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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

Evidence – Mark 1:40:55 – 1:55:30

So, these FreshandFit boys, remember the ones that told you that in order to attract women you needed to ditch the Android and instead get yourself an Iphone, they made the mistake of inviting some daggles up to their studio and of course things kicked off to the point where one of those black whores decided to get violent.

The naysayers and anti SYSBM squads need to stop playing musical chairs, enough with asking SYSBM practitioners why we choose to shun black females, dysfunctional westernised women and want as little to do with them as possible, your answers are right there in the 15 minute segment I’ve highlighted above. It took the dark skinned, weave and fake eye lash wearing short stack 15 MINUTES to leave the studio after she was first told to get out.

Why can’t black women follow simple instructions? The dark skinned witch stood there believing that she could argue her way into persuading the hosts to change their minds and allowing her to stay after showing blatant disrespect as well as being rude, of course it didn’t work.

Even then she only left because the building security were called. This is why so called “game” is a joke as these are the types of females you’re forced to wade through. Why even bother entering into the “game” when you can simply focus on and pick up a functional, feminine, classic woman without having to resort to any magic tricks and special techniques just to pull some uncouth, gutter trash feral hogs?

As I’ve stated before, those men who feel the need to “play the game” have already compromised and buffeted their manhood and masculinity, they’re already on the back foot because by default they’re choosing to craft techniques and strategies in order to impress women who are clearly dysfunctional, this is classic simp behaviour and a subtle form of emasculation.

This is your typical modern day black harriet, more stubborn than the most hardened hybrid mule, you literally have to smash black women over the head with a mallet in order to get some form of cooperation from them, something I’m NOT willing to do. I’ll leave that job to 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Sheggy, Skettie, Blac Bloc, Brikky and Field Mouse.

This type of ratchet behaviour right here is what gets a lot of black men into trouble, yet black love pundits such as Reverend Bargain Bucket aka Shawn James as per his comment on the Dealing With SYSBM Scoffers – Part 3 article still believes that there is hope for the black woman even though he hasn’t had any face to face dating experiences with black women since the late 80s.

As a level headed, honest, logical thinking and reasoning black man, once you have first hand, boots on the ground experiences with black women, you’ll automatically conclude that it’s a chicken wrap for them, they’re done, finished and at this point there is nothing that can be executed in order to bring them back from the abyss, NOTHING!

Finally, in other news, remember the Hebrew Israelite highlighted a number of Open Mics back who tried to state that interracial dating for black men is a sin and attempted to use the scriptures to prove his claim, he recently made a response video to the conversation myself and he had in the comment section of his last anti SYSBM video.

However like a true coward in this latest video he turned off the comment section, smh. If his teachings are “solid” as he keeps on saying, then he would welcome scrutiny and a thorough examination, however most of these dick policing pro black Hebrews don’t have the testicular fortitude to allow their doctrines, teachings and philosophies to be put through the fire because they know they can’t stand in the face of the truth. I wonder if the shine is still up for that debate on Zoom he kept talking about, somehow I doubt it:

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gentlemen, you’ve got the floor, roll that dice. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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114 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

  1. I walked away from a guaranteed £1000 for 5 days work because the place of work required I pay for a DNA swab test.
    I told them I will not be doing that, first response from my place of work was to post the government link for PCR tests. SMDH.

    Apparently I’m the first person to refuse, so braced for whatever penalties they’ll cook up for backing out. Other places want you to fill in a questionnaire “do you have symptoms…” and that’s it, you get on with it. Of course they’ll look at you like your carrying a combo of ebola, zika, swine and bird flu but I still get paid.

    Principles cost money.

      1. Schadenfreude,

        Not a good position for the long term and it always comes back to bite you on the backside. As I keep on saying, you can’t make deals with the devil and come out on top.

    1. Michel,

      You did well and ought to be congratulating yourself, so many people aren’t principled and will suffer the consequences of taking such a position down the pike. I keep on saying it, you cannot make deals with the devil and come out on top. We already know that these PCR tests are really about collecting people’s DNA plus we know the PCR test is a fraud:

      I will not be participating in any sort of DNA swab tests, if my workplace wants to take my temperature(on the wrist, not the head) I don’t have a problem with that, however anything that involves testing bodily fluids, I’m not interested in.

    2. I apologize for interrupting you gentlemen.
      Major props to you for standing up to this tyranny.
      Whatever costs you pay, you have proven that you are a man who will do the right thing.
      People are dying from the fake vaccine. My own wife took it, and I’m terrified. I tried to stop her, but she is a physician and believes the blue pill propaganda. I pray everyday there is no complication.

      Those with the integrity to tell the elites where to go are needed now more than ever. Way to set an example.
      Sorry again to intrude. I will stay away from now on. Those who take a stand against the fake vaccine need support wherever they are found.

  2. “BUt wHaT aRe yOu saViNg yOuRseLveS fRoM?”

    It’s evident what the productive, talented, intelligent Black Man is saving himself from, but these disingenuous shines love to play dumb, which is not a hard task for them. Black hoes are washed up at this point, it’s a wrap. Even the Cosby Show, educated black female with all the advantages has an inner Section 8 ratchet babymama dying to get out. And liberal 3rd wave feminist white women have raced black bitches to the bottom and won. It only took Karens 5 years to completely lose their mind. Guess what happened in 2015 to start their decline? I’m 100% Team Ricebunny at this point.


  3. Pro black hebrew israelites will allow sysbm to procreate with white hispanic women, latinas and native American Indian women from what I’ve seen from there videos. But they are only against interracial dating for non hispanics, non latinos, and non native American Indian. According to them blacks, hispanics, latinos and native American Indians are part of the lost tribes of Israel.

    He misinterprets scripture to fit his own narrative. Where it says not to mix with other nations, it doesn’t mean race mixing, it tells Israelite Jews to not mix with other nations worshipping different pagan gods such as the sun god, moon god, god of thunder, god of saturn etc. Christians are worshipping the sun god without realising it. Muslims are worshipping the god of saturn and the moon god without realising it. It has nothing to do with race mixing. Anyone that was against interracial marriage in the bible was eventually punished from the most high. He clearly hasn’t read anything about Moses marrying an Ethiopian mixed race woman.

    I’m not an Israelite and I’ll keep refusing to date a group of females that have very high testosterone blood levels, ugliest facial features, ugliest body features, highest STD’s, highest abortion rate, highest rate of single motherhood, highest rate of creating domestic violence, highest rate of committing crimes, highest rate of skin bleaching, highest rate of buying weave, including highest rate of females having the lowest IQ’s in the world. If I end up having a kid, the mum of my child has to be a quality stargate. It has to be a mother that has a higher IQ for raising a good child. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. Witwijf,

      According to the Israelite dude we’re making up all of the highest rates for black women you’ve listed above, he says he can’t see what the problem is. What he really means is just like these pro black female/black women first pundits, he expects us to settle with a group of women who are clearly in the toilet, in addition to what you’ve said I don’t want women with tattoos, fake eye lashes, weaves/wigs, 150 pounds of makeup on their faces and who are overweight at an 80% clip(over 60% here in the UK).

      Again, why did he shut off the comment section of the video, if his teachings are solid then he should’ve had no problems opening them up to being examined and scrutinised by outsiders.

      These dudes bestow themselves with titles such as elder, deacon, bishop etc, yet most of know nothing and constantly misinterpret the scriptures to suit their own interests.

      Even if what he said was true, is still part of the old covenant which we are no longer under.

    2. I can’t comment in the Bible, King James version or not. I can however say this; The disinvestment scares them to death, so keep doing it.

  4. Isn’t it weird how these game/pua dudes only end up with bar chicks and daggles? It’s almost as if you use a certain type of bait and only attract a certain type of person.

    As verbs mentioned, these dudes are lowering themselves by scheming and schiming just to get gutter class women, yet these are the same dudes that claim to not be deifying these same women. Red pilled my ass.

    And kudos to the dark skinned chick for validating EVERY stereotype. These dudes try to throw these chicks a bone (likely in order to throw them a boner, also) and end up getting what they deserve, which could’ve been seen coming 5 thousand miles away. Same with Sotomayor inviting hoes to his house.

    1. You hit the nail right on the head. These people are a walking comedy strip at this point in time. In fact I play the Noucome OP ‘Sweet Milky Love’ by Afilia Saga when I see or hear of them and it works perfectly well.

    2. Check every PUA dude you come across on YouTube and find out what their girlfriend or wife looks like.

      1. Those dudes NEVER talk about settling down and having a family. They just wanna run through hoes, the same hoes that they criticize women for being. Again, why do you think they never bring up traditional cultures?

        1. 100% and try to teach men how to do the same. Fake Life Coaching Failures. How does this sh*t get popular and remain on YouTube yet MBDX can’t say Black women without YouTube giving him a time out?

    3. Afrofuturism1,

      If these guys were upfront and honest clarifying from the beginning that so called “game” is meant to capture dysfunctional females then I would have more respect for them. Nope, instead they take shots at SYSBM claiming that we opted for this particular way of life because we never had game or swag to begin with.

      Exactly what is to be commended and congratulated about pulling some ran through chick who’s still doing the circuit, I’ll wait? They themselves know that when you deal with classic, functional, feminine women, swag and game is NOT a requirement, in fact traditional women are repulsed by game and swag, they much prefer a man to act and behave normally.

      You already know that the dark skinned chick would act out, this is a given with them and any other black females within close proximity of that shade.

    4. Exactly! The tale of whoa told by Sotomayor is a direct result of inviting random Black women to his home, some escorts, the majority from his DM’s. Stealing sh*t, lying about it when confronted and just being awful human beings.

      Fresh & Fit, let their followers and comment section say what they really feel otherwise other hotep/ProBlack/BlackFirst dumbbells would call them out for perpetuating the stereotype of the angry Black woman.

      BW write the scripts themselves. While most of the time these shines are not confrontational they are quick to disagree with their contentions around high value women and chastity, among other things are the features men want in women, no matter their “status”.

      Right on cue, BW act out, Latinas, Asian & White women are the most feminine.

      Fresh & Fit pretend they are on the edge of being shadow banned on YouTube yet are towing the line of post-modern BS.

      How you going to get banned for adding to the dysfunction?


    This is just how much easier it is to have in a non-western country, and I’m not talking some rathole village in Somalia, either.

    Why do you think they demonize countries like Russia? For one they stand AGAINST things like feminism and the Alphabet crowd. Two, they have all the amenities of the west without half the hassle, making them far more hospitable to live in.

    Likewise, why do you think they only advertise certain places as areas to visit or vacation at? They tout London, Paris and such as Crown Jewels, when it’s really the same thing you’ll be dealing with in America, just with an accent.

    1. If you have followed Philko as long as I have, you know that Eastern Europe is very hospitable to Black men, more so than other men of color.

      I’ve seen a few half Nigerian/half Ukrainian women and they look better than Beyonce (or insert attractive medium to light skin Black woman and times that by 2).

      Russia isn’t quite open to outsiders though I have hearing that has changed. Ukraine has been open since last fall to US tourist and the ratios are 4:1 at least.

      Why more men aren’t wifing up women who want to be married, what to be wives and want to have children but rather deal with scraggle daggles is beyond my comprehension.

      1. Russia has opened up in the last couple of years and want more immigration, though I doubt they want to deal with too many black men behind the absolute cream of the crop (not that I blame them.)

        My kids will likely be either half Eastern European or half Asian, like it’s not even a question at this point. The only other option is Brazil, though it won’t be by a daggle mother.

        Turkey is also a possibility, and VERY cheap. Ankara and Istanbul are incredibly cheap compared to even small towns in most non-former Soviet European countries.

        1. Actually I was talking about Covid-19. Last I heard they haven’t open the country up to foreign travelers yet, I could be wrong.

    1. But the true believers really think they care about them, does anyone think that Gates and Schwab really care about the proletariat? Nope, not one bit, nada! They’re just as bad as Assad who’s grandfather was a Zionist and Trudeau who uses Soviet Russia as a means to balkanize and weaken the supposed West. PNP, Baath Party and Russia United all work to destroy their respective nations and make idiots in the so called progressive movement feel smug so they won’t notice the Great Reset until it’s too late.

      Microsoft’s core factory is in Israel which is deep in bed with Russia and China. Netenyahu used Roger Stone to create Russiagate to set Trump up which is recorded by BOTH sides of the discussion. The politicians ‘opposing’ him were known supporters of AIPAC which is a supposedly right wing anarchist lobby group. The DNC is a far left fascist organization.

      Shouldn’t alarm bells be ringing at this point? These blind ideologues are just as stupid as Q tards and their ‘trust the plan’ nonsense.

  6. Back in the day there was an old “SYSBM” forum that I was on and they would occasionally do shows on Blog Talk Radio. One time the guy invited some BW to his house to participate in the discussion with him and the other guys on the show. After about 1hr of discussion he ended up asking them to leave when they started yelling and getting crazy, even after he told them to leave they still stood in his drive way yelling at him and trying to argue. I remember him saying “Man, they still in the driveway yelling.” a while after he closed the door. LOL

    The time for discussion and debate is over, its a waste of time. They only want to argue and debate as a way to keep BM engaged with them anyway, they don’t want the Wall because at the end of the day BM are the only men that most of them have a chance with. They know that if the Wall gets too tall all that they will be left with is Tyrone the dopeboy and Tronquisha the bull dyke.

    1. JamesSYSBM,

      This is the problem with your average black female in 2021 and beyond, they feel they have the unlimited right to disrespect black men and believe that we’re somehow obligated to accept it without duress and protest.

      You’ve been stating the same for a while now, how black women and their simp flunkies continue to create dead end arguments and meaningless contentions in their efforts to keep us engaging them and thus delaying us from getting on with our own lives to the fullest.

      Let them debate and argue with those who wish to continue engaging with them, over here, we’re simply not interested.

    1. I posted a link below to a video where she exposed Fresh & Fit Miami’s Myron for the beta male he is; he was rejected by her and then got on some hoe ish.

  7. Verbs 2015.

    The above Fresh and Fit videos reinforced the reasons why I refuse to date black women and I avoid them like the plague.

    1. Seems like you can’t get any woman. I’m surprised your not bragging about being a “37/38 single, childless man” as you always do.


        You need to shut the fuck up you faggot as I had plenty of good non black looking women in my life. You need to go back and shag your gay boyfriend you poof.

          1. Exposing SYSBM.

            That’s non of your god damn business. I had plenty of quality good looking non black girlfriends over the years.

            1. > I had plenty of quality good looking non black girlfriends over the years.

              Same here. And I’ve been happily married to one for over 20 years.

              The only things that individual is Exposing himself to are as follows:

              1. His right hand.
              2. Baby Mama / Ratchet drama and all of the Blackistanian dysfunction that comes along with it.

              Let said individual deal with the drama. Us thinking black men prefer to save ourselves from the nonsense.



              1. 3. His uncontrolled lust for other men, as a result of his mother warping his sexuality with long term physical, mental and spiritual abuse.
                4. A possible military trial.
                5. Complications from both vaccination shots.

      2. Exposing Himself Aaron Fountain,

        Now, what is this all about then? You’ve been “tracking the Black Manosphere” for at least 3 years and you mean to tell me that you haven’t seen or heard any of the numerous occasions where I’ve clearly stated that I’m in a relationship and have been with the same woman since 2012?

        Somebody’s clearly not paying attention, I’ve also made it known that my girlfriend is a mixed Latina. You’re supposed to be the “researched” academic and yet you’re still failing to get the basic fundamentals of proper investigative research correct, smh.

        Additionally, I strongly suspect that you’re in the same predicament as Pastor Two Piece Shawn James, it’s a bit rich for you to go in on Quincy when all you do is concern yourself with as well as chase other MEN online all day, lol.

        1. Not sure why you made the Shawn James comparison. But I asked you before and you never said whether you were in a relationship or had children. And yes, I’ve seen two major SYSBM member’s wives and girlfriends. I also know how member looks like despite hiding his face. I don’t care to make that information public. I just found it out of curiosity.

      3. Don’t worry about who other black men are dating. Get on your local psychiatrist and book an appointment. Your mother’s beating of you is clearly still affecting you.

        1. Michel,

          Fountain Top’s mother roughed him up really bad, SYSBM brothers are an enigma to the fake academic in that unlike himself, we’ve got no problems calling out the same dysfunctional black females who gave us a hard time including our own mothers(if applicable). If he ever manages to get over the hump of the mental gulag his mother placed him into, only then will he be able to understand how we’re able to stand strong and persevere onwards unhindered.

          Mental chains and shackles brought about by these malevolent black females are a beast to break free from, however with being honesty with yourself and having a strong determination for freedom, it can be done.

      4. Your still come back with the foolishness! I thought you dealt with your childhood traumas when your mum use to fuck you up when you was a child. You need to seek help when your mum use to smash up your face.

        1. I’m beginning to think that Fake Academic Fountain is in purgatory hell. He has all the smoke for flagging your content down, gangstalking other black men online and lying about it, but none for addressing the root cause of his disturbing behaviour. His mother.

          1. Yeah, the reason why he’s doing these type of things like stalking guys like me on the internet is because of the abuse he suffered under the hands of his mother. She fuck up his face and mass up him when he was a child.

      5. A childless man free and with lots of disposable income yeah that does deserve a pat on the back

        Now what do you get out of caping for disrespectful ignorant women

  8. I agree with you that these sorts of black women can no longer be helped. That is why the books I write are aimed towards YOUNG PEOPLE, showing them that, no, you don’t have to grow up to be a ghetto, loudmouth stereotype. Black girls can be goths, vamps, emos, etc, and not succumb to a twerking, weave-wearing hoodrat.

    As most know, the main black male character in my works is John Haynes – basically an embodiment of myself, my experiences, and my values in a fantasy fiction format. Black girls can learn that black men like John Haynes are there to guide them and to help them evolve into respectable black women.

    And my response to you continuing to make fun of me being single or not pursuing women – get your mind out of the gutter, sir. I have transcended beyond the pleasures of the skin you seem to crave. The way you #SYSBM Negroes lust after white/non-black women brings to mind the Jim Crow stereotype of the salivating black brute with his insatiable appetite. I can just imagine you lurking in the darkness of some alley in Thailand, yellow eyes glinting with lust the at the local ladies walking past. Is this who you want to be?

    Once again, I’ll say that I DO agree with you in most points regarding black women – but your mind isn’t enlightened enough yet. I’ll be happy to share for FREE my non-fiction ebooks and lectures to any black man here who wants them.

    1. Is this guy for real? Is this the actual Shawn James who hadn’t worked a job since 1980? The same one who hasn’t seen a naked woman that isn’t off pornhub?

      “ I have transcended beyond the pleasures of the skin you seem to crave. The way you #SYSBM Negroes lust after white/non-black women brings to mind the Jim Crow stereotype of the salivating black brute with his insatiable appetite”.

      Spoken like a true simp who is too scared to strike up a conversation with an actual woman, ask actual hard questions and someone who is comfortable being well, useless. Nobody here is listing after anyone (it’s called preference)we highlight the overwhelming dysfunction in da Communitah people like you refuse to address.

      It always amazes me how everyone can have preferences except us. We’re expected to deal with the gutter state these boons and not complain. Not happening.

      People like you are a disgrace to manhood and black manhood in particular.

      1. You roasted him so hard he started burning. LOL. Pastor Raven Doujin has yet to do anything substantial but yet still he’s dick policing….like his racist far left masters and the anarchists whom they remained wedded to. These types whine all day yet do nothing to stop problems, or expose real issues in society.

        For example, black females and the far left have a love affair with communism, fascism and other dictatorial movements, with disasters consequences for the rest of us. Hoteps and white nationalists claim to be the saviors but turn out to be taking money from intelligence services and the anarchists laundering funds for the synagogue beast rabbis and imans they claim to hate.

        People like Mr James will whine ‘Bolshevik’ but do nothing to ever hold their beloved leaders accountable and will fight anybody trying to work for change. This is why these race purist and intersectional movements always fail, as they’re fighting for attention and bottom of the barrel scum to recruit.

        As far as I’m concerned, the black race and pan-Slavism are dead, black women and Lord Napoleon killed it. SYSBM is not a janitorial service, let Shaniqua and Brad fix their own problems instead of being the errand boy and punching bags for Kalashnikov Adam, Banker Rothschild and False Flag Fedowitz fresh off the gulag.

      2. >People like you are a disgrace to manhood and black manhood in particular.

        And yet, I’m the one writing books, articles, and blog posts about bettering the state of the American black man. I’m the one giving advice to young brothas on how to handle black women in the work place. I’m the one telling brothas NOT to simp, instead of just calling them names.

        I’ll offer you a truth – have you realised that all the black women you use as examples for #SYSBM movement are complete scum (which I agree are the majority and should be avoided)? See, you keep forgetting about your Michelle Obamas, your Mae Jemisons, your Maya Angelous, etc – this is because you KNOW deep inside that THESE type of black women won’t pay your sex-starved ass no attention. That is why you have convinced yourself that ALL black women are like the brute in the video above, and that gives you ground to become sex tourists.

        Listen to me, brother; I am come before you to enlighten and educate not to enrage. And just like the Angel Gabriel, I need not participate among those are not my peers to teach them; I merely observe.

        1. “See, you keep forgetting about your Michelle Obamas, your Mae Jemisons, your Maya Angelous, etc – this is because you KNOW deep inside that THESE type of black women won’t pay your sex-starved ass no attention”.

          The fact you listed big mike as a black woman to strive to want to date is hilarious and proving one of our many points.

          Furthermore, the other women you mentioned are so far and few between it’s not worthy of a conversation. Even if they are in abundance (they’re not), they still fail to check the trash when they act the way we know they act for the most part.

          You really are feminized. You’re arguing like a woman trying to paint a picture we said ALL are like that; which we have never said.

          Ate there some good black women out there? Sure I’ve ran into a few and would’ve dated them if they weren’t married. Are there enough of them out there for me to want to risk dealing with a closet boon? Hell no. I’d rather go back to Iraq with a super soaker and no body armor.

          Your failure to research and ask questions is astounding considering the fact “you’re an author”.

          Anything else?

          1. Michelle Obama wanting nothing to do with “our asses”…

            Shawn James thinks a Maya Angelou and Big Mike rejecting us is something for us to cry about 😂😂🤣

            This transcended spiritual leader who can’t buy a Sam’s meal deal without the help of SYSBM… Fuck outta here.

        2. Shawn James, what the hell are you doing here? I thought you was against SYSBM? Your just here just to dick police, right? Listen here, stop defending these scraggle daggles and continue to write your next book!

    2. I’d agree with you Pastor Poulet about pleasures of the flesh if you too weren’t jacking off to black porn in secret.

      See, you’ve got desires just like any heterosexual male. However, your mother gaslit and beat the shit out of you. Once black girls rejected you at 12, you simply gave up. Fine, it be like that sometimes.

      But don’t claim to be some higher superior human being over us. You still shit in a toilet like the rest of us.

      You live in a cave, you have zero dating experience, zero sexual experience, zero ways of making money for yourself except crowfunded chicken and toilet paper. You have zero travelling experience (you don’t even own a passport).

      You, however have the unmitigated gall to criticize US SYSBM folk?

      Every one commenting on this Free Topic Wednesday has the ability to help you out of you current low position with money and promo. My advice, take the help, and wind your neck in.

      Those that know don’t speak.
      Those that speak, don’t know.

      1. The incels favorite talking point is they are superior human beings. They are the ones that tout being virgins, demand the woman they seek be that as well. Meanwhile they are watching more p0rn, eating ding dongs on their three monitor setup while playing some STEAM game.

        They suck as human capital and are dysfunctional as a whole.

        This is your public education dollars at work.

    3. Shawn James,

      This is my entire point, black women as a collective just aren’t interested in living good and self improving, they love living the most whorish, decadent and gutter lifestyles imaginable. If your average black witch is going to read a book, hands down this is what she’s interested in getting into:

      None of these benighted black harriets will pick up your books and be inspired to live right because as I keep on saying and as your mentor David Carroll stated many years ago in one of his classic videos, No Hope, No Change For The Negro, in this case the black female.

      Your mentor David Carroll also recognises that the modern day black female is NOT a suitable candidate for long term dating and marriage, hence why he created another classic video, Why White Women Are Better Than Black Women.

      As long as black girls are being raised, trained, programmed and indoctrinated by single mothers, they’ll continue to repeat the cycle of destruction, hence why SYSBM practitioners adopt the position of avoiding them when it comes to dating and mating and in other areas if and where possible.

      Your dating life or the serious lack thereof serves as a severe impediment to any so called “advice” you choose give out concerning women.

      As for your so called “transcending the pleasure of the flesh” statement, we aren’t fooled over here sir and know that you’re beating your monkey regularly to porn featuring the same weave wearing black sirens you wish you could have in real life.

      You’re not Jesus Christ, nor are you a mountain dwelling monk from Tibet, as commenter Michel has pointed out, you’re a heterosexual man and have the same desires as every other heterosexual man on this planet.

      Showing pictures and videos of black men with non black women is simply putting the idea in the heads of free thinking brothers that they can actually deal with women who will love and appreciate them, we show them hope and a way of escaping the vortex of depression and degradation these black females create.

      I’ve been living SYSBM for 16 years plus, I chose to apply the philosophy to my life and saw positive results from within the first few weeks of implementation. There aren’t pipe-dreams over here, SYSBM is a serious tangible, MBD, myself, Kirigakure Jones, Straight Shooter, GW3, Sigma Jones, SKC etc are all living and positive examples of what can be achieved if you choose to integrate SYSBM into your life.

      Drop the masturbation, turn off the porn, instead get your feet wet and acquire some boots on the ground experience with black women face to face(not on a computer screen with vaseline in one hand and your penis in the other) before bringing any railing accusations against SYSBM.

  9. Lord, not these clowns again. I don’t understand people who listen to dudes like FreshandFit, because all these game dudes/pua dudes come off as weird. When these dudes start asking that question “What are we saving ourselves from,” I have to give these dudes a crazy look. They do not see the bullshit that’s going on in Black America? They telling me I need to lay my life on the line for a group of women that got nothing but pure hatred for black men, and themselves? Yeah, there’s something wrong with these dudes big time. As a dude myself, I don’t see the point in getting violent, or arguing with a chick because it’s a waste of time, I’m not trying to catch charges, and I’m not trying to burn out energy with that nonsense. Don’t get wrong, I’m the type of person that will set a woman straight, but not by arguing or getting physical because that mess will go left.

    That Israelite video, I’m not religious or nothing like that, but at the end, like I said before, Interracial connections are not gonna go away. No matter how hard these folks try, it’s not gonna go away, and it’s gonna rise up in the future. I swear, the black simps cannot give it up. They walking around here being the damn super heroes for black women, but look how’s that turning out. Don’t believe me, ask the dude who throw bricks at a nail salon, and got his dumbass arrested.

    1. You have more sense than the entire incel/MGTOW, or Emos going Gay community. And no, I’m not exaggerating.

      Race purists and fascists will try and sell you a fantasy wrapped in a package, to get you in trouble. Know More News was exposed as a agent by some other wignats who found a picture of a blimp belonging to him saying ‘Yids rape Kids’ on the front. Yes, it is true that there is a big pedophile and slavery problem in ‘Judaism’, but what does that do, really?

      It makes the case of ‘Zionism’ stronger by associating everybody who disagrees with Likud and the EU as a bunch of Putintard Nazibol Wilsonian dickheads. Which is what the alt-right really is, a bunch of losers being propped up by the media and intelligence to frighten people into giving up their rights and freedoms. ‘Russia is our friend’ Seriously?

      The Entente was the reason for the American Union’s decline! Wilson and the ADL held civil rights back and resegregated the military! And don’t get me started on the endless amount of wars the US has found itself in since then! No so called nationalist should be flying the Confederate Flag or sucking up to Russia or the UK!

      Concerned, they sent it to Dr Brendon O Connell who promptly kicked his ass on video and has gone solo ever since. The so called ADL is still living in 1914 and can’t decide whether to keep old Dixie going or get off the Soviet train, and Umar Spengler….this dude is a straight up agent. Legit, he IS a agent.

      How any one can take them seriously in this day and age, is beyond me. But some people only learn through bitter experience, I guess.

    2. D.K. Phantom,

      Black men like that are so used to the gutter, they honestly believe it’s normal and will look upon those black men who choose to opt out for something better as strange. I’m not going to bash a female over the head in order to get some kind of cooperation from her, cooperation should come naturally and if it doesn’t then that particular woman needs to be discarded of immediately.

      As I stated in Negro Wars, the black simps are the black female’s last bastion of hope in her final ditch effort to try to get those black men who’ve left the plantation to return. Not a chance I say!

    3. I have often been advised that today’s army of black male simps, is a creation of the army of scraggle daggle welfare mothers who spawned them with their black male simp counterparts.

      While I completely get this, I find that differentiating the harm done by the scraggle daggle and the black male simp, is a distinction without a difference.

      The scraggle daggle creates the black male simps. But the black male simps sustain the scraggle daggles. The scraggle daggle is not self sustaining. So both collectives would die off, without the other.

      Given that the scraggle daggle and she black male simp, cause equal amounts of harm to black men, black children, and other scraggle daggles, as well as to the world at large, I say a pox on them both. I am equally for the eradication of both these collectives.

    4. I have often been advised that today’s army of black male simps, is a creation of the army of scraggle daggle welfare mothers who spawned them with their black male simp counterparts.

      While I completely get this, I find that differentiating the harm done by the scraggle daggle and the black male simp, is a distinction without a difference.

      The scraggle daggle creates the black male simps. But the black male simps sustain the scraggle daggles. The scraggle daggle is not self sustaining. So both collectives would die off, without the other.

      Given that the scraggle daggle and the black male simp, cause equal amounts of harm to black men, black children, and other scraggle daggles, as well as to the world at large, I say a pox on them both. I am equally for the eradication of both these collectives.

      Breeding them out, is absolutely imperative !

  10. It’s quite interesting that you shared this video of Fresh & Fit Miami’s podcast where they had this encounter with the scraggle daggle; yesterday, I was listening to a livestream by Man Of Tomorrow where he mentioned that you don’t need the red pill if uncultured women aren’t your end goal. The guys at Fresh & Fit Miami need game and the red pill because they can’t leave the scraggle daggle alone; they are addicted to that Black box!

    I kinda hate saying this, but there are many Black males in the Manosphere who call themselves conservatives that can’t leave the daggle’s name out of their mouths either; the Negro Manosphere has morphed into a place where supposed conservative men want to negotiate submission with liberal women. This is what separates SYSBM from the rest: we seek out traditional women from the start and we don’t care to share the benefits of our better outcomes with the parishioners of the communitah who wish to remain stagnant.

    Anyhow, here’s some vaccine news where unvaccinated staff at a Texas hospital face termination of employment if they don’t get the jab:

    1. I was listening to that MOT stream and I agree. Game is a requirement to deal with dysfunctional women and the practicing of it attracts those type of women to you. If you’re concerned with upping the number of worthless females you’ve bumped off…its good for you. If you have something more stable in mind as your long term destination one needs to leave the game shit behind

    2. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Man Of Tomorrow is right, normal practices and protocols around classic women will yield quality results with ease. Those Fresh and Fit boys are in the thick of it outside of living in Las Vegas, Miami is filled to the brim with straggs.

      A black man who is truly conservative won’t find himself dealing with a black female because her mindset will be the complete opposite to his, you can’t call yourself conservative and still be entertaining black women, what exactly is conservative about your modern day black stragg, I’ll wait?

  11. “I Know Where All The Masculine Men Went” video. Gets to one of the root causes of the state of the communiteh (a.k.a. the SIMP breeding grounds):

    Fast forward to 15:23 – where the scraggle roasting begins.


  12. First, fag-face Fountain. Give it up! You’re not defending BW, you’re enabling their continued dysfunction! No better than the woman who supplies her alcoholic husband with the same liquor that he constantly begs for that ultimately kills him. You do them no favors by trying to interrupt the natural negative consequences that their actions merit! Secondly, Sean James, lol. Tell you what, turn over your laptop to me and I’ll do a deep dive of it’s content, uncovering all the porn that you downloaded then deleted and see for ourselves what “Mr. Transcended” has been beating his monkey to while talking trash about SYSBM. You truly ARE a disgrace to black manhood! Pro tip! Get off your fat ass and hit the gym so that you can become someone a woman might actually want to sleep with! Real easy to be celibate when the opposite sex finds you repulsive, much harder and more impressive when you look good and have options!

    1. Tony Stacks,

      Notice, neither the fake academic nor any of his followers have been able to prove me wrong about what I say concerning this modern day black female, Fountain himself knows that he’s only able to appeal to an audience of knuckleheaded cyclones who are unable to think and reason for themselves.

      No intelligent, logical thinking brother would take his minstrel video reels seriously. Black female dysfunction is out in the open for all to see, there’s no covering it over no matter what video clips Fountain splices together.

    2. Verbs said not a word wrong in that video. “Black women have the Midas Touch of Destruction.” “Extra testosterone they carry.” Ha!

      Aaron Fountain, thanks for spreading the message.

  13. Moses ended up marrying Tzipporah in the OT, and as soon as his sister Miriam spoke AGAINST their union, she was stricken with leprosy.

  14. Well, this what happens when you bring a scraggle daggle into your platform. Just like the homosphere. When a man say you need some game in your life, that means that you goanna be attracting dysfunctional woman and most of the time are black women. And when one of the guys was talking, the scarggle daggle was talking over him. This is a tactic the simps use as well. But they get from the scraggle daggles anyway. As you look at the dark skin black woman with weave in her hair and the browning with the shorts, this is one of the reasons why black men date non black women. Other things now. I was watching some couple videos on YouTube of these ghetto ratchet hoodrats running each other over. There was one video I see with five women lying down on the ground to bomba claat because the scraggly lick them down with the car at a gas station. And the gyal crash into one car as well. None of them didn’t move. “I said pussy claat. They look dead you know!” Listen here, when you see scarggs fighting and they run over, everything goes quiet like puss.

    1. Michael Mistertea,

      None of any of the above videos help his case at all because they’ve all been made post this supposed Covid pandemic. What was his excuse for not seeking out employment in the late 80s, the 90s and early to mid 2000s when Western economies were booming and flourishing?

      The bottom line is Shawn James is lazy and simply doesn’t want to work, he’d prefer to sponge money off the government, the same white supremacist government he claims is behind encouraging black men to date out, smh.

  15. Well this is a lively Open Mic Wednesday with king simps Aaron Fountain and Shawn James in the house lol. David Carroll had it right once again when he dubbed these negroes “beta male stalkers.” They want to engage us and argue and fuss just like black bitches do. They feel the need to come to this site. Why?

    I still want to know how super pro-black Shawn James reconciles that with his lust for pale-skinned white Goth girls, and how exactly his incel status is contributing genetically to the black communitah.

    1. Shawn James would give his last piece of crowdfunded toilet paper just to sniff the farts of a girl who shops at hot topic. “Righteous holy man” my ass, that dude nuts at the mere sight of a Victoria’s Secret store.

    2. Schadenfreude,

      Notice how we SYSBM practitioners have no problems sticking to our own corners, we aren’t looking for attention neither are we seeking out beef, contention and strife. SYSBM is simply about getting on with the lifestyle without an audience. As for Shawn James, I want to know how he reconciles his long term unemployment status with claiming to teach young black boys and black girls about being responsible.

      1. Hell how does he reconcile it with being some “man of God?” Being a lazy bum isn’t biblical, but I forgot, he’s on a higher level than us!

        1. Being a work-shy government scrounger is Shawn James confirming another stereotype of black men being lazy and shiftless.

          Shawn James is no different to your violent single mother hood raised, no self-esteem having damaged boy in an adult body, who makes himself feel superior as a coping mechanism for feeling shameful to his core. Like Fake Academic Fountain he too needs psychological services.

      2. Verbs,

        You are correct, I only congregate with like-minded SYSBM brothers and do not frequent content that is not for me. Shawn James found the time to comment below, but pole-vaulted over our questions here, lol.

  16. Two thugs kill two people and a 2 year old baby girl, and instead of calling the cops their mother helps them to escape.

    In triple homicide that killed toddler, shooters’ mother helped them escape to Texas, BRPD says

    BW tend to be the common denominator in a lot of the Black community’s problems. They sleep with thugs and bums, have their bastard kids, and raise the kids to be community terrorists. They also ask BM for help while simultaneously blaming us for their poor decision making. Statistically there is so much crime coming out of Black single mother households that it’s ridiculous.

    1. So I guess we’re supposed to be building families and communities with women who help dudes get away with killing THEIR kids? But sure, there’s an ABUNDANCE of great black chicks!

      1. Yup there are a bunch of Lisa Bonets and Zoe Kravitzes in the black community just WAITING for you to wife them up. That murder-enabling babymama is in the minority.

  17. Fresh & Fit Miami’s Myron Gaines EXPOSED:

    I haven’t had time to go through the video in its entirety, but apparently Myron reached out to this girl named ‘Anna Quinn Fitness’ and tried to get her to come to his spot in Miami; she turned down the offer, and he went “red pill rage” on her. I thought this guy claimed to love women in his podcast? These game dudes have been taking massive L’s lately, and it’s White Manosphere dudes exposing them, too!

    1. I thought these dudes weren’t “worshipping” pussy? Seems that they go off in a tizzy the second they’re denied pussy.

      Again, these dudes just want something to nut in, but then complain that that’s all they can get? Water seeks out its own level. They may seem “high quality” due to how much money they have, but those dudes are simps and losers mentally.

      1. These fools should be exposed. Myron was responsible for escalating the situation and then tries to remain politically correct in the aftermath. He even said this has happen before.

        This is why I don’t take these fools seriously. All they are trying to do is satisfy the lazy nature of incels and so-called Red/Black Pill punters. They are counting on their laziness of men to not seek the answer to their problems.

    2. Blue Collar Trevor,

      This dude Myron Gains is supposed to be about so called “game” and yet the guy instead measures at 50,000 on the creepometer. Is this how he approaches women, “we’ve got to smash in order to do the podcast collaboration in Miami”, smh. I believe you posted a video of another white guy who exposed Gains and also brought screenshot receipts to the table.

      Like I said before, these “gamesters” will be the type of guys who will go in on SYSBM claiming that we chose this path because we don’t have any game, yet Gains can’t even get the basics in place before his train derails and hits the sand drag and he’s the one derailing it.

      Again, as I stated before, women who aren’t in the feminist gutter will find all of this “game” rabble repulsive, so called game is suited for whores, dysfunctional and repugnant females.

      Gains thinks that because he has a halfway popular podcast that somehow this will give him access to top quality snatch, as we’re now seeing, this is clearly not the case.

      1. Verbs2015,

        Yes, I did post another White guy who discussed Myron being banned from TikTok; his name is Kurt Connor.

  18. I remember seeing a video by black men travels where a man exposes that duo for flexing with trannies and had photo proof

    I don’t take any pua artist serious anymore it seems to be only a matter of time before they do something or get exposed

    Remember brothers being redpill aware and having game is not the same thing. One is feeding you back in a round about way to the same bitches you dislike

    1. You know what, I might’ve remember watching that stream. Somebody in the white manosphere exposed both of them. Dude had a few receipts of Myron Gaines being with some dudes, and one of them photos the dude showed, had Myron Gaines in some bed with some dude, and it looked like they were doing something I don’t wanna even know. Then with the other dude, he has a wife, and the wife is not all that. It’s crazy because these dudes say they get a lot of women, a lot of “hot” women, but them receipts be telling me a thousand words that they are not pulling no 9’s or 10’s like that.

      1. These dudes seem to have a thing for trannies and being sexually suspect. Hell, just take a look back at Black British Guy.

        1. I forgot all about that guy and his fascination with transformers. Dude was off as hell

          1. Black British Guy wanted to introduce several trannyformers to his Matrix of LeaderSHIT

      2. The women that come on their channel are not even 8’s and 9’s, forget 10’s.

        The majority are 6’s and a few 7’s. I knew they were frauds when they talked about you needed a Iphone to talk to these dysfunctional women in the US.

        Then he said there are not high value women. I can think of two –

        Blythe Masters the credit default swap; Good, Bad of Indifferent

        Lynn Tilton aka Helicopter Lady since she owns MD Helicopters. She invented Colaratal Loan Obligations.

        Again good, bad or indifferent both financial instruments contributed to the 2007-2008 financial crisis.

        Both women are fairly attractive for these ages and are easily Billionaires.

        These dudes are smooth like ex-lax.

    1. I told myself I wouldn’t comment because of all the ignorant responses that keep making ad hominem attacks, instead of actually providing logical arguments – but this set me off laughing.

      This lapdog Negro is no better than those white boys sniffing after their perceived notion of Asian women. Silly Japanese comics and cartoons – you do know the Japanese wouldn’t give your black ass the time of the day, don’t you?

      A thinking black man like me produces literature that features black heroes and heroines in a positive, uplifting light, yet you Negroes still think that Kinoko-chan is going to bat her eyelashes at you when you waste your time and money visiting Japan. This is a perfect example of how Blacks do not understand group economics.

      Brother, I am willing to provide you FREE access to my work so that you can quit the delusion of Sailormoon prancing around in a short skirt around you, and finally accept black culture. Hit me up.

      PS – and for god’s sake, have some dignity and stop posting pictures of girls from their social media on their website. And the webmaster thinks I am the one with a masturbation problem.

      1. My girlfriend is Asian. I’ve been to Japan, have you? Did you know there are Asian chicks where all they date is BM and encourage their friends to do the same? I saw a video on YouTube of a Black cartoonist who is married to a Japanese woman and has been in Japan for 15 years. BM with their shit together can get any kind of woman they want. Fuck backward, degenerate, babymama-led “Black Culture.” Nice try though.

  19. As promised on Sunday, I was going to share my 2 cents on Black Male 1st Media’s video on SYSBM alienating conservative Black men:

    This all goes back to MadBusDriverX’s livestream in January where he said SYSBM is not like the Proud Boys nor is the movement a political one (specifically mentioning “populist Black males”); he had to set the record straight due to one ignorant Negro named Tre theNBD who nearly jeopardized the integrity of SYSBM by comparing us to the Proud Boys and was present at the U.S. Capitol on the 6th while claiming to be SYSBM. Feeling that conservative Black males were being alienated, BM1 came up with this new hashtag “PYSBM” [Preserve Your Self, Black Man] which he first used in his livestream (which he’s since removed); his explanation for removing it was that he didn’t edit it correctly, but Man Of Tomorrow came through with the receipts:

    This guy responded to MOT’s livestream with a response that made it look like MOT was lying from the start, but what he didn’t tell you was that he removed his video when he learned that MOT planned to do a livestream reacting to his video; BM1, like many others, is another fake conservative who speaks nothing but culture warrior rhetoric, but then tries to gaslight SYSBM into becoming a political ally because he’s too lazy to start his own movement. BM1 claims SYSBM is siding with liberal Black men over conservative Black men, but here’s the thing: liberal Black men hate us, too! Fake Academic Fountain, anyone?

    He also mentioned other irrelevant issues in an attempt to tie SYSBM back to politics, issues such as Black female judges ruling against Black male defendants who are in interracial relationships, schools suspending students over colorism, and politicians listening to his videos; what does any of that have to do with Black men saving themselves from the scraggle daggle? You don’t need a political organization to choose better outcomes for yourself; a simple look at the Tenets would’ve made that clear, but these dudes stay bothering SYSBM for not living up to their ideal of what we ought to be doing.

    You know what both of the liberal and conservative factions of the Manosphere have in common? They both hate SYSBM for not concerning itself with this uncultured counterpart from the communitah! Neither of them are built for cultured women, which further drives the point home that SYSBM is for the few thinking brothers and is the only viable option remaining for them.

    1. Somebody who I watch was talking about that. I remember watching that livestream of MBD, and this is why I say my path is straight forward, no left or right. I don’t really care about neither party because none of them political parties ain’t for me. I only vote one time, and that was it. I ain’t voted ever since. With BM1, I didn’t know who he was talking about, but when he showed his channel, I was like “Oh yeah, that’s the dude who was making them tricking and prostitution videos a while back, wasn’t he?”

    1. Will do and clicked 6 links so far. Out of curiosity, will you get ad revenue or extra cash by clicking on the links and read the articles? If so can it be done by phone or laptop.

  20. Y’all READ THIS SHIT!!! Lack women can’t sink any lower!!! (Eye bleach warning)

      1. Afrofuturism1,

        That tug boat is a “body activist”??? As for the drivel she wrote, this is why I continue to state that most black women are dumber than a box of rocks, this is what happens when you reject your male counterparts, choose to breed with knuckleheads and then raise the offspring in your defective image, smh.

        1. Correction: That tug boat is an oil tanker positivity activist.


    1. Mslet,

      The divesting crew is nothing short of a joke and a laughingstock, they’re the ones who created the hellhole Blackistan via their own loins with the financial aid from Colonel Breeze. This simply goes to show you just how mentally disjointed most black women are, decided to accept feminism as well as fatherless howe welfare policies and they honestly thought things were going to turn out gravy for them, smh.

      They sold out their own race for Lord Euro, yet even he doesn’t want them now. Christelyn Karazin and Cynthia G acolytes, they wish so badly that they could “swirl” in reality.

  21. Gentlemen,

    Today’s article is being released around 14:00hrs, going to allow this week’s Open Mic Wednesday to marinate for a little while longer.

  22. First they ignore us.
    Then they laugh at us.
    Then they fight us.
    And we win.

    And they take the big L – Courtesy of L Express – Delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free. Worldwide. 24x7x365.


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