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You’re Still Of Low Quality – Let’s Break This Down


Again, these black heifers continue to tell on themselves, notice how she couldn’t list anything of quality pertaining to herself as a person, nope, instead in typical black female fashion she immediately threw onto the table her education and degree status, the fact that she has her own car(which I suspect is financed), house as well as how much money she makes per annum.

These delusional black females still don’t get it, quality men aren’t interested in your educational status, we don’t look at how much money you’re earning, nor are we interested in any of your assets, we’re looking at you as a person, what qualities do you possess and carry as a woman, would you make a good wife and mother ie are you classic/traditional or simply one of these modern day harriets that men of quality need to avoid at all costs?

I strongly suspect that this black female is single which wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest. Again, as per your typical black female she’s weaved up to the hilt, she’s wearing the usual fly away eye lashes, fake extra long nails as well as 200 pounds of makeup on her face, again, where is your confidence witch?

Sorry, we see through your smoke and mirrors illusion, black men of intelligence aren’t stupid, you clearly don’t bring anything of true quality to the table, you simply believe that your qualifications and assets can swing it for you where you lack in femininity and genuine womanhood. This black witch didn’t stop there though, here is another calamitous video that she made:

Black women as a group and the word “standards” are as far apart as the east is from the west. The only black men(these are the men she is really referring to) who are “hurt” are these black female worshipping simp flunkies, intelligent black men couldn’t give a flying monkey about your so called “standards”, speaking of which, is this your queanie:

I thought she said she has standards, smh. The reality of the matter is black women as well as other like minded females so called “demanding more” is only denominated in superficial and material measurements, you won’t hear women with this type of mentality calling for men with morals, no criminal history, high standards, good personalities, hard working, intelligent, upwardly mobile etc.

Nope, your typical black siren in relation to black men will talk about how the dude has to be 6 foot plus tall, have a large member to impale her with, must have his own car, his own house, mustn’t have any children and must be willing to be generous(which means waste money trying to satisfy the carnal Jezebel spirit within her).

Don’t be fooled by this false advertisement of “having standards”, black women as a collective don’t have any standards THAT MATTER and of course at the drop of a hat will buss it wide open for Sheggy, Skeet, Leeroy, Tek and Mully from the block while listening to WAP.

Additionally, her white lord and saviour Major Blizzard/Admiral Frost, because of his skin colour these black daggles as we all know will demand absolutely nothing from him, as I’ve stated many times before, a black woman will pick up a white guy living on the streets, take him into her property and build him up from scratch without demanding an iota in return.

The problem is white men simply aren’t interested in black women past casual sexual relations, black women subconsciously know this hence why they have no problems openly prostituting themselves out to white men under the guise of their version of #hotgirlsummer or begging white men online for validation:

At the end of the day the only things that Itallurasworld has going for her is the fact that she doesn’t have any children(but we don’t know if she’s had any abortions) as well as not being a fat tub of lard, however in the long run I still don’t think it will help her, not with men of high quality anyway.

These chicken-heads make me laugh, they have all these men following and chasing after them online everyday but when the smoke settles and the dust clears, they return to an empty house, an empty bed and are still unable to land themselves a man for keeps in real life, permanent relationship failures, smh.

Brothers, the message remains the same, seek out all round quality in your significant other which in 2021 cannot be found in black females. Go where you are loved and appreciated not tolerated. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Never Be Hoodwinked By Pseudo Standard Having Females

Most High Bless

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45 thoughts on “You’re Still Of Low Quality – Let’s Break This Down

  1. She say, ‘The twist has been turned against men’.

    The twist has already turned 20 years ago with this high-demand. Except men are paying full-price for 2nd hand items. They say this like this is a new trend, no this is old and red-pill men are already ahead of the game.

    You are right Verbs, if that was a white man, there are no criteria for him. But black men have to be ‘god’ to meet black women’s criteria which something Kevin Samuel mention few times.

    As for black men not happy about black women’s standard.
    What they do not understand is they are competing against all type of women and I mean foreign women.
    So she can say black men are bottom of the barrel all they want because we can go else where, black men can get Latinas, East Black women (Somali, Ethopian) or Asian types.

    The only men who will be but-hurt about her videos are Simps and hoteps.

    She will be better off with a bottom-shelf brad like black men will care about her personal trinkets.

    One more thing:
    She think that ‘she is the table’. Guess what, I can get a new table.

    1. Mister Master,

      These new age black females make me laugh, she thinks that just because her inbox is getting inundated with DMs from desperate and thirsty pro black simps, somehow this equates to being “in demand”, however as I pointed out before, she still doesn’t have a man in real life. I saw on one of her Instagram photos where she said that she’s “doing herself”, we already know exactly what that means, she can’t keep a man for whatever reason.

      I simply don’t have time to be playing silly games with these types of females, this is one of the main reasons why I stopped dealing with black women altogether, jumping through a silly amount of hoops only for that same black female to push you aside for Trap House Jim who only needed to show up with sagging pants, his cap to the back and a mouth full of gold grills.

      I continue to write these articles in order to show black men who can think and reason for themselves that they don’t have to tolerate the games these black females play, there are women from other ethnic backgrounds who would be more than happy to interact, date and marry black men without all of the music chairs, Simon Says theatrics.

      Lastly, we already know that “educated” black women are the worst, they think they know it all and point blank refuse to receive correction on anything, all the best to those black men still choosing to deal with the least desired, least married, least feminine, least attractive and the least cooperative women on the planet.

      1. Calling the scraggle low quality is too much of a compliment. No quality would be a more accurate description.


  2. I enjoyed hearing the poetry video. Quality stargates don’t believe in victimhood and don’t focus so much on financial pockets. They learn how to be independent while helping a soulmate when needed and showing more affection. They want masculine men who can vet them when needed. Not too controlling, not abusive, no psychological warfare, no drama, no trauma. They don’t brag about education as an excuse to mistreat men. They all have natural hair without wigs/weave. They have femininity for parenthood to nurture kids. Lower testosterone blood levels means higher IQ’s on average and better looking on average.


    1. Witwijf,

      It’s funny how non black women who according to black females are supposed to be “the enemy” have no problems showing their love and appreciation for brothers. Like I and many others have been saying for the longest, black men need to go where they are loved and appreciated, NOT tolerated.


      1. “It’s funny how non black women who according to black females are supposed to be “the enemy” have no problems showing their love and appreciation for brothers.”

        Back during the George Floyd riots while BW were busy twerking, gettin’ low, and bussin’ it wide open for cops (what they consider being on the “front lines”), a white girl tried to burn down a Wendy’s in protest of her Black Man getting arrested. These white chicks ready to go after the system harder than the twerking black hoes who create the George Floyds in the first place.

        I’m hard on these new age liberal feminist white women these days but I’ll take my chances with them over your average daggle.

        1. These white chicks ready to go after the system harder than the twerking black hoes who create the George Floyds in the first place.

          Which is why the “return to conservative values” people are really White male agents masking their utter hatred of their women taking up for the lowly negro. It burns their soul that their “property” would even consider disobeying their “pure race” doctrine for the love of a black man. Unfortunately for them women recognise injustice when they see it, plus biology is much stronger.

        2. Schadenfreude,

          These black daggles are a pure and utter disgrace, always ready and waiting to capitalise on the death of a black man, however that same brother when he’s alive will receive nothing but disdain and hatred from these heifers, smh.

  3. “I am the table!”
    Missing four legs, covered in stains and stripped of all of its polish by Pza Doh, Barry Basil and Heetstroque.

    Just another fatherless daughter of Babylon struggling to act out her full daggle. Oh well.

    White women have given me gifts on the regular just because they liked me. What on earth else is better than that?

    1. This whole site is just damning evidence against the entirety of American bw and some African women.

      You know I’ve been thinking how in nature everything has it’s balance. What if they are what’s hamstringing us from running roughshod over everyone else?
      You notice the success level bm skyrocket to with non bw because they don’t have to deal daggle problems and can just focus!


      1. “You notice the success level bm skyrocket to with non bw because they don’t have to deal daggle problems and can just focus!”

        The mere fact the first Black President of the United States of America was raised by a white woman and not a sista should be enough to shut these black hoes up.

        The three wealthiest non-athlete/rapper Black Men in America (Byron Allen, Robert Smith and Draymond John) all have white spouses.

        Definitely a pattern there.

        S Y S B M

      2. DarthAmon,

        More black men are clocking on to the fact that they can have a much smoother life if they avoid dealing with black women altogether. The writing is on the wall, the modern day black female is done and at this stage there is nothing she can do to make a come back.

    2. Michel,

      I have and still do receive smiles from white women all the time, I can’t even remember that last time a black witch did the same.

  4. The Internet has been a godsend for opening the eyes of Free Thinking Black men.
    The record of Black misandry grows exponentially by the week; all they do is wake up more and more brothas.

    The writing is on the wall for the anti-Black male contingents.

    1. The writing has been on the wall for a long, long time. Especially in the more liberal coastal states. However that still doesn’t stop SIMPS from calling us out, from yelling at us online and for Black women to try to bully/shame us into dating them.

      The proof is widely available but they are in denial. Can’t fight that, time to move on and don’t look back.

      1. They aren’t really calling anything out, they are scapegoating while the fire burns down the house.
        It’s like yelling at someone across the street minding their own business, while trapped in a burning house.

        A smart person would get out the burning house, but these are not smart people.

    2. King Sigma,

      The best group to talk to about being single for life and chasing men away are black women, they are professionals when it comes to encouraging black men to pursue non black women.

      Free thinking brothers aren’t having it, we left these black harridans for these pro black simps to manage.

      Maybe one day they might catch a whiff of that contaminated black snatch they love chasing after and worshipping so much.

      1. @Verbs

        Ironically, many ABW are crying not being approached by BM.
        Only two years ago, they were flying the misogyny and anti-patriarchy flags.

        This time next year, the same women will be crying for Black Knights and Patriarchy.

        Hold the line, Sir.

  5. See that? No Love at all. Like I keep on saying for the 100th time, black women just have a strong hatred for black men, their own counterparts. All that calling us dusty, broke, n***** ain’t shit, deadbeats, every freakin label in the dictionary, yeah I don’t think they deserve black men, despite them being with them hood dudes, them in and out of jail dudes. I told myself as a black dude like myself, I’m better off with either an Asian, Latina, Mixed, European, or Indian woman. I ain’t got the time, nor patience to be dealing with the hatred black women have for their own male counterparts. I’m starting to realize that non black women show me more love than the sistas do, and I can’t lie on that for sure. The white woman show me more love than the sista, the asian woman show me more love than the sista, the latina woman show me more love than the sista, hell, even the mixed woman show me more love than the sista, and guess what, I’m cool with that. When the last time a sista show a brotha love, and I don’t wanna hear a tv show nor a movie reference, I’m talking about in actual life?

    1. D.K.Phantom,

      Even in their brainwashed state, I really cannot see the attraction these simps have towards a group of women who hate them to the core. Black women choose to get treated badly and knocked up by 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce and Field Mouse(because they have so called “swag”), yet somehow the guys who had nothing to do with their bad experiences get thrown in with the gutter trash, smh.

      Why accept such harsh and rotten treatment when you can get yourself a non black female of high quality and never have look back?

  6. Typical daggle babble about being “strong and independent”; traditional men don’t care about your degrees, houses, or car. She’s the type who, when she can’t find a man on her level by her own merit, would call in to Kevin Samuels’ show and inquire about a high value man; Samuels would then tell her that it’s not all glitz and glamour, but every day you gotta get up and make breakfast for the children, get them ready for school, make sure the home is spic and span, wash and fold laundry, etc. These brawds are too delusional to be of good use to any man, let alone themselves; like that one commentor stated, she’s demanding more and offering nothing in return. She can bring herself to the table, but she’ll be replaced in a New York minute by a quality stargate that actually offers more than her basic accomplishments. #SYSBM

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Fake eye lashes, fake nails, 150 pounds of makeup as well as a lace front weave/wig, these are immediate disqualifications. I’ve really got no time for heifers like this, it’s like she gets a kick out of turning brothers down, the first right of refusal as many would call it.

      Again, why even put yourself through all of that hassle and drama of dealing with females like this when you can simply get yourself a quality non black woman who is going to show equal interest from the start as well not be playing all of these silly “games”?

  7. Verbs 2015.

    That black women on the above video brings nothing to the table accept for being fake looking from head to toe who is bragging about her education in which she got into massive student loan debt for and that she has her own her car in which we all know that it’s financed so therefore she doesn’t own that car or anything else she brags about outright. The white woman on the bottom video shows that she genuinely loves and cares about black man and that she isn’t bragging about how many degrees that she has, what car she drives or how much money she earns and thats the reason why I prefer to date white women or non black women because they are more nurturing towards their black boyfriends or black husbands because they have seen a good functioning relationship between their mum and dad when they was growing up. Like I said before Verbs, I refuse to date black women because they don’t know how to be feminine women.

    1. The black female in the vid, thinks much too highly of herself. Without the negative scraggle daggle attitude, she could be mediocre at best.

      Contrast her with the two white girls. Both were very attractive, both had pleasing dispositions, both were level headed with feet firmly on the ground. Neither was self centered. In fact, both showed some humility and concern for others, which is very appealing in a women.

      Only a hotep simp would consider this scraggle daggle to be anywhere close to being the same caliber as these two white women.

      1. So basically this heffer wants credit for being ab adult. They are the only ones who want praise for doing what EVERY OTHER RACE OF WOMEN consider average, everyday things

        1. Antonio Esteban,

          As I and many other brothers here have stated this before, that black women as a group are perpetual teenagers, they never grow up until they either reach their 50s and above or are looking for a step father due to being knocked up by Sheggy and Cheddar Boy.

      2. As SYSBMer said above, White women weather you want to call them purple hair feminist go ahead they are on the front lines of protest about slain Black men by vigilantes and law enforcement.

        BW collect money for BLM and then the leaders buy houses in the exact same areas they protest against.

        1. Anthony,

          Yep, just like white women are on the front lines protesting the killing of innocent children in the womb, most of which are black. White women love black children much more than black women do.

          I’ve posted pictures of pro life rallies before, I struggled to find a black witch in the crowd, however you’ll most definitely find them at a pro choice march or lining up outside of a Planned Parenthood abortion centre ready to snuff out the life of another innocent, smh.

      3. AmericanBlkMan,

        This has now become the default position for the average black female, masculine, uncooperative, rebellious, plastic looking, repulsive, unattractive, the list goes on.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      That is the first thing that stood out to me when I watched both videos, this is also what I see walking the streets of London, black women looking like trannies crossed with mannequins. What is wrong with just looking normal, why do these women oppose looking like their natural selves so much?

      At this point I don’t care, I’m more impressed with women who carry themselves naturally, all of this makeup, weave, fake eye lashes and fake nail wearing as far as I’m concerned is a serious turn off. Black women continue to flow deeper into the sewer works and they’re doing so via their own hands.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I find it a big turn off when I see black women on the streets of London every day looking fake from head to toe and sadly that’s 95 percent of them. I am so glad that I don’t date black women.

  8. There are many black males who just ain’t shit as human beings, period. Now if you ain’t shit as a human being, you will be a loser to women of all races.

    But then there are so many young black men who have qualities that would make them alpha males to quality women. But these young black men are misled and brainwashed by older black males who employ hotep simp rhetoric and ideology. Consequently, these young men become hotep simps themselves, and the cycle continues. The older hotep simps who mislead them could be older siblings, parents, uncles, cousins, so called communitah leaders, preacher pimps, or politicians.

    This is why I believe that the black male simp is every bit as much of the problem as the scraggle daggle. Sure, the black male simp is doing the bidding of the scraggle daggle. But he is causing every bit as much harm as the scraggle daggle, sometimes more.

    This is why I say that differentiating between the black male simp and the scraggle daggle, is a distinction without a difference.

  9. Listen here. The woman in the video, she can’t bring anything on the table. The only thing she can bring to the table is fake weave and all sort of dysfunctional shit. And the other video of the scraggs with the old white men. They’re selling their pussy to them you know. these scraggle daggles don’t have any standards at all because they prefer Pookie, Ray Ray, John John, Man Man and Day Day. And these simps are coming after us when we talk about these hoodrats? They have no sense.

    1. Money Cultural,

      These kinds of women simply aren’t worth it, she’ll forever be levying her “education” in your face whenever you attempt to put her straight on something she’s gotten wrong, as I’ve stated before, education and intelligence are NOT one and the same.

  10. These daggles lead with money and education. Now, what is ultimately the goal of higher education for most folks? Getting a good job. As a Man, you would mention your good job/good money to showcase essentially how you could be a good provider.

    These women are screwing up because their only “good traits” are MASCULINE traits. It’d be the same as a woman saying she’s a good catch because she has a big dick! (Don’t get excited, Kevin samuels!)

    These women are masculine no matter what, and then wonder why men don’t want them. I don’t think anyone has pointed this out, either, that talking about your pay check and trying to be a captain of industry or whatever is a MASCULINE trait that only modern, effeminate men will see as good in a woman. This is why they can only get simps.

    Lead with how you can cook well, fold a man’s draws, want to have and like children, hell, even that you’ll ride a man and **** his brains out! ANYTHING besides something that only exacerbates how masculine you are!

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      Black women, cook, clean, fold clothes, iron, tidy the house, want to have children outside of using them as a financial instrument, not a chance. Though you’ll find those qualities and more amongst non black women all day.

      We only need to look at what non black women of quality lead with to draw the obvious conclusion as to where free thinking black men should be heading, with so much evidence already on the table, it’s a no brainer.

  11. “Studies” always “show” with these individuals. LMAO, all I can do is laugh and ignore them. I no longer even have to say anything to degrade them or downplay their existence. They do a fantastic job of that on their own. What I will say is this: To the brothers able to see this text….GET A PASSPORT. Enjoy the world, and see for yourself how you are treated and exalted in Feminine parts of the world. I know this first hand and wouldn’t trade it for anything. Although i am not living outside of the US permanently, I am working towards it.

    1. Marc-Lo,

      The black female is done, the only guys paying them attention are the simps, black men of quality are doing exactly what you suggested, getting their passports, trying to explore what parts of the world they can in light of this plandemic and interacting with feminine, classic, cooperative and attractive women.

      1. Precisely. I believe I told you on my last trip, I packed your book in my luggage, just to remind me of my purpose. When brothers like us TRULY accept the SYSBM structure and guidelines and really follow them (of course, we cannot always be 100%, but we can strive each day) you will eventually find the peace to complete your goals. For instance! I have started my business, and have actually been making strides with it. And guess what? The same “people” that showed no support or would even listen, are now being colorism crybabies asking “where da bwack wimmenz at???” In my DM. I don’t know what your rules are Verbs, but you guys can check me out at “CoachMarcMitts” on Instagram. In the IGTV video I posted, you will see in the comments I responded to a brother “Receipts only”. I will tell you what that means. It is a brother I met out in Colombia, and in our talks, we decided that going forward, because of the amazing treatment we were getting, that our main reason and topic of communication with the daggle would be one which requires a receipt after doing small retail transactions. And going forward, that’s how I’m going to play it. This will have to include members of your own so called “family”, unfortunately. But the goal of peace and prosperity has to be met, after experiencing living DEATH dealing with these animals.

        1. Marc-Lo,

          Open Mic Wednesday is your friend sir, feel free to post links to your business in there, you can even use the Off Topic section also.

  12. That BT1000 is a 4 at best. She is very delusional & out of her damm mind. I would not be surprised if she is a Swirler on the low low. Brothers Go & Stay Global. SYSBM For Life.

    1. Shes a “run of the mill” daggle. Overall a “4” and a bad attitude to boot? Where do I sign up???

      What makes it funnier is none of these “females” are coming off the market with the dude they claim to deserve. The answer to all of this was, is, and will be choice. You simply don’t choose them and you win…even if a dude dies alone without one of these creatures on his arm he won.

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