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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

A lot has been going on recently, the Convid hoax plot continues to thicken day by day with most countries around the world falling in line with and following the UN and World Economic Forum great reset garbage.

It also seems that any President or leader of their respective country who refuses to tow the line is taken out. Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, you’ve got the floor gents, enjoy.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual And Remain Strong In These Trying Times

Most High Bless

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54 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

  1. In the UK, even the restrictions are lifted from Monday
    Face Mask rules is 50% restriction.

    I said ‘50%’ because even the Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the Face Mask is no longer mandatory.

    Unfortunately the liberals want to keep the mask, even Sadiq Khan wants Face Mask 100% mandatory in London.
    I hope you got the exemption card because Khan and the liberals want London to keep the mask despite what the Government said.

    1. Mister Master,

      Sadiq Khan is simply being a knucklehead, I’ve never worn a mask going in and around London and I never will. TFL have been running their own black ops, wear a mask or else policy from day one, with the mask mandate now being TEMPORARILY put down(I believe they’ll bring it back in the winter), this is now more apparent.

      These liberals, ultra socialists and communists are a serious pestilence to any society, they need to be exiled. What’s even more disappointing but not surprising is the continued complacency of most of the British public.

      1. @Verbs

        What’s worse is that these sheep will treat YOU like you’re the villain because you don’t want to live in fear.

        1. Kameron Brown,

          Some people absolutely love the Convid fear as it makes them feel relevant and a part of something. When it comes to my workplace, I’m surrounded by blind sheep who’ve rolled up their sleeves and taken the death shot without any hesitation. One time I was at work and out of 7 people in the room including myself, I was the only one who hadn’t take the bioweapon, smh.

  2. The mainstream media reports 45 million vaccinated so far.

    To reset the economy means depopulation.

    3 black soccer players missing a penalty shootout in the euro final. Rashford, Sancho and Saka.

    I’ve seen comments from soccer fans telling them to leave their country, never play for England ever again, go back to Nigeria, return to their natural habitat of growing bananas, nigger monkeys, want them to kill themselves after seeing their awful performance.

    I think it was a set up, England has shown its true colours.

    The two substitutes at the last minute for two guys who hadn’t had their warm up in game and making the fresh face 19 year old carry the hope of England on his back.

    Genetic dominance does play a role in sports more than actual skill.

    But at the end of the day, sport fans in general are watching rigged sports without realising it.

    It was definitely the worst night in England to be black. This backlash will hunt blacks in England forever. Just the memory alone. England were close of winning, haven’t won a trophy since 1966.

    If England had won, race relations would slightly improve, but knowing the Jewish Kikes mainstream media its all about divide and conquer to make things worse subconsciously.

    I just hope this image of losing for England won’t affect black men dating out in England as a whole. I know the percentage is at 60%. I’m sure any quality stargates that were watching the match will forgive black men as a whole. It will take time for them.


    1. It won’t, because firstly the media are fully behind the players and exposing the racist comments.
      Secondly Captain Lager Shave, Essex Dave and Skinhead Steve reminded the world what they’re really about : England as a white only country, that prides itself on trashing city centres, beating up foreigners (non-whites), insulting blacks and Asians and singing about killing foreigners in world wars. Whilst wearing masks in ASDA saluting the Queen. (You’re a “woke” BLM snowflake if you object to it BTW.)

      Black men dating out ain’t going to stop because of football, they’ll forget about it when the Premier league starts again. Don’t sweat it. We survived the NF.

      1. Michel,

        These dudes are a joke, the UK government has had them playing Simon Says/musical chairs for the past 16 months but they’ve got no smoke for their lord and saviour the State. Like you said, these same lager louts who claim they’ve got smoke for blacks are the same ones wearing their masks and social distancing like good obedient slaves, smh.

        These dudes forget, blacks were invited here to the UK to do the jobs they didn’t want to. White folks didn’t want to work on the railways hence why there were so many black people working in the railway industry some 40 years ago. At this moment in time Captain Snowy is showing his true colours and simply reverting back to his snow capped mountain cave dwelling days.

    2. Witwijf,

      The set up theory is certainly plausible seeing as blacks are amongst the lowest uptakers of the bioweapon. These white nationalist flunkies are full of hot air, they’ve got all of this smoke for 3 black players who missed some penalties, yet their own government has had them in and out of lockdowns for the past 16 months and they say nothing.

      Nothing but a bunch of cowards who’ll only attack blacks if there’s a entire group of them. I wish one of these football thugs would try it with me, I’ve got the smoke for these fools.

      One thing this incident has shown us is that a leopard doesn’t change it spots, the same General Blizzard who was beating blacks up in the UK streets during the 70s and early 80s as well as putting excrement though their doors is the same dude today, nothing has changed.

      SYSBM will continue to grow from strength to strength, Major Frost can’t stop anything. In relation to how many have “supposedly” gotten the jab, you’d think that a lot more of the public would’ve finally woken up to the fact that this isn’t about Covid nor public health, however the sheeple continue to sleepwalk into the slaughter house, smh.


    Glad to see Chicago having fun by perpetuating stereotypes. Chicago is a hellhole, and Lori Lesbofoot is only making things worse.

    Where is the “gun control” lobby at? Chicago is one of the biggest points of proof against gun control, yet these Dems say nothing. And idiot negroes blindly support these Dems that want to keep them sitting ducks, yet have the nerve to bitch about WaYcIcIzM!!!

    I only wish more daggles would catch hot flying lead sandwiches. Honestly, if they were getting shot at the same level, the hood would be empty. Let some white liberal hipsters gentrify the place, hell I’d rather live around them than daggles and simps.

    1. AfroFuturism1,

      “Let some white liberal hipsters gentrify the place, hell I’d rather live around them than daggles and simps.”

      As much as it pains me to admit it, I’d rather live around skinheads than daggles and simps. I’d probably be safer too.

      1. Modern day blacks have values that are so obtuse, that I can’t even relate to them. I was at a relative’s house recently. These are people who consider themselves intelligent, good people. We were watching the news.

        Another senseless killing by a ‘TyQuan’, the demon spawn of ‘Shaniqua’ and ‘357 Magnum Mike’. As usual, his victim was another black man. My relatives, to a person, were instinctively more concerned about whether ‘TyQuan’s’ rights were respected, than they were about his victim.

        I guess, to them the victim was another educated lame who deserved the butchering he got from ‘TyQuan’. It turned out that the victim was a hard working black man who had never run afoul of the law, just trying to make it thru life. He just had the misfortune of crossing paths with ‘TyQuan’.

        Their values are such that they are more concerned about ‘TyQuan’s’ welfare than they are about his victims. This is the mindset of most black people today. And its a very sad thing.

        1. Negroes are full of excuses for “TyQuan” but don’t give a shit about Larry the “educated lame.” When I lived in _________ there was a news item about a thug who shot a woman point blank on a bus, and the bus cam caught all the footage. That punk’s mama got on TV and swore with a straight face that her son was a “good boy” and “dindu nuffin”, even though there was video evidence on the man.

          The only time they care about the normal black guy aka nerd is when it’s time to educate and “mentor” all those negative-IQ bastard kids or when they’re looking for suckers to come in and play stepdad to those same rockheads.

          But oops, the Black Communitah (and we all know who the Black Communitah really is) let it loudly be known that they preferred Skillet, Man Man & Ja’Markquavious to the smart black guy, so the nerd got the message, taking his brains, talent and money with him never to return to the hood. Funny how that dude is scooped up by non-Black women.

          Oh well. SYSBM!

      2. Most modern day blacks have values that are so obtuse that I can’t even relate to them.
        Here’s an example.

        I was recently at a relative’s house. These are people who consider themselves decent good people. We were watching the news. There were the usual gruesome horror stories of black on black carnage.

        There was the story of a ‘TyQuan’, the demon spawn of ‘Shaniqua’ and ‘357 Mike’. ‘TyQuan’ brutally murdered another black man. My relatives, to a person, were more concerned that ‘TyQuan’s’ rights were respected than they were about the plight of the victim. It turns out that the victim was a hard working black man, who had never run afoul of the law. He had the misfortune of crossing paths with a ‘TyQuan’.

        I believe that my relatives’ instincts are very much in line with the mindset of most modern day blacks. And that’s a very sad thing.

    2. Afrofuturism1,

      I agree, the black witch needs to be catching the same level of heat because she is the one responsible for manufacturing the likes of Slim Sauce, Trap House Jim and Chunky Bruh.

      Unbelievable, the black witch is so desperate to hold onto the power she’s been given that she’s prepared to bury her entire nation just to satisfy her white lord and saviour Admiral Frost. Don’t even get me started on the snatch eating daggle Lightfoot.

  4. Sadiq Khan says fake masks to remain in place after 19th July, to reassure customers. Of course…

    At this point, the masks are nothing but public virtue signalling. “Look at me, aren’t I a model citizen for pulling mine up at you.” No, you’re a beta coward. You know why? You haven’t taken the death shot yet…

    Remember, 3 weeks to flatten the curve. After 15 months?

    1. I’m glad to see these Cubans riding up. Do you see liberal “socialists” saying anything about this? Hell, Biden tried to blame Trump!

    2. Blue Collar Trevor,

      At this point this is what it is all about, mass random uprising and civil disobedience, the longer people leave taking action, the more radical they’ve have to become down the pike. The saying “nip it in the bid early” springs to mind.

      These elitists need to be sent running into every cave and underground tunnel burning in flames for what they done to humanity.

    1. That’s the type of dude that they want. I’ll give her credit though for saying that letting dudes take turns having sex with her ain’t living.

      1. Having a locked-up Pookie is the perfect storm for a ghetto daggle. BW en masse would rather see us locked up and getting punked behind bars than slinging dick outside the race.

    2. She’s not the only one holding her bf down. Her bf is being passed around the prison like a bar of soap.

      Someone should tell her “He’s not hers, it’s just her turn…”


    1. Whether it’s owed or not, all this is is begging the same “ebil whiyte debil” for handouts of some sort. Do you see the Chinese still bitching about railroads? Nope, instead they’re railroading the west. Most black societies are punks that beg for handouts or acceptance from the same ones they claim oppress them. And then they wonder why they have no respect!

      Honestly, most black societies need to be hardcore colonized by the Chinese for just one year, hell even colonized by Indians and Arabs. I guarantee that they’ll be begging for whitey to come back after one WEEK!!

      And keep in mind, again, this is a Black Country with next to no whites around and they still feel the need to inject Mr. Charlie in it somehow. I honestly don’t blame admiral frost for disrespecting them.

      1. Afrofuturism1,

        They don’t even need any handouts, all that is required is for them to remove General Blizzard’s yoke off their back, stand strong and be prepared to face off the heat that will come their way(we already know that Field Marshal Sleet feels very uncomfortable with independent blacks walking around, SYSBM practitioners are a perfect example of this).

        All of this begging, begging, begging will gain them no respect whatsoever, I seem to remember Putin stating the same thing a while back.

        1. Exactly, the greatest achievements you’ll ever attain are those gained against all odds. This is also how you shut up your critics, by proving them wrong, not by begging them to be nice to you.

          1. “Exactly, the greatest achievements you’ll ever attain are those gained against all odds. This is also how you shut up your critics, by proving them wrong, not by begging them to be nice to you.”



  5. Boris Johnson is usually referred to as “BoJo”, informally.

    What I just realized in recent months is that… well, “bojo” was a term used as an insult in this film called “Back to the Future Part II”, in the future where the protagonist’s son lived

    1. BloJo the Clown.

      We just usually call him Boris the Twat. Or Boris the Cunt.

  6. Verbs 2015.

    I can’t believe that world leaders are forcing other world leaders to take part in this covid hoax. I am so glad that I won’t be taking the covid jab. The racism from the racist English fans against those 3 black players missing the penalties after England lost the Euro 2020 Final against Italy was fucking discusting because all the England players especially the black English players did us proud to help the England team get to its first major final since 1966. I fucking hate racists because they can burn in hell for all I care. I am proud of being black and I will never change it for the world.

    1. I’m not taking no jab. The only needle I will have is when I’m getting my next tattoo. And the racist beta males. I’m not surpised with that. Britain is the home of the beta male. And nothing can change that.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      As far as I am concerned, any so called authorities who are going along with this Convid garbage need to be ignored and sacked immediately, that would include this evil British government who somehow believe they have the right to dictate how I live my life.

      As for the football, those players did very well, the English haven’t seen a football tournament final in a very long time. Of course this doesn’t matter when you don’t have the courage to face off against your tyrannical government but would rather take out your frustrations on black folks, smh.

      With the racism coming out as a result of of the football loss, Captain Snowy is simply showing us that a leopard cannot change its spots.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. These racist England fans will never change. Since I had my exempt card, I never wore a face mask and I never will because I am not letting the government dictating my life. People who take the covid jab and who wear face masks are fucking weak because they are letting the Lord and saviour racist UK government dictate their lives.

  7. We got the floor gent, roll the dice. After what happened on Sunday, I’m goanna roll the frigging dice but hope everyone is doing well.

    The Convid – 19. How many people getting taken out because of this conspiracy? Bill Gates is the biggest mass murderer ever. The jab is just killing people left to right while he’s counting his money. The lockdown has affected the country and we are goanna see a big recession and its goanna be bigger then the one in 2008 and that was a huge one. I written a script based during the recession in 2010 is about a young black male who lives in Highbury, North London who is struggling in live and have a ratchet family becomes a male gigolo and then begins an affair with the madam of the escort agency.

    Sunday night show that Britain is the true home of the beta male. Yep, I have said it. Britain is the home of the beta male. I have seen the racist comment on twitter on Sunday night and I was disgusted. These beta males, they complain that the foreigners are taking the jobs away which is not true but the thing is that why can’t they apply for the jobs that even me can’t get. I know why. They are not capable to do the jobs that the so called foreigners are doing so they live on their giro.

    I wasn’t surprised at all when those three players got racially abused. Sunday night, England done well to reach to the final of the Euros in one all thriller but Italy was the better team, they pass the ball well, they have 71 per cent of the ball. And England had started very well in the game but I guess they scored to early. And them beta males, they have nothing but small dick energy. And they fantasize cocky. This is some homosexual bull shit. The more white women see this racist, homo shit, the more they goanna date out.

    I’m done now. Let me just concentrate on finished off my script and not looking at big white breasts which I downloaded on twitter when a white woman who was 53 showing them big melons for breast cancer. And she has nice breasts as well. I’m goanna find her in South London. Yes!

    One more things. Bareback Fountain really needs to stop the stalking and stop dick policing. The man really needs to look for some pussy you know. The man really need to look for some to blood claat!

  8. It’s nearly over folks. The CONVID scam is up. Noticed how the fear hasn’t been turned up, in fact more people are saying fuck it with the masks (TfL and Sadiq be damned). For sure there are those clinging on to their safety blanket and 13% of the UK have signed up for the jook but that’s 87% that’s refused. They can threaten us all they like about “mandating” shots and CONVID passes for pubs, let’s see how long that stands up…

    Look around you, where’s the evidence of a mass death event? Nightingale hospitals are empty.
    Councils are tearing up the pavement extensions installed for “social distancing”. Homeless are still alive, how come they didn’t contract the bug?

    Listen, there will always be idiots who sold themselves out for donuts and a holiday, but there are far more of us out there.

    1. When even Britain is fed up, it’s over. Many have become skeptical or just outright don’t trust the liberal media. Those who still drink the Kool-Aid deserve their fate.

      1. They the *mOsT eDuCaTeD* yet their spawn is the dumbest. Make it make sense!

        1. I’d say their spawn is as dumb as rocks, but that would be highly insulting to rocks.


  9. I was just watching a Michael Jackson documentary and remembered how he would wear masks and such in his later years. People called him nuts and crazy for something he chose FOR HIMSELF but will now look at you as crazy for not doing collectivist bullshit and virtue signaling. He never felt society as a whole to do that stuff.

  10. It probably would’ve been better had I shared this last week, but it is no less relevant; so, my parents and I traveled to visit my brothers for the 4th of July weekend. On the day of our departure, my older brother showed me the movie “Judas and the Black Messiah” featuring Daniel Kaluuya as Black Panther Party Illinois chapter chairman, Fred Hampton and LaKeith Stanfield as criminal turned FBI informant William O’Neal. The movie is aptly named because O’Neal, like the biblical Judas, was a thief who betrayed an innocent man to the government in exchange for a financial reward, and ultimately committed suicide because he was tortured by the guilt.

    There’s a lot that can be said of this film, but there was a scene where FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover was talking with the FBI agent who recruited William O’Neal; he told Hoover about how O’Neal wanted out because his conscience was bothering him over his role in targeting Hampton. Having been arrested once already, the FBI knew they couldn’t arrest Hampton again because he was hailed as a hero upon his release; Hoover put pressure on his agent to take Hampton out by invoking his baby daughter, telling him to imagine if she brought a Black boy home, and that Black boy is Fred Hampton.

    It’s very interesting how Hollywood never fails to portray the root of Lord Euro’s insecurity, showing what motivates his homicidal tendencies towards heterosexual Black men: BM/WW relationships. Any word that a Black guy was involved with a White woman is enough for Lord Euro to get violent; can you imagine if SYSBM were to reach critical mass, the kind of response we’d get from the Mayo man collective? They’d probably seek to undo the movement from within, but since we’re decentralized and not subject to a hierarchy, they’d just be spinning their wheels trying to attack the ideology. SYSBM cannot be stopped, and I only see it growing to greater heights!

  11. Man, I feel like I’m getting burned out from talking about these current events that taking place, especially this whole Covid-19 crap. All I can say about this is that Biden and his lackeys done went down a dangerous, desperate route with the vaccine process. That door to door crap, sending some goons to force that vaccination onto people, yeah that’s a sign for some unwanted events that finna occur, and trace right back to what the F these Dems were trying to push. Then, this old man done lost it, they now talking about they gone monitor phone text messages and correct “misinformation” about the vaccine like are they that damn psycho? CNN had the freakin nerve to say “Make life Harder for the unvaccinated.” Okay, I’m extremely at the point of playing special agent or detective to find these psychos and give them a piece of my mind because they went too damn far, these mofos are not heroes, they out here playing with humanity big time to the point where if something happens, it’s all on them fools, I can guarantee that shit. All that censoring they doing, They hiding something big time, and I can tell the truth is gonna slip out one way or the other. I’m just trying to figure out what would’ve happen if humanity was wipe out the planet Earth? I know Earth would crumble like a mug, all because of what these psychopaths was pushing. Are people too scared to fight back? I can be honest, I’m not scared to fight back. That’s all I got to say. Why are some folks scared to fight back? At some point in your life, you need to fight back.

  12. So I had this mini altercation at a WH Smiths regarding their spy cams. Each till records your face at a self checkout, but there is an option of going to a human to buy your goods.

    So a brother comes along and says you can use the machines, I say what are all the cameras for? He trotted out the “it’s for our safety”. I question this and say “so am I a threat to you, then?”.

    I just placed the goods I was going to buy and walked the fuck out.

    Say what we want about Captain Snowy, When brothers participate in your own enslavement…

    1. Michel,

      I should start using the manned tills instead, I must admit I’ve been slacking and have been using the self service checkouts but I’ll have to revert back.

      I’m trying to understand, how can recording a person’s face at a self service checkout be “for their safety”? To many blacks in the UK because of their liberal/left leaning, non critical thinking mentality are done.

    2. The thing about the placement of cameras all over the place is that they can watch your facial expressions; based on the facial expression you make, they can practically read your emotions and predict your next move. It reminds me of Orwell’s novel ‘1984’ where you couldn’t be caught making the wrong facial expression – in Newspeak, they call it “facecrime”. Those cameras are our equivalent to the telescreen in the dystopian world of ‘1984’.

      1. It sure is some dystopian shit these multinationals have coming for us down the pike.

        I’m reminded once again: all skin folk ain’t kinfolk.

  13. 11 Years Ago, Vanity Fair published a cover with the most beautiful young actresses of that time. Then a certain demographic bitched and moaned because they did not shoehorn in a huge, dark-skinned beast who had her debut movie out at that time, and another dark-skinned chick who was too old even back then. We can never just enjoy our beautiful white women in peace, jealous BW want to ruin it for everybody. #neverforget

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