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As She Goes, Her Children Will Follow!


Yep, this is the primary occupation of the modern day black female right here, ensure that black boys turn out soft, jinxed and derailed from early on in life so they won’t pose a threat to the faux leadership position she has been given over black society by her white lord and saviour General Blizzard.

If those boys turn into homosexuals, the black witch will be happy as a clam. This is really the ultimate objective for the black woman who has boys, strip away their masculinity and manhood to the point where they’ll be more receptive to fruitism and the sodomite lifestyle. The black woman just like the white man is trying her utmost to make the black man the new face of homosexuality.

As far as Major Frost and his black female flunky are concerned, the wiring for leadership in young black boys must be removed, sabotaged or shorted out at all costs and black women have been only too happy to take onboard that role. This is why I have to laugh whenever black women talk about black men not wanting to lead, no witch, you don’t want to be lead because you’re quite comfortable lording over the swamp you call the black community.

Beside, any leadership skills and qualities that were in black boys, you’ve made sure to destroy as per your contractual obligation towards the State. Black women love emasculating young black boys and black men, this is why I have to look at Dr Umar Gerbilface Johnson with a side eye whenever he talks about black boys and black men being effeminised but conveniently omits the fact that black women are the main seed planters and primers of that condition.

Another negative aspect of this current epidemic of effeminate black men is you’re now faced with a group of emotional loose cannons who when in primal mode cannot think using logic, reason, common sense, rationale and wisdom. I cannot tell you have many times I’ve been out and about minding my own business only to get the evil stare from Slim Sauce from across the street for nothing.

When I was younger during my college days things were really bad, you’d constantly get stared down by hoards of emotional black male goons who always sat at the back of the bus on the top deck. Even now you still have to wonder what these guys are on, are they eating sewage sludge because the serious lack of intelligence displayed by these dudes is a cause for concern.

This is why I have no hesitation in throwing into the fire the misused word “bashing” especially when it comes to black women, how is pointing out their dysfunctional behaviour and making known your objections “bashing”? You cannot “bash” an individual if you’re stating the truth about them.

Another short one for the archive gents, note how these single black mothers raise boys but then in the same breath they want to talk about how black men can be so emotional, smh. Black women are beyond delusional, they always expect to get out of their children that which they never bothered putting in to begin with.

I’m reminded of the African proverb that David Carroll used to refer to a lot back in the day, “a nation can rise no higher than its women and their moral position, as she goes, so goes the race” or something to that effect.

Reason 593,902,993 not to deal with modern day black women, the culture they pass down to their children is toxic and only fit for the scrapheap. Assuming some of you may desire to have children in the future, if you don’t want your sons twerking and shaking their behinds like women as well as being disrespectful and highly emotional then get yourself a quality non black female of classic/traditional standing. #SYSBM #QUALITYCULTUREMATTERS

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Quality Cultures Matter Just Like Choosing Quality Stargates

Most High Bless

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39 thoughts on “As She Goes, Her Children Will Follow!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Black women hate black men and black boys pure and simple and that’s the reason why I refuse to date black women and have kids with black women because they make the worst wives, girlfriend’s and mothers on the planet because there isn’t a nurturing bone in their body. Every once in a while I get some black teenage boy or black teenage girl giving me some evil looks because they think I am their age because I look very young for my age even though I am 39 years old and I am old enough to be their dad.

    1. LOL. Good for you. Black women, Soviet oligarchs and white nationalists are nothing more than the far left version of pro wack hoteps. All talk, no action. And it’s funny how they try to portray black men as brutes, when all three of them have committed the most evil and heinous deeds of all time.

      1. “When I was younger during my college days things were really bad, you’d constantly get stared down by hoards of emotional black male goons who always sat at the back of the bus on the top deck.”

        I have often observed this behavior Verbs is describing, here in the US. Black males, usually young, but sometimes not so young, will stare down a black man who looks like he has his head on straight. They are doing this in public spaces like subways and buses, to black men who are total strangers to them. The stares are hostile and threatening, intended to intimidate.

        While going about my daily life, as I observe the legions of black male simps at every strata of the black population, I am reminded that most of them come out of female led households, ruled over by dysfunctional scraggle daggles.

        These are the same scraggle daggles who are propped up and coddled by the likes of General Blizzard, Bankster Rothstein, the black Matriarchy, and the black male simp leadership of da communitah.

        It is no wonder that there are so many black male simps walking around today, who have the body of a full ground man, the mind of a child, and the emotional temperament of a woman.

        1. AmericanBlkMan,

          The pro black male simp, a non critical thinking, emotional pestilence just as much if not more than the black witch who created him. This is why I continue to state that nothing good comes from the hands, mouth or the snatch of the modern day black female, NOTHING.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      The screw face road man is so common, I’ve had so many encounters with them, screw facing you down for no reason, just like the black witch walking around with a permanent chip on their shoulders. No children will I ever be having with black women either.

  2. Ah well, some things never change. The BW and Bottom Shelf Brad work to keep black men emasculated so that they can maintain their power given to them by Chabad and Buckingham Palace. They, the Soviet Russians and the South Koreans are the biggest hypocrites along with the Chinese, because instead of working to help their people they point the finger, stage atrocities and broadcast racist propaganda against their supposed enemies to keep the population in fear.

    I’m seeing why the black rulers of Europe before 1918 were vehemently ‘anti-white’ and kept the Ashkenazim at bay in ghettos, because of the danger Lord Napoleon, Chabad Chev and/or Banker Rothschild with a horde of beta white males and ignorant hoteps at his beck and call can pose to innocent people of all races. Kay Griggs was right, the American military and intelligence services are full of homosexuals and other deviants who take out their anger upon who ever is unlucky enough to be in their path.

    BW/Lord Napoleon and the Soviets’ endless war over the revolution has destroyed lives and wrecked nations and even now they can’t stop. The American South is literally falling apart and South Korea is a nasty messed up dictatorship where even the slightest wrong word can get you killed. And yet still these dumb ass race purists continue marching on…to feed the narrative that all sorts of boogeymen are out to get the average Ashkenazim in the West or America if they don’t support or migrate to Israel.

  3. Verbs,
    You gotta start giving us warning on these videos, that was wildly disturbing. In the black community, if the man isn’t the thug type then he has to be effeminized. If you as a man try to lead, these broads come up with a 1001 excuses for why they shouldn’t listen to you along with hurling personal insults. But if you wanna be fruiter than box of Fruit Loops and twerk to Cardi B, they’ll listen to you and show respect. 2/3 of the black populace has to go

    1. The other important ratchet half of this black queanie equation is the uneducated simp/thug niggas that go to bed & breed these fake hair wearin scraggles. Both groups must have their reproduction privileges curtailed UNTIL further notice since their spawn cause ALL sorts of NEGATIVE press for awakened black folk as well as SYSBMers, wherever they decide to roll.

      In the past, I’m pretty damn sure that people who made their communitiess or race look bad were dealt with under the “cultural norms” of those times. How the fcuk can we have ratchet black womin & black simps/thugs do all this shit to make us all look bad, but they get to walk scot free without any problems for the DAMAGE they’re doing to OUR race.

      Enough is enough!!

    2. OGBobbyJohnson,

      The irony is those “thug types” that ratchet BW love so much are homo thugs. Them hard-looking hyper-masculine niggas are the true fay-gotts. Then BW wonder why they’re popping up with HIV faster than any other group.

    3. “ In the black community, if the man isn’t the thug type then he has to be effeminized”

      This is the Black single mother’s prime directive when it comes to their sons.

      1. If you fool with these scraggle daggles on any level, you lose. Even if you are just hitting it and moving on, you lose. These women have had the dregs of humanity nutting up in them. These are the sort of women who will lick Bottom Shelf Brad’s a-hole and worse. You don’t want to be going behind that.

        1. > You don’t want to be going behind that.
          Or in front of that. Or around that. Or within a 100-mile radius of that.


    4. OGBobbyJohnson,

      Apologies bro, lol. Yep, the likes of Slim Sauce and Field Mouse are worshipped and revered by black women, they don’t want real men to lead them because they would then have to forfeit the leadership position they have over the black community.

  4. Bad luck for black kids being raised by a negress.
    Bad luck to be born in western societies.
    Bad luck for black kids being born in Africa and the Caribbean.
    The only good luck is having more options to date out.
    The truth is black females are genetically inferior for breeding.
    The one thing a lot of blacks don’t speak about is sickle cell anaemia.
    The blood cells disease is more common amongst black couples globally.

    1. I don’t think that the people are necessarily genetically inferior just culturally inferior. The children usually come out fine and then after indoctrination into the Religion of Failure they are as you see. I have seen this phenomena too many times.

      As the Scripture said this is a wicked people ruled by children and women. The children are actually the smarter cohort until they are “instructed into darkness”.

    2. 1000% it’s hard to find studies about mono culture with human beings. If it’s not goods for crops and plant life how on earth is it acceptable for humans? That is a risk with Black men to breed with Black women might result in Sickle Cell Anemia. I’ve actually known a child when I was younger who had it.

  5. “who always sat at the back of the bus on the top deck”

    Is that another British phrase, or are you referring to one of those double decker buses (speaking of which, are they rare premium buses there, or are they fairly common)?

    1. Kameron

      Verbs is correct about black boys sit at the back on the bus on the top deck.
      Usually the group of black boys in their teens do this as I have observe this a lot.
      I am talking about London Buses here.

    2. Kameron Brown,

      Double decker buses are all over the place here in the UK, they’re a standard public transport vehicle.

  6. Boy, I was expecting to see a daughter follow her, then 3 Black boys followed instead; I also noticed the video’s caption said “all jokes”. It won’t be all jokes when her sons grow up and can’t lead in a relationship, that is if they’ll be able to form one with the opposite sex; also, look at how they are dressed especially that last boy who entered the frame. I can guarantee you that when her sons grow up, they’ll be mentally jacked up where they can’t handle any situation as a man would; this is further proof that SYSBM is for the children, too.

    1. Her fcuking hair drives me BATTY!! Grrrrr!
      Hate HATE H.A.T.E black womin wearing FAKE HAIR that makes their scalp itchy & shit.
      Biggest dick turnoff eva!

      That’s the #1 reason why my current girlfriend over the past few years WILL BE my LAST BLACK girlfriend. Full Stop! Anything after this rare unicorn will be severely compromized. And I don’t give a fcuk about the Communitah to date outside my race…been doing that for a looong time b4 I decided to explore “new worlds” on the dark continent.

      1. “That’s the #1 reason why my current girlfriend over the past few years WILL BE my LAST BLACK girlfriend. Full Stop!”

        Planning on bailing out? LOL

  7. When the white beta male and the black woman sees a black child, what do they do? They will feminise him. And how do they do that is to take the father out of the household or make sure that she is raising him by herself. This has been going on for years now. When you see black men now, they are like emotional women. they will talk when another man is talking, they will put down and criticise another black man, this what happens when a scraggle daggle raise a child by her own. Black men have been more and more feminine. When a black man is masculine heterosexual male, the white beta male and the ratchet black woman pose him as a threat but when a black man that has feminine characteristics like 2pac and have homosexual tendencies like Bareback Fountain who is stalking duds left, right and centre and not dealing with his childhood traumas, then it’s fine.

  8. These humans have mastered the sick and depraved art of “turning out” their children. They literally have training sequences and grooming manuals for doing this to their children. Pure sickness. NO HONOR.

  9. That duck picture is the perfect analogy – the scraggle queen followed by a fountain of simps.


    1. No wonder these simps and white beta males act so feminine! The black witch, Lord Euro and the Soviets need to be removed from power ASAP along with the Israeli/South Korean lobby! Again, do you see why these mass shooters and thugs can never seem to end?

  10. These chicks will whore put anything: themselves, their daughters and apparently their sons now. I legit believe that’s probably an element: these chicks prepare the boys to be fruits and fags so they can be of “service” to some pastor or white man, and that way, said pastor or white man gives the mom favors.

    As we all know, these chicks are best friends with homos, and they love nothing more than for a black man to be one. That’s cuz he’s not a threat.

    Black folks are a people of extremes, and their sexuality reflects that. Black men can only be gruff, hyper masculine thugs and robots or effeminate simps and fruits.

    As mentioned, Lieutenant Tundra loves for these guys to be the face of homosexuality, even though he’s the main culprit. Why do you think his western governments attack or undermine cultures that rightfully attack the practice.

    1. LOL…good point. Israel is ground zero for the battyman agenda and many so called chosenites who were famous for this nonsense had a weak family structure or were outright psychos. Look at Lord Rothschild or even Hitler and tell me that isn’t the sign of a madman….

      These people love to project on black men, white women, Arabs and Japanese. BW and Lord Euro cry out ‘right wing revisionism’ ‘anti-Semitism’ and ‘holocaust denial’ every time Yuki and Aniska call them out on their double standards and hypocrisy regarding the Pacific Theater of WW2 and support of Soviet Israel. That’s sad and pathetic man, why are they wasting so much time shilling for people who hate them?

      Oh sorry, I forgot about the tribal mentality a lot of these people have. And the need to kowtow to a bigger tribe leader, i.e Boris Johnson and Bill Gates who represent Chabad Lubavitch.

      Israel is full of Russian GRU Soviet assets and other malcontents from the first half of the 20th century. A few years ago Netanyahu blamed the brutal T4 eugenics program of his idol Adolf Hitler on Islam and the Palestinians. South Korea along with China are the primary recipients of stolen US and Japanese technology taken via Talpiot.

      You’d think that the hoteps and white nationalists would be all over this considering the fact that the so called Js were responsible for attempting to genocide both races, but nope, all they can do is ebeg and start fights online. It seems like a lot of Valkists (pro blacks) and white supremacists are either Mossad, VANK (South Korean propaganda agency), IIA, or KGB assets working to destabilize the West through the two groups’ hated of interracial relationships or straight up dupes caught in the intelligence web of lies and nonsense.

      The fruit loop, Israel and South Korea first crew can take their nonsense and beta white male horde back to Tel Aviv and Moscow, as far as I’m concerned nations should be putting their own people first. Not a bunch of worthless revolutionary parasites who remain puppets of the same religious fundamentalists and wealthy businessmen they complain about on TV.

      No janitors round here.

    2. @Afrofuturism

      You have intuited the correct. Yes this is an old form of exchange. Child slavery is the easiest. Clearly the weakest of the competitor nations are enslaved and then the weakest are not only enslaved but enslave their children rather than seek restoration. No honor and just pathetic.

      These well known losers are all about benefits exchange and will sell out the Son of God for a purse, cheeseburger or the mere pleasure of their European gods. Slave TRADERS and Slave HOLDERS.

  11. Verbs article left out the #1 reason why BW would rather their sons be gay, so he won’t run off with their nemesis the dreaded WHITE GIRL. That is the existential fear of many of these heffas. This is the main reason they sabotage these black boys from birth.

    If the boy grew up gay and brought home a white man, she wouldn’t be upset but if he was straight and brought home a WHITE GIRL the sky would fall in.

    They know that a young BM will be exposed to these women when they reach a certain level of success or maturity, therefore they try to short circuit these black boys early by emasculating them, exposing them to predators on purpose, ghetto names, etc.

    Remember how Sherri Shepard was horrified when her son said he didn’t like Black girls because they were “mean”. A lot of BW try to derail their sons at all costs.

    1. To summarize these dirty negro minded folk just want you to fail at life and take all subpar and substandard choices and decisions as much as were possible. They would prefer you be beneathe them so they can feel superior. It is simply an antisocial culture.

  12. I was gonna comment on this on Friday, but I wasn’t feeling well. Oh well, better late than never. I swear to god, black women in America ain’t got no type of interest to be anything other than a savage. Now I know why I’m not trying to start a family with a black woman, because black women nowadays do not know how to raise a family. When I be around other places and see black women with their kids, that’s all I see, the mother and the kids together. I barely see the dad. I either assume three things, 1) The dad died (which I don’t know if that happen, but if it did, then I understand), 2) She open her legs to some dude that just wanna hit it and quit it (which is a dangerous game), or 3) She kicked the dad out for some reason. If I plan on starting a family, trust me, it’s gonna be with a non black woman for sure, and I’m just gonna leave it at that.

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