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One Of The Biggest Simps Of The Century!


Continuing this week with the clean up man/stepping up theme, this dude has to be one of the biggest simps of the century, only a braindead bootlicker seeking Scooby snacks and doggy treats from women would make such a ridiculous statement.

How on earth can this shine expect any man to stick around after it’s discovered that the child/children he thought were his biologically are not? As you can see this blue pilled ultra simp is in South Africa which as in the case of the black female highlights an international issue with black men around the world pandering and placating towards so called “queens”.

We’ve seen so many cases on the Maury show where a guy will find out that he is not the biological father of the child/children the sperm swilling heifer in question is claiming belong to him:

This isn’t even going to be a long one fellas, the message remains the same, NEVER place yourself upon the clean up man chopping block, let the man who sired that child look after it, it is not your responsibility to rescue single mothers and sexually reckless women from the harsh consequences as a result of their foolish decision making of the past.

Look after a child that I thought was biologically mine but then I find out he/she belongs to somebody else???? This dude 1Nation is smoking some industrial grade flakka if he believes that I would stick around, I’d be out like a shot.

Remember in Jamaica, 70% of men who take DNA tests discover that they are not the father of the child/children they believed were theirs:

So the woman is exposed as a cheater and a fraud, yet the pander bear 1Nation still expects you to stick by her because “women go through a lot in marriages”, smh. How does the woman deserve better if she’s exposed as a sperm guzzling harlot?

These simps are truly knuckleheaded and brainwashed, I fully understand why commenter AmericanBlkMan has such a disdain for them, they are the reason why the standards with women in general and black women in particular are fresh in the toilet and why these same females equally believe that men have no choice but to accept them in their gutter state.

Walk away brothers, just walk away, there are plenty of high quality women on this planet to choose from, don’t ever settle for less because you may end up regretting compromising and dropping your standards later down the line. Don’t ever be a simp, say no to single mothers and most definitely reject being a clean up man/janitor. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Sexually Irresponsible Women Must Be Left To Stew, Marinate And Burn In Their Failures

Most High Bless

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45 thoughts on “One Of The Biggest Simps Of The Century!

  1. Millions upon millions of black couples worldwide for some reason can’t wear a condom instead of being sexually irresponsible and popping out bastard kids that end up having a lower IQ on average 9 times out of 10. Negress single motherhoods is an international issue in Africa, North America, South America and Europe. Black male negroes out there believe in race purity with enemies who don’t give a fuck about them at all and aren’t physically attractive either. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. I’ve been saying this for years man. Why should I take care of something that isn’t mine? These simps and wignats stay losing man, bunch of morons.

      This is why I state Woodrow Wilson and his followers were a disaster for the world. You can’t get more beta male than this mofo. Broken family, fake woke self righteous hypocritical nerd looking for attention. Started a World War and a deadly pandemic that murdered millions just because he wanted to be liked and accepted.

      If he was more well known, he’d be the hero of the alt right, cuz he was for the white race and you know how silly these people are already.

      This just proves what other commenters have been saying for years, that this blind worship is why the black community and the so called West are in ruins. The morons following Richard Spencer and other so called white nationalists will give blind support to dictators but refuse to deal with real issues. On the other side you have wannabe National Socialists like Umar who claim to be pro-black yet do nothing at all to solve anything.

      It explains why Shaniqua and white zaddy will jump into bed with False Flag Fedowitz and Banker Rothschild after whining about them on TV.

      The mainstream media won’t tell you about him, or how Hitler and Mussolini took inspiration from the Entente and their murderous genocidal policies. Instead it’s black male and white woman bashing whether covert or open all the way with some grooming of beta white males to be the new guardians of the race…and these fools call black men ‘super predators’.

      Yawn….what a joke. All talk and no effort. Personally I believe that progressives, black females and oligarchs should be dragged before the courts and forced to pay repatriations to all the people and countries they destroyed in their lust for power. Since they love themselves so much give them and their followers what they want: life imprisonment in a secure cell where no one can get them.

      Suffering eternally and the laughing stock of the world, with their sheep followers being put to shame.

      This is why I don’t deal with scientism worshippers, far left fascists of all stripes and race loving Bolsheviks of any sort as these people are still stuck on the flesh and living in the past. Let them murder each other over power, just not with other people’s money.

      1. This is why men should wear a condom regardless what the chick said to the guy.

  2. To the South African 1Simp:

    You even *considering* looking after Thuggy Deez and Pza Doh’s dutty pickney tells me you have such low self worth that you may even enjoy disrespecting yourself.

    Who taught you that kind of self hatred? YOUR MOTHER.

    (Fake Academic Fountain, the above applies to you too, get help)

    1. This proves again that broken families and people trying to be both mother and father doesn’t work. Most thugs, incels and supposed mass shooters come from broken homes and single mothers. Strong and independent my ass, go fix your own problems leftists and black females instead of whining about the Axis all day.

      This video is a perfect example of how black females set their offspring and followers up to fail, keeping people trapped in the fascist cycle for eternity.

      1. Brendan Dubalos,

        The single black mother continues to fail herself as well as her children and the people around her.

  3. Well it just goes to show that it’s like you’ve always said Verbs! The black woman’s moral bankruptcy and general sexual duplicity IS a worldwide problem. The black fefails in South Africa along with the disgusting sexual treachery they display in Jamaica coupled with their known degeneracy in America and the U.K., undoubtedly prove it! There are almost 2% more women on this planet than men and I’ll be damned if I spend my precious, irreplaceable time and money playing janitor for a bunch of women that are, in truth, little more than talking animals! Eff that mess, I’m out!! #SYSBMUNTILTHEBODIESHITTHEFLOOR!

    1. Andre,

      No matter where you look in the world, the image and reputation of the modern day black female is square in the toilet. In these last days it is imperative for free thinking black men to expand on their dating options and avoid the many pitfalls and traps that come with interacting and dealing with the daggle.

  4. Verbs 2015.

    I will never rescue a single mother from her stupid life choices because she had kids with the wrong dude as a SYSBM childfree black man at 38, because I want to create my own family from scratch with a beautiful childfree non black woman. Let these single mothers stew and marinate in their failures when the realities of single motherhood hit them hard because no single mother deserves a good childfree man especially after she rejected him in a nasty way and put him in the friend zone in their teens and twenties when these women were in their sexual prime years when they were younger and childfree when she was shagging Chads and Tyrones plus this will be a big warning to all the childfree women out there not to make the same foolish mistakes like these single mothers made when they had kids with the bad boys, thugs and killers. What annoys me about western society these days is that you get the mainstream media shaming childfree men because they refuse to date single mothers because they know their self worth, they have high standards in themselves and they are not playing second best to a wutless baby father. Childfree men should stay away from single mothers period because they will always love their baby daddy more than they love you plus there is never a happy ending because the relationships between childfree men and single mothers never work out because these single mothers are always bringing drama and baggage to the table and I as a childfree black man dont want to deal with that crap because I deserve the best in life including dating a beautiful childfree non black women with NO KIDS.

    1. TRUTH. A lot of wignats, supposed mass shooters and incels also come from single mothers and feminists – another big fuck up by the supposed queans and their lord and savior. Let them play superman for the white race on their own – I’ll remain a boring ‘Atlanticist’ who supports family values, high standards and self responsibility. These guys, the oligarchs and the bankers want to remain at the bottom: No problem.

      But don’t try to guilt trip anyone into giving you a free ride, Shaniqua, Lord Euro [who isn’t even ‘white’ and is trying to compensate for his bad childhood], Gulag Grivinov and Banker Rothschild. You choose your path and I choose mine.

      Not my problem, so I don’t see why I should die over your cause. Go keep your followers in line instead of watching black men’s dicks.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Amen brother, the message will always remain the same, keep your standards high and point blank refuse to deal with or bail out any single mothers or sexually irresponsible women from their pending doom.

      Never allow society to shame you into partaking in anything that is not to your benefit but instead could actually be detrimental towards one’s self.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro 100 percent. 😊💯

  5. Verbs, check your trash folder, I posted a comment earlier and it hasn’t appeared yet.

      1. Xstopalopoketl,

        I hear you bro, this is why I have to check the spam folder regularly, occasionally legitimate comments get placed in there by mistake.

    1. Andre,

      That happens occasionally, a comment gets placed into the spam folder by accident. I’ve fished it out, it should be available for viewing.

  6. According to this simp, if DNA confirms that you’re not the baby’s father, you’re still supposed to take care of it? That’s like saying there is physical evidence that exonerates a man who is accused of a crime he didn’t commit, yet he should still take responsibility for the commission of that crime because prisoners go through a lot while incarcerated; what kind of mess is that? Free thinking brothers, this simp is as much an enemy of SYSBM as the scraggle daggle he serves; know your enemy, and act accordingly. #SYSBM

  7. I loathe all male simps, but my loathing for the black male simp, knows no bounds. Black male simping has gotten so bad in the US that it has taken on a life of its own. By that, I mean that daggles don’t even have to require black male simps to simp anymore. Black male simps, simp on autopilot.

    I truly believe that if you took the typical US black male simp and placed him in a world full of black women who were wholesome, he would still simp. As a matter of fact, he would simp so severely, that he would start turning good black women into scraggle daggles.

    Black male simps in the US, not only dick police and threaten violence to black men who date out, but they threaten violence to black men who don’t subscribe to their simping ideology.

    Black male simps are so far gone, that they can’t even imagine an existence were black males are not simps, and black females are not scraggle daggles.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      The simp is truly a pestilence upon black society, created via the hands of the black witch who equally has become a curse upon her own people. The black female, her white lord and saviour and the black male simp, 3 members of an unholy trinity hellbent on completely destroying the black nation.

  8. A man should have a legal cause of action in both civil and criminal court, when a woman falsely accuses him of fathering her child.

    And when a woman tricks a man into assuming parental responsibilities thru the use of fraud, she should be liable to him, to make him whole for his losses in time, resources, and opportunities.

  9. These single black mamas have raised a generation of simps that will never leave the plantation or date or marry outside the race. Saddle them with a ghetto name and the hobbling is complete. A human utility for the Black Matriarchy. Then other black bitches will complain and make YouTube videos about the weak simp negro raised by another black woman. Then simp somehow gets shot trying to keep it real with da sistuhs. Dear Mama gets a cash payout from the city and BLM fundraises and buys real estate off the dead simp’s corpse. Round and round it goes. Sinister when you think about it.

    Now we see Blackistan and Simpistan have gone international lord help us.

    S Y S B M is the only way to break the cycle, gents.

    1. The perfect extortion racket. It shows how stupid white nationalists and hoteps are. Hitler must be laughing in his grave as the active measures program he implemented does its dirty work.

      Black females and progressives are truly a bunch of racist denegrates, not even ole Billy with all his poison jabs could do this.

    2. Schadenfreude,

      Indeed, the cycle of the black witch point blank refusing to take responsibility for the maelstrom she’s unleashed is yet another issue that continues to plunge black society deeper and deeper into the sewer. Of course, the black simp amplifies the problem via unconditionally worship as well as never holding the black female to account, thus he allows her to continue her reign of terror unabated, smh.

    1. Great vid. Only problem is the cowardly racist trolls who swarm the comment section.

    2. Blade,

      Loved the video.
      Now that’s what I call Equal Rights, along with Lefts, Hooks, and Upper Cuts.

    3. AmericanBlkMan,

      🤣🤣🤣 Someone said the same thing in the comments!



      Yeah I just peeped the comments. The most recent ones seem to show strong public support though. 😂😂

    5. Blade,

      The brother is a hero and deserves a medal of honour as well as a 21 gun salute, he understands exactly how these wild feral black female hogs need to be dealt with. This is exactly how you deal with violent women especially those of the black female variety.

  10. So, Simp nation is saying that men need to take care of children that don’t belong to them? Yo, the man must be drunk from morning. Do you know how many articles I have done about single mothers and the simps that end up in relationships with them? Worse, marriage? We have seen it on Maury with a whole leap of ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles who are single mothers find out the man is not the father of their off spring they have with Corner Boy Ronney, Colt Five Rounds, Street Mice, Rum Smuggler Don and Machete Man Briggy. And in Jamaica, we know that 70 per cent of men find out that the children are not theirs. But you know what happens to the woman? She gets her head chopped off in an instant. But they Jamaican men leave the Jamaican scragglies behind when they come to the UK or America and date other women. 45 per cent of Jamaican women are single mothers. But as I see more and more of these skettels being single mothers, I think the percentage has gone higher. If anyone know if the percentage has gone higher.

  11. Right, there is no way that I would date or marry any woman who is a single mother. I will refuse to take care of another man’s child or children. You know why we are goanna see more and more single mothers is because that these simps are boasting their ego so high. And let me tell you about the simps in Jamaica. They love single mothers. No matter what colour she is. They just love these single mothers like crazy. It doesn’t matter how many children the woman has. It doesn’t matter if she has 25 children, they love these single mothers. Smh!

  12. Right, if you find out that the baby is not yours when you do an DNA test, walk away, walk away, walk away! That’s Monday’s article.

    1. Money Cultural,

      No single mothers for me, I’ve made the mistake of dealing with them in the past many years before discovering SYSBM, never again.

  13. You’d Have to be the Biggest Fool on The Planet Earth to take Advice From a Full-On Clown like 1nation_world. I’ve Seen his Tweets & He looks like the Kind of Guy Who’ll Easily Beg for Sex from Scraggle Daggles & Doesn’t Mind the Baggage that comes with it. He wants to Deal with that. Then God Bless, But for Those of Us with a Mind Know that We Refuse to Nurture & Care for a Single Mother. Who’s Child is not Ours by DNA. It’s not Our Place to Take Care of Another Man’s Child from a Mother Who Should have Seen the Writing on the Wall in the very Beginning when they Chose to Lay Down with Said Man & Give birth to Their Child or Children. Though I Do Feel For the Kids, Because if They’re Sons Then they Wind up Being Emasculated by their Mother’s in Which they Later Become Feminized & The Daughter’s They Wind up taking their Mother’s Advice & Wind up Becoming Scraggle Daggles in Training. All in All Let the Simps like Him Continue to Simp Themselves into Oblivion. SYSBM is the Way to Go!!!


    Yeah I just peeped the comments. The most recent ones seem to show strong public support though. 😂😂

  15. Now, maybe it’s just me, and maybe it’s just having seen the same in our friend the undercover fruit, but doesn’t this guy look like a homo just from his face?

    Again, a lot of these dudes are sexually suspect, and that’s DESPITE many times having masculine builds, frames and appearances. Why else be so obsessed with doodads and (literal) dingalings?

    Outside of the most privileged yuppie white of their kind, most homos, namely black ones, run the streets and live in hood ass circumstances. Yep, just like blsck women. Likewise, black women are a fruit’s best friend. So when simps help QUEENIES, they’re in the long run likely helping these queens too.

    Black Simps, black QUEENIES and fruits are three parts of a failed pyramid, and they each need each other in some way.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      Notice how these simps continually make blanket statements about what free thinking black men are supposed to do whenever encountering compromised women, however the never present any viable and feasible arguments to support their position.

      As I keep on saying, if you are going to insist that people take onboard a particular product(the black female), then at least first make sure the product is of the highest quality.

  16. Black people as a collective have morphed into something so unpleasant. so unwholesome, and so vexing, that I give most black people a wide berth. I’m sure that generations of scraggle daggles and black male simps gone wild, bear outsized responsibility for this sorry state of affairs.

  17. There was one particular case in Jamaica (2019) where a guy discovered that after 20 years of common law with his women, he learned that FIVE of his six kids were not his biological kids.

    Idiot (as of the article) still planned to marry the woman.

    Just found another Jamaican article where security guard just last month learned that 3 of his 4 kids aren’t his. Been with the woman 18 years.

    Good grief!

  18. Men,big picture, Resource based economy, set your minds on the things above, do not waste words. Praise the Lord.

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