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The first video shows how bloodclots can and have been forming in the brains of many of the folks who’ve rolled up their sleeves and taken the bioweapon. Notice how large those bloodclots are, there is very little to no chance of survival once clotting occurs in the brain, NONE.

In the second video once again we have a situation where somebody has collapsed shortly after being injected and the rest of the people still sit around waiting for their turn to get jabbed up with the “it won’t happen to me, I’ll be ok” mentality. I honestly cannot believe how stupid and dumb so many people have become.

The third video is of a group of doctors who are reporting their findings having examined the blood of patients who have gotten the jab and the results obviously are not good.

This ties in neatly with the first video, additionally think back to the video I posted a few Open Mic Wednesdays ago with the online cook suddenly passing out and hitting the deck.

I also recently came across this video by Stew Peters which goes into more depth about just how contaminated and dysfunctional the blood of the jabbed has become:

Imagine needing an emergency blood transfusion and the hospital gives you the jacked up blood of an individual who’s taken the bioweapon, the doctors and nurses have essentially signed your own death certificate for you.

I really don’t understand how those in the medical field carrying out this tyranny can sleep well at night, by now most of them know exactly what is going on and yet they still choose to roll along with such an evil program that is clearly destroying millions(soon to be billions) of lives worldwide, they deserve nothing short of being burned alive at the stake.

Stay strong gentlemen and do whatever you have to do to get around having to take that poison. I see that black market bootleg Covid passports are on the rise, just keep those in mind as a STRONG possibility:

These governments continue to push forward with their evil agenda, however we must begin pushing back harder. Leave the sheeple to their own demise, if they don’t understand what is going on right now, most of them will never get it anyway. Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, you’ve got the floor gents, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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94 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

  1. Christ himself stated that his believers should be wise as serpents and harmless as doves, too many times I see the dove element being applied to an individual’s life but not the serpent part.

    You’re now going to have to be slick making under the table, subtle, unpredictable, secret and crafty moves in order to manoeuvre through this evil system that the government is setting up.

    The time has come for the serpent element to be initiated and utilised in order to protect your life from those who wish to snuff it out.

    1. { You’re now going to have to be slick making under the table, subtle, unpredictable, secret and crafty moves in order to manoeuvre through this evil system that the government is setting up.

      The time has come for the serpent element to be initiated and utilised in order to protect your life from those who wish to snuff it out. }

      Well said, Verbs! VERY well said.
      It’s CRUNCH time now for ALL AWAKENED humanoids who who see through this evil diabolical depopulation plandemic agenda. They (We) need to now put on their/our survival thinking hats because — let’s be honest here! — the PLAN is FULLY OPERATIONAL to paraphrase the Emperor in Stars Wars regarding the shields being “fully operational.”

      It starts to make a lot of sense in my head that a majority of these generational bankster wars in the past (WW1 & WW2) were to depopulate the alpha male warrior soldiers. Just look at how things are now: A huge majority of the security apparatus is completely corrupt or on the take. Morals have been tossed to the curb indefinitely.

      Another thing…
      Since the brainless sheep who volunteered for the jab will die within 2 or 3 years, that leaves the awakened or skeptical folk who will be left standing. I wonder what will happen then. Will it make us easier targets? Will the allegedly “patriotic” Pro 2nd Amendment/ex Military Vets & militia groups come out guns a’blazing THIS TIME around?

      So many questions. All I can say is this: Interesting times ahead.

      MLK Jr. was absolutely right about the silence of the allegedly good people:
      “History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people.”
      I hate spineless sheep with a passion.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    I fucking hate the UK government because now they are making covid passports compulsory in September 2021 to the point where you are forced to take the covid jab and get a covid passport in order to live a normal life and get access to many places including travelling the world, going to sporting events, going to nightclubs and going to the shops. That leaves me screwed and I can’t go anywhere because I refuse to get the covid jab because I want to live a very long life. Even the doctors in the above video are showing you evidence that taking the covid jab is not safe and that you will die within 3 years of taking the jab because the affects are irreversible. The government are definitely creating a two tier society between the vaccinated people and unvaccinated people like me.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Yep, a government that knows it is not giving a vaccine to its people but actually a bioweapon designed to kill folks off but yet still wants me to take it, no thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass. The UK is done and the sheeple who continue to go along with the program are the primary reason why this government can continue to roll full steam ahead with the evil.

      I sure as hell am NOT taking any Covid jabs either, like I said before, folks in the UK who know what’s going on will have to be on some slick, cunning and crafty moves in order to preserve their lives.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. Like I said before Verbs, people who take the covid jab are fucking sheep because they can’t think for themselves.

      2. I’m starting to believe that the desperate push to inject as many people as possible is because of some unknown deadline.

        See, people keel over after the clot shot, some reporting that their behaviour changed to become more robotic and NPC like. People will become an Agent Smith if you speak ill of the bioweapon. My thinking on this is the “vaccine” is pushing out the soul of the original person. The elites always needed a slave race, this is a way of turning all of us into godless Bluetooth enabled AI robots.

  3. We don’t know how this will actually end as I believe there’s more to this than what is being let on. As for the so called covid passport this will separate the weak from the strong. The strong will just go scortch earth then and refuse everything and withhold their money from businesses that want to enforce it. The gov will try to enforce but we will not have it. I just hate these weak minded sheeple can’t even think for themselves. The UK gov was even threatening young people at 1 point because uptake has been minimal and so it should. Nobody needs this poison.

    1. Jon,

      The problem with the UK is there are too many people going along with the program, when I walk into the recreation room at work and out of 6-7 individuals in there, I am the only one who hasn’t been jabbed up, you can understand just how easy it is for the government to continue implementing these evil stages.

      France announces jab passports, the country immediately errupts and people take to the streets protesting like their lives depend on it(which they do). Clownboy Johnson announces the same and all we have is a trickle of individuals turn up to Parliament Square on Monday, clearly the Brits don’t have the same fire in their chests as the French.

      It’s a chicken wrap for the UK, I agree with Afrofuturism1, those who can should get the heck out. Recently there was a writer for the Telegraph named Douglas Murray who himself stated that the UK is sleepwalking into perpetual Covid tyranny. This country is done:

      Check out this article in the Huffington post from April 2020:

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      I couldn’t agree with you more, this has gone way too far. In the past deaths in only double digits from the introduction of a vaccine would’ve caused the program to be abandoned immediately, however we now have deaths in the hundreds of thousands from this bioweapon and these tyrants are still going.

      Prison sentences aren’t enough for those who are complicit in these blatant crimes against humanity, nothing short of a painful death should be meted out to those involved.

  4. In France, people can’t go on a date to restaurants, cinemas, museums without taking the bioweapon vaccine by 21st July.

    Can’t travel on airplanes and trains again without the bioweapon poison by August.

    Nurses who refuse the poison jab by 15th September will no longer be able to go to work and receive a salary.

    The UK will eventually have the same laws as France and other nations.

    In UK, people can’t socialise in nightclubs, pubs and bars without the bioweapon jab.

    The UK government are planning on making covid passports compulsory by September.

    I think the UK government and all world leaders in the world are planning to replace traditional passports.

    Say goodbye to traditional passports.

    These covid passports require to be jabbed.

    Unvaccinated segregation has already started.

    There is going to be ups and downs in everything in life, including relationships with significant other.

    For example, I disagree to be vaccinated, the future significant other may agree to be vaccinated.

    What would I do if I was in this situation with a loved one?

    I can only show proof and evidence of depopulation agenda by the UN and world economic forum, including videos of actual doctors telling people to stay away from it due to deadly side effects that are irreversible.

    I don’t want to lose a future stargate over a poisonous jab.


    1. On the other side of the Atlantic pond in the land of the maple leaf, what da fcuk has happened to my beloved Canada? Unfcuking believable!!

      📌 “A pop up vaccine clinic in Canada that is offering kids free ice cream in exchange for a vaccine, no parental permission required. Police are guarding the front to stop parents from intervening.” 📌

      Heads need to fcuking ROOOOOOOOOOOL for this shit.

      1. Welcome to fascist Canada, folks!

        📌 Of all the evils imposed on Canadians by government’s misguided intrusion into our lives, nothing tops segregation. This is demeaning+dehumanizing.

        Don’t be afraid. Vaccinated & unvaccinated Canadians will join together to fight this every lawful way we know how. #onpoli #cdnpoli 📌

        — Roman Baber , MPP for York Centre,

          1. When da fcuk did all of these Liberal Party politicians become fascist? 🤔 And Hedy is a Trinidadian-Canadian immigrant too. I wonder how accurate those vaccine “statistics” are. Unbelievable!
            Canadians have been bamboozled by lying treacherous bureaucRATs.

            📌 Dr. Hedy Fry @HedyFry · Jul 25
            Canada is the most vaccinated country per capita in the G7 & G20 after passing the UK for top spot.

            Over 60% of Canadians 12+ years of age are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 & over 80% have 1 dose.

            Soon, we must turn our attention to ramp up global vaccination. #cdnpoli


  5. On some real man, and this is unpopular of me because I don’t condone this, but I’m at the point now where it’s now enough with the protesting and lawsuits because these psychos stay getting off scout free. It’s definitely time to fight back hard to the point where if an event like this happens again, we gone be prepared. Are people really that scared to fight back? I’m a tell y’all something, fighting back just makes you more stronger. I had enough with all this shit. If these people ain’t gonna wake up, then death is gonna be talking to them sometime soon. I find it funny how the people who took the jab said ain’t nothing happen, they just felt tired and all that, but I’m not gonna say nothing when something pops off, and I’m being dead ass because these psychos behind all this done played us. They played us to the point where they can’t hide what the hell they doing. All these events and agendas are gonna be trace back to the psychos that were behind it the whole time. These psychos better pray that nobody that’s crazy is gonna find them. Them trying to defund the police, but trying to get some private security, they got some set of balls trying to do that slick shit. Then again, I wonder, how long are they gonna keep this up? Talking about putting survelliance shit on everybody, getting access to people’s health records, Biden pushing that door to door crap, yeah they gotten super desperate and stupid. They went down a dangerous route to some shit that I know for certain it’s gonna trace back to these clowns, while they blaming Trump and Conservatives, and the unvaccinated, playing victim. That victim card of them is gonna expire on them for sure. Talking about make life harder for the unvaccinated, put them in camps or force vaccinations, bruh they better pray they don’t get to certain people because somebody will probably go into Rambo, Commando mode. That’s all I gotta say.

    1. The worse thing is that in the US you guys have guns, I’m surprised nobody has started a revolution yet. Over here in the UK practically nobody has guns although anything could be weapon. I’m already fed up with the bs in the UK.

      Perhaps a worldwide rebellion may spark. The question is when, seems like nobody cares about future generations that’s if there will be any at this rate…

      1. @Jon
        Exactly! Americans have the brilliant 2nd Amendment which the ise Founding Fathers (Washington, Jefferson, Franklin et al) inserted into the Constitution in order to repel a tyrannical government because they remembered the Red Coats.

        But nobody’s using their guns wisely as a tool to execute tyranny – yet! There are supposedly somewhere between 45-90 MILLION registered hunters in the US. I’m really starting to doubt that figure bcuz I don’t know what the fcuk they’re doing when Rome is burning. A lot of them are armed to the teeth. But seem to prefer hunting deer & bear instead of bankster/state traitors. smdh

        Let it be known that the allegedly superior white Anglo Western male in most English 5Eyes countries are some of the biggest cowards when it comes to sticking it to government tyrants. I have far more respect for the Vietnamese with the Viet Cong & how they kicked Captain Amerika off their land.

        Although depopulation alarm bells are ringing, most of these allegedly “patriotic” dick policing CONservatives just talk but don’t do shit with the “resources” they have. smdh

        I guarantee u that if conservative black folk were as heavily armed as these white cats waaaay back then with all that destructive oppression during the Civil Rights movement or post slavery that they WOULD, in fact, use their guns to LIBERATE themselves from Uncle Sam’s tyranny. They certainly tried in the Tulsa Oklahoma massacre but were outnumbered & out gunned by jealous superior “patriots” bcuz blackie had a thriving prosperous business community at the time which questioned their superiority.

        1. No surprise there, this ‘Anglo-saxon’ white race nonsense has weakened all those gun owners. Shlomo and Baizhan must be cackling hard from Davos, watching these idiots remain obsessed with black men’s dicks. In the old days, Billy Boy and his fellow Chabad flunkies would be hanging from poles and their flunkies in government would be six feet under. But due to social media influences posing as dissidents and the absolute nonsense called race purity doctrine, you see this nonsense.

      2. You do have a point. I’m just trying to figure out how are folks letting this mess happen right in front of their own eyes? I’m just extremely worried about my future.

        1. The media is doing it they’ve been brainwashed by television and they’ve been brainwashed by having too much sexual access to black women who be teaming up with them against us thinking black men.

          1. A good point. BW/Lord Napoleon play the ‘good guy’ against the KGB thug Putrid and the Kremlin in order to have people suckered into their ‘multipolarity’ scam. Bill Gates and Boris use the MSM and the SJW movement to create staged opposition to their Soviet frontmen who will ‘save’ the day from the bumbling West…only to make the situation worse. What most people don’t know is that both the fake liberals and the wignats are being controlled by the same side.

            This ‘white race’ and ‘ethno state’ nonsense was created by British intelligence to control the enemy. Boris Johnson was mentioned to be a known Russophile and Putin basically does the bidding of Isreal and Chabad, but who cares about hard facts like that when you can basically go Final Fight on the Streets and have an eternal online war?

            I also found your comment about sexual access to black women interesting as the latter honestly believe that they could become part of the in crowd. In reality, the aristocrats and the chosenites control all political processes and could easily stop outsiders. The fantasy BW and wignats are selling incels and simps, is a damn LIE designed to prevent them from doing real action.

            Arabs and Asians are known for being people of ACTION, protests, pamphlets and propaganda campaigns unlike Bottom Shelf Brad and Boomshequa who sit down and whine all day about ‘muh Joos’ or if they ascend, ‘the religious right’. The so-called alt right is a reincarnation of the policies of Woodrow Wilson – who was a puppet of the chosenites, despite his policies supposedly being ‘based’ and ‘pro-huwhite’ in the eyes of ignorant basement dwellers and lunatic black females who know nothing about history and think fighting with delusional SJWs all day is a mark of accomplishment.

  6. Notice how ‘da communitah’ thinks they own ‘Blackness’ and have a purely subjective definition of what it is when they so choose. Here is Naomi with a Haitian Black father and Japanese mother born in Japan. She decides to play on the Japanese Olympics Team and the ‘woke mob’ turns on her instantly, especially the Commuteps.

    They always cancel and devour each other. The Tokyo Olympics is turning into a total ‘woke’ sh*t show…

    1. Damn, hence her cryptic comments on social media this week. I thoughts those comments were just random. I think that she knows that she fuck up by pandering to them

      As far as owning “blackness”, I think that Fredreich Blumenbach may have some to say on that, LOL

      1. @Mack G

        Yep, she realized that once you pander to ‘da communitah’ they will try to destroy you if you go against their EVER changing unstable agenda.

        She was supposed to be their utility for money and attention not INDEPENDENT thought and action. They complain about WS, but maintain the same framework for controlling others.

        Irony indeed…

      2. @Mack G

        facts Bluemenbach and Co. definitely have the patent on “Negroid” and derived commercial marks. Dudes just made up a back story and mascot like you would for Honey Nut Cheerios. In other words it was promotional material to sell their product.

    2. King Sigma,

      Give the so called black community an inch, they’ll bust down the whole door and take 10 miles to boot. I’m sure Osaka has learned a valuable lesson, bootlicking and pandering towards the black witch and her communist flunkies profits you absolutely nothing.

      1. @Verbs

        They operate like vampires, once you let their regressive agenda in the door – you are a willing victim to be devoured.

        Seems like Naomi is waking up.

        I expect her to relocate to Japan full-time after Olympics. Many are realizing you make your money in or with U.S. business, but live elsewhere.

        1. BW and wignats have always been the controlled opposition of Valkists and their fellow scum in the Zionist and Pan-Eurasianist movement. The fact that the ‘communiteh’ had to make a big deal out of nothing just like the equally worthless ‘white nationalist’ movement of the Soviet Communists and their endless scandals shows who pays their bills. Umar and his counterparts in Pussifa and the Gay Pride Boys can go take a trip, no janitors around here.

          1. @B Dubois

            They are a parade of clowns. Their hypocrisy and inconsistency must always been challenged and rebuked.

        2. King Sigma,

          “I expect her to relocate to Japan full-time after Olympics. Many are realizing you make your money in or with U.S. business, but live elsewhere.

          The US is a mega consumer market, as opposed to a mega society. It operates more like a mega, soulless, multinational corporation, than a country.

          If Naomi Osaka makes her money in the mega US corporate machine, and lives elsewhere, she will be living wisely. All roads lead to the US when it comes to monetizing any aspect of human existence. The US is Bankster Rothstein’s goose that lays unlimited golden eggs.

    3. King Sigma,

      For all practical purposes, the US is really not a country. Its a business. It behaves like a gigantic, soulless, multinational conglomerate, not like a country.

      1. @American

        Well if one does their own research you will find it literally was financed for that purpose primarily despite all of that noble and poetic language about life, liberty, etc. Those statements were to prevent the business from getting out of hand…as seen from GW’s analogy about government being compared to a fire, a good servant but a poor master.

  7. Wow, this is just sad and tragic

    Notice how the first article try to downplay just how horrible this is by saying “allegedly” to protect the woman? How typical

    Kind of hard to market dating (since some travel FB pages have been criticized for not visiting the “Motherland” often) and dating coaches (ODJ and crew promoting Kengada) when stories like this happens, so of course you have to downplay it. Which makes it worse

    1. West African women and BW of West African descent are mostly to be avoided imo.

    2. These West African countries are simp societies. I make no excuse for them, and I have no respect for them either.

      These countries do exactly what they want to do when it comes to practicing corruption. They say fuck you to General Blizzard and everyone else, when they want to be corrupt. Well they can control their daggles if they want to.

      They cannot blame their out of control daggles on General Blizzard or anyone else. It is their country and they don’t have to tolerate scraggle daggle behavior if they don’t want to. These countries are simp societies because they want to be.

    1. The London tube metropolitan line shut down on the weekend due to no staff availability, turns out the fraudulent NHS app told them to self-isolate.

      Another way I’m hearing is truck drivers being paid large sums to let food rot, causing shortages. These are the depths to which the dark cult will eliminate all of us through their sheer hatred of life.

      1. Michel,

        The H&C and Circle lines have also frequently been shutting down after 2200hrs due to either train cancellations or a lack of available control room staff, this is outside of severe delays on both lines during the day due to a lack of drivers because of the hoax.

        It’s all about sourcing local produce from local farmers, it just goes to show how these larger supermarket chains cannot be trusted nor relied upon because they will be pulling fast ones like you mentioned within the coming months.

        Get ready for the government to run the “we’ve got some grub over here, however you’ll have to get your jab first” Kansas City shuffle when food supplies begin running short.

        1. Good point. This is an agenda to centralise power and keep people in fear for the Great Reset.

          1. Brendan Dubalos,

            Those who are shortsighted and going along with this nonsense will seriously regret making such decisions in the future.

  8. Did anyone else notice in the video where the person passed out, nobody that was sitting down reacted? I read an article yesterday where the governor of Kentucky want to reinforce the mask mandate even if people took the death jab (forgive me for not saving the news link). At this point, if people want to take the jab let them. There’s too many signs that show something isn’t right with the vaccine and the plandemic itself.

  9. Verbs, you weren’t joking about TfL running black ops on their system, some busybody Karen asked me where my mask was. First time I’ve been asked in 15 months on a train… she must have caught a headwind from bullying another before me on so-called freedom day. One flash of the diplomatic immunity exempt pass shut her up.

    Brothers, get your exempt passes because Boris the Cunt is making sure there’s a lockdown by stealth through pinging and CONVID passes. Nothing short of a guillotine will suffice now.

    1. Michel,

      Those TFL enforcement officer goon squads are something else, still going strong with their “where’s your mask” bollocks. For the last 16 months they’ve been running Gestapo black ops on public transport, not hesitating to stitch anybody up who hasn’t familiarised themselves with the rules.

      Sadiq Khan is a dickhead who is obviously carrying out the bidding of his masters, this is what I was saying before about the different level of resistance when comparing the UK to say France or Central and Eastern Europe.

      Of course the sleepwalking UK public for the majority part will comply right up until they walk into the slaughterhouse and their throat is being slit. It truly is a burden living amongst the dead.

      1. Businesses still reinforcing mask mandates, despite the nationwide cancellation of them are part of the anti human death cult as far as I’m concerned. Sadiq and his crew can go find their way to the Hague. William Hill’s (it doesn’t matter about your vaxzine status, go wear a mask) even collecting DNA swabs just to go watch horse racing.

        I include the media at this point:

        Actor Darren Howard recruited by ITV News to pose as a CONVID victim. News link now not found, wonder why?

        1. Michel,

          We simply have to support those businesses not going along with the draconian program, those however who are willing to be the government’s flunky must be given the boot.

          This is why the hope for the UK as far as I’m concerned is lost, because there are so many people are too shortsighted, unlike the French, they’ve lost the ability to see what is coming down the pike.

  10. Happy Wednesday, SYSBM Bros! Man, where do I even start with this? Gentlemen, what we are witnessing before our very eyes with the jab is starting to look like one great blood sacrifice to Satan; the Bible tells us in Leviticus 17:11 (I’m paraphrasing) that the blood is the life force of your body, and science backs that up as we have heard in the above videos with Stew Peters and the doctor on the Zoom call. You’d expect to hear right wing news networks like Fox News talk about this revelation, but when has mainstream media ever been transparent with the American public? All the while, Sunday lockdowns are being implemented in places like the Philippines, Barbados, and India to combat a virus that is active 7 days a week; make that make sense.

    A coworker of mine took the jab earlier this year (which sorta surprised me because he listens to just about every right wing news network and Internet culture warrior you can think of, all of whom are pro Trump and highly critical of Fauci and the Left) and he became sick after Jab #2; he recovered and even quit smoking, yet he says he feels worse now than before he quit. After watching the videos above, I now understand more clearly why he feels the way he does; as for the sheeple who watched the young girl drop unconscious without batting an eye reminds me of the video shared last week when they witnessed a man being rolled out of the clinic on a stretcher while shaking like he was demon possessed. A vigilant friend sent me a video dealing with Aldous Huxley’s prophetic warning in his book “Brave New World” (which she also gave to me) that explains how we’ve become so docile as a society:

    Remember what I said some time ago about Dr. Fauci’s Jesuit education? We’re dealing with a man, currently the highest paid federal employee in the U.S., who was instructed by the greatest terrorist organization in existence that swears a terrible oath vowing to kill anyone who stands between them and their goal of reclaiming the world for the Vatican, but let’s not forget Jesuit Joe Biden! It’s not by chance that his campaign was “saved” and he became the Democratic nominee; they had him selected before it was all said and done. Biden is also the second Roman Catholic to ever become U.S. President after John F. Kennedy, but the difference between the two is that Biden is the type of Catholic that is willing to work with the Pope (who is also a Jesuit) while JFK betrayed his Church’s trust to uphold the Constitution. Basically, we now have a “puppet in Chief” who obeys his Jesuit superiors like a corpse (perinde ac cadaver).

    1. The chosenites seized control of the Catholic church a long time ago. The old time Church was no saint, sending out crusades to ethnically cleanse Slavs, Arabs and Turks because they didn’t fit into the expansionist hotep agenda, but at least it stood for something. The Kennedy bros probably lost their lives because they refused to give the Zionist state nuclear weapons and Robert forced the ‘white supremacist’ Hoover to hire more black FBI agents. The ‘white genocide’ shouting, narcissistic to the core black women, white beta males and racist Jews who have been given power as the so called liberal establishment and their hammer and sickle wielding, ignorant white nationalist and state loving, fasces emblemed SJW street thugs and goons project their problems and racist ideology onto black men because secretly, they feel inferior to BM and white women.

      These ‘burn the coal’ and ‘alt-right’ websites that are the current craze are probably run by the ADL, Hasabara, the FBI, CIA, KGB and Mossad. So called Ashkenazim are the kings of dick policing and anti black racism, they and Koreans were at it long before some insecure white boy whose great grandfather lead a synagogue in Moscow from NYC put on a Hugo Boss cosplay and started goosestepping, because his childhood crush left him for Tyrone.

      These NEET losers and wannabe weirdos that form up the street mobs for the so called white ethno state are simply cannon fodder or intelligence agency assets. If you don’t believe me, look at how Harris, Biden, Pelosi and all their puppets inside the militia movement got away while most of the true believers got beaten down, arrested and even killed.

      What most people don’t know is that the 4chan and tumblr crowd are filled with some of the most idiotic and deranged kinks and sexual fantasies you can think of. Incels and so called SJWs claim to be ‘fighting the man’ and ‘saving the white race from the Js’ but after exiting the echo chamber, go and do the very same thing the aristocrats and bankers want them to do.

      And these clowns call black men savages, at least we aren’t pretending to be women or LARPing because we couldn’t get a girlfriend. This entire post modernist and white supremacist nonsense is proof of how easy it is to manipulate and control idiots to do your bidding, and why history is an important part of education. Bezmenov warned us about them, ‘the Great Game’ never ended.

      Pro black hoteps are a lost cause, they have become a propaganda outlet of the ‘Blood and Soil’ and ‘Reconquista’ movement which paved the way for WW2 due to followers of this ideology causing the wrong side to win. Why Umar and his ilk haven’t exposed the CONvid scheme as a plan to create the ‘Great Reset’ and make the elite great again is beyond me, I believe it may have to do with his Abweher and Evidenzbureau paychecks and the fact he needs to keep his viewers trapped on nonsense.

      The left wing is obviously dead as well, how come not one of these white nationalists and ultra liberal guys have been able to put a dent into the anarchist and neo feudalist agenda being pushed by the elite?

      Karl Marx claimed to represent the ‘workers’, but he was secretly a hotep Valkist who hated Slavs (white people) and Asians. He was also a police informant for his fellow aristocrats. The fact that in 2021, Klaus Shwab and Bill Gates can still get away with their nonsense and implement Belt and Road while Lord Napoleon/Shaniqua and KGB Libenov are still using their delusional believers to fight each other over the ideology of a deranged hotep, shows just how low modern man has fallen.

      Anybody still pushing race purity in 2021 is either a clown or an agent, these white boys should focus their attention on the DNC, Bill Gates, Likud, the British Crown and the kingpin of them all, Chabad Lubavitch if they are really concerned about ‘saving’ the white race. But since they have been completely brainwashed and manipulated by the so called establishment and then their social media influencer stars into being the cannon fodder and fall guy for the plots of certain groups of people, it is highly unlikely they will ever get off the circlejerk echo chamber and fetish porn sites and start doing any form of reading that isn’t meme posts or blogging rants.

      1. Telegram is now infested with incel race purists, “muh negative IQ Tyrone memes”, miscegenation proponents and deliberate fear pushers. Since their grip of mainstream media has loosened with the general public, alt social media is now their battleground to demoralise and reinforce their sick race based ideology. They’ll even throw their adopted Jewish people under the bus.

        This is why I don’t subscribe to the “it’s all the Jewish people’s fault” diktat. A few hundred years ago it would have been the “all the Limeys”, “all the Romans”. Now it’s dA cHiNeEze? The dark cult hide behind nations and religions. The “Jews” is a classic misdirect aimed at sacrificing a people in order for them to hide behind.

        Unfortunately a lot of patriots are getting taken in by their games. No smoke for calling them out, but plenty of fire for “muh nigha” cartoons?

        1. Indeed Micheal….People USE nationalities, religions, families etc as devices to accomplish their works and intent. This is why one of the masters simply said “ye shall know the tree by its fruits”.

          All of those titles and terms hide the man/men/woman/women and what they do. In reality its an order of darkness and the we have the good people, confused people, and bad people often using the same constructs.

          This is why I often ask my brothers from the USA, why they do not think it is necessarily to form a national identity outside of social constructs that link to negro slavery or second class citizenship as well as to Dis-Associate them from the current dysfunctional culture.

          North and South Koreans look alike just as Chinese and Taiwanese but clearly there are political and psychological differences between those 2 pairings.

          I mean if you are already seen as outsiders, isolates, and “white Men”… that is to say socially speaking many of you are already “Foreign”. Perhaps that collective is really being helpful in pointing this out to you?

          But hey you All do what you see is reasonably best!

        2. No surprise there. I’ve noticed this behavior as well on other social media sites. It wouldn’t surprise me if some of this stuff is being done to intimidate the Aaron Swartz and Nikolai Tesla types into going making Aliyah to Israel. As I said before, Soviets, BW and Lord Napoleon should be investigated carefully and then charged for incitement, treason and betrayal of public office. Exploiting these incels and beta white males to push an agenda is just as bad as the white slave trade, but these losers want to call us savages? Come on man, these people are idiots plain and simple.

          As for the ‘JQ’, The so called ‘Jewish’ and other leadership in Eastern Europe and Russia sold out long ago for exclusive trading rights to bring in black men and white women as slaves to the New World. The DemoKKKrats Confederate uniforms were based off the ‘anti-white’ pro-wack Austria-Hungarian Empire, believe it or not.

          All that is needed to debunk this ‘white genocide’ and ‘Anglo-Saxon’ nonsense the chosenites, Shaniqua and Lord Napoleon feed to the Bottom Shelf Brads is to look at the current US administration and the clownshow that was the Woodrow Wilson regime. If the white race and black woman was really superior, the DNC and the Soviets would have destroyed the rest of the world a long time ago.

          But what these idiots fail to realize is that they are simply being used as cannon fodder in order to fulfil an agenda. This race purity talk is nothing more than ‘Blood and Soil’ divisive class warfare nonsense put in a white nationalist and communist format and dumbed down for idiots. Bill Gates is probably laughing his ass off at how stupid these clowns are from Microsoft Israel.

          Again, why would anyone want to be proud of being a shoeshine boy or fallguy for the rich and powerful? These white nationalists and black females are nothing more than house negros, plain and simple.

          Again, CERTAIN Jews are powerful and dangerous, I’m not going to deny that, but don’t we all have control over our actions? This is one thing I’ve always believed in. These white boys whine about not getting girls when they themselves are walking stereotypes – exactly the type of person to be set up for a mass shooting or terror event. Too many people put trust in worthless ‘family’ while forgetting that the mafia has the same term!

          This is why I’ve always stated that white supremacist thought is just progressivism in its final form. Same whiny attitude, same bitch lifestyle and same ignorance complex. As one Communist watching both sides observed, ‘Rationalwiki is the Stormfront of intellectual thought’.

          No wonder white and Indian women run to black men. I mean, look at it: who wants an entitled idiot who refuses to take responsibilty for his own actions?

          But in the age of social media influencers, lockdowns to stop ‘climate change’ and a dumbed down population reduced to basement dwellers and ignorant snobs looking for attention, banking cartels and corrupt politicians can push destructive schemes like this with no one giving a flying F. Demonstrating once more why the Valkist crew never really had much respect for their white and Asian pawns.

  11. I tell you something. This jab is nothing but a poisonous weapon that is taking out people. This UK government is crooked then a rogue copper. It goes to show that the government is not there for us. We don’t work for the government. They meant to work for us. They take the jobs away and cause unemployment, they do nothing about knife crime, they have sex with animals, they are involved with any bullshit including this stupid vaccine passport. You think this vaccine passport is goanna last? Let’s see what how longs he’s goanna be prime minister of this sinking ship Britain.

    1. LOL. It just shows you who is paying the wignats and BW. All of this nonsense could be debunked in 15 secs if these two groups put in the effort. But they won’t, because they would lose their paychecks.

    1. I believe it, they could kill of white people if they had to and de-populate Africa for their takeover with those.


    I meant to post this a few weeks ago after the 4th of July holiday weekend, but this wreaks of right wing extremism; he said the government is trying to kill him, he narrowly missed someone after driving through an area filled with people, and he cursed big tech. This has left me with more questions than answers, but another part of me wonder if this was staged to bring out more restrictive measures on the masses. What do you guys think?

    1. The government has long infiltrated so called nationalist movements. Dude could be a patsy(MK-ULTRA), agent provocateur, or maybe a legit retard “right winger” who knows.

      1. True that. Woodrow Wilson and the DNC were the unwitting puppets of British and German military intelligence. NaZI means National Socialist + Zionist Organization of Germany. A lot of ‘neo-Nazis’ are supposedly Jewish kids playing dress up and venting their anger at losing their childhood crush to Tyrone from Kingston. Often taking the fall for the likes of Sheldon Adelson, Jared Kushner and Bill Gates who are heavily connected with Chabad Lubavitch.

        The ADL is the biggest promoter of white nationalism on the planet, bar none. They help give it credence by constantly focusing on it and whining about supposed ‘anti-Semitism’ which is a nonsense loaded word made by the chosenites to attack anyone whom they don’t like. Meanwhile they have been shown to be an agency of British and Soviet intelligence and have been running the white supremacist groups.

        All of these losers and BW are foreign agents, working to cause destabilization and chaos. Alt-right retards need to work out and stand up for themselves for once and SJWs need to put their focus on the corporations and Zionists who control the power structure.

    1. That dude was always a leftist whack job. No clue why Fox put up with him for so long.

    2. Blue Collar Trevor,

      These lefties are completely unhinged, this Convid hoax has really caused them to show their true communist, ultra socialist colours.

  13. Just saw where a month or so back, Haiti started implementing bullshit lockdowns and mask measures after about a year of straight up ignoring them.

    Why TF, if the virus is so dangerous, would you do this stuff NOW? Likewise, notice that was a few weeks before someone’s curious mysterious assassination. They will topple Haiti and any other black countries, hell it’ll be easy. The only ones to survive will be Asians and the few Europeans smart enough to resist.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of black countries whether they be in Africa or elsewhere will be relatively easy to overthrow due to the fact that most blacks have no integrity, they’ll sell out any leaders trying to do well by them for 5 pieces of silver and a piece of mouldy bread.

      Too many Negroes want that Mercedes Benz, a fat bank account as well as a high rise apartment in Miami, General Blizzard already knows this and so dangling the “sell out your leader” carrot among blacks, he won’t have to struggle to find willing participants.

      1. Or, if it’s Jamaica, sell the country for a ship load of automatic weapons and drugs and create an uncomfortable interdependency crony class of politicians and drug lords.

  14. Also, how TF are they even discussing an Olympics if this is still tHe DeAdLiEsT vIrUs On EaRtH!!!!

  15. I’m pleased to announced that in the next week, my online business will be online, alive and ready for money-making. I’m gonna have electronics, computers, video game and phone accessories, toys, collectibles, clothes, household goods and even weave for the daggles to make me rich with!

    In the coming weeks, I’ll also start providing organic and healthy foods, so anyone who needs food sent will not need to rely on supermarkets. I’m gonna make the rounds in the coming weeks to get local businesses that I frequent on board and ordering from me. I already have one store looking to buy Transformers, Funkos and Pokémon merchandise from me. I’ve noticed some local Mr. Chong’s setting up businesses selling Knick knacks and such, so I can likely get them on board with better prices on legit products compared to the obvious bootlegs they hustle.

    Once I get in a groove, I can definitely be financially independent while providing things people want and need.

      1. Also, when it’s all up and running, I’ll create a code just for brothers on this site to see to get a little off the top of the purchase price.

    1. That’s it, fam, you’re making 21st century moves in a society barely out of the 19th. Once you’re up, get that passport and travel. My personal recommendation is Germany and/or Sweden for the sheer selection of built-for-a-brother frauleins. Then retire to Russia. SYSBM my nigha!

      1. Thanks, and I just saw where Sweden changed some of their immigration laws. Anyone with their head on straight is still fine, but rapefugees and other freeloaders are screwed. That society may be waking up, though idk about Germany under that witch Merkel.

        Russia is definitely a must, and if nothing else, I’ll probably relocate to Belarus.

      2. Michel,

        I’d personally avoid Western Europe, central and Eastern Europe are better spots. I have a friend whose girlfriend lives in Germany, things currently are not looking good in that country at all especially under the dictator Merkel.

    2. Afrofuturism1,

      Congratulations brother, this is the way forward for every free thinking black man, it’s all about being self sufficient, not having to rely on anybody else for your daily bread. Looking forward to the launch.

      1. “Trying” being the operative word. Completely avoided the rest of his post like the fake academic he is. I hope they can walk back his two clot shots before he croaks it.

        1. Michel,

          Nope, he’s a dead man, he’ll remember our warnings as he breathes his last breaths. The “I’ll be OK, nothing bad is going to happen to me” syndrome has the fake academic spellbound.

  16. Greetings brothers. It has been a while. Have been working on other things and learning to manage my time. Sending positive energy and strength to all and I know I am late on Open Mic Wednesday, but in light of BS-19, the shit can no longer be ignored as evidenced in this video.

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