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Another Female Disgrace To The Black Nation, Smh


At this stage I don’t really know what to say, as I’ve been stating for the longest while, I don’t even have to go looking for videos of black women engaging in degenerate, reprobate and reprehensible behaviour, the material is landing in my lap at such an alarming rate, I can’t cover it all.

I remember a few years ago on the old website I featured another video of a black female deciding the best place to relief herself would be on the shop floor rather using the toilet, she was filmed doing the business and when she saw that she was being recorded, she tried to invite the dude into the shop for some recreation fun.

The guy who was white rightfully refused, called the black witch out on her disgusting reprobate behaviour and walked off. Had it been a black male simp however, he would’ve rolled straight in there and cleaned up her mess because this is what the black male simp does.

Again, this is why cronies like the fake academic Aaron Fountain and Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson look incredibly stupid and foolish whenever they attempt to come to the modern day black female’s rescue, black women have destroyed their own image and reputation beyond salvage and redemption, only ignorant fools still believe that they can somehow resurrect that which has already been burned into dust and ashes and carried away by the wind.

This modern day black female is clearly not right in the head, time and time again we see videos of black women being caught in extremely compromising positions and most of the time they’re just like this disgraceful harriet above, they don’t care and they have absolutely no shame in what they’re caught doing.

I can’t even remember that last time that a black female was caught doing something that she shouldn’t be and actually apologised as well as admitted that she was in the wrong, this is one of many reasons why heterosexual free thinking black men and black women cannot mesh together.

You cannot be in a relationship with a woman who point blank refuses to acknowledge any of her wrongdoings, unfortunately, too many black men who still choose to deal with black women opt to take the blame for the jacked up things their “queenies” do, not me, I’m good, that will never happen with me,I have standards, no clean up men and janitors over here.

Black women as a collective stay filthy and disgusting, as stated before, SYSBM is no longer an option, it has now become mandatory. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Another One For The Archives, Another Disgraceful Black Female Caught On Film

Most High Bless

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42 thoughts on “Another Female Disgrace To The Black Nation, Smh

  1. You do not need to explain it on the post.
    Let the video speaks for itself.
    The video is like a Pictogram. More like a Videogram.
    A picture/video of a 1000 words.

    As for the simps will say ‘We go to the internet to destroy BWs image by finding dirt on them.’
    No, we do not find dirt on them. The dirt come to us by them recording and posting it on Social Media because they like to show how evil they are and perpously make it viral.
    Then when you log into Social Media like Facebook it goes to your feed.
    Or YouTube, especially when they post it, it does not have age restrictions. It goes to trending section for the whole wide world to see.

    1. And these clowns want to call black men savages….again where are the simps and wignats on this? As far as I’m concerned Umar Spengler and Aaron Trotsky need to shut the hell up….and start pushing Biden and Harris to deal with Soviet Israel and the massive tech transfer to China/South Korea. This proves once more that race purists are absolutely worthless in today’s day and age and that no one with a brain should be giving these idiots ANY form of attention.

      They did absolutely nothing to stop the CONVID-1984 ‘lockdowns for climate change’ scam and the trillions it gave Intel and Microsoft due to the work from home scheme. Whose headquarters are in Israel for fuck’s sake! Proving once again, how silly these black women, pro-black simps and beta white males really are.

      If I was Boris Johnson, Bill Gates or even that bastard Netanyahu I would be dead from a ruptured stomach. These idiots have no sense at all, and should be jeered at and mocked when they come with their nonsense.

    2. Michael Mistertea,

      That maybe true, however one of the reasons why I put an explanation forward is because there are some folks out there who aren’t fully clued up regarding the disjointed mindset of the modern day black female and it’s origin(but who have been affected by it and her).

      This is one of the main reasons why I often delve deeper and put further context into whatever dysfunctional behaviour the black female of concern is engaging in. As for the simps, agreed, they’re simply a lost cause and will defend as well as bootlick for their degenerate “queanies” at every turn regardless of the filthy sludge black women are swimming in.

      1. Black females and racist liberals, as well as Soviets seem to have some form of Geass….which explains why they can do all this evil and no one notices. Or even bothers to look up terms on the net. I’m now fully convinced some h-game creators, mangaka and film producers were right on the money with their products. Chabad is most likely pulling a NOMAD with Gates as the front man for all the hell technology they dumb down and give to the masses, with BW and Lord Napoleon too lost in deviancy and madness to care….

  2. Verbs 2015.

    That black woman at the above video is so fucking discusting weeing in a restaurant in front of other people for the whole world to see without showing one bit of decoram without using a private toilet to wee. It’s no wonder why I flat out refuse to date black women but you get these pro black simps trying to shame SYSBM black men like me into dating black women even though they are finished and that they are below the sewage. I have high standards for myself in the type of woman that I want to date and I am not lowering them for anyone and there nothing that these stupid pro blacks can do to stop me from dating beautiful childfree non black women. Black women and the black community is well and truly dead and I am not coming back to rescue it as I plan to build my own family jewels with a good looking childfree non black woman.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      These chicks are done and the pro blacks don’t have a leg to stand on even though they’ll attempt to justify this ratchet behaviour. #SYSBMFORLIFE

      1. I’m fully convinced the hoteps are doing this to get those sweet bucks. Went on vacation yesterday and saw people enjoying themselves and staying away from masks, I think this proves how stupid these race purists are.

  3. The modern day BW is a combination of mental illness, hedonism, and them simply not gaf. Don’t deal with these chicks, and for your children’s sake don’t get them pregnant. Keep the Wall up.

    1. TRUTH! It’s honestly clear that the simps and wignats are agents at this point.

    2. JamesSYSBM,

      It’s a chicken wrap for the overwhelming majority of these black females, how are you supposed to form a union with a group of women who choose to engage in garbage like this and have no shame?

      Could you imagine walking down the street with one of these uncouth feral harriets only for her to suddenly pull down her panties in plain view to drop a load?

  4. What did I just watch?!? It sounds like she said they wouldn’t let her use the restroom in their restaurant; if that’s the case, she could’ve excused herself to another place with a public restroom, but she chose to urinate right in front of the cash registers where customers have to stand and place their orders. David Carroll has stated that the DSM needs to consider classifying being a Black woman as a mental disorder, but perhaps the CDC needs to take a similar approach and classify BWs as a biohazard because their unsanitary behavior can give COVID-19 a run for its money. Dutty gyal deh, mon!

    1. What else can you expect from a bunch of narcissists who fail to deal with their responsibilities, but who have time to be lynching white women, stealing horse hair for their beloved weave, and even set up entire profiles dedicated to worshiping their white lord and savior? These film producers and mangaka had the right idea by [indirectly] calling the black women and racist liberals out as a bunch of hypocritical, elitist, worthless scumbags who talk big, but have nothing to show for their results.

      Just like their Zionist and Hasidic lord and savior….who by the way has some of the worst sexual practices known to man.

      1. Brendan Dubalos,

        I’ve actually seen black women engage in urinating out in the middle of the street first hand. Now I will openly admit that I’ve seen white women do the same, however more time they’ll at least make the effort to find a secluded spot to relieve themselves.

        I have yet to find a non black women urinating in a shop out of spite simply because they wouldn’t allow her to use the restroom, the broken mindset of this modern day black female is something else.

        1. LOL…good point. No wonder the youth have become so delusional and brainwashed, black females, Zionist oligarchs and white betas are poor role models for anyone. They should all be prosecuted, investigated thoroughly and put on trial for incitement and crimes against humanity, along with their silly fans who helped them get away with literal murder.

    2. Blue Collar Trevor,

      You’re thinking logically, something that most black women are unable to do. Logical people would either find a toilet somewhere else or a secluded spot where they could do their business unseen, not this modern day black female however, nope, she’s always got to make a scene especially when engaging in degenerate behaviour.

  5. I’ve never seen any non black women piss on a shop floor.

    Its always a negress preventing most black men from prospering.


    1. TRUTH! Negresses, liberals and Soviets are the main factors causing the decline of the black community, NOT black men dating out! When will the hoteps get this…..

  6. I don’t even make eye contact with these degenerate scum bags! I just try to avoid them whenever humanly possible. If a dude still wants to deal with the black witch he deserves whatever he gets!

  7. What these degenerates and their spineless advocates ignore, is that the victim moment is quickly passing. Many business people are supporting pro-cop candidates and Biden is reverting to his Jim Crow Joe norm. Notice NYC Democrats chose a former Republican cop over Communist progressives after all the ‘defund the police’ protesting and posturing in 2020.

    Regular folk are tired of the crime, degeneracy and a hammer is about to come down on this degenerate class.

    America is Weimar 2.0. And remember, the NAZIs were a democratically elected party . Never believe it can’t happen here, because it is already happening if you pay close attention.

    Soon, they will have ‘No Ratchets Allowed’ signs all over business establishments, see ‘The Turkey Leg Hut’ (black owned too).,house%20shoes%20or%20shower%20caps)

    Nobody wants to be associated with these miscreants.

    1. King Sigma,

      Just read the article about Turkey Hut and we already know who the guilty parties are, black females who want to walk out of their houses dressed like absolute trash as well as their pant sagging pro black simp flunkies en tow.

      The victimhood card is indeed fast running out for this modern day black female and her devil spawn seedlings, especially in light of the unnecessary chaos and destruction she has brought upon others.

      1. @Verbs

        The Turkey Hut incident is telling, because it is a Black owned establishment. Forward thinking and practical Black folk are rejecting the perpetual victimhood narrative and calling out the degenerates behavior.

        Pay attention to the Tokyo Olympics, notice the WOKEflakes are falling left and right, as the victimhood mentality sweeping the West is a loser mentality. The West is quickly losing its stoic, disciplined mindset of champions and innovators.

        Innovation and accomplishment requires strong work ethic, discipline and a champions mindset; the decaying of this ethos will sink the West into the pit of fallen empires – it most be rejected at all costs.

        1. TRUTH! These black females, white beta males and Soviet thug oligarchs are delusional, stupid and murderous and should be treated with extreme prejudice. This entitlement and handout mentality these idiots have put into the minds of the masses has been extremely destructive and should be reversed.

    2. Good point. These people think they are oh so smart and above the law but fail to remember, that Chabad Chev can dispose of them. What the bankers can give they can also take. If BW spent more time doing historical research and looking for hard facts instead of looking for problems to exacerbate they’d realize that nothing is gained for free. Shaniqua and Lord Napoleon thought they were getting a great deal when they sold out on the slave ships for fame and power, now that the elites no longer need them they are trying to pull off this ‘level up and divestment’ nonsense in order to avoid responsibility.

      These clowns are sick in the head, being around Rabbi Rubin, Yi Sin Un and Missa Chin has completely ruined their minds, with all the sorcery, technomancy and witchcraft inherent in books like the Talmud. And what makes it worse, they want to project onto black men their own failures and dark desires. Unbelievable.

      1. @BD

        The free lunch comes with chains. The inventors and innovators that have made modern living possible, warned that a leisure society would create a lazy, entitled, petulant and destructive citizenry. We are seeing that they were correct, as it takes a champion mindset to uphold a champion culture.

        The ability of the misandrists to project onto BM is evaporating by the minute. There are too many free thinking BM rejecting their anti-BM narrative.

        1. You’re right. We only have to look across history to see the truth of this. In what remains of the red bloc, the masses are oppressed by foreign powers and kept under control by the government, but all forms of opposition are redirected towards hatred of an outside enemy. Black women and beta white males do the same thing with race purity and anti-black male demagogy.

          As far as I’m concerned, the black community is dead to me….and no fake liberal nor jackass BW is going to stop me from making my mark on the world, lockdown or no lockdown.

    3. Texas at it again, the same state where that Black restaurant owner had to tell Black female customers not to twerk and actually had backlash from those ignorant heffas. Both restaurants had a surge in customers once they established standards, so good for them.

      I remember reading about a Black school that also established a dress code for the sloppy welfare heffas picking up their Bebe Kids from school. No pajamas, no bonnets. It’s a shame you have to actually tell these hoes the basics. Who raised these bitches?

      1. “Who raised these bitches?”

        “these bitches”

        There’s your answer.

      2. @Schadenfreude

        Yep, Texas is being highlighted this time around, but it is a cultural syptom of the growing decay within the Black majority culture. Like in the Dallas case, with the Black lawyer Kevin Kelley, who owns True Kitchen; these ratchets will complain about the lack of business establishments owned by Blacks. But then, when the entrepreneurial Blacks do build these businesses, the same complainants aim to destroy or undermine the establishment with their wretchedness.

        Lesson: Build to the business and profit potential, never to the endless demands of the treasonous complainants.

        1. You’re absolutely right. BW are sick in the head and absolutely delusional as well as racist. They won’t fool me with this ‘red scare’ and ‘white women gonna get ya’ nonsense they have going on, because they along with their white liberal lord and master are the biggest supporters of Communism and fascism known to man, apart from the international banking class.

  8. How many scenes you see a black woman pissing or do do in public? It’s a lot nowadays. It looks like black women will just pee anywhere and they don’t care at all. Seeing the scraggle daggle pissing in a fast food place was just like, I’m not surprised really. I’m goanna be 40 next Wednesday and I think I have seen everything. I have seen numerous incidents of black women pissing in public. 2007 when I was in Jamaica and I saw this chick pissing in the middle of the road in broad daylight. The Jamaican gyal just left up her skirt and start pissing. In 2001 in at a street in Harlesden, North West London I caught a female pissing in the evening time. Let’s take it back to 1995, when I was walking home with a chick. We was at Cobbold Road, she went in his warehouse. She told me to wait outside. I was wondering why I should wait outside. I looked and I saw her pissing. I left quickly. There are so many videos of black women pissing in public now. And there some simps out there ready to clean up their mess. Not clean up man here.

  9. Ah, this reminds of the old classic “sitting on the toilet”

    Black women will do anything for attention, and stuff like this video is the only “stand” they’ll take against something. Now do you think they’ll do this against Lee at the weave store? Of course not!

    As noted above, many are getting tired of liberalism and its resulting miscreants, and that definitely includes black women. They will be the first to go when it comes time to remove the pestilences.

    Also, who wants to guess what kinds of nasty toxic sludge and STDs are in her piss?

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      As you said, black women typically will only take a stand against something when it involves them engaging in some sort of degenerate behaviour.

      Nope, Kim and Jong would bust them upside the head if they ever pulled a stunt like that in a beauty supply store or a nail salon.

      Unlike the black male simp, East Asians and other patriarchal cultures don’t tolerate black female dysfunction, good on them.

      1. You’re right. BW and racist liberals will whine about ‘muh Joos’ and ‘the religious right’ on MSM and go back and support the same Zionist thugs they claim to hate. No wonder these incels and thug negros act so emotional and stupid, who needs James Bond when you have a group of losers and weirdos who will do the dirty work for free?

  10. Where are Aaron Fountain and Shawn James asking wHat aRe tHeY sAvinG tHeMselvEs fRoM? Verbs, I notice they avoid these kinds of posts like the plague, the silence is deafening.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      Yep, typical, we already know that Shawn James is living in a dream world still believing there is “hope” for black women when nothing could be further from the truth. As for the fake academic, indeed, I do find it funny that he’s nowhere to be found whenever evidence like the above is presented.

      1. He’s either a agent or a complete dupe. As I’ve said multiple times, this race purist movement is just a bunch of gutter sludge trash, Jewish boys mad their childhood crush got taken away by Tyrone, NEETs stuck in perpetual childhood and black females in drag being manipulated by international bankers and intelligence agencies. Hotep ideology is nothing more than ‘blood and soil’ nonsense and Valkist claptrap updated to the modern age.

        Black females are done, if they are willing to do this in public imagine what they and Lord Napoleon get up to when the sun gets down.

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