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Is This Your Queanie – A New Low, Lost For Words!


Of course the black witch having received a serious amount of heat is now coming out and saying that the tattoos on her 6 month old son are fake, it’s funny though, the boy looks like he’s genuinely in serious discomfort from getting “fake tattoos”.

Don’t ever ask me to form a coalition with these devil spawn black females, even if we accept that the tattoos she’s covered him with are fake, the fact that she would think about undertaking such a project on a 6 month old child equally demonstrates just how deep in the gutter and reprobate her mindset is.

As we’ve stated before, black women as a group love ruining the lives of their children because they don’t want them outshining them and doing better in life than they did, this is why they give their children jacked up names, abuse their children as well as allow others to abuse them.

“Shameka” Morris aka Subway Tatted is your typical mentally disjointed daggle who having lead a cruddy lifestyle herself now wants her son to follow in her same dusty footsteps, quite the contrary to non black female parents who typically push for their children to surpass them and achieve much more in life.

Black women shouldn’t be allowed to have children, from killing their children and storing them in freezers to throwing their children off balconies to leaving their children in cars or at home while they “hit the club”, their reproductive rights should be removed immediately.

Black women have the most fertile wombs on the planet yet in 2021 it’s very hard to come across a black female who doesn’t abuse that position. There are scores of non black women who desire to be in the black female’s position ie they wish they could have children with the same level of ease.

According to the black women first, black love brigandines, these are the types of women you’re supposed to be “negotiating” and “horsetrading” with, these are the women you’re to label as “queens”, smh. These are the women who Reverend Bargain Bucket aka Shawn James reckons there’s “hope” for, these are the feral creatures that the fake academic Aaron Fountain is readily jumping up to defend.

Again, even if the tattoos are supposedly fake, the actual concept of tattooing up a 6 month old child is still one from an incredibly warped and evil mindset. The message continues to remain the same for heterosexual free thinking black men, abandon ship and never look back, get yourself a traditional White, Asian(South or East) or Latina woman and forget about this black female completely.

This is one of the main reasons why SYSBM was created, MBD a far off recognised that in order for himself and other black men of like mind to give their children a fair chance in life, the mother of his and their children needed to be either mixed or non black thus preventing a highly dysfunctional culture from being passed down to the next generation.

Not much more needs to be added, another single black mother strikes again, the pictures and the video do all the talking. As we’ve stated before, SYSBM is no longer an option, for the heterosexual free thinking brother it must now be considered as mandatory and standard.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Quality Stargates Really Do Matter

Most High Bless

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60 thoughts on “Is This Your Queanie – A New Low, Lost For Words!

  1. The lines are drawn already. Either dudes will go straight to the fire and be destroyed along with this worthless “female” they worship or they will separate from her. The trolls aren’t convincing anyone since the sides are essentially already picked. The beta male stalkers are talking into an empty telephone with no one listening on the other end. We are past the point of people coming back to the community….those that are supposed to be there will be and those who aren’t will remain away or leave.

    This is why I don’t argue with trolls/simps. They took up pro bono work for a case that’s already been lost on behalf of a “female” that hates them.

    1. Autodidact,

      Black women were done from a long time ago, it’s only these mindless, bewitched and indoctrinated simps who are having a hard time reading and accepting the writing on the wall. They also look incredibly stupid attempting to defend a female who is already deep in the gutter and who continues to journey even deeper into it.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    Black women have the worst parenting skills on the planet and its no wonder why I refuse to have kids with black women.These black women give their black kids shitty lives by having them in the worst unstable environments with the worst black men ever who are thugs and criminals and on top of that they give their black kids fucked up ghetto names so that they made sure that these poor black kids will struggle in life to get anything decent. We can all see on the above videos that the 6 month old black baby boy was clearly in alot of pain getting those fake tattoos but his black mother don’t give a shit about him because she was too busy getting her 15 minutes of fame. It’s ironic that the ugliest women and the manliest women on the planet are the most fertile. Black women should be banned having children. Any of these pro blacks dare to tell me that I should be having kids with a black women because we share the same skin colour, I am going to punch them in the face because they have no fucking right to dictate on who I should be and should not be dating because it’s my life at the end of the day and I am going to have my future mixed race kids with a quality good looking childfree non black women and I am going to give my future mixed race kids normal english first names along with my Fitzpatrick surname.

    1. As Tommy Sotomayor has said for a very long time – Black women are the worst stewards of children. Everybody knows this, they don’t say it outloud otherwise being called a racist.

      1. Anthony,

        It’s a no brainer as to why free thinking, upwardly mobile black men are leaving the building, only black women and their simp squads are pretending like everything is still hunky dory.

      2. << Black women are the worst stewards of children. Everybody knows this

        Yep, I completely agree with that statement. I see it every fcuking day in Africa. IF I was a black woman, I would NEVER EVER put myself in the situation most other black womin put themeselves in — having kids with no SOLID or stable man/husband to form a strong unit.

        Nope, black womin think they can raise kids all by themsleves. And look at all the ratchet kids that are born because of their dumb "I don't need a man" mindset along with all of their insecurities (fake weaves/hair/eyelashes & other stoopid shit that just drives me BATTY) to pass onto their god forsaken offspring.

        As I've said before many times, my rural East African girlfriend who prefers math/statistics over sociology/psychology courses will be the LAST sista I will ever get serious with. Why??

        Good question, I'm glad you asked. 😉
        Because I truly believe she's an extremely rare black unicorn in these deranged times in terms of her looks, mentality, upbringing & her general spirituality. I actually enjoy being around her. Class, excellent feminine sensibilities & just an all around good person. Trust me, she would be snapped up right away in London, New York or LA. I have no doubts about that.

        Anywho, I got mine. 😉 😉
        But I can definitely understand 1000% why you SYSBM brothas over thar in the West have abandoned black wominhood. I would too if I was in them parts.

        In fact, I gave up on sistas around 1998 after I moved to Toronto. I always found the cute fit white & Asian women in the EDM scene at popular EDM clubs or events where everybody's dancing to underground House, Trance or Techno music. As soon as I stepped into a "HipCrap" club with gansters, ratchet Qeanies & all sorts of degenerate lyrics, I knew right then & there that North American black womin were OFF my list for good.

        Good post Verbs! I'll watch the videos later…busy with fcuking IT deadlines…with so many people needing my help. Folks, NEVER EVER use Windoze 10 on your systems!

        Instead, "grab" a copy of Windows Server 2016/2019 and install it as a super efficient desktop workstation where u fcuking have control over EVERYTHING – including those demonic Windoze Updates which consumer Windoze sheep have zero control over. Works amazing & super efficient. No Cortana, no telemetry & I always put updates on Manual. Aaah yes, serenity now!

        In all my diverse IT experience, the best decisions I ever made were running Windows Server 2003 (XP), 2008 R2 (Windows 7), 2012 R2 (Windows 8.1) & now 2016/2019 (Windows 10) as super reliable desktop workstations tweaked for speed & efficiency. Works for me. That's my tip to the SYSBM-hood. Try it! You won't ever go back to desktop spyware!

        1. “As soon as I stepped into a “HipCrap” club with gansters, ratchet Qeanies & all sorts of degenerate lyrics, I knew right then & there that North American black womin were OFF my list for good.”

          You forgot the fat, mandingo-ized wigger bitches who identify with all that ghetto shit. Beware the white hoe who hangs around ratchet black heffas and picks up all their habits. All those fat white hoes on IG got a black “bes fren”.

  3. You have got to be freaking kidding me! Tattoos on a 6 month old baby?!? His skin isn’t even mature enough to mark with washable ink from a Sharpie, but his daggle custodian (I can’t even call her a mother) is having him get tatted up all over; she just set that child up for perpetual failure in life just based off of his appearance. Can you imagine how jacked up those tats will look once he starts growing? Also look at how she put a beanie on his head like a street dude would wear. I’m especially angered by the dumb ape that is doing the work of tatting this baby; fake or not, I would never accept business from anybody, let alone a mother, who thinks that there’s nothing wrong with this. I would’ve cracked the skulls of all who were present watching this go down and said nothing. As Sigma Jones would say, “if you are an SYSBM Practitioner, you’re a eugenicist”, and this is a case study in eugenics.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Show those above pictures and the video to your average non black woman and they will be visibly shocked, upset and angered, however most black women seeing the same would still side with the evil black witch responsible.

      Like I said before, black women as a collective love jinxing their children so they won’t outshine them. I’ll keep on saying it, black women are for the sewers because the streets are too good of a place to give them.

  4. At this point any Black man that still wants to deal with the Black Witch deserves whatever he gets! There will always be casualties of war. I’m just glad a lot of these young cats see what time it is & they make a beeline to hop the fence!

    1. Val Zod,

      Me too, I wish I had this same information available to me when I was in my teens and 20s, always glad to see these younger bucks giving these dysfunctional black sirens the old heave ho. Like we’ve mentioned before, it’s only these elder Gen X and boomer type Negroes who are still trying to keep the illusions of “black love, black unity, black families” etc alive.

  5. The images speaks for itself. This is exactly why no black man can claim to be sysbm if he is dating and marrying a black female negress. Regardless if foreign or not. It don’t matter where they come from. They are all the same one way or another.

    If a white woman has many black female friends, they are damaged goods to also avoid immediately.

    My sister use to have a best friend that was a white female 10 years ago. She stopped hanging around with my sister for a few reasons. The white female got into an argument with one of my sister’s black male friends she friendzoned. The other white female friends my sister had eventually stopped hanging around with her since secondary school for 15 years. I use to get into fights and arguments with my sister while I was growing up. The white females knew what I know about negresses to walk away and save oneself. Her former white female best friend ended up hanging around with her other former white female friends. They all knew each other since primary school.

    My sister was acting like she didn’t do anything wrong to break up her friendship with her former white female best friend at the time.

    Her former white female best friend ended up dating a black guy from congo but sadly passed away about 9 or 8 years ago due to complications with his health.


    1. The SIMPS believe that some BW are the exception not the rule. That is BS because even if they don’t engage in this type of nonsense, they believe in victimhood. Do you want your children to believe they are victims and can’t succeed?

      As Verbs would say, “No Thanks I’m good, I’ll pass”

    2. Witwijf,

      As I said in Negro Wars, black female dysfunction is an international problem. In 2021 you’ll be extremely hard pressed to find a black woman of exceptional quality anywhere in the world.

      1. Correct. And if you do find that unicorn BW with her body on point, average weight, articulate and intelligent, they are saving those attributes for either their imaginary Brad or Chad or their feminist, non-binary lifestyle. Never a boring, normal Black guy.

        1. Yep,you are absolutely correct, Schad!
          That’s why “I GOT MINE!!” — a unicorn BW that is. 😉
          And she is never ever stepping foot in the Western world. Seeing all the shit that goes on in Amerika with guns & other race shit, she is actually apprehensive about most Lord Euro’s sheep.

  6. It doesn’t matter what scraggles do liberals cucks/simps and other scraggles will defend her no matter the cost.But you as a black man if you so much as sneeze they will come at your neck with the force of and exploding sun.#SYSBM.

    1. Team Foreign Girls,

      This is exactly why these women must be abandoned, it makes no sense dealing with a female who views you as her number one enemy.

  7. Yep. Black America is done. Tattoos on the baby? Seriously?! Once again, maybe I did made the right choice by sticking to what I like, my preferences, and not sticking to the “race.” Black women nowadays got zero parenting skills, and it’s sad. It’s sad that they got poor ass mating choices, it’s sad they using them children as pawns, it’s sad that they letting them children getting into all kinds of shit, then complain about they were good kids, Lady were they good kids when they were doing some crazy shit they weren’t suppose to be doing? Where was yo ass? I made this official for myself: If I’m gonna procreate, start a wholesome family, it’s gonna be with a non black woman, I can guarantee that. The whole starting a “black family,” that can go out the window, but I know majority of black dudes ain’t gonna let that fantasy of starting a black family go because they too soft and addicted to that chocolate, and yes, I freakin said it, and I’m unapologetic for saying it.

    1. The Black Demon Witches deserve to be Purged from the Planet.She not only has zero parenting skills,she has Zero Brains.These women serve No good purpose and need to be eradicated Immediately from the Earth.

    2. D.K. Phantom,

      Where are to so called “good black women” calling this disjointed siren out, that’s right, as per usual nowhere to be found. If anything it will be free thinking black men on the front lines calling this witch out for her stupidity and evil.

  8. No words can describe the stupidity I just observed regarding the mother’s mentality on tattooing a 6-month infant.

    That’s is top-tier stupidity right there. A wise man said this when it comes to Black women collectively: “Black Women ruin everything.”

    1. Blackdjedi,

      Black women have the Midas touch of destruction and it doesn’t matter if the Fake Academic pokes fun at such a statement, the evidence for it overwhelmingly swings in my favour.

  9. Why do black women dress their sons like the guys they claim they don’t like?

    1. OGBobbyJohnson,

      With the black female everything is back to front and upside down, the guys that give her the most problems, she’ll still choose to open her legs to, meanwhile the hard working, criminal free, upwardly mobile black man she’ll hold a deep disdain and hatred for even though he’s done nothing wrong to her, smh.


  10. After seeing that, I can’t be against abortion anymore. Yes, it is “murder”, but imagine what would happen if black women carried every child to term. We would have a far greater nigger problem with these women procreating with Yung Pork Chop and Dusty Darius. What is the point of allowing a black baby to live just so it will go through a life of dysfunction and abuse from these harlots and become another statistic? I believe abortion is more merciful than being raised by a black single mother. Even if they banned all abortion, these scraggs will still find ways to kill their children. At this point, the black race is done. I don’t want to bring any children in the world to be mistreated by the gynocracy. There is no hope for black people.

    1. Tony Stacks,

      The children don’t need to suffer death, the better solution would be to sterilise these black witches from day dot as soon as they demonstrate the traits of a typical daggle. Remember, if you place those same children into the hands of white and other non black women, those children thrive and excel beyond measure.

      This shows us that the black female is the root of all of these dysfunctional black youths rolling through the streets causing mayhem and havoc, however we already knew this. Dealing with the root cause is a much better option as opposed to battling the effects.

      1. I’m not sure dude is even really black to be honest Verbs. He sounds just a little too much like a ‘cat fishing’ white “or other” type guy hiding behind a screen name. I’ve had enough experience detecting such types that his hateful post raises red flags.

        That type has the mentally ill habit of silently ghosting black spaces online. If he is black then he’s got some major issues. No offense if he’s reading this, but it needed to be said.

        We’ve all been there from having to deal with dusty negro behavior. But we SYSBM’ers are here living our lives. Many brothers nowadays are hip to the game. WE are not doomed. Being angry at the “communiteh” has it’s limitations.

        This site gives me strength sometimes after having to deal with daggles and simps in everyday life. Please dont let it become a haven for such negative energy. Just a suggestion. No offense to the guy if he’s genuine.

        1. You’ve got a bloodhound’s nose. That was my sense a while back when he asked a simple question.

  11. When I saw the baby, I went bomba claat! As I saw the baby’s face, the baby knows that his life is completely ruined. And saw her woman’s instagram. Right, these scraggle daggles don’t mind ruining the lives of their children because they don’t want their children to outshine them. These scarggle daggles don’t care about their children. All they think about is not only to destroy their children’s lives but to live off the system and get free money. That is why the scraggs can have more then one child. She can have ten children and still get free money and free house, food stamps and so on. The woman tattooed the baby even though it was fake tattoos? Who breed off this woman? I know who. Cheddar Street, Rapid Fire Rasta, 357 Jimmy, Weed Man Jake, Big Dick Rodney and Fuck All Night Fred.

    Let me just drink my Irish cream and just chill.


    1. Money Cultural,

      As David Carroll says, no hope, no change for the Negro, in this case the black female, it’s a chicken wrap for these broads. Abandon ship and never look back.

  12. This is something the black community do not understand about the Social Media, this is called ‘Digital Footprint’.

    This is something what society has, what you post represent ‘you’.

    The reason I bring this up because these blue-pillars keep on saying, ‘this a fake’ or ‘acting’. No. It is not ‘fake’ or ‘acting’. Even it is fake it still represent ‘you’.

    People like the hoteps especially Aaron Fountain saying that the red pill community cannot distinguish between ‘reality’ and ‘virtual world’. The reason why people say this because they got caught ‘Red handed’ and refuse to admit their ‘guilt’.

    I give you an example:
    There was a video and Verbs mad a topic many years ago about a mock election and the black boy voted for Trump as a joke because he is a good candidate. What did the hoe of a mother did, she evict him and made him homeless for real.

    Even she purposely recording it and put this on Facebook to goes viral to make an example out of men, she now saying this is a joke, why because she got caught and the CPS saw the video.

    Another example:
    Derrick Jaxn, we know he made money pimp and exploit women, now he blames ‘god’ or ‘devil’ because he got caught in the act.

    So, no. I do not believe the tattoo is ‘fake’. I respect them it they admit their ‘guilt’ but they will always find a way to weasel out of it. Especially the likes of Cynthia G, Swirlers and Divesters who will find ways to blame men.

    1. You brought up a good point. One thing I hate is them pro black dudes acting like the dumb shit the black community be doing is cool, it’s all good, but in actual reality, it’s not. Do they ever think before they post something on the internet? Here a little scenario:

      Chicks that be doing adult content, with the onlyfans and other websites like that: Do they realize that stuff can be put on other adult websites like P hub, Xvideos, or SB (probably some people should guess that)? Even though they tried to delete it or something, they forgot people could either download it or share it around other websites. With these black women that be twerking in their videos, and having kids in the background, don’t they know literally other people could see this, and one day, they’ll get caught in some legal trouble that could have their kids taking away?

      If I’m gonna post something, I’m gonna post something that I either speak my mind on a certain topic, show my gaming videos, or show my arts and talents. I’m gonna present myself in a positive light.

      1. @D. K. Phantom

        To be truthful, most black females either do not think before they post or they do not care what they post.

        All they care about is some ’15 minutes of fame’.

        They said themselves that they do not give a flying crap about the law, police or Social Services when they saw the footages, even you see film beating the holy-hell out of children, heck, they even will to show the touturing video or pedophile video having sex with children.

        Somehow they have certain legal rights of keeping the children after the video shared to law enforcement.

        These so-called hotep will pay this ‘White Women do it too’.

        Let me tell you about this ‘White Women do it’.
        They go discreet, why? because they know if they do what black female does, they will never see their children again. But somehow black women get away with is 100% of the time, even it is goes viral and end up to local or national news.
        We seen countless videos of black women do far worse than white women does, especially on World Star Hip Hop which are worse than African child soliders.

    2. Michael Mistertea,

      I don’t personally believe the tattoos are fake either, but even if they were once again as I mentioned before, the mentality behind carrying out such stupidity speaks volumes and is an indicator of the type of female the mother is.

      Like you said, it’s all well and good until the heat comes to their doorstep, then all of a sudden they begin scrambling for the door. The modern day black female is done and at this point there is nothing she can do to resurrect her sunken image and reputation.

  13. “This is one of the main reasons why SYSBM was created, MBD a far off recognised that in order for himself and other black men of like mind to give their children a fair chance in life, the mother of his and their children needed to be either mixed or non black thus preventing a highly dysfunctional culture from being passed down to the next generation.”

    This statement encapsulates exactly how I feel. I have often stated how I do not like the modern day black female phenotype, period, full stop. I have also expressed my deep hatred of the black male simp, because he keeps this non sense going.

    Yes, the scraggle daggle raised him, but the scraggle daggle is not self sustaining. Even with the help of Major Blizzard and Captain Rothstein, the scraggle daggle cannot be sustained without the army of black male simps performing their roles. This is why I hate them so much; because of their unmitigated stupidity.

    I agree with MBD’s assessment. We cannot allow this highly dysfunctional sub culture to be passed down. I strive to do nothing to help it survive. And I strive to do everything in my power to eradicate this depraved sub culture, which cultivates and nourishes the scraggle daggle and the black male simp.

    I totally applaud frontal attacks on the scraggle daggle and the black male simp. But to eradicate both these phenotypes, requires eradicating the depraved sub culture that sustains them.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      “We cannot allow this highly dysfunctional sub culture to be passed down. I strive to do nothing to help it survive. And I strive to do everything in my power to eradicate this depraved sub culture, which cultivates and nourishes the scraggle daggle and the black male simp.”


    1. Michel,

      Indeed, I don’t see white women out here engaging in outright evil stupidity like this, and black women have the audacity to still repeat the same “dem white women gonna get ya” mantra, smh.

  14. All Blacks MUST only reproduce with a different race. This is why I (an American of African descent, whom You refer to as (Black) married an educated ((Masters/Engineer) Vietnamese male and my Brother married a Japanese female. Black on Black is a tragedy because Black men loathe everything on the Black female accept lips & ass. Black Women hate children who look like they look so this is a no brainer guys.

    1. Stop it! We are not falling for your so called understanding of whats going on in the environment.

  15. All Blacks MUST only reproduce with a different race. This is why I (an American of African descent, whom You refer to as (Black) married an educated ((Masters/Engineer) Vietnamese male and my Brother married a Japanese female. Black on Black is a tragedy because Black men loathe everything on the Black female accept lips & ass. Black Women hate children who look like they look so this is a no brainer guys.

  16. What is it with tattoos? First off, I can’t even see what the hell the tattoos ARE because of the boys complexion. That lets you know how little this is about “artistry” or whatever the hell else.

    Now, let’s be honest. At some point, before or after this video, the dude doing the tattooing slung the boy’s momma some dick. Hell, that’s probably what the woman paid with, ass. And you wonder why they’re STDs running rampant there?

    Full body tattoos, those are disgusting on anyone and everyone. Hell, I hate tattoos in general, especially on a woman that otherwise looks good. Daggles, however, do NOT look good, and thus have to resort to tons of accoutrements in order to attract attention.

    As someone mentioned above, why did this chick permanently mark her son as the same type of dude that she’ll likely claim “ain’t shit”? Don’t ever let daggles tell you they hate thugs, they love em! That’s because they’re of the same level.

    Breed these beasts out. Sadly, by two or three, that boy will probably be beyond redemption already and be another Black Baby Driver or Lil Mouse in the making.

    1. The good news about tats on females is they’re wearing their need for attention, daddy issues and mental illness on the outside. Like ghetto names on BW, you know who to avoid right away.

      When I see a heavily tatted up female, all I can think of is hepatitis.

  17. The disjointed child-abusing black bitch strikes again. I don’t believe those tats are “fake” I think they’re real, but she got cooked on social media and had to backpedal. And watch after all this, she will STILL have custody of the kid. Why do these women manufacture the same fu**boys that they complain about? As Dr. Carroll often asks, “Who raised the nigga?”

    It’s good that young BM are bypassing the bullsh** younger and younger. Some are seeing the writing on the wall as young as grade school. I can’t help but think though, that many BM talk mad chest-thumping SYSBM sh** online but are meek as lambs and the biggest simps IRL. However many SYSBM guys you think there are IRL, expect the number to be lower.

    I had a buddy years back who would always complain and bitch about his wife. I met her a couple of times and she was the worst. BW of course. He’d talk about how he was saving money off the books to make his escape. He ended up having a kid with that same woman and they are still together today. That’s how I know these guys talk mad sh** yet do the opposite.

  18. Wait, WHAT?!

    At first, I thought that the first photo was a toy baby.. That was until I scrolled further. This is so disturbing and dysfunctional on so many levels. They’re preparing the toddler for a future on the streets, with no education, healthy mindset, bright future or decency.

    I will always remember what MBD often said: “Who you date, marry and reproduce with is politics!”. Choose wisely, fellow men!

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