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Dealing With SYSBM Scoffers – Part 1


Some folks clearly don’t understand what SYSBM stands for, so let me repeat it for those who still are hard of hearing, SAVE YOURSELF BLACK MAN. The only elderly black men SYSBM practitioners will be looking out for are those functional members within their own families and possibly some friends who have stood the test of time.

Save YOURSELF means exactly that, why is it no matter where you go there are always scrounging Negroes lurking in dark corners waiting for somebody to either give them a hand out or bail them out?

Speaking for myself my neighbourhood is a mixture of different ethnicities however slightly bordering towards more South Asians. This ridiculous idea that we SYSBM Knights believe that moving to white neighbourhoods and placing our children into white schools is akin to the second coming of Christ is complete and utter garbage.

The idea is to move to a GOOD neighbourhood and to send your children to a GOOD school, the race constitute of those particular neighbourhoods and schools are irrelevant as long as they aren’t toxic and destructive environments. These pro black bootlickers continue to talk about black men being “on code”, however most of them unfortunately have the same mentality as the dysfunctional black female.

So even though they talk about building and getting on code, what this really means is they expect you free thinking black men to front up all of the money and resources for any and all projects while these same spongers sit back chilling in the cut syphoning off your hard work. No thank you, I’m good, I’ll pass, we aren’t stupid over here.

Again, yet more of this “please come and rescue me” bollocks. The fact of the matter is in reality there are very few black men that free thinking brothers can successfully work with and too many who continue to expect others to swoop in and save them from gutter conditions that they could easily pull themselves out from.

Again, the thumbnail in the screenshot above is a deception and contrary to SYSBM Tenet NUMBER 21 which reads:

21. SYSBM DOES NOT PUT NON BLACK WOMEN ON A PEDESTAL, this is a frequent fabrication often used by black women as well as their pro black female/black women first brigades, we simply admire non black women as a group despite their various shortcomings for their overall cleaner appearance, presentation as well as their wiser lifestyle choices. There may indeed be individuals within the movement who do put their particular preferences of non black women on a pedestal, however the SYSBM philosophy DOES NOT.

So, you’re jumping up in your cheerleading skirt shaking your pom poms in support of Shawn James, a blatant loser and a bum who hasn’t had a girlfriend since the late 80s and who has brazenly scoffed at and shunned taking up employment, really bruh, what does this say about you?

Shawn James is a black love/black unity pundit, yet where is Shawn James’ black female? Shouldn’t James be setting an example for the type of male/female unions he wishes to see black men get involved in?

As in the case of Gerbilface Dr Umar Johnson, Shawn James needs to first land himself a black queanie before shunning SYSBM and suggesting that black men should NOT expand upon their dating and mating options.

What exactly does Shawn James know about building yourself up as a man, correct me if I’m wrong but one of the best ways to bring out the better character in any man is to have him engage in regular WORK, yet James I suspect has been collecting unemployment for the longest while in addition to having to beg for money online so that he can get the bare basics for living.

How does the saying go, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. How is shunning employment and practically living life like a hermit building yourself up as a man? Answers on a postcard please.

Again, don’t fall for the banana in the tailpipe Kansas City shuffle about “black male empowerment” because these dudes talking that flatulence and guff have got these same black females lined up hiding around the corner just waiting for you to open the door so they can funnel them in at lightening speed and thus the same gynocentric cycle of destruction will repeat itself again.

James says we’re gynocentric because supposedly we spend all our time pleasing women, however this is simply a high beam projection from a man who cannot get himself a woman to begin with and in a fit of rage and jealousy feels the need to sling mud at those who have no problems meeting and interacting with the opposite sex.

These dudes still believe that they can save a black community which is already in a pile of ashes and rubble. The message from this camp aimed towards free thinking black men remains the same, SAVE YOURSELF BLACK MAN and don’t get distracted with delusional mudslingers with pipe dreams.

Most black men are goners because they’ve been raised in that janky single mother household and unfortunately still can’t get their mother’s breast out of their mouths. Pamue Nicholas Tjipangandjara needs to focus on his pet care provider business instead of worrying about where other black men are choosing to place their family jewels.

Stay tuned, more screenshots and breakdowns coming next week. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Not All Skin Folks Are Kin Folks

Most High Bless

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90 thoughts on “Dealing With SYSBM Scoffers – Part 1

  1. Them dudes on that side of the road need to worry about inflation and these food costs especially if they got kids out of wedlock. You got these black women calling SYSBM men (the dust) but yet, these same black women have STD’s over 50%. Also, with the economic problems going on right now, these dudes are going to need us SYSBM men to shore up their donations and help them live. You already seeing things change in the manosphere with Kevin Sameuls being exposed by these same black women who go around saying that $100,000 a year is average at best. SYSBM for the win.

      1. Showed records of him not completing college, child support records , fruity ass pics and a video of him asking a young guy about his d size

        1. I remember that video where Kevin Samuels asked that guy about the size of his member.

          I find it funny how these broads can do all this research to try and discredit a man who says stuff about them that they don’t like, yet they drop the b all so damned hard when it comes to:

          A) Themselves

          B) Their baby daddies

          I’m no fan of Kevin Samuels, by the way.

    1. Robert Chavis,

      It’s all about being economical with your money, I don’t listen to that “gotta earn $100,000 to be high value” nonsense because efficient money management is the key.

      What’s the point of earning that amount of money when you can’t even budget and regulate your spending habits properly?

      I don’t even really concern myself with these black females and what they say about SYSBM practitioners anymore, it’s more these drone headed simps who are increasingly becoming the greater pain in the proverbial rear.

      1. Fresh & Fit say the same HVM nonsense just in a different way and in the context of Millennials.

        There is more to high value than the zeros at the end of your bank account. But for Black men it’s unique that we can be broke and still get a cute non-Black woman. That just proves there are OTHER reasons non-Black woman choose Black men.

  2. This Palmolive St. Nick Guadalajara and Shaun “king of incels” James are exactly why I avoid certain black men. They bark constantly about so called black love, when most ABWs would run screaming from these cats into the arms of Shotgun Stevie, GED Gerald, and Chokehold Charles…its pretty much every man for himself with the wu flu out here.

    1. What about False Flag Fedowitz and Hitman Hanzelstein? These dudes are the ultimate racists. Shaniqua and Bottom Shelf Brad love these jackasses to the point of insanity even when the oligarchs be robbing them blind and selling the tech to Chan and the Windors.

        1. “B..But we wuz KANGZ and shit bro, KANGZ!”

          These teenage emo, wanna be thug loser degenerates remain ever losing, destroying themselves in a orgy of madness, even the likes of Richard Silverstein kicked the racist oligarch Zionist to the curb a long time ago. As a result KGB Putin, Shaniqua and white zaddy remain begging outside the ruins of civilization for attention, likes and bottom of the barrel white trash to fund their endless wars.

          I saw a Polish nationalist light up Lord Euro once and it was satisfying, white zaddy was basically trying to shame the guy into feeling bad that his nation didn’t pick up the territory Russia and Ukraine stole from them after the Second World War.

          The Pole retaliated by saying that unlike NAtional Socialist ZIonists (Nazis) and Anglo Saxon race purists, Polish people don’t look for and start wars just to regain their lost honor. This once again proves why black females, Lord Rothschild and white zaddy are unfit to lead, these people are obssed with attention and being ‘on code’ when they are the lowest of the low.

        2. These pro-blk simp mama’s boys are brainwashed. they are the product of the perfect example of there 80’s crack head mothers in the P.J.’S who are just as dangerous as there crazy antic mothers. who know she’s a lieing muliputive demon who can manipulate there simp crackhead born son’s to do there evil biddings until they wind up in prison or worst dead… these evil du rag wearing blk sirens with pitbulls from the projects. should not have bastard kids by sperm doners who will not man up and be fathers to rise there kids properly..instead of abandoning them to be evil enitys of society.. so, yes the du rag wearing crazy antic crack head blk female is done with..there is no salvation for them.. the truth hurts them. and there mama boy Simps who follow there bad examples… and bad it is indeed…

          1. Even though you was a crack feeeeeen mama
            You’ll always be a Black Queeeeeeeen mama

    2. Jayinchi,

      Agreed, as per usual these black love pundits fail to set an example by first hooking themselves up with the same females they so desperately want us to deal with.

  3. The philosophy is simple and straight forward to not put any non black woman on the pedestal. Black male negroes don’t read and don’t care to research what sysbm actually means. However, they themselves put their negresses on the pedestal. Quite hypocritical for them to judge. Any environment to live in is a lot safer than black societies as a whole. I live in a mixed community. They act like mixed commmunities don’t exist in their world. They clearly see things in black or white. I always hashtag my preference but it don’t mean I’m putting anyone on the pedestal. I do it as a symbol of living the lifestyle and working towards things that could help me achieve foundation goals of personal development. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. As you said Black men put these shinny Black women on a pedestal and that’s accepted. But you as a Black men should not put White women especially on a pedestal? That tells you all you need to know who has the power.

      White women are on top and the threat from Asian women is minimal at best. Here’s why most Asian women are being wifed up by washed up White men/Bottom Shelf Brad.

      They do it to put her to work so he can relax.

      When men marry White women let’s say from Russia or Ukraine, the women are coming here to make moves. They can do that because they’ve secured their personal lives and focus on the task at hand. It’s not uncommon for Slavic women to out earn their husbands but they still come home cook, clean, tend to the children and fux their husbands.

      That is why WW win despite their flaws, they are taught from day one to be the strong woman BEHIND the man not in FRONT of him.

    2. @Witwijf
      That is too much common sense you’re displaying there for below average simps & scraggles to comprehend. Everything is ALWAYS black & white for these imbeciles of society. They can’t or don’t want to see that SysBMers are versatile enough to roam anywhere with their high value credentials.

      Oh well, fcuk it! That’s their problem. I grew up in 3 countries by the time I was 11. I was babysitting myself at 8 when I first went to Canada b4 my Mom found a babysitter due to timing. I did IT internships in high school & university to improve myself & to acquire valuable tech experience. Finally, I came to the dark continent on a 2 week business trip, saw lots of potential & my gut instincts told me to stay put.

      And if Africa turns toxic, I’ll just hop on a plane & continue heading EAST to EurAsia where the future is taking place. If only I could get the fcuk off this insane planet, I would’ve left a loooong time ago. I don’t really like this “world”. Anybody got a Romulan Warbird I can borrow to clean this Zio-infested place up? I just need about 4 hours to “put things right” – honestly.

      Now look at the feminized simpified West. She’s dying in all that woke liberalism bullshit which has been bastardized beyond belief while dumb black ghetto simps & their scraggle daggle cohorts will be facing far worse conditions in the future as Lord Ziostein’s screws tighten around the gutted West & its sheep populace.

      My point is that I ALWAYS beat to my OWN drum since I was a kid in the Caribbean, the US & Canada. Nobody — especially these fcuking LOZER simps mentioned in this article — tells me who or what I should do or become. My mind is too strong to fall for that shit programming.

      As always brothas, stay safe & keep your spidey senses sharp. A lot of shit is going down in this God forsaken world.

      #SysBM for the win.
      Good post Verbs!

    3. Witwijf,

      Exactly, they worship and salivate over black women all day, this is exactly what addressing them as “queens” as well as their perpetual simping is.

  4. I don’t understand how anyone can say they are “Pro Black” and have a issue with SYSBM. The acronym is pro black by definition, black man, take notice of your surroundings and make the necessary change to do better. You are taking ownership of your life and making the changes to be a better man. You cant have a quality item if you use poor material. The issue with people who are against SYSBM is that they can’t and/or unwilling to take the steps to a life they really want. To be SYSBM meant you had to make hard decisions in order to have the life you want. Personally, I tried to help the community and all it did was leave me in a worse position than when I started. If they want the community, they can have it, I mean that’s more black women for them to have which is what they want so what’s the problem again?

    1. When Mussolini created fascism from the influence of Giovanni Gentile and the Democrat Party, he said that ‘everything for the state, nothing against the state, everything within the state’. We all know that hoteps worship the black woman as God and the negress and white zaddy see themselves as the almighty State.

      So in short, white supremacy and pro wack nonsense are two sides of the same decadent coin. Wignats are Eurasianist Pan-Slavic revolutionaries, fake woke and pro blacks are modern day fascists.

      SYSBM is like NDVP, SDP and Polish resistance fighting against all these decadent failed revolutionary ideas, to put them and the bankers behind them in the dustbin of history.

    2. OGBobbyJohnson,

      The communist mindset these pro blacks hold just like their black female overlords doesn’t allow you to venture upon your own path and forge your own walk in life, you must dig in the dirty trenches and waste your time trying to “save the community” which is already in the toilet just as they are doing.

      I couldn’t agree more, SYSBM is a pathway that requires effort and responsibility on the part of the black man who chooses to embark upon the journey.

      1. Those clowns got some nerve. To that idiot and bum Shawn James, SYSBM was never gynocentric ok let’t get that out way. The other thing is staying BAWs isn’t going make free thinking blackma’s life better. Finally Shawn James is an idiot and gynocentric goon.
        To other clown that talking be on code. Youn negroz were never on code. You defend black women fuckery and they reason our numbers are not up in the US because they abort over 60 million of us since 1973. But still this gynocentric stormtroopers want think that we need stay with a bunch that has always hated us.
        SYSBM is what I’m rollinh with and yes I am saving myself from gynocracy.

    3. { I don’t understand how anyone can say they are “Pro Black” and have a issue with SYSBM. The acronym is pro black by definition, black man, take notice of your surroundings and make the necessary change to do better. You are taking ownership of your life and making the changes to be a better man. }


      I believe the correct definition for the dumbfcukery u mentioned above is called COGNITIVE DISSONANCE (CD). It’s something that kneegroe simps such as those mentioned in this article & their scraggle associates have a serious problem UNDERSTANDING. That is yet more PROOF of how ignorant & unsophisticated they truly are. But we already knew that.

      Other CD examples:
      1. Nobody from the communitah says a peep about Vpee Kamala’s ZioHubby. Nada! Did she stay on the black or Indian plantation? Nope! But if high value brothas go off the plantation to find a quality squeeze, all hell breaks loose.

      2. Umar & his ilk simp followers who espouse marrying up Queen Scraggle don’t seem to have ANYthing to show from their end. As Verbs wisely & repeatedly mentions, “WHERE are YOUR high value Queens? Lead by example! I’ll wait!”
      The problem is quite simple to analyze, really: There are hardly any QUALITY sistas of high value using Quincy Fitzpatrick’s checklist (in good shape, feminine, child FREE, good looking AND educated) in the US, UK – heck, the feminzed West! So the pickings are slim to none. Well, unless u like obese (er THICK!), fake hair, weave wearin, single parent BW who have been juiced up by TBone, TMac, King Krunk, Booteh Slayer, Ghetto Greg, Poon Daddy & their ilk. Not my cup of tea.

      Although the black communitah has sunk to rock bottom levels never b4 seen in history, things are gonna get much much worse in Dodge. Get out while u can.

      1. Black Picard,

        I walk the streets of London everyday and I can confirm that what you’re saying is true and accurate, quality black women are extremely few and far between, this modern day black female in 2021 prides herself on looking as artificial as possible.

        I was out and about yesterday(Saturday) and it was the same old same old with black women, lace front weaves and wigs of all colours, many were frumpy and overweight, fake eye lashes, fake nails and pounds of makeup en tow.

        Black women as a group no longer take pride in they way they look naturally and they wonder why more black men are choosing women from other ethnic backgrounds over them.

        1. Verbs,
          Thanks for the BW confirmation by walking the streets of London. Such a shame. But not our problem. You have rightfully left the Communitah to seek high value non-feminize feminine women & I have relocated to Africa to avoid Westernized feminazi scraggles. But FaceCrack & other degenerate social media along with all of these fast undersea fiber connections to the Motherland will do the same thing to a majority of educated urban African women.

          The key is to find some1 from close knit rural communities where they still do farming, a lot of walking to keep in shape & are not as connected as affluent urbanites. I’ve been here for almost 15 years now & I can see the degenerate influence of Western feminazi black “culture” on Africa’s affluent urban women. Weaves & fake hair galore.

          Seriously, I dated so many cute slim fit good looking urban college girls back then who wore their natural hair with nice simple elegant corn row braids or just a pony tail. But now, walking around downtown Nairobi, I always see good looking fit brothas on campus dating girls bigger than them & all faked up with the weaves & shit. Now the trend is wearing silver/gray/blue/pink extensions or that fugly fake light brown/blonde extensions that drives me batty.

          However, the students in public secondary & primary schools have to 1) wear uniforms & 2) wear their hair naturally. So it’s after they depart to campus is when they have these silly hair transformations.

          The other side of the equation is that urban black women just don’t seem to like exercising. So then the weight slowly accumulates as they go past that critical 26 to 28 year time line & their bodies simply transform unless they are active. And wearing fake hair negates most of them ever wanting to take exercising or fitness seriously. BUT they still WANT a good looking fit high value man when they don’t even have those credentials themselves. smdh

  5. Shawn James is really on the bull shit…this time, he kicked it up an extra ante.

  6. What the hell did I just read? Not disrespecting you Verbs or any other SYSBM or Traveling Bros, but this mess right here amazes me in some sort of way. I mean, yes, I got my personal preferences in the women I like, but that doesn’t mean I putting them on a pedestal, just like these anti SYSBM dudes that put that black queen on a pedestal. “That white punany ain’t gonna save you,” Fool What?! That black punany ain’t gonna save them neither. “SYSBM don’t mean squat when you leave the hood,” I’m more comfortable around mixed neighborhoods than I do around predominantly black or white neighborhoods. So I’m suppose to stick around the black hole and bail out people that can’t do nothing for themselves, and asking for free handouts? Shawn James, lord not this biscuit head fool who didn’t had a date in years. I’m already at the point now where I don’t want nothing to do with the black majority. I already accepted the fact that I’m an outcast around black society, and I don’t want these black folks to come crawling their fast asses back to me after being looked at as an foreigner. The only black people I rocked with are the like minded, thinking black men.

    1. D.K. Phantom,

      This idea of free thinking black men walking into white neighbourhoods to take up refuge is utterly ridiculous. I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable moving into an all white neighbourhood and most black men who manage to get out of the hood end up settling in mixed neighbourhoods anyway.

      Most blacks are goners, this is evident, therefore it makes much more sense to depart from the black majority and to be very cautious concerning which black folks you choose to network and associate with.

    2. { “That white punany ain’t gonna save you,” Fool What?! That black punany ain’t gonna save them neither. “SYSBM don’t mean squat when you leave the hood,” I’m more comfortable around mixed neighborhoods than I do around predominantly black or white neighborhoods. So I’m suppose to stick around the black hole and bail out people that can’t do nothing for themselves, and asking for free handouts? }

      D.K. Phantom,
      That is yet another example of the cognitive dissonance dumbfcukery I mentioned above that has captured the minds of most blacks from the Communitah. It is not even worth trying to have rationale discussions with them bcuz they are LOST & too ignorant to realize it.

      Just walk away. Did you get your passport yet?
      Learn another language, acquire some marketable skills, keep yourself in tip top shape & then get the fuk outta Dodge. You would do well in EurAsia. One of my best friends here on the dark continent is a local gal who speaks 5 languages (Chinese, German, Spanish, French, English) & her 2 native languages.
      She taught English for 5 years in China, went to university in Mexico…a really versatile sista who can do many things due to her feminine personality & language abilities.

      Learn another language dude! It will open many doors for you as you plan your escape from Dodge Amerika.

  7. So, you finally got around to lighting this guy up; this is practically Dr. Umar Gerbilface, Jr. I follow this guy’s Instagram, and though he does post content that is of a pro black nature, every now and then he makes posts that I discern are low key jobs at SYSBM; he would post TikTok videos where Black men and White women are dancing together, but the Black guy is either very fruity or he’s an insecure simp with an obese Becky. Shoot, the latest one I’ve seen personally was a young Black man with an old trailer trash methhead looking White female; he’s basically doing his version of Synthetic G’s “Who They Really Choose” series.

    I remember the first time I saw him attack SYSBM last year, citing the fact that George Floyd dating a White woman didn’t save him from being murdered; I asked him if he read the Tenets, and I’m still waiting for an answer a year later. They always talk about “White women” this and “White women” that, but conveniently omit the fact that there are other races of women that Black men date; they do this to try and equate SYSBM with swirlers and Divest Twitter. One last thing about this guy is that he has a Black daughter; he has no sons that I know of. Could his hotep grifting be an attempt to save his daughter from living (or dying) in obscurity?

    Pamue Nicholas Tjipangandjara wants to talk about tangibles? He needs to get that for himself and his daughter; SYSBM Practitioners aren’t responsible for fulfilling your Hotep communist wet dream. As for Shawn James, until he has a dating experience that is more exciting than his first time eating Kentucky Fried Chicken, I won’t take him seriously. #SYSBM

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Well said, it’s funny, when SYSBM had its unexpected short time in the limelight towards the end of 2019 into the beginning of 2020, it was amazing to see the scoffers come out in full force claiming what SYSBM practitioners should and shouldn’t be doing.

      It was the black witch of Scalp Summit Miss Cynthia G who was the primary culprit behind equating the SYSBM lifestyle with swirling, she was the one that give this foolish idea some traction.

      Of course, they refuse to read the SYSBM Tenets because they don’t want to be proven wrong and be forced to eat humble pie, therefore this scoffers continue to make up their own ramblings and conclusions regarding what they “reckon” SYSBM is all about.

      SYSBM practicing black men have preferences in women which are across the board, however as you pointed out and as I’ve been stating for the longest, these pro black pundits have white women on the brain more than they claim we do.

      In the same way that I refuse to be the clean up man for the black witch, the same goes for others within black society who continue to look for “saviours” to bail them out instead of doing for self. I AM NOT A CLEANUP MAN FOR ANYBODY!

  8. Let them scoff. They’ve chosen a life in purgatory dealing with the scraggle hellhound.

    The rest of us thinking black men have chosen to pursue a better stargate far, far away from the Ghetto Union (Blackistan, Simpistan and Cuckistan).


    1. EXACTLY…all creatures that are dying have a “death rattle” that’s all this is. No facts no stats just gaslighting, ad hominem, and desperate screeching. These things coming from the mouths of wicked ass people should be seen as a sign of men beginning to step in a positive direction. This “culture” can’t be sustained without productive and principled people to leach off of…let them choke on their own poison.

      1. Autodidact,

        “This “culture” can’t be sustained without productive and principled people to leach off of”.

        Boom, this comment right here.

      2. Autodidact,

        “This “culture” can’t be sustained without productive and principled people to leach off of.”

        Nailed it.

    2. Thebackhandofreality,

      The black community and its culture are both dead and black women together with their pro black female/black women first simp flunkies with the financial aid of Major Frost were the ones who killed them. #ABANDONSHIP #NEVERLOOKBACK

  9. Verbs 2015.

    Pamue Nicholas , Shawn James and Umar Johnson all need to shut the fuck up and smell the coffee because we SYSBM black men ain’t coming back to save the black community that is already been destroyed by black women, black single mothers, simps and black male thugs. The area in North London that I live in is very multi racial, but the majority of people who live in my area are Greek/Greek Cypriot people and Turkish/Turkish Cypriot people and I have been living back in North London for nearly 14 years now and I feel very safe because its a middle class area and I nobody bothers me or cause me trouble which is a very good thing. What annoys me about these pro blacks is that they talk about being on this code shit but why don’t these pro blacks save the black community themselves since they talk about it so much but they won’t because they are too lazy to do anything about it and they want us SYSBM black men to come and save the black community while these pro blacks do jack shit. I will never ever live in a all black area because one it’s ghetto and run down and two I will get killed. I don’t feel guilty about not dating black women because the majority of them are very ugly, they are very manly plus there is lots of black single mothers about these days in 2021 that finding a childfree good looking quality in shape black women is almost extinct. Like I said before Verbs, I am only interested in dating beautiful single childfree non black women who is in shape. I am very proud to be a childfree SYSBM black man at 38 and I would never change it for the world.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      In London you hardly have any areas that are predominately black anymore, instead you have melting pot of all ethnicities. Besides, knowing what we know about how destructive black culture has become, who would want to live in a predominantly black neighbourhood anyway?

      Remember, the black community really means the black women, this is who these guys really want us to save, no thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass.

  10. Wait, I could have sworn that in order to collect unemployment, one first has to actually have HELD AN ACTUAL (FULL TIME) JOB for a certain amount of time.

    And that is for starters.

    At least that’s how it’s supposed to work here in the United States.

    1. Well that changed with the pandemic especially if are a gig worker which I am.

      All that said that still doesn’t excuse the bullshit they put on on social media. We are not suppose to put non-Black women, especially White women on a pedestal but as DK said they do it, so why not?

      I don’t put any woman on a pedestal. I grade by how society values them so I don’t have to tell you who’s on top, you already know from the rip who’s on top.

      Russia/Ukraine/Belarus is calling but I love Brazil so it’s a tough decision. With Brazil I know I can split it with a European descent Brazilian and it’s not too difficult, we’ll see.

    2. Kameron Brown,

      I really don’t understand how somebody could stay out of work for so long and be comfortable with such an arrangement. Shawn James knows that no upstanding woman is going to tolerate his laziness(let’s just call it what it is), therefore like your typical Negro(as per the common habits of the black female) he fixes himself to attack those who have some form or order and structure to their lives.

      If you look at Shawn James old material, he spoke out and openly addressed why level headed black men couldn’t deal with black women and how black women were seriously problematic, how the worm turns, smh.

      1. My dad once told me something that his mother (my paternal grandmother) once told him:

        “A man will always work, if only to take care of just himself.” (paraphrase)

  11. ⛔ …pro wack dick police officer detected… ⛔

    Guess it makes sense Pam has a pet care business (the most pro black business you can have btw) because he’s used to begging for scooby snacks. Who’s a good simp? 🐕🤣

    I gotta listen to a man named Pam (!) talking about “black empowerment” in a White majority country, who throws BLM dashikis on little poodle dogs? Get the fuck outta here.

    Anti-SYSBM retards who follow Pastor Poulet – a hermit who swore off women at 12 years old – aren’t worth the brain cells to even debate, just carry on and worry about your own damn CODE – no Daggles, no simps, no thanks

    1. Dude, you had me cracking up. The lockdown got me trapped and you made my day. Thanks man.

      Why do these progressives, black females and racist oligarchs spend so much time watching black men’s dicks and low key trying to erase us from the narrative, instead of getting up and doing some real work since they claim to love the white race so much? Such as building schools in the Eastern European ghettos and breaking the at risk youths all across the Commonwealth out of this gasoline octane, constantly on the run fugitive culture which leads to the stereotypes which they whine about so much?

      Umar Spencer and David Lenin collect a huge amount of money, so why isn’t it going into political representation and on the grounds action? These race purists are absolutely nuts. This greed, short term thinking, cult of the leader and blaming everything on a fabricated enemy is the real reason their Eurasianist scheme will fail – not some idiotic claim of ‘white genocide’.

      DVNP, Free Syrian Army, Richard Silverstein types are the only types I can take seriously because these guys do real work and actually have plans. Black females, racist liberals and greedy oligarchs can go enjoy their hell, not my fault, not my problem.

      Alt-right and hoteps need to read the literature on the Bolshevik revolution and what happened when all those goose stepping ‘black men ain’t shit’ communist Jews got stuck in Operation Barbarossa and discovered how much their loyalty to the Hakencruz and hammer and sickle meant when faced with lebernausum.

      Yuri Bezmenov was right, the useful idiots never learn until they get executed.

    2. Brendan Dubalos,

      Don’t worry, I have an “interesting” revelation about Pam Pam coming up in the next article. No matter what the gripe, these pro blacks always want to lead free thinking brothers back to the proverbial plantation, however many will act as if that isn’t their ultimate goal.

      If so called black empowerment could’ve be achieved by black people as a collective then it would’ve already been done. As for Reverend Bargain Bucket, no woman since 1989 and he still believes he has the grounds to speak on where other black men should be placing their peckers, smh.

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Herr Pam is part of the rainbow pedo coalition like the Pride Boys and Batty Bway Milo. Missa Chin and Her Majesty knew what they were doing when they suckered in progressives and black females into this cold war trap, Shaniqua and Colonel Frost basically wasted the people’s money ‘fighting’ False Flag Fedowitz instead of standing up strong and telling those racist jackasses to f off and get a life.

  12. Even during my simp days, I would occasionally meet very elderly black men who espoused the SYSBM philosophy. This was before I ever heard of a formal SYSBM movement.

    This is because there has always been a small cohort of black men who refused to sell their self respect to anyone for any price. Granted, their numbers were always small, because being SYSBM requires character, lots of character.

    I have always stated that all black men are indoctrinated by da communitah to be simps, from day one. Some of us grow up and see for ourselves that the matriarchal and gynocentric simp culture of da communitah is unnatural, degenerate, depraved, and not for us.

    This is why SYSBM is here to stay. There have always been SYSBM black men around, though their numbers were small. Now there is a movement; a community of like minded, intelligent free thinkers, for SYSBM men of character to have solidarity with.

    1. This is what I’ve been saying for years. Black females and progressives love thugs because they are effeminate and easy to control. Why do you think they suck off and hide behind False Flag Fedowitz and banker Rothschild, not even the rainbow flag Ashkenazim want these guys despite their money. And they call black men savages, why don’t they get a life and start helping out the hood instead of whining and throwing tantrums any time they get called out.

    2. AmericanBlkMan,

      SYSBM cannot be stopped and there is nothing these pro blacks can do to alter its march forward, the same goes for General Blizzard and his black female flunky. Black society, the only one where being an individual is mocked, ridiculed, disparaged and lambasted, smh.

  13. Aaaand it’s time to light em up. These dudes are just daggles, they accuse you of doing everything they do. They have white women on the brain more than any SYSBM guy does, yet you’re the coon? In fact, notice that they ALWAYS default to white women. That’s let you KNOW where their mentality is. THEY are the only ones putting whites on a pedestal.

    Shawn James is the typical MGTOW loser, though the fact that he’s black makes things worse. HE and others like him put women on a pedestal, because everything they do is based around women, even if it’s it in avoidance. MGTOW is nothing but male feminism, and wouldn’t exist without feminism. Most of those dudes would drop that shit in a second if even an ugly woman gave them head.

    I honestly outright hate Shawn James, this dude isn’t worth shit and yet finds the time to open his mouth about… well, ANYTHING. NO ONE who has absolutely NO kind of job should be trying to fix their mouths as any sort of authority, let alone one as old as him. If that sorry son of a bitch put half of the same energy into writing and promoting his lame books as he did simping and and beating his dick, he’d probably be a trillionaire. He dumps for two groups that don’t give a shit about anything he produced, black women and black people in general.

    1. MGTOW is a joke, the only good thing from that is Think Before You Sleep who showed me how these incel stooge terrorists and greedy feminists are created. The real name should be Emos Going Gay, if given the chance most incels would be like Seimon Moglovitch and Jacob Rothschild who are arguably some of the worst criminals to come out of the Commonwealth. If they were for men they wouldn’t be promoting this fast life that has you on the run all day, seriously do they even think about what they say?

    2. Afrofuturism1,

      This defaulting to white women is truly disturbing and shows you exactly who these pro blacks get their talking points from, that’s right, the modern day black female.

      As I’ve stated in previous articles, black women and their pro black flunkies focusing so much on white women makes it even easier for women of other ethnicities to swoop down, scoop up and sniper productive black men for themselves.

      Mariko, Akira, Shazi, Amara, Farisha, Luna, Adriana etc are moving in with the quickness taking full advantage of the focus on white women, white women in the meantime really don’t care and will brazenly move in on level headed black men regardless of how the black witch feels, they don’t fear black women at all, at this point they pity them.

      Don’t even get me started on Reverend Bargain Bucket, as you’ve pointed out the dude is performing grunt work services for groups within black society who wouldn’t urinate on his flat top even if it was smouldering yet alone on fire.

      1. I’ve basically concluded that this race purity nonsense is nothing more than a extortion racket at this point. Black females and oligarchs know their time is up and they’re afraid of being exposed as the losers that they are, so they send out their goons to terrorize the populace while preparing to make another break.

      2. @Verbs

        Absolutely! I haven’t a clue why the simp scraggle daggle collective THINK that SysBMers are primarily focused on white womin. I used to date the very classy daughter of Italian diplomats when I was in Ottawa a few years after high school. I have to admit she taught me how to dress well. 😉 Medditerranean cultures are way more family oriented compared to rubbish libtarded Anglo cultures from the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Oz or NZ. Fact!

        I also dig Lebanese & Eastern European women & especially Asian women (Vietnamese? Yeees!). So I haven’t a clue WHY these imbeciles Kneegroeland make it out to be a “black white” thing. It isn’t!

        There’s waaaay more quality non-white skirts out there too. So it is the simp kneegroe & Queen Scraggle who are truly INSECURE & privately WANT to worship Lord Anglo & Snow White. That’s my take.

        In fact, I simply find non-white cultures that are NOT black to be more authentically FAMILY ORIENTED seeing how feminism has really destroyed both white & black Westernized women & their respective societies — especially in Lord Ziostein’s 5Eyes territorial possessions mentioned above.

        Who here agrees with me?

  14. This is why honestly 90% of blacks, namely those in the west, need to be WIPED OUT. They sit around bitching all day while constantly seeing white people as the boogieman. Meanwhile, they are the main ones deifying white people and thinking about them all the day long, when whites comparatively don’t give a damn about them.

    As for the old man, FUCK that old shine! HE is the reason that he isn’t officially retired in either a home or some facility. His life is his own responsibility and arguably his daughter’s, NO ONE else’s. Save YOURSELF! Niggars (and I don’t feel bad about saying that anymore) always want someone to wipe their ass for them, but get mad when you point out that their shit stinks.

    Fuck the black community, fuck black children, fuck black women (actually, don’t) and DEFINITELY fuck black men at this point. Let these motherfuckers DIE, because without you or some white liberal bailing them out, they really have no choice but to. The black race needs to be BRED OUT and replaced, and if it means that the closest thing to a blsck race is a bunch of folks that look like Steph Curry and Alicia Keys, so be it!

    1. If all black people looked like Steph Curry and Alicia Keys, we would be one good looking race.

      Not the ugly coons and sheboons that contitute the black race today. The product of progressively bad breeding between degenerate simps and ever uglier scraggle daggles.

    2. TRUTH! The likes of Bill Gates went out to tea a long time ago, now it’s cybersecurity, robots, virtual intelligence and the cloud.

  15. These effeminate ass negroes are definitely in their feels! Palmolive Nicholas & Shawn James aka the Incel King need to worry about their Qweens & seek employment instead of taking shots at SYSBM. SMH

    1. Val Zod,

      It’s amazing how the rats will come out of the woodwork whenever productive brothers are seen to be getting some form of attention.

  16. Save YOURSELF Black man.
    It’s pretty self explanatory. But you have dudes who see that some of the good BM who could benefit the community have instead abandoned ship, they are trying to lure us back onto the plantation. No thanks, the Wall is tall and strong at this point, there isn’t anything in the “community” that interests us. We didn’t break it, so we don’t have to fix it.

    1. JamesSYSBM,

      Indeed, the job of fixing “da communitah” falls upon those who destroyed it, not those who had absolutely nothing to do with the breakdown.

      Whenever I see or run into a successful black man, I’m happy for that guy, this mentality however unfortunately is NOT shared by the majority of black society.

  17. You have Shawn James, D Derell, The Black Authority, Foolmar Johnson, Denison Prod, Black Up Yah Too, Simp Boogie Production, Pastor Papi Don, Derrick Jaxn and Bareback Johnson. Put them all together and what do you have? The Simp Super League. All the time these simps do is dick policing another black man. I did a article called Willypolitain Police when I explained about these simps dick policing black men. 2021 is the year when black men declared war with the simps. And these simps have been sent to come after black men by the women that they love and desire. The ghetto ratchet, ghetto gagging scraggle daggles.

    1. Money Cultural,

      Exactly what I wrote about in Negro Wars, how the final civil war between black folks would be free thinking brothers vs the communist pro black female drones who would be the black witch’s last bastion of hope in trying to lure us back onto the plantation.

      The dick policing is well out of control in black society, as I stated before you’re not allowed to be an individual in the black community, thinking and reasoning for one’s self is seen as a direct threat to the black female and her janky State sponsored leadership position.

      1. That is true. The only time these scragglies wants a black man is when they become single mothers and the dick policing, these simps are nothing but suspects.

  18. Verbs, I posted a comment earlier today, but it’s not showing up. Can you check your spam folder to see if it’s in there?

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Apologies bro, just approved a number of comments that were sitting in the pending folder, your comment should be up now.

      1. Shawn James would let the chick in the second video use HIS kinda glue.

  19. When will these hotep evangelists start marrying the same BW they claim to cap for?

    Some of the biggest ‘Hotep rhetoric’ types are chasing, married to non-BW or have non-BW for wives. The most humorous character in the Hotep parade is the the Black eunuchs, who talk the loudest but still remain in an inferior position in the eyes of the same BW they beg and plead for attention.

    Ultimately, the goal of the d*ck police is to keep you in a state of misery and fear. Guess what other group used this strategy against Black men? The Ku Klux Klan.

    1. King Sigma,

      If these communteps(as you call them) really cared about the so called black community, then a long time ago they would’ve gotten to work repairing it.

      The first task would be bringing this modern day black female back into line and the second would be pairing themselves up with the same females they want other black men to partner with and embrace.

      You would’ve thought by now that these slowteps would clock onto the fact that their guilt tripping/shaming language witchcraft simply doesn’t work on those black men who choose to think and reason for themselves.

      1. They can’t bring the ABW in line, it too late.

        The U.S. Census 2020 was released this year. The biggest data point was that Asian American population doubled from 2000 to 2020! From 3% to 7% in less than a generation. By 2030, Asian Americans will surpass the American Black population in the USA,as Black abortion will hit 25 million by 2022. Thus, Latinos will be 25%, Asian Americans close to 14% and Black Americans 10%.

        This is why I don’t listen to online hotep commutep pandering pimps, the outcomes never match the rhetoric. They are online pan handlers, and only regression in the social race is the result.

        1. Has the US started counting mixed race biracial people yet? What’s their percentage point?

          1. Thanks for the link. Yes, in the USA, Bi-racials were counted as 3% of the U.S. population for 2020.

            1. 3.7 million biracials, or 8% of the US population. Wow!

              SYSBM making a serious dent in da communiteh.

  20. I’ve found the absolute PERFECT 6 second clip to answer all these dishonest and falsehood projecting SIMPS. This young African boy sums it all up beautifully:

    Feel free to pass this one around.

    It’s priceless. This youngster is guaranteed go places in life if he keeps his head screwed on straight.

    1. Xstopalopoketl The Olmec God Of War,

      This is what it is all about, cutting through the rubbish and staying focused. Once you do this nobody can sway you off the beaten path, not even these delusional simps.

  21. The crazy dude with the crazy name finds one biased equal outcome based article about suburban schools and tries to make crazy comparison between city schools and suburban schools. The nature of their respective problems aren’t even comparable.

  22. As a bunch of you guys in the comments have pointed out, these “on code,” “black love” shines are never in relationships, nor married to the black queens they cape for, nor are they building anything tangible in the hood for their people. The reason why they keep dick-and-pocket-watching SYSBM is they’re looking to guys like us to fix what we didn’t break, so these hood niggas can piggyback on our accomplishments and resources.

    These motherfuckers are like the dumb bully negro who was trying to copy off your test in school instead of studying his damn self.

    Always beware of that negro who is always shouting about “unity” and being “on code,” I guarantee that guy has less assets than you, and is less intelligent than you. Don’t get roped into that “each one teach one, brothaman brothaman” BS. Let Pookie and Tyquisha clean up the hood they fucked up.

    These guys trying to clown SYSBM means it’s working, gents. They wouldn’t pay any attention otherwise.

    Get your non-black stargate and keep it pushing, fuck these people.

    And Tariq may be onto something with FBA. Look at this African named nigga fixing his typing fingers to criticize SYSBM (no offense to our host here). Be concerned with your own African females skin bleaching and twerking and taking on the American hoodrat’s traits. I saw an article that said Nigerian women were the most promiscuous in Africa, white boys running through them dick-first. Start with that.

    1. Golytzn and Bezmenov may have been on to something, when they said that black females and progressives worship Banker Rothschild and False Flag Fedowitz. This may be part of the reason why this hotep movement takes the worst dick policing policies from the Warsaw Pact and fuses it with this same old super race and oppressed worker narrative that lead Germany and Eastern European Jewry to shame many years ago. If Putin was to create the Weimar Republic in Russia, Shaniqua and Bottom Shelf Brad would be all over him right now and that place was a anarcho capitalist paradise.

      This shows you once again that these types don’t really care about anybody but themselves, this ‘workers of the world unite’ nonsense that Marx put out was rubbish to catch the masses.

  23. You know, as I was reading through these comments again, I thought of how these pro wack negroes always chastise SYSBM guys for not doing anything for the communitah, yet they have no track record to show that they are doing anything for Black people; I don’t see any pro Blacks doing anything for the race on par with the Black panther leader Fred Hampton or any other Black revolutionary who had a vision for a better future for African Americans. David Carroll was correct when he said that there needs to be a purge of the pro Black movement; shines like Pamue would be the first to go because he’s all bark and no bite, and he has yet to show tangibles that he himself has produced outside of raising a Black girl.

    1. That would be good, at least we could finally get some real work and have Shaniqua and white zaddy shamed and disgraced for their long and insane relationship with the likes of Banker Rothschild and False Flag Fedowitz fresh off the gulag.

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