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Simping Really Doesn’t Pay!


This is the reality of the matter right here when it comes down to the daggle and how she deals with the blue pilled, single mother raised, limp biscuit simp, finessing these shine bucket, black female worshipping mullet heads while at the same time getting dicked down by Slim Sauce, Roof Top Trey, Chunky Bruh, Spoony and Cheezy Grillz.

You see the contrasts here, the simp has his own car whereas Field Mouse doesn’t, the simps spends his hard earned money treating this ungrateful weave and fake eyelash wearing, butt implant utilising black wench, yet it’s the likes of 12 Gauge Mike who gets to drop the panties when night falls.

The simp got straight fleeced, the thing about it is this is an accurate reflection of real life, these black sirens use simps as financial instruments while at the same time opening their legs FOR FREE and in most cases getting impregnated by black males certain failed swirlers would label as “dusties”.

There isn’t really much else to say, this is how the overwhelming majority of black females operate and on top of this they’ll openly brag about having no shame in their game too.

This is one of many reasons why the mere suggestion of the so called educated lame “horse trading, negotiating and reconciling” with these black women is an absolutely ridiculous one and completely absurd on its face.

What, form a confederacy with one of these weave wearing weasels already knowing that she’s only with you to syphon off your assets funnelling them back to Cheddar Boy in the projects and at the same time wasting copious amounts of money on wigs/weave, fake eye lashes, fake nails and pounds of makeup, really?

It goes without saying, pay no attention to ANY black men trying to encourage, guilt or even shame you into giving black women a chance, for Pete’s sake, they refer to the best and the brightest of black male society as “lames”, how much more disrespectful can you get than that?

Leave the black male simp to continue pining after these black females to his own peril, when he gets bitten(which will happen at some point), he’ll only have himself to blame. Leave black women to deal with the dust busting Negroes they so love choosing and busting it wide open for.

Don’t be a clown, don’t be like the dude above trying to impress women who simply aren’t interested in you past your wallet, black men with sense and intelligence, instead go where you will be loved and appreciated, NOT barely tolerated. #SYSBMPUBLICSERVICEANNOUNCEMENT

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stop The Simping, It’s A Complete Waste Of Time And An Embarrassment

Most High Bless

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37 thoughts on “Simping Really Doesn’t Pay!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Never be a simp with all races of women especially to a black woman because she only loves her ruff neck black man or her white lord and saviour. Since I have been fully red pilled on female nature from March 2017 when I was 34 going on 35, I have never simped on a woman and I never will for the rest of my life. If a woman is not interested in me from the get go then I will move on to meet other women who are interested in me.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Simping is a deathtrap religion which profits the man involved absolutely nothing, like you said if the woman is not interested then simply move on. You shouldn’t need to break your neck in order to garner a woman’s attention, the attraction as well as interest must always be mutual.

  2. These black women are scum, despicable and racist to the core. Bunch of nariccastic delusional idiots who will have no problem lynching white women for dating black men but can’t find the money, time or effort to deal with Chabad Chev and Billy Boy robbing the black community blind. Them and their liberal lord and savior can go take a trip along with Goldberg and False Flag Fedowitz to Moscow, no janitorial services round here.

    1. Brendan Dubalos,

      Yet you’ll still get the plebs asking “what are you SYSBM practitioners saving yourselves from”, smh.

  3. I hate scraggle daggles and I hate black male simps. Actually, I hate all male simps, but I hate the black male simp more.

    The black male simp brings so much pain and misery upon himself. And he deserves it all, and more. It is the black male simp’s prerogative, if he wants to abuse himself. The problem is, the black male simp tries to drag the entire black male collective down with him. He believes that all black men should be simps to the scraggle daggle. And this fool is willing to put himself in harm’s way, attacking and even assaulting other black men who do not share his simp world view.

    The scraggle daggle collective is simply not able to sustain itself without the black male simp. It is not enough that the black male simp empowers and enables the scraggle daggle collective, making him an equal partner in all the death and destruction that the daggle brings to da communitah. You see, the black male simp enables the scraggle daggle, and the scraggle daggle enables Field Mouse, Slim Sauce, Cheezy Grillz, 12 Gauge Mike, and the like. The black male simp also tries to be the daggle’s enforcer against black men who do not subscribe to his simping philosophy.

    1. You’re right. BW want everyone to be as broke, miserable and racist as they and their Zionist masters are.

    2. AmericanBlkMan,

      Yep, as I’ve stated many times before, if it wasn’t for the hoards of black male simps these disjointed black harriets have unleashed into black society, black women would’ve fallen a long time ago.

      The black male simp has become even more of a pestilence and a curse upon those around him than the black female cretin who created him.

  4. Verbs2015,

    This video is dedicated to all the black male simps out there.

    You knocked it out of the park with this video.


    1. The problem is the SIMPS are not just broke pookies. It’s among the so-called high net earning class.

      Both Kevin Samuels and BGS IMOR tout them as the productive BM, aka shot callers are also complaining about Black women at ALL INCOME LEVELS.

      The answer is as obvious as the sun shining in the sky. Non-Black women are the only answer while some play around with the idea that some BW are reasonable. For example ex-NOI women I still say at some level they will tell their Black children they are victims.

      My parents never told me as I was victim thats bullsh*t. I will also never tell my future children such tripe.

      1. Kevin Sameuls admitted that he’s a gatekeeper to prevent black men from going SYSBM. He wants black women to be with high value black men. If this sounds familiar, it’s obsidian media network playbook of bringing black women to the negotiating table. Obsidian is Kevin Sameuls biggest fan and tried to destroy SYSBM at the same time.

        1. Robert Chavis,

          Yep, I remember when Samuels came out and stated that he was going to hook up ran through, used up, rinsed out black females with black men because as he puts it, most black men still deal with black women(which is true).

          Just look at the state of modern day black females in 2021(weaves/wigs, makeup to the hilt, fake nails, bad hygiene, STDs, terrible attitudes, overweight, most are NOT attractive), from exactly what position can they even begin to negotiate from, I’ll wait?

  5. This video demonstrates some black men named educated lame’s choosing not to avoid dating black females until its too late.

    The negress in some cases would hire her thug boyfriend to murder educated lame’s.

    There is nothing masculine about simping at all.

    Vetting is masculinity.


    1. True that. I’ve heard of black women setting up ‘educated lames’ in order to rob them. They potray black men as savages to hide their own problems.

    2. I know a lot of black male simps. Some are relatives. Many of these simps understand the Negress better than you and I ever could. They know her treachery full well. Its the thirst, man.

      Their thirst is real. Its beyond my comprehension, but its their thirst that drives them to simp, not their innocence.

    3. “The negress in some cases would hire her thug boyfriend to murder educated lame’s.”

      True facts. There was a case on Tommy a few years back where a fat black ugly queen somehow got her younger Pookie simp boyfriend to ambush her baby’s daddy when he came to give his daughter her gifts on Xmas Day. By all accounts he was a hard-working guy who never slacked on his daughter. Pookie literally jumped out the bushes and shot this guy on his way out the house. They found Pookie later hiding in a motel just over state lines. So two BM lives were lost and a daughter loses her dad because of this daggle…who probably had a third dick in waiting.

      Keep the Wall Of Indifference™ up, brethren!

      1. I remember that story very well. The daggle (black and white) do things like that very often especially in liberal cities.

  6. The simp is living the life of a responsible Black male just to spend his hard earned money on an ungrateful stragg who showed no kind of appreciation for anything he did for her; Slim Sauce showed more appreciation for him buying 2 bottles and flowers talking about “we gon’ do this again next week” while the simp just stood there and watched as he rode off with the girl he tried romancing to no avail.

    As the SYSBM mantra states, “go where you’re appreciated, not where you’re tolerated”; simping for the stragg is like cooning for a racial group that will never respect you. Either way, that behavior never prospers. #SYSBM

    1. Good point. Pro black Valkism is outdated, it was good in the 1840s to 1920s but it’s useless now. Black women, Bottom Shelf Brads, False Flag Fedowitz and Banker Rothschild have to be bred out and dragged before the courts, there’s no reasoning with them. Notice how these simps lov to talk about ‘black love’, but don’t have a girlfriend?

    2. Blue Collar Trevor,

      That’s all these black sirens do, stay finessing productive black men who still choose to deal with them while at the same time getting their backs beaten out by Sheggy, Slim Sauce, Roof Top Trey and Cheezy Grillz.

      All your average simp needs to do is go where he will be accepted, love and appreciated and drop the silly idea that constantly buying gifts is a way to a woman’s heart.

      Dealing with modern day women you’ll most certainly meet Jezebel on the way and you’ll never complete the journey.

  7. I know the Pro-Blacks will call it ‘fake’, ‘acting’, ‘joking’ or ‘Skit’ just to weasel their way out of it.
    They know deep down in their rotting hotep souls that this represent true 100% reality.

    This video is not even funny at all.
    I find this sad because you have a lot of brothers in real life goes through this which they end up heart-broken by the POS BW.

    This video should be a message to the brothers what happen when you play the ‘Nice Guy’.

    1. It is sad up until a point. It is clear and obvious often times when one is not valued. One should take note of this fact and plan otherwise. And not keep returning to the scene of their own mugging, over and over.

    2. I’m a nice guy as women tell me often but they say that I’m attractive and not an aggressive guy, more like an lone wolf. I’m just not interested in having aggressive sex with the daggle and then catch an STD. Even condoms don’t prevent STD’s. You got to understand, it’s nothing wrong with being a nice person at all, it’s that these women were brainwashed by rap culture and the bottom tier of society. For example, having sex with murders and then women why you have to rely on the government for basic supplies.

    3. Mister Master,

      Before the internet it was a case of trial and error as well as word of mouth and sound advice from the wise if you ever ran into a person who was willing to tell the truth and give you the proper scoop on these heifers.

      Nowadays the world wide web has made things so much easier, I can imagine easily not going through half of the garbage that I did if the internet was around in my younger years.

      The “I’ve got to keep it real/black” mentality is what’s hampering many black men in this situation, if they can break that particular spell then it’s a home run from that point onwards.

      1. I do agree what you Robert say because this video should be a message to the young brothers because the Black community thinks it is funny when a BM getting screwed by BW just for being a gentlemen and following morals.

        I am not knocking being a Nice Guy as we all were when we are young.
        And I do remember it was word and mouth.

        I understand if a young teen were simps because they were taught morals and values, but the Western BW see young BM with morals as weakness. I remember this because before the internet we were finding out what when wrong and how be better.

        As soon as I watched Red Pill stuff on the internet, it turn out that we were fed Bull Crap advice about women and this keep it black (must date BW) or die alone.
        Thanks to MadbusDriver and the this website, the Black Men realise they they had options and can date elsewhere all along. But the community did not want you to have options and want you to stay as a simps and plantation.

  8. That skit was hilarious. Whoever made this was spot on. Only a very few have made the jump from friend zone to starting line-up. Not even worth it when you talking about the daggle, though.

    Notice how Man Man was on his Baby Boy bike while the simp was pushing a Beamer, and the hoe was cool with riding on a bike with no seat lol. All their standards go out the window for thug dick while YOU get the list of demands.

    I went SYSBM in 1991, before some of y’all was born. When I stumbled on to MBD’s first videos in 2015, I saw there was an actual name and movement attached to dating up and out and fleeing the black matriarchal hellhole plantation.

    Unlike a lot of so-called elders who try to not only shame you back onto the plantation, but push you to be a stepdad to these Bebe Kids and wife up these 300 lb Section 8 heffas, I’m here to push the SYSBM message, it works.

    Don’t simp for these bitches. They want thugs so bad, give them the world that they want.

    1. Let the church say amen🙏🏾. I did this same thing to my ex wife and let her have what she wanted and now after everything she did to me, I’m completely free and not ordered to pay for anything. Once I rebuild my resources, I’m retiring from warehouse work for good and then downsize my work load.

    2. Schadenfreude,

      More damning evidence coming shortly clearly demonstrating how black men in general who still choose to deal with black women are wasting their time, stay tuned.

  9. Right, I have been through this road before numerous times until I was 25 years old. There was one light skin daggle was just playing games with me, using me, stealing from me. And the other one was from Jamaica and she was just another gold digger. I gave her £15 pounds so she can go to Manchester. I think she’s lying. And that was in 2003. After that yeah, I was thinking “Yo, what you doing blud!? You shouldn’t act this way. You shouldn’t let no broad use you. You’re from North West London. You’re meant to be street. You have fi rough like the man up at Church Road. It’s hard to be the nice guy!” You will learn the hard way but you will have to change. You can’t be this nice guy. I have done this article called Hard To Be Nice.

    When it comes to these scraggle daggles right, they will use a man financially and then go back to the thuggish dude who can easily pull down the knickers. These simps are in a losing battle when it comes to these thugs. The thugs will get the pum pum punany while these simps like Dr Foolmar Johnson, Woke Poofgressive 2.0 and Bareback Fountain while keep defending these ghetto ratchet hoodrats that don’t even like them. I was watching a Top Gear clip on YouTube and Jeremy Clarkson was reviewing the Alfa Romeo 166. He said that Alpha males drive BMW’s. Alfa Romeo are for nice people. That simp in a video drives a BMW. He should switch to Alfa or the Renault.

      1. Yeah…the Simping of the Black male race is one thing – gaslighting the Animal Kingdom in to Simping is down right crossing the line.😡

  10. I ain’t really got nothing to say about this. Black men, no matter what you do by trying to get in their good graces, no matter how hard you try, the black woman is still gonna be unsatisfied, and you gonna waste all that time and energy playing Superman. Black women are the most unsatisfied women on the planet. They don’t know what the hell they want.

    1. Dr. Dre, Will Smith, Steph Curry. Three of the richest most successful Black men on the planet. One is getting fleeced in divorce, one openly got cheated on/cucked, and the third’s wife is dissatisfied because she doesn’t get validation from strangers. If these black supermen can’t hold it together, why should us normal guys even try? And remember, all three females are the mixed/lightskin hoes some of y’all fetishize.

      SYSBM is the answer, gents.

  11. Only if – R. Kelly, followed the SYSBM route. he could of been one step a head of this Demonic Possessed , mentally ill’ blk siren , Witches, that plages our world. and what they are did to R . Kelly is one of the many reasons why Slaying evil exist…these blk Siren Witches are the reason why it’s over with them.. and if when R .Kelly hopefully gets the Case thrown out… he will for ever Never depend of on looking for love with these evil & Demonic Possessed, mentally ill, blk siren Witches.. there is no more Connection with them… and these “Simps” better wise up! Cause threre going to get done Dirty too. just like they did to R. Kelly”- SYSBM 4 Ever!…

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