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Are These Your Queens – No Words! #SHORTPOSTS


Brothers here many times have highlighted the fact that there are serious levels of inbreeding as well as incestuous relationships taking place within “da communitah”.

Yet we have many individuals who are still eager to engage in willful ignorance and ask SYSBM practitioners the ridiculous question, “what are we saving ourselves from”?

This is yet another example of just how predatory and sick in the head black women as a collective are.

Black females and their simp squads will defend this type debauchery and degeneracy to the hilt, at this stage it is pretty obvious why heterosexual free thinking black men must seek out love and companionship elsewhere.

Get yourself a classic, traditional, feminine non black female who isn’t going to lick her lips and chop at the bit looking forward to literally get a taste of her own children.

Finally, notice how black women love bringing up the statistic about most black girls being sexually abused before they reach the age of 18, however if we look at who is the primary culprit responsible whether directly or indirectly, the finger squarely points back to this modern day black female, not the black man. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Women Continue To Dig Deeper Into The Gutter of Degeneracy And Outright Filth

Most High Bless

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23 thoughts on “Are These Your Queens – No Words! #SHORTPOSTS


    The Moniyhan Report diagnosed the cancer in the Communiteh in the 1960’s, but the MSM called it racist – thus preserving the matriarchy of the scraggle – producing the “queens” described in the title post.


    1. You expected it to be not in the South somewhere? The moocher states have no social safety net. You are going to see more of this going forward, per BGS IMOR.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    That black mother and black daughter at the above video are in a lesbian relationship and that’s the reason why I refuse to date black women and I avoid them like the plague.

    1. I do not blame you.

      Glad I never deal with them.
      I had a brother told me that his success was based on ‘Females hatred on him’. Basically mean the more the BW hates him, the more he is successful.
      Those BW especially the African did him a favour because these are the same BW become liberals, lesbian, incest and even worse, end up single mothers in their teens.

      Keep preaching the Childfree stuff Quincy because when you are childfree the BW cannot do a damn thing about it.

  3. Even the pookies she fucks had to tell her ass she is fucking disgusting wtf

    You know what I’m glad the veil is being removed every time one of these abw makes a video on the internet. It strengthens our arguments and connects the dots for every other group of people on the planet

  4. Yo the comment about what her boyfriend think got me dying laughing

      1. You gotta be a cluck because both them are thots? They are thot, as long as he doesn’t marry either of them, it’s all good.

        He is a SIMP and Black First idiot though. Most men would find this wholly unacceptable.

  5. This is exactly why no man on earth can be conservative while dating and marrying a black female.

    Any man that is dating and marrying a negress is automatically a liberal.

    Who I date is always politics no matter where I am in the world.

    Me being childless is a blessing for a future stargate to have kids with.


  6. It looks like the mother and daughter are in a relationship together. I know that there are incestuous relationships in the so called black community. Especially in Africa where there was a brother and sister got married. And it happens in Jamaica as well. It was 2010, I was in Jamaica and I heard in a conversation that some guy breed off his cousin. And my ex had a baby by her cousin. As you look at this, these ghetto scraggle daggles are drowning in a pool of shit because of the dysfunctional behaviour they engage into. When a black woman says that their son is their husband, not only it will sound sick which it does but it will irritate a man in a heartbeat. You think that my mum will say that if my dad was still alive? There are so many reason why black men are choosing non black women be their wives and mothers of their children. Especially the fat ones.

  7. This video illustrates yet another reason why I hate the black male simp as much as I hate the scraggle daggle. I know many black male simps. In fact, most of my male relatives are black male simps.

    Black male simps promote and encourage this type of scraggle daggle behavior. Most black male simps that I know, have zero game. There are exceptional simps like Russel Wilson, who could do better. But the typical black male simp cannot get a quality traditional woman, and he knows it. This is why the typical black male simp tries to encourage and cultivate degenerate, reprobate scraggle daggle behavior. He knows that the only type of female who will give him time, is one that has zero morals, zero values, and zero standards.

  8. As point out above, this would be from the south. But it’s not rednecks inbreeding, it’s BLACKNecks. These hood boogers are inbred as hell through generations of living basically in the same apartment complex, screwing anything that walks and being pretty damn dumb already.

    Recording SNATCHchat video thigh, come one!!! That’s because most black women are in sexual competition with their own daughters, and they even screw the same men.

    The worst part is that some simps will deem this appropriate and then wonder why anyone else will use it as evidence of their dysfunction.

    1. AfroFuturism1,

      There is a long unspoken history of sheboon daughters engaging in consensual sex with their ignorant degenerate fathers, when one was present. In the south, this has been going on ever since blacks left the plantation. Most of the time, its been with the full knowledge and complicity of the mother. Sadly, this was quite common in black nuclear families of the past, whenever the daughter looked like anything. The degenerate father was thinking, ‘I’m gonna have her before any other man.’

  9. This reminds me of this particular mother-daughter duo who both wear bright colored weaves and wigs that openly talk about their incestuous relationship and even did some lewd stuff on camera; the scraggle daggles are very disgusting specimens that are bereft of class, morals, decorum, or anything virtuous. As someone said in a comment above quoting MadBusDriverX, “who you date is politics”; you can’t be a practitioner of SYSBM and date Black women (or any women for that matter) who engage in such grotesque behavior. Take the daggle daughter’s boyfriend for example; he told her straight up that she is sick for what she and her mother engage in, yet he shows how low his standards are by continuing in that relationship. Don’t be like that guy! #SYSBM

  10. The Black underclass is inbred, you can simply look at some of their faces and tell. This is the end result of the BW’s hedonistic sex and breeding. Many of the Black underclass don’t know who their fathers are and end up unknowingly fooling around with people in their “hood” that they are related too.

  11. I wasn’t gonna comment on this because I have no words to describe this mess. Literally, nothing! At this point, If I were to have sex, it would not be with a black woman in America, period. I don’t care if she got the big booty. The answer is no. If one pro black tells me I need to get with that because of my “race,” I gonna opening up a can of whoop ass. I’ve seen some weird shit before, but this, a whole another level of goddamn weird. If I do friends with benefits connection, it’ll be with non black women or mixed women. All my connections, either it’s friends with benefits, relationships, or marriages, are gonna be with non black women and mixed women. I don’t give a rat ass no more.

  12. I wonder reading the comments how many dudes are really for that SYSBM life, or they just vent on here and go right back to dealing with the daggle.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      Definitely not me, I haven’t dealt with a daggle in well over 15 years, got me a mixed Latina who I’m more than satisfied with.

    2. My last serious GF was White. I haven’t had sex with a BW since the early 90’s and even that was a fluke she tricked me.

  13. This is the typical ABW here in Blacknstain. They are so skandlouz & have no shame. Always Go Global my brothers.

  14. 2 gross black women are now the representation of all black women?? so y’all are just stupid, huh?

    1. Amber,

      Typical black witch response. It’s funny how you disgruntled black harriets remain silent whenever degenerate black women openly speak their minds about their debauchery behind closed doors, yet whenever black men come out to criticise the degeneracy, you heifers roll out of the woodwork like clockwork berating the men calling out the dysfunction, NOT the women engaging in it, who’s really the stupid one here?

      Yep, these two reprobate black sirens represent YOU because YOU’VE had years to come out and check women like these, however instead you’ve chosen to turn a blind eye because of the “us sistas gotta stick together” janky mentality. Oh well, that’s your problem, not mine.

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