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It’s Too Late – The Black Woman’s Image Is Finished


This reminds me of what Shahrazad Ali tried to do back in the late 80s and early 90s, simply advise black women to clean up their image and reputation and we already know how black females responded to her.

Yet again here we have an elder black woman in the form of US black female comedian and actress Monique Angela Hicks aka Mo’Nique telling black women that wearing certain attire out in public is NOT a good look for their image and reputation, however this time in the 21st century it has been a mountain load of effeminate simps(not black women themselves) who have come out railing against sound advice that makes perfect sense and is more that reasonable.

I believe this was the mullet headed, lotionised, emasculated Negro who first kicked off the “support black women wearing bonnets in public” trend on Twitter sporting a head scarf:

Just check out the thread and you’ll see a slew of effeminate black men wearing bonnets in solidarity of their “black queens”, yes the same ones who will not hesitate to use their cars to run them over in the street. Yep, the same lame black women who are constantly shouting from the rooftops “n***as ain’t s**t”, yes those black women.

Most black men are done and they fully deserve the horrid fate that is trundling towards them as a result of their blind devotion to a group of women who positively hate their guts and wouldn’t urinate or defecate on them if they were on fire.

Of course black women in the comment thread are loving this, those particular black men being the useful idiots that they are voluntarily emasculating themselves by wearing female attire upon their heads, this latest trend on black Twitter illustrates what a smack up job the modern day black female has done fragging and destroying the minds of black men over the past 60 years.

Wearing a bonnet, what exactly is masculine about this practice? Where are the black women in the comment section telling black men that they shouldn’t be demonstrating support via the emasculation of themselves, nowhere to be found. There are a few black men in the thread who get it, however sadly not many.

Study that comment thread hard, as we always are pointing out here at Slaying Evil, these effeminised, blue pilled, bonnet wearing ultra simps are the reason why black women will continue to flow deeper and deeper into the gutter of degradation, filth, degeneracy and reprobation.

This is also one of the main reasons why any efforts to restore and rebuild black communities without first bringing the black female back into line are immediately wasted and dead on arrival. Most black men have been indoctrinated, programmed and trained well to defend this black female regardless of her condition.

This bonnet foolishness reminds me of the emasculating Walk A Mile In Her Shoes campaign I highlighted a few years ago which has been running since 2001. So called men deciding to wear women shoes and walking 1 mile or more honestly believing that they’re supporting women and their causes when in actual fact they’re simply being effeminised on the slick.

There are plenty of ways of dealing with LEGITIMATE issues relating to women without men having to resort to emasculating and effeminising themselves. As a man whether literally or figuratively, you NEVER put yourself in a woman’s shoes, NEVER!

Mo’nique just like Ali proved that black women as a group enjoy living like sewer dwelling tramps and vagabonds, they DON’T have any pride in connection with the way they look and act in public and they despise anybody who attempts to hold them to account and bring some reasonable standards to the table.

Again, take a look at these dumb dudes, they look so weak, stupid and have no idea that black women will despise them even more for doing this. Standing in solidarity with a group of women who have no problems stabbing you in the back and do so on the daily, what kind of crazy foolishness is that?

It makes sense now why so many of these dudes are championing for and rallying around the homosexual Kevin Samuels. Free thinking black men, the message remains the same, don’t be like lotion boy King Keeme and the rest of those knuckleheads compromising their masculinity and manhood, especially not for gutter trash females.

You were right to walk away from Jiffy Pop bag wearing black women and the simps that unconditionally worship them, just observe how mentally damaged both groups are.

Don’t be a Simon Says breeze block like these ignorant maggles, NEVER emasculate yourself and compromise your manhood and masculinity. This is yet another case demonstrating why at this point SYSBM is an obligatory strategy for the heterosexual free thinking black man, it is no longer optional. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

The Black Community Is Done, Walk Away And Never Look Back

Most High Bless

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24 thoughts on “It’s Too Late – The Black Woman’s Image Is Finished

  1. Shahrazad Ali is no different than any other negress. The only thing she did was write books exposing the true nature of negresses including herself. This bonnet emasculation of black males means the black population needs to be wiped out of existence. There are so many issues to point out and the root cause of this has to be stopped eventually. I don’t see nothing wrong of being replaced with mixed race biracials. They are better looking and have higher IQ’s than most blacks. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. This shows again how dumb race purists and so called ‘progressives’ are. Instead of working to solve real issues they then decide to use war, destruction and chaos to fufil their twisted agenda. I stopped taking the likes of Umar and the Pride March Boys seriously when I did research on British government psychological warfare operations and the various collaborators. The soyboy sheethead cross burning faggots known as the DNC and the Street Life Soviet thugs are all agents of the Crown working to destablize and destroy.

  2. I always knew something was up when the best and brightest black men are somehow called lame for exploring their options and staying out of trouble. I told obsidian on his show that if you’re clean (no STD’s), no criminal record, and you’re making $50,000 a year or less, you’re already a High Value Man by default. SYSBM is the upgrade.

    1. This concept of What Is A High Value Man I believe is finally going to destroy the Manosphere. It shows the 15% having an advantage over the bottom 85%. Yet when you look a little deeper you’ll find Fit has no game and using his mediocre podcast as a way to get laid regularly.

      We’ve seen this before – Lord of the Flies

      Owning two properties in Barbatos does not make you an expert on real estate. Is that the low bar many in the Manosphere have to jump over to get 5’s, 6’s and 7’s? No disrespect to the ladies that meet those standards. They are trying hard to upgrade their status when they know deep down they will end up either slightly better or slightly worse than their mothers just the law of averages.

      What makes you an 8, 9 or 10 IMHO?

      If you can make money without showing the goods…

      Circling back to Black women and wearing bonnets. All they are doing is copying how lower class White women were depicted in media during the 1970’s especially if they were from the Southern US.

      The difference being they were getting ready for some event or gathering. Wanting to look their best they kept their rolled up hair in-place so all they would have to do is unfurrow scarf; today women with long hair use scarfs to keep the wind from messing up their hair while driving or riding in a convertible.

      Black women have no excuse but to try and look their best at all times. BGS believes the bonnet controversy is a cry for help. In other words BW see the writing on the wall but are powerless to change their trajectory.

  3. These BW and simps cant be saved, but we can save ourselves by avoiding them. No criticism of them is considered valid in their eyes, to them everything that they do is right and justifiable, too many of them act like hedonistic children but want to be treated like Queens. Once again they know the threat of losing good BM to the Wall of Silence, they will do anything to keep us engaged with them be it positive or negative. BW have plenty of bums, thugs, and simps, but the majority of those dudes are useless to them outside of massaging their egos. Don’t go back and forth with them in arguments, just ignore them.

    1. TRUTH! Many Jamaican men could use this lesson as well. The woman give them ‘bun’ and the man goes all Inuyasha on her. One simp even tear off the grill to get the woman, to tell the truth.

  4. Black womens image is well and truly finished in 2021 and I refuse to date them. I am only interested in dating childfree single good looking non black women.

  5. I cannot say this enough times. Black men with a brain must recognize the scraggle daggle for what it is. They must recognize the black male simp for what it is. They must separate themselves from these two collectives.

    Let these two collectives marinate in the hells of their own making, along with their degenerate demon spawn. That’s right, I call their offspring demon spawn. That’s because a scraggle daggle and a black male simp cannot raise a wholesome human being. Its usually the scraggle daggle doing the indoctrinating, but a black male simp is just as sick in the head as the scraggle daggle.

    At this point, differentiating between the scraggle daggle and the black male simp, is a distinction without a difference. The scraggle daggle = the white man = the black male simp. As far as I am concerened, they are all the same. Both the scraggle daggle and the black male simp are wholly owned tools of General Blizzard, cheap, disposable, and designed for the nastiest of functions.

    Stop breeding with the scraggle daggle, stop interacting with the scraggle daggle and the black male simp. Live your life separate and apart from them. Just because they wear the same skin, doesn’t make them your kin.

  6. Dealing with black women is a L in itself. If these cats wanna support the same women that will throw them in jail or kill them, let them have at it. Articles like this let me know that I made the right choice by jettisoning all black women from my life. I avoid them like the black plague, pun intended.

    1. When Myron (Fit) told them to leave in firm matter, the rapper BW said “You need to call the cops if you’re going to talk to me like that.”

      As somebody said was it MOT? = Do you need more evidence?

    2. OGBobbyJohnson,

      I am living proof that your opportunities and chances for success can only go up when you jettison all black women (and niggas) from your life, and the ones you can’t, just keep at arm’s length, keep your answers short and keep it moving. It’s easy once you realize the productive, intelligent, heterosexual Black Man has no allies, least of all people who share his complexion. SYSBM!

  7. Shout out to Mo’Nique for addressing this shameful display of fashion; I, too, see it from time to time where daggles are out in public wearing bonnets, headscarves, pajamas, and fuzzy house slippers. To make matters worse, they have their little daughters wearing bonnets, too! I guess Mo’Nique can add her name to the list of Black people who stirred up controversy for telling Black people the truth about their present condition.

    Interesting that you invoked Shahrazad Ali and the time she tried to tell Black women about themselves; as with Sister Ali, this situation with Mo’Nique has stirred an army of simps to come in and enable the dysfunction by “defending their queanies”. These simps are the biggest enablers of Black female dysfunction, so much so that they will do the goofiest thing for a female who wouldn’t fart in their face to cool them off on a scorching hot summer day.

    What trips me out the most about this is seeing Ludacris participate in this tomfoolery; he, along with all of the effeminate shines on Twitter, look really goofy wearing women’s head coverings, even more so than the scraggle daggle collective who already wear them.

    1. Are you really surprised by Ludacris? I’m not, I’m shocked more rappers have come out to support all BW behavior.

      Most of them are silent as to not draw attention to themselves. ICE-T said his piece, knowing he’s with Coco and left him alone.

    2. Please note that these same women will run over people, get in brawls, traffic guns for brutal thugs and start wars for the simple pleasure of it like their eternal life partner Lord Napoleon. These people and racist Zionist oligarchs are delusional and insane to the point of lusting for and demanding the utter annihilation of all their critics. I avoid all three groups like the plague and maintain hardware and browser security to prevent them from gaining browser data.

      1. BW are quick to use law enforcement to make you get back in line. Not shocked or surprised.

      1. Not surprised about Luda. These rap/r&b/urban dudes are at the mercy of their black bitch audience and their Jew paymasters to keep the fuckery going.

  8. A result of Blue Pill mentality and single motherhood follow with cultural brainwashing is what created these mentally weakened Black males who support the idea of wearing bonnets in public.

    1. TRUTH! The American black community will end up like the Jamaican ghettos soon. The hoodrats took the money Manley wanted to use to improve the nation and raised an army of thugs and killers corrupt politicians could use to get votes. The local version of the junkers (rural farmers and middle to upper class class) and the petite noblesse (small nobles) fled the island or retreated to the mountains and gated communities fearing that a repeat of Angola would happen here. Things got worse with Castro calling in his CIA masters and the Soviets to cause chaos on the island and the place soon became the hub of the New World drug trade.

      The black witch and politicians got their wish, but at the cost of a vibrant and resilient culture. The people of the ghetto kill each other for no reason and the men down there are very effeminate and ultra violent. There is even a gang called ‘Fatherless’ in Kingston.

      This shows that people are not idiots and problems can easily be resolved by basic communications.

    1. Hypermasculinity can be used in your favor Black men, remember that. I know some of you don’t want to work hard in the gym and look muscular, but I am telling you it works better for you as a Black man than it does a White man. You aren’t automatically thought of as dumb or stupid if you are muscular as White men are.

  9. I’m already at the point now that the black woman in America is sold out. The black women sold us black men out big time. Take one huge mothaf****** look at the black women in America, and ask yourself, is that suppose to be quality? And the simps are saying I need to get with that because I’m black, and I need to keep the black race going? You know what, maybe I did made the right choice by not having a black girlfriend, and sticking to what I like, and this is coming from a 22 year old. These simps are stupid trying to following along with the black woman’s dysfunctional behavior thinking they gonna get some of that punany because it’s sweet. Well News Flash for the black simps, they still putting y’all on the waiting line. I just can’t no more with the black majority. That’s why I’m so much of an freakin outcast around black society because I’m not trying to follow stupid shit that’s gonna get me locked up, get into situations I can’t get out of, or most of all, get killed. I rather be an outcast more than a kiss ass, and that’s for damn sure. These simps are kissing the black woman’s ass so bad that they’re tasting the leftovers of the thug/wannabe baller, and the white boy.

    1. At 22, I was still struggling with these black heffas. I wish I had your knowledge at that age.

  10. When I saw the picture of the simp, I just couldn’t stop laughing. It’s a wrap for black women. I have been telling you guys for long time that I have seen black women wearing weave from my area, Watford, Luton and elsewhere. It’s nothing but weave galore when it comes to black women. When I see a black woman, I know that she’s goanna wear weave. Today I was coming from Shepherds Bush right and I came off from Leagrave train station in Luton. I saw this black girl and she had her natural hair. But the thing is that how long is she goanna stay natural because black women don’t like being natural. And these simps are just siding with these ghetto scraggle daggles and they are doing it more and more and more. SYSBM. I don’t wanna deal with women who can’t stay natural. I have seen it with my female family members. They can’t stay natural.


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