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Dealing With SYSBM Scoffers – Part 3


You simply cannot make this stuff up, myself and King Sigma were recently talking about this, how there are many of these, Slowtep, pro black, black empowerment, fist pumping, dick policing confederates out here who will reprimand you for dealing with white women, yet they themselves have and are dealing with a Becky behind the scenes, smh.

Yep, all the fluff that Pamue was rattling off about reparations and black empowerment, with just a little digging and some basic research we now come to find out that Pamue has been dealing with a white female, not only that but he has also interviewed a Queen of Spades by the name of Lady Anaconda.

These dudes are really something else, you openly express your preference for white females, they come out of the woodwork beating the drums, blowing their trumpets and shouting from the rooftops that “white women aren’t going to save you”(not that SYSBM has ever made the claim that any non black women are the saviours of black men, the salvation lies in BLACK MEN SAVING THEMSELVES hence the acronym SYSBM), but shortly after you discover that these same dudes are dealing with the same women they’re trying their utmost to guilt trip you for having a preference for????

Pamue, what, did you think that we wouldn’t find out about your “secret”? The reality of the matter is true SYSBM practitioners have their personal preferences in women and there isn’t anything Pamue or the rest of these anti SYSBM gravy heads can do to change that.

I don’t have any problems with white women, white women despite their various shortcomings over the course of my life overall have treated me better and shown me far more kindness than this modern day black female, it’s a shame even saying this because by default your own female counterparts ought to be the ones showing you the most love, kindness and support, however we as free thinking black men already know that the complete opposite is true.

Just go back to my article Dealing With SYSBM Scoffers Part 1 and just observe the smoke dick police officer Pamue has for true SYSBM practitioners, now look at the picture above with Pamue with “his Becky” and the flowers her bought her, what’s wrong with this picture?

I remember YouTuber David Carroll relaying a story of how he attended a pro black power meeting many years ago and one particular dude who was there he later saw on the street with a mixed child en tow from his white girlfriend, lol. The moral of the story is these pro blacks are full of garbage, all of this “rail against the system, I hate the white man, white supremacy is destroying our people, we need black economics” talk is all guff and all for outward show.

I have no idea how many of these pro blacks are sleeping with white women behind closed doors, and/or have mixed children or both, however I would confidently estimate more than half of them. They themselves know what time it is, they know this modern day female for the majority part is defective beyond repair, however as I’ve stated before many of them want that black female dollar and so they bootlick for and placate to the black witch and these same black females like the mindless zombies they are in return run their own pockets.

Brothers, the evidence above gives more credence to the fact that even the most militant black empowerment pundits can be found with their trousers around their ankles placing their family jewels into white women. We SYSBM soldiers clearly aren’t wrong then when we state that non black women overall are a much better option for free thinking black men.

I’m just waiting for one of these prominent pro blacks to be exposed with some mixed children or white women they were trying to hide from the black public eye, perhaps Umar Gerbilface Johnson is next. Gentlemen, NEVER be ashamed of your personal preferences in women and pay no mind to the pro black charlatans trying to shame you for them.

It’s a damn shame really, the white manosphere is completely different to the black one, they encourage other white men to date out, to travel to different countries and explore the women of those lands, they don’t engage in the dysfunctional dick policing garbage that these communist pro black males gravitate towards. This can clearly be illustrated in the video below that King Sigma alerted me to: #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Pro Black Dick Policing Males Love White Women Just Like Everybody Else

Most High Bless

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72 thoughts on “Dealing With SYSBM Scoffers – Part 3

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Pamue and pro blacks like him are fucking hypocrites because he is dissing us SYSBM black men like ourselves for dating non black women but he is doing the same exact thing. This the reason why I don’t take pro blacks seriously because they are a fucking joke and they are the biggest dick police officers on the planet. Like I said before Verbs I refuse to date black women and I don’t feel guilty about it either because the only type of woman that I am interested in dating is a beautiful single childfree Turkish woman, Turkish Cypriot woman, Greek woman, Greek Cypriot woman, White woman with brown eyes and Indian woman plus they have to be in shape like slim build or athletic build, they have to be good looking at least a 6 out of 10 in looks and above and they must live in London like myself because it is easier for me to see them. I have high standards for myself and the type of woman that I am looking to date/get into a relationship with and there is nothing that these idiotic pro blacks, black women and single mothers can do to stop me.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I don’t take these pro blackity black pyramid head dudes seriously either, the modern day black female is done, the so called “black community” is in complete disrepair and these clowns are still talking that rah, rah, we can resurrect the community blah, blah garbage. SYSBM hasn’t failed me yet, I’ve used the tools laid out by MBD and have run into very few problems as a result.

      1. None of these Pro Black, Black First, Protect BW shines are honest about anything.

        The data shows that when Black men do marry non-Black women in US/UK they choosing WW, that might be the reason they keep bringing it up.

        In-fact the Brazilian blog I follow only brings up this issue when Black men are doing it, not when Black women are doing it. The excuse is that BM are in jail, poorly educated and not up to a high enough economic status to rescue Brazilian BW from poverty.

        That is why I keep saying the dick policing is world wide. Anywhere there are BW they are complaining about Black men dating outside their race but when Black women do it they are given a pass.

  2. Of course they don’t want is SYSBM soldiers to date out because then who would date their daughters. If you produce sons, they want to keep your son pro black because they will brainwash him to stay way from white women using so called “the white woman is the devil” tactic. Look how Obsidian keep on attacking SYSBM and using Kevin Sameuls to promote black love but anyone with a grain of sense will realize that the women who call Kevin’s show, aren’t exactly good women in the first place.

    1. LOL, they never grow old. These people are a walking comedy trope, I play the Noucome OP [Sweet Milky Love] when I see or hear of them or Lord Euro. That’s how stupid and delusional they’ve gotten.

    2. Robert Chavis,

      Obsidian’s attacks on SYSBM will only make the philosophy and lifestyle stronger, nobody is going to return to the mire to save these used up, beat down, ran through black women and single mothers, he’s even had to admit that black men are exiting the building at an exponential rate.

      Black love is observably in the toilet and black women were the ones who killed it via their unconditional love, worship and exaltation of the trash in black male society as well as Major Blizzard. The black witch is done and nobody can save her from the pending grim fate that awaits.

  3. Thank goodness Verbs, you exposed Lord Euro, Shaniqua and the hoteps for the delusional frauds that they are. I’ve noticed that a lot of wignats have Asian and black wives, but I thought these guys were for the race man? Dr Brendon O Connell was right, the race purity movement needs to die a thousand deaths.

    1. Brendan Dubalos,

      Ever corner you turn there is a pro black getting caught sticking his member into the snatch of a non black female. These guys were never for the race to begin with because they know that black society is done, it cannot be saved.

  4. So Palmolive likes blonde snow bunnies huh?🤣😭 Even the pro wacks know not to dance with the Daggle under the pale moon light. This is exactly why no one with half a brain takes pro wacks seriously. Btw Redheads are my favorite…IJS😁

    1. Val Zod,

      We can’t even say that we’re surprised at this revelation, it’s no different to these church beast pastors dicking down their female and in some cases male congregation members, it’s only a matter of time until the truth is revealed.

  5. Funny how pro black men are criticising sysbm practitioners for dating white women but they are doing the exact same thing. Pro black men want to make money promoting black empowerment while being hypocritical. It is their side hustle. Cash is more important to them than moral values.

    Number one interracial match is black men and white women

    Number two interracial match is caucasian blizzard frost and asian women

    I know there are a few white women that have been fully brainwashed to be against interracial dating that are involed in the far alt right nationalism movement. One name that comes to mind is Laura Towler from Yorkshire Bradford in UK. Bradford is the listed as the most dangerous city in Europe. Race purity is a money making scheme. A lot of these purest people don’t practice what they preach. Just an illusion. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. *involved* typo

      *Bradford is listed*

      Lots of crime involving drugs, rape and all sorts of criminality in that city. But Lauren Southern was one nationalist that was caught in a porn video. These women would date a black guy if any was interested in them.

      #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

      1. Lauren Southern was on Lol be right back….

        All jokes aside, these shines talk black, **** white and only care about chasing green. They’re NO different than pastors and preachers, but actually much less successful.

          1. Me 3! I hope they gave my man Brake the assignment. lol
            Link pleeeze? If Lauren Southern did, in fact, get BLACKED, that will shatter many beliefs in the minds of her white nationalists “followers”.
            I’m not surprised though. Those BLACKED guys are natural SYSBM brothas.

            But once again, it shows the hypocrisy of the pro-black/pro-white movement – so many double standards it isn’t even funny any more. Just date whoever turns u on for fuk sakes & be yourself cuz u only have one life to live. I expect to see more of the same as SYSBM goes global. Cognitive dissonance is overpowering on “confused” minds.

      2. Bradford isn’t that dangerous really, it’s just hype to divert away from the actual kiddyfiddling done more widely in secret.

        Laura Towler? I bet she’s had a few brothers at some point…

        1. Just waiting for Faith Goldy to be caught on her knees praying in front of a brother.

    2. I’ve been saying this for a long ass time. Ultra nationalist Soviets and degenerate fascists are products of intelligence. Wignats are just jealous and progressives want to leech of the state’s resources. What a joke. Worthless ass ‘revolutionaries’ that need to put the weapons, cheap beer and mind control hentai toys down and get a real life.

      It’s funny how Pussifa and Pride March Boys can find time for black men dating out but don’t want to put the likes of False Flag Fedowitz and 4chan Richard under control. ‘N word Nazi’ my ass (yes Lord Euro actually said that), take the red flag and bring it back to Moscow along with your delusional followers.The real socialists were right.

      Neo Nazis and Progressives are fueled by the same thing: White TRASH.

      No different than Banker Rothschild and Bottom Shelf Brad fighting over the Eurasian world order. Dr Brendon O Connell was right.

      Hey Verbs, good afternoon. Could you please release my comment.

      1. Brendan Dubalos,

        I had to move the comment to the Off Topic section because the links you posted weren’t related to the subject. You’ll find your comment there. Feel free to use the Open Mics or the Off Topic section of the website if you want to post links that are not related to the topic being discussed at the time.

        I’m not trying to be mean or difficult, I just want us to stick to the subject matter being discussed without drifting off into other random topics unrelated.

    3. { Funny how pro black men are criticising sysbm practitioners for dating white women but they are doing the exact same thing. }

      I’d wager that most black womin from Communitah West & their simp ilk have the highest rate of cognitive dissonance that the world has ever seen.

      I’ll share a secret with you…
      My authentic “pro-black SysBM” ass ain’t ever going to be caught dead with a fake hair, weave wearin, obese (oooops, “THICK”) scraggle daggle degenerate in my bed. I don’t care how much the deluded & allegedly “pro black” likes of GerbilMan & similar “compromized” dick-policing provocateurs try to get SysBMers to ignore the SERIOUS side defects of these supposedly modern “woke” Westernized feminazi Queanies who luv getting juiced up by the likes of TBone Tyrone, Booteh Slayer, Slim Sauce, BallZie McDick & Dennis the Menace.

      So where are Umar’s primo black unicorn Queanies hiding out? Show us some receipts boys.

      Same goes for Euro simp who constantly cucks for Lord Ziostein 24/7. And look where that has gotten him in today’s crumbling “Western” society. Welcome to Superman’s Bizzaro World folks where up is down, wrong is right, baaad is oh so kool & insecure black womin who can’t go a day without parading fake hair should supposedly be married up. lol

      2 words: Fcuk that! None for me, please. I’ll stick to what works for me.

      1. These so called ‘philo-Semites’ are the absolute worst man. Both fake Christian, and the white nationalists and supposed leftists who are supposed to be the most compassionate. Though to be fair, all these groups have always been pro-Soviet no mater what they claim. Revolutionary, reactionary, decadent failures all jumping on the long debunked theme of the ‘people’s revolution’.

        This is what pisses me off about race purists, they talk on and on yet accomplish nothing substantial. But when black men date out and expand their options, it’s a problem?

        A lot of hoteps and white supremacists are either homosexual or complete intelligence agents, or interacially dating out on the side. Since the EDL is run by Mossad and the KKK is the armed wing of the Democrat Party, it should come as no surprise that future investigations into the likes of Umar Spengler and the Bolshevist Pride Boys shall reveal that they are either intelligence agents or dupes paid to create the image of a threat.

        ‘Dennis the Menance’ Lol, good one.

        Wag the Dog and the early Marvel movies were right on the money with these schemes.

        1. This is what pisses me off about race purists, they talk on and on yet accomplish nothing substantial. But when black men date out and expand their options, it’s a problem?

          Not one of them has any authority to talk on anything but they can tell me who to date? Would you take medical advice from a slowtep?

          1. Nope. Not at all.

            Any info I get on Commie wignats and Lord Shlomo from MSM I double check and go through that like Abweher and pre 1914 American intelligence, because I know how DemoKKKrats are. Ever since I learnt that groups like EDL and Pride Boys be part of the Israeli-Soviet alliance to balkanize the world for their masters Beijing and London, I’ve been suspicious of everything I read and consume online. Bi Bi has the kill switch and Old Billy has the software filled with booby traps and scams to steal your data.

            And nobody knows how many MI6 agents and NATO spies there are in the rest of the world posing as Russian intelligence agents. Remember that Pierre Trudeau drafted the plan that the Soviet Communist Party had to follow and was the one who fucked up Yuri Bezmenov’s life

    4. Witwijf,

      I don’t even worry about alt right nationalism here in the UK as this country is being destroyed by its own inhabitants. Where were these alt righters when it came down to their rights being eroded all in the name of a boogievirus, that’s right, nowhere to be found, in fact you’ll find most of them falling in line with “government guidance”.

      Back in the day UK white folks fought hard for their country, now for the majority part they simply bitch and moan as well as seek out alternative places to live amongst themselves which automatically gives so called “minorities” an advantage.

      As for these black empowerment Negroes, they too are just as dead in the water as their alt right male counterparts, they talk black but sleep white while alt righters talk white but sleep Asian and in some cases black, smh.

      1. TRUTH! The alt right is simply another government operation just like hoteps. The Democratic Party had Operation CHAOS to destroy opposition among the left and the Bolsheviks in Russia had the Trust to eliminate opposition among the far right. Patriotism in the Anglosphere and Soviet Union is a damn joke, reduced to football games and race purity. Exactly as the Rebbe predicted in his speech.

        Who needs chosenites and KKK legions lynching black men when you have trolls, operatives and useful idiots who will do the dirty work. The likes of Bill Gates abandoned the weird get up and white sheets for suits, ties and degrees in management.

  6. Hmm. Rapping about that black shit, but his slow ass is dealing with a white woman? That’s the hypocritical shit I be talking about with interracial dating: When these folks be preaching that love is colorblind shit, but got something ugly to say about a black man dating a non black women, or mixed woman. These pro-blacks do not practice what they damn preach most of the time. I wonder how black women would reacts if they see black men who preach that black love shit, but got a white woman or some other non black woman, or a mixed woman behind the scenes. Who I choose to date, and the type of women I prefer is really none of these folks business. If they got a problem with it, then guess what: LIVE WITH IT! Interracial Dating been around for a long ass time, and I’m pretty sure it’s not gonna go away. I’m getting tired of these folks telling black men to stick to their own, but they can date whoever, and I’m a start bringing that fire to these clowns because they are nothing but a bunch of hypocritical, jive-sucking, self-entitled, having ass mothaf******. Black men, like what you like, don’t like what people want you to be with because it’s YOUR dating life, not theirs.

    1. D.K. Phantom,

      Interracial dating is only ever a problem when black men are involved, you can have any other combination of man/woman together and nobody bats an eyelid, however as soon as you introduce black men into the equation, all hell breaks loose, non black women all of a sudden are “under threat” and their non black male counterparts alongside pro blacks and the black witch spring into action trying their utmost to “tackle the issue”, smh.

    1. I watched MOT’s livestream addressing this guy, but I’m going to watch BM1’s full livestream before I give my honest take on this; so far, BM1 sounds like another COONservative in his feelings that MBD doesn’t want this culture warrior style conservatism associated with SYSBM. Maybe I’ll save those comments for Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday.

  7. What a bombshell you just dropped, Verbs! This goes to show you that these hoteps have White women on their mind more than SYSBM Practitioners do; seeing that photo of him with his snow bunny made me think, “somebody, send this photo to MBD to use in his slideshows” since he’s subscribed to him. One thing I will give him is that his blonde Becky is cute; he also looks very happy to be with her. It makes much more sense now why he would be so transparent about having discussions with a White male cuckold and a White FemDomme; if you follow his IG, he posts quite a bit about Black men being superior and includes clips of Black fighters knocking out White opponents.

    This revelation reminds me of simp comedian Godfrey’s admitting to sleeping with White women, yet he still loves his Black queenies; I would be shocked at this, but that cat was let out of the bag long ago. These pyramid head negroes are such great hypocrites, secretly sleeping with Becky while condemning the Black men who do so openly; same goes for the guy David Carroll saw preach at a Black power meeting years ago. They are pro Black in the streets, but are SYSBM in the sheets!

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      These dudes need to stop hating on black men who aren’t afraid to practice interracial dating out in the open, we keep on seeing this hypocrisy from these pro black, fist in the air, black empowerment court jesters again and again.

      Another one exposed and bites the dust, who will be next?

  8. Not a surprise, we saw the former Brotha Polight jump ship for a Blonde Becky a while ago. The hoteps are simply opporcoonists, preaching about black love in one breath, but will jump ship for Becky, Ling May, and Consuela as soon as the can. These dudes(and females) are one daishiki and plate of jollof rice away from being swirlers themselves. Never take any of their barking seriously…

    1. JayinChi,

      Black love is ancient history at this point, there can’t be any black love potential when you have a group of females choosing to open their legs to and breed with the lowest scum buckets of black male society as well as having an unconditional love and worship for Admiral Breeze.

  9. Talk black, sleep white, that scam is old as the hills. SYSBM by its very name is for individual brothers to SAVE THEMSELVES, not chase the same old chimera of non-existent reparations and being “on code” with hyper-masculine simp niggas to save the hood.

    These loud talkin’ chest-thumpin’ King Kong niggas have been selling woof tickets for 50 years and the hood is still a shambles. And none of these niggas have a Black spouse? Even Dr. Umar? Hypocrites.

    I’ve said it before, SYSBM is working, that’s why it can’t stay out of these nig-cels’ mouth. They are scared to death that their scapegoat and safety net is giving them the finger. The smart guy who studied is no longer letting you copy his test, you dumb niggas are on your own. The dudes are as shook as the hoes.

    It’s time for the Talented Tenth to separate from these lead-poisoned negative IQ-ass simp niggas and their Tyquisha masters they’re trying to impress, and create new, smarter black people. The Neo-Moors are already out there worldwide. 30% of degreed BM are dating or marrying out (“I actually think it’s higher”™ – David Carroll) Another good one, Verbs.

    SYSBM forever!

    1. These people are a walking comedy strip, talking about race purity as if it’s the new wonder of the world. While False Flag Fedowitz and Hitman Hanzelstein be robbing em blind. Ah man, hoteps never fail to impress. In the jester department.

    2. Schadenfreude,

      “Ye shall know them by their fruits”. I’ve yet to see anything productive come out from the pro black camp, all these seem to do is call free thinking black men coons, sellouts, Uncle Toms and n*****s all day yet at the same time expecting those same men to return to the squaller called black society and fix the mess that they had nothing to do with, smh.

      I’ve said it before, when you have a dysfunctional society separation and division are very important elements, that way you see the scum buckets upfront for who they are instead of allowing them to blend in and hide only later on down the line to reveal themselves and begin reeking havoc.

      1. TRUTH! This is one thing we have forgotten as people. Perestroika and glasnost really did take a toll on people’s minds. Bezmenov and Goltyzn were right about the Soviets and Democrat Party.

      2. “I’ve said it before, when you have a dysfunctional society separation and division are very important elements, that way you see the scum buckets upfront for who they are instead of allowing them to blend in and hide only later on down the line to reveal themselves and begin reeking havoc.”

        That’s why I endorse Betty Page bangs & 50s retro glasses on white women, ghetto names on black women, excessive weight and tattoos, and feminist signifier, man-hating nose rings. They are identifying themselves on sight as mentally ill and undesirable, instead of blending in, charming you, and springing their mental illness on you later on.

        Discernment is key for today’s black man.

  10. I knew Umar was a fraud but I never knew he was that scummy. Looked him up on DuckDuckGo, and he sounded like one of those MLM scammers. One thing i know, commie racist oligarchs and goose stepping fake liberals will be getting bashed hard!

    1. Dude had a secret special meeting about the state of black people…. That was in Japan.

      That dude ain’t foolin anybody, he was all up in Hamasaki’s guts. Not that I blame him, but the hypocrisy is astounding.

      1. Lol….Ayumi Hamasaki is the best. I used to listen to her music when I was a child and we had a van that had songs the previous user saved to the radio’s hard drive.

  11. So this man is dick policing other black men while he’s dealing with white women? There is nothing left to say now. These pro wank simps are coming after black men who are with non black women while they are dealing with the white gyal them? It seems like they are showing us black men that white women are the best option when it comes to relationships or marriage. Dr Foolmar Johnson is next of his dealing with white women and Bareback Fountain? Well it seems like he got my YouTube video taken down today because I was talking about his mother fucking him up when he was a child. And that is the reason why he’s doing the stalking like some narcissist. Any man can date whoever he wants and none of these simps can’t say anything. Right, I really like to know that white kind of white woman these fools are dating. It could be the worse type of white women.

    1. Bareback Mountain is a fool, just like Soviet Spencer and the communist white nationalist movement. He needs to get his ass out of the DemoKKKrat ‘hegemonist’ block and deal with the damage his mother did to him, then focus his energy on real issues like technology transfer, Great Reset and Belt and Road.

      A lot of these so called skeptics and progressives are really abuse victims who take their problems out on civilization instead of their oppressors, which is the mentality of a child.

      1. Yeah man. These guys have been abused and they are taking it out on the people who did nothing to them. And then they can’t take it when other people retaliate like me when I made a video about Bareback Fountain and his mother fucking him up when he was a child. When I was a child, I use to get the belt but I was a rude child and I was a problem but Bareback’s mother must of beat him like mad to make him this narcissistic that I have no problems taking on.

        1. LOL, this is sad. We have decisions being made by broken children looking for love and affection from society. This explains why Wilson decided to jump into bed with the murderous Entente or the black woman’s love of thugs and white trash.

    2. Money Cultural,

      SYSBM cannot and will not be stopped, however it seems that these pro blacks, their black female overlords as well as their white lord and saviour Field Marshal Sleet with have to learn this the hard way.

  12. So why is it that, again, they always default to white women? The biggest callers of “coons” LOVE white people, as far as they’re concerned there’s no one else besides white and black people. THAT is why more and more Asian and desi women are snatching up black men. THAT is why Mexicans are swooping into black neighborhoods and breeding them out. And these idiot engross actually think some of these groups are their friends.

    I hope MORE Mexicans come in and steal black real estate. I hope more Koreans and Arabs open up businesses in the hood that make millions off of the same negroes they treat like trash. And I hope the MICROSCOPIC amount of worth a damn black men date those groups’ daughters and breed out hoodrats.

    They complain cuz “your resources are going to da communitah?” GOOD! Anything you leave to the black community they’ll drink up and piss out, and that’s if they don’t burn it down.

    1. I feel the same way. Hoodrats and wignats for years whined about being genocided but do nothing to solve the problems they face. These people moaned on and on about Trump but refused to do anything about Chabad or Israel’s close ties with Russia, which was the real Russiagate. These people clearly don’t read, because they’re so obsessed with black men’s dicks they can’t even do real work.

      They and oligarchs are the laughing stock of their various groups, nobody likes any of the three groups except brainwashed sheep.

    2. The majority of Black dollars are controlled by Black women. They take the money out of the communutah because there no stores they want to shop at in those areas. In the case of Southern California, they go over into the “White” area of West LA and Culver City to shop.

      This includes buying big ticket items like Automobiles. Isn’t one of the standard practices in America is to open a Auto Mall for the tax revenue? Even Niggas can’t manage that, all the franchise dealerships that once dotted the Crenshaw district (Crenshaw Blvd) are GONE.

      It’s the same story with Black people, especially Black women, even African immigrants.

      Clothing store, Ethnic Foods and Remedies. About the only thing that converts and I know from doing Postmates is BBQ and Fried Fish.

      This is why Black Economics is a failure it can’t diversify. Even in the music industry you are trapped into doing Black music and even when try to do something else, the industry goes racist and claims they can’t do anything with you.

      Just look up the story of Nayobe a Afro-Cuban singer who touched off the Latin Freestyle movement of the mid 80’s. Again Black people constantly innovate (David Cole of C&C Music Factory) with a special mention to Nuyracians of New York to put the beat under that music.

      Same thing happen to Techno innovator Kevin Saunderson.

      We don’t need these shines, we can prosper without them, #SYSTEMTillTheWheelsFallOff

      1. Hahahaha, you’re right. Lord Euro and Shaniqua are boring as F and do nothing interesting. Oligarchs are batshit crazy and off their damn rocker. So of course these hood negros, wignats and incels are going to be just as stupid as their creators. People like Richard Silverstein can be seen organizing and fighting against Chabad Lubavitch and CCP agent Bill Gates. It was most likely them who got seinen anime and manga out of obscurity into what it is today.

        And if False Flag Fedowitz wasn’t fighting Shaniqua and Lord Napoleon for power and influence I guarantee they’d have pushed it even more. This is why the NDVP and SDP as well as Japanese liberal parties basically got away after the World Wars. These guys built empires from nothing when Lord Euro was still fighting the Czars in Eastern Europe and Banker Rothschild was still the bagman for Chabad.

    3. Afrofuturism1,

      This is what we’ve stated before, these pro black lepers are so focused on white women, they give women of other ethnicities an easy path to swoop in and scoop up brothers who are worth a damn.

      The Latin American population in the United States is coming up close to 20%, King Sigma released a video just the other day illustrating how the Asian population in the US has doubled, yet these court jesting pro blacks want you to stick with a group of women who hate your guts and who kill children whether inside the womb or outside for sport.

      No thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass. What do black women care about the black community when since 1973 they have murdered so many unborn children who were set to bolster US black population numbers past the 20 years plus rate of 13%?

      Please show me somewhere else on this planet where the native population has remained stagnant at the same number for over 20 years, I’ll wait.

      1. They can’t answer. Simply put they’re all talk and no action at all. The Hozehollens and guys like Patton had the right idea: black females and progressives need to be bred out along with oligarchs. These mofos scream and whine about ‘anti-Semitism’ yet are extremely racist towards Arabs, black men and white women with whom they’d still be fighting each other in Eastern Europe.

  13. Even these illegitimate MGTOW white men know to seek women of more suitable cultures. Now, my biggest problem is that they’re running away from the feminism that they helped bolster, and are many times dicking down Asians. The same ones complaining about white genocide are walking around feeling like $2000000000 because they’re 4.7 inches makes them a god in Thailand.

    Even they, however, have no compulsion to give their money back to a community that resented or hated them. Every other group has racial loyalty when it counts. With blacks, it’s ALL about race but never in a positive way.

    1. Same here man. It angers me that American blacks allow themselves to be exploited and used for no real reason. The insane amount of reverence hoteps and wignats have towards racial purity would have even the likes of Rosenberg shocked, and I mean that. These people are simply hypocrites and should be seen as the clowns they are. When the hammer comes down a lot of white nationalists and so called pro blacks will be outed as KGB, IIA, Mossad or MSS assets working towards balkanization. Mark my words.

      1. Umar Spengler is a racketeering scumbag, just like his white supremacist red ilk.

        These hate groups pretend to fight each other, but work for the benefit of Israel and China who are the major players behind this white nationalist ‘world communist conspiracy’ that keeps Snopes and MSNPC in business. The latter will divide and destroy with their intersectional fascism, which the cuckservatives and wignats, most of them compromised for Zion will step in to ‘save’ the us from, while getting support from the IRA [Internet Research Agency] and MI6 who basically control all the bots and shills on Twitter. Just something to keep in mind.

        The extreme left follows Gentile, Rosenberg, Cultral Marxist path to fascism while the supposed far right is ultra nationalist Communist. Both are rooted in extremism and hate, and both along with pro wacks need to be stamped out and all traitors exposed and given a swift trial to speed recovery from the crime penance.

        And with the vaccine scheme and the great reset to feudalism in sight, you’ll be sure that things will be rough. The fact that people have access to data at their fingertips and yet have no clue who McKinder was or where Palestine is on a map, convinces me that the sheep will only learn through bitter experience.

  14. I’m really grateful for SYSBM.We’re still sounding the alarms for Black men everywhere who have finally had enough of the endless Stupidity, Deliberate idiocy,foolishness, debauchery,severe,deep rooted mental illness of both Black Women and men who constantly display these very low level,low energy behavior patterns and truly want to get off the plantation.We had Our very last and final time to save The Black Communitah right after the Million Man March.When a decade passed and we saw no positive results,it was really over then.As far as Gerbil Face Dr.Umar Johnson is concerned,I wouldn’t be surprised if one day soon he slips up somehow and several people catch him with or find out he’s been dating and intimate with Asian or White women.

  15. Well, I see my name was mentioned in this series of articles. So I might as well defend myself.

    First, you and your ilk making fun of my being single adds nothing to my message – if you had perused my blog more carefully, you’d have found out that I am VOLUNTARILY celibate in order to focus on my writing. I do not need the distraction of women, especially black women, when I am trying to further my career.

    And that brings me to my second point – we both agree on how the modern black woman is actively destroying the black community. However unlike you, who has seemingly washed their hands off them, I believe that there is still hope for our sistas. That’s why I find you Negroes who coon and tap dance for foreign women to be pathetic. Isn’t your mama black? Your sisters black?

    What you are doing is simply following the White Man’s game plan – diluting the black race, and finally making them disappear all together. When strong black men choose the easy way out by pairing with non-black women, what is the future of the black race?

    Lastly, at least I am doing SOMETHING to help promote black female positivity in my books. My goal is to inspire young black girls to emulate the strong, powerful black protagonists, instead of listening to coons like Nicki Minaj or Gabourey Sidibe. What are you doing, except bending over to please women of different races?

    I’d like to hear all yall comments.

    1. Shawn James,

      Your comment was placed into the spam folder by accident, however I check that folder regularly so it wouldn’t remain there for long. Your position of being single is exactly the problem and no you aren’t celibate by choice, if you expect us to believe that I’ve got a bridge to sell you. Your problem is you never bothered to develop your interaction and conversational skills with women and so you left yourself at a disadvantage to the point where you don’t even know where to start when it comes to interacting with the opposite sex.

      You use your writing is a convenient excuse to cover for this inadequacy, as an individual who claims to believe in the Most High God, you shouldn’t be lying to yourself as well as trying to lie to others, we know what’s really going on here, we weren’t born yesterday. You desire love and companionship from a woman just like every other man here, unfortunately you’ve turned yourself into a hermit to the point where you’re afraid and lost in the presence of female company.

      Momma black, sisters black, really bruh, you’re going to use that old chestnut? Once again, your observations concerning black women are from the OUTSIDE, if you had tried dating any of them within the last 20 to 30 years, you would’ve thrown any so called chance of there being “hope for the sistas” clean out of the window because there isn’t any.

      Stop with all of this guerrilla sideline commentary, where is your actual boots on the ground experience with black women, that’s right, nowhere to be found. Besides, your black “queenies” have already made it abundantly clear that they are NOT interested in hard working, educated, intelligent, upwardly mobile black men(I had demonstrated this time and time again on the old website), therefore the next logical step is to head in the direction of women who have no problems dealing with us.

      You’re supposed to deal with women who welcome, love and appreciate you, not a bunch of dysfunctional angry and bitter harriets who at every turn can’t wait to express their displeasure at everything you do and say. The modern day black female is done and your ultra simping isn’t going to help her get back to any form of glory, in fact, such actions will only encourage your “queenies” to dig deeper into their degenerate state.

      Get your feet wet, garner some personal experience, try dating a black woman first, then come back to us and say that there’s hope.

    2. Shawn James,

      As you are “celibate by choice” (liar), what exactly are you contributing genetically to the Black race since we SYSBM practitioners are following the “White Man’s game plan” and “diluting” the race? Where is your dark-skinned Black queen and your full Black children to counter SYSBM?

      How do you reconcile all this Black race purity with your fetish for the pale, white Goth women that feature in your comics? After all, yo mama black! Shame on you.

      And the $64 Million Dollar Question is why are you dick-watching other grown-ass Black Men? Why do you care where they park their penises? And why are you pocket-watching those same grown-ass Black Men if they wish to travel? Even if it’s sex tourism, it’s none of your business. Most Americans get only one vacation period a year, if a dude wants to fly to Costa Rica and buy a blowjob from a local female, what business is it of yours or anybody else’s? Black hoes can’t say shit with their sky-high body counts, STD stats and Bebe Kids.

      Fuck you crab-in-a-barrel, hatin-ass plantation niggas and niggettes.

      1. Schadenfreude,

        Notice how he failed to address his perpetual unemployment status, so SYSBM practitioners going to non black women who demonstrate love and appreciation towards us is “following the white man’s plan”, yet claiming unemployment benefits for most of his life somehow isn’t???

        James has no leverage from which to speak, as I’ve stated before he’s simply engaging in sideline guerrilla commentary, he has no skin in the game, no actual boots on the ground experience when it comes down to dealing with this modern day black siren face to face in the 21st century.

        This is why all of this “there is hope for black women” talk is nothing but hot air and guff, let Shawn James actually deal with these black harriets face to face and all of that “hope” talk would disappear overnight.

        He released a book about men needing to stop simping, yet here he is licking the muddy boots of the black witch contingent, the same black females by the way who don’t even support him, smh.

        1. Verbs,

          Follow the grift. The B1, black first, race-purity, anti-interracial, anti-SYSBM stance is the new scam for donations, although I’m confused as to who’s actually donating. It sure ain’t black bitches.

          Whenever a YouTuber shifts gears, that’s the reason. Obsidian went from calling out Black Female Fuckery and “Why I Refuse To Be The Clean-Up Man” to “horse trading.” LOL.

          SYSBM does not waver, that’s one of the things I like about it.

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