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Will There Be Any Volunteers?


Any pro black cretin who dares fixing his foolish mouth to call any of the above women “thick” is clearly THICK in his head. I really don’t understand these pro black simps labelling women who are clearly well overweight as “thick”, this simply shows you just how far gone the mind of your average black male is.

Of course we still have the heavily overweight tub of lard named Lizzo who is still trying her utmost to convince the world that she’s comfortable with being the size of a super tanker on steroids.

This is one of the main reasons why more black men are turning their backs on black women and instead setting their sights on Maria, Claire, Shazzy, Mayoko, Kim etc, most men in general want women who are IN SHAPE.

Only the pro black simps out here are running around praising these types of females, hence one of the main reasons why black women as a group in recent years have ballooned out of shape exponentially.

Even though black women in the US by and large are the fattest at an 80% clip(with over 60% of that number being morbidly obese), to be honest you’re now beginning to see the same weight issue manifest itself in non western countries where black women reside.

The white guy at the end of Lizzo’s video knows the score, white men in general are known for preferring their women slim framed, you can’t play off the “thick” card on them, this is why I have to laugh at the divestment/swirling/levelling up crew trying to swing their pitch in Major Blizzard’s direction as white men going out of their way to deal with fatties is an extremely rare phenomenon.

Remember, Lizzo near the end of 2020 saw the light for a brief period when she engaged in a 10 day smoothie detox, however the fat black witch contingent soon came out of the woodwork in their droves slamming and shaming Lizzo for actually doing the right thing and looking out for her own health.

Such actions just go to show you how the mentalities of most black women have sunk so low and deep into the sewer pipe, shaming an individual for wanting to lose weight and look after their health, smh.  Have you ever seen black men engage in this type of behaviour, I’ll wait?

Note, these are the women Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson expects free thinking brothers to hook up with. So the final question is, are there any volunteers willing to step up and take onboard one of these oversized walruses?

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Men Have A Right To Choose In Shape Women Just Like Other Ethnicities Of Man On This Planet Do

Most High Bless

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52 thoughts on “Will There Be Any Volunteers?

  1. Today’s daggle raised black male will not only do these beasts, but he will simp for them and be their cleanup man. I’ve seen black simps as buff as Terry Crews with beast like these and worse. And crazy hoteps still want to talk about building da communtah. SMH

    Is there any wonder why I detest black male simps as mush as I detest scraggle daggles ?

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      But according to the black witch contingent, black men who date out can only get ugly white women, yet just look at the state of these black heifers above. The smallest one of them all was the last one in the line.

      The pro black male simp is beyond a disgrace for dealing with such abominable creatures instead of dismissing them and demanding better.

    2. They will get them pregnant too. I am amazed at the amount of fat, ugly BW that I see walking around with kids (no man or wedding ring though).

  2. I can guarantee you that none of those land whales got into that pool because we all know the black witch can’t get her weave wet! They had the nerve to parade around like they were Pam Grier or Jayne Kennedy in their prime! SMH

    1. Val Zod,

      This is what Minister Jap mention.
      That weave wearing BW are allergic to water.
      You see them at the pool party or at the beach. But you will never see them swimming, even in the water. Heck, they will not touch the shallow end of the pool because they lose their powers, which are the weave.

    2. Val Zod,

      They can’t get their weaves wet and they can’t swim either, smh. The simps can have them as far as I’m concerned.

    3. Had they jumped in the pool, all of the water would’ve splashed all over the place outside of the pool.

  3. There is petite, thick, and then obesity. I blame these single mother raised simps that are too scared to tell these females that they’re fat. Thick & fat is definitely not the same thing & a quick google image search would prove that.

    1. Robert Hicks,

      If the pro black simps actually got some testicular fortitude, checked these fatties on their weight and refused to deal with them until they got back in shape, black women would fix up quick sharpish overnight.

      1. “If the pro black simps actually got some testicular fortitude, checked these fatties on their weight and refused to deal with them until they got back in shape, black women would fix up quick sharpish overnight.”

        Doubtful. These heffas don’t care what black men want. If they did, they wouldn’t shit out bastard kids one after the other or allow themselves to blow up to 300 lbs. You’d think they’d be killing themselves to at least appeal to Chad & Brad, but they don’t care about them either.

    2. How about after petite, in-shape, rock hard, then slightly overweight which is all being “thick” is?

  4. Unhealthy foods and drinks will always lead to health problems.

    Fat shaming should be encouraged more for losing tons of weight.

    Liberals in general get offended very easily after hearing the truth about themselves.

    The dating market is always politics.

    I can think of 10 reasons to stay away from all black females.

    I’ve never been in a relationship with any black female for obvious reasons.

    Funny how these negress land whales have a swimming pool but can’t get their weave wet.


    1. Witwijf,

      But Dr Umar says that you’re supposed to stick with the black queen and wife her up regardless of her condition even though he hasn’t wife up one of these land whales either.

  5. Verbs 2015.

    I ain’t volunteering to get with this ugly ass weave headed overweight black women because I have high standards for myself in terms of the women I want to date. I am only interested in dating any single good looking childfree non black women who is a Turkish woman or Turkish Cypriot woman, Greek woman or Greek Cypriot woman, White woman with brown eyes and Indian woman who slim or athletic build plus they have to be good looking (at least a 6 out of 10 in looks or above) and they have to live in London like me.

    1. I agree with Quincy on his observations.
      Mediterranean skirts are fine as hell & they’re usually very educated too, well mannered, principled & family oriented with nice features. That olive skin complexion is dope.

      Oh, and they also have good diets unlike the woke Western beluga scraggle whale who will be pushing up daisies at a faster rate due to their THICK feeding habits. You know…womin who think a coke or Fanta with a McDicks hormone injected hamburger & salty, starchy ass fries is “food”.

      Hence the BW degeneracy continues……

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      As you always say, I fully agree with your bro. I will NOT be dealing with any heavily overweight, weave/wig wearing juggernauts either.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I ain’t dealing with any ugly juggernaut black women.

  6. Damn!!! That poolside video is — hmmn, how do I put words together to describe one of the most hideous examples of human degeneracy on the planet? — so disturbing that alarm bells should be ringing to discourage such woke evolution of the human species. Absolute visual garbage to the point that their parents should be arrested & charged with producing useless eaters who provide NO BENEFIT whatsoever to the human race. Unfucking believable!! smdh

    THICK — just like the classical “liberal” (to be open minded to new ideas, etc.) & “CONservative” definitions — have been hijacked in the English world beyond repair. Definitely need to find new replacements for those words.

    1. Black Picard,

      As commenter AmericanBlkMan continues to point out, it’s the black males simps who give these women the room and the leverage they need in order to continue down their paths of destruction, calling these women “thick” when they should be calling them fatties and shaming them into losing weight.

  7. These two videos are symptoms of the scraggle daggle’s unhealthy lifestyle and the Black male simp’s acceptance of it; as you stated in the article, non western countries where Black women reside are now starting to emulate the daggles in the U.S. I can remember listening to one SYSBM livestream (can’t remember if it was MBD or somebody else), but one brother on the panel mentioned that once you start beholding stargates outside of the West, your eyes will adjust; Western women are beginning to appear less appealing to me with each passing day.

    So, to answer your question, No, I will NOT be volunteering for any of these Megalodon sized females; give me a stargate that is slim, sexy, and not big boned. #SYSBM

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Yep, and I even written articles in the past where I’ve shown black women from various African countries using the same disrespectful lingo as those from the West namely the US.

      The modern day black female of the US has successfully managed to spread her contamination to black women in other nations. Non Western and westernised stargates honestly are the best way forward at this point.

  8. Volunteer? HAHA, HELL NAH! Not Me dude. I don’t like my women built skinny or obese. I embrace women with a nice set of curves. The hourglass figure of a woman is what I desire. Notice how I use the term hourglass? I was finna use the word “thick,” but black folks done messed up that word. For women, being obese is not a sexy look on them, period. Your diet plays a big factor in your life. All that soul food don’t make no sense. They gone end up like big mama, and have their leg cut off.

    1. D.K. Phantom,

      Yes indeed, the black males simps have completely derailed the word “thick” and instead have chosen to include women who resemble Mack trucks and wide load aircraft carriers. The main point that needs to be driven home is black men need to understand that they are NOT obligated to take onboard any of these black female behemoths.

  9. Shaking my god damn head up in this chat. Y’all are some bona-fide weak ass colonised ass nighas.
    Didn’t yo momma ever teach you fat is healthy? Or y’all Becky fetish done trance out yo dick? Nigha you is still black, my nigha. Something wrong with you coons if you don’t like em thick. Dat container ship QUEAN at the back is too good for yo goofy ass. That’s my Evergreen bitch right there.

    Nighas, do me a favour and don’t ever show your slim Megans to any of my public talks, don’t bring them to any cookout and definitely don’t be marrying and birthing dem chillun as you are committing a sin in the name of the Most High, even Malcolm X and Frederick Douglass agrees.


    1. Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson,

      One question sir, since you want black men to date, marry and procreate with these black “queenies” so much, why haven’t you first set an example and cuffed a black female yourself, just wondering?

  10. These fat, black heffas are literally urban blight on two legs. And as a traveler, I can testify that these mammies are a strictly AMERICAN creation. Nowhere else will you see these hefty black hoes except for in the hood. African women or others in the diaspora who now think it’s ok to be this fat are merely copying these gross bitches. And these are the exact hoes that overweight WW look up to for “body confidence” smh. I’m shocked there isn’t a token fat white hoe in that gaggle of fat bitches.

    Nope, no volunteers here.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      I still remember a number of years ago visiting a close friend in Charlotte NC and him dropping me off at a local Golden Coral while he attended an important meeting a short distance away, because I sat near the entrance of the restaurant, I got to see exactly what you talked about firsthand.

      At least 95% of the black women who rolled into that restaurant were overweight with an estimated 75% of them being morbidly obese. The obesity problem in black female society is very real.

  11. Even though White girls love black men to the tune of 60%, Americans do have one advantage over us Brits:


    1. Michel,

      Indeed, the Latin American community over here is very small, I believe some of the prime areas are Seven Sisters/Stamford Hill and Elephant & Castle.

  12. A Public disclaimer would be nice next te 🤢🤮😂🤣

  13. If any simp say that fat is thick is thick in his head. And also, did you see the weave these heifers have? Did you see the one with the blue weave? Right, I know about fat black women because two of my exes are fat. One is from Jamaica who was a gold digger and the other didn’t live far from me when I was living in Brent, North West London. The first chick I had a sexual encounter was a fat chick. I was 13 and she was 12 and breed her and the last black chick I had sex with was with a fat black chick who was a single mother that smoke weed and had a messy house. So I had my shares with fat women and approach fat women, long time ago.

    Right, when you hear these scraggle daggles and these simps say that black men only get fat white women when they date, it happen sometimes. But these simps are with these fat black women more. And let me tell you something. If a man is goanna be with a fat woman if he wants to, then he’ll go for the fat white woman. Why? Because fat black woman knows that she’s fat. And also the fat white woman can grow her hair naturally and the black fat woman spends over seven million pounds every year buying weave trying to compete with a white woman.

    Foolmar Johnson wants black men to marry these good for nothing ratchets. Why doesn’t he marry them? I know why. These ghetto ratchet heifers don’t want a simp like Foolmar Johnson, Shawn James and Bareback Fountain. I know that black women in Amerikkka leads the obesity rate by 80 per cent. The United Snakkkes of Amerikka has a huge obesity rate with black women leading it. Black men can date whoever they want. They can date the slimmest white woman on the planet. These simps are goanna come after SYSBM because they don’t wanna deal with these hoodrats that don’t want the simps. I’m goanna be 40 years old soon and I beat these simps will not stop coming after thinking black men. They’ll come after me.

  14. Whats up Verbs! I’ve been reading your articles for a few years now. You have some of the best content ever. I have your book Negro Wars too and its one of the best books that I ever read.

    Did you see the video of the black women twerking on top of tables at a restaurant? Please do an article on it if you get a chance! Black women are so damn disgusting. I now have a beautiful Columbian woman in my life and I will never deal with a black woman ever again. SYSBM forever!

    1. IzaEHFRH,

      Much appreciated for the kind words and always a maximum salute for supporting a brother in his works. These modern day black women are beyond a disgrace, this is all these sirens know but we’re the bad guys for desiring women of quality who know how to conduct themselves in the public domain.

      I see you got yourself a Colombiana, congrats bro. It feels good to to deal with women who are feminine, level headed and who aren’t going to embarrass you out in public by randomly engaging in lug headed behaviour.

  15. These chicks looked like drag queens and sumo wrestlers all in one. Not ONE of then were attractive, and honestly, losing weight wouldn’t help that.

    This is the average black chick, too, so where these simps and daggles get off about “fat white women” idk.

    And notice that General Tundra wants NOTHING to do with them. That wasn’t even a very good looking white dude, but even he knows he’s too good for them. “White boy summer” though, amiright?

    Even folks like Umar Johnson and Polight want nothing to do with these chicks. They’re screwing Becky and Hamasaki behind the scenes, they don’t want these creatures. On the other hand, Shawn James probably IS greasing his weasel to this footage, foaming at the mouth in anticipation.

    1. hit it on the head.

      These black bitches are messed up, probably from all that junk food, backstabbing and sorcery they do while claiming to be for ‘the race’. Isn’t that the whole point of Nazism….which these black hoes and racist liberals claim to be against? Ah wait, there was Tuskegee, anti-miscegenation laws and Operation CHAOS, which was done by these very same people who claim to be ‘woke’ and ‘against the man’ now.

      I honestly believe the hoteps are out to ‘eat a food’ from their followers at this point, like what the pro-black Karl Marx did with Communism to sucker in the Asians and whites he hated into fighting and killing each other over absolute garbage. And I wouldn’t blame them, after all common sense doesn’t pay well.

      As shown with CONvid-1984, you could bring hard facts and absolute truth into the ears of the sheep and they will ignore it for the biggest lie possible if placed on a television screen or news report. In my opinion pro-wack goosesteppers and white nationalist Bolsheviks belong in the history books along with their master the racist Jew. Nobody should be pushing outdated and divsive racial theories at this moment, especially with Bill Gates, BoJo and Schwab pushing the Great Reset scheme.

      Isn’t it funny, that these race purists on both sides of the spectrum claim black men dating out will cause racial genocide, yet when we examine them carefully we find them going to South East Asia or otherwise not procreating with the same people whom they claim are being made extinct? Just something to keep in mind.

    1. Honestly these disgusting black bitches act like they can’t NOT twerk.

      Like MHD says, “How much proof do you need?”

  16. Even Exxon sent a cease-and-desist letter to these oil tankers.


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