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Is That So? What Do You Think? #SHORTPOSTS


So, what do you think gents, does this harriet have a point, men like us who date out deep down really like other men, your thoughts.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

The Agenda To Keep Heterosexual Free Thinking Brothers Stuck On The Plantation For Life Is Very Real

Most High Bless

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59 thoughts on “Is That So? What Do You Think? #SHORTPOSTS

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Us SYSBM black men who date outside of our race when we date white women and other non black women are smart because we are saving ourselves from the black women drama and bullshit.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      The effort however lame it is to keep heterosexual free thinking black men on the proverbial plantation is very real.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I refuse to date black women as a childfree black man at 39.

  2. Let’s be truthful here:

    These hoteps, simps and bitter BW like the Cynthia G types always run with this homosexuality.
    I have notice that because thinking brother has options so what to they run with?

    ‘We hate BW because we want White Men to ourselves’ or ‘We are White wen wannabe’.

    Let’s run with this White Men wannabe or be with them:
    This is nothing but of Gay Shaming because of BM preference. It’s because some Black Men are not into BW it does not mean they are gay or into White Men.

    As for ‘White Men Wannabe’, why do I want be a white men?
    Think about it?
    OK, they may have power and resources and black men have flaws like lots of simps which was cause by the Communitah.
    But being White as the likes of Divesters and Hoteps, unlike Black Men, at least we do not promote LGBT Fetish (Transgenders private group say a lot about these WM as they are Bi-Curious people), BM do not promote cuckism.

    They say this because when BM are civilised they label them as ‘White’ just like they call Thinking brother the ‘White Men of the Black Community’.

    Deep down they want thinking BM to be gay to they can control us.
    They BW supports LGBT because of control, not diversity.

    Sorry ‘Dick Police Officers’, we do not swing nor think like that.

    1. Mister Master,

      As for ‘White Men Wannabe’

      I give you a secret that a brother told me about White Feminism which SYSBM and MadbusDriver did not know about:

      It is true that White Men introduce laws Interracial Dating to promote Interracial Dating only for White men only meaning only WM can date whoever they want.

      However, what happen is when the WM gave White Women equal rights (Feminism/Equality), they not just have all other equal gender rights, also granted White Women rights to date whoever they want. Meaning they can date Asian, Black and other type of men.

      Now WM are mad because White Women can date BM which now the reason alot of White Incels.
      Also a lot of Gay Shaming of ‘Dick Police’ Officers because of BM preference.

      What is their solution to cope with rejection: ‘BM want WM’.
      No BM thinking about WM at all.

    2. Mister Master,

      The homosexual card is one of the oldest and lamest shaming tactics ever to come out of the black witch’s grotto. That sorcery will work on the simps all day everyday, however free thinking brothers are NOT cut from the same cloth.

      When we make up our minds to date out, it’s a wrap and no “black men who date out really like men deep down” garbage mantra is going to stop us from doing so. #SYSBM

  3. This is how pathetically DESPERATE the Klingons are🤣🤣

    The Ebola Virus has a better chance of dating and getting married than they do‼️

    I wish we could just THANOS SNAP about 85%-90% of the weave wearing Klingons out of existence. The World would be much quieter and enjoyable ‼️
    #TeamWhiteQueens 👸🏼👸🏼👸🏼

    1. TeamWhiteGirls,

      If black women could bring back slavery, they’d do it in a heartbeat. Note the great efforts they’re putting in to try to keep free thinking black men on the plantation, the pro black simps aren’t enough for them, they want ALL black men shipwrecked without any viable options.

      1. I realized that too. Hence the vaccine killshots, feminism and the homosexual agenda. The white nationalist movement will serve as a distraction to keep the sheep fighting each other on the streets and on the battlefield, while the party bosses live it up and hang out with the same anarchists and wealthy interests they supposedly hate at Davos. Never could understand them anyways, why would I want to be proud of being a foot solider and eternal shoe shine boy for the rich and powerful?

        Because that’s what most of these poor white guys were, to tell the truth. I wouldn’t be surprised if the ADL and Hasabara was behind some of these Valkist (hotep) and Bolshevist (white supremacist) organizations in order to balkanize Europe, Africa and the USA and get so called Jews to go to Soviet Israel where they can be exploited as slaves in order to fulfill so-called prophecy and make UK and Chinese bankers and landed families great again.

        Billy and Boris have exploited the ignorance of the masses in order to implement the ‘multi polar world order’ which will basically destroy nations in favor of a NATO lead supernational organization, supposedly created by Russia as a means to countermeasure ‘unipolarity’. Hence lockdowns and anti industrial and free thought policies in recent times.

        Gates has his main facilities in Israel, which is deep in bed with Russia and China. Boris Johnson has based his plans on Israeli ones. Yet these white nationalists and pro blacks see no concern in this man?

        Notice that it was mostly white women and black men trying to stop this nonsense, race purists and other revolutionary scum were as usual nowhere to be found.

        No matter what people say about Arabs, Eastern Europeans, Turks and some Asians, you cannot deny that they are people of action. The real white nationalists in Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania didn’t whine and cry when the Russians and then the Valkists exploited them, instead they waited and they made their move when everybody was distracted.

        The Japanese were brutally occupied and almost destroyed by Lord Euro and Shaniqua, some of the atrocities committed are brutal beyond definition. But they recovered and look at where they are now.

        A far cry from the whiny, pathetic Anglo-Zion victim mentality that has taken over the United States.

        ‘N word Nazi’ my ass, these Commies and fascists can go take a trip back to Moscow and Beijing. Notice how they will never deal with Israel robbing the US blind of tech and supporting enemy interests or the UK fucking America over, that’s because they have an agenda and that is to push chaos and anarchy for their lord and master.

        These beta males, thug Jews and black women are a sad joke man, just a bunch of house negros happy to remain stuck on the plantation in a board house while Kunta Kinte, Lord Shlomo and the likes of Billy Boy live big in the Great House.

      2. “If black women could bring back slavery, they’d do it in a heartbeat.”

        At this point if they could bring back anti-miscegenation laws they would probably do that even quicker.

  4. The Black Pride movement served a legitimate purpose during the sixties. That legitimate purpose has long since expired. Now we have the Hotep movement. The Hoteps are a bunch of delusional losers, who use make believe tales of black glory to feel good about themselves.

    All daggles and simps are Hoteps, cause they be Kaengs and Quaens I tell you !

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      The slowteps point blank refuse to acknowledge that their female counterpart is defective beyond repair in addition to her working on behalf of Captain Snowy, the same man they continuously claim is the enemy of the black nation.

      1. Brother Verbs.I am surprised it took Black men so long to wake up to a w!tches lies.The female is a snake and I am convinced she created so much blasphemy that she is doomed and knows it.The w!tches are evil because they know they are doomed and want to destroy us and take us down with them.We are what the father is.Yhe black.widow goes through the female lucy bulljot in order to take TMH out of the equation.She oppresses black men and children.She has been proven to marey the dutch and has much to do with owning slaves and the slave trade.She is a demon that can walk amongst us unnoticed and kills,steals and destroys men and children.She plays a game stealing the child(in past child belonged to father) and using state to extort money.I hate what TMH hates.This demon will suffer long retribution when TMH gets ready to smash her.Hope all is well, Brother Verbs

  5. Yeah, that’s a new talking point that’s being repeatedly told on social media of black men that like non black women (Particularly white women) are secretly gay. Honestly, if anything, you could say that for black men that like majority of black women since they’re so masculine. They don’t behave in a feminine manner, so yeah.

    1. Robert Hicks,

      That talking point doesn’t even make any sense. As many brothers here have pointed out, it is the black female who is the most masculine out of all females on the planet, therefore the logical conclusion should be that desiring black women is akin to wanting men.

      1. Verbs,

        That’s just it, these sheboons don’t think they’re masculine and get mad when you point it out. They are like the old cartoon with a hippo in a ballet tutu who thinks she’s a ballerina.

  6. That’s total Bullshit.She’s so Stupid and pathetic.What she said makes No damn sense.No Truth or facts behind it whatsoever.However,well over half of the women in the WNBA are Lesbians,Studs,Bisexual and confused about their sexuality.We all know that’s totally Factual with tons of evidence and proof.She’ll NEVER Bring that up.

    1. Robert,

      Black women typically never make any sense, they’re always rattling off some nonsensical Tom foolishness believing that they are wise and knowledgeable, however nothing could be further from the truth.

      At this stage the evidence demonstrating that black women as a collective simply aren’t intelligent is brimming over the pot.

  7. Aaaaaaaaactually…..

    If anyone’s sexuality should be questioned, it’s that of these dumps who “gots to keepz it real” with their QUEENIES!!

    These chicks look like your uncle, have the disposition of your pit Bull and smell worse. There’s nothing feminine about them! It’s not like back in the day when legally these guys could NOT date outside their race.

    The only things holding them back now are their own failures and hood behavior. If they truly wanted to date outside of their race and culture, they could, but it’d require changing their ways.

    In all honesty though, their loyalty to these daggles is telling. Daggles love complaining about down low men, but when the only difference between ****ing the average black man and the average black woman is that one can get pregnant, why would those dudes NOT homos? Hell, they probably pose LESS of a chance of getting AIDS, that’s the sad part.

    If you legit want to romance the average daggle, you would likely do the same for Pookie, Ray Ray, Deebo and Nook Nook.

    Hell, in the south especially, be it small town or city, I’ve seen SEVERAL older black chicks with straight up stubble. One woman from a few years ago that worked at McDonald’s had more facial hair than me at the time! But we’re GAY for wanting a woman who actually looks like she possesses a vagina, smgdh.

    1. Last time I stopped in McDonald’s years ago there was a daggle who easily was 5’5 and 350 pounds with a goatee working the counter. Idgaf what the most masculine group of “females” have to say. These people are invalid.

    2. LOL. Some things never change. Beta white guys are honestly the property of the state and the bankers at this point. Why don’t they and the simps go after Billy Boy and Schwab, instead of moaning about black men’s sexual organs all day? I’m beginning to see why the KKK turned into the rainbow flag pansies they are today.

      The white nationalist is the hard left version of the pro black simp. Both work to promote fear and chaos and both keep people stuck on outdated ideology like race purity. Like WTF still believes that bro?

    3. These chicks be getting smashed by Bi, DL, and even gay dudes. Let’s keep it 1000% real

      1. I saw a post on Reddit where this BW admitted to letting her gay bestie fuck her in the ass, then she went back to her actual boyfriend who did not suspect anything because the bestie was gay. No mention of condoms but you know black hoes are allergic to latex. Bitch probably brought home HIV. I’m telling you western bitches are in the dumpster in 2021. SYSBM FTW!

        1. Wtf? She didn’t question why a gay dude was ABLE to **** her? It was probably cuz she looked like a man anyways.

          When you realize how sexually confusing these chicks looks, you realize that bisexuality is the NORM among these freaks.

          1. Not shocking, the level that good chunk of Black women and White men go to get laid is amazing. Only White Incels lust after virgin, attractive White women when they don’t bring the attributes to the table to make that possible. They are SIMPS and BETAS and WW HATE THAT IN ALL MEN!

            They always cast gay aspersions on Black men and Black men cower from it, why?

            The truth is Black men even in 2021 still question their value.

            Black men, don’t like racist WM, racist BM and “Karens” or any detractor/scroffer tell you that nobody is interested in you.

            It’s simply not true, all you have to do is get a passport and thrive.

            1. Hahaha, pathetic. BW and beta white males are obsessed with sex. Same way like a certain tribe that controls out congress….

    4. Afrofuturism1,

      But we as black men aren’t supposed to question these “queanies” and object to their masculine behaviour right? Like you said, their self ruined image and reputation is what is holding them back from dating out at a high rate, they can’t blame black men for how they choose to portray themselves in the public eye.

      Black men never told black women to put on weaves/wigs, fake eye lashes, fake nails, tons of makeup, tattoo themselves up to the hilt like sailors and pirates, they’ve done all of these things off their own backs.

      Again, who told them to take up street fighting as a sport? Fighting is associated with masculinity, therefore yet again they smudge their own image and demonstrate just how far from femininity they drifted, oh well, that’s their problem not mine.

  8. I don’t know in what world this negress has come to such conclusion without proof and evidence.

    Even the white woman named Hannah Kayee is defending conservative black men dating out.

    Liberals in general want conservative black men to be a liberal faggot.

    Who someone dates is politics as MBD has said many times.

    This is just a perfect example.

    A race purist black male is automatically a liberal.

    Liberals don’t date out as heterosexual couples.

    Black females are easily the face of transgender societies.


    1. BW like their banker masters love to talk shit without evidence. They love to bloat on about how tolerant they are, but the events with the Pakistani guy in LA showed otherwise. Like their far right equivalent the pro black hotep, they moan on and on about ‘racial genocide’ yet still allow Shlomo and Chabad Chev to rail through them and turn the kids into thugs and mass shooters. What else can we expect from women who steal horse’s tail hair just to get that weave?

      I mean, their points and that of the Soviets are so debunkable, it isn’t even funny. This is why you have to give Arabs, Asians and Eastern Europeans credit, they might be barbaric but they don’t sit back and whine and moan about their problems all day while expecting a supposed ‘hero’ to come and get them out of the rut.

      Bottom Shelf Brad is frankly cannon fodder to the Claus Shuwabs of this world and the Rothschilds, Sassoon and Clintons who wanted to climb the ladder of riches the former had reached. These white boys need to stop moaning and making Chabad and intelligence agencies great again.

      1. I concur, just as the so-called “right thinking” BW are cannon fodder. The ratchet BW have made it nearly impossible for them or their offspring to get married. As Tommy Sotomayor has said: “You know a Rattlesnake is dangerous, obviously you won’t go near it”

        Same rule applies with certain people right? The media has demonized Black men, so WW clutch their purses and Karen’s use that to call the police when they disagree with you or point fingers.

        The same token for BW, they are ratchet, dangerous. So why would you near one? Gen X’ers are a bit of a problem. Being one but never wanted to date BW puts me in a unique position. When I speak of the virtues of going overseas Gen X’ers tend to defend Black women even if they know they are unmarriable. Tommy, BGS, David Carroll and Kevin Samuels want a functional Black Community.

        As Verbs has said in his books that is impossible at this point. The Church Beast is more revealing. After reading that you it’s time for Dandy Don Meredith to sing “Turn out the lights, the party is over”

        The 20th Century Black Community has sang it’s swan song. A new community has to come up in its place or Black people will be co-opted into the default community.

  9. The irony of this is the overwhelming majority of Daggles that say shit like this look like men!🤣😭💀

    1. Val Did,

      And they already know this, hence why they wear weaves/wigs and put on so much makeup trying their best to cover up their masculine facial features.

  10. This daggle couldn’t just come right out and say it plainly, but let’s translate it: if a Black man doesn’t date Black women, he must be gay. As masculine as most of these brawds look, you must be gay to even look at them and get hard! Do East Asian or South Asian men get called gay by their women when they date out? Do Latinos get called gay for dating outside of their race? It’s only these anti family, anti Black male daggles who talk this way; if she were talking of White men or non Black men of color, she’s would’ve used the race card to shame them into dating her.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Your average black female is typically 12 kegs short of a 6 pack, hardly anything she says makes sense. Again, that type of shaming will only keep the simps in line, critical thinking black men will not be pigeonholed into sticking with a group of women who don’t have a clue about what it means to be feminine.

  11. I dont need to respond to maggles and daggles. These are “death rattles”…let the dead bury their dead.

    1. Autodidact,

      Agreed, desperation calls and pleas using shaming language, however that witchcraft won’t work over here.

  12. The fact is, the scraggle daggles are the most masculine cohort of females on the planet. I know a lot of black male simps who rave about how fine Serena Williams is. Hell, I remember when that beast was roid raging on Naomi Osaka. She was so pumped up on male hormones. I bet her sweat smelled stronger and funkier than Shaquille O’Neal’s. I bet her BV (Bacterial Vaginosis which most daggles have) was off the chart.

    Not only is the scraggle daggle masculine, but the average scraggle daggle is less attractive than the average black male simp. This is the only cohort of females who look worse than their male counterparts.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      You are correct, the average Black man is at least handsome but you have to dig deep for a desirable Black woman. If they had their way, Michael B. Jordan and Omari Hardwick would be forced to deal with dating Precious and Boomquisha only, and they’d freeze the “lames” like Winter Soldier and thaw us out only when they’re ran through, overweight, and need a stepdaddy.

      1. Schadenfreude,

        The daggle matriarchy and the wignat brotherhood have successfully convinced the black male simp that he can’t do any better than the scraggle daggle, that in fact, the scraggle daggle is his destiny.

        This benefits the scraggle daggle because she now has a collective of males with a scarcity mentality, that she can lord it over.

        This benefits the wignats because now, they don’t have to compete with black men for white women and other non black women.

        If the black male simp ever removed the scales from his eyes and looked at how the scraggle daggle stacked up against other cohorts of women, he would be repulsed by what he saw. If he ever lost his scarcity mentality and realized that he could date from any cohort of females that he desired, it would be adios forever to the scraggle daggle.

      2. Only MBJ is chasing around Steve Harvey’s daughter. He’s another BM that has folder like paper mache under the pressure of daggle nonsense. Remember the uproar he created when he was with a friend in italy on a boat?

        Again Tommy has said BW wake up everyday to search the internet for things to be offended about.

        1. Yup turns out Killmonger is a sellout. Not only did he scoop up Steve Harvey’s daughter under pressure from the daggle, he also changed the name of his tequila brand after he was accused of cULtuRaL aPPrOpriaTiOn. He should have just told those Twitter loudmouths to fuck off, but nope, he folded under pressure.

          The first major BM celebrity to find his nuts and straight up tell these black hoes to fuck off will finally set the dominos in motion. A few years back the 90s singer Maxwell did just that when he posted a pic with himself and some WW on his IG and the weave-heads bitched about it, but he’s not big enough anymore for it to have any impact.

  13. These femcels are getting so desperate for a black man that I’ve even seen a comment from one of them advocating for miscegenation laws to be brought back.

    If anyone doesn’t know what that is, then I will try to explain a little about it here & you can also look it up yourself. Back in the day to stop black men from dealing with white women they made it illegal with laws (miscegenation) & that’s what these femcels are advocating for.

    You would think that they would just change their behavior, but no they can’t do that. They would rather remain a bitch & force black men to deal with them. SMH, what a sad group of females.

    1. I looked up ‘Miscegenation Law’. That will not going to happen because the White Feminists will not allow it. During the Feminist Movement, when WW got gender equality they even counter the Interracial rules for White Men so White Women can date who they want including Black Men. During the Civil rights the OG Hoteps has WW at the Black Panthers. David Carroll reference this a lot on his video.

      Even the BW got their wish, BM still got Passports so they cannot stop BM from dating and going overseas.

    2. But wouldn’t “miscegenation laws” also stop BW from bedwenching with Zaddy? Wouldn’t that override Loving v. W. Virginia? Those hoes would cut off their own nose to spite OUR face.

      Keep the “Wall of Indifference™” up.

      S Y S B M

  14. Good lord. They always do this. This right here shows me that the black women love the thug and homos more than the straight black men. Is all that labeling and shaming coming from the pro black and black women suppose to make me feel some type of way? I’m suppose to feel bad because I’m sticking to my preferences, and not to the black love fantasy? This is what I tell these folks: It’s my dating life, NOT YOURS! If you have a problem with the type of women I like, then do me a favor: LIVE WITH IT! All them scare tactics, and giving a history lesson about the black queen, black love, they can throw that shit out the damn window for christ sake because in today’s age, the black woman sold the black man out big time, and to be honest, in the future of America, I don’t think we’ll be seeing black couples like that at all.

    1. DK Phantom,

      Black women need to stick to the thugs and criminals they’ve created and love so much instead of concerning themselves with what free thinking black men are doing.

    2. You won’t. There is plenty of data that suggest this. However Gen X and Gen W simps will prevent BM/BW couple count from falling off a cliff.

      When Gen Z reaches maturity (mid to late 20’s) and start looking for homes (as they are now) that is when you see census data really come into the light.

      No longer will BW be allowed to castigate BM just because they feel like it as a form of control. Non Black wives of Gen Z Black men will be in Government and Media in large numbers moving forward. As you’ve all seen above, a non-Black woman has clapped back and this trend will continue. When they start clapping back in mainstream media, that will be all she wrote for the majority of BW.

  15. Yeah you can say what you waaant but it won’t change my mind, I feel the same, about (white girls).

    And you can tell me your reasons but it won’t change my feelings, I’ll feel the same… about (white girls)

    1. Michel,

      They keep on believing that the shaming tactics they regularly use on the pro black simps will also be effective against the free thinking brother, they’ve yet to figure out that this is NOT the case.

      1. It works on Gen X and Gen Y because the oldest are 55 and 40 respectively. In either case in those age groups if they have been divorced or never married don’t believe they have much time left.

        As a man you are on a different timeline than women but nonetheless still on the clock because your valve drops rapidly after age 52-53. Even if it’s not true that you have physical problems, younger women will believe you are on the verge of that and if you are together say twenty years, she is not interested in spending half that time caring for you like a infant.

        Especially when it comes to being older and still desire to have a family. It’s not over when your 50, but it does become a concern.

        That fact leads Black men into relationships they rather not have. One particular case was the man who was having surgery to fix his grave cancer condition. His BW girlfriend (and her family) forced him to marry her. Turns out he’s okay but we all know where his assets are going.

        All that stress and strain on the body likely knocked ten years off his lifespan.

    1. Money Cultural,

      Both the black witch and the pro black simps just can’t leave us alone to live our own lives in peace, smh.

  16. According to these loser femcel shemales, if you date out you like men, and if you want a younger woman with no kids who weighs less than you, you’re a ped0.

    I say the opposite, you either like men or are a tranny lover if you date BW because BW are manly and look like trannies.

    These black hoes will tell themselves anything to sleep better at night knowing nobody wants they ass.

    The effects of the “Wall of Indifference” are being felt. I’ve waited 30 years for this.

    1. Completely confused and stark raving mad….just like their wignat fake enemies in the Kremlin! When will BW and these white boys wake up and realize that they’re still doing the jobs no one wants….instead of watching black men all day? Billy Boy, Chabad and the Pilgrims don’t care about your white skin and black female status….you’re just cannon fodder Bottom Shelf Brad and Shaniqua!

      The so called home of the ‘white race’ ideology, the UK disposed of nationalistic elements within the Soviet Union, Zimbabwe and South Africa in favor of local ‘blood and soil’ Valkist black nationalist groups and KGB shills that would make up noise and cause chaos to pave the way for NATO and the SCO to seize control of the world.

      This and the sellout of Eastern Europe to Stalin by the ‘white supremacist’ FDR administration which was completely compromised by British and Soviet agents should have convinced anyone that this race purity movement was a big scam from the start.

  17. One word to that woman’s statement/question: “How about No.”

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