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Another Swirl Mountain Failure – Another Major L!


Yep, she just tried to kiss her East Asian buddy and things didn’t go according to plan, however what exactly did she think was going to happen? I stated this many times before and I will continue to repeat the same until the cows come home, the base of Swirl Mountain is littered with the carcasses and the fragmented skeletons of so many black women who’ve attempted to journey to the summit, but who ultimately failed, most of the time miserably.

Very few black women have successfully managed to reach Swirl Mountain’s peak, most will indeed fail, this is the harsh reality that the former High Priestess of Swirl Mountain and Pink Pill Pimpstress one Miss Christelyn Karazin refuses to inform her swirling acolytes concerning.

The failure rate for black women in the interracial dating market is extremely high despite all of their begging and pleading to their white lord and saviour Major Frost to accept them under his wing(which he’ll NEVER do). Now, how many times have you heard black women state that black female/white male relationships and marriages are some of the most robust around?

Whenever they(black women) bring this up, what they fail to tell you is the overwhelming majority of black women who want to land themselves a Lord Euro CAN’T DO IT. These heifers are also quick to point out the high failure rate of black male/white female relations, however as I’ve pointed out on numerous occasions, this is certainly NOT the case in the UK where black men are dating out at a 60% rate.

In terms of the US, this was the case many years ago, however times are changing and this certainly is not the situation anymore. Additionally, we already know one of the main reasons why there was such an uphill struggle with black male/white female relationships particularly in America was because racist white men in conjunction with black women would go out to deliberately sabotage and wreck them.

We’ve seen how jealous and vicious Lieutenant Lime can get whenever he sees an attractive white woman with a black man, just look at the major hate plus size model Iskra Lawrence received when she first revealed that her current boyfriend and the father of her child is a black man:

Let us not forget the “burn the coal, pay the toll” slogan created by Captain Euro, in other words white women who date and marry black men must be left to their own fate, these “coal patrol” squadrons as I’ve pointed out before even have a website where they’ve created a database of so called “coal burners”:

Again, the so called “coal burning” is never applied to white women dating East Asian, South Asian, Latinos, men of Middle Eastern descent or other non black men, nope, so called “coal burning” is specific to white women dating and marrying BLACK MEN ONLY!

This is a sample of the constant persecution black men and white women have endured for the longest which is why the black witch is a disingenuous scoundrel whenever she fixes her deceitful mouth to talk about black male/white female relationships.

The bottom line here is the above video is a realistic representation of black women constantly being thrown off Swirl Mountain, rejection from non black men is a beast out here for this modern day black female. Oh well, that’s their problem, not mine.

Finally, East Asian men are the least likely to deal with black women, I don’t know what this overweight, masculine looking hog was thinking, Soy Lee doesn’t play that garbage(this is despite the Black female/East Asian male coalition black actress Issa Rae proposed back in 2015). Levelling up/divesting, where exactly?

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Another Major Fatality At The Base Of Swirl Mountain

Most High Bless

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66 thoughts on “Another Swirl Mountain Failure – Another Major L!

  1. That shit was priceless!!!🤣😭☠ The only thing that was missing was Dikembe Mutombo waving his finger after that rejection!😭⚰

    1. As big as she is and as small as most Asian guys are he is lucky that she didn’t try to rape him. A lot of these dark skinned BW are crazy af.

      1. Another L successfully delivered by L Express – Delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free. Worldwide. 24x7x365.


  2. The segregation laws in the U.S states from 1865 until 1967 were only there to separate black men from white women. Interracial marriages were illegal. Any sysbm practitioner at that time had to leave the U.S states permanently during Jim crow.

    The U.S is now going down the toilet. One of the reasons why is simply cause of dick policing separation between black men and white women for 102 years. Feminism succeeded very easily cause of interracial separation. Now the U.S feminism has been spreading to other western countries for decades.

    Seeing a negress trying to kiss is the same as seeing a homo trying to do the same. Very disturbing and disgusting. Probably has herpes. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. Black females and Lord Euro are delusional hypocrites. They along with Banker Rothschild whine about black men dating out yet do nothing to deal with the problems in their block of the woods. Bunch of idiots with no common sense, I say.

      This is why I always strongly say that racial purists should be deported to the motherland so they can work their crap there.

      Dick policing and supposed white race pride caused WW1 when the Black Hand killed the Austrian Emperor who was working to make Europe and Africa a safer and more liberal place along with the SPD who along with Queen Victoria and her grandson Wilhelm II, created the welfare programs white zaddy and Shaniqua love to leech off and invoke any time people criticize them. And the reason for this was basically, ‘those black guys from Germany, Italy and Austria be taking our pure Slavic womens, maan!’

      Despite the fact that Serbia was basically a Russian puppet state and a complete failure.

      Captain Confederate, I mean supposed US President Wilson showed his true colors when he put on the cape for the Entente who were literally genociding people in Africa at this point, and we have what we have today. These guys were worse and more evil than NaZis, and I mean that.

    2. Witwijf,

      The internet is a double edged sword, it is the primary reason why feminism has spread to other nations so quickly. The US and the rest of the West are finished, as many brothers here have stated time and time again, if at all possible, leave the West in order to get the heck out of dodge.

  3. That was a WOMAN??!!!! Jesus Christ I could win a Miss America pageant compared to her!!! And of course, notice the shade!!! It’s a biological fact that very dark skinned, non-mixed black men have the most abundance of testosterone, well the same thing is true with black women.

    Only a loser white man would ever even date 97% of black women, literally only a wigger or white equivalent to HIS HOLINESS Shawn James. Even Asian men, who are disliked by pretty much everyone except their own women and some white women, typically REFUSE to even be around black women. They’re used to the slimmest most demure women on the planet, you think they’ll deal with chicks who look like they should be fighting the Teen Titans or the Flash (Monsieur Mallah or Gorilla Grodd)?

    Even middle eastern and desi men, who are DESPISED and NEVER seen by anyone as an ideal mate, wouldn’t think to venture to the side of the daggle. Expect more and more carcasses to litter Swirl Mountain’s summit. Non-black people are in general getting sick of blacks and the nonsensical liberalism they love, and this is definitely the case for black women.

    1. LOL! You hit the nail on the head man! These types are nuts. It’s ironic that black folks would support liberalism when Woodrow Wilson basically held back civil rights and FDR was a puppet of the Soviets. Who are one of the most racist ideologies to hit the planet by the way. Black females and Lord Euro are hypocrites and delusional, they preach about nationalism yet support some of the most brutal regimes on the planet that oppress their people.

      The FSA kicked out the CIA for this reason. Feeling mad and slighted Shaniqua and Lord Euro went on a media rampage calling them ‘terrorists’ just because they refused to join the pity parade that these two love to hold whenever they get busted.

      Hoteps, Zionists and progressives will NEVER get my money or in the case of black women, a date. Even their own wignat base is only hanging out with them because they oppose the Russians who are corrupt and brutal, NOTHING MORE. Preaching about the race when you’re making money off degeneracy, what a joke.

    2. Right on ! White women consider Ling Tiny Ding, desi Patel, and goat loving Abdullah to be the least sexually desirable male phenotypes. Even women of their own races are not sexually attracted to these cohorts. Hence, the need for financially incentivized arranged marriages.

      White women know full well the hatred and opprobrium that General Blizzard will heap on them when they go black. Yet, many want some black so bad, that they are willing to walk away from the privileges and protections that General Blizzard offers them, in order to get some.

      The black man is considered a sexual God by non black women. Hence, the need for their male counterparts to institute such harsh social stigmas against them, in order to keep them from seeking out the mahogany wood they fantasize about so much.

      On the other hand, non black men consider the scraggle daggle to be a convenient place to take a dump, when they can’t get it anywhere else. This is why 9 out of 10 times, the scraggle daggle can only get non black men from the bottom shelf, to tip toe with them.

      The only cohort of men who take the scraggle daggle seriously, is the black male simp. And the scraggle daggle doesn’t have enough sense to appreciate him.

    3. Afrofuturism1,

      The black witch and her handlers would have us believe that we cannot talk about high levels of testosterone and black women, however that Japanese psychologist was right, black women do have higher levels of testosterone flowing through their veins, as stated before as well as accounting for their masculine looks, this also explains why they are so violent and won’t pass up the opportunity to fight in the streets even when pregnant.

      Black women used to look much better way back in the day, I’ve written an article in the past demonstrating this with photos. This is what happens to women who want to act masculine, eventually nature will oblige them and begin making the “transformation”.

  4. Verbs 2015.

    That black woman at the above video is so ugly and horrid looking, what man in his right mind would want to kiss that horrible looking beast. I am so glad that I don’t date black women as a childfree black man at 39. I travelled throughout Central London, Chelsea, Fulham and the rest of the River Thames in London this past weekend(between 11th June 2021 to 13th June 2021) in which the weather was very nice and the amount of mixed race relationships that I have seen between black men and non black women is reaching new levels to the point where that its not going to be stopped and these non black women was very beautiful by the way so dispels the myth that black men can’t get any beautiful women of any race and that black men can only get the ugly bottom of the barrel women because good looking non black women don’t desire black men like that which is a total lie because like you said Verbs the rate of mixed race relationships between black men and non black women in the UK is 60 percent. Like I said before I have very high standards in the type of childfree good looking non black women that I am trying to date and I refuse to lower my high standards for anybody because I know my own self value.

    1. “I reckon it is higher”™ David Carroll.

      70% BM WW if the 2021 census was actually counted.

      Quincy, you can’t move for Black men and white women together in London and I’m sure in the other cities and regions. We’re in the 2nd generation of mixed couples now. It cannot be stopped, no matter who tries. You can’t stop a tsunami with your bare hands, though Dr Umar Gerbilface will try.

      1. Mr Spengler is too busy scamming his sheep followers and taking his paycheck from CSIS or the DHS…what ordinary people know as KGB or MI6. Race purists are delusional idiots who create chaos and feed fake atrocities like supposed Nanjing massacre which London and Beijing manufacture to keep people away from Chabad, Belt and Road and the fact the Entente paved the way for Nazism.

      2. Michel,

        Dr Gerbilface Johnson is a knucklehead who refuses to read and accept the writing on the wall, the black female is done and at this stage nobody can save her. Again, as I’ve mentioned before, very few if any of these anti interracial dating, pro black lackies ever set the example by having a “queenie” by their side, smh.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      The Tik Tok avalanche of black male/white female couples shut down that “black men can only get with ugly white woman and the rejects of other non black females” garbage. I see black men walking with attractive non black women here in London all the time, additionally in the past I’ve posted many links to interracial Youtube couples(black men/non black women). You’re right, SYSBM cannot be stopped no matter what obstacles are throw in its path.

      1. You know it’s an L when the scraggle gets clowned by Muppets.


  5. Wow! Just wow. Not even the Asian men don’t want the black women like that. Most of these black women are living a fantasy thinking that white men are their golden ticket, but in actual reality, they’re not. No matter how many books, movies, and tv shows of black women getting into connections with white men, outside of it tells a whole different story. They can rub it all in our faces all they want to about how the white man is this, the white man is that, but at the end, a lot of them don’t want the black women like that. Now as for black women and white men who got a problem with black men in interracial connections, they need to just deal with it because like I said numerous of times, Interracial connections are not gonna go away. This is the hypocritical shit I be talking about with the interracial connections: They got a big problem when black men do it, trying to scare us out of it, and telling us to stick with our own because we’ve got enough women of our own but they stay procreating with the small pool of black men most of the time, but when they (black women and white men) do it, it’s all jump for glory. I got a serious problem with that. Black men: these people don’t run your dating lives, nor preferences. I’m a keep saying this to you brothas: LIKE WHAT YOU LIKE, NOT WHAT OTHER FOLKS WANT YOU TO LIKE. Do not let these ignorant folks tell you who you can and cannot date because of your race. You know how these people be saying love is colorblind, it applies to everyone, not just these “race loyal” people.

    1. D.K Phantom,

      Interracial dating is never seen as a problem by certain groups(non black men and black women) as long as black men aren’t brought into the equation. It’s funny how all black men have to do is turn up and all hell breaks loose.

      Free thinking black men will continue to date who they want and there isn’t anything Field Marshal Snowstorm, his black female and pro black male simp flunkies can do to change the unstoppable trend.

      1. Black men. All you have to do is turn up and they start leg trembling.

        Black men who turn up clean cut AND display average level intelligence? No, that’s too much, you got them suicidal.

        Plus white women brazenly scooping them up? Oh shit, better reach for the fentanyl. 🤣

        On that subject, I was simply minding my own business in a park on a client call when two white boys pitched up in front. It wasn’t long, and I’m sure they could hear my voice that they decided to suddenly leave all angry. See, a black man who isn’t a mush mouthed, mumbling, gold toothed moron makes Captain Lager Shave insecure about their own worth, and since slavery was outlawed they can’t disappear the problem.

        They don’t want you to reach “average” level, because it’ll show them how desperately average the average white man is.

  6. Crushed.

    Clout chasing for internet mammies went horribly wrong.
    Divested right into the viral hall of shame.

    Swirl Mountain 1,000 – Concubines 0

    1. King Sigma,

      You already know that there will be plenty more L’s to come, many of which I strongly suspect will be even more of an embarrassment than this buffoonery above, lol. Swirl Mountain claims lives on the daily, black women need to acknowledge this before attempting to climb it.

    2. That block was the equivalent of a roundhouse kick upside the scraggle’s head.


  7. Damn, she thought she was leveling up, only to be shut down like Fukushima. LOL. My question is, why even upload that for the world to see? These desperate darkskins know no shame. Swirl Mountain is undefeated.

    1. I’m guessing that to a lot of dark skinned BW ANY attention is good attention, because usually no one is paying attention to them. Twerking, starting fights, making gross and outrageous videos/comments on the internet, etc. anything just to get people to notice them.

    2. Schadenfreude,

      I’m surprised that she didn’t attempt to shame the guy for rejecting her, however that trickery only works on the simp squads. These East Asian men don’t play that, they’ve got no problems slapping a black siren who gets out of pocket upside the head. We only need to look at the amount of black women who have had their feathers seriously ruffled up by Kim and Jun.

  8. I am so damn sick and tired of that bullshit fake stat about Black men white women marriges/relationships. I have said it before and I will say it again, white women divorce ALL MEN because it’s financially lucrative for them to do so via alimony, child support etc. Thanks to feminism, white women don’t get married to get paid, they get divorced and or pregnant to get paid. And if by some chance black men white women relationships don’t work out, it’s because as brother Babs said we have damn near half the population trying to sabotage those relationships.

    1. Antonio Estabon,

      Yep, it doesn’t matter what non black woman a black man gets with, if she’s at minimum halfway attractive you can guarantee that the hate will be rolling in thick and fast especially from two main groups, racist white men and their black female acolytes.

  9. I remember seeing this on Instagram (as I do with most every video you’ve shared recently), and it was super cringey, but the way that Asian guy rejected her was priceless! She looked pretty sorry after that L was delivered straight to her face; the fact that she even shared this video on TikTok after such an embarrassing display goes to show that any attention is good attention for the scraggle daggle. I can just imagine some of the comments she got on that video after posting it…

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      As Afrofuturism1 pointed out, East Asian men are used to dealing with very slim women within their own culture, what was this, masculine looking, oversized ship wreck thinking? Black women continue to fall victim to Swirl Mountain’s undefeated record.

  10. The Weave Rat Mafia and FrankenFrost are in total desperation mode now. They see the TSUNAMI of Black Men/White Women couples on Tiktok and everywhere else and they’re losing what little brain cells they have.

    The re-emergence of the “coalfax” site signals that the #SYSBM community has achieved a FLAWLESS VICTORY in conqueroring the IR dating market.

    But I’m confused, if Frankenfrost says that’s Black Men can only get the fat ugly White Woman they don’t want then why create an entire website for a group of women you supposedly “don’t want”⁉️

    1. These beta white males are products of the Anglo-Sino ‘white race’ narrative created by men like Rhodes and sold to a gullible proletariat in the hopes of causing chaos in enemy nations. Useful idiots like Woodrow Wilson swallowed the nonsense and passed it on to their descendants, which fucked up the US in the Cold War as the DemoKKKrats had to waste time on covering their ass.

      Of course Sleepy Joe and Minstrel Harris will not tell you about the brutal treatment of minorities in the British, Russian and Republican Chinese Empires nor how the Russians they whine about are simply collaborators put in to give people something to hate. Dick policing is a communist tactic straight out of the Jewish plantation. It gives credence to homosexuals and other deviants who can use it to cover up their problems.

      If anything, the supposed incels and alt right should be fighting against Tory Party, Soviet Communist Party and City of London thugs who cynically used their idealism to destroy the world. These scumbags murdered billions of innocent people all over the world in the name of the working class and for the Crown. Even Chechen whites hate the Russian government.

      Boris is supposedly ‘saving’ Britain from the EU while he is working on Belt and Road and using the puppet Putin to destroy America, Europe and Africa the same way the Balkans and Middle East were set ablaze. Mark my words, a lot of establishment figures, MSM and white nationalists will be exposed as NATO or KGB assets.

      As Dr Brendon O’Connell pointed out, a lot of these pro blacks and wignats are either straight agents or following intelligence operatives. This is in order to feed disinformation like ‘Japanese imperialism’ which keeps the people of China and Commonwealth in fear and traps them in the fascist net if the ‘savior of the world’ narrative being pushed by Kremlin thugs for KGB Putin doesn’t work.

      Even the Bible warns against racial purity and dick policing. I personally believe that white supremacist communism along with hotep doctrine and far right anarcho capitalism are ‘strange doctrines’ mentioned in the letters of the Old Testament. In Europe, black men were marrying white women and it wasn’t a problem except for the idiots in the Balkans who destroyed civilization.

      A lot of white supremacists are supposed Jews who have problems fitting into white society. They use the communism in ethno nationalism as a excuse to hide their insecurities and make themselves feel good, by sticking it to black men. Which is sad and pathetic to say the least.

    2. “But I’m confused, if Frankenfrost says that’s Black Men can only get the fat ugly White Woman they don’t want then why create an entire website for a group of women you supposedly “don’t want”⁉️”

      For the same reason the Weave Rat Mafia is dick-policing the “nerds” and “educated lames” and “beta males” they say they “don’t want.” So much so they’re sending their simp maggles like Shawn James, Aaron Fountain and even Boyce Watkins to bring us in line. WM and BW are “two sides of the same rusty, decadent coin” as Verbs would say.

    3. TeamWhiteGirls,

      That “black men can only get with fat and ugly white women as well as the rejects from other non black female groups” mantra is a load of cobblers, if this was the truth then the website Coalfax wouldn’t have been created.

      General Sleet alongside his black female mascot are very concerned because black men who date out are putting the above fairy tale to rest through their actions, Tik Tok has demonstrated this in spades.

  11. What’s up SYSBM crew? Just finish watching the football. Spain didn’t beat Sweden today in Euro2020 and Spain nearly scored an own goal just like these ghetto ratchet scargglies do all the time. I have no issues of black women dating outside their race however, when it comes to swirl mountain, do you know how many carcasses and bones in that mountain? A whole leap of dry bones of these scarggle daggles who hates black men are there. Right, I have a nephew who has a white partner and has two children. My Jamaican uncle is younger then me has a white wife.

    And the burn the coal thing. These white beta males are just insecure like the simps who defend these good for nothing ghetto scraggle daggles. Fucking hell, since the year 2000’s I have seen so many beta males in my time. And the simps are just nothing but thirsty dudes looking for some punany from these scraggs but these hoodrats and giving it to Rapid Fire Rasta, Weed Man Jake, Knife Man Priest and Ruff Cut Larry. And the white beta males, they will have no chance to get a white woman. Them white chicks rather have Hatchet Man Gary, Fanny Driller Alan from Watford, Luton Brawler Frank and Piff Man Phil.

    1. Money Cultural,

      Black men cause severe damage just by turning up. SYSBM cannot be stopped and will continue to rise, as it does expect the haters to once again come out of the woodwork in their attempts to throw heavy shade in our direction.

      I’ve also stated before that I don’t have any problems with black women dating out, however it’s their blatant hypocritical position concerning interracial dating that has to be pointed out.

  12. Can’t BELIEVE this Weird Harold looking broad tried to pull that! Just shows the level of DELUSION these women live in pertaining to their place on the scale of attraction. Also have you noticed this trend with these young BW with elderly White BFs? Even the show Family Guy took a jab at that.
    Seen that other day when I was dining with friends at an Italian Bistro. This bitch just looking all around CHEESING hard as fuck walking in with this Mr. Drummond looking dude.
    As for these White Men that have issue with who BM date it is their ONLY way of control. These are White Males who FAILED in a Western society structured for their success. They only way they can feel powerful is to go out and demean/attack BM. This is the same attitude the White sharecropper had during slavery. They do not realize that making ENTIRE websites like that ONLY helps Women at large see them as insecure and only HELPS their own women to become curious ABOUT BM…..The WM and the BW…..Bw never figures out she is a TOOL for the WM not a partner/lover…..

    1. The only toll being paid is by these farts on 4Chan/Coal Fax. They are being left behind by Western Society, c’est la vie.

      The downside of that is a few of them will carry out violent acts, so be careful out there.

      They hate the fact they are being replaced and what did that White woman say? To save her future children she must procreate with a Black man? This is also Jared Taylor’s worse nightmare.

      1. “To save her future children she must procreate with a Black man?”
        Looking at birth rates and fertility rates soon to have kids at all she may have to procreate with a non-WM. A while back there was an article posted here showing that WM had the lowest sperm counts in the world.

        Yep, low testosterone, insecure, and according to the news increasingly infertile young white incels are domestic terror time bombs.

        1. LOL. Another joke. As Verbs said you can’t make deals with the devil and come out on top.

          These guys are Shaniqua, Lord Napoleon and Rothschild’s problem, not mine. A white version of the pitiful waifs that end up filling the gangs here in Jamaica. Pathetic.

          These guys need a good church, a asswhooping and a 24/7 psychiatrics watch, not the internet and shitty authority figures who only care about optics and chasing the ‘good life’.

          This so called incel problem demonstrates again why some people are not fit to have children or wield authority. Money loving idiots who want clout breed uncaring selfish brats who lash out at the world around them. It’s that simple.

          Who, or what is an ‘incel’? If you need sex just get a prostitute or if you feel lonely and trapped, go outside! These people never grew up and just allowed themselves to be used by life.

          I feel no pity for them nor the liberated feminists that helped spawn these monsters.

          Attention seekers are just as bad as Communists and should be treated as such!

          1. As you said, these are dudes who are just pissing in the wind instead of trying to get some handle on their lives and move forward. They will decry entitlement in everyone else but act as if the world should wipe their ass for them.

            1. LOL. Pathetic. Nothing more than RationalWiki and Snopes fanatics in revolutionary clothing. Both the fake SJWs and the white nationalists worship the state and see it as a God. Blind ultranationalism that is easy to manipulate. You guess who else has that attitude?

              Zionist settlers.

          2. Brendan Dubalos,

            And this modern day black female is one hell of an attention seeker, these sirens will even start trouble and instigate pointless beefs in order to get some sort of attention from somewhere, smh.

            1. And what has it gotten them? Look at places like Tokyo or even Qatar, then compare that to Detroit. Black females and leftists have had all the time in the world to build but instead they came with this ‘white race’ propaganda straight out of Rhodes. Meanwhile Arabs, Chechens, and Palestinians are busy fighting against Iranian militias, the Israeli Wehrmacht and Russian thugs in army uniforms and kicking ass.

              And they have no army, air force or any support.

              Take that in contrast to the mindless conformity Lord Euro and Shaniqua preach. I feel no pity for guys who complain about ‘burning the coal’ yet do nothing to advance the cause.

              Drop the so called incels and dick police officers off in Scandinavia, the UK, Russia and Syria along with the free shit loving fake leftists.

        2. Sperm counts have been dropping for White males but I wouldn’t get too excited. I know a WM who married a younger Ukrainian woman (early 30’s) and had his first child 52 years old (never been married before).

          It’s the incels that complain more than solving their problems with women or finding women who will accept their BS. I’ve always said the last chance saloon is PI, if you can’t get a Flip chick from Cebu to marry you; You got serious, serious problems.

          1. Didn’t know what you meant by Flip until I read Cebu lol. Legit, there’s some half decent and actually cute Filipino chicks married to fat ugly white dudes so as to get a decent life, as even a trailer park in America (or the income that provides it) beats a pisshole in Manila. Add in that it’s one of the few Asian nations not to have vax passports, and I suspect it’ll soon become a bigger destination.

      2. This is what blind and delusional service to the almighty state gets you: betrayal and being thrown away. Progressives don’t give a fuck about the white race. It’s all talk and an extortion racket. Even the MSM admits this now. White nationalism is used to keep people trapped in a cycle.

        I’ve always said this: white nationalists and Zionists need each other. It’s simple as that.

        As far as I’m concerned these incels need to focus their energy on the people that exploited and lied to them to extract their labor and the people manipulating them, i.e the regressive left and it’s fraternal partners in crime the racist Jew. This incel movement is nothing more than a modern day Young Boniza movement designed to pave the way for Belt and Road.

        Wignats don’t want to restore order, they just want to control the bloated government and be the leaders of revolution. Just like the feminists that spawned them they want to rule but lack understanding. Why would anyone want to emulate a failed ideology is beyond me…but the rulers have huge amount of suckers out there to scam.

      3. Anthony,

        The black man is indeed the future for mankind, this is why the likes of Bill Gates and the rest of his Eugenics squads are trying their utmost to wipe us out. The poorest people on the planet and the richest still aren’t satisfied with seeing us at the bottom, it just isn’t enough for them, they want us dead because of our gene power.

        1. LOL. And the dumbass wignats, progressives and fake philo-Semites really think that they’ll be accepted and be given power once the Great Reset is finished. Do they really think Gates or the Windsors give a F about them? But as one man pointed out, revolutionaries have never been good at thinking.

          Only at fighting each other, and demanding more free stuff.

        2. 100% Black men have a golden opportunity to find ideal mates (Stargates) in various locations across the planet, throw a dart, get your passport and get busy.

    2. 8Bitblerd,

      “Also have you noticed this trend with these young BW with elderly White BFs? Even the show Family Guy took a jab at that.”

      Got an article on that trend coming soon, stay tuned.

  13. This is probably how most of their attempts at swirling go. 3/4 of them are overweight and unattractive, but they swear that non-BM will take them if BM don’t want them. They live in fantasy land until reality hands them that wake up call. Keep the Wall up.

    1. JamesSYSBM,

      Indeed, the black woman’s delusions of grandeur regarding her desirability or the lack there of is extremely strong. Of all the people to try that stunt with, an East Asian man knowing that they are the least likely to date out, smh.

  14. Black women are the ugliest women on the planet, not just cause of their looks but because of how they behave. I just found one on YT who is just loud & extra to the extreme. Real aggressive acting and likes to police BM’s dating preferences, bitchin about colorism and other ish that BW talk about all damn day long. Bitch wears a pound of makeup, lookin like a damn tranny. But like I said, the behavior is the biggest turn-off. I really believe that if these hoes could make it illegal for any man to reject them, they’d do it in a heartbeat.

    Small sample:

    1. No Nonsense,

      Indeed, here is a video of the chick without any of that witchcraft on her face, quite a different looking creature indeed:

      I’ll give this dick police detective a little credit for being in shape and not having any tattoos, however these heifers honestly believe they can fool free thinking black men hiding their faces behind 100 pounds of makeup and sporting a lace front weave. We’re not fooled over here.

  15. Verbs,

    Sorry I’m a bit off-topic, but I read in the comments that you had a debate with Shawn James. Is there anyone I can listen to/read this exchange? Thanks in advance.

    1. Julian,

      I had it up on the old website, it was also on the FSAvenger website on Obsidian’s channel under audios but I can’t find it anywhere. I had the file but I can’t remember where I placed it, apologies. If I come across it again, I’ll let you know.

    2. Julian,

      Hold the presses, I’ve found the file, I’m just trying to compress it to a small enough size to upload to the website and I’ll be providing you with the link shortly.

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