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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here upon us, the weeks and months are shooting by rapidly, we’re already past the middle of the year.

The battle continues against this Convid hoax, where some people are beginning to awaken and ask questions, others who’ve rightly been skeptical from the beginning are slowly succumbing to the mainstream media witchcraft and propaganda machine, this is why I say that the best policy is to switch that damn television off.

Too many individuals think that they can’t be got, yet later find out otherwise, sometimes in a very hard way. Folks need to wake up, I don’t think the government is taking away people’s rights, I believe it’s the people voluntarily giving their rights and freedoms away instead of refusing to comply and questioning everything they’ve been told surrounding this so called “pandemic” especially in the face of such a wishy washy, constantly moving the goalposts “official narrative”.

Here is a video of a show in Mexico where they attempted to debunk the theory of the Convid bioweapon magnetising the human body, let’s just say that things didn’t go according to plan for them, lol:

You’ve got the floor gents, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mindset)

Most High Bless

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80 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

  1. Just gonna leave this here…..

    I was checking out this one forum the other day that was about RPGs and VIDEO GAMES, so why was this forum’s screen half filled with disclaimers snot not spreading “Qanon bullshit” concerning HOAXvid?

    Too many of these supposed outcasts fall right into the liberal nonsense, despite the fact that they’ll always be considered freaks and misfits in a society that ironically now worships trannies. The last society I’d want to fit into is one that has made me unwelcome heretofore.

    1. LOL! Ya hit it on da head! The black woman and the progressive love the ‘far right’ despite the fact Chabad and Missa Chin beat the crap out of them most of the time. Unbelivable.

    2. Afrofuturism1,

      This is fire, I’m going to have to check this video out in more depth, just the little I watched had my eyes wide open. Again, the biggest transgression is going after the children, the same children they categorically stated at the beginning were immune to Convid, smh.

      1. I know I’m a day late and a dollar short in asking this, but didn’t Jesus say something along the lines of “it’s better to drown yourself in the sea than to offend one of these little ones”?


    What is the point of this damn vax when so many are contracting the virus right after? “It gives you immunity!” It clearly doesn’t, otherwise they wouldn’t be getting “the virus” plus going to the hospital for all manner of blood clots and heart problems. The CDC even just said that NO ONE under 18 should get it.

    I found out Sunday that my brother has apparently gotten his shot. He’s never been much on the smart side, but this was a disappointment. The sad part is, he has three kids. I’ll likely be the one dude worth a damn, or even just still alive carrying on my dad’s family name. Hopefully my dumbass wannabe Scrooge McDickhead uncle takes the jab, I’d piss on his grave.

    1. Unbelievable:

      Since the ‘alt-right’ Bolsheviks and hotep Valkists claim to care so much about racial purity, why don’t they go out and protest at military bases and the streets about Bill Gates and Xi Jinping’s climate lockdowns and Fourth Reich scheme in Israel? Shows you who really pulls the strings?

      1. Brendan Dubalos,

        Again, notice how you now have to go to specific websites in order to find the truth. How times have changed, I remember the ClimateGate scandal of 2009, you could find plenty of information on the climate change scam back then, try looking for that stuff now, most of it has been buried under Google’s dodgy algorithm, smh.

    2. Afrofuturism1,

      I was talking to a work colleague who’s now been double jabbed, she even repeated the same, you can still catch covid and transmit it, the “jab” is only supposed to make the so called symptoms less severe(whatever that is supposed to mean).

      Over here the mainstream media propaganda machine is running full steam ahead with the Indian(Delta) variant nonsense, the UK government is also encouraging 12-15 year olds to get vaccinated despite the WHO stating otherwise.

      Another work colleague who has 2 children and stated from the beginning that he wouldn’t get it gave up the fight and got his death jab yesterday.

      Beforehand I told him that the mainstream media got to him and that he was playing Russian Roulette with his life and he admitted that I was right, he didn’t change his mind though.

      As the Caribbean saying goes, those who cannot hear must feel.

      1. Verbs,

        They are wearing people down with the spell casting over the TV. I tell my family constantly to TURN THAT SHIT OFF. If you want news go read it, but the TV is used to make you more pliable state and vulnerable to “downloading” propaganda.

      2. Expect colleague number 2 to hit the soil soon.

        Notice the Indians telling Boris the Twat to knock it off with the slander variant, now it’s Delta?

        Delta waves are brainwaves that are generated during deep sleep. The UK is in a deep Slumbernight sleep.


    This is why NOTHING should be given to black people, be it Juneteenth or anything else. They’ll just use it as a day to show their natural ass and remind most of the rest of the world to not like them.

    It’s also always a daggle acting a fool, too. Notice you never see Mexicans throwing burritos at each other for Cinco de Mayo, nor Arabs acting a damn fool during Ramadan.

    Daggles and simps LOVE perpetuating stereotypes, but hate dealing with the consequences.

    1. True that. You don’t see the SPD running around bigging up and supporting Chabad Chev and False Flag Fedowitz nor can you find Marxists wearing blackshirts and goosestepping. These black females are absolutely nuts man, that’s just a fact of life.

      1. “SPD”?

        Come on, man!

        Both you and I know that Power Rangers aren’t real!

    1. Progressives supported eugenics and ‘the Joos’ Grosdestuch Reich proto-EU project until US Army and Intelligence officials caught the chosenites playing both sides of the war. Ben Gurion pretended to support the Soviets until the premptive strike on Russia (Churchill and Stalin had jumped the gun and gone too far, believing the NWO to be some Anglo-Soviet Union), then he unleashed the Haganah and Irgun on the Arabs.

      Today the EU expands from ‘the Atlantic to the Urals’. Russia and Eastern Europe have been destroyed by Israeli dual citizens pretending to be white nationalist Pan-Slavists. The Duma and House of Commons are full of Isreali spies and dual citizens who stir up war and hatred of the US and the West in order to feed the black witch and white beta male’s persecution fantasies.

      Meanwhile Shaniqua, False Flag Fedowitz and Lord Euro all meet up at a Davos meeting hosted by Her Majesty and the CCP, when Eurasianists and unipolarists slaughter each other on the streets in the name of racial purity, the hammer and sickle of white nationalism, the red, black, gold and green of the hotep Valkist movement and the Dixie flag of the Democrat Confederacy. A cruel joke if there was ever one

      The slaughter and mass murder of the whole war and resulting Soviet domination of the remains of the West should have reminded the simps about the true nature of Shaniqua and Lord Napoleon. Wignats need to learn from the example of Poland which was goaded into starting WW2 only to be thrown away and left to the Anglo-Soviet thugs by the ‘white nationalist’ FDR administration.

      A lot of alt-righters are Mossad shills trying to get the likes of Aaron Swartz and Nikolai Tesla to go to Soviet Israel.

  4. Verbs 2015.

    I knew that whole covid 19 thing was a hoax from the beginning that’s why I refuse to get vaccinated because I don’t want to die or get seriously ill. What makes me laugh is that you have all these brainwashed people fighting to get their covid jabs without properly looking into the dangers of taking the covid vaccine because lots of people died from the vaccine or got seriously ill from it.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I was walking by a market yesterday, there is a covid jab centre near the top of it, I saw a few lemmings lining up to get their poison. I have to keep pointing out the one fundamental trap that many people are walking into, still tuning into the mainstream media as if they have something relevant and true to say concerning this hoax. SWITCH OFF THE TV.

  5. If they won’t let you fly or pass through customs without proof of vax, where does this leave the “Passport Bros” and SYSBM?

    1. On my point of view, them Vaccine passports, or showing proof of vax is gonna backfire eventually because it’s only just a matter of time when these people that’s pushing this crap are gonna lose money big time. Plus, there’s certain states that are not going for the vax passports, the last time I checked.

      1. Many other countries are also against it, such as (at the moment) turkey, the Philippines, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Serbia, Bolivia, Slovakia, Indonesia and Egypt.

    2. Scadenfreude,

      I’m not even worried about that because I’m already seeing bootleg vaccine passports coming out of the woodwork. Additionally, I don’t think every country around the globe is going to go along with the vaccine passports, there will still be places Passport Bros and SYSBM practitioners can go without having to provide proof of being jabbed up with the bioweapon or a negative Covid test.

      1. What are some countries that don’t even require testing? This is the first I’ve heard of this.

        1. Afrofuturism1,

          At the moment for UK and US citizens, Spain, Dominican Republic, Colombia, México, Costa Rica (however, they(Costa Rica) want you to have Covid insurance, whatever that is) just to name a few. I hear there are a few countries in Eastern Europe that are not demanding a negative COVID test upon entry, but I’ll have to research further into exactly which ones.

    1. Mslet,

      I like Christopher Owens’ stuff, however YouTube have technically shadow banned him with the “verify your age” garbage on a very large portion of his videos.

    2. Black Male 1st Media is hella on some hoe ish crying about SYSBM not towing the same political line as himself and Treason theNBD; SYSBM Tenet #17 reads:
      “SYSBM does not obligate black men to swear allegiance to the lifestyle, there is nowhere you have to sign your name in blood, free thinking black men are free to take the SYSBM philosophy and tailor it to their personal needs according to their own lives.”

      Now, it doesn’t take a political organization to do what the above Tenet stated; wherever you fall on the political spectrum matters not when it comes to choosing better outcomes, so all of that gum flapping BM1 did talking about politicians listening to this space, schools suspending students over colorism, and Daggle judges sentencing Black men based on who they’re dating was a waste of time.

  6. I know the UK government wants to depopulate the UK by killing and injuring many UK citizens with this bioweapon vaccine by 2022. It’s not just the bioweapon against humanity. On the UK government website, there is a document about a microship and transhumanism robots they want to implement to the public. The military intelligience officers are behind this technology.

    These technologies are being used to alter DNA and lower frequencies to the brain, to a point where many people won’t be able to think for themselves ever again. This microchip I suspect will be linked with palm scanners with a mark attached to it eventually. Thinking like a robot without morals, without feelings is exactly what the government wants from people. Create order out of chaos has always been the case throughout history, even till this day is the same cycle. What’s next? A nuclear war. WW3. These technologies are also being used to enslave and remove privacy, including security by digital ID’s.

    It’s going to be very tough trying to raise a child with a quality stargate while living in the west. This is why I will always advice sysbm practitioners to leave the west legally if given the chance to do so. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

  7. This whole Covid mess has been gone on for about long enough to the point where I want some damn answers. All these people who’ve gotten fully vaccinated don’t realize they just sign their own death certificate to their own grave. With these people putting out these ridiculous labels, calling us conspiracy theorists and all that, they can keep on with them labels, but sooner or later, once them deaths and injuries of them vaccines start going skyrocket, they gone realize the hard way that they got played and lie to big time. They played us big time when they said them “vaccines” were “safe and effective,” but damn well they know vaccines take like 10 years or more for it to be develop and work. They playing us big time when they said everything will be back to “normal”, but I highly doubt that due to the freaking surveillance technology and apps they trying to push on us. They pushing that vaccine passports, showing proof of vaccination agendas, pushing apps that’s trying to get to people’s medical records and privacy, knowing all that mess is gonna raise some huge, huge red flags to where I know some shit is gonna pop off. These folks talking about they looking out for our “health and safety,” like bruh don’t lie. Don’t lie to me. Is putting a freaking surveillance on the people looking out for their “health and safety?” Is going through people’s medical records looking out for their “health and safety?” These folks done cause a lot of issues to the point where I know a big war is gonna happen, and you can thank all these corrupt people behind all this mess. All of it. But you know what, it don’t even matter to me anymore because this was their mess, not mines.

    1. D.K.Phantom,

      The UK government have been lying and moving the goalposts dramatically throughout this entire scam, however most of the British public have been successfully suckered into the trap, this is the main reason why it’s full steam ahead over here and why they continue to lie and move the goalposts. They can when they meet little to no resistance.

      The UK is done, that prediction of the population dropping from 66 million to 15 million is very feasible seeing how most aren’t questioning anything the mainstream media puts out despite the massive holes in the narrative.

    2. I take a different view.

      The fact that you KNOW exactly what the evil agenda is and can clearly speak on it is proof that the elite are losing control. Would you have spoken to your family about the dangers of vaxzines 10 years ago? How would they have reacted if you showed them Agenda 201 back then? Could you have told them the eminent and trusted Dr Fauci was the one creating weaponised flu to kill us all off?

      The elites told us what they planned to do to us in code, they just didn’t expect everyone to know and do something about it. CONVID was their final end of days moment and it failed spectacularly. Armageddon is here – for them, not us.

    3. Everyone thought that Noah was a “conspiracy theorist”…

      …until it started raining.

      On a sad note, both of my parents have taken the vaccine.

  8. Happy Wednesday, SYSBM brethren! Lately, there’s been a lot of controversy surrounding critical race theory (CRT) being taught in the schools; I’ve found out that they have variations to CRT for other communities of color. Personally, I’m not against the theory criticizing the unfair treatment towards minorities in this country, but I suspect that some Black feminist or somebody in academia will seek to twist this theory into something to criticize heterosexual Black men as being oppressors of Black women. Does anybody else foresee the possibility of such a thing taking place?

    1. The only ones calling for CRT are blacks who want people to feel sorry for them and white liberals. Notice that Asians, Indians, Arabs and even Latinos do not really give a shit that whites treated them poorly in the past, they care about making their futures the best possible.

      Black people are sorry as hell to ever expect a country where they honestly DO NOT matter to ever give a shit about them or their history. Black people never will matter, either, if they continue to beg. Notice white folks will typically just homeschool their kids or put them in private school if they find their education to be sub par. Do you see black people doing that, including hoteps? Not really. Hell, where’s Umar’s school?

      1. Thank you so much for bringing out what you said about Asians, Indians, Arabs, & Latinos; all of those groups never needed a critical race theory to achieve what they have achieved thus far. Hell, even the GayBC’s didn’t need a “critical sexuality theory” to get what wanted; it was all through policy. That’s also the beautiful thing about SYSBM: we aren’t sitting around waiting for some summa cum laude Negro, White liberal, or Jewish person to speak up on our behalf; we simply choose better outcomes for ourselves.

    1. The saddest thing about this is kids past 10 years of age will probably be life scarred by this utter nonsense. Remember the Government suggesting children were immune to CONVID? Now all kids can sign up for the devil’s stinger? Embarrassing and any parent that OKs a child receiving an experimental drug should be imprisoned for life.

      1. I saw a video recently where some dumb woman landed in the ER from side effects from this death shot. I said in the comments that I wished her stupid ass had died. Sadly, even the ones who were awake said that my comments were “cruel.”

        I have no sympathy for a grown adult stupid enough to do this dumb shit. Likewise, once you involve children in it, you deserve nothing short of a gruesome death. Piss on your feelings!

          1. The devil’s brew is doing its job of wiping people out left and right. Didn’t it’s creator say those that get it have 2 years max?

        1. The aunt of the kid that died should also take the same bioweapon TWICE if she thinks it’s so safe. Now she wants answers?

          There are no words to describe how entranced this family is. My God they have completely lost the plot.

  9. Hello Brothers

    What is your thoughts on Dr Boyce Watkins?
    I am happy he is married, but the reason why he is called a simp because he wifed up a woman who not just turned him down many times for bad boys for years. On top of it all, she friend-zone him for over 20 years.

    He is now shaming ‘Clean Record’ men (men who has morals, thinking brothers, no kids) because we do not want to be a clean-up man, aka dealing with Single Mothers.

    He done a 180 on the brothers, uplifting single mothers.
    This is embarrassing for black men because he is suppose to be a financial advisor.
    He was taking pot shots at Minister Jap because he made a video about him.
    Boyce goes on about how he travelled around the world and can get any women he wants with this financial skills.

    So he is telling me that out of all the women he can pick which said he can, he chose an ex-scraggle daggle pro-black who got kids with thugs who turn him down few times and friend zone him for decades?

    The reason why she decide to marry him because she is a reject and him being a financial expert he is, me made a very bad investment.

    I wish him luck because if she divorces him, he need a put his mouth where his money is.

    1. Tommy Sotomayor is right when he refers to this guy as “Moist Twatkins.” For years now, he’s just said whatever these daggles wanna hear. Most black men are a lost cause, and that includes the ones who would seem worth a damn. They’re just like daggles.

    2. Mister Master,

      That is the biggest shame, Watkins’ wife decided to take him on board one she was rinsed out, ran through and out of her prime years, the worst thing is this Negro actually got down on one knee for that woman, smh:

      Nope, as Obsidian used to say, I refuse to be the clean up man. I’m not dealing with single mothers because it isn’t a normal practice, only the black witch and her simp cronies are trying to make childless black men “stepping up” and looking after somebody else’s children somehow seem okay.

      Black women despise simps, the marriage won’t last and she’ll move onto somebody else. Moist Twatkins is most definitely NOT going to shame me into dealing with an obvious liability, I’ll leave that to him and his followers.

      Deal with a single black mother or choose from a plethora of mixed and non black, attractive, feminine, child free women, the better choice is obvious.

    3. Dr. Moist Twatkins is a proud janitor; you can tell by her body language that she’s not into him. At the wedding, both of them took pictures with Willie D, and you would’ve sworn Willie D was the groom instead of Boyce!

  10. Time to roll the dice.

    A video a friend send to me the other day of three Jamaican men. They were singing don’t take the vaccine. One of the man’s father died by taking the vaccine. The lethal injection killed the man. in Jamaica, the Jamaican people know about the vaccine is a deadly weapon and people are still taking it like Bareback Fountain who took the shoot and felt ill. There is a YouTuber name Terry Swoope and he took the vaccine. He said that it made him fell ill. He couldn’t get out of bed for days. Some of them have taken two vaccines. Two of them? Listen, it’s all coming out now about this damn vaccine and they wanna kill people with this silent weapon.

    Right, another thing. My donate button disappeared. It vanished without a trace. I was wondering what the hell is going on. I told wordpress about but they look at it and they say that there is no record of them deleting it. So have to do a new donate button but not the one I wanted. So instead I put a link on my article of anyone who wants to donate. It must be the simps that frigging made wordpress take it down. It must be Bareback Fountain make them take it down. Bareback is worse then some obeah man in Jamaica.

    1. I’d get a patreon, Kofi, and Buy Me Coffee set up too. Sub stack is also a good way to earn money through writing with subscribers.

        1. Dem foo-fool.
          Mi tell yuh something, dem dyam eedyiat. Dem haffi perish becau nuf h’information dun pass across the h’internet and dem a still tek di dyam t’ing?
          Lef dem bloodclaat. Mi hope yuh nah haffi carry dem to dem grave.

  11. I think a lot of people also forgot that if someone gets covid and recover they would have natural immunity from the virus for at least 8 months+ compared to the vaccine which would at best would give a couple months immunity apparently. I still don’t see the reason why people are rushing to get jabbed for a virus that is no worse than a cold. I do believe there is something sinister about it and still firmly not getting it at all. Don’t care if people want say we’re selfish for not getting. Society can fall apart for all I care at this point.

    What’s your opinion on the symptom of loss of smell and taste could it be linked to a something not related to covid at all?

    1. No, apparently immunity upon actually getting the “virus” is for the indefinite future, making the worthless killer vaccine even more questionable.

    2. Jon,

      One other thing that people are definitely forgetting is the fact that because viruses mutant so rapidly, you cannot develop a vaccine against them, hence why they’re now talking about Convid booster shots(which will already be dead in the water).

      Something else that people seem to have forgotten is the fact that these vaccine manufacturers are completely exempt from being prosecuted if any individuals are mangled by their shot(from which we already have so many), that is a massive red flag as far as I am concerned and one that I haven’t forgotten at all.

      The second point should’ve been enough to dissuade most folks from getting the jab, however most folks in their bewitched and brainwashed state have rolled up their sleeves with the “nothing bad will happen to me, I’ll be alright” mentality, famous last words, lambs to the slaughter.

      I haven’t had a cold in many years, additionally I’ve never had the flu jab because it doesn’t work hence why you have to take it every year(even though it still doesn’t work, smh). I don’t take so called vaccines for the cold and the flu, I take vitamin C, D, natural herbs and supplements instead.

  12. Gentlemen,

    So, after this massive campaign to get people jabbed up so that they’ll be able to show their vaccine status at foreign airports, now airlines are saying that those who have been vaccinated should NOT fly because of the increased risk of blood clots, you can’t make this stuff up:

    1. Verbs,

      I searched this and the “spin” has already begun. The “fact checkers” have “debunked” this allegedly. What is so funny to me is that when you look up the term “yellow journalism” the current MSM ticks all the boxes. Statements like “sources say, experts say, or doctors say” misleading language that would have likely gotten journalist fired 30+ years ago is taken as INDISPUTABLE PROOF. The failure of the average person to take responsibility for their own health and life is a basis for this. Everyone wants to abdicate personal responsibility to the state.

      1. Autodidact,

        The so called “fact checkers” as well as the mainstream media are both a complete and utter disgrace, they’ll roll in spouting the opposite of what is being said without supplying an iota of proof(as you pointed out). They pulled the same stunt trying to cover up the death of that Tennessee nurse Tiffany Dover who passed out live on camera after receiving her first dose of the death jab back in Nov-Dec 2020:

        Both the fact checkers and the MSM need to be burned at the stake for the innumerable transgressions they’ve committed against the public.

    2. Watch when the families of the four dead BA pilots start chirping like a canary. This isn’t over by a long shot. 98% of all BA pilots received the bioweapon.

  13. So apparently John Mcafee who’s now MYSTERIOUSLY dead had tweets talking about how HOAXvid was just that. Now it’s obvious already that the man was Epsteined (which he said he knew would happen) but this makes it even more obvious.

    1. @AfroFuturism1

      Rumor has it that he has a “dead man’s switch” that is due to be thrown upon his death. Apparently he had the GOODS (about 31 TB worth of it) on certain people…

  14. You are seeing more and more backlash against them forcing faggotry, drag queens and trannyism into the public schools, and who is it that’s mad? Yep, white folks, you barely see black people up in arms despite them being far less likely to put their kids in homeschools or private schools and much more like to use public school at cradle to 18 babysitting.

    The lgbt are in for a rude awakening because more in the west are outright criticizing many of their members (no pun intended). I just wish more people would admit that even mainstream gays have a hand in this.

  15. @AfroFuturism1
    Mind you that June is a LGBT pride month and in some shops they put all rainbow colours on company logo.
    They always shoving LGBT down our throats.

    I give you a secret:
    Transgender have their private forum/group they mention about that the White Men who are open minded are actually has this sexual fetish towards them. Mean they are not serious about them, so when white men are open minded towards them, they know that open minded men are fakes because they are embarrassed when it comes to introduce them to their friends and family.
    Someone mention of Brian Solange’s video which was flagged down years ago and this person mention that the White men is attempting to push the LGBT or sexual freak of nature fetish towards the black community. This works on black women, but this does not work on black men because black men to do play.

    I be cool with them, but if they do not like me, guess what, they stay in their own lane. I do not want to hear this prejudice bull on me. They got the laws in their favour so they do need to push it on us.

    Sometimes I get annoyed with this pride month because they put rainbow colours everywhere.
    At least some countries like Poland and Russia not having this rubbish.

    1. Exactly, why do you think the western media demonizes Poland and Russia? Because they push for people to have several children and don’t approve of the lgbt nonsense.

    1. Michel,

      They won’t because they now believe their rights come from the State, not a higher power. Even South Asians who are supposed to believe in a higher power, many of them like the work colleague number 2 I mentioned before have unconsciously pushed their god to the side and put the government in its place. It didn’t take them long for them to begin trusting in Babylon, the very same system they were extremely weary of when they first came to the UK, smh.

  16. Call me crazy, but that building collapse in Miami was NO accident or coincidence.

    1. As I previously stated, he apparently had 31 TERABYTES worth of dirt on certain people, or at least according to the rumors.

  17. Have you guys seen this?

    She’s going to the Olympics while looking like that. And she’s from my home town as well. How embarrassing. She is very typical of the average black woman we have to deal with here. Unnatural colored hair, tattoos, jewelry, poor speech, (talking in ghetto meme quotes) and unnecessary makeup. You’re going to sprint, not walk a runway. And my parents wonder why I am still single.

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