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Aaron Fountain – The Pro Gynocentric Hypocrite!


Shout out to King Sigma for alerting me to this hypocrisy. Just for this article and only for this article we’ll assume that Fountain Top’s ex is a woman, again, the reason why many SYSBM practitioners have labelled the fake academic as sexually suspect is because of his obsession with other black men and where they’re choosing to place their family jewels.

A Freudian slip on your part eh Fountain? So your ex(again, assuming it’s a woman) is Asian yet here you are rolling full steam ahead relentlessly batting in the corner of the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure disparaging SYSBM brothers for choosing to deal with non black women who on the whole despite their various shortcomings are easier to get along with and are far more feminine and cooperative, really bruh?

See, these pro black female/black women first clerics given enough time will always show their true colours or eventually be caught with their pants down around their ankles, here is yet another situation where a black guy who claims to be standing in the corner of the modern day black female has been caught dipping his feet in interracial waters.

Let’s just come at this from the homosexual point of view for a moment, if Fountain’s Asian ex is a man, he’s still a hypocrite simply because his core audience consists heavily of low brow pro black men who still deal with black women. Pretending to be in the corner of pro black men on the one hand, yet he himself won’t deal with a black man for the same reasons he won’t deal with a black woman.

As we’ve stated from the beginning, the anti SYSBM pundit Aaron Fountain is simply after clout, money and recognition, he’s hoping that one of these mainstream media news outlets will pick him up and give him the break he’s so longing for, of course in that particular sector, disparaging heterosexual free thinking black men is always the order of the day as they themselves view us as expendable cannon-fodder and have done so for the longest.

And so dick police officer Fountain Top in the hopes of monetising his gynocentric, misandrist rhetoric has chosen to go after the red pill philosophy and heterosexual black men, in particular those from the SYSBM squadron claiming that we’re “a fringe group” who supposedly fetishise other ethnicities of women while at the same time “bashing black women”.

The term “bashing black women” at this point is well overused and practically redundant, we know that black women created it specifically in their attempts to play the victim whenever they’re confronted with evidence concerning their dysfunctional, degenerate and reprobate behaviour.

This technique isn’t anything new, Jewish people as well as homosexuals/lesbians/trannies have been using these same cunning sleight of hand manoeuvres for over half a century and have made substantial ground with them. Constructive criticism and raising legitimate concerns regarding the questionable behaviour of black women is not “bashing” them, that Texas Two Step won’t work over here.

Admiring those non black women who have chosen NOT to subscribe to feminism and the garbage western culture linked to it, for their feminine demeanour as well as their eagerness to hold onto traditional/classic values doesn’t equate to “fetishising” them either.

It’s apparent from the above screenshot that Aaron Fountain knows that black women and backwards thinking black folks in general are a basket case heading straight to hell on a 1st class express ticket, however as I’ve stated many times before, there are always merchants on every corner looking to capitalise on some aspect of black culture.

Fountain was dumped by his “Asian ex” because of his highly dysfunctional nature, one he picked up from from the torment, trauma and abuse he suffered at the hands of his mother.

As a result because of his refusal to get counselling and therapy, he’s unable to form successful relationships with the opposite sex This is exactly what happens when you dig in your heels and pretend like everything is OK when it isn’t.

Don’t step to classic/traditional women with yourself in an abnormal, dysfunctional state believing that you can “power through” and make the relationship successful, IT WON’T WORK. Fix yourself first.

Aaron Fountain is the classic story of a black guy who can’t make interracial relationships work and so he chooses to take out his frustrations upon those who don’t have the same problems he has rather than get help, smh.

There you go folks, yet another broken pro black female, gynocentric, misandrist crony caught with his panties down and his skirt up, an own goal. Don’t ever be fooled, these guys don’t believe in what they preach. No doubt Fountain Top will breeze through at some point attempting to defend this messy conundrum he’s placed himself into, I’m just awaiting his barrage of excuses. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Pro Black Female Hypocrites Always Get Exposed, Fountain, The Enemy Of The Heterosexual Free Thinking Brother

Most High Bless

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62 thoughts on “Aaron Fountain – The Pro Gynocentric Hypocrite!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Aaron Fountain is a fucking idiot and he is a poof who is a definite hypocrite because he is coming after me and other SYSBM black men because we choose to date good looking childfree non black women for a better life and on the quiet he is dating a non black person. Talk about the kettle calling the pot black. This is the reason why I don’t take pro blacks seriously because they are a fucking joke.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Like I said, the dude doesn’t even believe in what he preaches, he just like the pro black squads knows deep down that black women are a lost cause, however, if he can make a bit of money off the backs of knuckleheads who are unable to think and reason for themselves, as far as he’s concerned, why not. Dude isn’t even dating black himself yet we’re the problem, smdh.

        1. Race purists are hypocrites and sellouts who create problems to feel better about themselves. Examples can be seen in the chosen ones whining about black men while oppressing Palestinians and stealing their land, Koreans who blame Japan for everything while refusing to put focus on their corrupt government and China and Bottom Shelf Brads who run the wignat movement’s inability to put Lord Rotstein and Chabad Chev in their place.

  2. To be truthful, he use to date non-black women in the past.
    He did mention on other videos on the comment section that he broke up with his ex-Asian because of ‘Cultural Differences’.

    I remember that last year when he started the video, his fanbase was in alliance with the Swirlers/Divesters at some point, but they kicked him out because they found out that he was a black man.
    Also mind you most of his audience are Cynthia G’s supporters including Nyliah Says.

    1. Mister Master,

      I don’t even watch his material unless somebody alerts me to something he’s posted. It doesn’t make a difference, he’s still a hypocrite. “Cultural differences”, what the heck does that mean when you unpack it? Nope, something’s wrong with him personally, that’s why that relationship and others he’s had in the past(whether with men or women) haven’t worked.

      We already know this from the way he religiously stalks other black men online, something just isn’t right mentally with the fake academic. When you deal with normal functioning women and you’re not normal yourself, those women WILL detect the anomaly quickly which will immediately put them off. This is why classic/traditional women find “game” dudes repulsive and dysfunctional.

      SYSBM creator and founder MBD is married to a Russian woman, SYSBM practitioners Kirigakure Jones, SKC and Sigma Jones are either married to or in relationships with East Asian women, this is how I know that Fountain himself is the problem and that “cultural differences” excuse is a cover up.

      This is the point I’ve constantly highlighted, Fountain caters to a bunch of knuckleheads who cannot think and reason for themselves, all Fountain Top has to do is rattle off something that will tickle their emotions and he’s in their pockets.

      1. I’m sure those “cultural differences” were the fact that the chick wasn’t a ghetto disjointed ho.

        This is why I ardently say that black men should want non-black women, namely white ones, who have next to NOTHING to do with black culture. No BLM protesting, no hip hop culture, none of that crap. Hell, two of my best relationships were lily white gingers that didn’t know what “boo” meant, didn’t listen to rap and didn’t even know what chitlins were.

        Cultural differences are sadly why most black men who have been raised by black women would fail to date out anyways. They bring too much of the hood with them and are only comfortable with such dysfunction.

        1. TRUTH! It’s the same reason why Koreans and Chinese whine about Japan or bottom shelf Brad gets up and starts dickpolicing on 4chan, because they want to feel good about doing nothing. People like FDR play on people’s emotions and promise them free shit, only to screw them over in the end.

        2. Afrofuturism1,

          Fountain because of his mother has become an extremely obscure and awkward individual, we most definitely can throw that on top as one of the main reasons why he’s unable to land himself a non black female and keep her(again, assuming he actually deals with women). This is why his greatest beef is against SYSBM practitioners, remember, he’s stated in the past that SYSBM is his favourite group to critique, why, because we’re able to do what he can’t, that is interact and deal with quality non black women and keep them. The truth always comes out eventually.

          I remember a dude from the UK who used to comment on this website a while back, another bootlicker who didn’t implement SYSBM correctly, decided to deal with a white female who was “too familiar” with black culture, of course things didn’t work out and then he came here spouting the usual “you’re putting white women on a pedestal, white women are not all that, you’re better off with black women” nonsense.

          The pro black flunky Falcon Black who tried and failed to come after SYSBM some time ago tried to say the same “stick with black women” garbage after he too was unable to purge himself of “da ghetto” whenever dealing with non black women, smh. As we keep on pointing out, SYSBM is for the very few, NOT the many.

        3. Afrofuturism1,

          “Cultural differences are sadly why most black men who have been raised by black women would fail to date out anyways. They bring too much of the hood with them and are only comfortable with such dysfunction.”

          Astute observation. These black men have been misled by the gynocentric, misandrist, matriarchal alliance, aka da communitah. They have been taught that the sea of dysfunction they are swimming in, is a legitimate black culture.

          There is no culture in da communitah, black or otherwise. In fact, there is no such thing as a black community. Da communitah is nothing but a collection of people who were forced to live in isolated, concentrated physical proximity to one another, by historic segregation. It is long past time for black men worth a shit, to recognize this and move on.

          1. Great point.

            To add to that, even though this guy was raised in a Suburban environment around different cultures, he’s still has that hood mentality from is strong independent mother. We all know that even if they are corporate and successful like he says his mom is, they still have that hood mentality in the shortcomings that it comes with.
            Take a look at some of the people on TV who are activists and are pundits for the black community. Noticed that they use stereotypes often. Stereotypes that they learn from their friends who happen to be of different cultures; and are white let’s keep it real. Especially in the schools. So they tried to identify with a artificial stereotype that the media has created. That we break because we are SYSBM. And when that doesn’t work out, because someone who in that area will call you out on it (like some of us here). YOU THEN START TO TRY TO CLOWN THEM OR “EXPOSED” THEM ON SOMETHING THAT DEEP DOWN INSIDE, YOU DON’T EVEN NECESSARILY DISAGREE WITH. Claiming that you’re trying to do it to protect women in general, really is just a dating strategy where you trying to make yourself look better than them. Let’s just be completely fucking honest.
            We’re SYSBM, but we also know real recognize real.
            And I think it burns some up inside that even though we don’t try to use it (as part of the tenets), we have more “street cred” than this person

            This is a bit of a ramble but hopefully you guys get my point

  3. So his ex left him and he can’t move on from it. This explains why he is targeting black men dating out cause his interracial relationship ended.

    He has no issues with black females bashing black men, but has issues when black men bash black females. Good luck to all black males who believe in negress unicorns. No such thing as a negress unicorn in my view.

    Admiring traditional femininity with conservative values and standards verus fetishising ain’t the same thing.

    This famous quote says, “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise”. The answer is Jews and liberals.


    1. Witwijf,

      This is why I keep on mentioning and bringing the conversation back to Fountain Top’s mother, the fact that she was an abusive wretch who fragmented his mind into many pieces because he’s never been able to recover from the trauma and the torment she brought upon him. Because of his cowardly nature and reluctance to seek help, this ongoing dysfunction has spilled over into any relationships he’s attempted to embark upon.

      Fountain Top and ex commenter Black Caesar are in exactly the same boat, where I gave Black Caesar a little credit and how he was different from Fountain is at least he admitted that his mother was a piece of trash meanie who messed up his life, however both characters unfortunately refuse to get help and as a result couldn’t and can’t bond with the opposite sex, additionally they both have a barrage of excuses at the ready as to why they supposedly “don’t want women” or can’t get any relationships to work.

      The reason why Aaron fountain’s interracial relationships(again, whether with men or women) didn’t work is because of HIM, the reason he can’t get into a successful relationship is because he himself is the problem.

      You’d think the dude would take pointers from us so that he needn’t make the same mistakes again, but no, his disjointed nature has made him stubborn and too prideful to ask for help(classic black female raised Negro) and so just like the black witch he lashes out attacking those who have smoother paths, smh.

  4. So, Mr. Fontaine used to date out, eh? Assuming his Asian ex is a female, he alleges that cultural differences caused them to split; this small revelation gives us a little more insight into Fountain’s already damaged psyche. So, not only does Verbs’ preaching against the reprobate nature of the scraggle daggle has Fake Academic Fountain triggered (due to his abusive upbringing at the hands of his daggle mama), but it’s also seeing free thinking brothers living happily ever after with non Black women, something which he failed at. Could it be possible that Fountain Top seeing the countless examples of brothers who have successfully left the communitah behind for Pleasantville has stirred up some jealousy and envy inside of him? I’m leaning more towards the school of thought that the “cultural differences” were a discrepancy on the part of Fountain; maybe HE had a fetish for Asians that contributed to his interracial dating endeavors going sour, and now he wants to sour the experience for other Black men who are seeking to go that route. Hmmm 🤔 Who does that remind you of? That one shouldn’t be hard to answer; just like the scraggle daggle, he failed at interracial dating and now wants to go on a crusade against SYSBM while defending the communitah’s pathology. As Verbs has stated in past articles, Fake Academic Fountain is a day late and a dollar short to be coming after free thinking brothers with his yellow journalism attacks. #SYSBM

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      More pieces of the puzzle are beginning to fit in place. Fountain continues to reveal more of the motives behind his relentless attacks on SYSBM, the long and short of it, because of his weird and awkward nature(again, brought about by his rough upbringing) he’s unable to mesh with normal non black women because they’re repulsed by his strange vibes. therefore instead he chooses to mock and ridicule SYSBM practitioners as a venting valve because we have no problems succeeding where he is miserably failing, oh well, that’s his problem, not mine.

      Asian women are some of the easiest women to get on with, Fountain reminds me of another guy who used to comment over here a while back who is also into Asian women, he also got dumped by an Asian women and just like the fake academic could never get over it. Fountain Top’s fragged mindset brought upon him by his degenerate daggle mother remains the key to unlocking even more of this mystery.

      1. Grand Admiral was the brother who got severely burnt by an Asian woman, with whom he has children with. He talked at length about how bad Asian women are, but the common denominator is his upbringing.
        Like all black men raised by a strong independent, they turn out weak.

        It’s imperative that black men learn to deprogram themselves of the communiteh and start anew, because women need to have strong men beside them.

        1. Michel,

          That’s the guy. Yep, decontamination and deprogramming from a toxic upbringing is of the utmost importance, it’s just a pity that so many black men prefer to take the easy way out and choose to hound those who have the testicular fortitude to face the fire and walk through it.

          This is why I use the decontamination and deprogramming process continues slogan at the end of my articles because these mechanisms form a vital part of the healing process. I really don’t understand how so many people can walk around mentally broken and feel satisfied in remaining that way, smh.

  5. As we know, 80%+ of women end relationships. “Cultural differences” is code for women from patriarchal cultures seeking males with strong leadership qualities.

    Why would a competitive female continue in a union with a Beta male stalker bigot?

    Like many CommuTeps, Fountain Top lives by the creed, “Do not as I do, but do as I say I do. So, Ling Ling for me, and Kesha for thee.’ I remember when Phil and Bro. Polight got exposed for their sexual racial-hypocrisy. White & Latinas for them in private, but KESHA Queen rhetoric in public for $$$.

    Sigmund Freud said in 1891, “In PROJECTION, what is INTERNAL is seen as EXTERNAL. People cannot get inside the minds of others; to understand someone else’s mental life, one must PROJECT one’s own experience.

    PROJECTION refers to a type of defense mechanism in psychoanalytic theory, whereby UNACCEPTABLE feelings and SELF-attributes within an individual are DISAVOWED and attributed to someone else.”

    CommuTeps are dealing with serious deep-seated racial sexual issues that lead them to d*ck policing (as a coping mechanism) of other free Black men.

    Conundrum for sex bigots: To be a bigot while being a practitioner of interracial sexual freedom.

    Its long overdue that Free Thinking Black men refer to these bigots as bigots. It is clear that we are dealing with classically defined bigots standing in for the KKK.

    In the pursuit of profit and clout, Fountain Top has positioned himself as the face of a racist sexual repression campaign, and he will lose in the end. The tables are slowing turning against this hypocritical misandry.

    A little time on a therapist’s couch is a good starting point for these bigots.

    1. And the biggest bigot is you know who. BW enabled him every step of the way. From denying of Government programs and services, to challenging WW on who’ve they’ve dated/had sex with.

      Only Obama can stand in front of mostly BW and say directly to BM – “Put down the Xbox controller and read to your children” That is a mighty assumption; Aren’t we the ones pushing for the return of the Nuclear Family? I am not going to say he is talking to Ray-Ray, Jabari or Shotgun Steve only. But I will say he lumping all of us together at the behest of guess who?

      1. “But we wuz KANGZ and shit on the plantation man!” – Lord Euro as Banker Rotschild and False Flag Fedowitz squeeze him out of cash

        Funny how black females and wignats have time to be whining about ‘white genocide’ when it was them who helped create the problem in the first place. Not even Hitler was as racist and delusional as Shaniqua and Bottom Shelf Brad during WW2 and this is a fact. They cannot stand black men because we have the capacity to go it alone without the ‘mainstream’ and they along with the Soviets would find themselves either exectuted or in prison if the working class knew what they did in their name.

        Even their white nationalist base is getting sick and tired of the endless excuses, lies and compromises these two set of scumbags make with the chosenites. One of them even called out the alt-right and the KGB as a bunch of bisexual pedophiles obsessed with little girls. It didn’t surprise me, as race purists have never been known to be stable.

    2. King Sigma,

      “As we know, 80%+ of women end relationships. “Cultural differences” is code for women from patriarchal cultures seeking males with strong leadership qualities.”


      And this right here sir is the bottom line, Fountain Top lacks the testicular fortitude to lead in a relationship, this is the reason why any relationships he’s attempted to forge in the past have been unsuccessful. It isn’t my fault that his mother was a nasty, vindictive and evil woman who like most daggles made sure that her son would end up a train wreck.

      Additionally, it isn’t my fault nor the culpability of SYSBM practitioners that Aaron Fountain refuses to seek out the psychological help he needs. He honestly believes that attempting to mock, ridicule and make fun of those who don’t have the same problems with women that he does will somehow bring healing and relief, again, this is part and parcel of having a black female manufactured disjointed mindset.

      He can back off now and slip into the shadows or continue talking which will enable us to put even more pieces of the of the puzzle together, however I believe at this point Fountain Top’s history/timeline is more or less understood. Great drop on Freud by the way.

      Just like the black witch, it’s a chicken wrap for the fake academic, other black men looking at this should take notes and observe, this is exactly what happens to those Negro who fail to decontaminate and deprogram their minds from the years of abuse, trauma and torment inflicted upon them by their female counterparts.

      Clowntain can’t bring himself to swallow the red pill, this is why he instead rails against it and remains in the liberal blue zone. As we know with black women, it is far easier to steep yourself in the victimhood cesspool rather than knuckling up, taking the bull by the horns, dealing with the uncomfortable process of healing and pushing through until the very end.

      1. Taking the Freudian lens to the d*ck police; it becomes clear they are dealing with racial sexual confusion of some sort. The focus of a heterosexual man on another man’s penis movements is the sort of repressed/projecting behavior that Freud spoke on often. In fact, one of his many analysis, was that the primary root of homosexuality was domineering and/or abusive mothers or female guardians.

        Many of these men have had their natural masculinity beaten out of them or socialized by maladjusted female caretakers. When you reject that paradigm and offer an evidence based critique of their female nurturers, they become defensive, as they see this as an attack on their core identity.

        Ironically, nobody calls it bashing when women and others speak on the degenerate and dysfunctional behaviors of some Black men, especially those reared by unfit mothers. It is only ‘bashing’ when Black men critique the same women that reared them, share their bloodlines and designated ethnic identity.

        Luckily, this Communist hypocrisy is starting to cannibalize itself, because the foundation of the hypocrisy is in the silencing of counter-evidence and counter-narratives by MOB RULE. A good example of the CommuTeps hypocrisy eating itself can be seen in the recent scandal at ESPN with Rachel Nichols (White) and Maria Taylor (Black).

        Notice, the Communist mob called Nichols comments ‘racist’ but never asked the question, “Is what she said true?”

        Again, the Communist mob will eventually cannibalize itself and we have seen many male feminist cucks discarded by said mob over the years. I bet Al Franken and Bill Cosby regret a lot of their decisions to feed the misandrist mob…

    3. LMAO. I love how you guys spread falsehoods. I never cited cultural differences as the reason we broke up.

        1. King Sigma,

          The dude’s focus on the “penis movements” regarding other black men as you put it is incredibly disturbing, weird and straight up suspect, but SYSBM practitioners are supposed to be the “fringe” individuals???

          1. @Verbs

            The psychological projection and coping is heavy with Fountain.

            Likely, his ALLEGED virtual White, Black and Asian ‘exes’ dumped him because of his peculiar fetish for online Black men penis patrolling and his clear sexual hypocrisy/bigotry.

            What truly feminine woman with options would sit around and listen to her BF talk about what random BM are doing on the web 24/7???

            Rule #1 from the Book of Hypocrites

            “Do as I SAY I do, but not as I do.”

            1. I love how you guys all play armchair therapist and claim to know about my private life. But all well, there’s no reasoning with this group. When I tell people I was mostly raised by my dad, and in response they call me a lair, what hope is there in finding a middle ground. We cannot even agree on basic facts.

              1. But that’s the thing, Aaron; nobody’s trying to “find a middle ground” with you or agree on anything. SYSBM is over here minding its own business, you’re the one penis-patrolling for pats on the head and Scooby snacks from your BW viewers, who are supposed to be “divested” yet still dick policing Black men. You call SYSBM out and it is responding, not the other way around. You would not hear from us otherwise.

  6. I’m trying to figure out the words to describe this mess. First, Fountain had an Asian girlfriend, but it didn’t work out for him, now he’s taking his frustration out on us? Yeah, this dude needs to take his traumatized ass to church or something. “Bashing black women?” Dude, there are like evidence after evidence of black women in America doing the most foul shit ever, and Black men like Verbs, King Sigma, General Tito (a.k.a. Hardcore Tito) are calling out these problems, but Dudes like Fountain are not helping, but making it more worse by trying to play Superman. Like I said about these pro blacks dudes: They need to give up the fight, because the black woman sold us out big time. With pro blacks preaching that stick to your own, but got either an non black or mixed girlfriend/wife on the side, they some frauds for real. My preferences in the type of women I like is really none of these folks businesses at all. I don’t care if these people get all rev up, because at the end, it’s what YOU like. Keyword: YOU. I’ve been told to stick with my own, but guess what, I didn’t give a rat ass. Don’t let people tell you who you can or cannot date/marry/procreate because of your race/ethnicity, because the people who look at race a lot, there’s something wrong with them.

    1. D.K. Phantom,

      The guy purports himself to be intelligent, yet where is the intelligence in defending a group of women who were directly responsible for his fragmented mindset and as a result have rendered him moot and useless when it comes to forging relationships?

  7. Good Monday,

    Interesting. This is probably why Fountain boy recently returned commenting on MadBusDriver’s video “dropping” his PhD candidate ‘knowledge’ and warning that his comment might be blocked.

    What a new development this is (if it true).

    1. Brotherdanunlimited,

      We saw what happened to Derrick Jaxn and how he was exposed big time, Fountain’s time of major exposure is also coming very soon. I saw his comment on MBD’s video, again, what man in his right mind continually loiters around a group of men he claims reside in a “fringe” zone, I’ll wait?

      1. If his audience finds out about this news, I don’t know how they will handle it but if it was a white woman then we are looking at Armageddon 2.

    1. The Straight Shooter,

      These anti free thinking black man critics are even worse than the ran through, over the hill, broken beyond repair black females they stand up for, smh.

  8. How come Mr. Fountain never talks about the black pill and guys like Steve Harvey and Derrick Jaxn?

  9. Just for this article and only for this article we’ll assume that Fountain Top’s ex is a woman…


    He’s also a liar as he mentioned he was “married” once. So Fountain, you’re snookered. Try getting out of this one. Either your ex was female and she divorced you … or your ex was a man and you fetishised him. Either way, you’re a bloodclaat hypocrite.

    We already know Fake Academic Fountain relentlessly stalks other black men online, using alternative fake names to mask his presence on this blog, now he is outright lying about his relationships. On top of this he is not an PhD candidate in any recognised university. He is intellectually lazy as evidence by his lack of peer reviewed research and his numerous yellow journalism biased attack pieces. He also didn’t research both jabs before he agreed to be a guinea pig.

    This is a “man” who is operating out of numerous traumas installed by his violent, degenerate, abusive mother. They must be numerous as there is strong projection. As already stated the solution for his soul is to attend regular counselling with a psychiatrist, but that takes balls, which he doesn’t have.

    Fake Academic Fountain is an utter disgrace. The hypocrisy is one thing, but the dishonesty of presenting himself as an authority whilst attacking SYSBM – having no personal solid standing to do so, is the mark of a double tongued coward.

    1. Michel,

      “He’s also a liar as he mentioned he was “married” once. So Fountain, you’re snookered. Try getting out of this one. Either your ex was female and she divorced you … or your ex was a man and you fetishised him. Either way, you’re a bloodclaat hypocrite.”

      In other words he’s a guy that very few if anybody wants to hang around with, be they male or female. The bredder’s attacks against the SYSBM contingent have been relentless, there isn’t anybody in this sector that hasn’t gotten a taste of his high octane yellow journalism.

      Pulling and splicing clips together here and there, however in the overwhelming majority of cases failing to provide the original sources so that people can check it out for themselves in order to confirm that he’s portraying the correct context. However, when your core audience is a bunch of unthinking grade A spastics, who needs proof?

      We have to keep on talking about his mother because she is the cause of him not being able to land a non black woman alongside himself refusing to get the help he so desperately needs. I refuse to allow the black witch to have any dominion over my life to the point where I’m unable to function in relationships with women, as we’ve said before, some black men just like the black females they worship are defeated right out of the gate.

      Just like Derrick Jaxn, this dude is done, however unlike Jaxn Fountain was the one who cooked himself. SYSBM isn’t going anywhere, however Aaron Fountain will be written into the annuls of history of one of the biggest hypocritical cowards to be exposed in this black digital space.

    2. Bareback Fountain is a homosexual. He has never been married or had a girlfriend. The man is just dick policing other men, mostly black men.

    3. I never said I was married. Boy, you guys love to make stuff up and run with it.

  10. What’s up people, Money Cultural here? I was watching The Up In Smoke Tour and I saw white girls showing their white breasts and white punany which will piss Bareback Fountain off quick time and I was watching 55inchesofpassioninc. White thickness SYSBM but let me just concentrate. Yo, Bareback Fountain’s girl who is Asian left him because he’s just dysfunctional just like the scarggle daggles he supporting. But the thing is this? Is the man lying? Because with all the dick policing, you must me wondering is this man homosexual or what? Because no man will dick police if he’s have a girlfriend. This man has not dealt with childhood when his mother beat the shit out of him and he hasn’t dealt with it. Let me tell you something, not only he dick police, Foolmar Johnson, Shawn James, D Derailed and all of the other simps are just wanna be dick police officers trying to find out where black men putting their penis in. In their gyal, star!
    I done an article of this dick policing bullshit:

    1. Money Cultural,

      The dude has no life, no girlfriend, nothing and so he chooses to occupy his time chasing after other grown men online trying to make fun of those who don’t have the same male/female intermingling issues that he does. His life must suck so badly and his mother if she could see him no would be laughing at the fact that her fragmentation job on his mind is still in place. These dick police detectives always get exposed in the end.

      1. Yep, this man has no life at all. I think that this guy is lying that he has a girlfriend because there is no way that any man who wanna know where another man puts his penis in.

  11. LMAO. That was never a secret. In fact, I’ve admitted that several times in various comment sections. The differences between you and I is that I still date Black women and don’t bash them. The girl I was talking to before then was Black. Before then she was White.

    1. Exposing Himself Aaron Fountain,

      Like I said before, I don’t really pay attention to your videos unless somebody alerts me to them. Dates, you can’t get any dates or at least struggle profusely to obtain them, you’re not fooling anybody over here and if by a freak of nature you do manage to scrounge a meeting with a female, upon meeting you she’s immediately put off by your serious lack of masculinity and leadership energy.

      You seem to keep forgetting who we are over here, we aren’t those non critical thinking, pro black knuckleheads you cater to on YouTube, we actually use our brains and have no problems putting the pieces of any puzzle together

      1. You guys clearly lack critical thinking skills because your false allegations against me are inconsistent. But I get it. Whatever fits your narrative.

        1. Exposing Himself Aaron Fountain,

          We know your story and the more you talk and stalk, the more you reveal, deflective tactics won’t work over here either. You really believe we don’t know your type, again, your non thinking blockheaded audience can’t figure out your story, however over here the conclusions are clear and obvious.

          All you do is concern yourself with other men online, why, because women detect your disjointed, incompatible nature and as a result they don’t want anything to do with you, this is why you have so much time on your hands to worry about where other black men are placing their family jewels.

          The breaks and the cheques aren’t coming for you either Fountain Top, as I’ve stated before, you’re a day late and a dollar short trying to get some sort of clout and recognition off the backs of heterosexual free thinking brothers.

          Lastly, you really ought to be focusing on your last will and testament seeing as very soon you won’t be walking among the living.

        2. 1. You’re a homosexual.
          2. You harass and stalk other black men online.
          3. You need counselling.

          Pretty consistent from where SYSBM is standing.

    2. What you need to do is to go seek help to talk about your mother who beat the shit out of you when you was a child. This is the reason why you are stalking other dudes on the internet. Here this, you should know that 80 per cent of black men are with black women. Some are married to them so you should know that. Why you have to come here for and bother people? Don’t you have something to do?

  12. As mentioned, the dude hates what he can’t have. Sounds kinda like daggle doesn’t it? Also, the cultural differences were, as I said, a result of him being unable to leave the hood alone, even within his own psyche. Most black people are like this and can ONLY compete around other blacks, that’s why they would rather surround themselves with hoodrats and losers and be Head Negroes in Charge than have to compete with whitey.

    The dude spends more time stalking other men online than he does busting nuts on the queens he claims are so great? If that’s the case, why ain’t you with one? If I were a pro-black, I’d be screwing black QuEeNs!!! all the day long, if I actually bought into that crap.

    This dude is a slightly less failed version of Shawn James, though his tick is tocking, what with those death shots he got. Ignorant ass fool, enjoy roasting amongst the flames of hell.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      As you’ve pointed out, if the dude was actively dating, there’s no way he’d have so much time on his hands to stalk other grown men online, Fountain in his cross wired state honestly believes he can purge the loneliness and the damage out of his psyche and his life by attempting to mock and ridicule those who are not lonely, make that make sense. He thinks we don’t know his type, however we’re seasoned veterans up in here.

  13. Gotta love Aaron Fountain. He’s like many of these other ‘pro black aka pro black female’ dudes online. They spend so much time worrying about other black men, calling out black men but go tone deaf when it comes to misandrist stuff. They’ll give it a pass, justify it, defend it and even expound on it. These guys look at every BW as their mother and believe that every black man is bad. Like you, I don’t pay Fountain no attention, he’s like RingoTVRaw and these other black guys who think pandering to black women (while being unmarried themselves or hell dating non-black women) will save them.

    1. SYSBM Rooki,

      Fountain Top has no life, even though he claims we don’t know anything about his private life, an obvious observation and conclusion is if he was actively dating, he wouldn’t have so much time on his hands to worry about where other black men are choosing to place their members. Indeed, his deliberate turning a blind eye to black female dysfunction is a sight to behold and a disgrace.

      Yep, in Fountain’s eyes the only individuals in black society who can do wrong are heterosexual free thinking black men, alongside the black female, Slim Sauce, Field Mouse and Two Snacks also get a squeeze and a clean pass, smh.

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