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She Said It But Most Black Men Still Won’t Accept It!


This woman gave an estimation of around 80%(yet even she reckoned that figure was conservative), however I personally would raise that number to at least 96%.

As has been pointed out many times before, whenever extremely rare videos like this surface where a black female steps out and speaks the truth about black women and in particular their deep disdain and hatred towards black men, notice how the pro black simps as well as folks such as Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson and the fake academic Aaron Fountain are nowhere to be found.

Wasn’t it the fake academic who back in November 2020 produced a video attempting to make the claim that SYSBM made no sense as well as spitefully labelling us as a “fringe” group?

Yet, here we have a black woman who is expressing one of the main sentiments that many true SYSBM practitioners including myself have been preaching for the longest, namely how the overwhelming majority of black women in general despise black men and in particular have an ultra deep hatred for the heterosexual free thinking black man.

Of course, Aaron Fountain being the deceitful and disingenuous buzzard that he is will have nothing to say about the video above because of his self appointed mission to demonise any heterosexual black men who dare to speak out against the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure and their open for all to see dysfunction.

This is exactly what we at the SYSBM Knights Roundtable are walking away and saving ourselves from, purposely avoiding getting involved with a group of females who positively hate our guts and who’ve only been too happy to volunteer their services to General Blizzard in their efforts to prevent productive black men from prospering and moving forward.

This right here is the reason why true SYSBM practitioners have no problems leaving the so called “black community” never to return, it’s been so obvious to us that black women profoundly loath black men, however for the black male simp who regularly busts his royal blue nuts trying his utmost to impress these ungrateful harriets, the above won’t sit well with him at all.

Again, in view of this revelation(which we already knew over here), how on earth are black men supposed to reconcile, negotiate and horse trade with literal enemy combatants, I’ll wait?

This is why in 2021 the so called “keeping it real” position is dead on arrival, as a black man you’ll struggle immensely to “keep it black” with a female who at the first opportunity that presents itself won’t hesitate to slice your throat wide open.

This black woman above already having the inside scoop on how the scraggle daggle thinks is essentially telling black men who use sense and intelligence rather than emotion, to seek out sex, love and companionship with women OUTSIDE of black female society.

However, the unfortunate reality is most black men will continue to deal with these black female hellions no matter how much black women spit in their faces sadly because most black men don’t value and respect themselves, most black women know this and have absolutely no problems taking full advantage of the average black male’s low self esteem and low self confidence.

So, in light of black female hatred towards black men being confirmed by a black woman herself, what exactly is “fringe” about seeking out sex, love and companionship amongst women who don’t have a vendetta against black men and who don’t hate us to the core, I’ll wait?

This is the problem with social media clout chasing, when you pick the wrong side and deliberately run with false narratives in order to demonise individuals who are rightfully exercising their freedom of choice, eventually you’ll look like the jackass who caught their testicles in the picket fence.

SYSBM continues to move forward in leaps and bounds and neither coke sniffing grifters nor fake academics practicing slimy, uncouth yellow journalism can stop the momentum. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Whether You Like It Or Not, The Truth Is The Truth

Most High Bless

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62 thoughts on “She Said It But Most Black Men Still Won’t Accept It!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    I always knew that black women hated SYSBM black men like me from when I was a kid because we don’t conform to the rigid negative stereotypes that a black man should be. At the above video that black women was 100 percent correct when she was saying that the majority of black women hate black men and that’s the reason why I refuse to date black women and i don’t feel guilty about it either because I just don’t find them attractive with those manly features of theirs. You can tell that on the bottom video that the white woman who was getting married to that black man loves him so much and she was dancing with him plus that’s the reason why I only date beautiful childfree non black women because black women and the black community is a lost cause that can never be saved.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      It’s not like we can’t see the hate either, I mentioned the other day how so many younger black men keep talking about how much hatred these younger black females show them, probably because black boys have no problems intermingling with non black females and other groups while the black witch stay stuck on angry, rage and bitter mode to the point where nobody wishes to associate with her under any capacity.

      The black guy in the video below represents the so called “educated lame” these black females didn’t want, so using logic and common sense, he took himself elsewhere and found a non black woman who would love and appreciate him.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        Well said Verbs and I fully agree with you bro. Go where you are celebrated, not tolerated. I will never ever have kids with a black woman never.

        1. After out and about last week I can confirm that young Turkish girls (20 and above) are definitely looking out for strong masculine brothers.

          So Quincy hurry up and get one before I do 😜

        2. Michel.

          I need find myself a Turkish girlfriend or Turkish Cypriot girlfriend quick. I am not lying when I say that Turkish women love black men because I see it every day especially where I live in North London.

    2. Quincy,

      I agree with you.
      I remember when I was a kid, black girls had deep hatered towards me and some brothers for no apparent reason.

      We were taught to be nice to them.
      But they were taught to hate us from young age

  2. Before the internet age my grandfather (mom’s father) used to tell me to notdate nor marry black women if I do I will suffer. This was in Jamaica before emigrating to Canada. I remember one day when I was driving out with one of his sons(uncle) the uncle told me the same thing. date and marry non black women .This is a common secret nobody wants to talk about. The misandric hatred against black men by black women.

    1. Beat-Man,

      The internet has confirmed in spades what was previously talked about in the streets and behind closed doors. Your grandfather and uncle were wise men, they knew exactly what the score was with these modern day black females, they are NOT the allies of black men, far from it.

      Too many of these elder Generation X Negroes are trying to resurrect black love and the black family like it was pre 1960s, however any chances of a renewal were blown as soon as black women accepted feminism as well as fatherless home welfare policies from Admiral Frost.

    2. I remember when my mentor was hell bent on me going to a majority non-black high school. I was mad at first as I wanted to be with my friends. As I reluctantly agreed to go to this school across town in an academic program, he used to take me to school for a few months and pick me up as he would give me game. The game was, I want you to get used to non-black people especially non-black girls and get to know the culture and codes, get this black shit out of your head. If you want a black girl, get one of them foreign girls who has a strict daddy, never a date woman who didn’t have a father (a strong one) and do business with black women, they spend money but take that money back home to your non-black wife. I saw all the guys who had black chicks and used to struggle, I dated a few Puerto Rican chicks, white chicks and Asian chick and never had the problems they had. Looking 20 years later, I’m glad I listened as when I got to college, black women were out of control along with their simp enablers and black gay male foot soldiers.

  3. A lot of these cats have Stockholm syndrome when it comes to the black witch! No matter how badly they’re treated by these degenerates most black men still refuse to leave the Daggle alone. These cats are done for! I just find it amusing when they get mad at cats like us because we were smart enough & had enough backbone to reject the black witch & seek better opportunities outside of the black communitah!

    1. “A lot of these cats have Stockholm syndrome when it comes to the black witch!”

      Yep, they cant shake that matriarchal programming that their single moms indoctrinated them with.

    2. Val Zod,

      As we continue to state, the SYSBM lifestyle is for the extreme few, NOT the many. Most black men are unable to break free from the witchcraft that has been cast upon them by the black female herself from a very early age.

      1. Pure facts! It’s like MOT once said…the programming runs so deep with most of these cats that it’s like the Adamantium bonding process! SMH

  4. This masterful article harkens back to the classic Slaying Evil fundamentals.

    It’s a known fact that the vast majority of these hoes have been weaponized against progressive black men from a young age. You can see this as early as kindergarten. But most of these blue-pilled simps either can’t see the writing on the wall, or ignore the danger signs altogether.

    As Verbs pointed out, the anti-SYSBM black love advocates like Dr. Umar, Aaron Fountain, Oshay Duke Jackson and Shawn James are nowhere to be found to respond to this kind of info.

    These young black men coming up ain’t stupid. They see the meanness and evil coming out of these girls from a young age. Not to mention they have seen what their fathers and older relatives have gone through with these black bitches. You hear reports from black moms that these young bucks in school ain’t even checking for black girls. Good! Hope they continue to abandon ship.

    1. It’s true. In Jamaica, the local black bitches are well known supporters of criminality and openly declare their support for thugs. They are literally the standard for gold digging and whoredom, not even Tel Aviv could match these ghetto bitches at this point. Recently, a black hoe was discovered to be a ‘don’ for a ghetto and in another case, some BW were captured by police after going on a contract killing with their thug negro boyfriends.

      Verbs’ theory about these black bitches using their influence in the home and in wider society to transform young boys into homosexual repressed killers, is actually a reality here. It is a well known fact that most serial killers and mass murderers were fatherless and in unstable homes before being recruited or set up by the dark forces. The warlike, quarrelsome and primitive nature of black women influences the children under their care and transforms them into pants sagging, ultra emotional gunslingers or delusional racist whores.

      BW fight black men dating out because it will expose them as frauds and show who the real race traitors are.

    2. Schadenfreude,

      These black sirens ensure to train their daughters in the same evil works and thus the cycle keeps itself going. Even when I was younger, as I’ve stated before I used to wonder why black girls were so mean, vindictive and nasty, similar to Sherri Shepherd’s son and his experiences back in 2018:

      But according to the fake academic as well as Dr Umar Johnson and the rest of the pro slack syndicate, we’re supposed to look past the extreme hostility and still date, cuff and have children with these feral monsters, no thanks, not me, I’m good, I’ll pass.

      Like you said, these younger guys aren’t going to tolerate any hostility whatsoever, they’re simply going to exit stage left with the quickness and head in the direction of non black females who’ll have no problems giving them the time of day without having to worry about any evil plotting and scheming lurking in the background.

  5. “This is exactly what we at the SYSBM Knights Roundtable are walking away and saving ourselves from, purposely avoiding getting involved with a group of females who positively hate our guts and who’ve only been too happy to volunteer their services to General Blizzard in their efforts to prevent productive black men from prospering and moving forward.”

    I truly believe that black male simping here in the US has reached the level of a mental disorder. I can give you many real life examples of black male simping that I have seen in real time. Here is one.

    I have an uncle who is now in his late sixties. He has always been a simp. He has 3 failed marriages to scraggle daggles. The first wife was the best of the 3. He had 3 kids by her, and she had a nice figure and average face. She was a pretty good mother, but a church slut. When they divorced, she kept the house, and he paid big child support for years. Luckily he had a very good job. The kids turned out okay. His next wife was a raging alcoholic slut who abused him. The beast even propositioned me once. When I told my simp uncle, he got mad at me. He used to brag that his 401K had almost a million dollars in it. Well, a week after their 10th wedding anniversary, wife number 2 filed for divorce. She took almost half his 401K in the settlement. The funny thing is, I had advised him on several occasions to cash in his 401K and give it to his children who were grown by then. He refused, saying the taxes would kill him. I said, then do half. You are too big a target for her. He dismissed me. Wife number three, an overweight dark skin beast with a humongous 90 inch ass, went thru what was left of his 401K, then kicked him to the curb after 2 years.

    Nowadays, my simp uncle lives in a very humble house which luckily he kept from these scraggle daggles, and he has a small pension and social security. All three of his scraggle daggle ex wives live better than him, even though none of them made nearly as much money as he did during his career. This man should be on easy street, yet he just gets by, because he gave it all to scraggle daggles. He now dates a scraggle daggle in her sixties, who has an elephant ass. This scragg lives better than him, as her deceased husband left her a nice house and a pension, and some savings. My simp uncle does the spending whenever they do anything.

    Today in the US, there are probably millions of lifelong black male simps in their sixties. These simps know first hand how treacherous the scraggle daggle is, from enduring a lifetime of abuse. Yet, they continue to simp.

    I can only conclude that they suffer from a mental disorder akin to Stockholm Syndrome, only worse.

    1. You’re right. Everywhere we go, the behavior is the same. Shaniqua and Lord Euro don’t want to change or fix the mess they created in the first place, they’re too busy taking their 30 pieces of silver from white zaddy, Chabad Chev and Missa Chin, stalking and lynching white women for dating black men and keeping their followers stuck on pointless issues, so that rich pro wacks like Charles Shuwab and delusional Zionists like Bill Gates can use them as cannon fodder for the one world agenda. And these simps and wignats continue to cling to the idea of a mythical ethnostate like the fools they are.

      No sir, I ain’t no janitor, they can keep the racism and take a trip to Moscow with it. No clean up services offered around here.

    2. AmericanBlkMan,

      Damn, damn, damn, most simps will never learn even when the reality of their bad choices smashes them directly in the face. The testimony you’ve given is clear prove of this.

      1. So many bad personal decisions by one person and he still continues abuse himself?

        His low self-esteem is very evident here.

        I know a dude who’s father one his last day before retirement from his job, put the family home up for sale. Once he did that once the house sold, he served his wife with divorce papers. Once the divorce was final, he packed his bags and left for Thailand, that was 2015.

        This Black man did it correctly, no more scraggle daggle, no more living in poverty on your pension/retirement income, fully disconnected from the Black Community.

        That is exactly how you handle scraggle daggles and previous mistakes.

    3. This happens all too often. Many of these dudes want to be the step dad/clean up man their mom never had so mama put this shit in their head to be a real man for a woman like her. It happens all the time. Many dudes will do anything for a woman but when times get tough the woman will put his ass out and demand to be paid for her time.

    4. American BlkMan,

      These are EXACTLY the kinds of stories that BW don’t want to get out. That’s why they stay so mad at black male-oriented YouTube channels and the like. They pushed into schools, the barber shop, the locker room, the Boy Scouts, anywhere brothers could share knowledge, just so they could edit and thought police these kinds of stories.

      Older black guys of a certain vintage love to play Big Daddy with single/divorced black women. I saw it in my own life growing up (my mom was actually DIVORCED not a babymama).

      Your old simp uncle is of that generation, clearly. Guys of your generation are avoiding the traps, and both simps and black hoes are pissed that we progressive black men taking our goods to other races of women or hoarding them for ourselves.

      The good news for them is there are always new simps coming off the assembly line.

      1. Schadenfreude,

        If you find my uncle shocking, I know of other black male simps who made as bad or worse decisions than my uncle did. They come in all ages. This sort of behavior is a lot more common than some people realize. The really sad thing is that there are many black people who don’t even consider this behavior to be simping. I know a few of those too.

        Da communitah is a bad joke. Given the things I’ve seen blacks doing to each other on the regular, I can’t believe the hoteps are still talking hotep nonsense.

        Don’t feel too sorry for the simps. I know there are exceptions, but simps tend to hate black men as much as the scraggle daggle does. They especially hate free thinking heterosexual black men who don’t parrot the hotep line.

        My uncle will give a scraggle daggle the shirt off his back, but he’s not generous to other black men. This is consistent with what I have observed about black male simps in general They idolize the black female, and they refuse to hold a black female accountable for anything. On the other hand, they tend to hold black males to impossible standards. This is exactly what simps like Aaron Fountain, Girbilface Johnson, and Derrick Jaxn pander to.

      2. The process to create a simp is one as such that over time decreases the overall quality of the stock. In other words continuous simp breeding does create a docile slave but also a less desirable one. The process is based on creating flaws in the mind of the individual and exploiting them into habits/addictions.

        The new simps will be fewer and less potent than previous batches and definitely more dysfunctional. And again the sources they use to create these simps will come from more and more toxic places as the “options” dry up.

  6. People like Shawn James, Umar Johnson, Oshay Duke Jackson, Aaron Fountain, Obsidian, Tommy sotomayor and Kevin Samuels want to either have an imaginary black family or prevent most black men from having a nuclear family with a non black woman.


    1. Tommy is a pick me himself. He talks all that shit and still be in those colored girls inboxes.

    2. Witwijf,

      The black family is completely dead, the above names you mentioned are living in a dream world if they believe they can resurrect it. It’s done, finished and there is nothing any of them can do about it.

      Shawn James, Umar Johnson, ODJ, the fake academic, Obsidian, Sotomayor and Kevin Samuels will not be stopping these younger cats from fully expanding on their dating options.

      The guilt tripping, black love, black unity spells and witchcraft may work on many of these older heads, however the youth won’t hesitate to give them the middle finger if they attempt to coerce them down that “black love, gotta deal with black women only” route.

  7. No matter how much one hates the black witch, it is an undeniable fact that the scraggle daggle holds tremendous power over the black male collective. Most black males are loyal to the scraggle, even though the scraggle daggle has never been loyal to them. As far back as slavery, the scraggle daggle was betraying her male counterpart with white masa.

    In no other race of people does the female hold such one sided power over her male counterpart. I often wonder if it all starts at infancy. A mother has total power over her infant.

    While most human mothers are trying to shape their male infants to be Presidents, Heads of State, Conquerors, or Kings; the scraggle daggle is trying to shape her male infants to be tools for her personal use. It certainly works out that way. The scraggle daggle uses the tremendous power of motherhood to damage her male children from the very start. The hoteps would violently disagree with what I’ve just written. But the evidence is more on my side than theirs.

    Barack Obama used black Americans and gave them nothing tangible in return. However, it was still a tremendous accomplishment for him to reach the Presidency. I say that he would not have done so, had his mother been a scraggle daggle. She would have damaged him sufficiently in infancy to make that an impossibility. His white mother gave to him the steadfast self assuredness that is required to become President of the United States.

  8. Aaron Fountain is like the dudes in the black manosphere, they live for black female validation and approval. Fountain is the academic one who uses black feminism and intellectualism to make himself standout while the black manosphere guys like to use the ‘its time to have the conversation’ shtick to get angry broads to sit down with them. All of this pandering and all of them are still unmarried:

    Obsidian Ali: No Wife
    Aaron Fountain: No Wife
    Bernard Riley: No Wife
    Oshay Duke Jackson: No Wife
    Shawn James: No Wife

    They’ll claim marriage means nothing, the environment today makes it not worth it and other deflections. But they’ll come online and pander all day, brow beat brothers like us who checked out while instead of celebrating having all of the colored girls to themselves, they know they are not desired nor in position to handle business.

    Aaron Fountain wants to be a new Very Smart Brotha or a honorary Madame Noire black male. Obsidian wants Christelyn Karazin to be his date. Bernard wants a single mother and the list goes on.

    1. Aaron Fountain: no husband.
      Kevin Samuels: no husband.
      Shawn James: no female contact since 1981.

      1. Tommy Sotomayor – Never married, at least two children by SG’s

        Mentioned Lana only in context to a Black woman married to a White man getting plastic surgery after giving birth to their last child. Saying that BW use surgery to fix problems but not to improve themselves.

        Complete utter Bullshit

    2. SYSBM Rookie,

      The fake academic aka Fountain Top is a joke and a laughingstock, claiming academia yet he knows full well that intelligent black men would immediately see through his slanted, bias yellow journalism and pull it apart with simplicity, this is why he has no choice but to appeal to the lower dregs of black society, simpletons and knuckleheads who can’t even recite their 2 times tables.

      Sure, he can put a few video clips together here and there(always conveniently failing to link the original videos so people can grasp the correct context), however as stated before he knows NOT to present his works to level headed brothers as he’ll immediately get laughed out of the building.

      All of the above names are gatekeepers of black female dysfunction and seek to bring free thinking brothers back onto the plantation. Nope, sorry, not going to happen. 16 years ago I chose to expand upon my dating options and it paid off. I’ll never return to the rancid swamp called the “da communitah” ever again.

  9. I respect this woman on the video because she was honest about hating BM.
    Why I respect it?
    Because when you know where she stand or where her loyalty are I can take it or leave. I leave anyway and move on.

    This is something that the simps and the Pro-Black Hoteps do not accept and acknoledge.

    Women like this, Cynthia G, Swirlers and Divesters are not sending subliminal messages.
    They are saying how they hate straight BM. Loud and Clear. In your face.

    What does these Pro-Black ‘Keep it black’ do not understand?
    BW made this perfectly clear.

    When BW hate your guts, respect it, acknowlege it, accept it, move on.

    Your right Verbs and Quincy,
    These Hoteps are ‘thick in the skull’ to know this, even it is.
    I understand why ‘AmericanBlkMan’ have this distain for simps, because they are just enablers to these women begging them to change their mind. Let the BW go, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

    1. Mister Master,

      It’s extremely rare for a black woman to break ranks and divulge insider secrets and information to those who her sisterhood consider to be the enemy. What I like about the video is she is basically telling black men that they aren’t right in the head if they still choose to deal with female counterparts who hate their guts and who can’t wait to see them fall.

      You would’ve thought that the incident with Jason Roger Pope would’ve been sufficient to tip the scales ie wake up a considerable amount of black men from their slumber to finally witness this black female for who she really is, however as the dog returns to its own vomit, so did most black men return to this rotten black female.

      It’s one thing for these pro slack simps to lick and clean the muddy boots of the black witch contingent, however when they attempt to berate free thinking brothers for refusing to do the same, that is where I really draw the line.

  10. The BW in the video is telling the truth from an insider position. SYSBM will continue to grow by leaps and bounds over the next decade. The cries of the anti-BM regiments will grow louder, as the inevitability of their weak position becomes clearer and clearer.

    The era of the male feminist is over

    We have seen so many famous male feminists destroyed by the same #metoo misandrists they advocated for over the last 3 years or so. The latest victim of to fall on the sword of misandry is non-other than the sexual hypocrite former Governor of Andrew Cuomo.

    The last phalanx of male feminist cucks are either grifters or eunuchs.

    A tide of anti-misandry is rising across the Faustian West, a total reversion of social conditions is on the horizon.

    1. King Sigma,

      The male feminist simp is done, how many times have we seen male feminists who were totally dedicated to the religion of misandry at some point down the line get roasted, dragged through the fire and be totally disregarded despite the “hard work” they’ve put in previously? Men with common sense and intelligence know that once as a man you commit yourself to the feminist cause, it’s only a matter of time until you’ll be forced to eat and suck on gravel.

      SYSBM hasn’t even reached critical mass and yet the pro slackers alongside their black female overlords in conjunction with Major Sleet are running around like headless chickens trying their utmost to create new ways where they can lead free thinking black men back onto the proverbial plantation once again.

      Popcorn and freshly squeezed juice is at the ready for this feature presentation as the black witch contingent continues to dig deeper into hell thus causing many more brothers to abandon ship and seek out love and companionship elsewhere.

      1. @Verbs

        The clock is always ticking on the male feminist cuck.
        And when their time runs out – the women and other male simps turn heel quickly.

        They are virtual signalers, and their time has run out.

        You have to love it when a BW comes clean and tells these gaslighting hypocrites the straight truth.

  11. In about two weeks, I will embark on mission to change my life for the better.

    The future is laid out before us. The mission is to end up like that young brother in the last video.

    The wall of indifference is working #SYSBM

  12. Simps be looking for their mommas!!!!

    18+ years of being locked in a familial Gulag with an evil soulless demon of a “mother”, in between abandonment and ritual violent abuse – push and pull – creates adult simps.

    That is what childhood abuse does to boys – then they go looking for women to reenact their psychological child rape, blinded and comforted by its abnormality.

    Nothing a brother can do about it – a simp in full denial will pretend he didn’t all hear that and catch his testicles in the electric fence. “I gotta keepz it realzez!”

  13. She was right in everything she said about Black women hating Black men; I, too, was thinking that the 80% number was too conservative. I don’t know what it will take to make these Black male simps realize that the scraggle daggle aren’t their allies, from celebrating the deaths of Kobe Bryant and George Floyd to them wishing that law enforcement would shoot and kill us faster; they want you to believe they’re on the frontline fighting for Black men, but then how do you explain White and Hispanic women working at the Innocence Project helping to free Black men who were wrongly incarcerated?

    The fake academic Aaron Fountain had written an article against SYSBM stating that we weren’t allies to Black feminism; that’s like condemning Palestine for not forming an alliance with Israel after being attacked. What sense does that make? David Carroll has stated that the DSM needs to classify being a Black woman as a mental disorder, but I’ll add that simping for the scraggle daggle should also be considered a mental disorder (Dear Mama Syndrome); thankfully, SYSBM has provided the antidote, but only the few thinking brothers can reap its benefits.

    1. All of that stuff is already under the heading of “constitutional psychopathic inferiority disorder” as it pertains to individuals of the United States of America.

    2. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Most of these simp squadrons will never get it as they are too deeply entrenched in the “gotta keep it real/black, the black woman is god, mother earth, the mother of civilisation” mantra(even though her behaviour is far from civil) etc. The witchcraft out here is very real and as a result most of these simps are mentally broken.

      As I’ve stated before, you would’ve thought that the Jason Roger Pope fiasco would’ve snapped these sleeping buzzards out of their black female worshipping trance mode, however most of these dudes regardless went straight back into the arms of the she devils they know.

      There have been so many incidents in recent times where black men rightfully should’ve walked away from black women altogether, black men with their heads screwed on straight abandoned ship a long time ago and will NEVER be returning, the simps however are set to perish with their black female overlords.

      1. It’s like Geass or something. The black witch can call black men raccoons, openly proclaim their love for thugs and racists of all stripes and support denegracy, communism and fascism yet the simps will still support her. It’s like the Soviet Union and the cult of personality they had.

        1. Haha. they definitely do act like they are under some anime magic eye technique.

          1. You’re right about that. Hypnosis and crowd control could explain it, after all Lord Euro and Shaniqua learnt their tricks from white zaddy and the likes of Shwuab who are big in the occult. Verbs mentions these BW using witchcraft, it could be a combination of those factors.

            1. oh yea you are right about that. Their are many articles talking about the mind control techniques employed in many big religious organizations in the United States.

    3. “The fake academic Aaron Fountain had written an article against SYSBM stating that we weren’t allies to Black feminism.”

      Why on earth would I be an ally to that which does me no good at best, or out-and-out villainizes me at worst? Basic logic escapes these feminized negroes, which is why I moved farrrrrrrrr away from them.

      I am an “ally” to heterosexual black men ONLY, and even then, only those who are on my intellectual level.

  14. I want a son you star! Mi want a yute! Not from a scarggle daggle.

    I know that the scraggle daggle hate black men. And I know that they have a guy like me. I don’t tolerate any shit from them. The only black men they love are the thugs, the worthless men, the hopeless men and the unproductive men. Foolmar Johnson who has a cocaine addiction and Bareback Fountain who has fantasies with SYSBM will continue to defend these ghetto scraggles that don’t even care about them. All these ghetto hoodrats are good for wear weave, live off the system and having children with a whole leap of worthless men. That is it Verbs. And guess what? When these scraggle daggles have tones of children, that’s when they chase after the good black man.

    1. What about offering protection and money laundering services to Chabad Chev, Bill Gates and Moglovitch? If it wasn’t for BW and Lord Euro hanging out with communist scum and promoting homosexual dick policing, we wouldn’t have this thug and incel problem scronging the land to day. These hoes are racist hypocrites who should all go to Moscow and take their racism with them. No janitors round here.

      N.B: Have you noticed that it’s mostly white and Asian women fighting CONVID-1984 tyranny? Where were Shaniqua and Brad when the kids were going nuts…too busy leaving behind tech for China to steal it seems.

      1. White women do not get half the credit they should for saying no to racism, vax and diaper mandates and being mama bears to children subject to extremely wonky teaching.

        Say whatever you want about them, they’re doing the work we aren’t.

  15. Let me tell you something. Black women are finished. All I see and all of you guys see is black women wearing weave, skin bleaching, breeding multiple times, chasing after thugs, loving the white beta male, fighting for a man that has the third woman, giving their kids ghetto names, raising children in a single parent home, living the government and so on and so on. On Wednesday, I’m goanna do the article The Thugstas And The Scraggs That Love Them.

  16. I’m already at the point now where that black love shit can be thrown out the window because all that nonsense is just a fantasy. These keeping it black dudes are wasting their time, big time on a fantasy that’s never gonna happen.

    “Notice how the pro black simps as well as folks such as Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson and the fake academic Aaron Fountain are nowhere to be found.”

    They’re nowhere to be found because they too busy beating off to Big Booty Judy that the thug and white boy is hitting first. I got no interest in that black love crap because I don’t look at race like that. I go off with what I like and prefer, not what other folks want me to be with. As a Gen Z (22 years old), I’m damn proud to go with what I like because I’m my own person. I’m not trying to like what these people want me to like, nor stick to the race because I’m black, and my mama black, like what that got to do with my taste of women I like? If I got a taste for Latina women, then that’s my taste. If I got a taste for Tropical Asian women, then that’s my taste. If I got a taste for European Women, then that’s my taste. If I got a taste for Indian women, then that’s my taste . If I got a taste for Mixed women, then that’s MY TASTE! My taste of women doesn’t concern these pro black freaks, and these black women. If they don’t like it, then live with it.

  17. It just. Won’t. Work.

    They hate you and only use you. Name ANYTHING romantic or loving about basically being a vehicle for someone else’s wants and desires. Simps are basically yes men to the daggle’s overbearing CEO.

    When someone literally hates your guts, imagine trying to make a house with that person? That’s why these simps are still single and unhappy, cuz they’re batting for a losing team that hates them!

    Saw Sotomayor mentioned above, is he further on some black love simping crap now? I guess simping for white boys didn’t work out and now he’s done a complete 180 to pander to black chicks. Sad, but anyone who knows about him can tell you his life spiraled out of control when HE screwed up and lost that white woman. Since then, he’s been slumming it up and convincing himself that it’s normal to justify it.

    This is what simping for the lowest forms of female life gets you. Heartache, heartbreak, loneliness and depression.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      It’s here above this comment. This is exactly what I stated in Negro Wars, most black men will perish chasing after the very women who are staunchly railing against them.

      What can any of these pro blackity black pundits say now, we’ve now gotten confirmation from an insider within the camp, like she said, it something we as black men already knew and felt.

      Unfortunately most black men choose to ignore their instincts and the blatant signs or the writing on the wall and what it means.

      Sotomayor is a lost simp who simply wanted attention from the daggle, again, the dog returning to its own vomit. Dude fluffed up badly with Lana, wanted to show her off to the wolves and it backfired terribly.

    2. You’re right. Black women will fight anything that’s good because they have become emissaries of darkness and chaos.

  18. To the video where the brother is dancing with his newly bride, here comes the fake pro-blackzzz: “We won’t accept your union but we will accept your biracial children as BLACK from said union (because we need dem numbers).”

  19. Don’t know where tf my previous comment went, but as I said there, you simply can’t build with people who hate your guts. They will look at you and despise you no matter what. They will see General Frost, who they’d rather be with, and hate you for not being him.

    Congrats on the dude in the video, the wife seemed like a normal, average white woman, albeit one who may have been more into rnb than the average. Too many daggles in the party though.

    Also, notice the white woman wasn’t fat and ugly. She was a plain ish Jane, about a 7 but maybe an 8 on this day. She’s a supermodel compared to some of the best looking daggles, point blank.

    1. You keep on proving my point. The black woman and Lord Euro will deliberately try and create an atmosphere of chaos, destruction and madness, in order to generate the simps, thug negroes and incels they use as their foot soldiers. They know that if people find out about their treason, racist greed and love for communism and fascism they, along with their rivals in death and destruction the Soviets will be either thrown in supermax or straight up executed along with their banker masters.

      These pro wacks are simply agents spouting a narrative at this point, how clear does it have to be that BW hate the guts of black men and will do anything to keep us down in order to keep on receiving payment from their backers? No wonder the social media guys have started censoring the hoteps and wignats like crazy now, their nonsense is just unpalatable to the sensible mind.

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