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As a close friend said to me recently, you know this is not a real pandemic because if it were, there wouldn’t be any exemptions, everybody would be subjected to the same rules regardless of their health or where they reside on the socioeconomic spectrum.

The information above is for folks living here in the UK. So, as with the face covering exemption guidelines, the exemption guidelines for the Covid Pass are more or less the same. Once again the choice is yours, wear a covid pass exemption badge/lanyard or walk freely and simply declare you’re exempt at the door.

The main reason why the UK government continues to create outs is because it knows that with the Covid regulations it has passed under emergency powers, they are in direct violation of many national as well as international laws. By declaring bioweapon mandates the UK government is also in direct violation of the Nuremberg Code(1947) which can be read below:

Point number 1 of the Nuremberg Code is already a slam dunk. The UK government as well as other governments around the world who have attempted to bully and intimidate people into taking their experimental potion knowing full well that numerous heavy lawsuits are in the pipeline, they simply wanted to coerce as many people as they could to get jabbed up with their concoction before this happens.

Shame on those individuals who rushed out to get their “jab” believing what they were are still are being told by the mainstream media. At this stage as many other brothers here have stated, with all of the incongruities, anomalies, irregularities and inconsistencies in this Covid narrative, those who can’t see the scam by now will never wake up.

The elder generation Brits are particularly a problem, a bunch of selfish savages trying to march the younger generations into the slaughterhouse, they really don’t care about the type of society their children will grow up in, this is ultra socialism for you.

As long as these elder tools are OK in their corner and they aren’t being negatively affected by anything, as far as they are concerned everybody else especially younger folks can get stuffed. This is why I strongly believe that if there is any rebellion to manifest against these Covid draconian measures, it is going to come from the youth, most of these elders are too far gone.

UK brothers, continue holding your ground, rest assured that many more exemptions from having to take the bioweapon will be announced in the weeks and months ahead, we already have vegans being exempt from any vaccine mandates that come down the pike, watch this space for more.

By the way, I thought folks might find this video interesting, it turns out as was known that it is actually the supposed “vaccinated” who are spreading the so called “coronavirus”.

Again, a vaccine by definition is supposed to provide immunity/protection from said virus/disease concerned, if so called “vaccinated” individuals can still catch and transmit Covid, then the jab is NOT a vaccine.

Therefore, those folks who are pro vaccine ought to be asking the important question, exactly what are people being injected with then:

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mindset)

Most High Bless

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65 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

  1. Get a load of this piece of propaganda from the Ad Council:

    Unbelievable! There must be something Lord Euro is putting in his buttermilk biscuits that has these Negroes ready to help the same government that sought to wipe out their ancestors; did you note how after tugging on your heartstrings with personal accounts from Blacks whose ancestors were used as guinea pigs in the Tuskegee experiments, they transitioned to COVID-19 vaccine promotion as some kind of solution to health inequity? It’s over for the American Negro; all this talk of ‘equity’ is a set up for something more diabolical that’s coming down the pipe. Stay vigilant, my fellow thinking brothers. #SYSBM

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Indeed, I saw the bait and switch, however note the dislikes to likes ratio, folks aren’t stupid. The bottom like is just like the Tuskegee experiment, we now have another situation in which the government is being shady, constantly moving the goalposts, not telling the truth and using propaganda and deception regarding a medical procedure.

    2. They complain about Tuskegee all the time and yet voluntarily…..

      They complain about “Black Wall Street” but accordingly they would probably walk and move into a city declared FOR BOMBING by public notice and then complain about racism or colorism.

      Truly these are God’s (exemplar) people. A walking advertisement of what you could have been….be thankful. Amen.

    3. It’s safe to say that the best & brightest of Amerika’s awakend black folk have all passed on 3 or 4 decades ago. The ignorance in a majority of “woke” Afro-Africans is scary. Oh well, NOT MY PROBLEM!

  2. This is my assumption about my view with the religious leaders and the Vaccine:
    I theory is that the Religious Leaders has been secretly/mysteriously bribed by the World Government Scientists and probably by the WHO (World Heath Organisation).

    Why do I think this or why would I make this assumption up?
    I give you a simple answer: We all know that Science/Technology and religion do not mix and sometimes do not get along. We all know that some religion that it is against the teachings to use some of Technology or Scientific resources. For an example, Jehovah will not allow blood transfusion and some Christians do not do abortions (even to save lives).
    Now all of the sudden, they all support the Covid Vaccine.
    This like me saying ‘the Amish people now use Technology like Wi-Fi and Mobile phones’. even they only use basic electricity for lights and nothing else.
    This whole religious leaders are in favour of the Vaccine, I thought it is against some of the faith to do, so why are sudden pro-vaccine?
    I know most religion as backwards and primitive and the Tribal Leaders will come out against the Vaccine. When I hear they are in favour or have no say in this, I do not buy this at all because backwards people never buy into the bull.
    Even the Pope of the Vatican got bought into this Vaccine. How the hell anyone can buy the Pope into Vaccine and he is meant to be the powerful victor in the world and he got bought into this vaccine?

    Another thing, Ethic minorities especially Black people are biblical and tribal people and when you hear these BAME Minority Leaders and Celebrities encoraging black people to take the Vaccine, all I see is the tribal culture and people has been Souled Out by the leaders and I mean ‘Souled Out’ meaning Sold Out!

    It is like the ‘Million Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase said “Everyone has a price and anyone can be bought”. And he is certainly right about religious people and the Covid Vaccine.

    I would not bother use religious reason the be exempt from Vaccination because the religious leaders has already been bought out.

    1. Mister Master,

      This is one of the main reasons why I wrote my church beast book, trying to warn folks that they need to get out of these religious institutions because those so called “men of God” who run them won’t hesitate to sell their own mothers down the river for 2 shekels of silver and a piece of mouldy bread yet alone their parishioners.

      The Pope has always been an acolyte of Satan regardless of who sits in the seat, Francis stating that folks need to take the bioweapon doesn’t surprise me in the least, remember the Roman Catholic Church is the same organisation that is rife with paedophilia and child abuse.

      In terms of exemptions, I’ll use whatever ones I can until they leave me no choice, after that it will be time to bring the fire.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    Since I bought my exemption card back in May 2021 and I have worn it nobody have given me shit for it which is a good thing. I don’t wear my exempt card now around my neck, but I do keep my exempt card in my pocket just incase people want to give me drama for not wearing a mask. I reckon that the whole covid passport thing won’t last forever because it is unworkable and it is a waste of peoples time. I went to the 51st State Festival near my home on Saturday 7th August 2021, and they wasn’t checking people for double covid jabs or a negative covid test in which I had a negative covid test the day before. I think that the whole covid pandemic is fake because if the covid pandemic was real then you would see people dropping dead in front of you like the 28 days later film back in 2002 or people walking around like zombies plus there would not be any festivals, sporting events happening and all the shops would be closed accept for the priority shops. I am still not taking the fucking vaccine because I want to live a very long life.

    1. It is fake brother. If I’m not mistaken there have been successful lawsuits stating this virus has NOT been sequenced or isolated. If that is the case the vaccine can’t do shit for COVID and the PCR test is pointless….because they wouldn’t even have a proven virus in the first place.

    2. Quincy,

      I wish you had that excemption card earlier last year from April 2020.
      This was the time where all the passengers were pissed when the brother wore it.
      You would of felt invincible at the time because you see the police and TFL staff powerless.
      That was the peak of the fun.
      It is no fun now because more people using it.

      Still, more becoming aware they are exempt.

      1. Mister Master.

        I wish I did back in April 2020 because I would have felt invincible travelling on the London buses and tubes wearing my exempt card because know one can tell me shit but I didn’t know where to buy a exempt card. Its good that more and more people are becoming aware of this covid nonsense.

    3. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      The aim of the powers that be is to transition from Covid to climate change as the Convid narrative is falling apart at the seems everyday, they can’t keep up the cases, cases, cases, death, death, death, alpha, beta, delta variant Kansas City shuffle forever.

      I refuse to take part in this Covid scam, the time is soon coming to take up arms(whatever you can find and use) because knowing this coronavirus pandemic is fake, I’m NOT going to any quarantine camp which I also hear they’re building over here in the UK but on the slick.

  4. I have read about how Vegans are excempt from Jabs.
    They need to avoid Care Sector and NHS jobs because they under the ‘No Jab, No Job’ rule.

    I am not sure how this works Legally because Vegans can forfeit Job offer if they are excempt

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      The mainstream media’s constant play down of the bioweapon’s effects is comical, always conveniently using the word “RARE”. Mind you, remember under the H1N1 plandemic, 54 people died from taking that shot and that bioweapon program was subsequently abandoned, yet hundreds of thousands of people have died from the Convid bioweapon and the program of culling is still running at full steam, smh,

    1. Union votes Biden, gets stiffed,
      regrets it. Who would have thunk it?

      Should have voted for that “racist” “bigot” Trump instead.

      1. FRAUD is what got this Potato into the Oval Office.

        On the bright side, we have a First Lady that I can actually lust after.


    Face masks put kids at risk of cancer! Likely more than they have any risk of contracting this “virus.”

    Anyone masking kids should be drug through the streets at this point, especially if they’re doing it for old as shit relatives that will die next week anyways. Some say there’s not enough respect. I say there’s actually way too much, especially in the black community where many of them aren’t shit.


    The French are fighting back in droves, inspire of cops patrolling for “vax passes.”

    Glad to see the firefighters fighting alongside them, they’re some of the only first responders across the board worth respecting. Honestly, these cops trying to enforce this should be drug into ditches and disemboweled, every last one of them.

  7. I’ve never seen any other traditional vaccines being released to the public in less than 5 years of development.

    The mainstream media wants the general public to forget that it is an experimental vaccine still on clinical trial until 2023.

    People who take the bioweapon potion are being used as guinea pigs.

    Older generations are leading younger generations to the wrong path.

    I prefer to lead a next generation to the right path.


  8. The elder generation Brits are particularly a problem, a bunch of selfish savages trying to march the younger generations into the slaughterhouse, they really don’t care about the type of society their children will grow up in, this is ultra socialism for you.

    As long as these elder tools are OK in their corner and they aren’t being negatively affected by anything, as far as they are concerned everybody else especially younger folks can get stuffed. “

    Keep in mind that the elder generation of the British population remembers a Great Britain before the large scale demographic changes occurred. They long for the time when Great Britain had a primarily homogeneous Caucasian population. The exact same thing is occurring in the US.

    Of course the elderly populations in both the US and Great Britain, do not care about the future generations. They know that the future generations will not be homogeneously Caucasian, and being the racists that they are, they couldn’t give a shit what sort of world they leave for this cohort.

    1. The old guard Keep England White crowd will eventually die out and be replaced. You hear them occasionally lament about the “good old days”. Yeah, the good old days of blackface, monkey chants at soccer stadiums and saying “nig nog”, “black bastard” and “black cunt” as insults without any blowback. Your free speech warriors who watch GB News.

      Mind you, these are the same people who held the power to deny you basic housing under the infamous “No Blacks No Dogs No Irish” notice and the “Don’t sell your house to the P&#!$” mantra back in the 70s.

      They do whatever Boris tells then to do because they’re WHITE. Except Boris is using CONVID to euthanise them off in the hospitals. Look at the dark skins over there, whilst we secretly do you over here.

      Bunch of bifocal wearing, scared of death, soup drinking jokers.

  9. Waiter: hello sir, can I see your CONVID pass?

    Customer: sorry, I’m a vegan.

    Waiter: no worries, sir. What would you like to order, sir?

    Customer: I’ll have the mixed grill, please.

  10. Here’s a secret about simps: they are all looking for their momma.

    Unconsciously they’re looking for their childhood wound to be completed and finished. Women give them a chance at this completion which is why simps beg and plead for a chance for sex (aka a to return to mother.)

    They fear their mother’s all powerful, life giving and taking mother. They worship a goddess like figure that literally had the power of life and death over them. You’ll never hear any criticism from a simp towards their mothers because they will emotionally die. As far as they’re concerned, the abuser is protected class. Just like an abused partner they will defend to the death their right to be molested and turned out because they mistakenly equate it with love.
    How many times has a brother been stunned that a white or Latina woman treats them well? To them, Women = mother = abuse.

    Men like Fake Academic Fountain and Black Caesar find it difficult to square being violated with mother as it’s too much to cope with. Their coping methods are well known to SYSBM, but harassment and stalking others are just spinning wheels in an attempt to complete the mother wound.

    The solution is to (metaphorically and psychologically) kill the mother inside. It’s not easy to admit your mother set you up for a lifetime of failure. But once you do, easy trauma removal and reparenting yourself is crucial to completing the process of healing abuse. You are no longer a simp but a free man.

    99.9% of brothers don’t have the courage to go deep, but for the ones that do, it works.

    1. Michel

      What it actually is, is that we all have demons to overcome. Example, fear or obstacles we all go through. Once you overcome the demons, then you become a better version of yourself.

      The problem in the black community is the demons we go thorough are female family members, such as Aunties, sister or mothers.

      Unfortunately the main demons black men go through are usually their mothers, because she give birth to them and raise them meaning they cannot face the fear of overcoming.

      Facing our mothers is one of the biggest fear and demon to overcome.
      Only a man with a strong gifted heart can do this. Once you do this then you can squash beef with your mother.

      This is where the Blue pill men and simps do not understand.
      I remember years ago that Tommy Sotomayor said on the show that and admit it that his mum ain’t sh#t. When she said his mum is a piece of Sh#t. The black community was shocked and upset when he said this. Hoteps were mad when he said that to his mum.

      A month later Tommy made a video (again flagged down) called ‘What Type of mum did you have?’.
      This was a very good video because the simps do not understand the message.
      He was say which is very true that the simps do not admit that some has bad mothers, also they do not know what type of mother he has.
      The pro-black always thinks that mothers are perfect, no they are not.
      What they need to realise that hoes, trash, drug dealers, even jezebel can have kids and become mothers too.

      At the end of the day, SYSBM or thinking brothers are not the demons in the room, it is usually the simp’s mothers are and they need to deal with it.

  11. Man, if only people knew the exact info about how long does it take for vaccines to develop and work, none of this crazy shit wouldn’t happen. But hell, they (people who took the vacccine, and pro vaxxers) gone find out the hard way once they start experience some weird shit sooner or later. These corrupt people done finally freaking lost it. The reason why I said that is because:
    A) In the US, they now talking about setting up camps to place the unvaccinated, and the people who refuse the jab, and I know for certain some bodies are gonna be wind up on the streets, and it’s gonna be a massive blood bath because these corrupt people have gone off the deep end. They better pray they better not kidnap me, try to take me away because I’ll be ready for a fight. If I die, I’ll die fighting, and not be on my knees.
    B) Making the vaccination mandatory and the vaccine passports, yeah this is definitely causing a big segregation in society big time, and trust me, it’s not gonna be a pretty outlook. You can thank these Elites, these corrupt politicians for that because they taking us back to them “old days” where shit was dark as hell. That’s one thing I can’t stand about older people, not hating, but I’m just saying, they trying to hang on to them old days, like times have changed, but they wanna bring it back, gonna F’ked up the future generations with that “pure” race shit. Anyway, with them mandating the vaccinations and pushing that vaccine passports, They making a dumb ass move with that. There’s people getting hospitalized from Covid, and they saying these people were fully vaccinated, and there’s people dying from it, but these assholes still making the dumb move making the vaccination mandatory and pushing that vax passport just to participate in society. Then, they making it mandatory for healthcare workers, federal workers, even the military too, and I’m like, what’s gonna happen when they start experiencing them severe side effects, collapse, or even worse, drop dead from that jab? They gone leave the USA vulnerable to some really unwanted events, and that’s gonna be the elites and corrupt politicians fault at hand.

    I’m pretty sure you brothas might’ve heard about NY Gov Cuomo resigning due to sexual allegations. I ain’t got no words to say about that, except Peace out Bob. One thing I’m also gonna add is that these politicians are hypocritical around this Covid shit. They telling us to wear mask, social distancing, don’t get in large gatherings, so why the hell am I’m hearing about Obama having some birthday bash, and he had a large gathering? I’m a tell y’all something right now, with all these events that happening, and these elites and corrupt politicians making moves that gonna get real to a blood bath, chaos is gonna erupt sooner or later in a heartbeat. I pray that these psychos pay a huge debt to society for messing around with humanity. With these people that got lots of money like that, it can show that money can make certain people do the most evil, crazy shit that’s ever even possible to do. There are times where I say to myself I rather be a broke dude than a rich dude, because if I ever became super rich, people would have their hand out like give me some.

  12. Saturday night I went in the West End. I went to Salsa first. I had a good night. I went to Fabric and they said that I have to take a Covid 19 test. The test cost 8 pounds. So I walked away and went somewhere else. Right, it’s all about money. That’s it is, money. And this vaccine is killing people. People are dropping like leafs when autumn comes. The beta male Bill Gates is just using the vaccine just to kill people. People are getting sick, people are just dying. The older generation are now far gone. It’s up to the younger generation to step up because the older generation just follows the government. The people don’t work for the government. The government works for the people. They just don’t know that.


    This white woman teacher legit quit over tranny pronoun nonsense. Glad to see someone taking a stand. Again, however, why is it that women that these white dudes and MGTOW constantly bitch about that are doing all of their heavy lifting? If you needed further proof that white men are lazy like the daggles and want everyone else to build the kingdom that they won’t defend, here you are.


    Glad to see Tennessee representing. Again, notice that it’s mostly white folks, namely women. This is in spite of black kids being the main ones who would NOT be in private or home school and this forced to be in these failing public schools.

    Negroes won’t fight their circumstances, just bitch about them. Also, these red states are the few remaining that are worth a damn. Get out of liberal states (or the US in general) and don’t look back.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      Parents need to start pulling their children out of these government training camps mislabelled as schools from now, it’s long overdue. A mass withdraw of children should’ve begun when they began pushing the LGBTQP sodomite agenda as well as teaching sexually deviant acts to 5 year olds.


    They legit published this article with no self awareness. All this was about was money, namely China and a few 🪝 👃 getting some ducats their way.

    Anyone who legit thinks this is a real pandemic while movies are made and released theatrically and while sporting events are played is an idiot. IDGAF about “rapid testing,” if this was so bad why the hell would they take the risk?

    My only advice is to be smart and make money too. Get rich off of these idiots, after all, they outnumber you. At least HALF of them are clearly ready to part with their dollars as quickly as their senses.

  16. @Verbs, your timing is perfect as I will be using this information to my advantage given the BS in NYC. Keeping it 100%

  17. These libtarded DemonRATic states are insane. I guess the Nuremberg Code don’t apply to ignorant libbies. From reading most of the comments there, Washington state has a lot of naive sheep. Whatever happened to “my body, my choice”? The pressure to CONFORM with the vaxxed sheep masses is very REAL, folks! Stand your ground. smdh

    Nick Rolovich’s decision to not get vaccinated keeps dark cloud over WSU football program

    Three weeks ago, the Washington State University football coach revealed in a tweet that he was unvaccinated despite WSU’s mandate that all students and staff get the jab. It remains an abdication of leadership of staggering proportions, but Rolovich’s tenuous out-clause was the university’s allowance of exemptions for medical, religious or personal reasons.

    By all indications, Rolovich is using the latter as his justification for defying the considered wisdom of his boss, WSU president Kirk Schulz, a learned man with a PhD in chemical engineering who said in a statement released shortly after Rolovich’s tweet: “As the state’s land-grant research university, WSU has an obligation to serve the public good and promote the health and safety of its communities. The science clearly shows that the COVID-19 vaccine nearly eliminates the chances of death or serious illness related to a COVID-19 infection and is a critical element in protecting public health locally and worldwide.”

    As of yet, that argument has clearly not resonated with his football coach, the only unvaccinated Pac-12 coach and thus the only one not allowed to attend last week’s Pac-12 media day in Southern California.

    This week, however, it seemed Rolovich would get entangled in Gov. Inslee’s new requirement that all state workers must be vaccinated – with the “personal reasons” exemption removed. Rolovich isn’t just any state worker; he’s the highest paid, at $3.2 million annually, and has one of the highest profiles…

    1. Look at these idiotic libtarded comments:

      “Putting himself before his team, before his school and employer, before his family, before his community, before his nation. The epitome of selfishness.”

      “People need to reach out to Pat Chun and Kirk Schulz and tell them you’ll be withholding donations and support to the school if they don’t fire him. This is a business, the only thing that drives change is money.”

      “This is a public health emergency that involves the entire human population of planet Earth. It is NOT about debating so-called “personal choices” that ONLY affect the individual. Refusal to join one’s neighbors on planet Earth in their effort to combat a seriously deadly worldwide pandemic can only be filed under: More Selfish Idiocy.”

      “Nick Saban has Alabama 97% vaxxed. Nick Saban is also vaxxed.

      You know…because he’s smart and understands it gives him a competitive advantage, and he’ll do anything to win.

      So taking this from a strictly football perspective, that is obviously not his number one priority. His number one priority here is to make a personal political statement and own the libs. He doesn’t care about winning football games, and as a Cougar football fan, I’d be absolutely furious.”

      Note: comment above in moderation

    2. He’s exempt on medical grounds.
      End of discussion.

      He can add coercive violence and discrimination on health grounds if he were to sue. Either way, the coach wins.


    I wonder if any of the sheeple who called those of us ‘conspiracy theorists’ for saying that these things were coming will wake up and smell the coffee; they probably won’t unless it’s being prepared by a Starbucks barista. Now, this is a Republican governor doing this, so it isn’t going over well with his conservative parishioners, including this preacher:

    As someone who currently resides in the state of Tennessee, I can’t say I’m surprised at the actions taken by Governor Lee; this is the same Governor Lee who teamed up with country star Brad Paisley to sing a jingle for an initiative called “Tennessee On Me” where Governor Lee was giving away 10,000 airline vouchers worth $250 to people who purchased a two-night stay at participating hotels in Nashville, Memphis, Chattanooga, or Knoxville (to get tourists to visit Tennessee again). Military takeover may be coming to a city near you.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      It’s lock and load time when they begin talking about kidnapping individuals and throwing them into concentration camps, such actions would automatically involve the separation of families. As I’ve stated before, these politicians need to be hung from trees, lampposts or be burned alive at the stake, they’re so drunk off power they honestly believe they can’t be touched. Let them bring “the stick” instead of the carrot, I’ll bring a sword to their necks without hesitation.

      Additionally, remember how our old friend Black Caesar mocked us and called us “conspiracy theorists” for mentioning these governments attempting to use Covid as a means to enslave us, this is plain in your face, anybody can read the Tennessee order for themselves.

      On top of this China already has Covid quarantine camps in place, is building more and I remember last year coming across a clip of a Canadian politician talking about the same shortly to be happening in Canada. Like I said before, those who can’t see where this is going at this late stage must be left to their own fates.

      1. Well, time to GTFO of TN! I didn’t know Lee was begging people to come to the state last year, but I hope this spreads and he’s targeted, and I mean attempts on his life made.

        This dude is as much of a RINO as they come, so is Kemp, who was in on the election fraud. The only governors (and some of the only politicians) worth a damn are Desantis, Noem and to a much lesser extent Abbot, although the latter is just playing follow the leader.

        1. Afrofuturism1,

          Desantis is leading the way in leaps and bounds, no wonder so many folks are heading in the direction of Florida. No more mask mandates, no more covid lockdowns, Desantis has pretty much stated that his state will NOT be participating in this Covid garbage any longer. Lee is a classic RINO, Kemp is a chicken necked coward, he knew exactly what happened in the 2020 Presidential elections and additionally in the mid terms yet he failed miserably in taking action. Like I said, these sellout, drunk on power politicians need to be hung from lampposts and trees and hung extremely high for all to see.

      2. Keep in mind that the official death rate of this scamdemic in TN is less than .25%. That’s right, it’s not even one percent, let alone 10, 25, or 50%.

        Those who are too much of pussies to face that actually deserve death. Half of humanity at least needs to die.

        1. Afrofuturism1,

          Less than 0.25% and dude is signing a draconian executive order to kidnap people and hold them against their will? Gov Lee needs to be buried alive underneath one of these camps and made to experience a slow and painful death.

  19. Good Open Topic Wednesday on Thursday, August 12th, 2021.

    I want to piggyback on the top video from Monday’s article entitled: ”
    It Just Can’t Work – This Is The Main Reason Why!”

    If you take a critical look at the brother on the left with the yellow sweater and Lakers’ jersey, he fits the same stereotype as most black boys and men in black society, he has to dress appearance-wise like the typical hood and street -igga just to make these type of women attractive to him. This could be a brother that’s into legal activities not attracted to women like her in the urban black environment of western society. Yes, he went off on her but this is what the present day western black hood culture produces. Black music, television and movie entertainment of the late 1980s-2000s centered around the hood did massive damage and it continues this very day with the LGBTQRS123 folk.

    When I was coming up in the early baggy and sagging pant generation of middle school (junior high school) in 2000 and 2001, it was a carnal sin to wear jeans that fits your size and height. Your punishment: You’ll be talk about and called ‘high waters’ if your fellow black peers sees your socks when you sit down and mock you by standing up. If they see your pants tight on you, they will ask you “Can you breathe” while pulling your pants but you can’t touch them and yes, there were black males participating in the touching but on the hand calling you gay. Make that sensible. Fast forward nearly 20 years later, it’s now a fashion trend and said dudes are participating in it. Wow.

    The conclusion: Yes, these guys can dress like the stereotypical hood -igga and use his slang but like this young brother is finding out, you will never be accepted as such by this female as a representative to ALL black women like her that shares the mindset and the CULTURE is making sure of it by backing her up on it.

    1. Brotherdanunlimited,

      I point blank refuse to wear testicle restricting jeans, clothing that ought to be for women is now being worn by men, smh. The emasculation and effeminisation of black boys and men continues.

    1. Glen S,

      It’s a shame they never bashed the woman over the head to knock some sense into her for what she did, these mentally disjointed feral black females believe that they can do what they want where they want without any recourse or repercussions and for the most part they get away with crap like this, smh.

    1. Christ almighty that face! I’ve let toilet citizens behind that looked cuter. She looks like any black man, no joke. I don’t blame them for questioning her testosterone, but that’s daggles for you. A black woman is basically just a tranny that can get pregnant.

    1. Incel! These white dudes are increasingly pathetic, it’s really sad. They will claim they no longer “worship” the “pussy,” yet will kill over pussy they don’t get! At least Pookie and Ray Ray are just violent for the hell of it.

      Dude looked like the Brawny man’s failed cousin, slovenly as can be. These white guts can no longer coast on the “rep” and go competition free and it’s killing them. Sadly, they ensure that it takes others with them.

      Also, where is MGTOW to comment? Again, it’s just the white male version of feminism.

    2. Yet another WM overly focused on the outcome of liberated women and dating instead of improving/producing for himself and moving into a better market. These guys are under the belief they can just show up looking anyway they want and without a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of…and you supposed to get a woman???

      1. Dudes are used to being worshipped, namely by daggles. As much as I dislike white feminism, at least they have legitimate issues with white men.

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