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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday


Yep, another dickhead black male simp who thinks all “sistas” are beautiful no matter what. Lizzo, really bruh???

Yep, see black women(swirlers) worldwide know that after Colonel Mustard with HP Sauce has ghetto gagged their backsides up the hill and back down again, there will always be a black male simp on standby ready to fall upon the sword and perform his standard janitorial customs on her behalf.

Just look at the amount of smack this weave wearing black harriet was talking back in early 2017 when she wrote that particular Instagram post(which she’s now conveniently removed), #TEAMSLAVE, how black men were cry babies and bitter towards her because of her white boyfriend at the time(not me), how he was her slave master etc, smh.

Now, the baby is black and I believe belongs to the janitorial black simp above, however looking through her Instagram, she seems to be somewhat well know, well at least in her home country of Kenya. How could the dude or any black man still choose to impregnate her after she’s been ran through by General Blizzard?

The serious lack of standards amongst large swaths of black men is beyond atrocious. Captain Euro got his piece and kicked out, yet a knuckleheaded Negro decides to impregnate her as if she’s of quality, smh. Simping is a massive problem with so many black men worldwide and it needs to stop.

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here one again fellas, what’s on your minds for this week? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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59 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Black women these days are NOT attractive because they have manly features plus they are fake looking from head to toe and that’s the reason why SYSBM black men like myself are dating beautiful quality childfree non black women because they actually look like feminine ladylike women. I have high standards when it comes to dating non black women and I ain’t lowering those standards for anyone.

    1. Quincy,

      Since you always post about looking for a Childfree Woman and you mention Greek Cypriot-Turkish Type on most of topic I am giving you a story about something as this will give you hope.

      Verbs, I like you to chime in this one:

      I have a friend who I use to work with over 10 years ago. She is Greek-Turkish she was in her late 30s at the time and she met her colleague who work in different department who was a black man, years later they got married, the black hubby moved in to the Youth Service where his wife was the his line manager, he quit his jobs because some deputy was jealous of his wife which the wifey was also the deputy (2 Deputies at the time).

      When I met this Turkish’s hubby, he was masculine, proper gent.

      Before they met they both had kids prior to meeting, but their kids a grown adults.

      I look at the Facebook profiles as I am friends with both of them, I tell you and Verbs this, they had this Tag-Team Turkish/Cyrpiot-Jamaican Carribean wedding and I am mean Tag Team. Also this is some Tag-Team Muslim-Christian – proper Tag Team, not one sided but both cultures combined. The Tag-Team you will not see in any Social Media if MadBusDriver shows it.

      I call them the best ‘Power Couple’.

      There is something I did not know:
      I heard that Turkish women can hit the wall quick because their culture, however I remember she look old, but as soon as she got the Black guy (must be the BBC), she looks more younger and youthful. Mind you she is in her 60s and her hubby is now 50 and looks young. Now after recession they moved to Cyprus. He is no SYSBM at all. They are still happily married.

      I wish I send links but I do not want haters to troll them, mind you there from UK which good because if it was from America, the Dick Police will troll. I also though about showing picture to MadBusDriver, but I decide to let them have their peace.

      The reason I bring this up because when I watch MadBusDriver videos my 2 friends are like the living proof and Testimony which shows you that black men can have options, do not let these haters tell you otherwise. Also for you hope is possible and the story is years before MadBusDriver and SYSBM.

      1. Tag Team ‘Turkish-Jamacian’. Tag Team ‘Muslim-Christian’ wedding, that is some truly diverse. This is even years before the SYSBM, damn!

        I give them nothing but mad-respect to them – 100%.

        I did hear stories about how Turkish women hit the wall and some countries like Japan when women hit the wall in their 20s, mind you they have no mileage or kids, but this is a cultural thing. But yeah, they can get a black man. Also stories that once these Turkish women get the BBC, it is like taking a youth potion.

        This is why in the west, mostly in America, there are a lot of Dick Police towards black men.
        It is OK for women in general to date whoever they want, but now it is a problem when they pick a black man. Same as any man can date whoever they want, but it is a problem when a black man has options.

        1. Japanese women age well.Its just that japanese men start seeing them as washed up/used up after 25 I believe the term they use in japan is being a Christmas cake or something like that.But apart from that japanese women age like wine

      2. Andy C.

        Thanks for the story bro. The majority of my girlfriends in the past have been either Turkish women, Turkish Cypriot women or white women with brown eyes. Turkish women in general have been dating and marrying black men years especially in London. We black men do have many options when it comes to dating non black women. The only women that I am interested in dating any childfree single beautiful Turkish women, Turkish Cypriot women, Greek women, Greek Cypriot women, White women with brown eyes and Indian women, they have to be in shape like slim build or athletic build, they must be good looking at least a 6 out of 10 in looks or above plus they have to live in London like me.

      3. Alex C,

        It’s exactly as MBD keeps on saying, SYSBM cannot be stopped and there isn’t anything Admiral Frost, his black witch flunky or her pro black simp stooge can do to turn the tide.

        Here in the UK we’ve got all kinds of crazy combination couples demonstrating that despite various obstacles and hindrances being placed in the paths of black men, we still continue to power through and shine in the interracial dating arena.

    2. Looking forward to the borders of the world falling.I want nothing from american black females or african ones.Went to Namibia and saw the african version of the black widow of amerika.Saw so many fat at 25 walking turds that are stupid and ugly.The maggles,daggles and all types of simps can have them all

      1. Hoteps, Pro Wacks and SIMPS don’t believe me when I say African women follow what Black women in America to the letter.

        The only way to escape is to escape it all and never turn your back.

        1. Looking at most African chicks, THAT is supposed to any better? THAT is supposed to be an improvement?!!! Still ugly, still fat, still manly in the face, still broad ass build, still masculine energy.

          The only African chicks who as a group look good are Ethiopians/Eritreans, who are mixed anyways.

    3. I didn’t mention this last article but Greek women will look more feminine than Turkish women as they get older. But both do want and are actively looking for brothers. Even Greek women will compete to look darker from sun exposure, so the race-based BS apparent in Anglo societies are absent the further east you go.

      Greece is the black man’s playground (apart from Germany)

    4. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Fake from head to toe, yet they expect to land themselves “real men”, you can’t make this stuff up.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro and thats the irony. 😊💯

  2. Jesus Christ, these pictures of the BW. One with eyebrow shape as a raindeer, I got nothing to say about it, it is just lost for words.
    Everytime you show us these pictures on this website I am just lost for words.
    On top of it all, these Pro-black simps endorse it as standard beauty of BW. Sorry, this is not standard at all.
    Like David Carrol said “No Hope, No Change”.

    1. These black hoes look like Orphenoch and Mirror Monsters and no, I’m not joking. They have become so demoralized and jaded from all the fighting and holding on to their blind idealism of a ‘perfect world’ that the testosterone has literally warped their brains. That, combined with all the dark arts and other witchcraft they and the Lord Euro/ADL wignat types learned from Chabad Chev, Missa Chin and white zaddy also explains why they act and think so irrational.

      They can fleece and scam their followers all they want, but as far as I’m concerned them, the racist Jew and the other agents of the Edward VII and Charles Schwuab types can all head over to Moscow with the racism. No janitors round here, slavery ended in 1834.

      1. Black hoes enjoy the dark arts like you wouldn’t believe. Just look at candomble and other such nonsense that they love.

  3. These dudes will knock up chicks that were straight up making KKK videos and yet act as if the women are catches. But they’re sellouts for being white non-black women? How are the daggles not sellouts? Hell, they get ran through used and abused by white men, straight up. That’s fine and dandy but marrying a white women is simping and cooning? How is #teamslave not cooning?

    Think about that, #teamslave. If a black man said that, it’d be World War III.

    Black men aren’t starting in Ghetto Gaggers, are they?!!!

    1. Like Verbs has said, you would have thunk the Jason Pope story would be the smoking gun to force the Black Female ship to change course or at least for Black men to wake up out of their SIMPIN slumper.

    2. Afrofuturism1,

      The daggles are not sellouts in their own eyes because it’s the same black harriets manufacturing the rules that conveniently exclude them from the same stipulations as black men.

      How many times have we come across black women claiming that they can be “pro black” while dating out but black men can’t?


    Even people in New York are tired of this shit. Notice of course that it is a white woman leading the charge, why does it seem like it’s mostly white WOMEN standing against this nonsense?

    I hope more small businesses say FU to this idiocy, and there’s a good precedent that I’m about to post that shows why they should.

    1. People here are slowly but sure revolting against this nonsense and I’m glad. It will never get any serious media coverage because it’s a liberal shithole state (NYC keeps it blue and some upstate counties) and that would go against the narrative.

      Trust me, people are fed up and aren’t being quiet anymore.


    Again, Russians being based AF. They REFUSED to go along with a vaccine passport in Moscow and it was promptly abolished. Russians know what living under state totalitarianism is like, and they have no interest in it. They also dislike SJW virtue signaling liberalism, so obviously no Karens.

  6. Most black men globally are automatically liberal simps by default.

    The reason why most black men have no standards is simply cause they are raised by black females to not have standards.

    Most black men are told to never expand their dating options and only date a negress.

    If biracial men are considered black, it ain’t really extinction on black populations.

    For some odd reason the black male simps don’t see it that way and they say Barack Obama is their first black president.

    He is actually the first biracial president not just in USA but the whole world for decades and centuries.

    There probably was biracial presidents during the Moorish empire.

    No other race of men is under a dark spell of demonic witchcraft at the same rate as most black males.

    No other race of females are manly looking above average with masculine behaviours except negresses.


    1. Melbourne is fully asleep over here the stupid dictator dan andrews plunged us into our 6th lockdown a few protests here and there but overall not much is going on the majority liberal sheep are all for lockdowns and my sheep friends are all getting the jab willingly its complete nonsense to make things worse i just started djing at a new venue only to be plunged into another lockdown I’m sick of this bs

  7. Take a look at sometime. I did. The hoes get put thru their paces by Bottom Shelf Brad, for real. Bottom Shelf Brad handles his business with these scraggs, LOL !

    I didn’t feel one iota of sympathy for these scraggs. I felt absolute disgust. First, from how disgusting these scraggle daggle animals were. Second, I felt disgust for all the simps I know, who will look at these ghetto gaggers frothing at the mouth. Talking about, ‘she’s fine, I’ll eat her out all night.’

  8. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! I’m not sure how many of you have heard, but recently the pulpit pimp known as Creflo Dollar preached a sermon where he called out Kevin Samuels:

    To hear where he called KS out, go to the 1:05:00 mark and listen on; if you heard David Carroll’s take on this, he believes that it wasn’t Creflo Dollar’s wife, but the women in the church who told him about what Kevin Samuels has been saying. Now, it’s no secret that most Black pastors preach alot of feminist propaganda to their congregations, and this sermon is no exception; Creflo Dollar pulled a Tyler Perry with that “you can do bad all by yourself” claptrap. In layman’s terms, he just enabled the destruction of the family (and ultimately the community) from the pulpit!

    These washed up church brawds don’t deserve a high value man; they don’t even deserve a dusty beta male to come in and perform janitorial duties to her and her bastard children. On the flip side, the children don’t deserve to be robbed of being raised in a stable home with the presence of a strong father, either; this is why we follow SYSBM Tenet #20 because we care about the wellbeing of our future children.

  9. Man Verbs, you really on a banger with these articles. Salute to you coming from the US. To be honest, I’m finally wrapping my mind around something. The only people that turn the black women on are the thugs/ballas, the white man, and the lesbians. Black men like us, nope. We’re just a clean up man to the black women, but you know what, it’s alright. It’s alright that the good black man don’t turn them on, but I don’t wanna hear the bullshit that the “good black men like us are sellouts, we destroying the black race by getting with the non black women and mixed race women, the white women, non black women, and mixed women taking all the good black men,” I just don’t wanna hear it. I lost complete interest in the BAW, they don’t turn me on like that, and I don’t care if she the big booty. She may be attractive on the outside, but not on the inside. I look at that both ways. It’s extremely sad that no matter how much evidence is out there of black women in America, doing the most foul shit ever, black men still choose to deal with that. Maybe some of y’all brothas were right, the majority of black men are still gonna deal with black women, and this is one of the reasons why I don’t stand with the majority.

    I posted two articles on Off Topic Section the other day. One was with the two hawaii tourists getting caught with the fake vaccination cards, and the other one with Tennessee seizing thousands of the counterfeit vaccination cards. I’m getting super burned out of talking about this crap, because I’m two seconds away for a dime to be dropped on all this shit. All this lying and Flip flopping done got to the point of who’s telling the truth, and who’s lying. These clowns are not fooling me, not one bit. Here are some million dollars that need some straight answers:
    1) If the vaccines are “safe and effective,” Why are people who got vaccinated are getting severe side effects, getting permanently injured, die from it, and most importantly, why are they catching Covid despite being fully vaccinated?
    2) Why all the censoring? All this censoring is straight up telling me they hiding something.
    3) Why are they punishing people for not taking or refusing the vaccine, and telling the truth?
    4) Is the human body made for taking a whole bunch of vaccinations? I’m no doctor or scientist, but I’m not sure if the human body is suppose to taking multiple jabs.
    5) Why all the Flip Flopping? Like I said, the flip flopping done got to the point where who’s telling the truth, and who’s lying.
    There’s more, but I’ll stop right here. Like I said, a war is gonna break out, and you can thank see psychos who made the situation worse. Speaking of war, It ain’t looking too good for Biden. I’m pretty sure some of you brothas caught the info about what happened with Afghanistan. I said this before, but this is why I don’t have no interest in neither political party. Whenever it’s Democrat or Republican, I have no interest in neither one of them. I don’t vote. I only voted one time, but that was it. I never voted ever since.

    1. D.K. Phantom,

      Thanks fam, salute to you too. It’s really not hard to write these articles when the black witch is the very one supplying me with the ammunition that I regularly use against her.

      If black women were to clean up their act overnight, I would seriously be struggling to find material, I would have to start talking about fishing or maybe golf, lol.

  10. Going through this Fatigue thing but I think it’s disappeared when I saw the simp breed up the ghetto gagging swirler. Hold up! Did the simp breed up the gyal? Right, I have no issues with black women dating out but what kind of white dude they are going for? It’s not the nice guy Nick that makes over £100,000 a year, has a nice home in St Albans and drives a Mercedes Benz S600L. Oh hell. They are going for the guy who has a damn job. They are going for the beta male who will ghetto gag these scraggle daggles. When a black man is with a non black woman, everyone comes after him but when a black woman does it, there is a huge celebration. Black men don’t have a problem of black women dating out. They don’t have a problem if white men date non white women so I don’t know what on earth this scraggle daggle is talking about. Can I ask you a question? Do you think that the baby belongs to the simp?

    1. Most likely, nope. The simps know this but don’t care. It’s psychological warfare, and the simps know this. If they can convince the future generation that race purity is still useful then they have the minds.


    These are the Chua, or rat people of Pakistan. They’re this way both due to supposed forced disability from beggar gangs as well as (no one wants to admit it) incest.

    It’s horrifying but very sad. You see this and is it any wonder why TF desi women can’t wait to skidaddle from their men? These beggar gang men literal exploit these poor people, who are further exploited in the name of “religion.”

    1. Lol. But according to Shaniqua and Lord Euro, these be the valiant ancestors of the mythical Aryan race they love to crow about. Of course they’d hide this from the public, as they have a vested interest in maintaining a population of delusional incels, ultra violent thugs and jacked up hoteps in order to keep their payments from Chabad Chev, Lord Eiberstein & Banker Rothschild.

  12. The following was sent to me via text:

    If you know of any nurse or Health Care worker, that needs representation this organization is giving their services for FREE!! To those workers affected, by the vaxx mandate.
    Including, legal representation for those who get fired, as a result of their religious conviction, not to take the vaccine.

    1. Dafuq? Good!! I saw where a lot of people in Hawaii are suing, too. I truly hope that the tide is turning.


    First off, I can’t say that I’m surprised at this kind of behavior going on in what is supposed to be the “Bible Belt”; this honestly speaks volumes about the moral despondency of the Southern states. Now, for the real reason I’m sharing this: remember when a certain goober named Supadry75 made a video where he accused passport brothers and SYSBM Practitioners of child sex tourism with NO PROOF, only an exaggerated browsing through a Wikipedia article on the age of consent in various countries?

    Here, we have an article stating that many men in the South (the article never stated it, but I’m certain that its Captain Frosty doing this) are leaving their states for North Carolina so they can marry minors; where is the smoke for this from Supadry75? He’s just like these #MeToo misandrists who won’t address this type of perversion unless they can spin it to attack Black men.

    1. Age of consent DOES legit need to be 16, hell if you can drive a car, you can ride a dick.

      As you said though, where is the damn outrage? I had no clue that the legal marriage age was that low in NC. These churches piss me off to act like society really needs them. As if this pandemic didn’t prove enough how worthless they are, why aren’t they protecting kids? At the same time, you also don’t see these churches teaching young folk to engage in legitimate marriages young like Islamic cultures do or have a real culture of marriage and standing against divorce and having lots of kids. Only Mormons and some Catholics do. “Family values” my ass, these churches and their bullshit are as useful to the average Joe as a goat with two legs.

      Surprisingly some countries have ages of consent that low, and I mean Japan and Germany, not bumfrickistan in the Middle East. Even they won’t let you marry that young, though.

      1. “Age of consent DOES legit need to be 16, hell if you can drive a car, you can ride a dick.”

        At that age, you’re also old enough to decide whether or not you wanna be pissed on by R. Kelly.

        1. As are your parents that don’t give a shit, so why TF did everyone else? Lol

  14. Has anyone else heard about Fresh & Fit Miami’s beef with Aba & Preach? So, Aba received a message from a viewer asking his thoughts about a F&F podcast he and Preach were guests on, so he rewatched it and decided to speak on a few things that stood out to him (specifically the legalization of prostitution):

    So, caught wind of Aba and Preach’s video, and these “alpha males” responded in b*tch made fashion:

    But, they didn’t just stop at ad hominem attacks; Moron – I mean Myron disrespected Preach’s wife and his home country of Haiti, and to top it all off, they challenged him to a boxing match:

    Fluke and Fraud both must’ve missed the memo that Preach is an ex boxer, former bouncer, AND served in the Canadian military; does that sound like somebody you want to mess with? To be honest, Preach has already won the battle; it wasn’t long before they gave a half-assed apology on their community tab (they lost subscribers):

    It also didn’t take them long before they decided to delete all of the videos that showed them going off on Aba & Preach for giving commentary they didn’t agree with; Fresh & Fit AKA Twin Sisters are two beta males masquerading as “alpha males” and “high value men” while lowkey paying for box. These are the same clowns who told their viewers to attack one female fitness personality on IG because she wouldn’t sleep with Myron in exchange for an appearance on their podcast; what kind of goofy ish is that?

    I would actually like to see a boxing match between them; Preach had fire in his eyes that makes me feel nervous for the Twin Sisters; Fresh soon realized that he wrote a check he couldn’t cash because he posted a video on his IG story entering a gun store for the first time ever:

    Sounds like he’s shook, and is prepping for when Preach shows up at his place next week; this is going to be interesting to watch!

    1. Most self-proclaimed “gains Bros” and “alpha males” in the west are the biggest effeminate idiots on earth, and they are full of dysfunction. They are no different than the creepy male feminists.

      What was the purpose of them starting this beef? These guys weren’t even seemingly egged on by a daggle and yet acted just like one. This is why most black dudes are irredeemable simps that need to be bred out: even without the daggle they act like just one. Starting beefs and acting a damn fool for no reason.

      Fit and Fresh. More like Foolish and Fresh Out of Brains.

    2. Blue Collar Trevor,

      I’m watching the entire saga, Fresh and Fit are nothing but church mice, they ran their mouths and when the heat was brought back, they backed down. How are you going to randomly and recklessly bring the man’s wife and country into a conversation. I wish Preach would put some fat coco beans in the heads of both of those shine buckets, disrespecting the man’s wife and country for nothing, smh.

      Aba is right, Fresh most definitely is NOT about that life, he seems to follow Myron’s lead too much which has gotten the moose head into the trouble that he’s currently in. Fresh isn’t going to do anything because he’s a softy, he needs to start thinking for himself instead of allowing Moron “weird energy” Gains to lead him down dark alleys.

      1. Myron is a complete utter fraud. He was already outed by White woman Fitness YouTuber who dates Black men. Myron wanted her to come on the show and he said in a text message he wanted to hook up with her.

        Just as Aba and Preach have said this is apart of their game. Myron also has a Special Arrangement account and sells a $800 program to help men get women in North America?

        Fake is a fraud, Funky is a yes man.

        All these Black Red Pillers need to be ignored, that includes Papa Smurf Greg Adams, Donavon Dull and not so Sharpe, Losscario and the rest of the anti-Passport getalong gang.

  15. So apparently my idiot fruit of a cousin is in the hospital with the beer flu after getting fully jabbed. Even my mother, who’s otherwise on board with this hoax, says that there’s no way she’s getting jabbed.

    The dumb faggot, who was once all about traveling, got full on scared about the virus. Now his ass is in the krankenhaus because he drank the kool-aid. I’ll let y’all know if there’s a funeral in the next few weeks and y’all can mail me a bucket of chicken and some cigars, lol.

    1. Sherrif X,

      Samuels having gained so much traction within a heterosexual black male space isn’t about to come out of the closet and admit to his fruitiness, denying he’s a homosexual is a business move, nothing more.

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