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A Black Female Speaks Her Mind – Take Notes!


Firstly, note the name of the Tik Tok profile(which has since been deleted), “hang the coons”. This is why I have absolutely no problems advising black men with sense and intelligence NOT to pay any mind to black women at all and to seek out love and companionship elsewhere without hesitation. They talk about being “strong and independent” in one breath until they get busted upside the head, then suddenly it’s all about “why aren’t black men protecting us”.

We already know that the black female is the flunky of Captain Slush, it is her job to keep black men and black society flat upon their faces in order to continue securing the reign of her white lord and saviour. This includes calling the police on black men for ANY reason in the hopes that those black men will lose their lives.

See, Phillip Scott of the Advise Show has continually stated that calling the police on black men hoping that they’ll be shot and killed is the aim of the Karen type white female, however as per usual with these pyramid head, pro black pundits, they seem to conveniently overlook the black female’s prolific participation in the same activity.

More black men have died as a result of the foul actions of black women than your stereotypical Karen, black women by far have and still continue to bring far more damage upon the heads of their male counterparts, even more that the “white supremacy” they so frequently love to use as a crotch for their victimhood status.

“If A Black Man Is Disrespecting You, Don’t Be Afraid To Call The Cops”

The thing is what we already know with the overwhelming majority of black women is they’ll view a mere difference of opinion as being so called “disrespectful”, as a free thinking black man you can’t win which is why black women must be avoided when and where possible, leave them to their own fate.

Just imagine for a second, you get into a discussion with a black woman about a random subject, you’re able to refute her arguments and demonstrate her position to be in error, she decides that in proving her wrong you’ve disrespected her and calls the police on you, smh.

And they wonder why more black men are choosing to head for the hills ie opting to date out, the reasons why so many black men are throwing in the towel on black women and leaving the building are spilling over the pot, these anti SYSBM naysayers look incredibly stupid day by day as they continue to ask “what are you guys saving yourselves from”?

As I’ve stated before, black women are extremely dangerous to be around yet alone to date and marry, it should be as bright as day to anyone with half a brain that most black women mean malicious intent against their male counterparts, this is your true “black girl magic” at work.

Those black men who still choose to deal with these black harriets do so at their own risk and should not complain when calamity befalls them, they can’t say that they weren’t pre-warned. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Note The Speech And The Actions Of Your Enemies And Act Accordingly

Most High Bless

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57 thoughts on “A Black Female Speaks Her Mind – Take Notes!

  1. But “da cops” beez hour in m eez!! The cops are honestly just a firecracker, but who do you think lights them? With literally EVERY issue in the black community in the west, if you remove black women from the equation, black society improves overnight.

    Calling out and even outright removing black women is NEVER mentioned as a way to cure what ails the black community, and anyone suggesting a fix besides that should not be taken seriously.

    Forget the cops killing people, if thug black men took out black women the way they kill each other, our problems would be minuscule.

    “Hang the coons,”
    You will also notice that the black women uses racist language toward black men FAR more than even white men do. I don’t even think at this point that they’re working for that amorphous white supremacy. They just happen to have the same goals.

    1. LOL, you hit the nail on the head. These people are just crazy and insane. Black females are obsessed with themselves and being liked and accepted, racist Jews want to rule the world like some Saturday morning ultra violent seinen series, and beta males just want to be in charge of the ‘revolution’. An unholy triad of destruction.

      1. Brendan Dubalos,

        Yes indeed, we must never forget the zionist hand in all of this, the hidden hand driving all of this evil forward utilising the ignorance of others to his gain, smh.

        1. Good point there. It wouldn’t surprise me if a lot of these ‘burn the coal’ and ‘white race’ propaganda outlets and sock accounts are Hasabara or some other UK/Chinese government disinfo operation. Some of their fellow Jews did bust them trying to stir up hatred against Ashkenazi women who dated out on the internet. As one commentator pointed out, the white nationalist movement is Zionism under a different flag.

          These incels whine about not being able to get girls but do nothing to improve themselves or make themselves presentable. What does this remind you off….Russians and Ukranians with Turkish descent whinnying on about ‘anti Semitism’ when half of them can’t even identify where they came from.

          Just look at the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Sion’, pure nonsense and racist hate compiled into one book. These Hitler lovers have no idea the 170,000 Jews in the SS and Wehrmacht would have slaughtered them on the spot or marched them into a concentration camp where they would have been forced to work on nuclear missiles and jet fighters while having to deal with typhus and other diseases.

          Nazi Germany was the Greater GERMANIC Realm (Grosdeutsch Reich) not the CAUCASIAN Empire. Germans at the time were divided into the stereotypical viking look and the African descendant aristocrats. Same with Italy. Even to this day, you have the Nordic Aryan looking supposed Jews who ran away to Palestine using Russians and Arabs to do their dirty work and maintain power.

          But thinking black men are ‘n…r Nazis’ and monkeys according to these hammer and sickle wielding racist pieces of garbage, who run around with their beta white male goons causing chaos and being chased by Ahmaud and Socialist Pedro, who despite their faults, are absolutely right in jailing and blowing up these clowns when they catch them.

          These Bolsheviks get several privileges and perks for selling out and even get government positions if they are lucky. Most of them go into the army where they can act out their frustration at not being able to have a decent job or have any voice in the Soviet state upon innocent Palestinians. And we all know what happens when beta males and harridans get their hands on weapons and power….

        2. WE are the ORIGINAL CHOSEN PEOPLE of the book. These White so-called Jews are former Europeans who decided to PRETEND to be Jews, at the end of WW II, to con the rest of White folks into EMPOWERING them to colonize the “Holy Land”. Nevertheless, scripture is quite clear that these occupiers of Jerusalem WILL be DEFEATED and the Lost Tribes WILL return to the PROMISED LAND.

    2. Brother as we all know, the LEFT and RIGHT hand of White Supremacy. They make it possible for Black men to be ridiculed, spat on and victims of extrajudicial killings.

      Black men are FREE to choose from White, Brown, Olive or Yellow women. This is f’n ridiculous that you have to make excuses or make up reasons why you don’t want Black women. As Chris Rock has said, Black men have always wanted what the dominant culture had; It wasn’t until recently that as been a reality. Malcolm X warned about the last trick that the White man would give us would be his woman. How is that a trick when all the dominant culture has done since the 1980’s is to show WM as effeminate, soft shoes? While showing Black men as dominating alphas?

      SYSBM – Protecting yourself is not an option, it’s a requirement.

      1. Anthony,

        Malcolm got the so called “last trick” so wrong as we can clearly see that despite their various shortcomings, white women bring more peace and tranquility to those black men who are open to interracial dating than these black females ever could.

        This modern day black female was never on our side, she only appeared to stick with black men until other options became available. As soon as “other doors” began to open up for her, this black siren couldn’t wait to jump ship.

        Like you said, SYSBM is no longer an option for true practitioners, it must be considered as mandatory.

        1. Malcolm couldn’t openly mention who the “last trick” referred to at the time, now we all know.

    3. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that the black male simp is just as much a misandrist as the scraggle daggle. While the scraggle daggle is a misandrist against black men, the black male simp is the biggest misandrist agains black men, on the planet. Da communitah is a misandristic matriarchy that sacrifices black men to prop up the scraggle daggle.

      The thirst of the black male simp is beyond comprehension. This is an entire cohort of males who thirst for a female phenotype that usually has venereal diseases and bacterial vaginitis, along with testosterone levels approaching that of males.

      There is nothing wholesome or good in da communitah. Black men with any live brain cells should be single mindedly focused on getting as far from da communitah as possible. Leave da communtah to the scraggle daggle, the black male simp, demon spawn nigglets, Captain Rothstein, and Major Blizzard.

      1. AmericanBlkMan,

        Indeed, however we must never forget that the disgraceful black male simp is the creation of the modern day black female, without the black witch these SIMPleton Negroes wouldn’t exist.

      2. The GOOD NEWS about the Black SIMP is that, because HE has become the BW’s usual bed partner, when Babylon falls — and it will in our lifetime — BW and the SIMPs who worship them will FALL right along with these sons of Gog and Magog who EMPOWER the BW to RULE over the Black community.

    4. I wholeheartedly agree.I personally would like to see all Black Women who constantly exhibit these savage,evil,demonic, debaucherous,demented,severely,deeply rooted mental dysfunctional,disorderly,ill behaviors to be IMMEDIATELY FORCABLY Removed from society and sent out into the middle of nowhere in Alaska, Canada and Siberia for the rest of their lives until they FINALLY DIE.

      1. Robert,

        Indeed, malevolent and dysfunctional black women need to be cast upon an isolated island of their own where they can wreak havoc to their heart’s content without their evil exploits affecting any decent people around them.

      2. Well, since REMOVING BW is not an available option to us, our best available option is to have NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM. As I always say, if you do not f*ck her, she CANNOT f*ck over you. The way these sons of Gog and Magog have setup the Black “community”, the BW is EMPOWERED to rule over us, but ONLY if we mate with her. The OBVIOUS solution to that problem is NOT to EVER mate, date, impregnate, or marry a BW. PROBLEM SOLVED.

    5. Afrofuturism1,

      Funny you should talk about black women and the damage they’ve brought upon their own people, I came across this short video in which a white actor admits that white folks via the government taught the black witch to sacrifice her male counterpart for welfare money from the State.

      Didn’t the fake academic Aaron Fountain make a video not so long ago claiming that what we’ve been stating for the longest about LBJ, his Welfare Reform Act and the immense damage it has brought upon the black family structure wasn’t true? Smh:

      I’ve been saying for years that the modern day black female is a curse and a pestilence upon black society, however most black men refuse to acknowledge that she’s the main problem.

      1. Verbs2015, You’re absolutely right.The black demon witch has purposely caused much death and destruction.It’s something black pastors and the entire Communitah refuse to admit.

        1. They don’t want to kill the goose laying the golden egg we all know that. That means they will NEVER admit to wrongdoing. Judge Joe Brown pulls no punches and he’s a victim of the vindictive Communtah of SIMPS and Unwed Black women.

          That is why he has to go to Red/Black pills channels to speak, c’mon now. The dysfunction is real.

      2. If you search diligently, you can still find recordings of LBJ referring to Dr. King as a nigga preacher. LBJ was the beginning of the Democratic party’s new strategy to “prevent the rise of Black messiah”. And, KNOW THIS, their new strategy REQUIRED Black women to become what they are now … the single most LOYAL base of the Democratic party. I am not naive enough to think the Republican party is our salvation, because MOST Republican politicians are RINOs. Still, thanks to Trump, the Party of Lincoln is now the Party of Trump. And, Trump is a LOT more willing to work with Black men than ANY other Republican or Democrat.

  2. Murderous black female misandry and thinking Black men are supposed to just hang around for such treatment. But the pro-blackity-black simp brigade led by Aaron Fountain and Shawn James are stone silent in the face of such evidence from the sistagurl’s own mouth, why?

    SYSBM is working, gents, it’s got both the simps and the misandrist black bitches in knots. The real mules of the black community are hopping the fence to the promised land. Check MBD’s latest video for proof. Keep the wall up.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      The fake academic must defend his black queenies at all costs, even though from the way he constantly chases after other black men online, it’s debatable whether the dude actually likes women to begin with. Any transgressions that black women commit will be blatantly ignored by the fake academic, Shawn James and the rest of the black female defenders club.

      1. The beta male stalker does chase Black men all over the internet to get brownie points and Scooby Snacks from his quean who does not even appreciate it. Professor Carroll is correct once again.

  3. I noticed something, when the thinking black man is around good, productive non black women, somehow, the sun gets brighter and the rays of the sun fall on you as a reward for not dealing with the daggle. It’s a superpower once you know your worth and how to be free from the same counterpart who verbally insults good black men daily.

    1. Robert Chavis,

      This is one of the main reasons I wrote my book Negro Wars and also continue the work of exposing and breaking down black female dysfunction and skullduggery on this website, to show those black men who can actually think and reason for themselves that they DON’T have to stick with and tolerate the constant aggression, the disrespect and the violence from their female counterparts, they can do much better for themselves and find quality women from other ethnicities.

  4. Verbs 2015.

    The above video reconfirms the reasons why I refuse to date black women and I don’t feel guilty about it one bit.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      As the saying goes, only deal with women who will love and appreciate you, not those who will tolerate you, end of.

  5. If you go back to last week, this is exactly what that BW rapper said verbatim. Saying to Myron “You need to call the cops if you are going to talk to me like that”. So talking maybe a heighten voice to a BW is disrespectful?

    Remember that means if BW feels disrespected at all, it’s in her right to dial 911 on you BM.

    Being self employed I can avoid the daggles almost completely. With all the countries that are more than friendly to Black men you have no excuse not to explore your options. That said I would avoid places where SIMPS hang specifically DR, Colombia and Brazil (Rio).

    All they do is chase the same type of SG’s that reject them at home.

  6. Like I said before, the hatred black women they have for black men is so damn strong. It’s so strong to the point where there’s no type of love in the black woman. No matter how hard you try, nothing doesn’t satisfy her. I’m just gonna keep saying this: The black woman sold the black man out big time. This is why I keep on telling myself, I’m better off with a non black woman, or a mixed woman. I’m not trying to deal with the hatred black women have for black men. Evidence after evidence shows that the black women don’t have no type of love for black men, and you can’t denied the evidence. How many times have we heard “black men don’t protect and provide,” “Black men ain’t shit,” “All black men do is sell drugs and get locked up,” “All these men either gay or in jail, where the good black men at,” Coming out of the black woman’s mouth? It’s like, they had good black men right in front of their faces, but what the hell happened? Lived a freaking fantasy. That “Them white women, non black women gone get y’all,” can be thrown out the window because you’ll have a higher chance of getting f***** over by a woman your own race than a woman from a different background.

    1. D.K. Phantom,

      It’s not rocket science, however most black men still don’t get it, don’t deal with a group of women who view you as their enemy, it’s that simple. When was the last time you heard a black women say “I love you” either to her boyfriend/husband or her children, I’ll wait?

      1. You actually have to negotiate and “horse trade” just to get a smile from these brick-face heffas, let alone “I love you.” It’s a wrap for these bitches, man, lol.

      2. Check out the Honest Adonis YouTube channel. It is run by a Black man and his half-Black, half-Asian wife. She was raised by a Black man and I have NEVER heard a Black woman speak as HIGHLY of Black men as she does. She also brings the smoke on these BROKEN scraggles. Check out this video –>

  7. Negresses are spiritually into demonic witchcraft. I’ve noticed for a very very long time of blacks using racial slurs against themselves a lot more than non blacks.

    Another example is this famous black Youtuber from the UK named KSI that went in on his younger brother Deji saying racially stereotypical memes in his recent videos after he lost his second boxing fight against a Tik Toker named Vinnie Hacker. 12 years a slave movie meme, bending down his knee for BLM in the 3rd round of the fight meme, putting black people back 100 years with that loss meme.

    This public video is more humilating than the fight itself, but I can’t deny facts about what he said. As a black person, he has to work 2,3 or 4 times harder than a normal person just to be very successful. This is true because of the western corporate world and also because of having the ugliest counterpart on planet earth. I’m not subscribed to their channels but I do keep up to date on the latest trends on Youtube.

    Only in the U.S states has some history of karens that have caused civil wars during Jim Crow cause of false accusation of rape and calling the cops even till this day because some black men refused sex from them.

    Nobody except sysbm practitioners is calling out stats of negresses making the same false accusations of rape and calling the cops on black men. These statistic data retentions have proof that they are the majority doing stuff like this in the U.S.

    Karens are a minority but the truth is a negress is the number one enemy to any black man. Most black males want black kids. They want a negative offspring to look like them but don’t realise the consequences of their decisions in Africa, North America, South America and Europe. Most black males don’t know they are in danger for the rest of their lives just by breeding with a negress.

    Living in western societies can easily make anyone go through suicidal thoughts with everything that is going on right now. The lockdowns, bioweapon vaccines, face masks, dick policing black men. This is why my best advice is to find women towards the north or the east of the world. I’m avoiding the south and the west of the world. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. Truth. Even the Fake News is reporting about the growing number of Black women who are PUBLICLY admitting they are into witchcraft. This is INARGUABLE proof of the WICKEDNESS of Black women.

  8. Okay, let me start this off by saying that the song playing in the background is garbage (as are those dance moves); also, with a name like “hang.the.co0ns”, it’s totally understandable why she hid her face (she’s probably unattractive anyway). As one commenter stated above, Black women use the same racist language as Captain Euro, but they also possess the same attitude that accompanied such language; they’re basically emasculating Black men with the threat of imprisonment if he isn’t compliant with her demands (just like the slave master did).

    Remember that episode of ‘Blue Therapy’ where the daggle named Deborah accused her boyfriend Jamel of being rude simply because he asked her what does she bring to the table and didn’t back down? That’s another example the scraggle daggle would use to say a Black man was disrespectful to her, therefore she will call the cops on him. I can only imagine the number of Black men who’ve been alienated from their children in this fashion because they were “disrespectful” to their child’s biological mother [i.e. he wouldn’t allow the mother to extort more than the ordered monthly payments
    from him in order to see his child].

    And yet we still have brain dead SYSBM scoffers who will ask us what we’re saving ourselves from; the next time one of them asks you that question, answer them like this: “I’m saving myself from the life you are currently living”. Watch their reaction, and respond with the most villainous grin you can muster.

    1. Ya hit it on da head! These black females are psychopaths and delusional to the core. From hanging out with literal mafia dons to fighting over weave, their greed and stupidity is off the charts. No wonder only the most hardcore post modernists and white nationalists stay around Hegemonist Land, the lunatics have taken over the asylum. Missa Chin and his collection boy False Flag Fedowitz can have them and their insecure fake liberal supposed white supremacist lord and savior, no janitors round here.

    2. Blue Collar Trevor,

      One of the main problems is these Stockholm syndrome Negroes are so brain damaged, they don’t even see the constant aggravation and strife they receive from black women as dysfunctional behaviour and a problem, they honestly believe it’s normal and something that must be accepted, not me, I’m good, I’ll pass.

      The modern day black female continues to show her true colours and free thinking black men continue to take notes and act accordingly. As the legendary Rick Scorpio said, black women are going to regret making good black men into their enemies:

      1. That video keeps getting taken down and re-uploaded like whack-a-mole. Rick Scorpio truly hit a nerve with that classic. I listen to it over and over like a hit record.

  9. What a pissed off Friday with the football. England nearly lost against the old enemy Scotland and the game was real rollercoaster ride and now we see the Tik Tok video of this broad, good God. Here this. The reason why a scraggle daggle will call the cops on a black man is because they wanna see another black man dead. They are raising criminals to make black men kill each other and they will call police to get a black man killed. Listen to me, black men stop dealing with these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles. They are more dangerous then a black widow spider for Christ sake. Stop dealing with these fool, fool gyal. My Friday got messed up because of the game and now this ghetto scraggly broad say to call police of a black man disrespects you, good God. Black men, stop dealing with these ghetto whores. Don’t give into her punany when she throws it in your face.

  10. Money Cultural,

    Unfortunately most black men are going to have to learn the hard way that dealing with this modern day black female carries an extremely heavy price, they’re too brainwashed and bewitched to learn from what has happened to others before them and thus could’ve avoided the calamity.

    1. They will learn the hard way when they are dealing with the ghetto scragglies. They will not listen to thinking black men but they soon learn and it will be the hard way.

      1. Black females will have no problem with False Flag Fedowitz, Triad Tien and Banker Rotschild but will mock, denegrate and use the same slurs that racist Jews and their beta white male thugs use against black men. Harris and Biden whine about Dugin manipulating these single mother raised so called incels but fail to mention that they could have stopped all this madness by telling the Zionist cult to go f…k itself and take the likes of the ADL with them when things were good.

        ‘N word Nazi’ my ass, they can take the hammer and sickle and go back to Russia with their white race communism. No janitors round here.

    2. Google a music video by this BW calling herself Tasha Mac. She is carrying AT LEAST 150 extra pounds, but her videos have her surrounded by men (none of whom are even HALF as fat as her) who are acting like she is the prize. There is NOTHING as unattractive as a FAT Black woman twerking …

      1. Raymond Wood,

        US black females are overweight at an 80% clip(UK black females are 60% plus tug boating) and they’ve got these simps out here labelling them as “thick”, smh. Non black women who are overweight for the most part acknowledge they have a problem and attempt to bring remedy to their predicament, not this black female however, she instead attempts to shame black men into accepting her fat behind. Nope, not me, I’m good, I’ll pass.

  11. Scraggle witchcraft. Plain and simple.



  12. I’ve noticed many disturbing trends among the black male simp population over the last 20 years.

    But lately I have been seeing a lot of so called educated lame black male simps with good physiques and decent looks, who are pairing up with scraggle daggles who are 1s and 2s, maybe 3s, if you are generous.

    Now, if these were women with fine characters, who just happen to have homely faces and funny shapes, that would be one thing. But these women have the same shitty attitudes, disrespectful behavior, and sense of entitlement as the typical scraggle daggle, while carrying all the negative energy of said scraggle daggle.

    What’s up with this ??

    Makes me think that da communitah has produced a population of mentally retarded black male simps.

    1. You are spot on, and that’s been the plan for the last 50 years. If BW could control what BM liked, you’d have muscular, good looking brothas with 300 lb Precious and Lizzo on their arms. BW don’t feel they have to compete for the best and brightest, they can be in any kind of disarray but the BM has got to be Superman, LeBron, 2Pac and Bill Gates all in one body. They have managed to brainwash the lion’s share of BM into accepting damaged goods because they momma black.

  13. The key to avoiding this is simple. You run in circles in which this “woman” doesn’t exist. And if for the time being you are in the same group…you need to be making moves to not be in the presence of them. This is already happening with thinking BM and nothing will stop it.

    1. 1MT is talking about is how his brother got murdered by a SG. Again another example of how this BW do not respect you at all. They do not love you at all, they despise you and only want to procreate with you to create the next Jayson Tatum or Julio Jones.

    1. Gryphon,

      Thanks bro, I was down for about a week and a half in total. Indeed, more folks are getting sick and tired of this modern day black female, we already know how East Asians feel about the black witch, how many other videos have we come across of black women getting bust upside the head by Jong and Kim?

    2. Yeah I’ve seen/heard about that video before. While they are the SG’s we mainly say are off limits. The danger is the so-called Educated BW and her flunkies the SIMPS who come from all kinds of educational backgrounds.

      They are the ones that dox you and get your social media channels flagged.

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