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So, let me just get this straight, with their own eyes, firsthand they saw somebody who’d just taken the bioweapon being brought out of a “vaccine” centre by paramedics on a stretcher convulsing and the lemmings observing this still choose to remain in line to receive their jab, really? But it’s still a “conspiracy theory” that these vaccines outside of outright death are causing serious injuries, right?

Is this how brainwashed, retarded and blindly compliant most people in the world have become? I need my own secluded island for real. As my saying goes, those who choose to foolishly dabble and dance with death deserve it, smh. The “nothing bad will happen to me, I’ll be alright” false sense of security syndrome is very real.

I’m really struggling with most folks these days, no matter how many times the so called “conspiracy theorists” get it right, the sheeple will go right back to grazing, quickly forget what took place and continue to call those in the know “conspiracy theorists” whenever they make accurate predictions on what’s to come.

Leave the ignorant, foolish, arrogant and selfish alone, as Christ said, let the blind lead the blind as they’ll all fall into the ditch especially these non critical thinking, system trusting Negroes who ought to know better.

I can’t believe how many black folks I’m running into at work who’ve rolled up their sleeves and allowed themselves to be injected with Bill Gates’ bioweapon, smh. Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, you’ve got the floor gentlemen, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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70 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

    1. Pathetic. This shows again that BW, the chosenites and Lord Euro will never get their heads off the ground bowing to the ‘far right’ and get their supposed prolaterian revolution on the road. Lenin, Trotsky, Mao, Andropov and Woodrow Wilson killed the most people in history with ethnic cleansing, war and biological weapons, yet these fools want to talk about ‘white genocide’. Why don’t these morons stop watching black men’s dicks and actually go out and help their people for once, this is why Bill Gates and Boris have the population under control.

      As the Rebbe said, ‘control the media, control the narrative and give people a fake patriotism to keep them distracted’. BW and Lord Euro have race purity to keep the retards entertained while Banker Rothschild and Missa Chin rob them blind, what a sad joke.

    2. JamesSYSBM,

      If the BW is the “mother of all civilization” then her spiritual white daughters are just trying to emulate her. They should be flattered. LMAO

    3. As you said, not a damn soul wants to be or imitate black women. Ironically, the biggest proof of this is black women themselves. Just as most white women would kill themselves if they woke up dark, so would most black women. That’s why they damn near kill their kids trying to bleach them IN THE womb!! Are white women trying to do that? Hell no!!

      They’ve ****ed with Iggy for years now and I hope she tells these jealous weave headed whores to piss off.

  1. You hit the nail on the head Verbs! These mainstream media sheep are nothing more than useful idiots for the world Communist system, which alt righters and delusional leftards big up. Another reason not to take these types seriously, again, where were most white nationalists when Boris, Trudeau and Xi Jinping started pushing lockdowns and vaccines upon the population? No where to be found.

    I’ve always suspected frauds like Umar Johnson and his left wing white supremacist counterparts were deviants employed by the state. Now some disgruntled intelligence agents in the MSM have showed evidence that indicates that the alt right and hoteps are the cannon fodder in the still on going war between the Shaniqua/Lord Euro rainbow flag denegracy coalition and the Jewish Soviet racist bloc over the so called ‘revolution’.

    These idiots love to call black men savages when they themselves are a bunch of tribal denegrates, resorting to violence and war over the simplest things. ‘N word Nazi’ my ass, these racists can go take the hammer and sickle back to Moscow and Tel Aviv.

    Bill Gates must be cackling off at Microsoft Israel right now, his mainstream media goosesteppers are so caught up in fighting the white nationalist communists they don’t see the Eurasian NATO NWO coming. This shows again that most people don’t read and work on emotions, or else Dugin and Netanyahu would be hanging from poles a long time ago.

    1. Brendan Dubalos,

      I’m struggling to understand how we’ve run into a situation where there are so many individuals who’ve lost the ability to think and reason for themselves. If you present any information to them that doesn’t come from their usual mainstream sources, they outright reject it and call you a conspiracy theorist or a nut job.

      I’m glad you pointed out the fact that these white nationalists as well as the pro black flunkies have lost their bite when it comes down to this plandemic, where is the outrage and the rebellion from them? These lockdowns are a crime against humanity, however if you can trick people into shafting and imprisoning themselves believing it is for their own good(which has happened), it’s a wrap.

      Johnson and the rest of these frontman cronies ought to be strung up at minimum, however don’t expect any affirmative action or serious pushback from such a domesticated population.

      1. Most white nationalists are still looking for handouts and respect from Lord Napoleon and Shaniqua, who we all know don’t give two craps about anything else but themselves at this point. The likes of 4chan and Stormfront are full of furries, butthurt incels and multipolarist shills complaining about ‘muh white race’ when beating off to Asian Sex Diary. Weirdos and deviants controlled by Mossad and the ADL.

        As for the hoteps, any form of genuine pro black discussion died with the Destuch Kaisereich and Soviet and DemoKKKrat co-option of anti racism and other movements in order to fight their little revolutionary struggle. Money Cultural called Umar Spengler ‘the black Hitler’, however the clown can be compared to a right wing Richard Spencer.

        All talk and no game. Some wignats are waking up and seeing the black witch and Lord Euro for what they really are, a bunch of conmen and delusional losers just like their Soviet counterparts. They have also been pointing out the hypocrisy of vaxtards and multipolarists which is good as these authority worshippers usually end up destroying society.

      2. I try to never be kneejerk about such serious matters as Covid-19.

        But its looking more and more like the Covid-19 pandemic and the associated vaccine paradigm, are Globalist schemes being implemented by the UN and WHO, to control global overpopulation.

        The biggest problem for the Globalist is going to be China. China claims to have fully vaccinated over 200 million of its people and counting. I don’t believe this, because China is not really part of the Globalist alliance. They just pretend to be. China is a hegemonistic power at heart.

        The US is a waning Imperialistic power, just like Great Britain was after WW II. The Globalists are stateless actors, and China is an ascendant culturally hegemonistic power. They all have overlapping interests, but at the core, their interests are in conflict.

        Avoid the jab and stay safe. But there will be other schemes after Covid-19. Like commentator Brendan Dubalos says, they all have their own agendas.

        General Blizzard, Lord Euro, Master Chin, the Czarist Soviet Oligarchs, and Banker Rothsteins are playing chest with poker faces. They regard the world’s people as nothing but expendable pawns.

  2. Lord Rothstien and Bottom Shelf Brad both taking major Ls:

    Some people on this site believe Russia and China are against the NWO and the bankers. This is a big lie. Woodrow Wilson who created the modern white nationalist movement was surrounded by Jews. So was Hitler, who himself was a Jew.

    Why would the chosenites support white nationalism? Well, it’s simple. To get the likes of Aaron Swartz and Nikolai Tesla to come to Isreal where Likud can steal their technology and use it to kill Palestenians, or have them work as slaves in a kibbutz.

    The hammer and sickle wielding, red flag waving lunatic white supremacists help keep the red scare narrative alive and fill the pockets of Russian oligarchs and defense contractors in the West. Meanwhile the black community is in shambles and Putin and Boris Johnson both sell out for Israel, but the idiots fighting on ‘ da streetz’ cannot see that.

    China is the biggest supporter of Isreal along with South Korea in Asia. The Japanese suffered for having the balls to tell black women and Lord Euro to stop being racist communist dickheads and actually back up the revolutionary doctrine with action. The classist, racist culture of China and Korea must have been a huge boost to the fragile egos of the unholy trinity.

    It’s funny how black women and Lord Napoleon will use alt right and SJW to suppress criticism of their communist ideology, when they and the Koreans were raping women left and right in Vietnam and Japan.

    1. “Meanwhile the black community is in shambles and Putin and Boris Johnson both sell out for Israel, but the idiots fighting on ‘ da streetz’ cannot see that.”

      The idiots fighting on ‘da streetz’ cannot see anything that requires a little imagination or critical thought. Bankster Rothstein loves idiots. He can fleece them out of their last schilling as long as he gives them Hotep and Wignat Rhetoric to get all emotional over.

      1. I realised BW were idiots and the white nationalist movement was a big joke when Brendon O’Connell started exposing Israel and Soviet Russia as part of the NWO scam. Even some Yuri Bezmenov type Soviet higher ups have started calling Dugin out on his BS. The ‘alt-right’ could be stopped in 15 minutes, all Shaniqua and Brad have to do is get the Russian propaganda and Wilsonian rhetoric out of the popular culture and stop using kids as weapons to get their way. Simple as that.

        But this will never happen. If the Commies get stopped for good, then where are all those arms sellers and intelligence agencies going to get their money from? How is Bi Bi going to steal more tech from the USA and send it back to the USSR and the British Empire? And oh dear, how are those supposed queens and their lord and savior supposed to run away from their problems?

        True believers in the white ethno state never seem to get it. Racial purity was NEVER the plan. It only exists to make the DNC a bit richer and the staged WWE match between the Confederates and Soviets for control of the ‘multipolar’ world order seem more real.

        Again, this shows the dangers of historical ignorance.

        BW are crazy enough to be wearing weave and bleaching, what else did white ethno nationalists expect? Ah boy, bankers and arms companies really know how to rob people of their money.

  3. Happy Wednesday to you all; I trust that you all had a fun, eventful 4th of July (for those of you who live in the States). As I watched those videos above, I couldn’t help but think of my younger brother who went ahead and took the jab; he’s still alive (for now), but I can’t shake the thought now that he will eventually bite the dust. Death will be the price he pays for this sin he committed against his body.

    Anyhow, a good friend sent me this video from Sky News Australia where the host draws a parallel between George Orwell’s classic novel ‘1984’ and the vaccine passport:

    Excerpt from the clip: “We have reached what George Orwell warned about in ‘1984’ where ‘Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture repainted, every statue, street and building renamed, every date altered and the process continues day by day…nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.’ “

    1. LOL! This is why I laugh when white nationalists be surprised that Shaniqua, Bottom Shelf Brad and Lord Napoleon sold them out to the chosenites. Being a criminal is a profitable business in the Commonwealth/’former’ Soviet Empire and the politcos want money for themselves. Look at Biden and Hillary, and how corrupt the DemoKKKrats are.

      The gang conflict over Duginism and Wilsonian ideology is more proof that black females cannot be trusted with anything, you’re telling me that nobody’s located Kissinger, Dugin or Netanyahu or hung them up on a lightpost? Or protested against Talpiot yet? Unbelievable.

  4. Verbs 2015.

    Like I said before Verbs I am not taking that fucking vaccine because I want to live a very long life. People who take the vaccine are fucking brainwashed because they can’t think for themselves.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I’ll never touch that poison either. I see more of the sheep are clocking on to the scam and deleting the NHS app, about time. This government thinks it can dictate to me what I put into my own body but it’s got that really wrong. My body, my choice!

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I am so glad that I never downloaded that NHS covid jab. The news are saying now that kids can go on holiday unvaccinated but parents and adults have to be be double vaccinated to go on holiday. The whole thing does not make any sense at all.

        1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

          It all depends on the destination country you’re going to, if vaccinations are not required for entry you’re all good. Don’t watch the mainstream media, they love putting out mixed messages and confusing people. I only look at the destination country and what their requirements are, no bioweapon, no testing, no quarantine is what I look for. Check out this website:

          1. Verbs 2015.

            Thanks for the info Verbs and I fully agree with you bro.

  5. Even Boris Johnson is getting UK out of the lockdown which he is doing a good job at unfortunately I been told that the majority of the Brits and the black community (I know these are the liberal black people) want to extend the lockdown. Heck, they even want to keep the face masks.
    I like to understand why do they want to encourage the government keep the lockdown and the face masks.
    This reminds me of the Brexit Referendum that I ask a simple question to the people who want to remain in the EU why do they rather want a dictatorship?

    They says thing like economy or free trade and the UK can gain power of EU.

    The liberals who are remainers do not understand the bigger picture.

    I notice that the white men and women has been sexual fetishised on peopl who wear face mask which is their new ‘kink’ thinking that face mask is the new fashion.

    1. Micheal Mistertea,

      I have notice this too in the UK when the people want to keep the mask as a ‘Fashion Trend’.
      They have made this face mask pimping since last year.
      I do not understand with this ‘Face Mask’ Fetish which White liberals promoting.
      This maybe become as Westernise thing, soon to be an International thing.
      Thank god that I got this Face Mask excemption.

    2. Slave mentality. Useful idiots who want protection from a hyped up cold. Parents were around in the hot spots in Jamaica and haven’t even gotten sick even when they had to wear masks. Lockdown freaks want somebody to feel sorry for them and take charge of their life, at the expense of every body else.

  6. Just saw a commercial with milk toast faggot John Legend pushing the vaccine, and that’s AFTER seeing a billboard in Chattanooga with a black pastor urging people to get jabbed.

    Most black “influencers” deserve to and will roast among the flames of hell for what they’re doing. They also have some damn nerve bitching about the white man. The same liberal celebrity pieces of shit lecturing you to wear masks and get jabbed will also try to rile you up about “da wyte manz!!”. These people deserve a Jim Crow-esque hanging from a tree, and any negro who goes along with them does to.

    1. I say the same for the race purists. Haven’t seen any protests on lockdowns or even Bi Bi himself, and yet these incels have time to be watching someone else’s dicks and talking about ‘white pride’. If BW gave the alt right a chance to get laid and fight the SJW blackshirts in a war, you bet they’d drop the race purity talk in a instant.

    2. Afrofuturism1,

      I gather this is the John Legend vaccine ad you were talking about:

      If you go to the video on YouTube, note the thumbs down to thumbs up ratio. I agree, anybody of influence who promotes this garbage needs to die 1000 deaths, be resurrected and that cycle of death be started again.

    3. Afrofuturism1,

      These churches in Russia are running the same vaccine propaganda, equating not getting vaxxed to being an unpardonable sin. Like Brendan Dubalos said, all of these super powers are in it together:

      1. These churches are the main ones pushing guys shit in conservative areas. A major church near the church my mom and I once attended is a vaccine area. Could you imagine these same churches serving as abortion clinics?

        Many of the countries who are hesitant to this stuff have their leaders being undermined or outright killed. Look at Bolsonaro being undermined at every turn, hell look at Trump. Look at the African and Caribbean leaders mysteriously bring assassinated or winding up dead.

  7. They still at it huh? I’m telling y’all man, this shit is making me sick to my stomach. These folks are dying left and right, getting severe and permanently injure from the vaccine, but still telling folks to still get it, so everything will be back to “normal,” get our freedom back. News flash people, you just gave away your freedom by submitting to a bunch of psychopaths that running behind this whole shitfest. Man, lately I’ve been thinking about the events that been taking places, from the whole presidential election, the whole Covid mess, these globalists pushing these dangerous ass tracking apps and technology to see if we got vaccinated and all this (which I find stupid because all this shit is about control, they ain’t looking out for the people, they trying to get big bucks), The Capitol incident, just all these events that took place, and still taking place, all of it is gonna be talked about in the history books in the future for sure big time.

    I hope y’all stayed safe on the 4th of July weekend, and the reason why I said that is because some shootings happened across the country last weekend, and I’m sensing that the Demofools are still on that gun laws and consficating guns and shit. I swear every since they put Biden into office, a lot of crazy shit has been happening, and it’s scary too. I’m just trying to figure why did some people voted for that man in the first place. Oh, I know why because “Orange man is bad, Trump racist, we don’t like Trump.” First of all, and this is coming from my point of view because I don’t care about neither party, nor I’m an advocate for neither political party, all them politicians are racist. Folks kill me when they say Trump’s racist, but Biden ain’t? I hate when some folks label someone a racist, but you got certain people out there that’s racist right in your face. That’s just how I look at it. Plus, they pulling out that Critical Race Theory, making children and teens learn that shit? If I start a family in the future, I’m not finna teach them to look at race. I am gonna teach them not to be using racial slurs, but I’m not gonna teach my kids to look at people of their race.

  8. Truth. Neither the DemoKKKrat intersectional fascist cult or the hammer and sickle Duginist white nationalist movement are good for black men. I don’t care if BW and Bottom Shelf Brad create accounts on porn sites named White Cock Worship and fight their little wars with the Soviets, but not with taxpayers’ money. Progressives need to grow up and get off the government’s ass and race purists need to stop being such useful idiots for the banking and financial class.

  9. The biggest enemies are Jews and liberals, they are the ones promoting covid restrictions and bioweapon vaccinations. A quality stargate can’t be a liberal by default. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

  10. Well gentleman, we have a new slogan. I’m not even going to type it. You’ll see the hashtags in this classic hip hop ole jingle Remixed. Very badly…
    with a appearance by a lady from a rap label who has a hashtag herself from this damn video LOL! This shit is so hilarious LMFAO! I’m just smiling as I’m typing this after laughing my ass off for almost 5 minutes straight. Incredible! Gentleman have at it
    @AfroFuturism1, you totally called this.

    1. You. Gotta. Be. SHITTIN ME!!!!!

      These knuckle dragging knuckleheads have sunk to a new low. Twerkin and jabbing? Reminds me of this cringefest:

      The difference is that at least that poor kid (who I do feel bad for) was autistic and clearly being taken advantage of. Whites also saw this and cringed, and I believe it actually caused some to start questioning this stuff.

      Meanwhile, these thugs and hoes are straight hood yet going along with the program. When you bend over this far for the powers that be, don’t EVER look for sympathy when the cops beat your ass. Hard heads make for soft asses.

      1. Lol. No surprise. BW and Lord Euro can only win through hatred, stealing other people’s work and legions of poor people to exploit and use. Why do you think so called game, incel and MGTOW get pushed so hard? It’s to keep the ‘proletariat’ under their control and prevent people from thinking for themselves.

        And it’s funny how they whine about ‘muh Russia’ when they helped the Reds become the problem in the first place?

    2. Also, is this Shawn James new mating call? Copevid-19: Simp Pandemix

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      Yep, gotten rid of just like the President of Tanzania who was also against lockdowns and vaccines, instead preferring to use herbal remedies and allowing his people to take their health into their own hands. He also warned his own people about Admiral Frost and his “magic potions” before he was taken out.

      1. And wignats will still think that Shaniqua and Bottom Shelf Brad are a good example…how is fighting your supposed comrades for 103 years over a supposed ‘revolution’ good again? The unholy duo went on a rampage across Japan when WW2 was ending, raping and killing everything in their path. There were so many rapes the Japanese government had to create a special government prostitution station.

        Even now BW and Lord Napoleon try to shame any Japanese who speaks out as a ‘right wing revisionist’ and supports Korean and Chinese theft of Japanese land. They did similar things in occupied Europe and let the Soviets take that place, causing the Cold War. What the ‘incel’ fails to understand is that he is just a tool that has been disposed of, just like the ‘greatest generation’ who went home crazy and injured after feeding the ‘progressives’ egos.


    Cut someone’s head off and kicked it around like a soccer ball, there’s a stereotype. As Kid Organic once said, these Mexican and Latino dudes make Pookie, Ray Ray, Debo and Nook Nook look like saints.

    What value do this men as a whole typically bring, besides cheap manual labor that most teenagers could do? And they wonder why they aren’t respected. DEPORT the spics and keep the thicc Latinas here.

    1. Truth. I’m Latino and most ‘Jamaican’ men have a problem with violence and infidelity.

      No offense but Hispanic people have a violence problem just as bad as Koreans or so called Jews. And these types try to jump on the wignat train and try badly to be accepted by Shaniqua and Bottom Shelf Brad, never take in mind that these two groups can’t even find the guts to tell Lord Shlomo to f….k himself and stop using the people enslaved by the Soviets as bait in order to steal more money from the US taxpayer.

      And white nationalists wonder why people laugh at them when they finally realize Russia and the so-called ‘liberals’ fucked them over and took them for a ride, what did you expect from corrupt politicians and delusional revolutionaries? Biden and Harris should have put in their minds the whole thing was a scam!

      People whine about Trump, Stalin, Franco but fail to realize that the same far right they hate was behind the ‘opposition’ and was the cause of all the misery in the first place. These same idiots get up and bash Japan all day whenever they get the chance but fail to realize Missa Chin and Li Se Hyon would do way worse to them if they had the chance.

      Israel, China and South Korea are some of the most racist countries in the world. Wignats suck off the ethno state but fail to realize the ROK is just the PRC with elections and more high tech. Japan was the one who helped stop colonization along with the Hozehollens, this is why 50 cent and hasbara shills work hard to have people stuck on racial purity and staged atrocities in order to distract the people’s mind.

    1. No comment can describe my rage at the stupidity regarding BS-19 and those willing to just blindly trust the government and health officials. Despite that there are emails confirming that masks don’t work.

      1. Blackdjedi,

        Large governments always get out of hand and breed totalitarian dictatorships and it is always the sheeple who enable things like that to happen through their blind compliance while at the same time looking upon those who use independent and critical thinking skills with utter disdain and hatred, smh.

  12. Yes people, what’s going down? Money Cultural here just finish watching England reaching to a final for the first time in 55 years.

    Since people have been taken the vaccine, people have been dropping like leaves when the autumn season swings by, you get me? Bill Gates in vaccinating people to depopulate the world. So this man is nothing but a mass murderer, truly the biggest mass murderer ever. Na blud, the man is a wicked bastard; the beta male is a wicked shit. The man wanna kill people just to depopulate the world and it’s all about money as well because he must be losing his fortune. The man is making this vaccine and jook people with it killing them regard of the colour. People who knows that the vaccine is dangerous saying that “Bomba claat, fuck is he doing that shit for?” And the man vaccinate Africa first, listen here. Terminate Bill Gates with extreme prejudice. Terminate his beta ass. What evil sod. And Bareback Fountain took the vaccine, if he live, he still goanna dick police black men you know. He’s not goanna stop dick police black man’s cocky. This vaccine is nothing but a dangerous poison which is more deadly then a black thick tail scorpion and I’m not taking it. No way.

    Most high is watching up in the sky you know.

  13. Good Open Topic Wednesday,

    I want to piggy back on Monday’s article concerning PhD candidate Fountain boy.

    There’s a certain theory brought up in that article that him and his Asian ex-girlfriend broke up due to ‘cultural differences’.

    I have been taken a closer look at this for nearly three months now with a particular SYSBM YouTuber named Phantom Clutch and him being influenced by some shabby looking non-SYSBM YouTuber named Angel Dodger to take a break from said Asian women.

    When it comes to many black men choices of dating in western society, black women and white women will be his two default picks. Asian women choices in ethnicity of men will be either Asian or white. Unless a small number of Asian females (along with males; typically Vietnamese, Cambodian and certain Koreans) grew up and went to school with your stereotypical black people which I’m a witness too first hand from the 90s to 2005 with the first two minor Asian ethnic groups I’ve mentioned above will be the closest that the majority of black males and females will deal with on average.

    I think this could be the issue with some black men like Fountain boy here in the United States when approaching Asian women in general outside the black and white choice and that didn’t grow up around non-stereotypical black folks.

    Approaching Asian women for black men will be a lot different not only here in the States but in the world. You give yourself one shot and if you don’t succeed then you’re basically policing yourself from future opportunities with said women by being hard on yourself.

  14. Greetings everyone. For those who have worked in a corporate setting, U.S, Western countries or parts of the world, what’s the environment like? Especially in the IT field.

  15. Gentlemen,

    This is why I will continue to say that you cannot make deals with the devil and come out on top. In the weeks, months and years to come you all will witness scenes like this unfold around you, where people who stupidly chose to jab themselves up with the deathtrap bioweapon will suddenly collapse and die right in front of your eyes.

    I said this was coming, get ready for it. Imagine livestreaming a cooking session one minute and then just dropping down to eventually die the next. She hit that table top really hard. The description in the video says the following:

    “A cooking teacher died live on stream after being vaccinated. Cause was Myocarditis, heart failure.”

    Those who have been following this Convid hoax already know how the Covid bioweapon has been associated with causing the heart to become enlarged and thereafter inducing a heart attack. The grim scene begins from mark 1:57:

    1. That dumbass. I don’t feel sorry for her at all. This video needs to spread like wildfire, notice that people were NOT doing this concerning “COVID” but they suddenly are dropping like flies after getting jabbed. Pro-vaxxers honestly deserve death.

    2. Verbs,

      I was looking at some of the comments Steve Kirsch was making on this vaccine. He was stating that the data out of the UK indicates that having the jab actually increases chance of death by 2 to 3 times(for Delta variant). Most of the people who will die will be the vaccinated, but they are trying to spin this. They’ve already tried to float the idea its only un-vaccinated dying(while providing no data to substantiate) meanwhile actual data from across the world says otherwise…

      1. Autodidact,

        The cover-up is very deep and real over here, pretending there is a variant that is more deadly just to hide the fact that it is actually the bioweapon mislabelled as a vaccine that is killing people and causing them serious harm.

        They never provide hard data for anything over here, they simply put some fancy graphs and numbers on display, get some so called “experts” to verify the garbage and the sucker British public take what is said for gospel.

        Like I said before, at least in the US you’ll come across headlines like “man dies 3 days after second Pfizer vaccine”. Over here, not a chance, the government is still trying their hardest to pretend that the so called “vaccine” is “safe and effective”, smh.


    So teens, much like (white) women, are the main ones fighting and contesting this stuff now. Honestly, you really can’t talk about shit about them anymore when they’re the only ones with testicular fortitude.

    You can only bitch moan and groan about Generation Y/millennials so long when they’re the ones doing what the old folks should have. Sadly, you will have teens and women openly defying this is and a burly black man built like Terry Crews going along with the normal program.

    1. Young people are smarter than before. This is the information age, and everyone has a phone. Burying info to the back of a search engine or hiding it in news websites is a bad strategy. BW, Lord Euro and the Soviets are fooling only themselves with the perestroika deception as anyone with a brain can see that Boris, Netanyahu and Putin are working to push the ‘Great Reset’ upon the populace. No amount of white beta male cannon fodder and hotep fascism can save the Reds and the DemoKKKrats from a trial at the Hague.

  17. Boom. But it wasn’t anything to do with the coof jook, remember? Vaxzinees save lives 🖤


  18. Current bug out destination list reads as such, with some tentative:

    1. Turkey
    2. Russia
    3. Serbia
    4. Sri Lanka
    5. Uzbekistan
    6. Indonesia
    7. Croatia
    8. Bosnia
    9. Philippines
    10. Egypt
    11. Belarus
    12. Slovakia
    13. Armenia
    14. Nepal
    15. Mongolia
    16. Dominican Republic
    17. Bolivia
    18. Algeria
    19. Honduras
    20. Tunisia

    Russia depends on whether or not they start acting a fool across the board. DR is a mere possibility, and those who’re fans of Caribbean locals will likely seek it out more than I would.

    Bolivia, at least La Paz, was a surprisingly interesting potential location. It’s rather cool weathered and it’s NOT some backwards remote area either (altitude notwithstanding).

    Turkey is the real gem that brothers need to look into. Dirt cheap, conservative yet modern. It’s cheaper to live in its capital than in one of the secondary cities of the Philippines.

    Also looked up London’s Cody of living in comparison and bout died. Wtf, why is it so high?!!

    1. I’m curious about Poland. I haven’t done any research, but I have met a couple honeys who have Polish ancestry. These are American women. Both are feminine and attractive, and traditional. In both cases, once they got to know me personally, my race was not an issue at all. Makes me want to know more about Poland. Well, I have my passport, and Poland can be on my bucket list.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      Smh, I’ve always stated that homosexuality and paedophilia come from the same abominable tree. I’ve also been stating for the longest that homosexuals love embarking upon forbidden territory especially the innocent.

      These Sodomites have gotten too comfortable, they seem to forget that they are a very small group, how exactly do they believe they’ll perform if only 6% of society decides enough is enough.

      The West is done and this is one of the main reasons why. Russia, Eastern Europe, Islamic countries and Africa deliberately come down extremely hard on homosexuals and I fully understand why(and fully agree with their methods in dealing with the sodomite scum.

      Messing with children, homosexuals deserve a fate much worse than death.

      1. Somebody in the comments section said that it was a parody.Like that matters.Lol they trying to pull the wool over people’s eyes.But it’s not gonna work

        1. Team Foreign Girls,

          That same excuse is what black women use when some heat comes their way. Nope, the nature of the sodomite is to attempt to impose his decadent lifestyle upon all so that he can have fresh victims, that includes children too. I wish a fudge packer would come for any children I might have in the future, the alphabet crew are walking an extremely thin line and are asking to get lit up majorly.

    1. Light em up, I say! I hope everyone of them dines on a hot lead sandwich. Biden and co. Are hoping to cause as much damage as possible, what with this audit snowball rolling.

  19. Click em!

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