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Misandry Against Heterosexual Black Men Is Real!

First and foremost any black man who chooses to deal with ANY woman who has no problems referring to him as a ni**er fully deserves the negative consequences of such actions, you have to be a complete fool and a dunce to think that you will ever get an ounce of respect from such low life sewage.

Again, trifling women are just not worth the hassle, you’ll notice that with women who hold to this kind of mentality, if they’re done wrong by men, just walking away and starting afresh is never the solution, they always have to go out with a literally bang and engage in heavy revenge.

Yet, isn’t it funny how the usual suspect maggles who are constantly jumping to the aid and defence of women like this are all of a sudden nowhere to be found when footage like this surfaces.

Don’t even get me started on what these chicken heads look like, weave, cake up to the hilt makeup, tattoos, fake eyelashes, all of the usual suspect fake attributes yet these delusional heifers magically expect to get scooped up by real men of quality, give me a break.

What I find very strange is the fact that there are so many women out here who make the worst choices when it comes to men, yet somehow believe that they’ll still miraculously get the best results, black women are the most professional at this skill, hence why I have no problems referring to the overwhelming majority of them as blockheads being dumber than a box of rocks.

In a nutshell, these unfortunately are too many of your modern day western women, daggles who should never be given the time of day under any circumstances. Gentlemen, as always the the message remains the same, when it comes down to the woman you want to be with, choose very wisely and AVOID scum buckets such as the above.

Unlike many lugheaded women out there, over here we clearly recognise that if you choose to deal with trash, garbage WILL definitely be the outcome. This has been a SYSBM public service announcement as per SYSBM Tenet Number 3. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Steer Clear Of Degenerate And Contaminated Females

Most High Bless

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47 thoughts on “Misandry Against Heterosexual Black Men Is Real!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Any woman who calls me a nigger I will tell her to fuck off and I will get rid of her quick. I haven’t got time for racist women who hate black men and feminists who hate all masculine three thinking men like myself. I am only interested in feminine good looking childfree non black women who caters towards me.

    1. Truth. It’s truly pathetic how low these black bitches have sunk. And they run around whining that Chabad Chev, Banker Rotschild and False Flag Fedowitz have destroyed things, you know the difference between these guys and the so called queanies? Action. When was the last time you saw a black woman actually go out and put Lord Shlomo in his place, nilich, nada.

      This is why I laugh when these ‘blood and soil’ pro blacks and/or these red flag waving, hammer and sickle white nationalists start spouting their nonsense about ‘muh white genocide’ or ‘if you don’t do this you ain’t black’. Nobody forced these simps and wignats to turn NEET losers into pasties for corrupt intelligence agencies, or go ebegging. As Brendon O’Connell pointed out, these black hoes and white beta males are agents getting paid to push an agenda and cause chaos.

      None of these white nationalists ever confronted Bill Gates on his shady past and his constant investment in Soviet Israel, where Russian GRU assets and Ukranians, Koreans and other Turkic people pretending to be ‘God’s chosen’ handle most of Microsoft’s sensitive assets. And I bet Umar ‘Wanna be Julius Evola’ Spengler is too busy fucking strippers to put his viewers attention on things like the Foundation of Geopolitics, the Fourth Industrial Revolution and communitarianism which is just the same old white nationalist colonialist nonsense given a nice wrapper.

      The negress, racist Jew and the beta white male need to be removed from power and bred out of existence ASAP, and if that means what’s left of the black race is a bunch of people who look like Naomi Osaka, Stephen Curry and Eisenhower, than so be it!

      As far as I’m concerned the three stooges of JP Morgan and the City of London can keep their racism to themselves, just don’t try that stuff near me or you’ll get put in your place immediately. These fools need to go back to fighting the Soviet oligarchs over trailer trash, basement dwellers and Jewish kids LARPING as Nazi Party members and keep their ignorant mouths shut on anything else. And you know what’s funny?

      Them having the audacity to call black men raccoons and savages. Bezmenov was right, who needs James Bond and the Kingsmen when you have a bunch of gassed up degenerates who will do the work of societal destruction for free?

      No sir, I’m no janitor, these heifers and beta white males can go back to the plantation and I’ll continue with my life. Slavery ended a long time ago, if they can’t accept that, none of my business.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Women who engage in that type of gutter language won’t even be considered in my book. These pro blacks think that kind of stuff is cute, NOT ME.

      1. They’re probably on some drugs or something man. With race purists you can never tell.

      2. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. Pro blacks are weak men who don’t value their manhood.

  2. Crickets from Dr. Umar, Aaron Fountain, Shawn James and other B1 simps. Why exactly are BM with their shit together supposed to rescue these ugly, trash, ghetto bitches from their bad choices. And you notice they went out of their way to find a Bustdown Becky to help shit on black men lol. I bet they thought they were doing something when they did that. Leave all these man-hating sheng-nu to their fate, gentlemen. They’ll be on Kevin Samuels next year crying for a “high value man.”

    “bUt whAt aRe tHEy sAviNg tHeMseLveS fROm????” LMAO!

    Everyday is a good day for SYSBM!

    1. They and the fat Jewish manchildren posing as wignats on 4chan are too busy fighting each other over the last SS uniform and Valkist flag up for auction. No wonder Gates and Boris Johnson were able to get away with so much, why bother with these schemes when your opposition is a bunch of delusional losers and the race purist movement is still in full swing?

    2. Schadenfreude,

      Black men of high quality and worth aren’t even looking in the direction of these raggedy vagabonds, recruiting dysfunctional Beckies to take a dump on black men isn’t going to help these black females at all.

      Like I’ve stated before, I stopped dealing with black women over 16 years ago and I’ve never looked back. As a SYSBM free thinking black man seeking out quality stargates means exactly that, trash like the above are immediately disqualified and excluded.

  3. I’ve checked a few women in my past who referred to me as ‘n*gga’ in conversation. I would never respond to a woman addressing me as n*gga.
    The same women who are comfortable calling Black men n*gga don’t refer to themselves as negress.
    Do they refer to Latinos as w*tbacks, white men is cr*ckers or Asians as ch*nks?

    Maggles and simps are as much of the problem as ratchets. The lack of a code of conduct and standard allows this infinite loop of disrespect and toilet bowl culture to spread like a virus.

    I refuse to associate with ratchets like those in the video. Their level of open misandry against Black men is at nuclear levels in 2021. And many men still don’t see how these women are working hand in hand with the other group of anti-BM segments.

    Let them all sink with the ship.

    Stay sharp gentlemen.

    1. King Sigma,

      These daggles get very comfortable using that gutter language with 12 Gauge Mike, Shifty Sizzla, Field Mouse and Chunky Bruh and so automatically believe that they can transfer their disrespectful jabberings over to clean cut, educated, intelligent, progressive, forward thinking heterosexual black men.

      Nope, as we know these delusional heifers worship white and other non black men because they can give them the mixed race children that they dream of having one day.

      Maggles and commuteps(as you call them) are a huge problem because they allow the black witch to run amuck with no boundaries in place and on top of that won’t hesitate to rail against those black men who attempt to check these feral hogs in order to bring standards and put some order in place.

      I really have to scratch my head at those black men who frequent YouTube panels with black women who hold to the feminist, I hate black men mentality and feel comfortable doing so, too many names immediately spring to mind, smh.

      1. These people are on serious meds man – check out Tumblr, 4chan or any other place where the black witch/Lord Euro coalition and Soviet wignat stooges fight over their supply of trailer trash and fat Jewish kids trying to act tough online. Just swinging from one mood to the next and in constant conflict – and they have the time for dick policing? These guys are definitely homo, else why would the black bitch be lynching white women and Lord Euro still be talking about the ‘white race’?

        1. The red pill community is allowing Black men especially to not make a decision. Red Pill BS artist have jumped into the high value man discussion claiming to have the formula to get the upper 20% of women to pay attention to the average man (bottom 80%).

          So the formula goes like this –

          Make six digits, loose 50 lbs (or more), buy my book/seminar so you know how to maneuver around the landmines that is dating in Anglo Culture.

          The Black Red Pillers, Fake and Funky, Sharpe as a tack, Pastor Amine and Clipboard holder Adams all try to make their message universal; Meaning they don’t want to alienate White, Asian and Latino men.

          Last I checked Black men don’t have the same problems other men have. They have all the advantages, we have one MAJOR advantage over all of them = Masculinity

          They also don’t promote relationships, more of a pump in dump strategy.

      2. Verbs, I don’t understand how they can be on live stream for 4-5-6 hours talking about the same thing. The basic premise is how to get BW to the negotiating table. They don’t want to come to the table.

        BW are dead to me.

  4. Who the fuck still needs to be told not to deal with these entities? Many dudes are like flies drawn to shit with this BW.

    1. It’s like Stockholm Syndrome with these babymama-raised simp niggas. Most think they can go no higher, nor do they want to. It’s bad enough they stay in the muck and mire with these masculine sheboons, but they want to dick police SYSBM bros, too. Crabs in a barrel.

      1. Verbs2015,

        I’ve been out of the loop this week, I was doing a little R and R in the mountains. I want to weigh in on black male simping and the worship of black women.

        I agree that most black men still deal with black women, most black men still worship black women. I find the black male simp so loathsome because he worships a cohort of females who are the coarsest, vilest, nastiest, most diseased ridden, most morally depraved, and stupidest females on the planet.

        When I left da communitah some years back, I started seeing the infamy of da communitah and all its characters in the clearest light. Its main characters being the scraggle daggle, the black male simp, and their demon spawn.

        While there are exceptional simps like Russel Wilson, who should know better, the typical black male simp is a loser. Black male simps are a cohort of males who jump thru hoops to get the approval of the scraggle daggle, who throws herself at every other male phenotype. This makes the black male simp a loser by definition.

        Most black male simps stay broke. The typical black male simp squanders his money trying to buy time with the scraggle daggle. I’ve observed black male simps who work all week making 8 bucks an hour, then go to black strip clubs and squander half their paychecks on the vilest, foulest, lousiest, stinking, diseased snatch on the planet. Now this is real simping.

        The scraggle daggle expects all black men to be simps and manginas. I try to give them a wide berth. But when we do cross paths, I’ve noticed the scraggle daggles get confused by my behavior and demeanor. Its like, they can’t believe that a black man with business about himself, is not drooling over them. Often they will throw themselves at me because they need the validation they get when a black man drools for them. The more I keep the wall up, the more they try to break it down. They need that validation.

        But back to the black male simp. I hate him so much because he doesn’t just hurt himself, but he hurts all black men. He especially causes harm to black men who don’t subscribe to simp ideology. The black male simp enables the scraggle daggle, empowers the scraggle daggle, and gases up the scraggle daggle. In his attempt to bend over backwards to win the scraggle daggle’s approval, the black male simp is often a bigger misandrist than the scraggle daggle.

  5. And to think we have these bozos in the Manosphere asking what we’re saving ourselves from; based on what we see in this video, we’re saving ourselves from being set up to be robbed, a pet being run over, your homework being used as toilet paper, unfaithful whoredom, tampering with your personal property, and your female relatives (specifically grandma) being assaulted if you upset her. All of them confessed to these things with pride, yet they wanna moan about being stereotyped when Hollywood depicts them as such.

    Note the White women they included in this clip (you know, because White women do it, too); the first may look like the “girl next door” type, but the daggle spirit has possessed her; as for the girl that spoke after her, it’s clear she’s been influenced heavily by the daggle. This is why Tenet #22 states, “SYSBM brothers do not deal with non black women who have black females as friends because hanging around black women is guaranteed to leave them contaminated and thus no different to the dysfunctional black females we walked away from to begin with”.

    Lastly, if the scraggle daggle’s idea of women ruling the world entails exhibiting reprobate behavior, I doubt know what else to say except that Western women are done! Always remember, whoever you date is politics. #SYSBM

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Well said, those who continue to ask such a dumb question are either being deliberately disingenuous or genuinely having been wallowing in the filth and the mire for so long, they honestly don’t know any better and as a result can’t raise their standards.

      As I and many other brothers here have stated before, when dealing with white women, as an SYSBM practitioner one must go for the Beckiest Becky available, in other words a white women who knows little to nothing about black culture.

      Women aren’t running anything and many continue to delude themselves because certain men in high places have GIVEN them temporary privileges, as I stated in Negro Wars, if we gave women an uninhabited piece of land and all the materials and equipment needed to build brand new infrastructure, returning to that place in a year I guarantee that NOTHING WOULD BE BUILT.

      They think their snatch is a oasis of heavenly bliss, such to the point where they can use it to control any man, yes, the simps and manginas, however level headed free thinking men will NOT be sucked into the cooch worshipping vortex.

      1. GAME! You’re right, BW and feminists would be out on the streets if Lord Shlomo and Baron Everstein got tired of them now.

      2. Verbs2015,

        “Those who continue to ask such a dumb question are either being deliberately disingenuous or genuinely having been wallowing in the filth and the mire for so long, they honestly don’t know any better and as a result can’t raise their standards.”

        Indeed; it’s just as George Orwell stated in his classic novel ‘1984’, “By lack of understanding, they remained sane”.

  6. This video has one white chick contaminated by the negress radiation.

    Breeding out will help remove some contamination.

    I wish it could wipe out all contamination.

    No dark skinned black females in existence.

    Mixed biracial replacement is needed globally.

    It has a chance to work in western societies.

    Won’t be possible to achieve that in Africa and the Caribbean due to very high contaminated negress populations of radiation diseases.


    1. WitWijf,

      Daggledom in West Africa namely Nigeria:

      The same disrespectful attitude as the black daggles who reside in the West, smh. Commenter Black Picard isn’t wrong when he states that the contamination has seeped into Africa, this is especially the case with West African women who in some cases are even worse than black women born in the West.

      The simps in that clip want to be Man Man and Skillet so badly trying their utmost to impress the masculine weave heads, lol.

      1. I’m actually shocked to see that. Can’t believe they’re pulling that in Africa. There are a lot of laws in the western world that makes the harlot untouchable when it comes to holding her accountable. I wasn’t aware that women could even get away with that kind of behavior down there without getting beaten to death.

        1. How can you be shocked? This behavior has been going on throughout Africa since the had access to the internet. I’ve said this once and said it before, Black women in America influence Black women all over the world. You are starting to see many of the same problems. Only Brazilian Black women don’t largely act ratchet; Having said they they overwhelmingly prefer to date White men from Europe. They will date Black men from the United States but most North Americans go to Rio firstly.

          Anywhere there are Black women some ratchet behavior is to follow.

      2. Owiee, you had me right there. And these people wonder why nobody likes them and the only people apart from their sick fanbase who can handle them are Chabad Chev, AK Kagalovitz, Banker Rotschild and Trailer Tim. As far as I’m concerned BW and Lord Euro can have the incels and the NEETs to fight the Soviets for, just don’t bring the racism here or you’ll get clapped.

  7. How to make a Daggle cry. Ask them why your daddy left you behind 😂

    Classic case of a gang of women with daddy issues being raised by Daggles with daddy issues. Guaranteed Monica and (Bye) Felicia were raised by single mothers looking to gain clout.

    Nothing to worry about here. Remember, trash finds trash.

    1. LOL…good one. These comedy strip idiots remain losing, not my problem. Ah well, these types never gain any damn maturity at all.

        1. True. A lot of these BW and Lord Euro types are on drugs and also involved in degenerate activities. There is no other group of people except for Chabad lunatics and the international banking class I hate with a passion, because the black bitch and beta white male is just the racist Jew without the Talmud and money. And I mean it.

          Rabbi Rubin preaches hate against black men and encourages sexual abuse of white women? BW will go and lynch Becky for dating Jamal and Redneck Rick will gladly follow the DemoKKKrats to his doom.

          Chabad Chev tells his followers to support Soviet Israel and enforce noahide law? Shaniqua and Brad will steal the money of their district and send it all to AIPAC to pay for a trip to this worthless banana republic filled with GRU assets and Koreans larping as ‘God’s chosen’.

          BW and white betas love things like this, because it makes them feel important and allows them to take out their anger on other people.

          Everything guys like Gates and his boss the Rebbe say, these idiots jump onto it and spout the nonsense wholeheartedly, like dogs trained on command. And then they wonder why nobody wants to date them, the black community is a shithole and people mock them whenever they pass.

          Everytime somebody tried to improve the plight of the black man and white woman, these two sets of scumbags always jumped in to either stop it or corrupt it. They proudly accepted the role of overseers, house negroes and shoeshine boys during slavery and even helped the chosenites with the transatlantic slave trade.

          I hope more Ukrainians and Koreans don’t go to Soviet Israel and head to the US, so they can take the IT jobs and science positions that BW and Lord Euro carelessly ignored. I hope more Middle Easterners go as well, so that Shaniqua and Bottom Shelf Brad start feeling uncomfortable. And I wish that the few black men worth a damn would marry their daughters and leave the black community so that BW, racist Jews and white betas wouldn’t have anything more to steal, and would have to focus on fixing the problems they created.

          And these pro-wacks….God’s they’re a joke. All they do is spout the same nonsense their ideological forefathers in the Valkists did and bring nothing of substance. These people are literal cartoon characters and noone with a brain should be taking them seriously at this point.

    2. Michel,

      The dickhead mothers who raised them rarely ever get the blame for their messed up, disjointed mindsets, nope, instead the father that was absent is always put down as the culprit. Non black women despite their various shortcomings understand this, not the modern day black female though, smh.

  8. These scraggle daggles belong to the trash. I’m not surprised of what I’m seeing with black women. You can’t make this stuff up. These scraggle daggles are everywhere from North, West, South and East. How can black men date these women? I know the simps will date these women. And not only that, these simps like Bareback Fountain, D Derailed, Shawn James and Shawn James will want thinking black men to be with these women. 55 per cent of black men are with non black women in Britain because of the dysfunctional behaviour of black women. All we see is black women fighting and fucking.

    1. Money Cultural,

      Most black men in the UK are dating out, that tells us all we need to know. Black women in the US can play those silly games of pretending that they don’t have a clue as to why black men by the truck loads are walking away from them because unfortunately over there, most black men still deal with the daggle, however over here than nonsense will not and cannot fly.

      1. That is so true! There is three things. Black men have to find a good black woman which is hard to find, two, he has to deal with the scraggle daggle which will give her a hard time, three be a player or four, date non black women. He might as well date non black women and settle down with a non black woman.

  9. It’s Videos like this That Continue to Remind me that American Black Females are a No-Go & This Goes for Non-Black Females that have that Ratchet Mentality as the One in that Video Does. All We see in that Video is Gutter Trash With a Capital ”G”. Wifeing up Train Wrecks like those in that Video is Like Buying Popcorn When your Hungry for Prime Rib. It Also Comes Back to When Actress Monique was Critiquing How Black Females in America Carry Themselves & As you Can See. They Carry Themselves off in the Most Putrid Manner Possible. They Don’t Like/Hate White Woman, But they Accept White Women Who Have the Same Ghetto Ratchet Attitudes as Them. They Say they Don’t like Lames, But they Love Guys like Nick Cannon & Less I Miss my Guess. Years Ago Sistah’s was Calling Him Lame. They Say Support Black Businesses. Yet Who be Going into these Asian Beauty Salon Stores? It’s like Everyone Can Always Critique Black Men, Because it’s Practically More of a Pastime in America More so than Baseball, But When it Comes to Black Women Who Make Mistakes, Who Don’t Act Right, Who Don’t wanna Compete, Who Don’t Practice Good Hygiene or Put Out Garbage like this on Social Media for All the World to Witness. It’s Always ”BACK OFF”. The Double Standards are Very Real When it Comes to us Straight Black Men Brothers. I Will Continue to Steer as Clear as Possible From Bitter American Black Female’s & Non-Black Females with Hood Mentality. Cause How Can you Find a Life Mate of Your own Race that is Unwilling to Embrace Femininity by that I Mean Being a Woman, But Will Always Embrace Negativity/Stupidity? #SYSBM For Life!!!

  10. Say no to scraggle, there’ll be no daggle.

    Black women HATE you, they hate themselves, they hate dark skin, they hate blackness, yet they will use said blackness to try to leverage being felt sorry for because “deyz don’t likez black folksez.”

    The same one bitching about colorism today will call you an “ain’t shit black ass NIGGA!!” If you so much as fart in her general direction.

    Meanwhile, Captain Cold and his Frost soldiers can quite literally be ain’t shit and come right out of a halfway house for doing meth, and these same chicks will put on the ritz and lay out the red carpet for him.

    1. You’re right. Projection is one of the most dangerous things ever. And you forgot Rabbi Rubin, Chabad Chev and Banker ROtschild who along with Kim Il Soong and Missa Chin, make Bottom Shelf Brad look like a saint.

    2. They can also be one of the biggest White Supremacist Gangs in America and not be called that by most mainstream media. I posted a link above, check it out.

      1. Okay, no problem. If people knew about what goes on in those orthodox communities and the amount of ‘white nationalist’ foot soldiers who later turn out to be ‘Eastern Europeans’ originating from Central Asia with Western names mad their crush got taken away by Tyrone (when the rabbi who sold them the plan was the one who caused the problem in the first place), Langley would be in flames and Bi Bi would be in a grave six feet under. I saw the link, no surprise there as these rednecks keep on displaying their stupidity to the world.

        Whether it be miscegenation laws, supporting the Entente in WW1 and then allowing the Soviets to claim half of the world because they and black women were too busy feeding their bloated egos to deal with boots on the ground data, these people are a good reason for term limits and hard and honest labor.

        And they moan about white genocide, who cares about that when these Southern states basically are Maxfield and Mobay on a good day? From what I’ve heard the drug use and abuse problems are off the charts. It’s clear BW, Soviets & Lord Euro are out of tricks and the jig is up. If all they can do is staff these burn the coal websites and spout hasabara propaganda from the Talmud, then let’s just put them on an island with the international banking class and let them have all the NEETs they want.

  11. And as mentioned above, her you a non-black chick that has and wants NOTHING to do with most other black folks or blsck culture. Get the whitest, Mormon Becky alive, one that people are generally SHOCKED to see dating a black guy.

    Get one that does NOT attend liberal BLM bullshit rallies, does NOT listen to rap, does NOT hang out with daggles, etc.

    Dealing with Asians and Indians makes this even easier, though with some of those groups, the less black/more ethnically ambiguous you are yourself, the better.

    1. I don’t know about the ones at BLM marches, rallies. They seem to be from my conversions down for the brown. They are ready to steal you from Black women and will do it right in front of them.

      As Dr T Hassan has talked about, the majority of women in his Black Studies course are non-Black women, mostly Latinas.

      The whole thing is about to shift, be part of it or get left at the station. I am not recommending you hook up with women in the US, just saying that in some pockets exist reasonable women.

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