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60 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

  1. Hey Brother Verbs, have you noticed that a lot of race purists and other revolutionaries tend to be busted as either intelligence assets, useful idiots or even direct state agents after a period of time? Like Umar Spengler and the bunch of whiny crybabies known as the ‘alt-right’ and the fake SJWs on the far left. Some pissed off intelligence agencies used MSM articles to describe how the chosenites used Russia to create a migrant crisis in Europe so they could boost ethno nationalism there.

    The scheme failed but they have CONvid and ‘climate lockdowns’ to ‘save’ the planet when guys like Rothschild get paid billions to spout their racist garbage and sneer down on the ‘proletariat’ when they themselves are just a few investigations away from prison, like their compatriots False Flag Fedowitz and Hitman Hanzelstein fresh off the gulag. Also let’s not forget all the CO2 that places like China emit….but you know facts don’t matter to blind idealists.

    Keep it up man, you’re doing God’s work here. These black females, racist Zionists and white beta males need to be exposed.

    1. Brendan Dubalos,

      Yes sir, I’ll continue blowing the trumpet. These race purists can never be taken seriously, they cannot continue to promote faulty beyond repair products(black females) and honestly expect black men with sense and intelligence to put down their logic, thinking, reasoning faculties and choose one of these dysfunctional black sirens just for the sake of “keeping it real”. As you used to say often, no clean up men over here.

  2. An update of the court situation. My brother-in-law and his sister and his mum have been granted the right to stay in the UK on compassionate human rights. The home office has 2 weeks to appeal against this decision.

    Another Nigerian single mother putting her kids lives at risk for deciding to stay here illegally. If the engineering company finds out they employed someone who is not suppose to be working, the company could get fined £10,000 or more. He has been working here illegally for 4 years. The only reason why he was able to get in was because of his birth certificate of being born in the UK in 1991 or 1992 and passed his engineering course exams at loughborough university in leicester UK.

    His dad came to UK at some point during the 1960’s and 1970’s through the commonwealth to help build the UK economy after WW2. No one knows much details cause his dad and his mum are very secretive. No one knows if his mum came to the UK legally or illegally in the 80’s or 90’s No one knows when his dad left the UK and went back to Nigeria. No one knows when his mum went back to Nigeria with her kids between the 1990’s to 2000’s.

    Even if they all got deported, their lives would still be at risk cause the muslims in the North of Nigeria want to take over the whole country. The north vs the south. There is still kidnappings going on for paganism rituals and withcraft. They could be caught in the cross fire and be easy targets for robbery cause her kids have a British accent. There is still tribalism discrimination in the job markets of Nigeria that could make it difficult for them to find work if they don’t have connections at all.

    This is what happens when someone breeds with a negress. Their lives are always in danger 24/7. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

  3. Verbs 2015.

    Boris Johnson has put the end of the lockdown date to the 19th July 2021. I think the whole lockdown and covid 19 situation is bullshit because Boris Johnson wants to vaccinate more people.

    1. Nobody wants the juke, the idea that 3.8m will voluntarily go for the free demon gift is preposterous. Only 150,000 have taken the shot, do not ever believe the bullshit numbers from BBC or Sky News – they get paid by the drug companies.

      If you follow the lineage of this thing: elderly patients > da bLaCkS > over 40s > teens and now kids. No one wants it and parents are starting to shift in uncomfortably as they now have to pick a side.

      If you’re Black, you already know about the Tuskegee experiments, I hope they remember that before submitting to a dark side that’s already on the way out. The devil always demands repayment.

      1. Michel.

        I fully agree with you Michel. I am not taking that fucking vaccine because its going to kill me or make me seriously ill.

        1. If nothing was learned from U.S. history, I present Exhibit A in the form of two words:

          Tuskegee Experiment.

          That is all.


      2. Michel,

        Coming for the children as far as I’m concerned is the biggest transgression this government has committed so far and at some point they will pay for this with their own blood, preferable from their necks. Children who we were clearly told are practically invulnerable to so called “covid”, now all of a sudden need to get jabbed up, how does that work?

        These clowns must think we were born yesterday. The sad thing is there are so many knucklehead parents who will be rolling up the sleeves of their children not thinking back to what was previously stated concerning children’s immunity towards the virus.

        I personally believe the vaccine administration figure is greater than 150,000 because at work I’m literally surrounded and swamped by colleagues who have taken it, however I most certainly DO NOT believing the government’s official numbers, they are grossly over exaggerated just like they blow up the numbers for the daily tests when the test centres were empty.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      The majority of the British public are too stupid to realise they’re being played, there is NO road map to freedom, there is only a road map into further lockdowns, tyranny, restrictions and imprisonment. The July 19th so called “date of freedom” will be pushed back once again just like the June 21st one.

      I’m so disappointed in the UK public, 30 years ago they wouldn’t have stood for any of this nonsense, now they’re coming cap in hand begging the government for freedoms they could’ve easily gotten back had they stood against this garbage from the beginning.

      Even at this moment according to the official narrative Covid deaths and hospitalisations are on the floor, yet the people are still being locked down and there are businesses that are still waiting to reopen.

      You’re right, the lockdown from the beginning was about stripping away rights, earlier on the sheeple couldn’t see it and labelled those who called it from the beginning “conspiracy theorists”, however now it should be blatantly obvious even to the most simple minded knucklehead that these lockdowns are about something completely different.

      My rights and freedoms were handed down to me by the Most High at birth and no rouge, out of control, tyrannic government is going to take them away. Life goes on as normal for myself as far as I am concerned.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. The UK public is dancing with the devil by taking these vaccines thinking that it will save them and giving them back their freedoms and it won’t. Like I said before Verbs, I am not taking that damn vaccine.

  4. Happy Wednesday to all of my fellow SYSBM Practitioners! So, I was watching David Carroll this past Saturday night, and he addressed this recent controversy surrounding slowtep comedian Godfrey and his comments about an ad he saw in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, NY that featured an interracial couple (Black woman/White man); here is the full video:

    Does this guy even realize that he just reinforced the talking points of the Daggle sector of YouTube? Hoefrey honestly believes Black men started this trend of interracial dating, but has he forgotten about Loving v. Virginia? They made a whole frickin’ movie about it! He also pointed out that you don’t see ads featuring Black men with White women because White men hate seeing it; well, DUH! The women they put alongside Black men are those Black women who are racially ambiguous or any shade that isn’t darker than the man.

    As can be expected, the scraggle daggles made their videos, calling him a hypocrite because he’s slept with White women in the past; these brawds are so dumb that they don’t realize he was using their talking points such as “Black men abandoned Black women”. The cardinal sin he committed was touting this “race loyalty” nonsense while condemning the union of Keisha and Lord Euro; Hoefrey fails to acknowledge that Black women aren’t down with race loyalty, or else they wouldn’t have canceled their men to join with feminist Becky.

    Hoefrey’s rant goes to show the power of SYSBM even when it’s not on open display; you can’t make this stuff up! Simpin ain’t easy, man.

    1. Race purists are just as stupid and blind as Zionist settlers. Both of them are puppets of the international bankers who feed off war and conflict. ‘Neo-Nazis’ and ‘Hoteps’ are Bolsheviks and Valkists in white nationalist and Valkist clothing, respectively. This alt right communism and hotep fascism needs to be stamped out just like anarchist ideology, as all three are evil and destructive.

    2. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Hoefrey as you call him is a joke, he keeps talking about racial integrity, however it is black women who are the ones trying to escape their blackness, NOT BLACK MEN, however as per usual these black female bootlickers like him always attempt to distribute the blame across the board so as not to stir up the black witch’s hornet’s nest.

      As MBD has stated many times in the past, if black female dysfunction didn’t exist or was a rare occurence, there would be no need for SYSBM. These “keep it black” pundits once again need to improve on the product they’re trying to sell instead of trying to shame and guilt free thinking black men into getting with trash, that is not going to happen.


    Putin isn’t playing around and is making Biden and the liberal western media look like slap ass fools. Why do you think liberals have demonized Russia so much in the past few years? For one, they do NO not support faggotry, feminism and all their permutations.

    He also called out BLM, making it known that niggardom (excuse the term) chomping out and black folks looking to bait race will not be tolerated or respected in Russia.

    This is actually one reason why I am so interested in Russia. They straight up DGAF about liberalism or black folks who are used to white guilt. And as we all know with most black people, an ass whopping is better for them than a kind word, anyways.

    1. Black folks in Russia are Russian citizens, given no special treatment and race baiting would end very badly. ALL
      In either case the Anglo-Zion race purity idea popularised by intelligence agency puppets would get shut the fuck down by KGB.

      1. Yep, Russia wants more citizens too. It’s time for black men worth a damn to gtfo, now or never.

      2. Or they’d be hanged or lined up against the wall and shot dead.It shows how stupid the average hotep and wignat really is. All it takes is a few moments on DuckDuckGo to debunk wignat and pro black narratives.

    2. Afrofuturism1,

      As Brendan Dubalos would say, Yuri Bezmenov broke down all of the foolish that has weakened the West including their acceptance and heavy push of feminism and homosexuality. Russia is simply waiting for the right moment to topple the US, UK and other Western nations, such a move is coming down the pike very soon.

    1. BW think everything is racism, sizeisim, colorisim, etc. Its hard for a lot of them to accept that maybe they are just fat and/or unattractive.

    1. I am knocking the channel. This person is doing the MadBusDriver style.

      I saw this video about how Desirable Black women are.

      Even the black women are desirable like I saw the picture, what these Pro-Black Dick Police Hotep do not realise that these desirable black are non-existent in the Black Community.

      I sorry to burst the Black community bubble with this:
      When you see a picture or YouTube videos of Desirable black women who are classy, beautiful, feminine and wife material, you will never see them or maybe find them in the Communitah.
      I do not live in the Matriarchy Black Community, however if they do, you will never see a soul of desirable black women, ever! Not even an eye ball vision in real life. You you see is nothing but Scraggle Daggle.

      The reason they show these pictures of wifey material black women as the Hotep shows because they saying that ‘We hate Black Women’. No, I do not hate them, I like black women, but I do not like scraggle daggle and also ‘I understand them’, that’s right: Understand them.

      Do not let those people who shows pictures of natural black women get to you, because this is nothing but a ‘Pro-Black Hotep Pipe Dream’. A Pipe-Dream that they want to have, but these wifey black women will never pick those Hoteps, especially Umar Johnson period.

      Instead they will go for white men or non-blacks instead. I accept this and they can have them.

      Those race-pure black can either wait for eternity for a desirable black women (1% chance) or they can go and get Becky (more chance in the pool) which they keep mention all the time when they Dick Police. Also some has.
      How about Latinas – better chance or international as they are plenty of fish in the pool.

      As for the comment section, some will bring bible into this by mentioning ‘God’ or ‘Jesus’ into like they were something to do with found them a non-black men.

      1. “I am knocking the channel. This person is doing the MadBusDriver style”.

        I meant to say I am ‘not’ knocking as ‘not hating’.

        1. Read the about page before you say all that. No way are comparing this so called divestor to MBD.

  6. What’s up SYSBM crew. Hope everyone is cool. Today was hot in the UK but it’s raining now and everything is cool down.

    I was watching this video and it was a black dude with a white woman. Alright, great! But it was an old white woman. The first thing is the video might not be real. The second thing is that if it was real, the man is going for her money blud! And the third thing is this that I have seen black men with some fine white woman and fine women from other races. We do see black men with fat white women but there some black men will not deal with fat black women because all the fat black women are weave heads.

    I read Verbs article It’s Too Late – Black Women’s Image is done when he was talking about black women wearing these bonnet. When I saw these simps wearing these bonnets, I was thinking I have to write about this. When you see these simps wearing these bonnet I was like these guys are pink lotion dudes. So damn feminine. I wanna tell you that black men as a whole are finished. As you see black men as they are now, they are nothing but a car wreck. I might have to do part two of this.

    I haven’t said this for a long time and I’m goanna say it. Black men, keep your white sugar honeys safe at all times because these black ratchet women are coming after them because they these scraggle daggles feel that the non black women are taking the so called good man away. And these simps, they are their enforcers and will do anything for them.

    Enjoy the rain guys.

    1. Money Cultural,

      I watched that video you posted, there are always some mullet heads out there who clearly haven’t read the SYSBM Tenets. What part of quality is that old hag who’s got one foot in the grave, I’ll wait? Additionally, it should be noted not every black man who gets involved in an interracial relationship subscribes to SYSBM.

      1. Yeah, I see the video is just fake. There is no way that any man would be with any woman like her, especially a black man. If a man is with her, then he’s just there to get some money of her. But the video is fake big time. SYSBM is always get attacked.

  7. I’ve seen several billboards around both Cleveland and Chattanooga trying to tell people to get vaxxed, with one sign at the Tivoli telling people that vaxxes are gateway drugs to concerts.

    I’m really disappointed in the “patriots” who’ve done nothing and allowed this crap. All that gun talk is just that, talk. Likewise, those that ARE actually standing up, especially against school districts, are white, namely white women.

    I had been meaning to go back to the Flaming Rooster Nashville chicken restaurant(black owned) since they relocated. I found it and quickly noticed the “masks required” sign literally bolted into the building. I won’t be going back until that’s down, if even then. I took my money to the white owned Pizza Bros. Across the street and never looked back.

  8. I’ve mentioned this in the previous article however I’ll repeat it here.

    I was simply minding my own business in a park on a client call when two white boys pitched up with deck chairs in front. It wasn’t long, and I’m sure they overheard my voice that they decided to up and leave all irritated.

    See, a black man who isn’t a mush mouthed, mumbling, gold toothed thug makes Captain Lager Shave insecure about their own worth, and since slavery was outlawed they can’t disappear the problem.

    All a Black man has to do is turn up and their legs start to tremble.
    They don’t want you to reach “average” level, because it’ll show them how desperately average the average white man is. Like Mad Bus Driver said: Black men are not allowed to just be “average”. You gotta be demonised or canonised.

    1. ” Like Mad Bus Driver said: Black men are not allowed to just be “average”. You gotta be demonised or canonised.:

      So much truth there. I simply refuse to let Captain Blizzard define who I am. I am still blown away at how most black male simps allow Captain Rothstein to tell them how to view themselves.

      I don’t subscribe to the hotep ideology nonsense. But at the same time, I recognize that most white males are the problem, and will be the problem, until they get their heads together about themselves versus the rest of humanity.

      1. I always wondered how these white boys let Chabad Chev and his goons rape their minds, homelands and souls so much over the years. Guys like Gates and Hitler slaughtered so many of their people it’s not even funny. But like Lord Shlomo discovered in Jamaica, you can keep a man enslaved if you give him the illusion of choice or something to be superior to.

        It worked with the Archduke of Austria Hungary. Self righteous idiots started screaming ‘imperialism’ without investigating only to find out that the Central Powers were right all along. Fritz and Schwertzy arrested 15 men during the war as operators in a conspiracy planned by the British government. The SPD had spies in America watching the situation and they saw Canadian soldiers on the Lusitania. When this was discovered, the Germans put out a warning that no one was to travel on the boat.

        This is all MAINSTREAM history. Things that can be found using Google. I’ve seen Islamic fundamentalists put together better lobbying and video efforts against Lord Eiberstein than these white boys.

        It’s funny how these white nats whine about ‘white genocide’ when their support of revolution IS the ‘white genocide’. The Austrians wanted to give their subject people in the Balkans more rights in a federation and many white women married black German men. Dumbass nerd Woodrow Wilson and his KKK legions destroyed any chance of that happening and helped Hitler seize power with help of the Zionists.

        According to former insider Benjamin Freedman, ‘Wilson was as incompetent as a newborn baby’. While in office he had a stroke and his wife literally ran the country. And this is the guy the alt right emulates. Why not follow Andrei Vlasov who led the RLA or even Andrew Jackson who fought the bankers?

        Patton and De Gaulle wanted to invade Russia along with Japan but ‘Operation Snow’ fucked that up. The white supremacist Democrat Party actually held the home of the white race in slavery and servitude, while preaching about racial purity.

        They are useful idiots plain and simple. Mouthpieces to push propaganda and keep the scam going to intimidate the likes of Tesla and Aaron Swartz into becoming slave labor to Russian settlers in Palestine. Racist Jews don’t give two craps about white supremacy/communism as they control both the mainstream media and the alt media.

        I repeat, Lord Rosenberg has control over the populist and statist ideologies. He has no need for the white race when he has Russian and Ukrainian colonizers in Palestine pretending to be Jews building up the AI false god in Jerusalem and the world’s hungry masses destroyed by the revolution wignats support trying to get into Europe and America.

        As Brendon O’Connell pointed out the white nationalist movement is simply a government front at this point. They whine about being replaced yet refuse to confront the liberals that created them or the Zionists, or even do a bit of protesting.

        Most of the alt right would give up the red flag and hammer and sickle if a girl gave em a blowjob. White supremacy is simply the action arm of the liberal and the racist Jew, plain and simple. They don’t need these white boys anymore as the media manipulation is complete. As Jack Bernstein pointed out, racism is the reason why the Middle East is in chaos.

        If even the African, Japanese and Middle Eastern ‘Jews’ were fighting these Zionist nutcases off and allying with Muslims and Christians just to get rid of the bankers, (they’re still doing this in the Middle East), then why should anyone support them? I think it’s due to the fact that the fake liberals and international banking class look like your average white guy (with a hooked nose and a ego/racist mentality bigger than that of a redneck) and the wignats thought the fake grins on their faces and huge paychecks meant that they were best friends.

        Yuri warned us about them, he was right on the money there. I’ve seen only two white supremacist websites talking about tech transfer and Belt and Road. In contrast some Arabs who heard Brendon O Connell speak translated his videos into Arabic.

        I have yet to see the National Front or Pantifa talk about how Heimbatch was busted fucking his mother in law, or the insane gang stalking techniques black females and progressives use on their opponents using ‘national security’ as a excuse.

        ‘N word Nazi’ my ass, the ADL, KKK, KGB and the MSM can save their gutter talk and supposed ‘street code’ for those who care to listen. Let these guys get beaten up and tossed around by the likes of Chabad Chev and False Flag Fedowitz, not my problem anyways.

    2. Michel,

      Major Slush has a serious problem with Negroes who don’t fulfil the typical “hood” stereotypes, I’ve noticed this on a personal level myself, these insecure mountain boys even going as far as to try to coax you into engaging in some Tom Foolery just so they can place you into the “uncouth savage” bracket alongside 12 Gauge Mike, Two Snacks And Field Mouse, smh.

      I refuse to be a mush mouthed, out of control black male brute just to make a certain demographic feel comfortable about themselves, that is never going to happen over here.

    1. “Watch out and make sure you don’t end up like Bakari Henderson. White supremacay is everywhere because when I take a critical look at it, I haven’t been in any relationship since 1989 because these beta males kept asking me if I had a girlfriend.” – Shawn James

      1. That low testosterone incel wouldn’t know anything about relationships if Miss 1989 rang his doorbell and sucked him off.

      2. Shawn James can’t say nothing because he hasn’t seen not a pum pum!

      3. FrankBlackman,

        This guy again, smh. Still speaking on topics he ought not to speak on. Some Negroes believe they’re an authority on practically everything even though in fields like this they know nothing.

    2. As you also mentioned, white men will straight up tell other white men that they should avoid x and seen out y. Sure, they may dick police black men, but they actually want to help each other.

      Meanwhile, so called hoteps ironically only attack black men and try to keep them from living their best lives. This shows you how much they disrespect you. Think about it, do you see Shawn James attacking dudes like in this article? Nope, he’s too scared and he actually sees white men as above him.

      Don’t you see how hoteps perpetuate the same “wAyCiSm” that they complain about?

      1. I’ve noticed. As bad as some of these white boys can get, they have ambition. The problem is, it’s focused on the wrong direction. These simps and wignats are just plain stupid and that’s it.

  9. I posted two articles on the off topic section the other day. I got to get a few things off my chest.

    1) Verbs, dog you been on a roll with these articles, putting shame on these Race Loyal, anti-sysbm people. To be honest, I wanna ask these dudes a very serious question to these dudes who are against black men like us: When are they gonna give up the fight? I mean, let’s drop a couple of decimals: These race loyal, Anti Sysbm and Anti Travelin Bros have been fighting this silly battle for a long ass time, to the point where we Sysbm and Traveling Dudes won the whole time. We won by not getting involved into no silly shit, we won by staying out of trouble, we won by not getting involved in no gang life, we just won. I realized I’ve done the right thing by not getting involved around the black majority. I be wondering what good is coming out of the black community. After evidence and evidence of what I been witnessing in the black community today, it’s not looking good for the black race. I know some people said that we might be seeing a new black race in the future, and to be honest, and I hate to sound this way, but they right though. We probably are gonna see a new black race in America, and it’s gonna be people who look like Alicia keys, Omari Hardwick (Dude from power), Stephen Curry, Beyonce, Drake, and I hate to admit it, but when I look that article a while back, talking about in the future in 2050, the average American will be mixed, I was like I could see that happening forreal man.

    2)The Vaccines and stuff, man they are pushing it. They finally freakin lost it. For the 20th time, I’m seriously at the point now where the truth needs to come out. They extremely went the desperate, dangerous route that’s seriously gonna trace back to them, and trust me, I’m not sure if money or legal protection is gonna buy their way out of this mess they’re causing. The bribing route they going in, are they really that serious? With Biden saying that quote “Unvaccinated people will pay the price,” That old man and his goddamn lackeys, Bill gates, and Fauci, the MSM, they’re gonna pay the price, for lying and flip flopping the information, playing with people’s privacy by putting tracking devices on people for “health and safety,” acting like they the heroes, labeling people “conspiracy theories” and “weird” and censoring the truth, putting out severe punishments for people refusing to go along, all this madness is gonna trace back to these people. I’m telling y’all, when they go that route of using the law enforcement and probably the military, I swear to god man. Whoever they send my way, I swear to god. If I die of something, I’ll die fighting for my life against the corruptness they cause big time. They claim they doing this for the “health and safety,” Bruh please, that’s the biggest, goddamn lie they told, and still telling. I’m kinda seeing why some folks say that phase of don’t open the door for a person that says “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.”

    1. If the vaccine was all that and a bag of chips, it would sell itself. When they resort to bribery, that’s a red flag.

      Sorry. I’ll pass.


    2. D.K. Phantom,

      Once again, these dudes want the productive men of black society to “step up” and perform janitorial services, sorry, that won’t be happening over here, I won’t be cleaning up after any woman. Let this race purist clean up after their black female monster.

      As for the bioweapon, they can keep it and I feel sorry for anybody who attempts to physically force me to take that poison, blood will be spilled in the streets and I’ve spoken to many like minded individuals who’ve said the same thing.

      Since these pro abortion zealots will frequently misuse the slogan “my body my choice” in order to justify the killing of the innocent, I will apply to term correctly when it comes down to governments trying to push an untested bioweapon on me, my body my choice!


    Bodybuilding white dudes are a stereotype within themselves. Also, that shit is just as unnatural as rail thin skeleton models. At least Schwarzenegger actually competed in competitions for God’s sake.

    Many of these dudes use it as a cover for their own questionable masculinity. I bet the meathead smashed stuff and speaks in first person like the Hulk while ****ing the doll.

    1. Afrofuturism,

      Sleeping with plastic and rubber models is straight up dysfunctional, this reminds me of the black pill cadet Brian Solonge who engages in the same crap, smh.

      1. I forgot about him, that dude makes Shawn James look good.

        How the hell could you get to such a point you not only engage in that but openly admit it? And of course he had last slept with a daggle.

  11. Just saw where Pakistan is legit wanting to disable the sim cards of the unvaccinated. I’m crossing them off the list. I had interest in that place cuz of the conservative culture, beautiful women and lack of vax passes. Nope, no more. Sri Lanka is the ONLY desi country I’ll likely ever deal with.

    It’s probably a blessing in disguise cuz I know that damn heat will be awful there. Still, this shows you how it was NEVER about health. And shouldn’t these Desis question this, especially given their relationship to vaccines? Idiots.

    Looks like my current 10 bug out in the next few years choices are:

    1. Russia (reigning champ)
    2. Serbia
    3. Bosnia
    4. Turkey
    5. Philippines
    6. Indonesia
    7. Uzbekistan
    8. Belarus
    9. Croatia
    10. Maybe Egypt, idk

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      A village in India rejected the vaccine so they decided to cut its electricity supply:

      What is being done in third world countries is a sign of what’s coming to the West, expect brown outs and black outs on a regular basis as these elitist devils use any and every strategy they can to coerce folks into taking their bioweapon.

      Not sure about Russia anymore now that they’ve mandated the Covid vaccine for workers who serve the public:

      1. Wonder how far it will go since Putin has been against it. Bolsonaro was always against this hoax and look at how TPTB in Brazil circumvented him.

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