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So the actual inventor of the PRC Test Dr Kary Mullis who wanted to confront Anthony Fauci in the public arena just happens to die 5 months before the so called Covid “pandemic” allegedly broke loose in Wuhan, China.

I must say that there have been quite a number of suspicious deaths surrounding this boogievirus, people who either hold an opposing view or have in their possession evidence demonstrating that this pandemic is a fraud keep losing their lives under “strange and mysterious” circumstances.

What have I been stating for a while now about the vaccines being the variants and the variants being the vaccines and how they are one and the same?

Meanwhile in other news, as I mentioned before regarding the supposed new “Indian variant” of Covid that has reportedly been spreading around the UK like a wildfire, it’s all fake, there is no variant other than the vaccines and their effects, the only thing spreading like wildfire is the propaganda with the aims of spooking the South Asian community into rolling up their sleeves to get the bioweapon.

Here is a video below from a guy in India giving a boots on the ground report of what is actually happening in Mumbai. As he said, nobody is dying in the streets, don’t believe what you’re hearing, don’t believe the liars.

Oddly enough, I always find it interesting how these so called “variants” always hop, skip and jump over countries in-between the origin and the final destination. As far as I’m aware, no Indian variant is being reported in the countries surrounding India as well as the rest of Europe, but it somehow just happens to “teleport” its way straight into the United Kingdom, smh.

Anybody who is still falling for this utterly ridiculous, tripping over shoelaces, just making it up as we go along official government narrative deserves everything that is coming to them. I don’t feel sorry for those who fall upon unnecessary calamity, destruction and even death because of their blanket refusal to think and reason for themselves:

Meanwhile over in the US, the Governor of Alabama Kay Ivey has signed into law a ban on covid passports following in the footsteps of the Governor of Florida(Ron DeSantis) and the Governor of Texas(Greg Abbott). This is the way to deal with a fraudulently elected President and his federal tyranny, chop down any draconian legislation at the local/state level:

Finally, the first man to receive the covid bioweapon(William Shakespeare) in the UK has croaked it at the age of 81, of course the lamestream media over here running with the usual Covid bioweapon death coverup protocols are stating that he died of something “completely unrelated”, and they wonder why so many people don’t trust them:

A 39 year old British/Belgian model by the name of Stephanie Dubois has died days after getting her covid bioweapon, she had NO underlying health conditions. I keep on telling folks, you cannot make deals with the devil and come out on top.

When so many of us here have stated that taking the Convid bioweapon is akin to Russian Roulette, we’re not joking. She(Dubois) was living in Cyprus at the time of her death, hence why the UK mainstream press hasn’t rushed in to “fact check” as well as attribute her cause of death to something “completely unrelated”:

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, you’ve got the floor gentlemen, roll the dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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51 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

  1. Verbs 2015.

    The evidence that you have shown in your above article reconfirms what I already knew that these so called varients are the vaccines and that the vaccine is going to kill you. I am not taking any vaccines because I want to live a very long life. I can’t believe that so many people in the UK are falling for this Covid 19 bullshit. I really hope that the vaccine passports doesn’t get created.

    1. LOL, this just shows how dumb hoteps, black females, oligarchs and wignats are. They claim to be strong and independent but rely on gang stalking and murder to get their way. What form of masculinty is that man?

      This guy called them out:

  2. Punks jump up to get beat down, here we have another mullet head who believes he can prove via the scriptures that black men dating and marrying outside of their race is a sin even though even according to the old covenant, it wasn’t a sin, the Most High spoke against it simply because he knew the children of Israel would be lead astray by the customs and the practices of those outside cultures.

    Moses married a woman from Ethiopia, Joseph’s wife was an Egyptian, Ruth if I recall correctly was a Moabitess who married Boaz a Hebrew(The Most High never condemned any of these unions), do these dudes even read the same Bible they claim to understand better than those they critique?

    1. These race purists are simply clowns who follow anything the state tell them to do. This is exactly the same foolishness preached by the central bankers that lead to the likes of Leon Trotsky and Adolf Hitler seizing power.

    2. The prohibition on marriage wasn’t to stop mixing for its own sake, but to prevent the worship of “strange gods”. It was to prevent YSRL from being pulled away from the Most High. This talking point is easily destroyed upon reading the scripture….not must research required

      1. I see. Out of curiosity, where in the scriptures does the word “strange gods?”

  3. Many are finally turning against Fauci, and not just Rand Paul who’s been righteously calling him out.

    Even those working for Biden are saying Fauci needs to be put out to pasture, and they’re not wrong. Likewise, people including Fauci himself have begun to finally remark that the so called virus was likely made in a Chinese lab. Don’t be fooled, Fauci is ONLY saying this because the screws are getting tightened and he’s finally being questioned for his role in all of this.

    It’s also ironic how Fauci’d castle begins to crumble around the same time of Bill Gates’ random divorce. Anyone who thinks that was merely a marital matter is as dumb as the people who believe in this virus.

    1. Hahaha, it just proves how silly these government sheep are. They just want something to follow and this supposed pandemic proves it.


    Say what you will about Jews, and there’s a lot to say, but this to me is one reason why, for as annoying to many as the Hasidic Jews are, they are far more respected to most people (including me) than 90% of black people.

    These conservative Jews see where this nonsense is heading and want no part of it. I truly believe that their community will be some of the few left in New York once the average population of sheep kill themselves off via vaccine.

    This is again why Jews can continue to play the anti semitism card and in general be felt sorry for much more than blacks. Jews know how to actually work things in their favor, even if it is through manipulation.

    1. You’re right. As bad as guys like the Rebbe and Bill Gates are, they have power, money and influence and know how to use it. Microsoft facilities in Israel are the main hub of the 5G AI beast system, where every development in IT is developed first.

      When Chabad Lubavitch had a problem with Stalin [who wanted to create a ‘Atlanticist’ path] they created the Nazis and beat the shit out of Russia, before helping Mao to win by portraying the Japanese as monsters.

      Then they got the Volk to go to Palestine and blackmailed the Soviets into acting as silent complicitors with nuclear missiles and evidence of atrocities, before turning a barren piece of land into tech utopia.

      These guys literally run the drug trade and the Russian government, Morales and Chavez lost their careers when they tried to stop them.

      How many hoteps, oligarchs, black females or progressives you know, that could pull something like this off? I think the reason why Lord Euro and Shaniqua whine and moan about ‘muh Russia’ when refusing to deal with Talpiot, Belt and Road and Crowley disciple, Dugin is because they can’t really stop Chan and False Flag Fedowitz without a lot of skeletons coming out of the closet.

      So they attack the CPSU, which to be fair is one of the most brutal governments in history.

  5. “B..but governments and corporations would never hurt us, maaan!”

    This is why I can’t take government worshippers and scientism cultists seriously. They whine about Incel Ed and Red Guard Rick on 4chan and the crypto Bolshevik ‘white nationalist’ movement, yet go and jump in bed with the oligarchs behind this madness when they need something from them.

    What a bunch of hypocrites and losers to put it lightly. Youngdefiant was right, a lot of people simply follow trends to be accepted.

  6. Once again, I don’t see why folks listen to this old man because he done flip flop information one or way too many times. Plus, these people out here censoring people, punishing people, hiding the real information, and putting out these silly laws about what’s going on, the truth needs to come out sooner or later because I’m getting sick and tired of these people acting like we don’t know what the hell we talking about, they know it all (which they really don’t), producing technology that going raise some high level concerns, including the vaccine passports. People should’ve known by now that this whole mess was about power and control, but they still falling for the okey doke. Recently, I’ve seen some news of these people being real funny saying this: If you got vaccinated, you get this or that, and I’m like, “Just how silly these people are?” Ain’t no free donuts, ain’t no free money, or lapdance from a stripper is not gonna convince me to get vaccinated. I’m a tell y’all something right now, all this lying, and censoring, and punishing the people that see through this mess, trying to cause some unwanted events, will come back and bite them in the butt for sure.

    I ‘m sure you brothas might’ve heard about Oregon making it the first state to require proof of vaccination, and yeah, I’m not visiting that state. Matter of fact, I’m not visiting any state that’s gonna require proof of vaccination, and vaccine passports because these people that’s pushing on putting a freakin surveillance on our health 24/7, yeah, they all about power and control. I already know Florida and Texas ban the vaccine passports, and I recently heard that Alabama is banning the vaccine passports too, but I know a couple of states are probably not going with the vaccine passports too, and my Home state is on that list too. I’m like thank god for now, because I don’t want these people putting a tracking device on me. All I can to you brothas is keep your guard up because these psychopaths done lost their minds.

  7. I read the article stating all vaccinated people dying within 2 years. The article is saying fake news to mislead readers thinking its safe. The fact that the noble prize winner wanted to expose Fauci and mysteriously died before the first covid lockdown says it all.

    Anyone that has suicidal thoughts could take the bioweapon vaccine. Anyone that wants a vasectomy could take the bioweapon vaccine. The question is in what world are future generations of kids going to live in? In Canada the Canadian government wants to target kids to get the bioweapon jab without parents permission between the age of 12-15. The U.S military clinics in Europe are targeting their kids between the age of 12-17. It won’t surprise me if the UK government starts targeting school kids. Protect. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

  8. Just saw a documentary on the truth about cancer on Tubi, and one of the people in court mentioned how, even when he lived in communist Romania, the dictator NEVER kept patients from being treated by doctors.

    Flash forward to today where they KEPT people from being prescribed HCQ so that they could instead kill them with this vaccine.

    Most doctors need to be drug out into the streets and beaten to death, hell that would honestly be going easy on them.

  9. Happy Wednesday, SYSBM brethren! So, after watching that first video, I reflected on something I stated before on the old Slaying Evil site (before it was taken down) that Dr. Fauci is Jesuit trained and has himself stated that his Jesuit education prepared him for the plandemic:

    Now, why should you worry about Fauci’s Jesuit schooling? That’s because the Jesuit order was created for a sinister purpose that you can catch a glimpse of in their extreme oath of induction:

    The fact that the man who America is trusting their health to was trained by the greatest terrorist organization in the history of the world should concern you! Not only Dr. Fauci, but the majority of our U.S. elected officials, be they Democrat or Republican, are Jesuit trained – and yes, that includes Joe Biden!

    With all of that said, I suspect that Jesuits were instrumental in the death of Dr. Kari Mullis lest he expose Fauci and be a stumbling block to the Jesuits’ murderous agenda; I also believe that they are the ones behind this media blackout of the truth regarding the COVID-19 hoax.

    1. Good point, but let’s not forget who created it. There’s also a kosher link with Chabad Lubavitch and the various fake socialist freak shows such as CPSU and DNC fighting each other for power. The scamdemic could have been a scheme to get rid of Trump who was not fond of Ivanka and Jared Kushner – who were the real Russian collusion along with Roger Stone and General Flynn.

      The story is incomplete but from what I can be able to find would be a real banger – a lot of people would be going down.

      Guys like Rothschild (Union Corse, look at the flag of Corisca and tell me that ain’t projection right there), Mogolvitch and the rest just hustle money for the likes of Chan and the Windsors when they need to keep it hidden. You had a comment that mentioned Bottom Shelf Brad isn’t in the fucking around with scraggle daggle, think of that but 10x worse.

      The occulists and religious fundamentalists ain’t playing the ‘struggle love’ okey dokey with oligarchs and corrupt government officials. These thugs and delusional emos are replaceable and can be disposed of at anytime and the ‘government’ knows this. Chabad Lubavitch boasted that they assassinated Stalin, seemingly for backing the Kuomintang and nobody gave a damn.

      A top Soviet official refused to help the Chinese and British use the KGB as a front to run pedophilia blackmail gangs in the West. He lost his life and his son had to go on the run to the US.

      Please note that this is a CPSU official – one of the most brutal regimes in the world. Katyn, Holodomor, mass genocides of 20s. And this guy just loses it all. Just like that.

      This just shows that most people are sheep who want to be accepted.

        1. Communist Party of the Soviet Union. An authoritarian racist demented cult of expansionist losers, straight out of Shaniqua and Bottom Shelf Brad’s wet dreams pretending to be a ‘socialist’ government. The power behind KGB Vlad and a lot of governments in Eastern Europe and Her Majesty and the Chinese’s butt boy and fall guy for the scheme of Belt and Road.

          Scare the populace with ‘muh far right Judeo-Bolshevist misogynist conspiracy’ which lowers national unity and weakens morale.

    1. Another ‘ism’ to add to their word salad, the only salad an obese stragg would have in her mouth.

    2. Cry me a f*cking river. Men have had to deal with lookisim and heightism for years, and constantly being rejected and disrespected by women for not looking like “super chads”. Women never had a problem with that. They didn’t care, but now it’s an issue because they are experiencing “lookisim”. Give me a break.

    3. Another day, another ism. What exactly is “lookism”? The victimhood never stops with these ugly hoes. SMDH

      1. Fuher Umar is silent as usual….I wonder how much the CIA and KGB pay these race purist morons to spout this nonsense. These hoteps are straight out of Nuremberg with the ‘black woman is God’ nonsense, and the wignats are basically Pan-Slavists acting out their little fantasy in the New World.

  10. I really hate talking about the Convid 19 because of the lockdowns. We are goanna have a huge recession in Britain and that’s what the positions want. To see bullshit happening in this country. We tell them to do something in society, we tell them to sort things out fast but they don’t. Let me tell you something. Us people don’t work for the government. They should be working for us. But the thing is that nobody knows that. We have the power.

  11. The Indian variant lockdown game is the last lap of honour for the establishment. Think about it, a ’vaxzine’ that’s so good only 10% of UK citizens have taken it?

    The South Asians aren’t duped by this Sky News nonsense, but will turn around and look at you, dirty Black man, and cover their nose? They under pressure.

    Just give it until July, this bullshit will be over soon, when the passing of the Queen will be announced. Corona what?

    1. Your man Trump said COVID would “magically disappear” after the election yet here it stays. Too many people monetizing it now, even if the virus did go away, they’d pretend it was still around.

  12. Brothers, it looks like we’ve found the next Derrick Jaxn:

    Where do all of these simp dudes come from? It seems like whenever one simp falls from grace, another one is born and is even more ridiculous than his predecessor; this fool even took shots at a man’s sexuality like a female would! I can guarantee you that somewhere down the line, some brawd is going to come out exposing this tatted up clown for hypocrisy; on the day that happens, I’m going to go hard in the paint on these daggles reminding them of the times when simps like Trent Shelton and Derrick Jaxn got rich off of gassing them up only to be exposed for doing something different than what they were publicly preaching. These hoes are gluttons for empty rhetoric from these simps; that’s why it’s best to choose a quality stargate who comes from a culture where they don’t have this “SIMPdemic”.

    1. How is this tatted-up, foul mouth simp nigga call himself a “Pastor”? SMH. Derrick Jaxn 2.0 homothug edition, you can’t make this shit up. Black America has hit rock bottom. If you’ve got resources and are a classic Black Man, flee the US.

    2. This simp just looks nasty. He looks like the sort of simp who has had every venereal disease in the book, and some not in the book.

      His philosophy is an admission that he has no standards. So if he is deeply into the scraggle daggles, then he is getting burnt, and he is burning others as well. These nasty baller simps like to talk about how much money they spend on scraggle daggles. What they don’t tell you, is how much money they spend getting treated for venereal diseases.

    1. Who the hell is this geechee gullah-sounding drunk black bitch. Holy God she sound like slavery just ended last week. Is this your channel? I need answers.

  13. Recently saw a disgusting but hilariously ironic billboard in Chattanooga. Right near UTC, there’s a billboard (with a QUEENIE no less) advertising how “safe and effective” vaccines are. Up above was, get this, an ad for PReP, the medicine homos take so that they can safely butt boink.

    The PReP ad said something like the drug was 99% effective against HIV and AIDS. So that’s a good enough number to not be afraid concerning HIV and AIDS, but that exact same number isn’t high enough for a survivability rate of HOAXVID?!!


    First off, how is this not human trafficking (which it is, let’s not kid ourselves. Looks like White House pizza night is back in session)?

    Secondly, this is in freakin CHATTANOOGA! NO place is safe until people start cracking down on the bullshit.

    Also, the blacks in Chattanooga, who are doing worse than ever mind you, can enjoy being replaced and ethnically cleansed.

    1. B…but it’s Orange Man’s fault! The worthless ass pants sagging Missa Chin pleasing corrupt Russian government that can’t even improve its own nation, created the Communist alt right and made people vote for Trump!

      These people never change, first it was systematic racism to make themselves feel good for destroying and stealing from the West and now it’s this woke nonsense straight out of the demented minds of the ‘far right’ Weimar Republic. Which these guys love to praise by the way, despite the fact that it was more libertarian than anything.

      It just shows you that all the talk progressives and oligarchs have about the masses is just nonsense made up to attract and control IDIOTS. As one real socialist said, fake liberals and white supremacist communists have one main source of manpower: white trash. Their aim is to get you to fight and die for the ideology while they live high on the hog.

      Jane Austen and Orwell were right: these people have no love at all for the ‘proletariat’. They just hate black men and white women so much they’d cause chaos and anarchy than admit their supposed glorious revolution was a complete failure.

      Bunch of whiny crybaby losers and entitled racist gangsters playing fantasies of being God.

  15. Hey guys; to keep with the standard of not going off topic on Friday’s post, I’m happy to share that I will be reaching another milestone: tomorrow is my 28th birthday! Looking back over the last seven years, I can say that there has been a lot of personal growth in my life; so much so, I don’t even have the same desire for the things I once thought would make my life complete, and it’s due in part to SYSBM.

    In addition to Slaying Evil, I have been listening to a lot of SYSBM content creators over the last year such as MadBusDriverX, King Sigma, Sigma Jones, and Man Of Tomorrow, the latter of whom I’ve been watching the most; MOT is my anger translator because he has articulated a lot of what I’ve been thinking in regards to the subject matter he tackles in his livestreams.

    One of the greatest takeaways I get from his videos is the productivity piece, and I want to increase my productivity lest I become like these other shines on YouTube who are stagnant and can’t imagine life beyond the communitah because they are yoked up with the scraggle daggle; I’m glad to have found SYSBM because it’s helped to give me a vision for a better future for myself, my future stargate, and the family we create together (that is if I get married). Whatever the future holds for me, I’m aiming for more growth physically, spiritually, mentally, financially, and as a practitioner of SYSBM.

  16. The following was sent to me via text message from a friend’s father; I believe this was taken from a Facebook post:

    Mike Davis, [May 27, 2021 at 8:43 AM]
    Legislation for this has been brought up in Tennessee a few days ago. Bruce Griffey our state representative is fighting it. I should have known the WHO is behind it … WHO Now Says Your Child’s Presence in School Counts as ‘Informed Consent’ for Vaccination – Parental Presence ‘Not Required’

    1. Tennessee is going to the shits. Florida, Texas, the Dakotas and maybe Utah are the only states worth living in. Get the fuck out of the west.

    2. The public school system (and some private schools) amount to nothing more than indoctrination camps (prison). Home-schooling is sounding pretty damn good by comparison.


  17. Clicks, please!

  18. As an Sysbm solider.. I gave up, on These Demonic Possessed, Crazy Antic, Problem Project, Durag Wearing, Mentally ill, Crazy Antic, Lunatic- blk Siren Wanna be a He/Female Maniac’s 35yrs ago.
    And never turrned back. so to all you evil spawn mama boy “Simps” born from your evil mama’s witches womb with no Daddy’s proper Direction and guildness Now ? attacking sysmb?- Take note before it’s to late For you…there would be no way i would let these Evil Crazy antic, blk siren Witche’s Capture my sperm Just to only use me to Impregnate them, with the Pure intentions to only cut You out of the childs life. Once, they found out they were pregnant with your child.. like thanks sucker. And then to ad insult to injury… hit you up on child Support payments with a Bastard child rised by them with another abuser of your child, That will be in danger, Who you’ll never see again, After she cuts you out of the Childs rise another Demon with…What? Kind of Sick and mentaly I’ll Crazy Antic & unstable, Demonic Possessed like the Exorist Linda Blair. evil blk Siren Witch’s is this? planted on This planet, we live on? and Yes, finding a good blk Women is like finding a Needle in a hay stack… it Just don’t exist with them Anymore, sorry and Alarmingly to say … So, yes Sysbm your 100% better off Traveling outside your realm to find a better stable love Partner of a much different Enity. Cause there is no Hope and Salvation in Dealing with these Crazy Antic, Mentally I’ll & Unstable Evil possession Blk female witch, siren Demons. and the Demonic Possession of todays .. Crazy Antic, blk female Sirens is 100% Very Real! & for these “Dumb, Dumb” thirsty Day, Day & Tyrone -Simps” who Think’s its funny To play Devils advocate for them. Cause they think there going to get Sex? from them? who live in denial, lol! are Seriously, Two Coke Straws Short, of a Happy Meal …And are for a Rude Awakening. So, Be For Warned & Proceed with Super Caution for you Would be Future “Simps”… Word of The Wise Stop! and Think Twice or else… When you are any Where near or around Them!….and Cut These Crazy Antic Sirens” off! like the Flu! – for your own Personal health, Safety, & Protection by these Demented evil, lieing and Muliputive- Demonic Possessed, evil Blk witch, Crazy antic Sirens…and I Wouldn’t Be Supprised if this Death and Destruction every where they goe. mentaly ill & Dysfunctional evil Demonic Blk sirens. Were the ones who Instigated that mass Shooting at that florida Night Club a few days ago… After Reviewing the security Video footage I seen on the News. looked like a well Planned, Reprisal military operation hit and run on the Simps & there evil Sirens they kiss up too. who may of instigated this tragedy on there own fate. From the Start. Do I Condone it ? Definitely Not…But , these Crazy Antic” evil blk sirens Are already Known to cause Death and Destruction every Where they goe.. So, I’m not Surprised.. but, Unfortunately the family’s will now have to suffer the Consequences of the Pain & Suffering of what these Death and Destruction Evil Possessed -Blk Witch crazy Antic sirens might have Caused…& you Can smell it a million miles Away…so These Crazy antic, Du rag Wearing- Ghetto Housing Projects. Death and Destruction every Where They goe , Serious Mentally ill, Brainhead Damaged. from Crack, K2 , Blk Female Witch Demonic Possession, like the exorist. So these Crazy Antic “Born evil ” Siren” Demonic blk female Souls are Beyond, Salvation to Save… So it’s 110% Sysmb all The Way Now!

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