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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

These modern day dysfunctional black females are always begging for some sort of handout from celebrities and other prominent individuals but at the same time will accuse black men of being “broke ass “n***as”, smh:

Do you see this, they can’t even conduct themselves in an orderly manner when in the presence of famous people as can be seen with these feral hogs who were involved in a livestream with singer Ray J.

An absolute disgrace, queanies scrounging, begging and grovelling for handouts for the “da communitah”(which is really black women themselves)they single handedly helped destroy with their own hands, you can’t make this stuff up. This is exactly what you get in 2021 and beyond when dealing with “black queens”. Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, you’ve got the floor gentlemen, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mindset)

Most High Bless

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77 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

  1. Verbs 2015.

    These black women are always begging black celebrities for money to give back to the black community because the black woman and these black male thugs destroyed the black community plus these black women and the black community as a whole are too fucking lazy to get off their ass and get a job. Black celebrities don’t owe the black community jack shit. If I was a celebrity I ain’t giving the black community and black women fuck all because I worked very hard to get to where I am. I took the covid test yesterday because I am going to the 51st State Festival on the 7th August 2021 and they require you to either be double jabbed or have a negative covid test and thank god I tested negative for covid yesterday. This proves my point that the whole covid 19 situation is bullshit and I am still not taking the fucking vaccine because it will kill me.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      These black heifers loved Obama because he allowed them to sit on their overweight duffs doing nothing but creaming off the government welfare and benefits. You already know the saying, the devil makes work for idle hands and nowhere is this demonstrated with ultra precision than in “da communitah”.

      The Covid test as we’ve proven before is a load of bollocks, 97% inaccurate, however because of that it’s a convenient instrument being used to keep the Convid scam going.

    2. I hate that Lateral Flow Test.
      Quicy, I give you a quick tip:
      Before you take the test and make sure no one see you do this, make sure you tonge is clean, then just dip the test kit on your tounge, that is all and skip all this gullet and nose. That way it will come out Negative.
      This usually works.

      1. Michael Mister Tea.

        That’s a good idea Michael as I never thought of that before.

    3. Any venue that requires a “test” can go jump in the fires of hell. The CDC (Can’t decide cases) can’t tell the difference between the flu and the CONVIDs anyway and I’m not shoving any part of myself in their wonky products.

      1. Michel.

        It’s gonna get worse than that Michel. From September 2021 if you don’t get double covid jab then you can’t go anywhere.

      2. Michel,

        Agreed, from September the rubber meets the road, those businesses that choose to follow the government protocols can get the middle finger as far as I’m concerned.

  2. Good Open Topic Wednesday morning,

    Actor Alfonso Ribeiro also known as Carlton Banks and host of America’s Funniest Home Videos recently voiced his concerns about not being fully accepted by black people.

    “Alfonso Ribeiro Speaks Out On Blacks Not Supporting Him Over White Wife.”

    1. Alfonso Ribeiro should realise once you date white, you don’t go back.

      Not being accepted is a relief, not a concern.

      Dating is always politics.

      Most blacks are liberal by default.


      1. >Most blacks are liberal by default.

        Who do you think raised these blacks? The liberal scraggle to the tune of 80%. That is a built-in program.


    2. Brotherdanunlimited,

      Alfonso needs to focus more on seeking out like minded black folks like himself to link up with rather than trying to fit in with and be accepted by degenerates and scum bucket Negroes.

  3. Hi Verbs!
    Great post. Um, I don’t really deal with black ghetto scraggles, so doesn’t apply to me.
    My shields protect me from such degenerate miscreants 24/7/365.

    I did want to repost this though bcuz I AM PISSED!

    EVERYTHING Massa Britain does, Canada follows right along like a good loyal subject. Check this shit out. Is this also happening in the UK?

    📌 “A pop up vaccine clinic in Canada that is offering kids free ice cream in exchange for a vaccine, no parental permission required. Police are guarding the front to stop parents from intervening.” 📌

    Seriously, it’s time to crack some fukin skulls. Totally, TOTALLY disappointed in white people since they are running the show yet a majority of them are just a bunch of cowardly video game playin simps who dig anal sex or nagging feminist Karens who think they’re woke.

    On another note, my very good Kenyan friend who is like a sister to me went for her SECOND jab the other day…didn’t even tell me about the first one. Now she wants me to come over & fix her daughter’s laptop. I’m thinking of revoking her IT privileges. I sent her TONS of plandemic info on Telegram/WhatsCrapp AND she still went & took the jab!!! Fucking stoooopid Kiyuk (a tribe)! I can’t hang with her any more…don’t want no spike proteins shedding on me…great cook though. Damn!

    I tell ya, the more I look around, it’s WOMEN who are doing a LOT of DUMB shit. They will all pay dearly with their lives. I guess it’s due to male doctors sticking shit up their vaginas. Or taking birth control pills or shots or all other kinds of stoopid meds. WOMEN are pathetic when it comes to being COMPLIANT SHEEP. Baaaaaah baaaaah baaaah!

    1. Black Picard,

      Unfortunately some folks are so deeply brainwashed that they are completely beyond anybody’s help, Africans already having had extremely troubling experiences with “vaccines” should know better than to line themselves up for this experimental gene therapy potion. The clock is ticking on your friend, she should’ve know better and regrettably she will very soon.

      Some just don’t have the sense to cut off the main source of the propaganda ie the television. I haven’t heard anything that relates to offering children ice cream in exchange for the bioweapon, however rest assured that such an “incentive” will land on these shores sooner or later.

      As I’ve stated before, the police constable that once upon a time you’d invite into your home for tea and biscuits is long gone, common law police constables have now been replaced with non critical thinking “officers” who enforce government policies and do what they’re told without question.

      I completely agree brother, the time for cracking skulls is long overdue, guillotines, hangings and burning alive at the stake must be brought back into function to deal with all of the complicit scum buckets and all the evil they have wrought in the name of “public health”.

      1. Follow up…
        I just had a HUGE, HUGE ginormous argument with my expat AmeriKunt female friend down the road. She THINKS I’m being SELFISH for NOT getting the jab. Says the adverse reactions being reported are not even 1%. Riiiight.
        She’s such a fucking MSM DSTV/Netflix addict. Sending me an official email from (laughs!) the CDC.

        I tell ya, a majority of womin truly are dumb & ignorant when it comes to this diablolic NWO globalist shit. She THINKS I’m the one getting brainwashed from all the Alt-Media sites I browse. I might soon have to cut her off for being intellectually dishonest about this whole CONvid scamdemic & wanting me to take a CHANCE like she did either with the Pfizer or AZ jab. Stoopid brainwashed fool.

        One other note, if things get worse, I seriously hope the woke armed patriotic masses will go after the evil lying ZioPress establishment & their live broadcasters. They’ve really turned a good half of the population into blathering fools who THINK they know the score. They don’t!! Heads seriously need to roll for mind fucking more than half the sheeple to go against their better judgement.

        There’s a reason I don’t have an idiot box TV in my place for almost 20 years now. THE MSM must be DESTROYED.

    1. Old washed up feminist wench that dating game was gonna be easy mode as long as she is alive 🤣.Wrong the dating paradigm starts to shift once a woman turn 30. In Asia and some parts of Europe the shift starts before 25.At the end of they say these old washed up wenches are just upset because their time is up and their being replaced with younger models.She wrote that article under the disguise Of like she cares about these naive younger girls being used and manipulated by older more experience men.But that’s all bs She only said it’s misogyny because she can’t handle the reality that her days riding the cock carousel is over and her only date options she has left or guys she considers undesirable while all the “high value” men are going for younger women

    2. I couldn’t finish reading that nonsense; this same chick, if presented the opportunity to date a rich older man like Leonardo DiCaprio, would jump at the opportunity. This is another feminist attempt to expand the definition of “rape culture”.

    3. When I was as young as 13, chicks in my class were messing with high school guys already. By the time I was in high school, those same hoes were having sex with guys in their 20s who had cars and jobs and their own cribs. Now when a man dates younger, those old feminist buzzards cry foul when they used to be that very same chick. And how is it MiSOgYny when you are actually dating and having sex with females? MiSoGyNy is when you hate women? Fuck these sheng-nu. Keep the “Wall of Indifference”™ up. SYSBM, brothers.

  4. What you saw in the video is what you get with most modern day BW. If you choose to date them get ready for drama from them, their friends, and their family. If guys want to dig to try to find that needle in the hay stack go ahead, but your time would be better spent elsewhere. Keep the Wall up

    1. Western black “womin” have been OFF my hunting list for a loooong time. Their idiotic persona is starting to infect Africa though. All of sudden, I’m seeing black African gals wearing ripped jeans at the knees, stooopid tatoos they have NO CLUE about the meaning & just getting more ratchet & outta shape.

      I fully agree with your needle/haystack analogy: Abandon the “Western” BW ship at all costs. Them womin have zero mental processing abilities. They’ve destroyed the Communitah, so they can fucking keep it. Thanks goodness I scored me a cute sensual petite black unicorn though — with REAL hair, eyelashes & nail. I ain’t ever bringing her to West for a vacation. Nope!

      1. Good point. BW and white beta males are completely lost. Imagine selling out for trinkets and token position of power. No wonder this ‘lockdown for climate change’ and vaccine depopulation agenda continues.

    1. Absolutely disgusting!!
      I wonder who’s the ignorant black kneegroe simp that juiced her (it) up.
      That HipRap crap has really done in the black masses. And the Western black degeneracy continues.

      1. Even the renowned Satanist Alexander Dugin would be embarrassed at what the black community has become. BW, racist liberals and the progressive movement are done, they did nothing to stop Lord Shlomo in the 20th century and ever since Trump was elected they’ve been with this alt-right, swirling and divestment nonsense accompanied with a new ‘Cold War’ to distract the masses. Putin is a overrated clown and I hope he and the KGB get hauled over at the Hague, but he and the Soviets would have never gotten the power they now have if it wasn’t for the ignorant, stupid and delusional cult-like behavior of Shaniqua and Lord Euro.

        Again this proves the utter insanity of the race purists, if BW and Lord Napoleon were really as superior as they claim to be they and the Soviets would have destroyed the planet a long time ago. Instead we have Chabad Chev eliminating his white pawns with migrants and refugees in Europe while manipulating the reactionary communist movement in Israel and Russia and using his control over the media and technology to have the counter revolutionaries destroy each other over stupid terms.

        It’s so simple, even a child could see it after being shown news articles of Belt and Road and how close Israel, Russia and China are with each other. Since BW are now attempting to fleece the anti racism movement out of money in order to cover their crimes, why don’t they do a PR campaign exposing Likud and the close connections Nuttyahoo had with the Russian Soviets and Chabad? Oh wait, they don’t have time for that.

        Chasing after their lord and savior, lynching white women and inciting violence are waayy, way, more important than dealing with a national security risk that has the religious right completely wrapped around its finger and is the main cause of the ‘white genocide’ they love to moan and bitch about.

        Bunch of delusional idiots just like their Zionist lord and master.

    2. I thought the news would be Young Ma GOT SOMEBODY PREGNANT. These bulldykes stay falling onto penis. Niggas will stick their dick into anything smh.

  5. Simone Biles to Skip Individual All-Around Final; Her Next Olympics Event Is Scheduled for Sunday


    She quit on her team in the middle of an Olympic event for “mental health” reasons. The media is trying to make her seem like a hero. SMDH

    1. So much for feminists leading the world, this chick can’t even finish strong. Michael Jordan’s father was killed and MJ pushed his team to 2 more championships. That is a CHAMPION. That and the she-boy Megan Rapinoe’s bullshit soccer team LOSING their opener. GOOD. Fuck these hoes.

  6. I notice over a month ago that there are some passengers are becoming ‘Anti-Face mask rebels’.
    Meaning people are not wearing face masks. This was a month before the ‘Freedom Day’.
    I can tell by they are not wearing an Face Mask Excemption.

    I think the TFL staff just gave up and thinking ‘What is the point’.
    I do not blame them at all because TFL Enforcement themselves know Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London is full of it and they are tired of this Face Mask rules anyway.
    This is because the Liberal Londoners want to keep the mask.

    1. Mister Master,

      I wouldn’t be so sure, I went through Barking station a short time ago and there were a load of of police including plain clothes detectives checking to see if people were wearing masks. Commenter Michel I believe last week said that he was checked up on by a TFL Enforcement officer goon not so long ago as well.

      They seem to be picking random spots to Gestapo patrol, like it says on the government website, exemption badges are completely voluntary, if you ever happen to forget your badge at home and you get stopped, always remember that.

      1. Barking is one of the Major Stations. Just like Euston or Kings Cross, that is where you see the TFL cops. You will not see them in the minor Stations.

        Look out for the Major Stations.
        The police is are in those areas usually during peak hours.

      2. Stratford is where TfL send police at the barriers to mask police everyone coming through. That’s all these deep state agents can do, most are taking them off once past that point.
        My run in with Karen seemed to be a personal one for her. Freedom Day, not if she could have it.

        Fear ops, Nothing more. They’re losing control. Anyone “backing the blue” over this?

        1. Michel,

          When the conflagration gets delivered to the chests of these police, they can’t fix their mouths to say they weren’t warned or didn’t know any better. I have no idea how any individual can fix their minds to enforce evil upon another persuading themselves that they’re doing it for the “greater good” even though they know it’s wrong. I’ll continue saying it, these modern day police are an enemy of the people and need to be treated as such.

    1. Looks like Lashanda got inducted into Murderpedia hall of fame for her 2011 grand finale:

      Let’s be honest here though…
      Her partner/boyfriend Jean Pierre is a dumb despicable nigga simp who seems to only think with his dick. He most likely deserves a beatdown.

      Although she’s still a dumb psycho BW for even thinking of taking her kids to Hell with her, she ALLOWED his philandering ways & her imagination to, literally, DRIVE her into insanity & ultimately death.

      I know we rightfully rag on BW a LOT here. But let’s not pretend that the non-SYSBM niggas like JP are any better than the scraggles. They’re NOT!

      And lookie here, the playboy JP is an opportunistic scumbag trying to profit from driving his gf insane:

      The father of the three children who drowned after they were driven into the Hudson by his ex files $80million in lawsuits

    1. I didn’t even read all of that shit. Dark skinned BW will never accept the fact that they can’t force people to find them attractive. They are mad that fair skinned and bi-racial BW are getting all the Black female roles, which is why so many BW don’t want society to consider mixed BW black. Dark skinned BW are against everyone, except possibly the WM.

      1. And who can forget the chosenites? BW and white betas love the racist Jew, after all Tel Aviv is the homosexual and LGBTQP+ capital of the world and we all know the former’s real opinion towards those things. Lord Shlomo also provides Bottom Shelf Brad and Shaniqua with endless amount of idiots to feel superior to, like the alt-right and Christian fundamentalists and God help you if you try to get them off this self-righteousness. These idiots whine about ‘muh Russia’ and ‘black men dating out killing the white race’, yet do nothing of importance in order to preserve this supposedly superior white race.

        And who came up with this nonsense again? Ah wait, the same tribe of merchants whom these black bitches and white nationalists claim to oppose. If you’re supposedly ‘pro-white’ and against ‘white genocide’ (this is so funny it’s sad) why would you be picking up the philosophy and ideology of your enemy?

        These pro-blacks and wignats are definitely on the payroll at this point in time. Russia and Eastern Europe are still mostly ‘white’, why not drop the chosenites and liberate these nations from the Soviets in order to increase white birth rates? Or even better, stop supporting degeneracy?

        No wonder white women are running to black men at record rates, who wants a bunch of entitled idiots as partners anyways? Claiming to have a big game,but can’t back it up, what a joke.

    1. I hope he doesn’t get fucked up by the community and the burn the coal crowd….congrats for him.

      1. He won’t as long his bride-to-be can keep up the urban image that black folks in his audience likes.

  7. So now the un-vaccinated are the fall guys. SYSBMers, here comes the tyranny. But notice how Biden takes a hands off approach to the crooked war-mongering military. That tells you right away this is a scam bcuz the “hired guns” aren’t interested in depopulating themselves. That’s for We The Sheeple.

    Right from the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird media asset, CNN, and that libtard media outlet HuffPost:

    Biden will announce vaccination requirement across federal government on Thursday

    The announcement will come in remarks where Biden is also expected to lay out a series of new steps, including incentives, in an attempt to spur new vaccinations as the Delta variant spreads rapidly throughout the country. It will also follow the decision by the Department of Veterans Affairs to require its frontline health care workers to be vaccinated over the course of the next two months….

    While the specifics are still being finalized, the source said, federal workers would be required to attest to their vaccination status or submit to regular testing. The source said the proposal will be roughly similar to what is being implemented in New York City. Additional requirements for the unvaccinated could be added as agencies push to vaccinate their employees.

    Biden will not impose the requirement on the US military, despite his authority to do so, for the time being. He is, however, likely to outline how the Department of Defense may seek to approach the issue going forward, the source said.
    Asked if he thinks the new revised guidance on masks from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will lead to confusion for Americans, Biden cast blame on unvaccinated Americans, saying that if they had been vaccinated “we’d be in a very different world.”

    “We have a pandemic because the unvaccinated and they’re sowing enormous confusion. And the more we learn about this virus and the Delta variantion, the more we have to be worried and concerned. And there’s only one thing we know for sure, if those other hundred million people got vaccinated, we’d be in a very different world,” he said.

    Biden Says Vaccine Mandate For Federal Employees ‘Under Consideration’
    The president said he was considering requiring COVID-19 vaccines for federal employees. At least one report said the mandate would be announced this week…

    CNN, citing a source with direct knowledge of the issue, reported that a vaccine mandate for federal workers was imminent.

    Biden will announce the mandate on Thursday, the network reported. It will require all federal employees and contractors to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or undergo regular testing and other measures, CNN said.

    Biden’s remarks on Tuesday came on the heels of a reversal in mask guidance by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, which said earlier in the day that it now recommended vaccinated people wear masks indoors in areas with “substantial” and “high” transmission of the coronavirus. Those descriptions currently apply to more than 60% of all U.S. counties.

    Things are about to get veeery interesting after Thursday, folks! Somebody’s DESPERATE to vaccinate the Western world. Hmmmmn, I wonder why.

    Let’s see how many sheep who work for the crooked Feds go along with this new mandate. Hope every1 at NSA, CIA, FBI, DEA, ATF, DHS & Captain Amerika’s other alphabet goon agencies are FORCED to take the jab. Good riddance!!

  8. Lord Jesus. The masculine energy is so off the damn charts with these black women. Don’t make no damn sense. I’m just completely turned off by the Black woman in America, UK, and Africa. How I’m suppose to find that attractive, a female who stays having a big chip on her shoulder 24/7? Black women in America don’t have no type of ability to be anything but a savage, and that’s why they stay not having no type of stable relationship with anybody. I don’t even think I can see myself having a black woman as a partner because they do not know what the hell they want.

    As for the COVID-19 mess, they getting desperate as hell, and it’s not gonna be a good look. Like I said, all this agendas and evilness they trying to push, will be trace back to them. I find it funny they trying to hide shit, and getting off the hook. If I had that type of power, none of these psychos wouldn’t be off the hook for sure. Plus, they done cause a civil war out here from their desperation of forcing that vaccination on us.

  9. Senator Rand Paul is probably the only intelligent member of CONgress with a brain since, like his dad former Libertarian Congressman Ron Paul, he’s a trained medical doctor. So Fauci’s crap ain’t gonna fly with the wise Senator.

    Fauci public got GRILLED & embarrassed by Senator Paul. It’s about time bcuz this man needs to be hanged for mass murder. Unfortunately, you will NOT see this on the Mainstream ZioPress.

    Direct video link: Rand Paul ENDS Dr. Fauci’s Whole Career As He Panics and FREAKS OUT

    Sen. Rand Paul CORNERS Dr. Fauci on gain-of-function [Video]
    This is the definition of ‘damn good television’ (or YouTube video, if you prefer)

    This is as close to a “smoking gun” as one can get at this time. Doctor (and Senator) Rand Paul cornered Dr. Anthony Fauci in a hearing before a Senate committee today covered by multiple networks. CNBC reports:

    Dr Fauci exploded in a heated exchange in which he maintained that the reports were checked “up and down the line” and found not to be “gain of function” research.

    Senator Paul wasn’t having it. He used some very solid information to show that the very research Dr. Fauci and the National Institute of Heath was funding in Wuhan, China was in point of fact, designed to take viruses that were not transmissible to humans and alter their spike proteins to create a “chimeric” virus (one made of many different spliced pieces of genetic material) to make them transmissible to humans

    …One interesting note: One of the available video clips showing this was courtesy of NBC. The US Mainstream network, NBC. In other words, this has gone mainstream, though mere months ago all the mainstream networks were calling people who believed COVID originated in a lab “idiots.” NBC’s version was edited and carefully manipulated to try to make Senator Paul look like the fool, but this attempt may not work well…

    …Doctor Fauci was badly cornered today. If he really is innocent of the allegation that Senator Paul is putting forth, I feel very sorry for him, for he is not giving any sort of good defense.

    In Dr. Fauci’s response, one can hear him using a great number of “technicalities” to try to clear his name of responsibility for the research that may have resulted in the development of SARS-CoV-2…

    Dr. Fauci was unable to put in simple and understandable terms what Senator Rand Paul was able to do. In fact, he was barely even able to articulate his thoughts in clear English on at least one stunning occasion. He sounded like he was pulling ideas out of the air… and maybe he was.

    Hopefully something might come out of this Senate hearing. But I doubt it bcuz the ignorant “Western” sheep masses are asses.

  10. Just disgusting, now performing covid tests on babies, before we know it they’ll be jabbing babies in the womb. As for the other commentator mentioning women being compliant with the covid nonsense, women are compliant by nature, they bow to peer pressure and are pretty much cowards when you think about it. I wasn’t surprised they’ll comply the most.

    I really do think there is going to be a winter of discontent coming, food shortages in the UK already. Reminds me of the US, it seems what happens in America happens in the UK 3 – 6 months later.

    When are people going to take their rights back?

    Anglo-Saxon nations are cowards since they couldn’t even resist this but yet some people call the French “surrender monkeys” even though the French has put up more resistance, apparently there’s been rumor that his security detail has resigned but there’s not many sources stating that.

    1. Yep, then the English will bemoan the illegal immigrants (anyone who isn’t white, even if you were born there) for all of their economic and dating problems, but will allow a satanic health system to insert graphene in a newborn baby?

  11. This is an AMAZING informational post by user LibertyAcademy.


    The UGLY TRUTH about the Covid-19 Vaccines – Massive Adverse Reactions and Multiple Deaths Reported

    This will be one of the most important posts I have ever made.

    So, as to provide the reader with the most clear, unbiased, and objective information, I will refrain from presenting personal opinions and instead lay bare the facts so that that you can decide for yourself upon the validity and cruciality of the matter at hand.

    I have decided to structure this post as follows:

    1. Introduction (including What is a Covid-19 vaccine and which drug companies are providing them?).
    2. Official Facts & Figures from VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System).
    3. Medical Doctors Opposing the Covid-19 vaccine.
    4. The WHO’s statement (about the Covid-19 vaccine).
    5. Relevant Articles documenting Adverse Reactions & Deaths.
    6. How to protect yourself against unwanted forced vaccines.
    7. Conclusion.

    Excellent stuff that should be reblogged everywhere in the AltMedia web space.

    1. Gentlemen,

      Peep this Orwellian, gulag garbage right here, now these hospitals in the UK want to PCR test children fresh out of the womb and guess what will happen if the child tests positive, that’s right, the hospital will take charge of(kidnap) the child claiming the right to do so under the guise of “public health”.

      The NHS is a Gestapo, jackboot organisation just like the police, anybody who wants children no matter where they are in the world is strongly advised NOT to have their significant other give birth in a hospital, as soon as you sign their paperwork, they feel that they own you and anything that precedes from your loins.

      At this stage the guillotine needs to be brought back into functional service, this is how steeped in corruption and evil too many people in the UK are, they can’t even recognise the draconianism and the evil garbage they’re helping to enforce upon others.

      NHS staff complying with and participating in this wickedness need to be beheaded or burned alive at the stake:

      1. Wow, totally fucked up!!
        I wonder if that NHS staff is pissed off bcuz they took the jab & are now looking for misery to join them. It’s scary being around so many compliant sheep bots who should know better — especially “medical professionals” who took an oath.

        This is why the brilliant Founding Fathers wrote the 2nd Amendment into the US Constitution. They knew tyranny could always be around the corner. And, well, Deep State tyranny is attacking We The Sheeple like a relentless pack of wolves on the hunt for a meal.


      2. I’m sorry I ever clapped for them.

        Verbs called it bread and circus theatrics at the time, it was much more sinister than that. The guillotine, firing squad and the ol hung drawn and quartered for every baby they’ve kidnapped and tested.

      3. Verbs,

        I’m not sure if you had intended to post this under my comment, but regardless of that, this video is madness; I wonder how soon we’ll be hearing about this in the States? I hope enough people stand up against this tyranny, politics be damned!

        1. Blue Collar Trevor,

          This is one of the main reasons why I point blank refuse to have children in this country and am looking to get the heck out of dodge, hospital staff are just like the police, carefully selected so that they’ll do what they’re told without asking questions, nor will they use critical thought processes, smh.

  12. Seeing the ratchets doing what ratchets do in the Ray J LIVE, brought back memories of Kyrie Irving and his “No Ratchets Allowed” party policy that caused a hailstorm in 2016.

    Never forget, he didn’t want RATCHETS in his private parties because of their volatility, tackiness and miserable behavior.

    Now, fast forward to 2021; how much more evidence does the rank and file need to accept Kyrie was right about this Western ratchet?

    1. King Sigma,

      There is always a price to pay whenever you introduce ratchets into the equation, especially those of the black variety. Something is bound to go wrong and it normally does as in this case above. The Western black female has become a pestilence and a curse to all those around her, so much so that her dysfunction is rapidly spreading to other groups of women.

  13. Same old thing with the convid 19. Convid job that is killing people, vaccine passports, what else? Listen to me, the only needle that will touch my skin is the needle for my next tattoo. And the video I saw with the scraggles cursing each other out on that live stream. There is no surprise when it comes to black women. There is no shock value when it comes to the black scraggle daggle. How many times have we seen the dysfunctional behaviour of these scraggy black women? A lot of times. And it’s very off putting.

  14. Black women and most blacks look at more successful blacks for a handout, period. Do you see white rednecks begging Brad Pitt for money? No!!!

    With white forks, they outright shun their shittiest members. Blacks would be wise to do the same. Da communitah will do nothing but hold you back by siphoning every last dollar you have because “ehrboddee poda hep.” This is why most black folks fall for liberalism so easily, because they are basically communists and Marxists at heart.

    1. >With white forks, they outright shun their shittiest members. Blacks would be wise to do the same.

      Done and done. Decades ago.



    This black chick got the jab and now lost her legs…. May even lose her hands, too! Now she’s begging online for money cuz “ehrboddee poda hep.”

    She was apparently a missionary, which goes to show how Christians, namely black Christians, are some of the dumbest SOBs on the planet to fall for this nonsense. Spiritual discernment my ass, these idiots probably couldn’t tell that a fire was dangerous if even Jesus himself told them.

    At the same time, I advocate for MORE daggles to get jabbed! It’s perfectly safe! Do it got your fellow man!

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      I can’t say that I feel sorry for her, what part of big pharma being the modern day wizards, witches and warlocks practicing open sorcery and witchcraft didn’t she get? This is the problem with this modern day, knuckleheaded, boil in the bag, cereal box type Christianity, it leaves no room for critical independent thought, even worse there are so many of these sell out, jack legged pastors out here telling their parishioners to roll up their sleeves and get injected with the bioweapon, smh.

      The Tuskegee experiments weren’t even a century ago and yet once again we have ignorant Negroes lining themselves up for that needle delivered by the same General Blizzard who mangled them before, some things never change.

    1. D.K. Phantom,

      Always remember, the bioweapons are the variants and the variants are the bioweapons, they are both one and the same. People are dying from the jab, however western governments are still desperately trying to play the “convid was the cause of death” game so that people won’t clock onto the fact that it’s the so called “vaccine” that is taking people out.

  16. How have you gentlemen been? Hopefully well. So my job here in New York (regrettably still here) is going to mandate the vaccine the second it’s FDA approved. The second that happens, I am gone no questions asked.

    I am expecting a lockdown and restrictions at some point before the end of the year in this liberal shithole. Prices of everything is going up, inflation is out of control (a correction is coming which i believe will lead to the crash within the year) people are still refusing to work and are so entrenched in the matrix it’s not worth trying to wake anyone up at this point.

    I can’t speak for you guys, but I am finished trying to wake people up. At this point if you’re not at the very least asking questions, you deserve everything coming your way.

    Get ready, it’s going to get much worse before it gets better.

    1. FDC,

      Good to hear from you bro, NY is one of the most draconian states in the US, these blue states are done, introducing the tyranny without skipping a beat. Fortunately, at least you have some red states that are putting up a fight which is much more than can be said for the UK.

      At this point those who can’t see it won’t, most are too brainwashed to see the forest through the trees and even some who claimed to be critical thinkers before have fallen for the okey dokey. Stay strong and hold onto your principles.

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