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Who They Prefer To Hang Around With, Smh! #SHORTPOSTS


There you go folks, a modern day black female speaking openly about the type of black men she much prefers to hang around with and in some cases get dicked down by.

Now you know one of the contributing reasons why black women especially in the US carry the highest rate of STIs, as well as messing with a small group of black men who have many women on rotation, as you can see they also have no problems opening up their legs to homosexuals.

Seeing as black women as a collective give off masculine energy and in too many cases carry masculine features, it’s easy to see how a sodomite would be able to dick down these feral harriets while at the same time still claiming his homosexuality.

Additionally, we must always remember that the homosexual black male is NOT a threat to the faux leadership position black women have been given over “da communitah” by her white lord and saviour General Blizzard.

This is yet another reason why black women and homosexual black men are the best of buddies and remain so for life.

The bottom line is the overwhelming majority of black women don’t want strong, heterosexual, masculine, leadership quality black men around them, they feel extremely uncomfortable hanging out with such characters. Your thoughts gentlemen.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Women And Homosexual Black Males Are The Enemies Of Heterosexual Free Thinking Brothers

Most High Bless

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61 thoughts on “Who They Prefer To Hang Around With, Smh! #SHORTPOSTS

  1. Hard to believe that they really like homosexual black men when they’re all over social media calling every black man that disagrees with them a “Faggot”. Isn’t that being disrespectful to their gay friends? They’re pretty homophobic when you piss them off.

    1. They’re delusional self righteous hypocrites. Say what you will about supposed ‘Jews’ and Koreans, but these people know how to move and get things done. BW and Lord Euro whine all day on the MSM about ‘muh Reds’ and spend time gaslighting and ‘gang-stalking’ innocent people in order to satisfy their ever growing egos, but will never tell the likes of Lord Shlomo and Missa Chin to go take a trip. Eastern Europeans and some Ashekenazi Jews were begging Shaniqua and Lord Napoleon to stop hanging out with the Soviet oligarch gang and pushing Communist ideology from the 60s to 90s.

      Their tolerance only extends to those who tow the party line, we all see what happened to the Pakistani man who made the mistake of encountering them. Nikolai Tesla and Aaron Swartz were also victims of this ignorance and envy. As far as I’m concerned black women and progressives need to shut up and stick to writing and posting videos on channels like ‘WhiteCockWorship’, it’s clear they can’t handle any form of power that isn’t a pen or a social position.

    2. Robert Hicks,

      The modern day black female is running the same old technique, homosexuals are her best friends yet at the same time she’ll label a heterosexual black man she disagrees with a homosexual in her efforts to emasculate him. Remember, the homosexual black male is already emasculated, the heterosexual black man however isn’t and thus in her eyes is a threat.

    3. Why is it hard to believe? Eddie Murphy was joking about this in hi Delicious stand up. In fact he did the same routine in earlier performances but the point was made. Black women in general like hanging around Gay Men.

      Most likely the biggest reason(s) are: They aren’t a threat to them as they aren’t looking for sex and they are an emotional tampons as many of them have put in general for women to talk about their hetrosexual dating problems.

      Again without judgement.

      So who’s at-risk for spreading AIDS? They always want to blame Black men, but I think we all know who’s really at fault.

      1. @Verbs and Anthony,

        This one hits the nail:
        Gay community mention few times that Women use gays as emotional tampons.

        Infact it gets a bit deeper than that:
        These are the same BW, some may 30% White Women does this, they ask Gay men for relationship advice on how to date straight men, mind you they are asking Gay men about straight men.

        The question is ‘What to Gay men know about straight men?’
        The reason they ask Gay men because they think the Gay Men are the expert of Straight men but in reality Gay Men will give Women the most flawed and false advice about straight men because they do know much about the heterosexual men at all.

        All they got to do is to understand Straight Heterosexual Thinking men is to ask them directly.
        That is simple because Gay Men keep them Single (probably chronically single. Something David Carroll says).

  2. Verbs 2015.

    This particular article reconfirms the reasons why I refuse to date black women as a childfree black man at 39. Black women hate decent good masculine black men who are SYSBM, childfree, and free thinkers. The only type of black man that black women love are the thug type black men or gay black men. The black community is well and truly dead.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      This is why rebuilding black society simply cannot be done, how are heterosexual free thinking black men meant to build with a group of ultra liberal/communist mind set thinking women who much prefer to hang out with homosexuals, lesbians and trannies?

      As I keep on saying, the overwhelming majority of black women are defective beyond repair and black society as a whole is finished, it cannot be saved.

      1. The scraggle daggle is always obsessing over any threat that she perceives to her status as overseer of da communitah/plantation, and as privileged sacred cow, immune from accountability.

        This is another reason why the scraggle daggle stays up nights, worrying about SYSBM brothers leaving da communitah/plantation.

        To the scraggle daggle, her status dwindles, everytime a brother leaves da communitah/plantation. Hence, the scraggle daggle views SYSBM as an existential threat.

        1. Sigh but the majority of BM don’t see it that way. This is why I appreciate Verbs he’s a better man than men because I would light a fire under most Black men. But they would see my scathing criticism as an personal attack.

          We all know how Black males feel they can “touch” other Black people no matter their status, especially they disagree with.

          1. You have a point about black men thinking they can put hands on another black man because they don’t like the way he thinks, and go unscathed. This is partially our fault as black men.

            You see, most black men would not put hands on a white man simply because they don’t like the way he thinks. They know they are likely to get blown away, as they should, if they attack another man without just cause. They also know the white man would walk.

            Responsible, law abiding black men should legally carry. And they should know how to use it. They shouldn’t hesitate to blow away a black man or any man who physically attacks them without cause. If black men start doing this, demonstrably doing it in self defense, they will walk. And niggers will start keeping their hands to themselves when they don’t like the way another black man thinks.

          2. In the US, 34 states have stand your ground laws. This means that if you are physically attacked by another person without just cause, you may legally shot that person with a legal gun. So putting hands on someone because you don’t like the way they think, gives them the right to shoot your ass.

      2. The scraggle daggle loves black gays, lesbians, and transsexuals, because these groups will always give her a pass on her fuckery and ratchet behavior. She in turn, gives them a pass on all their behavior, no matter how depraved. The scraggle daggle will even give them a pass on child predation. The scraggle daggle as well, has been known to prey on children.

        1. AmericanBlkMan,

          Her coalition with the likes of homosexuals, lesbians and trannies is one of the pinnacle reasons why there will be NO rebuilding of “da communitah”. The main theme of homosexuality is pleasure, it is anathema to the family structure as well as a basic moral compass.

  3. The gays can have them, they are two dysfunctional (HIV infected) peas in a pod. Birds of a feather flock together. When BW like this talk about protection, what they mean is that they want to be able to say and do whatever dumb shit they want and have you ready to fight, die, or go to prison on their behalf. No thanks.

    1. Exactly. Why do you think the white nationalist movement was created in the first place? It and the rainbow flag, post modernist scumbag fascist crowd were deliberately created by the chosenites and a certain group of hotep elites in Europe to corrupt and marginalize the trade union ideology that was growing in the 1700s and 1800s. BW, Lord Napoleon & KGB Kagalovitz ate up the nonsense like a free range cow in the hopes of getting the attention and praise they thought they deserved.

      Nobody put a gun to the heads of the three stooges and told them to jump into WW1 for the brutal, genocidal and selfish Entente, they used German blunders in diplomacy and intelligence gathering as an excuse to ‘make the world safe for democracy’. The ‘evil’ German Empire was the one who helped the countries in Eastern Europe gain independence from Russia, while the ‘white supremacist’ Wilson regime in fact helped enslave these countries further.

      Another reason why I can’t take these white boys and black women seriously when they start moaning about ‘muh white genocide’ and making up a bag of noise about being exploited and being treated like a shoeshine boy by Rabbi Rubin, Kim Wong Sun, Chabad Chev and Lord Evendale. As Brendon O’Connell pointed out, if you want change, work for it.

      Simple as that.

      Miyako and Amiska are absolutely correct when they call out these idiots as a bunch of hypocritical clowns who talk big but lack the courage to get off the Anglophile plantation and start standing on their own two feet.

      1. Brendan Dubalos,

        What exactly does your post have to do with the OP? You really need to go somewhere and write a book or get your own blog, your mentally ill screeds and bizarre political manifestos have nothing to do with anything we discuss here. Either that or Verbs needs to take all your posts and shove them into the Off Topic section where you can rant to your heart’s content. I’d block you if I could, but this blog doesn’t allow that. Tired of reading this double talk, I literally have to skip over your posts. I’ll take Black Caesar back at this point at least he stayed on topic. SMH

        1. I’m pointing out that BW are mentally disjointed and make bad decisions due to racist ideology. When you have a bunch of women that glorify thugs and bad boys and hate anyone who calls them out, it’s hard not to find examples in history. We all know black women and white boys were given positions of power at Lord Shlomo’s table, I just wanted to show how they abused that power to carry out their hatred of black men (especially those who date out).

    2. James SYSBM,

      All these single spinster hoes are crying about pRoTeCtiOn in 2021 even these 3rd wave white feminist bitches, the same Karens that clutch their purse or lock their car door when you walk by. They want you to believe their bullshit #MeToo stories (which always seem to include them being in the private spaces of some rich fuckboy, like his house, his boat, or his hotel room) and be their unpaid police force to protect them from their own fucked-up choices. Hell with that. White bitches are racing to the bottom right along with the BW who are already there.

      Turns out pRoTeCtiOn was part of the patriarchy, which these cat-moms say they don’t want. Oh well, you played yourself.

      Lend your toxic masculinity aka protection to a feminine woman THAT YOU’RE HAVING SEX WITH who deserves it.

      S Y S B M

    3. JamesSYSBM,

      Since they love homosexuals so much, let black women seek out their protection from homosexuals and their associates. We don’t deal with janky women over here, if black women want approval for their dysfunction and disjointed behaviour, they’ll have to seek it from amongst their pro black simp squads.

    4. In the late 90’s, early 00’s they blamed Black men for being Downlow to deflect from themselves causing the problems with STD’s.

      Again, Black males have no backbone.

  4. They’re getting the troops ready for the backlash that is coming their way. Inflation, food shortages, used car prices going to very high prices, good black men buying passports in high numbers,. This will be civil war part two which is black women/white men vs black men/white women.

    1. The BW/Lord Euro coalition and the Soviet oligarchs need to be locked up and or executed for incitement, treason and betrayal of public trust with heavy repatriation fees for all the lives destroyed and nations ruined in their stupid fight over revolutionary doctrine called the ‘Cold War’. Slap in Kissinger and his crew of misfits along with a invasion of Israel and South Korea to return what was stolen from the Japanese and Palestinians, and maybe that would show London and Beijing that the Maroon Wars and Declaration of Independence wasn’t meant to be a one time thing.

      These white nationalist communists and ‘blood and soil’ pro wack hoteps are just as bad as the MSM and the synagogue of Satan, to be honest. They did nothing to expose the superflu scam nor point out how this lockdown made Intel and the CCP great again. Just a bunch of social media influences, blind dupes and intelligence assets placed on both extremes of the political spectrum in order to scare the likes of Aaron Swartz and Nikolai Tesla into making aliyah to Israel where Likud can steal their work and send it to the UK, Russia and China.

      BW can go take a trip and cosplay the Sopranos with the British aristocracy and Chinese oligarchs whom they love so much. No clean up man around here.

    2. Robert Chavis,

      The saying “every dog has its day” springs to mind. Just like the devil the black female’s clock is ticking faster and is coming close to expiry, they can’t duck and weave away from the consequences of their dumb decisions forever, their recompense is long overdue.

  5. Faggots and negresses are the best of buddies.

    Both are liberals.

    Most black men are liberal males.

    Most black men refusing to date out is a global problem.

    The negress virus is worse than covid.


    1. Oh, that explains why BW love Soviet Israel and support the state run ‘white nationalist movement’. Where do you find the highest number of homosexuals and the LGBTQP+ crowd? Where, in Tel Aviv of course. South Korea is also ground zero for that kind of stuff, Jack Berstein was right all along in his books. These idiots keep on projecting and covering their ass so much, it’s sad. All of their talking points, both ‘progressive’ and ‘Soviet’ can be debunked with a simple search engine query.

      1. Brendan Dubalos,

        Glad you brought up Tel Aviv because Israel is rife with the ultra liberal, homosexual agenda which they push onto other using their mainstream media outlets. I’ve seen with my own eyes people who were staunchly against homosexuality slowly be converted over a long period of time due to the mainstream media dripfeed propaganda machine promoting homosexuality as a viable so called “alternative” lifestyle, smh.

  6. WOW, I’m so shocked😳, I would’ve never guessed that the weave wearing Klingons love gay guys.

    This is why the Klingons are the LEAST DATED MARRIED AND DESIRED GROUP on planet earth!

    And also, this is the reason why successful Black Men like Super Agent Rich Paul is now dating Adele. She wants a MASCULINE Black Man and she’s worth “protecting”. And of course the Klingons and their Pander Pimping SIMP attack dogs don’t like it🤣


    1. That’s waay too much sense for the scraggle daggle, Bottom Shelf Brad, Lord Napoleon, False Flag Fedowitz gutter trash street thug racist scum to even understand. They fail to understand that Chabad Chev and Baron Boris can always pick up more delusional idiots and street rat criminals off the hood and ‘buff’ them using their media control to intimidate decent people into doing what the former want.

    2. Teamwhitegirls,

      When Adele showed up in a Jamaican flag bikini and bantu braids, I knew she was getting some BBC, and I don’t mean the British TV channel haha. Notice the usual suspects who walk around with white women’s hair stitched into their scalp were crying cULtUraL*aPPrOpriAtiOn lol. Black hoes stay insecure and desperate.

      1. When the scraggle daggles scream about cultural appropriation by white women, they are really screaming about BBC appropriation by white women.

        LOL !

    3. TeamWhiteGirls,

      It’s a wrap for the modern day black female, more black men are realising that they don’t have to put up with the knuckleheaded dysfunctional behaviour that comes as standard with dealing with them, they’re seeking out love and companionship elsewhere and good on them for doing so.

      As for those black men who are still hanging in there desiring to “keep it real”, they deserve whatever fate befalls them for refusing to read and accept the writing on the wall.

  7. I posted in the last Open Mic Wednesday about a BW on Reddit who admitted she was cheating on her boyfriend with her gay bestie, letting him fuck her up the ass. In the post she took glee in deceiving her man. The boyfriend thought nothing could happen because dude was gay. She probably brought HIV home, we all know black bitches are allergic to latex and take no responsibility for protection or birth control of any kind. And of course, we have to ask how masculine the bitch actually was that a homo had no trouble getting it up for her.

    The same BW who is always flying the rainbow flag and on the frontlines for LGBTQP issues calls straight black men gay as a pejorative, make it make sense.

    As always, walk away fellas. As the Wall of Indifference™ grows, BW’s attacks on us will be more unhinged.

    1. @Schadenfreude

      I saw your post and I agree.

      People think the BW supports LGBTQ+ because they are open minded and for the cause.
      In reality, they do not support LGBT at all, and some hate them.

      The reason BW are Pro-LGBT is it not because it is for the cause and pride.
      They support LGBT to get back at black men and black patriarchy.

      The brother observed 20+ years ago and he was in his teens, they do not become Lesbians because they like each other, they become lesbians to get revenge on black men.
      This has been happening for 10+ years. Now thinking brother are seeing this and saying ‘The Hell with it’.

      This is not to do with ‘Love is Love’. This is to do with joining an alliance to eliminate black men, that is why they support them, their end goal with Verbs and the brothers on this web site said many times:
      ‘To emasculate and control black men.’ They want to control LGBT.

      Today you see liberal black men hating on straight black men and side with BW.
      Eventually when they realise the Gay BM get used by the BW, the BW will get got, just like how WM are doing.

      When BW post thing like how Gay men are better than straight men, that is because they got dicked down my ‘Homo-Thugs’. Anyone do know what that is. Basically Homo-Thugs are masculine men, but just into men, some are Down-Low because of prison.

      BW love DL men because they done gay stuff in prison, why?
      Remember in prison when these men will server more than 10 years, get horny and wet, there are no women to get laid (except for female guards if lucky), the only people to get laid with are men, if there lucky sissy men to get their dick wet.

      BW knows this and have kids with them, then complain that he is a DL.

      They know what they post, they can say the post is ‘fake’ or ‘joke’. No it is not because they 100% meant it and thinking brothers are not stupid.

    2. Schadenfreude,

      I remember writing an article about the same a few years ago, as I’ve stated before, because the black female carries so much masculine energy, your average homosexual black male can dick down anyone of these feral black harriets and still claim his homosexuality.

      These pro black, black love, gotta keep it real pundits are looking incredibly stupid trying to get black men who are worth their salt to stick around and deal with a group of women who are diametrically opposed to a strong black family structure, a moral compass and core values.

  8. Well damn, I just mentioned this on the last article in the comments
    Even times these chicks breathe, they prove our points
    Too easy, hahaha!

    1. Mack G,

      Black women already being toxic become even more volatile and contaminated by the day, I don’t even have to go looking for this stuff, it automatically lands in my lap.

  9. What the hell did I just read on this chick post? At this point, let black women mess with whoever they stay messing with, because at the end of the day, they sold the black man out. I already know deep down inside, the Hetero black man is not on their list of men they date, so why do they even bother putting the straight black men in their mouths? Gay black men protect black women more than the straight? Probably because the black women and the gay black men are buddy buddy with each other. I ain’t saying nothing if these black women caught HIV from messing with them sexually, especially when they be sleeping with them in and out of jail type of dudes. To ask this question, and I probably already know what y’all gonna say: Do black women even need “protection” when they stay having this big chip on their shoulder 24/7, acting like nobody can’t touch them?

    1. These people are fucked in the head royally to put it simply. In Jamaica the news stories run constantly of people who were either set up or got killed by BW. These hoes were the main informers during chattel slavery and remain a thorn in the side of national development.

    2. D.K. Phantom,

      And black women wonder why it is so easy for non black women to swoop down and scoop up free thinking brothers. Anything that is vile, unnatural, evil, dysfunctional and degenerate, black women gravitate towards, what black man is his right mind would want to hook up with such females, answers on a postcard please.

      As I keep on saying, black women are for the sewers, the streets are too good of a place to give them. With female counterparts like the modern day black woman, who needs enemies?

  10. Black women always prefer a black homosexual man because the homo black male is feminine. Black women and black homo men are the enemy to the heterosexual black alpha male because he’s masculine. Even the white beta male is the back man’s enemy because he can’t get a woman and the heterosexual black male can get any woman he wants. Question, what can a homosexual man do for a woman? Nothing. And let me tell you something, if these black homo are having sex with these women, that is one of the reason why these women have these sexual diseases. Have you seen a white woman with a homosexual man? It’s a rare thing.

  11. The white beta male, black woman, black homosexual male and the simp is the black man’s biggest enemy. They hate it when they see a black man who is masculine. They hate him with a passion. I’m just goanna open up a bottle of coconut rum and just chill while the haters hate. Fuck them.

    1. Money Cultural,

      This is why I fully understand AmericanBlkMan’s total disdain and hatred for the black male simp because he is the principal gatekeeper, facilitator and enabler of black female skullduggery and dysfunction. If it wasn’t for the black male simp, black women would’ve crashed and burned a long time ago.

      Let black women have their fruity friends, however at the same time they can’t look towards heterosexual free thinking black men for anything, no protection, NOTHING.

  12. These chicks are a fruit’s friend…. When convenient. However, as mentioned above, it’s not out of any real love for their equally as debaucherous lifestyle, it’s just to get back at black men and slam the “patriarchy.”

    When push comes to shove, however, black women turn on these twinks. Why? Because even THEY are competition to these heifers. Most of the dumb stuff black women love, sludge jumpers do as well, hell, they do it with gusto. They twerk, wear weave, look androgynous, act ratchet and petty, be social media whores and in general make everyone around them except for equally dysfunctional people disgusted and uncomfortable.

    You legit can’t tell these two groups apart, they both shout “yaaaas bitch, SLAY!” And other dumb stuff. Honestly, which one is imitating the other at this point?

    1. Fay-gotts, tran nies & BW (The Devil’s Triangle) find the exact same thugs and fuckboys attractive. Of course they are in competition. But they will come together long enough to denigrate those same hetero BM.

    2. Afrofuturism1,

      Yep, the black siren on behalf of her white lord and saviour Admiral Frost must always rail against black men, in particular heterosexual free thinking brothers as we are seen as the main threat to her leadership position over the swamp she calls the black community.

      As commenter Gregory Chandler has pointed out many times before, there is little to no diversity in black female society, this is why no matter where black women are on the socioeconomic spectrum, you’ll typically find them engaging in the same degenerate activities including getting dicked down by homosexuals and I dare say trannies.

      And these are the types of women the likes of the fake academic Aaron Fountain, Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson and the rest of these black female worshipping simp squads are defending, what a travesty.

  13. Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover hits the trifecta
    1-“half” black female (naomi osaka)
    2-black “half” female (leyna bloom)
    3-“full” whore black female (megan de donkey)
    And speaking of sports, why is everyone “caping” for the track thot sha’carri richardson?

    1. Because Black women are the special ed children of society. They believe they should get special treatment. I am glad the IOC has not bent at all, though I could be wrong. It’s still a few days before the Opening Ceremony and I don’t put anything past these Postmodern idiots.

      1. Anthony,

        To paraphrases something Afrofururism1 once wrote, Hoteps think they should get a gold medal for not shitting their pants.

        That’s just how low their standards of excellence are. And the scraggle daggle is the Quaen of the Hoteps.

    2. I’m so glad she’s out. I don’t want a ghetto daggle with ugly weave, fake ghetto claws, fly-away lashes and shitty tattoos representing my beloved country. And of course she gets a pussy pass for old hOmOpHoBiC tweets. If it was me or you they would have strung us up and brought a picnic lunch like the old days.

      1. The decline of Western Civilization continues. Pray for Hungary and Poland, they have established a hard line against this gay/tranny encroachment and the EU is trying to punish them for it.

  14. Now, I see why they call into Kevin Sameuls show so much. Always wondered why these so called women be looking for “six figure men”.

    1. “Things that makes you go hmmm…”
      — C&C Music Factory

      But that will blantantly get overlooked by you-know-who

  15. Just last Friday, you posted a screenshot where one daggle said that the majority of [Black] men who date out are gay, but now we have another daggle saying gay Black men are more protective than heterosexual Black men? I would laugh at this, but I’m in a too serious frame of mind for that right now. Any heterosexual Black man who believes in the often misquoted Malcolm X statement that Black women are the most unprotected group should be upset; all of that chest beating about “protect Black women” for what, being torn out the frame for the credit to be given to fags who aren’t moving to protect Black women, either! Black fags are no different than another girlfriend, which is why Black women would much rather their company, just like they prefer Cheesy Grillz over White Collar Stephen! The hypocrisy of the Daggle-ocracy!

    1. Next thing you know that Verbs will post another topic, this time how BW posting and bragging about how ‘Gay Men are the new/real Alpha Males of the black community’.
      I bet the BW already have post it on Social Media, either Facebook or Twitter as the love to compare everything with straight black men.

      Good luck with that because they already going to have Communitah Civil war between the Homo-Thugs (Alpha-Gays) vs Pookie/Ray Rays.

      Mind you this may already happening at this moment.

  16. Another tweet from that same daggle @KiraJ. Here’s why they always choose negative-IQ, undiagnosed dyslexic Buc Buc and Trap Gawd over the likes of CJ King, the young brother with his shit together who graduated law school and declared himself “the prize.”

    “I also lost a man once because he had his shit together more than I did & I felt insecure dating him like I wasn’t good enough. Being with him made me feel small. It wasn’t anything he did it was shit I had to fix within myself. By the time I tried to circle back he was taken.”

    1. She just admitting (while still to gain sympathy) that the guy was too good for her and he moved on. Her (and BW in general) huge, but fragile ego will NOT take the self-accountability steps to get back on track. They stay snitching on themselves.

      Or perhaps some of us were right about them. We know them than they will ever admit. Even though we don’t fuck with them like that.

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