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47 thoughts on “Will You Be “Stepping Up”? #ShortPosts

  1. She needs help with money. I’ll pass, she needs to ask her baby daddy.

    1. Her baby daddy likely doesn’t give a damn about her or the kid(s), and is probably broke.
      The only one bailing these foolish chicks out is the WM with his welfare. The Federal eviction moratorium ends at the end of this month, expect to see a lot of Dear BM and BW looking for help then. Gonna be a whole lot of “strong and independent” Black single moms with no place to stay. Housing and rent prices are astronomical right now, and most landlords don’t accept section 8 vouchers. Next month will be real ugly for the queans. It reminds me of that hoodrat hyperinflation video the Straight Shooter did years ago.

      1. JamesSYSBM,

        Don’t be sure, these BW hang on like roaches. I can name several “apocalypses” that were supposed to bring the German shepherd to heel.

        First when Trump froze federal hiring, that was supposed to affect double-minority and diversity hire BW the most.
        Then when Trump shut down Backpage and Craigslist personals, hoes, mostly black, just moved to Patreon or OnlyFans.
        Then when Trump failed to break Section 8 and the welfare state.

        By all rights we should see tent cities full of homeless BW and they chilluns right alongside homeless black men, but America will not allow the black bitch to fail. Tough times for a relative few, but not en masse.

        1. I think its going to be bad, for a while at least. A lot of BW living in their KIAs and Nissan Altimas and packed up at grandma’s house with their kids like sardines.

        2. Only fans as we all once knew it is Finally Dead.With the exception of the Beta male Simp,cuck Manginas that constantly support them,BW are completely out of options for free,easy rides through their lives.

          1. Yeah I read about that a while back. Apparently OnlyFans is saturated with hoes and most chicks on there make next to nothing. These chicks are hoeing themselves out online for a few dollars a month, if that. I was telling a friend that a lot of young men will be dating and possibly marrying girls that have all kinds of sex pictures and videos online, and they wont know about it until its too late.

            1. @Jamesysbm.Not me because I’m flying to them foreign women faster than the speed of sound

        3. We teach humans not to feed wild animals because, it teaches them to become dependent on humans for food, thus losing their self sufficiency and ability to feed themselves in the wild.

          In the same sense, we should teach black male simps not to give their money or time, to the scraggle daggle. It teaches the scraggle daggle to become dependent on being funded and propped up by simps, thus losing her ability to feed and fend for herself and her demon spawn.

  2. Since Boyce Watkins got married, there are a lot of simps and I mean a lot now big up and glamorising ‘Step Daddy’ role like this is a popular trend in the black community.

    Another note:
    Simps ask why brothers listen to Kevin Samuels even he had 2 failed marriages?
    I give you an answer:
    Because he is experienced, let me explain,
    1st marriage – He married to a women who to this ‘Strong Independent Degree mind set’ woman. We all know about those women.
    2nd marriage – He married to a single mother. Did not end well.
    Luckily after his divorce, so they cannot take him to the cleaners because he was not the 10% yet. I am not using the term ‘High Value’ as this is what women like to hear.

    The reason I bring up Kevin because he been through this step daddy stuff.

    The reason this glamour of ‘Step Daddy’ role because there are no more good women for the simps, the only thing they can pick out of the hat is all single mothers.

    If they are the thinking brothers, they will know that there are plenty of fish not just in the sea, but in other countries and cultures.
    Even the simps would sign up to it, they will never be picked anyway.

    I find this romanticising ‘Step Daddy’ memes very annoyin because they think being 2nd place is good. No it is not. You either be number 1 or just just take an ‘L’ and go else where.
    Even Derrick Jaxn made a book called ‘Singles Mother is for Grown Men’.

    So the answer the question: Should I sign up to Step Daddy? The answer is a simple ‘No’.

    1. Damn straight. BW and racist liberals are out of their damn minds along with the Soviets. A bunch of dopeheaded delusional weirdos with insane dreams of world conquest, leeching off the very same anarchists whom they whine about on state controlled media. If you want a normal life, you’re ‘boring’ and ‘reactionary’ but they can do the most evil things and get away scot free.

      These step up losers can go kick rocks and take a trip, no janitorial services around here.

    2. Michael MisterTea,

      The problem is this is a White man thing when they promote this ‘cuckism’ in men and pushing it to the BM. Why? Because they saw Boyce Watkins who got friendzone and playing 2nd best to the fiddle for 25 years, 2 god-damn decades just to get a woman.

      What is happen now, because of Boyce Watkins, this gave hope for these used up BW and promoting this ‘Real Man Stepping up’.

      Stepping up to what exactly? To baggage? burden? Child Support? Being a cuck? To be a Beta-male?
      No, I call this ‘Stepping Down’.

      1. LOL. You’re right. But what can you expect from a group of women who call themselves ‘Queens’ but have nothing to show for their results?

      2. “What is happen now, because of Boyce Watkins, this gave hope for these used up BW and promoting this ‘Real Man Stepping up’.

        Stepping up to what exactly? To baggage? burden? Child Support? Being a cuck? To be a Beta-male?
        No, I call this ‘Stepping Down’.”

        Yep, people were saying the same thing when Russell Wilson married Ciara (Future’s baby momma). BM were like WTF? BW were damn near dancing at the news. Wilson is a clean cut successful brother, he could have had his pick in women, but he picked a rapper’s baby momma. SMDH

    3. Kevin has been married 2 more times than the hurt bitches who try to dunk on him, who will never see an altar unless it’s to take communion. KS has exposed the mass delusion of these black heffas, turns out Black men ain’t the problem after all, who would have guessed.

      1. True but BM as a collective have no idea how to react to this revelation. KS is also leaving working class and blue collar men behind by asking them to join his private FB group and to complete with the few six figure simps out there.

        As Veronika recently said on her video podcast. “If you don’t make more money than the average Ukrainian woman, you need a job.” Look at the CIA website, she’s right. If you have a job you make more than the average Ukrainian woman. I would argue the average Russian woman and the majority of women in Latin America.

        If you are in IT you make more than the majority of doctors, lawyers and government employees in these countries.

        So stop asking if you can afford these women, the bar is so low for K-1 Visas it’s comical and some immigration advocates are looking to reduce the fees even more.

        1. KS actually respects and big-up Blue Collar Men more because he knows Blue Collar are the Patriarchy and the builders.

          Women who talk this ‘If you cannot afford women’ nonsense is pure Bull because these BW easily give up that vagina to the Pookies and Ray Rays in an instant.

          Even Shawn James made a book called ‘Romance without Finance’.

          The problem is these BW expect men to trick and use game meaning spend over amount on the 1st date to impress these women. Mind you these simps just met them.

          That is another reason why on Social Media, they always post these annoying ‘Utility Bills’ like some simp is going to fit the bill and pay for it, just like the stupid ‘Step Daddy Application’.

    4. Stepfather lol…..If you are really about the future children, just open an orphanage. Adoption only, stepfathering makes sense when you have the facilities (independently) to care for children and will be compensated and under some impetus to produce results like a functional business.

      Stop trying to beat the game from someone else’s save file. The guy has already saved his name and you cant change it.

  3. I pass. Let her get Slim Sauce and Lil Pookie to step up. I know, they spend a lot time in jail. But there’s always General Blizzard. Besides, these are his hoes anyway.

    1. General Blizzard, KGB Kaganovitz and Shaniqua are the personal property of Chabad Chev, Rabbi Rubin & Banker Rothschild in that order. Let them run to the religious fundamentalists and parasitic banking class for money instead of leeching off taxpayers to pay for their ridiculous lifestyles and stupid turf wars.

  4. Verbs 2015.

    I ain’t stepping up to be a step father because that is disrespectful to my manhood as a childfree black man at 39. What this black single mother is emplying is that I am not good enough to have kids with you in your sexual prime years(18 to 30) when you are a childfree woman and you put black men like me in the friend zone while you are having your fun and riding the cock carousel shagging every type of thug black man or non black men and when you hit the wall at 30 years old and beyond and you lose your good looks, you as a woman become ugly, fat and the worst of it all when you become a single mother with multiple kids from multiple different bad boy baby daddy’s that is when you want to me as a childfree black man to come in and be the clean up man to your bastard kids from different baby daddies plus all the baby daddy drama that comes with dating a single mother. Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit because the only children that I will be taking care of is my own kids from my own flesh and blood dna that I have with a beautiful childfree non black woman.

    1. I agree with you Bro.
      Do not be like Boyce Watkins when he got Friendzone for 25 years before he wife up the washed up has been.

      1. Mister Master

        Boyce Watkins is a fucking idiot for excepting the friend zone for 25 years after his future baby mother wife rejected him in their younger years. That shit will never happen to me.

    2. No wonder the ‘incel’ problem can’t end…BW and General Blizzard have to collect that paycheck from JP Morgan and if they don’t accomplish their masters’ goal of chaos and destruction….you all saw what happened with JFK when he tried to prevent Israel from getting nuclear weapons.

      As Bill Cooper and Brendon O Connell pointed out, the race purists are nuttier than a UFOOLology cult. Snopes and the white nationalist movement could be destroyed in two search engine results. Why Umar Spengler hasn’t been exposed as a money grabbing fraud like his far left white supremacist counterparts is beyond me.

      These ‘Blood and Soil’ jackbooted, Seig Heil saying Valkist hoteps and the hammer and sickle wielding, red flag flying white nationalist Communists serve as the shock troops and intimidation force of anarchy in its effort to cause chaos and destruction across the globe. By filling the counter-culture with kooks, weirdos and extremists on both sides of the aisle, any form of reasonable discussion on problematic issues can be stopped dead in its tracks.

      It was recently discovered that the vast majority of so called revolutionary movements were funded by wealthy bankers and oligarchs. BW/Democrats and Putin (Soviets) are nothing more than the puppets of Gazprom, City of London and the Grand Lodge of England.

  5. Step daddy applications.
    This is a joke.
    Only a race purist black male would take this seriously to be a clean up male.

    I truly believe black females are both culturally inferior and genetically inferior due to their actions as a negress female.


    1. LOL. Negresses and Lord Euro remain losing and stuck on stupid. I’m no clean up man, they need to fix their own damn problems instead of leeching off other people.

  6. The only thing I’ll be stepping up to is:
    -better qualifications,
    -a better job,
    -a better mindset,
    -a better quality of life
    -living the “Free Agent Lifestyle”
    At 41, single and childless, why would I even consider a single mother?

    1. BW/Progressives lack the brainpower to think that far ahead. If you were to point this out, they’d get mad and call you a ‘extremist’ or ‘Russian troll’ because in their simple minds, anyone opposing the hegemonic agenda is either a Soviet agent or a fellow traveler. They really believe people hate them because of some washed up, easily debunkable Bolshevik trash occupying the Kremlin.

      An example. I started doing activism on Deviantart to get people’s attention to Talpiot and Belt and Road. Some time afterwards I noticed shills, trolls and other low level scum skulking around my posts trying to provoke me into an argument and get me banned. Quickly blocking them and keeping on posting I moved on.

      I left Deviantart and came back, only to find out my account had been banned. For what, you may ask? Simply stating an opinion and not bowing to the rainbow flag, emo pity party agenda.

      No wonder Billy Boy and Boris were able to get away with genocide, the sheep lack critical thinking skills and BW/Lord Euro encourage it to keep their undeserved power and prestige. The fact that no white nationalist or pro black organization was able to protest or even do some amount of damage to the Great Reset is proof of how controlled and distracting the race purists really are.

  7. She will receive no applications from qualified candidates, assuming she receives any applications at all.
    The BM who would make good fathers aren’t interested in being a step dad to Shaniqua’s kids.

    1. GAME! But BW don’t want to hear that, just like they don’t want to hear criticism regarding their love affair with chosenite fascism and Soviet racist communism. They and Lord Euro sling terms like ‘historical revisionist’ and ‘Islamist’ at any Japanese or Arab who dares critize them for their bungling of WW2 and the orgy of rape and destruction that occurred afterwards, or the brutal ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. But ironically they supported so-called Jews’ slave trade and plantation slavery of white women and black men and fought to keep it.

      Pathetic, when you see how they call black men raccoons and ‘super predators’. They use the same language as the so called far right that they rail against, remember the rabbi who called blacks monkeys? The apple never falls far from the racist tree.

      They need to work on improving the reputation of their own race and get rid of denegracy if they really want to stop ‘huwite genocide’. But practical solutions are a no no as it will prevent them from getting that money from the same banking class and religious fundamentalists they complain about on state controlled media.

  8. How dare you uppity educated lames SYSBM incels not step up when YO’ black queen needs help raising her Struggle Kids by Man Man, Skillet, Trap Gawd and Mad Flava who’s either locked up or across town making more babies with more hoes? We can’t rebuild the black communitah unless we get these young savages under control and that’s where YOU come in! She may be loud, bald, ignorant, overweight, ran through and entitled but goddamnit, that’s yo QUEEN! And it is an honor to be chosen by her, being the last stop on the dick train means you won! So quit dreaming about leaving the country and getting with a young, beautiful, in shape, childless, respectful mate with her own head of hair outside your race, and reach back for the bonnet gang Towanda, Keisha or Shaniqua and they kids!

    You wouldn’t be the “stepfather,” you’d be the father who STEPPED UP!!!!

    1. Dr Umar sez:

      That’s right Schadenfreude, finally a black king who knows how to SPEAK ON IT. You butterball weak nighas want the easy path to the light and brights but can’t deal with your own dark mistakes, hating on yo mommas. Smdh. Not one of you lame weird ass coons will ever spend the plenty of money your white fetish gives you back to da communiteh to help out kids that look like you, talk like you and eat cereal like you. Since not one of you stepped up, the PRINCE OF PAN AFRIKA WILL.


    2. Step up to take care of the spawn of 12-Gauge Mike and Slim Sauce? No thanks. Pass.


    3. Almost spit out my ‘yak on this keyboard, my dude. That was the best pro blackitty black sales pitch I’ve heard since Umar Gerbilface, lol

  9. Now accepting step daddy applications? It’s an utter disgrace that in the animal kingdom, lions have it right while homo sapiens of the male species are proud to “step up” to the plate another man left at the table after having first dibs. Take Dr. Moist Twatkins, for example; he’s one of the country’s leading finance experts, yet all of that knowledge couldn’t prevent him from making one of the worst investments a man can make: marrying a single mother who curved him for most of his career!

    As an SYSBM Practitioner in the making, I refuse to perform janitorial services for scraggle daggles who have their toilet of a vagina backed up with Slim Sauce and Cheesy Grillz’s waste; as per SYSBM Tenet #19:
    “SYSBM PRACTITIONERS ARE NOT CLEAN UP MEN, we refuse to accept the current decadent and degenerate single mother philosophy being pushed by black women within black society, we will NOT be returning to the so called “community” to clean up anybody’s mess ie date and wife up single black mothers. We have high standards, single motherhood and the janky fruits thereof are totally unacceptable. We solidly practice and believe that a man should start his own family tree/legacy from scratch, NOT take onboard the children of another.”

  10. I got my answer to that question, and it starts with a capital HELL NAH! The reason is simple, I don’t want an already made family. “Stepping up?” Stepping up to what? I’m stepping up to A) a quality life, B) Peace, C) Quality stargate, and D) Starting a legacy of my own. If I’m going start a family, it’ll be with a woman who doesn’t have kids, period. When Black women starts talking that men need to step up, a real man this, that just tells me right off jump that they got some extremely poor mating choices. Poor to the point where they’re just nothing but a sex object. BAWs: Don’t come at me with that real men do this, step up to the plate bullshit when yo dumbass can’t stop opening your legs to dudes that’s just trying to hit it and quit it. Just stop it. I’m not no bailout plan, period.

  11. Omega lol(takes a moment to breath) lol again. Nah ma I’d rather take care of my white girls who appreciate me and know how to treat a man. These broads are crazy af to think that a man who got his out the mud wanna take care of some KIDS that ain’t his and deal with a broad with a bad weave, terrible attitude and can’t clean( yo I’m appalled at how many women cant keep a clean house). To deal with a black woman, you are going to take multiple L’s. Trying to be race loyal will only leave you effed up in the game if not dead. As the homie say, “Keep your sugar white honeys safe at night” lol, facts

  12. I’ve already stepped up – FAR, FAR away, MANY MANY years ago from the Scraggles of The Ghetto Union (Blackistan, Simpistan and Cuckistan). So no thanks – I’m good.


  13. Yes, there goanna be men ready to step up. Bareback Fountain, Dr Foolmar Johnson, Shawn James, Simp Boogie Productions, True Semen, Nut Ward TV, D Darrel, Woke Poofgressive 2.0, the first ever British simp There’s More Hate For Tommy and Bone Picker. Yeah man, they are men that are goanna step up to the plate. It doesn’t matter what colour the woman is, there is no way that I’m goanna be with a woman with children.

  14. How about no in regards to stepping to take care of the leftovers from a used-up woman who took the feminist pill and end up old and decrypted.

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