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You’re Big Mad – Stop The Cap Woman!


Thanks to TeamWhiteGirls for sending me this clip. We already know that the ugly looking, bonnet wearing, overweight slob is a liar and full of it because these will be the same black females who will see a black man in the streets with his non black woman and will either be muttering expletives under their breath or if they feel brave enough shout out “what, so you couldn’t get yourself a sista/strong black woman”.

At this point all black women can do is laugh IN PAIN and TEARS as they see more black men hopping the fence and choosing to take their chances with non black women instead. Black men who are worth a damn aren’t going to sit around haggling and negotiating with a group of females who have no problems making it clear on the daily that they hate their guts to the core.

This is why I was baffled and disappointed when Obsidian suddenly changed his direction and began talking about “horse trading, negotiating and reconciling” with black women, how on earth can that work when black women have no problems openly mocking, ridiculing and laughing at the best and the brightest of black male society?

By the way, the black guy in the car was SwagBoyQ, a guy who has chosen not to shackle himself to “da communitah”, has chosen to be free, have fun, do his own thing and has build up substantial followings on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok:

Like I’ve stated before, you’re not going to tell these Gen Z and Millennial black men to “stick with the sistas”, they’re going to choose who they want and there isn’t a damn thing Colonel Sleet, black women or their pro black simp cronies can do about it.

Whenever a black man is seen to be happy around non black women, you can guarantee that black daggles will come out of the woodwork thick and fast attempting to shame the brother simply because they enjoy, much prefer and take great pleasure in seeing black men sad and miserable.

I strongly suspect this is one of the reasons why the overwhelming majority of SwagBoyQ’s videos are done with either mixed or non black women, black women just dull the mood and the atmosphere.

Additionally, in the first portion of the above video there is no direct inference of a white woman being chosen over a black woman, however as per usual black women are quick to weigh in on black men’s affairs, interpret things how they see them and put their insecurities on display.

The bonnet wearing daggle was the one who introduced race into the equation which is typical of black females who I find are always trying to stir the racial pot ie instigate trouble. As I’ve stated before, never listen to what black women say, instead simply watch what they do to determine where their mindset resides.

Brothers, black women are hurting out here really bad, nobody wants them not even their own male counterparts and they brought this situation upon themselves. The writing is on the wall, once again I most certainly am NOT going to deal with any Gestapo female who keeps on calling me a “ni**er” every 5 minutes.

Gentlemen, once again, always go where you are loved and celebrated, NOT tolerated, despised and hated, it’s a no brainer. The jealousy is real, these heifers are mad and so wish they could successfully date out at the same rate or even higher than black men can. You mad bruh? #SYSBM:

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Once Again, Quality Stargates Will Always Matter

Most High Bless

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51 thoughts on “You’re Big Mad – Stop The Cap Woman!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Black women these days are getting so ugly that they even make Aliens and Predators look good looking and that’s the reason why I refuse to date black women as a childfree black man at 39. I have high standards in the type of woman who I want to date and I am not dropping those standards and I don’t care on gets offended by my high standards because we all know that black women get offended on just about anything and that’s why I avoid them like the plague.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      The fake eye lashes I especially find are damn right repulsive and nasty looking, additionally the weaves, fake nails, pounds of makeup and the fact that most of them are out of shape doesn’t help the black female’s current predicament, black women seem to love embracing anything that makes them look more ugly and grotesque.

      I don’t deal with women who have to attach so many external appendages to themselves in order to try to look decent, fakery is an overt sign of mental illness as well as insecurity.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. Its a big turn off for me when I see black women looking fake from head to toe and sadly in July 2021 that’s 97 percent of black women and that’s why I refuse to date black women.

      1. Money Cultural.

        I am glad that you found my jokes funny. 😂😂😂😂

        1. Yo, funny as they are, brother, isn’t there some actual truth in that joke? The Alien is a mindless vicious beast that operates under the direction of an Alien Queen (and which other brand of woman constantly calls herself ‘queen’). Some trending Alien Queen just needs to make a call-to-arms and her black female cohorts will be up and ready for violence. The Predator is more of a collector that enjoys hunting and battle – in terms of black women, they actively and shamelessly hunt/pursue other black women (whom may also be Aliens/Predators), and upon defeating them, take home the weave as a trophy.

          Frightening how these old movies got the modern black women described accurately.

          1. Justin.

            That is a good analogy Justin. My joke definitely had alot of truth to it when you compare a black womens ugly looks to the Aliens and Predators.

          2. Justin, you left out how all the Alien Queen does all day is shit out eggs to make more drones. Who does that sound like to you?

  2. Thanks for the shout out Babatunde. These Big Beastly Bonnet wearing Klingons are laughable because they know deep down there’s not a chance in hell of them competing with that level of fit, feminine and friendly beauty.

    This is why for the 4th year in a row a weave wearing Klingon on “Love Island” was picked DEAD LAST.

    Nobody wants them…AND THEY KNOW IT, and has Babatunde said they lash out in tears of pain…AND I LOVE IT‼️
    #TEAMWHITEQUEENS 👸🏼🤴🏿👸🏼🤴🏿👸🏼🤴🏿

    1. Truth. Expect more Ls for Lord Rotstien, Shaniqua and Bottom Shelf Brad as their multipolarist/hegemonist dialectic scheme collapses and the infighting gets worse. Hoteps are a damn joke, as much as wignats love to dick police black men they actually try to help each other out and call out Shaniqua and Lord Euro when they fuck up. When Damian started his channel guess who came in and helped him? Eastern European nationalists and white women.

      It was a Irish guy who brought the Perestroika Deception and the obsessive love affair between the racist liberal, the black female and the Soviet Zionists back into the light. It was a white woman who showed Brendon O Connell the BIRD foundation which steals US tech and sends it to Soviet Israel.

      Guys like Umar and the closet homosexual furry joke that is the modern white nationalist movement can take the hammer and sickle back to the Kremlin.

    2. TeamWhiteGirls,

      These black sirens are out here in force Voltron sideways begging for attention like wounded soldiers, they want to complain their way to being chosen, they don’t want to compete at all.

      Black women should’ve never made the decision to accept feminism and fatherless home welfare policies over their male counterparts, now the chickens are coming home to roost and they’re clearly not ready to deal with the fallout.

      How they believed they could be horrible, nasty, vindictive and damn right evil to black men and we’d stick around forever is beyond me, black men are voting with their feet and all the black witch can do is squirm and lash out in pain as more black men exit the building. Recompense is a dish best served cold.

      1. Verbs,

        It’s simple, BW think we are as stuck as they are and we have no choice than to hang around and eat their sh**. Nothing and I mean nothing burns them more than an independent, mobile Black Man with options and choices that do not include them. What gets their goat even more is the SYSBM who lets what’s on his arm make the statement, no going back and forth with these heffas.

        The more good BM leave the building, the more they lash out on social media. Oh well, fu** ’em.

        1. Schadenfreude,

          Totally spot on commentary.

          The sheboon beast should be grateful that she will always have the weak minded black male simp.

          Instead, she has the audacity to think she should have command over independent minded, intelligent, self respecting black men. Her fault for believing everything that Lord Rothstein and General Blizzard tells her.

      2. They accepted welfare because they were NOT attracted to you. They refused to let you fuck them. Which is what you wanted but are angry you were denied. Instead they fucked the cool brother who didn’t have a stick up his ass and hatred for other men; you then got mad and made up “Pookie and Ray Ray.” These were the average men, who worked just like you CLAIM to; that these women were ACTUALLY ATTRACTED TO. You sat in the shadows, with a jester hood on, and your dick in your hand yelling SYSBM after they had already chose to move on without you.

        You’re still crying over a bunch of ratchet women who did not want you.

  3. My advice to all black negress females on planet earth who are against black men dating out. If they don’t like seeing black men date interracially, just move to Africa or the Carribean. No negro in most of these black nations are dating interracially. In reality, none of them will take my advice. They prefer to stay where they are tolerated, not wanted. The black male simps will always follow the negress everywhere she goes.


    1. In true female nature, they want what they can’t have. Instead of focusing on the simps who want them and imaginary white boys, the negress wants to rage at the small percent of brothas who date and marry out, most of whom they did not want in the first place. Their tears are like wine to me though, how many brothas do they diss on the daily?

      1. Schadenfreude,

        I suspect that most black men who date out originally didn’t want to, however because black women were so mean and nasty to them, rightfully it got to a point where they eventually chose to throw in the towel.

        As I’ve pointed out numerous times before, black women have made it clear on many occasions that the only black men that get their panties wet are Slim Sauce, Chunky Bruh, Field Mouse, Sheggy, Two Snacks and Spoony.

        Black women cannot mock, ridicule as well refer to non criminal history holding, upwardly mobile, intelligent, educated black men as “lames”, but still expect them to stick around. It’s not going to happen.

      2. Schadenfreude,

        Everything you just said is so spot on ! And it should be obvious to any black male with a live brain cell.

        The very reason I detest and loathe the black male simp so much, is because he debases himself in order to please and appease these foul, bacterial vaginitis smelling beasts. Then on top of that, he insists that other black men do the same.

        1. “The very reason I detest and loathe the black male simp so much, is because he debases himself in order to please and appease these foul, bacterial vaginitis smelling beasts. Then on top of that, he insists that other black men do the same.”

          Dr. Boyce, anyone?

    2. Black females and Lord Euro are against black men dating out as they don’t want to be exposed as frauds and hucksters and put back on the street with False Flag Fedowitz, Banker Rothschild and Hitman Hanzelstein fresh off the gulag. Even some white nationalists have seen the light on these LARPing frauds. While these hypocrites use troll armies and useful idiots to try and shame black men dating out gun violence is up in black communities and rapist federal agents walk free.

      Meanwhile the Likud Nazis are using Russians and other Slavs to farm votes, cause chaos in the West and kill Palestinians, but wait, they can’t even marry unless they do a DNA test to register as Jewish. And if they don’t pass that and other tests, you’re not a citizen of Israel.

      Where is BLM and Antifa protesting at AIPAC and the Russian embassy on this, and why can’t we find Umar Spengler and the so called skinheads at military bases handing out flyers on technology transfer, Belt and Road and multipolarity? Or demanding that the DNC, Israel and the EU be denazified and the Soviets brought before trial for their crimes against humanity?

      You see, this is why I can’t take race purists seriously. All talk, no action. The SPD and Bismark built the Kaiserreich through action and diplomacy, not a bag of talk.

    3. Witwijf,

      The thing is the majority of black men aren’t dating out, though the percentage has now gotten to a noticeable point. Black women have plenty of simps to choose from but for some reason they always seem to be bothered and hot under the collar every time they see a brother THEY DIDN’T WANT expanding on his dating options, smh.

      1. The reason is this – In the end the rich/powerful is where Men still run the show. To get up to that level BW know they need a strong, financially sound man near them. If the most powerful Black woman couldn’t get a strong Black man, the rest of the population was doomed.

  4. That percentage is not “small” anymore hence the daily weave detonations of the Weave Rat Mafia.

  5. One way or the other, Interracial dating is on the rise. Everytime I walk out my door, I starting to see more interracial couples. To be honest, I don’t care if these people that be on pure race crap get mad because like I said, interracial connections ain’t going no mothaf****** where, period. I mean, there’s people that wanna stay with their own, and there’s people that’s gonna date whoever, no matter the race or ethnicity. At the end, get off that pure race shit because there’s no such thing as a pure race. I really hate when folks be looking at race too much. I’m not gonna get with a woman because of her race or ethnicity, I’m gonna get with her because I wanna start a connection with her. Black women that be hating on black men that are in interracial connections, they can kick rocks because first of all, all that hatred they have for black men, is gonna be the reason why the black men in the millennials, Gen Z, and probably the future black men ain’t gonna date the black women anymore, probably in America, I don’t know about other black men in different nations. How many times have we black men heard the dumb shit over and over again, talking about black men ain’t shit, black men don’t provide, black men are dusty, coming out of the black woman’s mouth? They always putting black men down. That’s how I can tell that the Black women in America sold us out big time.

    1. D.K. Phantom,

      The blatant hypocrisy with black women and interracial dating is what bothers me, contrary to the false accusations levied by the fake academic Aaron Fountain, SYSBM has NEVER had any problems with black women dating out.

      Our issue has always been the fact that black women as a collective attempt to dick police and dissuade black men from doing the same as if they’re the only ones who have a right to date outside the race.

      The slowtep, pyramid head, red, black and green, black female first cronies are the ones who have a problem seeing their “sistas” cross the fence, over here we couldn’t give 10 flying monkeys who black women choose to date, however they simply need to keep their mouths shut and keep it moving whenever they see black men with non black women rather than kicking up a fuss.

      What did black women honestly expect, embracing the scum buckets of black male society while at the same time mocking and ridiculing black men who are worth a damn. Intelligent black men, walk away yes, and never look back.

  6. Yo these black women are hurting out here lol. My girl, who is a redhead, is noticing the ugly looks we get from black women when we go out. It’s getting to a point now they start openly saying stuff to us. When we were in LA 3 black women started talking about my lady and me out loud, shit was crazy. These black women know brothers with means and a brain are no longer checking for them(insert evil laugh here).

    1. “My girl, who is a redhead“

      Cuff her, bruh, or I will

      1. If she keep playing her position I might have to once we leave the country lol

    2. OGBobbyJohnson,

      Yes sir, redheads are the bomb:

      See, what is happening to you and your girl is exactly why I say that most black women are full of decomposing garbage whenever they say “we don’t care who black men date”, like I said before, don’t listen to these black harriets, look at their actions instead.

      I’ll keep on saying it, you can’t be mean and nasty to intelligent black men and expect them to stick around. Black women are gutted that more black men are choosing to hop the fence, however they’re too prideful and stubborn to acknowledge their wrongdoings towards us, oh well, too bad, that’s their problem, not mine.

    3. When I was with my ex (we split, no hard feelings we grew apart we’re on good terms and occasionally fuck), we would get dirty looks. Not so much in Suffolk/Nassau counties; there were some but not many. But in New York City (any of the five boroughs) forget it.

      Got shamika and her gremlin looking friends yelling at my ex (5’3 125 pound brown hair, hazel/greenish eyes white girl for being with me).

      They’re a joke, they know they’re a joke and nobody wants them. This is their version of an extinction burst now that even man man and tyrones are starting to ignore them. Not my problem.

      1. FDC,

        Yep, Takiva and Tameka will hard grill you if they catch you out in the streets with a non black female, yet if they’re seen with a non black man namely Admiral Frost, we’re supposed to congratulate them, say nothing negative and keep it moving, smh. Black women and the interracial dating hypocrisy is real.

    4. I see redheads being discussed in this thread, and I wanted to add my .02 that they are seen as attractive due to their genetic rarity that gives their hair that beautiful red color; I prefer the natural redheads to the ones who dye their hair red. Natural redheads are fire!

  7. What’s crazy is game changer just did a video about how abw are not getting approached anymore by bm. I think this just the market of brothers realizing their value and course correcting so now they have no choice but to compete which is sad because the sisterhood doesn’t teach them how to be women lmao

    Imagine if bw were reared how Asian or Latina women are? As a nation we’d be a juggernaut but oh well leave that to a hotep to pipedream

    Here in reality we all know #TeamLatinas are the best🙌🏾

    1. DarthAmon,

      I heard the high priestess of Swirl Mountain Christelyn Karazin was responsible for getting Game Changer’s channel taken down but recently he got it reinstated. This is the thing, you can’t criticise the daggle and be friends with the daggle at the same time.

      That dirty move she pulled reminds me of a similar stunt the witch ran on the pro black female simp Angel Ramirez Jordan a few years back, he was also frequenting Karazin’s channel, everything was going well until he said something that upset the swirling brigade, of course they turned on him with the quickness.

      You don’t converse with the enemy, it’s evident where black women stand, why even bother having any conversations with them knowing that they’re never going to change for the better? The black female is the property of General Blizzard, let him deal with her.


  8. Yeah man. These ghetto ratchet scarggle daggles are mad. They are really, really mad Verbs. When they see a black man with a non black woman mostly with a white sugar, they will go into a huge sulk. So does the white beta male who acts feminine and these simps that are defending these scarggle dagglies. Black men are walking away from these hoodrat harridans because they are nothing but dysfunctional. I’m goanna do an article of black women being mad when they see black men with non black women. And these simps are also coming after black men who are with non black women or foreign women. Some of them are with foreign black women. We have simps like Bareback Fountain who is not dealing with the abuse he got when he was a child, Shawn James who needs to focus on his next book, D Derrel need to think about his wife before she leaves him because she feels like he’s goanna sleep with these scraggs and Dr Foolmar Johnson need to stop sniff coke. Now, Obsidian. He did a complete U Turn and went against SYSBM. I might do an article next week on this.

    1. Money Cultural,

      The white woman is the one that really gets the black female’s blood boiling, for some reason out of all the different varieties of women on the planet, the white female is the one that black women hate the most but at the same time envy and wish they could be like.

      Many folks here have said this before, black women copy everything relating white women EXCEPT their attitudes, if black women as a collective were kinder and more feminine individuals, black men wouldn’t be walking away from them at such an astronomical rate.

      1. Yeah, black men are walking away from black women in a huge rate. Black men in the UK are dating out by almost 60 per cent. It doesn’t matter where I go black men in Britain are with non black women. And marrying them and having children with them. Black women don’t want a good black man, she wants the worthless type of black men and get breed up by them multiple times, just to get a council flat for free which I can’t get, free money, I mean she will get everything.

        1. Black men are also walking away from the masculine energy these scraggles emanate.


      2. Isn’t obvious Verbs? White women dominate soft power. We may talk about it in a low level sense. For example how many Black men have benefited from relationships White women had in getting jobs, starting careers, etc?

        While Black women are busy hoarding Government money and making sure Black men get very little to zero of it. White women are using their connections to help Black men succeed and guess what?


        They fully understand that it takes a strong woman behind a MAN for him to be successful.

        We see this time and time again, even unlikely places, YouTube for example.

        1. Anthony,

          I can attest to this. I’ve gotten recommendations, opportunities and jobs from WW friends in the past. I would advise any clean-cut young brotha (a.k.a. “lame”) to at least get a platonic WW friend. Once you’re in the WW’s circles the sky’s the limit.

          On the other hand, knowing a BW has never done me any good. They just want to lord it over BM and are installed in HR departments & corporate settings to be the white man’s junkyard dog.

  9. Nobody cares about him? Why then does he have a considerable following on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok? A quick scroll through his TikTok shows what got that bonnet wearing stragg in her feelings: he’s living his best life without the stress that daggles bring; now, I say this not to put non Black women on a pedestal, but you can’t deny that the experience of dealing with them as opposed to the uncultured counterpart we have been assigned as Ebony men is like night and day. I remember seeing a post in a Facebook group where a Black Christian guy’s post was reshared where he stated that he dates out, and rehashed the negative comments Black women made towards him and his White girlfriend while out in public; he ended by stating that he can’t ever date Black women again. SYSBM is making its moves without any sign of slowing down, so these Black sirens can mask their despair with laughter all they want to; they’ll become obsolete either way. #SYSBM

  10. That Serena Williams-having face crying buckets of tears. 😂 Stay salty, gurrrrl! 🤣

    Seeing Pza Doh with Young Becky obviously fried this Daggles brain. Filming in the dark with half her face incognito… She crying 🤣

    They are mostly invincible but General Sleet, Roof Top Lee with a gun and your top quality ride and die white girl speaking truth short circuits the Daggle and it is a joy to see. Urinating and defecating on black men for 40+ years has consequences.

    1. Michel,

      “Filming in the dark with half her face incognito… She crying”

      Done, lol! I couldn’t have said it better myself. These black sirens stay hurting but try their best to play things like this off as nothing. Even from late 80s and early 90s talk shows like Ricki Lake, Donahue etc, you can find episodes of black women complaining that white women are swooping in and scooping up brothers, again, black men these same black women DIDN’T WANT and this was at a time when interracial dating between black men and non black women wasn’t anywhere near the levels it’s at today.

      1. Yup there’s a whole channel on YouTube where the guy has uploaded all those old 90s talk shows with a PARTICULAR EMPHASIS on episodes on interracial dating & marriage. Oh look here’s a classic Ricki clip.

  11. This chick is madder than a wet hen and she knows it. Even worse for her, the white chick definitely was NOT “fat and ugly.”

    Meanwhile, the daggle looked like an ancient Brahma Bull-esque beasts from the tales of Hindu mythology, praised and worshipped by the ancient Indians for its size and masculinity.

    And of course, you had to have the jiffy pop bag! These chicks are more than content looking like outright clowns, and then wonder why men don’t find them attractive?

    Black women enjoy putting their worst foot forward, but have the gall to not expect to be judged accordingly? Sadly, they pass this same laziness to blacks in general, which is why western Black societies and most black folks worldwide seem to want to be praised and looked up to for doing something as basic as not shitting and pissing on themselves in Special Ed class.

    Expect more black men to date out, especially as chicks that look like this Pocket Monster continue to be the norm among black female society. Its looks are bad enough, but the chick’s attitude is the cherry on top of the flaming wet dog crap sundae.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      The white girl is sporting her own natural hair, meanwhile this dark siren is sporting her bonnet(jiffy pop bag) and still believes she has grounds to criticise others. It just goes to show you how black women learn nothing and will perpetually remain blockheads.

      What part of a wearing a bonnet 24/7 is attractive, I’ll wait? As I keep on saying, it’s a chicken wrap for the modern day black female and more black men are recognising that they’re better off taking themselves elsewhere.

  12. I know I’m late to the party but I love the fact that she deleted the video.They must chose violence in the comments section and went for her neck 😂😂😂😂

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