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Is This Your Queanie – Fighting As Per Usual!


You already know and see how these black women love a good old scrap and the video above is nothing different. I see that Kid Organic did commentary on this video as well as another featuring a disgruntled black siren in a McDonalds who wanted a drink but didn’t want to pay for it, how dumb and stupid can you get?

Here you have a black dyke who thought she was going to pull up on Jun and Kim in their liquor store, however things didn’t go according to plan for her at all. I see these East Asians are beginning to take a leaf out of my book Negro Wars, whenever dealing with violent and aggressive females, your approach to managing them must be aggressive itself and you must NEVER put down your guard for one moment.

As we see those dudes laid into that dyke heavy and were relentless in their attacks. As far as I’m concerned she deserved everything she got because as is clearly evident, she went on the attack first(which is typical black female behaviour).

This is your modern day black female in a nutshell, a delusional wild woman who believes that the law as well as the rules of society don’t apply to her and as a result she thinks she can do as she pleases without any repercussions. Looks like that train of thought clearly didn’t work out in this case.

Don’t forget, these are the same black women who have no problems bragging about being “strong, independent and not needing a man”, that is of course until they jump in too deep and catch a beatdown, then all of a sudden the tune changes to “why aren’t black men protecting us”?

Let’s be honest, black women across the socio/economic spectrum engage in trashy behaviour like this, even your so called “educated, upstanding, corporate office working” black female has no problems unleashing Jezebel and allowing her a free reign of the yard unsupervised whenever she’s ready.

What really ticked me off about this video were the dumb Negro simps in the back who at the beginning weren’t interested in stopping the feral hog from throwing hands, however as soon as the tables turned and the witch was getting her backside handed to her on a chrome rimmed platter, all of a sudden its “thats enough, that’s enough, that’s enough, hey, hey”.

Shut your dumb mouth up simp, you should’ve stepped up from the beginning and stopped your “black queanie” from making a fool of herself instead of pulling out your damn phone and recording it, these black male simps are a complete and utter disgrace to black masculinity and manhood.

“I’m going to get him”, really, make sure you don’t get a few hot ones put to your chest cavity instead. If that Negro had tried something stupid and gotten shot, I wouldn’t have felt sorry for the fool at all. Negro, you don’t have any grounds to tell them how they are supposed to deal with a wild woman acting out in their business premises, smh.

As the saying goes, you mess with the bull, you get the horns and this particular black female received her just dues in record time(which makes a change). It is always a pleasure to see a violent and belligerent black harridan get her backside broken, especially when she is the instigator of the trouble.

Violent women regardless of race should NEVER be given a squeeze when it comes to them enacting aggressive and violent behaviour against you. I remember a few years ago commenter Ryan saying that one time he had to light a black witch up with a taser because she tried to get brave and step out of her lane with him.

I wish a black witch would try it with me, my much preferred option is to keep my distance as far away as possible from these feral hogs, however sometimes it cannot be helped, these black females can come out of nowhere and will go out of their way to start trouble.

Like the one time I had to blast a weave wearing black female in a train station because she was walking down the wrong flight of stairs and expected me to move out of her way. Another black witch did something similar at the same station, however an extremely dirty look was enough to get her to change course.

As I’ve stated before, I don’t feel sorry for East Asians who set up shop in poor black neighbourhoods and have to deal with the dysfunctional Negro as their main purpose entering those areas is to exploit and unfortunately the black folks who are being exploited and merchandised simply aren’t savvy enough to take their dollars and their custom elsewhere.

Gentlemen, watch out, black women out here deliberately instigating trouble in order to get some sort of attention from you is very real and I can testify to having dealt with some first hand experiences.

Reason 560,456,976 not to deal with the modern day black female, they love violence, blood and death. Avoid these dysfunctional black heifers like the plague, where this isn’t possible, keep communication and interacting with them to a minimum. #SYSBMFORLIFE

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Avoid the Black Siren Like The Plague

Most High Bless

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40 thoughts on “Is This Your Queanie – Fighting As Per Usual!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    What makes me laugh is that you still have these pro blacks telling us SYSBM black men to wife up these ugly manly beasts. There is nothing feminine about black women in 2021 and thats one of the main reasons why I refuse to date black women.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      These same pro black lames who for the most part don’t have any black females by their sides yet want to tell us to wife up masculine, tatted up, overweight creatures of the deep, no thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I have high standards in the type of woman I want to date and I am not lowering those high standards for anyone. Like I said before Verbs, the only type of women that I am interested in dating is childfree good looking (at least be a 6 out of 10 in looks and above) Turkish women, Turkish Cypriot women, Greek women, Greek Cypriot women, White women with brown eyes and Indian women who is either slim build or athletic build plus they have to live in London like me. I just don’t find black women attractive at all.

        1. Dr Umar sez:


            1. Dr.Gerbilface Johnson can’t wife up any one of these scoundrels because he’s probably too busy hiding from all of us the foreign women he’s screwing.

              1. Robert,

                I just know it’s going to come out sooner or later that he’s been dealing with a non black female and when it does, the usual “Breakfast Show” minstrels will still give the dude a platform to speak his anti interracial dating garbage and will never confront the elephant in the room.

      2. Verbs for real, who else picks up on that irony? The mainstream media doesn’t seem to bother with that bit of hypocrisy.

        Meanwhile Gerbil Man knocks up a couple of strippers. Not that they can’t be quality women but why not put a ring one of them?

        Jaxxon cheats on his wife and issues a very public apology online. I’m starting to think most people especially White males are entertained at the dysfunction in the Black Communtah.

        Why bother watching Hunger Games or Game of Thrones when you can watch the Black Communtah disintegrate?

        When it’s time to call the Janitor Black women, you can skip over our number we aren’t returning that call.

        1. Anthony,

          The fact that Gerbil Face Umar Johnson has yet to cuff a black quean speaks volumes, this is why I cannot respect those minstrels at the Breakfast Club, it’s not like in browsing the internet on the daily they haven’t come across reasonable arguments as to why nobody should be listening to Johnson’s dating advice in light of current his single, no black quean having status.

          They know he’s not in any strong position to speak but yet they still gave him a platform to spew his anti interracial dating rhetoric. On top of this Johnson is a crackhead, smh. Don’t even get me started on Derrick Jaxn who’s started making videos again, however the cheating dickhead isn’t getting half the traction he had before and rightly so.

        2. @Anthony

          I might be a janitor for a living at a major university here, but at least I get PAID to do it.

    2. Especially with the fuck faces Lisa Raye & Vivica Fox have on their show. You have to dig deep for an attractive BW. Then you have to put her through serious interrogation to see if she’s an SG.

      At that point if she agrees to Date #2, look how much time is wasted.

      You are much better spending your time overseas laying in the cut but keeping your eyes open.

      With Tinder, Whatsapp and Viber you have enough tools to get any woman you want.

      BTW, Turkey is open.

  2. MBD has recenty uploaded videos about what sysbm is and want it is not, including a list of the tenets. Some black guys in the comment section think you can date a black female and still be sysbm. Some black men like me don’t want anything to do with black females regardless where they come from. Tenet number 13 needs to change for only interracial dating just so that there is no confusion. There is no such thing as a quality negress. It don’t exist.

    Black men are free to date any race of non black women, no dick policing. But this needs to be very clear. I don’t want any black male simps infiltrating the philosophy movement of sysbm. Many philosophy movements including politics and religions have very easily been infiltrated in the past. I don’t want to associate myself with any black male negroes that have a preference of dating black negress females. It’s already humiliating just by having the same skin tone as them.


    1. Witwijf,

      There isn’t any confusion, the only thing that needed changing was me speaking in the past tense with regards to SYSBM including quality black women, however since MBD did his livestream Can A ABW Be A Good Stargate in which the final answer was and still is NO, I made that small change. I believe you’re referring to Tenet Number 3, not 13.

      Black male simps can’t infiltrate anything over here because the philosophy/movement/lifestyle is decentralised, as long as it stays that way there will be no infiltration. Additionally, it isn’t hard for myself as one of the Original Heads or anybody else who is a true SYSBM practitioner to spot a clear fraud and to call that individual out. Here is Tenet Number 3(NOT 13) with the adjustment:

      3. SYSBM is all about expanding upon one’s dating, marrying and procreation options with high quality women. Now in its earlier stages SYSBM did include quality, functional, feminine, good looking, in shape, natural, submissive, cooperative and CHILD FREE black women, HOWEVER it is now widely recognised by the SYSBM troops that at this point such women have become an extreme rarity to the point of extinction. Thus the non mixed black female by default is excluded as a viable and sustainable choice of long term companion by true SYSBM practitioners. Free thinking black men who practice SYSBM will almost certainly find themselves dealing with quality women of non black ethnicities or mixed race females. Additionally SYSBM REJECTS SCRAGGLE DAGGLES FROM ALL RACES OF WOMEN.

      1. Okay tenet number 3 is only interracial dating. Any black guy that thinks he can date negress females and still be sysbm has to read this tenet. They need to know what it is not. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

        1. The point of the two tenets is quality stargates.
          I see what you mean for sure, but the position is simple. The brothers take the position that there is a small few good BW, but it’s not worth the effort due to various circumstances, (not even getting to the psychological impact to the communityah). If she is quality stargate, great. The odds are slim (no Phylicia Rashad in this generation), so it counterproductive and risky. Along with their “teacher” the WW (especially in the west). And MAINLY because most BW have decide who they want to be with. We accept it, hence the slight adjustment.
          How can anyone take over this space when MBD has the trademark?
          We have been here for seven years, so we understand our threats better than most think.
          It’s a philosophy. You don’t have to agree with it if it’s infringes on your own values and principles. Which is why Verbs and MBD set up the standards and tenets the way they did. To flow with universal values and principles that have been stood the test of time.
          I’m more worried about dudes coming into this space with “waggles” and these wiggers just because she is white. (Is Kylie Jenner really quality or just a nice side chick to hang with, for example). I mean, we are red pilled and aware (more than the rest of the Black Manosphere) and will be the first to tell you that you have to vet. And vetting is another key of the tenets. Some of us (myself especially) know WW better than their dudes
          It’s about quality. MBD and most of the us doesn’t speak in absolutes (saying “all…”), so he is gonna say that it not about race. It’s a logical fallacy (the absolute fallacy). That’s probably where some of the confusion comes in. Various brothers who are part of the roundtable also has this view
          I don’t think anything else need to be added.
          Just say no to daggles obviously, along with waggles, laggles and aggles.

          1. As for sharing the same skin as them, it’s irreverent. Men carry the DNA input and code, which is why the father’s background has been traditionally used to determine a person’s background. Not a women, who simply carry the MAN’S sperm/DNA. I’ll NEVER say that I’m ashamed to share the same skin “color”; due to a bitch that is never really been mine, fuck that. She ain’t worth that energy. It about saving yourself
            There are over a thousands different phenotypes just for the color-coded label “black” and more than likely, we don’t share a lot of DNA/biological characteristics. We are group together based on some random label that not even European as a whole identify with (like the Armenian Kardishian or Southern and Eastern Europe).
            I’m dark brown, not black like fucking crayola.
            It’s bad enough we have let other re-write and tell our history like this CRT bullshit.

  3. Ling Tiny Ding beat the bricks off this scraggle daggle, and pistol whipped her too. The black male simp can learn something from Ling Tiny Ding. He got more game than a buff ass black simp with an 18 inch dong. LOL

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      As you continue to point out, the black male simp learns nothing, only following the instructions of his black female overlord who in turn receives her orders from Lord Euro.

  4. Hot Damn. Obsidian actually said on his show today that Kevin Sameuls is an gatekeeper between successful black men and the white women that want us. A dude commented on this very thing here that obsidian’s second attack against SYSBM was going to be through Kevin Sameuls and damn if it has came true. I always knew it was hidden agenda behind this “black love” money making scheme they were doing and now, we know why, to prevent SYSBM from going mainstream.

    1. Robert Chavis,

      Hahaha, really, Obsidian isn’t even skimming off any cream from Kevin Samuels’ success. Additionally, since when have successful black men needed Kevin Samuels? SYSBM has been around since 2012(long before Samuels blew up), we’ve been doing very well in the interracial dating realm without the assistance of Kevin Samuels. As MBD stated in one of his videos back towards the end of December 2020, SYSBM practitioners don’t need any help from an image consultant:

      I have no idea why Obsidian is still cheerleading for Kevin Samuels because Samuels has clean left him in the dust. As I’ve stated before, Kevin Samuels is for himself and himself alone, he’s gotten the traction his was looking for and now he’s flying hard solo, unfortunately, those on his defence team who honestly believe that at some point he’s going to bring them in and up the ladder with him are in for a very rude awakening.

      Finally, remember that Samuels is about hooking up successful black men with ran through and rinsed out babymothers as well as gutter trash black females rebranded. Samuels is a gatekeeper for post wall daggles most of whom are of the black variety, NOT white women. This attempted sneak attack is already dead on arrival.

      1. The crazy part, Kevin Samuels has dealt with mostly younger non-BW for years. That’s all he had on his channel when I first saw it 4 years ago.
        So I guess it is “rules for thee, not for me”
        O’man ain’t doing shit here, lol! It for clicks and views (and WW on the side, lmao!)
        As for going mainstream with the convo, that has already happen during the 90’s and last decade. Tommy even went mainstream for a few minutes. They (the women and their simps) have planted their flag, and at this point, it’s just marketing based on hope.

        1. Mack G,

          Obsidian is the biggest disappointment to be honest, When he was on point and sincerely in the corner of and the voice of the everyday brother, I used to look forward to his podcasts and his livestreams.

          Things first fell off for him when he dissed MGTOW, then he began accepting janky advice from Samuels which was purposely designed to derail his momentum but the O-Man didn’t see what was going on and continued to run with faulty guidance.

          Then he began bringing on the B1 pestilence in the form of Taz the Curry Goat, his handler Nylah Says and the Neutral Zone witch as well as hanging out with the same. You already know the saying, if it isn’t broken, don’t try to fix it, he should’ve stuck to his own BFF lane and remained steadfast in it.

          As for Samuels, I have to keep reminding black men that Samuels said himself that he’s first trying to hook up black men with black women because that’s who most black men still want to deal with, he isn’t solidly on the interracial dating manoeuvre though he understands that black men are leaving the building for many valid reasons.

    2. @Robert Chavis


      Who said that SYSBM actually wants to go mainstream?

      I don’t remember anyone ever saying that…

      1. Kameron Brown,

        SYSBM isn’t about seeking attention, we’ve been living the lifestyle in the shadows thus far and have no problems continuing to do the same. However at the same time just like when the fake academic brought major attention to SYSBM via his hit-piece article, we have to be prepared for the possibility that the same thing could happen again but on a larger scale. SYSBM at its core is all about saving the lives of free thinking brothers, this will continue to happen regardless of what attention SYSBM receives.

        1. Exactly. Being SYSBM, I’m about helping people and living the best life possible. The book of obsidian has a chapter about SYSBM and since his book is number one on in the “sexuality” section, we must be prepared for the trolls and stealth attacks via Kevin Sameuls.

      2. The manosphere is trying to gatekeeper successful black men to going to white women via Kevin Sameuls which obsidian has stated on his show today. It only confirmed that SYSBM is bigger and increased in the last year alone.

        1. I keep telling y’all Kevin Samuels is the biggest salesman for SYSBM. With every livestream, more brothers see the writing on the wall and jump ship. Hoes going on there with bonnets, smoking, one hoe blew her nose on camera and actually threatened Kevin, saying she’d fuck him up lol. Another straight-up asked why BW should come together with BM. Trust me the smart BM are quietly seeking the exits while the simps and pander bears keep trying to make it work with the absolute worst, most irredeemable, black man-hating females on the planet.

          How much proof do you need? LMAO

  5. In all honesty, black women are never gonna drop that tough girl cookie act. Like I said before, women who have masculine traits are the least desirable. Women who have feminine traits are more desirable. What the hell is so desirable about a woman who always starting trouble? That title named Is this your queanie, the answer: HELL NAH, period! I gotta laugh at black women who talk about protection, why black men ain’t protecting black women because how are you asking for protection but at the same time, acting like a tough cookie? Answer that question for real. They’re has to be like countless evidence after evidence after evidence of black women acting more like a tough cookie than a woman of quality. The simps calling this quality? Bruh I’m done with the black majority.

    P.S. I aware that y’all seen MBD videos yesterday, laying down the law again. I’ve been rocking with this space since high school, and I’m glad I caught this at a young age. When I look at these Anti-SYSBM dudes, I look at them with a serious face like what the hell are they talking about. I’m not trying to be the black community’s bailout plan, period. The black community is done man. The blk manosphere is done for also. Around 2019 or 2020, I left the black manosphere alone because I’m just trying to figure what the hell happened.

  6. 1) We don’t need image consultants
    2) Financial Planning is key to your legacy, but doesn’t require six digits to start
    3) IR dating is implied but if it doesn’t fit your world view don’t say we didn’t warn you
    4) Being decentralized means anybody can speak but frauds and grifters are easily identified

    MBDX is right, the majority of BM (and BW for that matter) are looking for another Messiah. They can’t make heavy decisions for themselves without approval from the Black misLeadership class who are all trying to ensure that you’ll stay in your lane.

    However what they haven’t figured out yet is how to get a BMW as Dr. Julia Hare (RIP) used to call it to marry up the chicks that were ran through by every rapper, drug dealer and hustler on the block. Again I use Breyona Taylor as an example. An educated BW who just had to have herself some thug luvin and ends up dead because of it. Meanwhile the BLM vultures along with Taylor’s family are less focused on the police that did the no-knock raid, being more interested in the District Attorney who happens to be a Black man who is engaged to a White woman.

    You can’t make this sort of thing up.

    1. They’re psychopaths and racist narc idiots. Completely caught up in the MI6 made for TV KGB propagated racial purity narrative. Hitler and the Zionists would have executed Shaniqua and Bottom Shelf Brad if they won the war and thrown all the hotep simps and wignats in concentration camps…where the only evidence of their whereabouts would be a stage show set of fake gas chambers. Revolutionaries (Progressives/white supremacists) and statists (bankers/Communist Zionists) whine about black men and white women all day, yet are more hateful and delusional than the worst Italian kings.

      For fuck’s sake, Woodrow Wilson even wiped out white Germans in America! His so called white ethnonationalism is the reason for the problems of today, Missa Chin and the Windsors ran off with the dough when leaving Shaniqua and Bottom Shelf Brad with the bag after WW1. And when these guys get beaten and humiliated by Chabad Chev and Missa Chin, they run off and use their white nationalist goon squads to try and intimidate black men. Unbelievable!

  7. Black women are ready to fight until they get a beat down by Mr Chong. The chiney man was giving her blows blud. When you look at this and I’m goanna do an article of this on Friday is that we don’t see black men defending these scraggs. There is reason for that and this is there are no men around so that is the reason why the chiney man just knock them out. Only the simps are there to defend them. As these simps defending their black queen, their queen are still going to Mr Lee and buy weave from him and get their nails down. It’s not worth defending these scraggs. And did you see the other chiney man with the 9mm? If I was the chiney man, I’ll let off two bullets. These scraggs.

  8. “I see these East Asians are beginning to take a leaf out of my book Negro Wars, whenever dealing with violent and aggressive females, your approach to managing them must be aggressive itself and you must NEVER put down your guard for one moment.”

    In a lot of these videos of Asian store owners being attacked its usually BW.

    ““I’m going to get him”, really, make sure you don’t get a few hot ones put to your chest cavity instead. If that Negro had tried something stupid and gotten shot, I wouldn’t have felt sorry for the fool at all.”

    I wouldn’t have felt sorry for him either, she was the one who started the fight. The store owner was right to get a gun, he would have been foolish not to.

  9. Notice that the blows to the beast’s hide were mostly useless, with Fei Long and Kim Kaphwan barely keeping the creature at bay. The health meter was only slightly being whittled away at.

    That lets you know how brutish and non-feminine these daggles are. Even the most petulant feminist of another race would take one mere sock to the jaw before being knocked straight on her “independence.” These QUEENIES, however, are like a damn slasher killer. They can be shot, stabbed, punched, kicked and anything in between but still refuse to go down. Hell, that’s why they live to be old as dirt despite multiple amputations from a steady diet of hog maws and chitlins.

    I honestly expect more modern day Latasha Harlins, with Lee Mu Bai and his wife getting sick of the daggle and her Simp underlings. They will probably shoot at a moment’s notice, and I can’t blame them. Black folk NEED to be hunted down and get their asses whipped when they allow foreigners to be the only profitable people on THEIR turf! Why the hell would ANYONE respect you if you don’t even own the liquor stores you all frequent? Let the night of the Roof Koreans commence!

    1. Exactly

      “Notice that the blows to the beast’s hide were mostly useless, with Fei Long and Kim Kaphwan barely keeping the creature at bay. The health meter was only slightly being whittled away at.”

      I noticed that too. That was why I said that he was right to get a gun, those Asian dudes would have a rough time against the overgrown western BW without one.

      “Black folk NEED to be hunted down and get their asses whipped when they allow foreigners to be the only profitable people on THEIR turf! Why the hell would ANYONE respect you if you don’t even own the liquor stores you all frequent?”

      Yep, those foreign store owners in the hood don’t respect ghetto Blacks, they will take what little money they have but they don’t respect them. Foreigners see that no one wants to do business with ghetto Blacks, not even other Black people. The Korean weave shop owner can do whatever he wants to a BW in his store, announce a sale the next day, and have BW lined up back at his store.

    2. Afrofuturism1,

      “Notice that the blows to the beast’s hide were mostly useless, with Fei Long and Kim Kaphwan barely keeping the creature at bay. The health meter was only slightly being whittled away at.”


      Isn’t this why I’ve stated many times before why black men should never hold back on masculine, violent black women? Like you said, the black witch was still on her feet irrespective of all the blows she took to the face and mid section. I’m still going to stand by my position that most black women are possessed by evil spirits which give them enhanced immunity from injury, all the best to any black man who still chooses to deal with one of these devil infested harpies.

  10. When Keepin’ It Real Goes Wrong

    This Chunky Bruh looking dyke has 0% femininity in her anatomy and physiology; she thought she could just invade their space behind the counter and intimidate Mr. Chin. Keep in mind, ever since that one crazy White guy killed those Asian female employees at the Atlanta massage parlor, Asians have decided to arm themselves against any threats to their safety; as soon as the other guy pulled out the Glock, note how she simmered down real quick and tried to get out of there, but not before they got some good punches in on her. She’s lucky they didn’t inject her with lead bullets like a HOAXVID vaccine; Mr. Chin nuh easy!

    As for the Black male simp behind the camera, he’s another example of why the communitah can’t be saved or salvaged; these simps turn stupid whenever there’s a scraggle daggle in their presence. She writes a check she can’t cash (starts a fight), and when the check bounces (tables get turned on her) here comes Captain Save A Daggle; I wish that guy would’ve tried to go back there to defend his queanie so he would see how quick they’d light him up! My father always told me never put to put my hands on anybody, because he doesn’t want to hear me crying to him in the event I get beat up; don’t start none, won’t be none!

    1. LOL! Black females and regressive leftists are just as evil and delusional as the racist Soviet Jews they claim to be fighting. What makes it funny is the way how all of them love to call black men monkeys, raccoons or savages yet have no problem fighting each other or other people over the dumbest and most inane of things. The Arch-Duke of Austria Hungary wanted to give the Slavs under his rule rights and more freedoms in a federation, black females and racist white men as well as their Jewish Zionist backers destroyed all that in the name of the ‘Anglo-Saxon’ race. Funny how black females and racist Jews crow about ‘white genocide’ yet hang out with the same people who want to kill them off.

      Fascism, Communism and Progressivism all boil down to one thing: total control by the super rich and religious fundamentalists. White supremacy and Jewish victimhood are merely schemes to get power.

      If this is hard to believe, look at Netenyahu and Bill Gates. These MFs were hardcore eugenics supporters and supporters of the military industrial complex. As time passed they put on the cloak of fake ‘liberalism’ and used delusional thugs and proxies to do their dirty work.

      Ironically Chabad, Missa Chin and Her Majesty don’t need Shaniqua and the ADL anymore to propagate their racist and intersectionality filth. Guys like Rothschild and their progeny Hitler, famous for ‘Mein Kampf’ and its predecessor ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ are criminals, washed up wannabes and delusional thugs given an audience and attention by the occult masters and then disposed of.

      Does anyone think the Traditionalist Workers’ Party or the Antifa blackshirts could go up against Russian and Ukrainian thugs posing as the lost tribes of Israel, wearing the US Army uniform and given vast amounts of military equipment? Kent State in the 1960s or joint FBI-KGB control of the US Communist Party should have taught wignats and fake SJWs the lesson. The money continues flowing through Swiss and German banks no matter what.

      The ‘Revolution vs State’ narrative is useful in keeping the sheeple trapped and focused on mentally jacking off on the feel good nonsense. Neither Umar Spengler or Patrick Little will tell their audience about Talpiot or Entente plans for world domination using the environmentalist movement. Neither will they talk about Israeli ties to Nazis and Soviets.

    2. Blue Collar Trevor,

      The black community is finished, the occupants of it simply don’t have any discipline, integrity nor order, the black witch under the direct instructions of Captain Frost does what she pleases with little to no ramifications and her simpleton black male simp squadrons form Voltron in order to enable her to continue her reign of terror. I’ve seen videos of black women releasing Jezebel from her confinement and they weren’t listening to anybody with reason and common sense around them, especially black men. The message remains the same, abandon ship and never look back.

      1. “My people perish for a lack of guidance”

        There is no shame in leaving the cemetery. In fact it is weird to start off living among the dead. No shame in leaving a verifiable ship for fools. It is the noble and right thing to do!

        “Turn from evil and do good!”

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