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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!


People really believe that the Trans-humanist agenda is a joke, when these elites and technocrats continue to talk about merging man with machine, THEY MEAN IT. Of course, the ultimate goal is to get rid of the human side of mankind completely and just have men, women and children as lifeless, soulless shells who can be programmed, indoctrinated, trained and controlled at will.

So, it wasn’t enough with folks having metal objects sticking to their skin, now we have the Covid Jab Lightbulb Challenge as well as the Covid Jab Bluetooth Challenge. Why any sane individual would line themselves up for a death shot where they themselves are the actual guinea pigs and long term testing doesn’t end until 2023 is beyond me.

Again, since when do we need to inject individuals with a potion that modifies their DNA for an alleged “virus” that is no worse than a common cold, am I the only one who’s seeing the insanity and malevolence in carrying out such actions?

This Convid hoax/plandemic has been a great way to get those who cannot think and reason for themselves microchipped without them even realising what is really going on. Those who ran out and got their jib jab believing that things would return to “normal” got played big time.

I’ll continue to say it, you cannot make deals with the devil and come out on top, many unfortunately will have to learn this lesson the hard way. Big governments can never be trusted, they always turn on the people they’re meant to be serving, ALWAYS!

This world continues to get crazier and trundle downhill at a rapid pace, as the saying goes, the challenge in these trying times will be to keep your mind while all those around you are losing theirs. We are now living in the days of Noah. Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, you’ve got the floor gents, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual And Hold Onto Your Sanity

Most High Bless

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65 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. Crt is bullshit and the regressives are dumb!–88Ww1zzqPM

  2. I’m more interested in seeing how these side effects/deaths from the vaccine play out(already starting). It can happen any time after the shot, so I’m wondering how that’ll be spun.

    1. Autodidact,

      In the UK the government is playing the “variants” Kansas City shuffle, people who are croaking it from the vaccine they’re still trying to say are dying of Covid, the so called “Indian/Delta” variant being their current “fallback” option.

      I just wondering if the British public will ever wake up to the fact that they are being systematically taken out.

      1. I highly doubt it. They are playing that Delta variant crap here now…claiming that all the deaths in the US(99.2% I believe) were all unvaccinated, which was laughable. All they have to do is generate some numbers, not tell you how they got those numbers, and present it to the public. That wouldn’t fly at my job when writing a business justification, so why the hell is it ok for the government? lol

        1. No sane person even here in liberal ass New York believes these new variants for a second. The fear mongering is beyond pathetic at this point.

          Some hardcore liberals I know are even beginning to ask questions (which shocked me).

          Of course, all this could be a smoke screen to distract from the audits going on (and about to go down). From what I’ve seen, Arizona has found significant discrepancies; enough to flip the state.

          Time will tell what will come of these audits.

      2. Not a chance, had someone at work moaning because she had to cancel her holiday. It was down to those “anti-vaxxerz” idiots apparently. Never crossing her mind that Boris the Twat and Wancock the Cunt like moving goalposts for shits and giggles.

        Guess what? She is also double jabbed. It was nice knowing her…

        1. Michel,

          I can’t believe how dumb, stupid and knuckleheaded most of the British public have become, they put their trust in an organisation(BBC) that covered for the paedophile and necrophiliac Jimmy Saville for 30 years.

          This useless UK government hasn’t even thrown the fully jabbed a bone yet, note how quickly these numbskulls have forgotten that back in December 2020 when the death jab was first rolled out in care homes, it was only supposed to be the elderly and the vulnerable getting the potion.

          Fast forward to July 2021 and now everybody has to be jabbed including children who according to the government are invulnerable to Convid.

          The UK government have seized onto power they haven’t hand before and they’re NOT going to give it up, any dunce who cannot see this deserves to stew and marinate in a painful death they brought upon themselves by trusting the government and taking a dodgy experimental gene therapy substance.

          I’m just waiting for a non critical thinking fool to run that “it’s your fault we’re still restricted” foolishness by me. How these fools can’t see the constant goalpost moving by the State is something else, it’s as plain as day to me as well as everybody else who has a brain and actually uses it.

  3. Trans-humanist agenda is real. My mum has now been injected with AstraZeneca vaccine twice. My mum actually thinks AstraZeneca is a traditional vaccine. Lots of funeral costs from mass deaths will rise on a larger scale.

    Fans who are travelling to see England play have to use the NHS app and be vaccinated before entering the stadiums. Not knowing their limited time on earth after taking the bioweapon jab. The Euro championship soccer cup is interesting to watch but at the same time it also distracts the public to what is really going on behind closed doors. Lots of rigging in sports. The elites know how dumbed down the public is.


    The technocrats are supporting the idea of being indoctrinated and controlled like a soulless robot. In Sweden, they are already using the microchip to buy and sell on their right hand or left hand or forehead. This reminds me of revelation. The elites and technocrats will introduce the microchip after reaching their goals of depopulation. It seems Northern Europe is moving in the same direction as Western Europe. I don’t see Southern Europe and Eastern Europe moving in the same direction. The days of Noah has already started.


  4. Verbs 2015.

    I am not taking that fucking vaccine because I want to live a very long life and the majority of the UK population is so dumb in rushing to take this vaccine without looking into the dangerous side effects that the vaccine has.


    And they wonder why their women increasingly don’t want them!!! This is a white man who got surgery since he identified as a non-binary Korean…… yeah, marinate on THAT!!

    White men are the face of this BS, NOT anyone else. White men have FAR more men in the home and in the culture to look up to, they just CHOOSE this crap to rebel. Don’t let them use feminism as the reason they do this, because black men deal with 12,000 times the feminism and don’t this crap nearly as much.

    1. I wonder if he’ll undergo surgery to make his genitals smaller like an actual Asian male? 🤷‍♂️

      1. But remember, according to white men, that’s just a stereotype! Smgdh

    2. I agree that white men are the tip of spear when it comes to new age degeneracy, especially the Rothsteins.

      I often lament the uncontrollable thirst of the black male simp. But the thirst of the beta bottom shelf Brad, knows no bounds. I believe the boundless thirst of Beta Brad is the root cause of most of this new age degeneracy. This also explains Beta Brad’s obsession with making the scraggle daggle the boss of da communitah. Quality white women will have no part of Beta Brad. On the other hand, the scraggle daggle eagerly accomodates Beta Brad’s sickest perversions and depravities.

      1. Bottom Shelf Brad is thirsty for attention in general, especially since he feels he’s owed it. They push this crap and then turn around complain about it. The dudes that complain about feminism today were proponents of it yesterday.

        1. Just like White male MGTOWs. They wanna be players, but she gotta stay at home? And don’t you be looking at no negro, girl….

          1. Those dudes LARP as conservatives but are anything but. They honestly do just want a human flesh light and I don’t blame feminists for calling them out. If that weren’t the case, these dudes would be wifing these chicks up and having kids with them instead of bitching about white genocide while nutting in Asians.

            1. True, everything you say. But a lot of these white incels simply cannot get the high quality white women, because they are so defective themselves.

              These are the types that seethe with hate when they see a brother with a good looking white woman. I see it all the time.

              1. “These are the types that seethe with hate when they see a brother with a good looking white woman. I see it all the time.”

                Shit, that was Elliott Rodger and Alex Minassian, the Timothy McVeighs of Incel Land. Mad because the “brutes” (us) were getting with the blond cheerleaders that they felt society owed them. Incels hate “Chad,” but have a white-hot rage for “Tyrone.”

                Somebody once posted that all incels had to do was hook up with thirsty swirlers to at least get their diccs wet, but even incels don’t want black chicks. LOL


    Your average “medical expert” deserves to be drug into the streets, tired and set on fire. These people are domestic terrorists are honestly FAR worse than cops, as at least cops are criticized. Black folk especially can not be taken seriously when it comes to fighting injustice, as medical malpractice is RAMPANT in a lot of hospitals, namely toward black patients. Then again, it’s easier to bitch about DeM pIgS when you have others doing so with you.


    So the Make-a-Wish Foundation is REFUSING to help non-vaccinated children. Don’t let them EVER tell you it’s FoR tHe ChIlDrEn, these people HATE kids! Don’t give Make-a-Wish a damn dime, or any other charity for that matter.

  8. Also, on the first video: tattoos are a sign of compliance, NOT rebellion! That crap is incredibly unlikable, especially on women. Nevertheless, it was Western MEN who first began pushing it beyond just bikers and sailors.

  9. Mr Verbs

    My pet peeve is this Black Male 1st Media.
    He saying that SYSBM need to be structured or Group.
    Stating that how SYSBM is taking resource from the Communiah and goes on saying that who you date is political.

    Let get this straight:
    Madbusdriver has already set the record straight about the SYSBM.
    There are no resource to take from the commuitah as their isn’t none. Thinking brothers build from scratch.
    Also since dating foreigners is political?
    Organic dating and mating is got nothing to do with political.

    I think he listen to MOT so much that he think that MOT is the leader.
    He is getting way above his head on this.
    Is because Man of Tomorrow talks alot about SYSBM, it does not mean he is the leader.

    My advice is to listen to the CEO/Founder (Madbusdriver) as he is the main guy, not the guy who talks a lot.

    If he disagree with the Tenets then it is not for him.

    1. What BM1 is doing here others have already tried and failed at; they did so with allegations of SYSBM Practitioners kiddie fiddling overseas, even went as far as accusing another practitioner of raping some daggle who didn’t have the gall to publicly make the accusation herself. I don’t know what’s so hard for these Manosphere clowns to get; the language in SYSBM Tenet #17 makes it pretty clear that we are individuals who are tailoring an ideology to our personal lives as we see fit. Sigma Jones has an excellent video where he expounds on the philosophy of SYSBM using the teachings of Bruce Lee, one of those teachings being that you must be “formless, like water”; this is why SYSBM is not for every Black man, but only the few thinking brothers.

      Let’s go over this again: SYSBM does NOT need to be structured like a hierarchy; we are not a religious sect, we are not a political organization, nor are we a secret society like the Freemasons. It’s honestly starting to look like these Manosphere dudes want SYSBM to be structured so they can infiltrate it and take it down the same road as the Manosphere, a road that entails bringing the scraggle daggle to the discussion, counterproductive rhetoric about game, COONservative bootlicking/trolling, and the ever evolving grifting. I say let’s keep SYSBM decentralized!

    2. Michael Mistertea,

      SYSBM taking resources from the community? The so called black community is a basket case, it’s done, it cannot be saved, the only logical thing for free thinking black men to do in such a case is to take their resources and allocate them elsewhere.

      I think Black Male 1st is mistaking MOT’s no nonsense, straight to the point approach in terms of clarifying SYSBM principles with leadership, we all know that MBD is the founder and the leader of the SYSBM philosophy(SYSBM Tenets 1 and 8).

      I’m a SYSBM original head who anybody can come to me in order to get clarification on issues(including the Tenets) if MBD is not available for comment, BM1st knows this.

      People who come into a philosophy and attempt to change it from its original form or define it to their liking typically haven’t found their own purpose in life, SYSBM will remain a decentralised and off the grid lifestyle for obvious reasons.

    3. I don’t even know why you guys pay attention to these clowns. They bring no value to anything, and they’re crybaby bitch Simla.

      Ignore and avoid at all costs.

    4. Michael

      BM1 makes good content.

      The problem with some people are trying to ‘Debunk’ or ‘Deconstruct’ Madbusdriver.

      You cannot debunk the creator or a founder which is stupid and dumb, you can question it, but not Deconstruct. Why? because MadbusDriver created it.

      If they got query about SYSBM, be can ask either MadbusDriver or Verbs, that is all.

      SYSBM practitioners knows who are SYSBM and who are not SYSBM.

  10. I’m just trying to figure out what the hell is so fun and cool about this shit. First the magnet, now a lightbulb, and connecting to your phone like a bluetooth? These psychopaths that playing with humanity, I swear if I became a top secret agent or private investigator or something, my mission would be to find these freaks because these folks are making me sick to my stomach. They done went down a dark, dangerous, desperate route trying to get everyone vaccinated. Bribing people with free donuts and free money, forcing the vaccinations onto children and teens, using these commericals and celebrities to pressure us to get vaccinated, yeah they extremely desperate as hell. This freak who these people called a vice president Kamala Harris (which I can’t stand her) is now talking about doing door to door harassment to force people to get vaccinated, and I’m like okay, but I’m not saying nothing if someone gets hurted or smoked from knocking on the wrong door, and you can thank Harris for that bullshit. I’m praying she and them other freaks do not use law enforcement or military, with their defunding the police agenda, to make us get vaccinated because that’s gonna lead to a huge war in a heartbeat. Eventually, the truth is gonna come out, and I’m wonder how long are they gonna keep censoring, and hiding the information that really needs to be put out so it can save lives. All that trying to play it off, acting like they the freaking heroes, ain’t nothing going on, all of these events and agendas are gonna trace back to these psychopaths big time, and I wonder if all that money they making by wiping out humanity is gonna save them in the long run. To make this official, these psychopaths done open doors to a war to where I know a lot of blood and bodies are gonna roam the streets big time.

  11. So I had to check a disrespectful workplace colleague from HR because they wanted me to go to work in a face shield. I told them as part of my exemption I won’t be doing that, so the woman got pissed off at me over the phone, so I checked her. Just because low wage shift wankers are used to screwing young people over, didn’t mean they were going to do it to me. Luckily my other job doesn’t require such humiliation for pennies.

    I said this before – principles cost money, few people are forced to make a decision like that. Only “de wheit debbi” blonde bombshell journalists like Fox 26 Ivory Hecker and April Moss have the balls men seem to lack to put their lives on the line for truth and righteousness.

    I’m not waiting for July 19 and my birth month to act normal, I’m doing it now. Fuck Hancock, Fuck Boris the Blowup Doll and fuck any business that goes along with the CONVID hoax.

    Mi nuh, mi nuh tek no microchip – Sizzla

    1. Now of all the theories about the jab, the microchip theory has the greatest credibility. And they all have cred. General Blizzard has an insatiable need to control every human being on the planet. His God Complex is boundless.

    2. Michel,

      You can throw puppets Professor Lockdown/pants down Neil Ferguson, Chris Whitty and the rest of the government court jesting squad who have turned people’s lives upside down into the fire as well. I’m in your camp, living my life as normal, I haven’t been going along with this trash from day one and I never will.

    1. Like Michael Jackson, Mel Gibson and Rose McGowan, once you stop pandering to the dark cult, they’ll drag your name through the mud, and worse.

      1. I always said that Bill Cosby’s conviction had nothing to do with justice. Somebody wanted to take him down.

        The one critique I would make about Bill Cosby, is that he trusted General Blizzard too much. He somehow thought he was an insider, and as such would enjoy an insider’s protection. If I had the money he had, I would have trusted General Blizzard even less than I do now. And right now that trust is zero. Being rich and famous just made Bill Cosby a bigger target to more people. And he should have conducted himself accordingly.

    2. About damn time. I been trying to tell people ain’t no way a black man was raping a bunch of lily white women in the 60’s AND getting away with it.

      1. “bUt…bUt…58 aCCuSers caN’t bE *aLL* lyiNg!”

        Yes they can.

    3. Mack G,

      I couldn’t help but notice that one of Bill Cosby’s prosecutors was a black witch by the name of Kristen Gibbons Feden who isn’t happy about her devilish work being undone. The black female can always be relied upon to carry out the evil bidding of her white lord and saviour General Blizzard, smh. Yet another reason of many why black men should NOT trust their own female counterparts:

  12. The more I see and hear about what these vaccines are doing to people, the more I think of my younger brother who fell for the okie doke and took the jab twice; I can’t help but think that someday I might get a phone call that he’s in the hospital or is dead. Like a sheep being led to its slaughter, he followed a ‘Thus saith Dr. Fauci’ and went to get injected with the bioweapon; my mother was talking with a man we know who said many people are going to die from this vaccine. He also mentioned that there was something in it that not only affects the one injected, but it makes others around them sick; could this be the variant that’s going around?

    Anyhow, I happened upon these articles today:

    The trans community has been gaining some serious ground lately, and it shows no sign of slowing down; the West is becoming more wicked by the day.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Several councils here in London have put out tenders for “temporary body storage services”. It’s funny, you’d think that they know a lot of people in the near future are going to croak it, in fact so many that there are going to be serious problems dealing with the high amount of dead bodies, here is a tender put out by Westminster City council:

      By the way, when this begins happening I highly suspect a Soylent Green situation, where bodies will be be minced up or liquified and fed back to people under the guise of being normal food.

  13. My sister asks me that have I taken the vaccine? And I said no because I wanna live. Listen here. As I saw the two videos right, I knew something was up with the vaccine. So many people died for this blasted poison jab. In Jamaica there was three Jamaican men say don’t take the vaccine. Baby Demos father died from the vaccine. The man drop after him drink rum. So this thing is poison which Bill Gates created. Bill Gates in nothing but a mass murderer. The worse mass murderer ever to live and it seems like he’s goanna get away from it. Sometimes, I don’t like talking about it but at the end of the day right, you have to open up your mouth when something like this happens. Bill Gates is wicked fucking bastard!

    1. At some point you’re going to have to take a stand otherwise idiots will sweet talk you in taking PCR tests, wearing masks and taking the poison bullet. Lef dem bloodclaat, dem too dyam eedyiat.

  14. Gentlemen,

    So, after all of this time and constantly licking the muddy boots of the black witch contingent desperately seeking out Scooby Snacks and doggy treats, Major Frost, the simp/pimp known as Coen Naninck has finally landed himself a weave wearing black queanie, what do you guys think, lol:

    1. I have no problem with Coen taking black women. I am cool with.
      The BW saying how feminine and romantic they are. Yeah right. Only towards a WM or a thug. Never towards a good BM.

      I saw one of the comment saying that how BM using a WM fetish to scare BW.
      No, only Hoteps and simps use WM fetish to scare BW because they want them, even these BW do not want them.

      As for the WM fetish. Even Black Men are the 2nd highest simps if the world (Indian are 1st, I did not know Indian are on top of the simp list which I have been told) WM has a history of having a sexual fetish towards LGBT and sexualise ‘Freak of Nature’ and try many attempt to push it on Black Men but Black men always manage to repel it.

      WM are just curious or in the Bi-Curious which Transgenders mention, as they will not be serious with them and hide their fetish. Also some may not wife them up anyway.

      These will be the same broad they they will turn Hotep, Pro-Black Women after they become a has-been with a kid-in tow.

      1. Mister Master,

        Coen can have all the black women he wants, SYSBM practitioners have never had a problem with black women dating out, we’ve always stated from the beginning that it’s the hypocrisy and the double standards exhibited by black women when black men engage in the same that we take issue with.

        As I’ve stated before, most black women who want to date out simply aren’t realistic with the white male/black female dating market, as a black woman in order for most white men to accept her past a sexual encounter, she has to look exceptionally good(this typically means looking more mixed as opposed to black).

        The Slowteps are the ones who have a problem with black women swirling, over here we couldn’t give a flying monkey who black women choose to get with, all we say to them is cut out the hypocrisy and stop trying to dick police black men who choose to date out as well.

  15. Brothers,

    Apparently here in the UK not enough people are rolling up their sleeves to take the bioweapon aka death jab, so the UK government has now hired “behavioural warfare psychologists” to engineer vaccine compliance schemes in order to “persuade” those who have a low uptake of the shot, this would of course include blacks.

    Lies upon lies upon lies concerning the deaths surrounding the jab, continually moving the goalposts like they manufacture them, especially regarding so called “freedom dates”, allowing certain individuals in positions of power and influence to be exempt from the rules they expect everybody else to follow(G7, Wimbledon Tennis Tournament, Ascot, UEFA officials not having to quarantine when they arrive in the UK, Matt Hancock, Neil Ferguson, Dominic Cummings etc), so many broken promises, and they wonder why so many folks over here are skeptical and don’t trust the UK government as far as they can throw them.

    Had the UK government at least thrown some bones to those who have been fully jabbed up then they would’ve been able to sucker in more folks, however though not as many as would be preferred, even some of the sheeple are now beginning to stir and realise that something just isn’t right:

    1. But if 70% of the UK got a jab, why the need for MK Ultra brainwashing tactics?

      I suspect that the true number is 9% and a good portion of that number will hit the soil soon. I’m hoping these are scare tactics to get people to wake up. Best believe this is a war for your mind.

  16. Kevin Samuels Addresses Gay Rumour:

    Full Interview With DJ Vlad:

    Although he raised a good point about folks using homosexuality as a shaming tactic against men with an unpopular opinion (especially Black men), he never answered in the affirmative whether or not he was gay; what do you all make of this?

    1. Kevin looks flamboyant that is all.
      He could be sexually suspect. But in reality he is not gay.
      Kevin did say this in some videos and he made it perfectly clear that he is not gay.
      I cannot which ones he mention this.

    2. The gayness is his own fault for being so fruity yet supposedly being a symbol of black masculinity. It’s not like it’s just a random accusation.

    3. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Kevin Samuels is homosexual, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out and this is without the video clip of him lusting after another man, however the Black Manosphere is supposed to be a space for heterosexual black men, hence one of the main reasons I believe he’s trying his best to keep his true sexuality under wraps(not doing a very good job of it I might add).

      Using homosexuality as a shaming tactic is one of the black female’s favourite techniques, however it isn’t only black women who are questioning Samuels’ sexuality. He got his talking points concerning the downward spiral of the modern day black female from black digital spaces including SYSBM, therefore the homosexual shaming card can’t possibly fly with us.

      Additionally, it should be noted and repeated that many including myself who are calling out Samuels as homosexual are doing so based upon his suspect behaviour and incredibly overt homosexual-esque mannerisms. Just like black women aren’t going to admit that they’re in the wrong and need to change, Samuels already having the support of so many heterosexual black men isn’t going to rock the boat and make a confession anytime soon, this would be detrimental to his image and his growth.

      I personally don’t need to wait for a confession, there is enough evidence on the table as far as I’m concerned to draw the conclusion that he’s a fruit.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      Note the link I posted to the UK government website where they’ve had to recruit behavioural psychologists in their efforts to try to “persuade” more folks here to get the jib jab. They honestly believed with the the heavy amount of fear mongering and propaganda they put out would’ve caused people to line up around many blocks to get their death shot, however to the government’s disappointment, this never happened.

      As I’ve stated before, the vaccines are the variants and the variants are the vaccines, they are both one and the same. This so called “Indian/Delta” variant is simply this government trying to cover for the massive amount of deaths brought about by these vaccines.

      At least over there in the US you can come across headlines such as “40 year old man dies 3 days after receiving 2nd Pfizer vaccine” even though they’ll still try and claim there’s no link, over here however they’re carrying on as if nobody has died or been injured from the death jab even though the UK government website says something very different.

      Additionally, note the cunning sleight of hand in the title of the article, “die WITH covid”, NOT die OF it. This isn’t difficult to figure out, I really don’t understand how so many folks got hoodwinked into taking an experimental DNA altering potion in which the manufacturers are exempt from prosecution, smh.

      1. Notice they started calling it the Delta Variant and not the Indian variant. This occurred of course after India’s “death wave” ended once they started using lambasted treatments that….. “shock” WORKED!

  17. Please do a story on the super fast daggle with the 3kg eyelashes that got kicked out of the olympics for smoking weed, and refuses to take accountability!!!!

  18. “My momma died, so i’m faster than everybody else”…

    A few moments later…

    “My momma died. Lemme smoke dis kush”

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