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The Continue To Tell On Themselves – Projections!


Of course this sperm swilling red weave wearing black whore has an OnlyFans account which no doubt is frequented by a million and one simps looking to bust a nut. I can’t really understand this OnlyFans obsession, if a guy wants to beat his monkey because he doesn’t have a female available he can readily have sex with, even though I’m not keen on it, there are plenty of porn sites loaded to the brim with FREE sexual material any man can use to get his rocks off.

Again, these heifers are selling products that you can get for free simply by venturing elsewhere, they’re own delusions of grandeur which additionally are fuelled by the hoards of simps who swoon after them make these feral hogs believe that they’re hotter than gold or platinum, however nothing could be further from the truth.

So, I’m insecure because I most definitely would NOT want my woman going out into the streets looking like a sleazy prostitute, errr, ok, if you say so, smh. Do you see how these heifers sneakily employ their techniques of witchcraft and sorcery in their efforts to make you feel guilty for employing standards and wanting your woman to look modest when she walks the streets?

The idea is to shame and eventually get you to drop your standards and join her in the pit of hell, this is what these black queanies do, continue to promote anything and everything that is degenerate and reprobate.

Non black women typically whenever they engage in this type of sleazy behaviour at least don’t still attempt to label themselves as so called “queens” and “goddesses”, they hold their own recognising that they are in the gutter and have chosen to place themselves there, not this black witch though.

It is very interesting how many women have adopted the practices of prostitutes in terms of how they present themselves to the world, yet at the same time these delusional sirens believe that they have an inherent right to be respected even though they disrespect themselves on the daily.

What part of the outfit above commands any respect? This is one of many reasons why too many Western women are deep in the sewer and why non westernised women both foreign and domestic look even more attractive with each day that passes.

I don’t want a woman who feels the need to dress up like a whore with her breasts and backside way outdoors, additionally I don’t want a woman with weaves/wigs, tattoos, a load of makeup on her face, fake eye lashes, fake witch’s nails, a woman who has a nasty attitude and who refuses to cooperate.

These women happily harbour the Jezebel spirit, they want to be “free” but at the same time when the consequences of supposedly being “liberated” land on their doorstep, all of a sudden the desperate search for a cleanup man begins and they pretend to have “seen the light”, smh.

The reality is Aminah Hassan is the one who is insecure, hence why she’s afraid to show her natural hair and her DARK SKINNED face without any fakeup on it(as commenter and fellow blogger Afrofuturism1 would say, note the shade). I guarantee you that she’d look like a completely different individual without all of the external appendages applied, we already know this and have seen the before and after photos on countless occasions.

Gentlemen, choose your stargates with extreme care, never allow sluts, slappers and whores to project their insecurities onto you, never settle for the trash above and never allow gutter dwelling harlots as well as the blue pilled simps who worship them to shame you into compromising any set standards. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Whores Must Be Treated As Such And Nothing More

Most High Bless

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40 thoughts on “The Continue To Tell On Themselves – Projections!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    I avoid black women like Aminah Hassan because they will bring nothing to me but drama, stress and baggage to my life and I don’t want that because I want to live a stress free and drama free life and black women don’t give you
    a easy life unfortunately because black women always like to be difficult, extra and being awkward for no good reason at all. If you dress like a hoe, you will be treated like a hoe, simple and plain. Like I said before Verbs black women don’t turn me on like that because they are fake looking from head to toe, the majority of them overweight, 95 percent of them are single mothers plus they have lots of kids from lots of different bad boy baby fathers plus what childfree black man with his head screwed on would want to deal with that rubbishness. I am only interested in dating any single beautiful childfree Turkish woman, Turkish Cypriot woman, Greek woman, Greek Cypriot woman, White woman with brown eyes and Indian woman who is good looking at least a 6 out of 10 in looks, she has to come from a stable two parent home so they have a good idea of how a stable long-term relationship between a man and woman works, she has to be feminine ladylike woman and not a fucking feminist plus she has to be in good shape like slim build or athletic build and she has to live in London like me because I am not interested in long distance relationships in dating women outside of London because those types of relationships never work out. I have very high standards in the type of woman that I am looking for and I am never going to lower those standards for anybody.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      One of the main issues with me concerning most black women is the fact that they go out of their ways to look unnatural but at the same time believe that they’re making themselves look more attractive. Black women have embraced the whore culture with both hands and both feet, yet they’ll give black men hell who disapprove of their slut filled lifestyles, smh.

      Dealing with high quality women is a must, those females who feel the need to put on weaves/wigs, fake eyelashes, fake nails, plaster themselves with tattoos as well as either use heavy make up to make their skin look lighter or worse still bleach their skin are NOT quality and must be rejected at all costs.

        1. I wouldn’t want my woman look like out in public. It be embarrassing and she will show how insecure she is.
          That is why black women will be last to choose because they really are pumps and dumps.
          That what I think what black are today.

          1. According to Shadron Rimes and two recent interviews by KS tells all we need to know about Black women and how they don’t take Black men seriously at all as adults, parents or husbands.

  2. “So, I’m insecure because I most definitely would NOT want my woman going out into the streets looking like a sleazy prostitute, errr, ok, if you say so, smh. Do you see how these heifers sneakily employ their techniques of witchcraft and sorcery in their efforts to make you feel guilty for employing standards and wanting your woman to look modest when she walks the streets?”

    Women use this line of shaming all the time, it basically falls under the “If you were a REAL man you would ______” shaming tactic. Only simps will fall for this, most men don’t want their women looking like hookers. An outfit like that shouldn’t be worn outside of the bedroom, if at all.

  3. “It is very interesting how many women have adopted the practices of prostitutes in terms of how they present themselves to the world, yet at the same time these delusional sirens believe that they have an inherent right to be respected even though they disrespect themselves on the daily.”

    Scraggles like the ones pictured above, are defended by the so called black political elite. They say that men like us are the problem. They say, that we are intimidated by black women expressing their sexuality just like men. That’s one reason why the so called ‘black leadership’ has zero credibility with me. These shines have not solved one single problem in da communitah, but have normalized degeneracy and depravity. Their ‘liberal’ plantation owners, provide these shines with all sorts of funding to support their degenerate lifestyles. I am not intimidated at all by scraggles like the ones pictured above. But I am disgusted by them. I can almost smell their sour fishy odor, reeking thru the photographs.

    As I have previously stated on many occasions, I give da communitah as wide a berth as I possibly can. I especially avoid scraggle daggles, which includes most of my female relatives. From my postings, you can gather that I have a white hot hatred for the black male simp.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      But according to the so called community, we free thinking black men are a bunch of blasphemers and heretics because we dared to walk away from the pile of ashes and rubble that the black female has turned her own society into. Black women can say what they want, their opinions don’t matter to me because they’ve more than proven that they are the cause of the destruction of the black community.

      Unlike those Negroes who still believe they can find their needle in the haystack, I’m not going to fight black women to get them to take up accountability because it’s clearly evident that they are never going to admit any wrongdoing on their part, hence the reason why I’ve reach out to free thinking brothers instead as they can be reasoned with and appealed to.

      Black women can keep their reprobation and degeneracy to themselves and the black male simps who adore them.

      1. GAME! Hey Verbs, I sent you a email with links exposing False Flag Fedowitz and the black hoe.

  4. If a western woman tells you about your insecurities, just say there are predator rapists out there preying on women dressing like whores. How will you protect her if you’re not there? Wait for her response to find out if she wants protection or not. This is where vetting is needed. This vetting could only work on white women and other non black women in the west. Even non westernised traditional women need vetting in a different way so that quality stargates remain quality at all times. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

  5. That woman looks like a straight up ho, and is probably out dressed like that conducting business before hitting up the club.

    I honestly wouldn’t be turned on by my woman dressing like that for me in the bedroom, let alone a chick as ugly as this. The ugliest QUEENIES in the world think that they’re the finest.

    But wait, there’s more: go to a lot of African countries or Jamaica and you will find the chicks dressed even worse in the clubs. This goes to show how black male simps and ghetto QUEENIES are not only an international problem, they’re likely worse overseas than in the West. This is DESPITE how overwhelmingly patriarchal and traditional these cultures are supposed to be in comparison to the West, and it just goes to show that black men will NEVER be able to build with black women.

    1. TRUTH. Black females in Jamaica are a pestilence. Cheating, scheming to help local criminals, selling out, blah, blah. The data on these guys could write a gripping novel!

    2. Afrofuturism1,

      This modern day black female’s abhorrence towards natural beauty is a very serious problem, additionally her loathing of all things righteous, wholesome and true is equally disturbing. As I’ve stated before, unless the modern day black female is brought back into line and chastened, there will be no redemption or restoration of the so called black community. Unfortunately, the pro black female/ black women first brigades are too knuckleheaded to understand this.

  6. Black male simps are basically creatures with the mind of a child, the body of a grown ass man, and the emotions of a female.

    Most black male simps are so worthless, that they are not worth the air they breath, nor the water they drink, nor the food they eat.

    1. Sadly yes. But according to the scammer Umar, black females are supposed to be our queens and goddesses. Leave em to Ghetto Gaggers and White Cock Worship [yes, a black female really has a site like that].

      1. Brendan Dubalos,

        The worst mistake black women made was dissing their male counterparts in exchange for a group of men they’re forever stating are the enemy. The reality of the matter is black women as a collective believe that WHITE WOMEN are the enemy, however they’ll give their white lord and saviour Major Blizzard a squeeze all day.

    2. >Black male simps are basically creatures with the mind of a child, the body of a grown ass man, and the emotions of a female.

      Those simps are the product of a female possessing those very same qualities. No surprise there.

      Brothers, AVOID the inhabitants of the Ghetto Union (Blackistan, Simpistan and Cuckistan) to the fullest extent!


  7. I’ll tell you this – if she was my “chick” (no chance) and she walked out looking like that, her other clothes would be dashed outside on the pavement. Don’t bother coming back.

    This woman’s problem (Arab name? Seriously?) is that her daddy is Thuggy Deez. Only validation she should have got from father now comes from thirsty simp nighas. Let them gas her head up.


    1. Thanks man. Legit these women are insane. Claim to be for the ‘race’ yet will jump in bed with False Flag Fedowitz and Hitman Hanzelstein who are the biggest enemies of both whites and blacks.

    2. Michel,

      You know these black women already when it comes to names they love to use online, either they reach for a name from the Middle East or they’ll lean upon names related to East Asia, smh.

      The nerve of females like this, we’re not supposed to critique the way our significant others decide to present themselves to the world, what???

      Black women turn into more ridiculous creatures with each day that passes and they wonder why more black men are rejecting them and choosing Becky, Susan, Adriana, Ling, Lopez, Shazi and Patel instead.

  8. So, I looked up the meaning of the word ‘insecure’ and here’s what I found:


    1. not firmly fixed; liable to give way or break.
    “an insecure footbridge”
    2. (of a person) not confident or assured; uncertain and anxious.
    “a rather gauche, insecure young man”

    Let’s look at this in light of the second definition; how is the boyfriend uncertain or anxious when she leaves the house dressed like a whore? How is he not confident and assured? She is the one wearing fake hair, fake nails, multiple layers of industrial grade makeup, and a revealing outfit that will only attract the worst kind of man imaginable, so who’s the real insecure person here? This post only makes the case for SYSBM even stronger; true quality stargates will never question a man’s standards.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      This is an open and shut case, black women who dress like this and walk out in public simply don’t have any standards and they want the men they deal with to be the same way ie never hold them to account for anything.

      Additionally, these lugheaded chicks will make statements they believe are wise and profound but in reality are straight up garbage.

      A black female who looks completely artificial is trying to tell men that if they don’t allow her to walk out into the streets looking like a whore, they’re insecure?? She needs to be placed into a straight jacket and locked up in Arkham Asylum for life.

  9. Sadly, in the mind of many women like this woman, an expectation of MODESTY in a long-term female companion is considered “INSECURE”. But 5 years from now, she will be asking online, unlicensed, unregulated ‘relationship’ gurus: Where have all the financially stable good men (INSECURE men) gone?

    Another fine example of the depravity of modern Faustian Western femininity.

    1. King Sigma,

      It’s always the same pattern, we’ve seen it pan out so many times before, women with this type of jaded mentality waste their prime years on being promiscuous and living life in the fast lane, however once the life clock begins the final tick down towards the end of prime time, all of a sudden there is a big rush, a panic and a scramble to locate and lock down a quality man, smh.

      These westernised women are a joke and so are the so called relationship/love gurus who guide them. The mentality of the non westernised woman however is the complete opposite, recognising her time is short, she seeks to settle down from a young age, have a family and walk through her prime years and beyond with her “insecure” boyfriend/husband thus securing her future.

      1. Nothing is better than letting them tell on themselves.
        An old book from a historian named Oswald Spengler predicted this last phase of Western culture 100 years ago.

        Some day look into his book ‘The Decline of the West”.

        1. I am checking out the wiki on that book, looks interesting.

          The amazing (maybe not so much) thing is that Black male simps in the FACE of damning/smoking gun evidence still defend, deflower and procreate with BLACK WOMEN….

  10. I for one don’t get mad when these black girls dress they way they do. That just tells me who I need to avoid. The more research you do you find how treacherous black women have been since the beginning of time. Let these broads do what they do, they’ll be asking for a good black man when they’re worn out and streched. Black man, go where you are celebrated and it isn’t with your female counter part.

    1. OGBobbyJohnson,

      The problem I have is when these same ran through, used, washed up black females begin looking in our direction to perform clean up services on their behalf once their gravy train comes to the end of the line.

      It wouldn’t be a problem when exiting they accepted their lot having wasted their prime years living the fast life, however because of the hoards of simps that gather around and worship them, they somehow believe that they can reach out to level headed black men who they mistakenly believe will be inclined to “step up” and save the day.

      An extremely rude awakening is coming for women like this, as I always say, oh well, that’s their problem, not mine.

  11. Good lord. Women like her are the reason why dating, marriage, and procreating in the west done lost all meaning and value. The question I really wanna ask is this: What the hell happened with dating, marriage, and procreating in the west, because my head is spinning like crazy trying to figure out what the hell these women are on? Now I know why I’m taking my morals and values elsewhere because I don’t wanna be around the crap the American women be on. “Aminah Hassan?!” There’s not a lick of middle eastern in this woman, so who the hell named her, or nickname her (You ain’t got to answer because I already know what y’all gonna say)? To answer her question: HELL NAH. I’m not being insecure, I don’t want my girlfriend being an easy target for them predators to hit on her. I swear on my lord, it’s too many women out here in the western world, especially American women, making themselves easy targets to get f##### over, and it’s sad. But they put themselves in that situation, not me.

    1. I’ll tell you what happened here in the west, women have put a transaction on interaction. Think about it, women have all the resources in the world to be what ever they want and what’s popular at the moment, OnlyFans.

      1. 100% I couldn’t agree with you more. They shut down Craigslist and Backpages to give way to OnlyFans???

  12. Those women project more than thousands of movie theaters.


  13. Here this. If I see my woman dress like that like the whore on instagram, as the walks out of the house, she is not coming back in. I know that if a woman is wearing that dress and walk down the street, she is trying to impress these hopeless dudes in the streets. This is not being insecure, it’s called having standards. And plus, she has all that weave in her hair trying to look like a white woman. The black women’s biggest ever nemesis. The woman that these black women cannot compete with. And these simps like the coke sniffing Foolmar Johnson, Bareback Fountain who is suspect, the incel who hasn’t seen not a pum pum Shawn James are coming after us because they want us to settle down with these scragglies.

  14. The problem is that these types of women are not moved and will not experience any harsh judgment because of the soft simps gassing their heads. In fact, they will be more outraged at the clean brothers holding a mirror up to them for their outlandish behaviors. These types of women will call on their orbiters(Enter the simp part 2) to “fight for their honor” with the hopes of silencing critics shortly or permanently. Despite their valiant efforts, simps get passed over for thuggo. It’s like the AVP movie when it comes to these types. Whichever side wins we loose.

    1. The black male simp is an arch cuckold and loser. He will kill a black man at the drop of a pin to gain favor with a scraggle daggle female who doesn’t respect him, doesn’t desire him, doesn’t value him, who has absolute contempt for him, but will always accept the unconditional worhshp he bestows on her.
      Unfortunately, this definition applies to most black males in 2021.

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