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This Is His Story – Doesn’t It Sound Familiar?


Do you see how these useless single mother black harpies operate, this is what they do on the regular. Normally they’ll get knocked up by Cheddar Boy, Field Mouse and Slim Sauce, however there are occasions where black men who have their stuff together mistakenly believe that they can forge a prosperous and fruitful relationship with a black female and commit the grave error of impregnating one of these creatures to their own detriment.

Black women as a collective are the most professional females on the planet when it comes down to psychological manipulation of their children against the fathers as well as practicing parental alienation(which in reality is psychological child abuse plain and simple).

I’ve never come across a group of women who are so spiteful, selfish, vindictive and evil, they point blank won’t allow the children to have a good relationship with the father, nope, they have to step in and sabotage the connection and in many cases cut off the relationship altogether, especially between father and son.

Women who engage in these sorts of practices as far as I’m concerned need to be burned alive at the stake or at least hung from lampposts, using the system against the father while at the same time preventing the child from having a much needed relationship with the same, what mercy do such evil harriets deserve?

Like I’ve already stated in Negro Wars, black women hate black children and primarily use them as a weapon against the fathers as well as financial instruments in conjunction with janky, gynocentric State legislation.

Parental alienation aka child abuse is no joke, I know of several friends who’ve had to fight high and low just to see their children once every 2 weeks because the mother was acting the fool, many a time because she couldn’t act right in the relationship to begin with and so eventually the dude had had enough, she had to be kicked to the kerb.

Gentlemen, the message remains the same, DO NOT IMPREGNATE A BLACK FEMALE as you will most definitely regret it if you fail to heed sound advice. You want to know how hood Negroes are created, the young guy in the video gave you a prime example of how they’re manufactured.

This is one of the main reasons why SYSBM exists, don’t keep asking us what we’re saving ourselves from because the reasonings are blatantly obvious and observable to all. #SYSBM #QUALITYSTARGATESMATTER #BREEDTHEMOUT

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues


Most High Bless

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27 thoughts on “This Is His Story – Doesn’t It Sound Familiar?

  1. Verbs 2015.

    I remember growing up as a kid and when my step mum used to tell me off when I was naughty just being a kid, my step mum used to say to me that you are just like your dad but the irony is that she was the same woman that chose to get pregnant from my dad(who is a mixed race tyrone) with my younger half brother. Even my biological grandmother (my real mums mother) hates me because I came from my dad and she is a bit of a snob because she hates poor people/working class people because I grew up in a poor working class single step mother home. I will never ever have kids with a black woman because my life will turn out into misery.

  2. I was recently reading about Argentina’s history. Argentina is widely known as having the highest percent of white people of all South and Central American countries. This was not always the case.

    Argentina used to have a large black population. Over a hundred years ago, the Argentinian government decided to encourage the intermixing of the black minority with the main Argentinian population. The result was that blacks were effectively bred out of the Argentinian population. Their are many Argentinians who have a small amount of black blood. But there are very few Argentinians with predominantly black blood.

    It is probably no coincidence that Argentina has a better standard of living than most South American countries, probably the best in all of South America. Argentinian women are legendary for their beauty. This was a very farsighted move on their part, to breed out their black population.

    The result is, there are no black male simps and no scraggle daggles in Argentina. I tip my hat to Argentina.

    1. Salute to former black Argentinian men for dating white women and breeding out the negress.

      Hopefully as more younger generation of black men date out, western societies will be similiar to Argentina but without knowing Spanish, without the Catholic religion including extreme poverty with higher crime rates.

      I know soccer is huge there with hooligans like in Europe.


    2. Pretty much what happened to the indigenous blacks of Europe including Britain, Germany and the Moors to the South; those who were not forcibly pushed out of Europe to the New World were eventually bred out.

  3. The sad thing about stories like his is that nobody believes that they are as common as they actually are; Hollywood propaganda has also played a role in convincing the masses that these fathers just abandoned their children. It’s also sad that very few of these children even bother to seek their father to get his side of the story, so I commend this brother for doing that; not only did it give him clearance on why his father was absent all his life, but it gave the father an opportunity to check the mother on her decadent behavior and release the pent up anger he had bottled up for those 26 years he spent looking for his son.

    I am reminded once again of SYSBM Tenet #20 which states, “SYSBM is all about looking out for children and the future, this is one of the core reasons why we choose NOT to have children with black women, because black women as a collective hold a deep disdain and hatred for black children and thus will not hesitate to destroy such offspring either via abortion or if the child survives to being born using sexual, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual abuse to destroy the child’s body and mind”. Quality stargates matter. #SYSBM

  4. You know why thinking black men rather be with a non black woman is because they do want a woman like their mother, aunt or grandmother. As I saw the video of the brother who saw his father and talks about his mother who is nothing but ratchet. Let me tell you, you know why she is calling his dad “He ain’t shit” is because that the man don’t wanna be with her because he don’t wanna deal with her ratchet bullshit. And she dated every race of man as well? She must of got ghetto gagged big time. And now she’s married to a simp she found of Tinder. The simp is goanna live off her. It seems like having children with black women is getting dangerous now as we see more and more ratchet black women.

  5. These black women are crazy – no wonder these thug negroes and incels behave so insane. They honestly believe destroying the black family for white zaddy and Chabad Chev will give them a high position of power, forgetting what happens to all useful idiots once the revolution ends. Like the zealots of Eastern Europe in the early 20th century, they chant slogans and march for destruction and denegracy, never knowing that they will be disposed of just like the commoners they secretly loath.

    There will be no place for dyke mentality and failed theories from the 1800s in the Smart City gulags being set up under the guise of ‘Covid’. The people shilling their ass off for the system on MSM will be grabbed by FEMA and thrown in concentration camps making nukes and flying saucers, or lined up against the wall and shot.

    It happened in Germany, it happened in Soviet Russia and it happened in China and Korea. Every one of the useful idiots was disposed of after the new state was built.

    Yuri Bezmenov was right – daggles, modern day skeptics and the dick police crowd are national security threats and subversive agents in our midst. Umar Johnson’s ideology is straight out of the ‘Blood and Soil’ gang which used the black woman, Lord Euro and False Flag Fedowitz to exploit Asia and Eastern Europe in centuries past, we currently see them doing the same thing with the ‘Great Reset’ in order to steal the property of the common man. I suspect he is a Evidence Bureau agent trying to spark a Valkist movement in the US, to serve as a false counterforce to the ‘alt-right’, hammer and sickle wielding clowns of modern white nationalism.

    Recently a prominent leader of the wignat movement was busted on air promoting a Russian and Chinese invasion of the US, under the disguise of ‘liberating white people’. As I’ve mentioned multiple times, Russia is still controlled by the Soviets who are deep in bed with Goldberg, Missa Chin and Banker Rothschild. And we all know how bad China is already. Ironically a neocon member of the tribe created the ‘alt-right’ = another example of Zionists and rich pro wacks in Europe working together to control the opposition.

    The ‘burn the coal’ websites may be hasabara created by IDF agents to recruit gullible idiots to do their dirty work. Israelis and South Koreans are among the most racist people on the planet bar none. Boris is deep in bed with Israel who developed the whole ‘vaccine passport’ scam and being buddy buddy with Putin who runs the whole KGB terror machine for the Trudeau clan, and the race purist clowns can’t put two and two together and start organizing and putting the message out?

    No matter what you have to say about Turks, Japanese, Arabs and white women, you cannot deny that they are people of ACTION and getting things done. Russians were out protesting and forming action committees when BW were begging Netanyahu to let them leech more from the black community and lynching white women – shows you a lot.

    This is the main reason why BW try to push race purity so hard – they know they have done nothing significant and will be disposed of. ‘Leveling up’ and ‘divestment’ are terms used when criminals try to hide ill gotten funds.

    BW set up their sons to fail hoping for rewards of loyalty from the people they bitch and moan about on MSM. There is a saying in gambling, ‘The house always wins’.

    Any talk from pro blacks about the return of the strong black family is myths and disinformation designed to distract from Belt and Road, Eurasianism, the strong occult undertone of black matriarchy and white nationalist communism inherited from the Byzantines and the utilization of feminized, mentally broken young men as pawns in order to influence the minds of the masses.

    This is why nobody takes hoteps seriously, they lie through their teeth and shill like crazy to keep their positions.

    1. Brendan Dubalos,

      “This is why nobody takes hoteps seriously, they lie through their teeth and shill like crazy to keep their positions.”

      Straight up facts.

      Another thing that bothers me is this. In the US, most of the black breeding is being done by low IQ black male simps, and low IQ black scraggle daggles. These are the very sorts that the world would be better off without.

      1. I believe that this is done to create a population of morons who will lap up anything the masters tells them. Look t the nonsense the pro wacks spout from their ignorant mouths, you’d think they were in Russia or Germany protesting against ‘yellow fever’ in the 1800s. BW and Lord Euro act like they’re still collecting furs and selling them to the Charles Shwaub crowd or cleaning up the messes of Kunta Kinte and Goldberg in the Great House.

        And with all the rhetoric they have to throw at each other, you’d think that the wignat foot soliders and low level pro wacks would start putting two and two together and do massive campaigns against Eurasianism, Bill Gates’ main facilities being in Soviet Israel and BW’s continued support for denegracy, racism and communism. Even start defying lockdowns and dropping some flyers and articles off in the hands of arresting officers to get things going.

        That’s how you gain support and get your message out there – not keyboard warrioring.

        And the incels and MGTOW…sigh. There was this biracial guy who had a channel exposing MGTOW as a tribe project and some of the vids he had were just crazy. He died of ‘cancer’ earlier this year which strikes me as suspicious, but that’s just me.

        But nope, it’s continuous fighting and drama instead of action. Ironically, it’s Irish, Latino and Asian people as well as white women who are out protesting lockdowns and doing the work on the street. I think I see the reason why BW promote fatherlessness and a semi fascist mindset in the black community.

    2. “BW set up their sons to fail hoping for rewards of loyalty from the people they bitch and moan about on MSM. There is a saying in gambling, ‘The house always wins’.

      Any talk from pro blacks about the return of the strong black family is myths and disinformation designed to distract from Belt and Road, Eurasianism, the strong occult undertone of black matriarchy and white nationalist communism inherited from the Byzantines and the utilization of feminized, mentally broken young men as pawns in order to influence the minds of the masses.”

      Straight facts man.

  6. Excellent example Verbs.

    I’ve not really witnessed any Parental Alienation because the children of the women I dated were very young, under 3 in most cases. These were WW by the way not BW. Again I don’t date BW.

    I know it exist because among the so-called Red Pill community, it’s mostly Black men who have experienced this and it’s unresolved in the majority of cases. So angry at BW they want to cut off their benefits and the other things they can obtained legally in the US.

    It’s understandable but that impacts discourse.

    1. As I’ve explained, BW are demented and honestly believe that by destroying the black family, they would get a spot at the table where Goldstein and Baron Eiberstein sit. Somehow ignoring that the Soviet Communists and their ancestors worked their ass off for the red, black and green, three triangle crowd at the WEF, Chinese ultra-nationalists and the Trudeau family and still to this day remain the boogeyman and scapegoat for the masses. The likes of Charles Schwab, Bill Gates and the Chabad mafia have no use for the ignorance and denegracy BW bring, nor their hyperaggressive incel and thug foot soldiers.

      BW love to boast about their supposed sexual prowess and snagging themselves white men, but what about bringing in actual improvement to the black community? This is one thing they cannot prove and thus they spend inordinate amount of time watching black men’s dicks – just like another group of parasites who they and racist liberals serve and adore by providing cover and fake opposition to in the MSM.

      Most people know about Weinstein and the sexual abuse that goes on in Hollywood, but one thing that is forgotten was that he used a army of ex-Isreali spies to intimidate the white women he abused. As I have mentioned before, Lord Euro, Shaniqua and False Flag Fedowitz learned their craft in murder, defamation and extensive surveillance along with other dark arts from the Schneerson and Charles Schwab types who have been in the occult business for a long time. And I mean a long time.

      BW hate black men and low level racist ‘Jews’ pretending to be white men despise white women – so there is an alliance of hate bound in greed. Ignorant, sad and broken fools following paths laid out long ago. As Jesus said, the blind cannot lead the blind and the simp, thug and incel plague besetting the modern world is a perfect example of this.

      So when you have a group of women who claim to be loyal, but actually hate themselves and black children along with black men, you know that they are lying. Psychological warfare and manipulating the groove of the crowd has been around for a long time and the simps just don’t get it. Why do groups like IRA (Internet Research Agency), VANK (South Korean propaganda outlet) and hasabara even exist in the first place?

  7. By now, everybody knows that the scraggle daggle drops babies to game the public assistance systems. The scraggle daggle is the opposite of what a good mother should be, in the fist place. There is no chance that they will be anything but the world’s worst mothers. Black male who impregnate them should know better in the first place.

    1. It was a WHITE WOMAN who raised the first Black President of the United States of America. That fact alone should dead all discussion.

      1. Schadenfreude,

        That fact skips most people because he was married to a BW. It’s even said he was engaged to a WW but felt he couldn’t make political moves now be accepted by the masses

  8. I sure hope the other members of the collective are okay.

    I know, the pace seems to quicken by the day. I trust all are staying strong and maybe this one is just a bit of a slow burner?

    1. Not a slow burner at all. The pain associated with stories like this unfortunately affects us at an extremely high rate, and it is very traumatic to even comment. Too much pain and shame.

  9. But what are we saving ourselves from, amiright? How about being unable to be with our kids!!!

    These chicks are KNOWN for keeping the kids from the dude just because they don’t like him. Never mind the fact that the dude supposedly being sorry is more a reflection of THEIR choices.

    Likewise, why do you suddenly find these guys to be a bad influence AFTER they run up in them guts? Hindsight is a bitch, and you’re an even dumber one.

    You can NOT build with them and have a legacy of your own. Any kid you have with a daggle won’t be raised by you, it’ll be raised by some Simp down the line before even he’s replaced. Get used to your kids thinking a bunch of ticking time dykes with no man is normal. Hell, that’s what my mom’s family is dealing with right now: a bunch of black slurs who can’t keep a man worth a damn and don’t have any sort of healthy adult relationships, let alone romantic ones, and then are SHOCKED that all the next generation of girls does is sling ass to get attention.

    And of course, if the man REALLY tries to be involved with the kid, the mom can always kill them to spite him.

    1. The black community operates more of a mafia state than anything else. As I’ve explained before, BW, Soviets and Lord Euro took the police state and arcane practices of the Charles Shwaub and Hasidic crowd and adopted them to fit their circumstances. This may be part of the reason why the simps remain blind, they’ve literally been mind scrambled via Scanners and Code Geass. Although these heifers will love to tell you how much they much they go to church….no wonder Nuttyahoo and his partner Bill Gates got away with so much.

      If they were actual Christians, they’d know that the ‘teachings of the priests and elders’ are to be avoided and exposed as a warning to show followers of the Savior what not to be. They’d also know that the rabbis funding their crusade against black men are the ‘synagogue of Satan’ and intend to get rid of them as soon as the staged alt-right/fake SJW fight is finished.

      The fact that nobody mentions the importance of a strong family in raising good citizens anymore is probably a reason for the current problems we face.

  10. “How much proof do you need?” – MHD
    “The only way you can miss this, is if you wanna miss it.” – David Carroll

  11. I remember many years ago that Tommy Sotomayor made videos in the past about his dad before his video got flagged down.

    He mention most to the times that his mum always compare him with his dad, say his dad ain’t sh#t. Made him emasculated, that is why you see him stuck with useless BW on YouTube.

    He also that he actually mention that he finally met his dad when he was in his late teens.
    It reavels that his dad was a married preacher with a happy family, his mum was actually a side-hoe (thot on the side) and he was a result of it, meaning the preacher man got the side-hoe pregnant. The preacher-man had to end it when he found out she was pregnant and gave birth to Tommy.

    After he explain to him what happen Tommy forgave his dad before he passed away.

    The point of the story is the mother is not truthful and lie about the dad to the child.

  12. Actually that is black women that breed our race out. We blackmen breed black in. We are who are fathers are. The seed comes from man. So there still some afro race left in Argentina.

    1. Whether it was white men breeding with black women in Argentina, or black men breeding with white women, the results are the same. There are extremely few Argentinians with predominately black blood. This also means that there are almost no dark skin scraggle daggles and black male simps.

      We on this forum have talked about scraggle daggle behavior and the scraggle daggle mentality, extensively. There seems to be general agreement on this forum, that the scraggle daggle mindset tends to manifests itself in its most extreme forms among dark skin black females.

      Forget about the hotep screeds about colorism. The fact is, that most of the females posting on Tik Tok and other social media outlets about loving to be slaves to white masters, are dark skin black females. Most of the black females you will see on the internet licking white anuses and worse, are dark skin black females. In general, dark skin black females seem to be more mentally disturbed with self hate than light skin black females. They in turn, do more damage to their male offspring, creating uber simps. These are just the facts.

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