

    Black male simping, and its alter ego, black male misandry, has long been celebrated as enlightened consciousness by the so called black elite in the US.

    This is why, since the 1970s, blacks in the US have become weaker and weaker. They are progressively less able to fend for themselves.

    The daggle needs all manner of race based preferences and white zaddy welfare type advantages, in order to stay afloat in contemporary US society. Meanwhile, the black male simp’s strategy for survival, is to simp even harder.

    1. LOL. Black females are puppets of the system and will always be. The simps are simply useful idiots for multipolarity, homosexuality and fake religion which all fall under Zionist Eurasianism.

  7. Before I talk about what happened in the weekend, let me talk out the scraggs of the two videos. No man should be surprised of the two scragglies. The first chick just vandalise the shop. She just tear up the place. And the white woman says to get out of my shop and the girl continue to destroy the place. And the other ratchet broad, not only she use the car to kill her baby father’s girlfriend but she took off the back bumper of the Cadillac saloon car. And then speed off down the side walk? The scraggle daggle behind the wheel just speed down the side walk after she run over her baby father’s girlfriend?

    Right, I bump into a friend of mine in Highbury and Islington, North London on a Saturday. First went to Westfield in Stratford and we was talking about black women going with the thugs like Cell Block Scrappy, Rum Head Frasier and Machete Man Briggy. And I say this to him that if you want to be with a black woman, you have to be like them. If you goanna be a nice guy, the black women will play with you. They put you in the friendzone, especially when you are in a relationship. and in 2003 when I broke up with the Jamaican fatty, I was just wondering did this broad lied to men when I gave her £15 when she was going to Manchester. And I was wondering in 2005 that your straight outta North West London, we ain’t nice to these girls.

    We were heading home. He lives in Kingsbury and I’m staying in Luton. Both of us come from Brixton. We come out of the tube in St Pancras International. And me and him saw some ratchet black women and one was pushing a pram with her kid inside. There were a lot of people heading to the exit and these women was making loud nose saying that they wanna go through. And there was one oriental man says “That to go through then.” And then one of them comes towards him and says to him that “Excuse me, what did you say?” And the oriental man says that then go through. And then says that “Oh really? Listen here; I’m not a kettle of fish. I bruk up your blood claat!” And me and my friend walk straight on. So did the oriental man.

    Right, when you see the girl, she has this red weave and it was straight. And she has this red dress on as well. She looks like a ratchet traffic light. And we was thinking that 60 per cent of black men in the UK have now made it in a non black relationship now. And he feels like it’s up to 70 per cent. I’m not surprised if it gone up. Because of the ratchetness of black women. And there are some black men say that go for a foreign black woman. They are fine but it’s the same thing really with the weave and shit.

    When me and him was at Brixton, we was talking about Madonna dating 2pac. Let me tell you something. 2pac should off when SYSBM. Madonna was interested in him. She wanted a family with him but he wanted to keep it pro black. And look what happened to him. Lastly, before what happened at St. Pancras, me and my friend went in this store and he wanted to by deodorant. I was at the crew and there were some women there. I was talking about the sexual energy thing and sexual connection of which girl I had sexual encounters in. the white women was listening and they were getting hot! The guy was telling me that they were listening to me and they were hot in their clothes.

    I know this is a long one but the things black men endure with the black women’s ratchetness. It’s crazy, really crazy.

  8. As mentioned above, if this had been Mr. Chong’s store, you could’ve at least counted on some (largely ineffectual) recompense to be fished out.

    Wouldn’t the logical thing have been to just leave if you weren’t helped? Why bother staying around?

    These idiot ratchet hoes and their simps are raised by these women. They raise them to be violent and confrontational for no damn reason, such as in this situation.

    Now I’m sure the pro-blacks will say we’re pulling examples of the quest black women. The problem is, THESE are the MAJORITY of them! She looks and acts NO DIFFERENT from the average daggle. I’m also kinda surprised she had not pet Simp to send forth and wreak extra havoc with.

    Got some good news coming Wednesday, stay tuned.

  9. Y’all incels on dis hellsite still at it! Instead of talkin bout dis queen so bad y’all black menz should be trying to heal her! She obviusly had trauma and is lashing out! But da cOnQueReD black man ain’t built nuffin or gave her a safe environment to rest in her feminity! Thank GAWD I found my Topher who not only is a white cop but accepts my son Jabari! Topher be on the prowl fo y’all bullet bags errday and I be here fo it! I hab divested from y’all nikkas and all mah sistas should do da same! SYSBW!


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