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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

This UK government is really taking the biscuit. I knew eventually they would attempt to play the blame game card, trying to blame the slowing down of the progression of lockdown easing on those who refuse to get jabbed up with the bioweapon(incredibly predictable, smh). The UK government has no intention of giving the UK public their freedoms back, they’ve managed to seize onto power that they’ve never had before and they aren’t going to let go of it by any means.

For those who don’t know, June 21st is supposed to be the date where everything in the UK goes back to normal, however I beg to differ. They’re already planting the seeds of “those not vaccinated are putting themselves and others at risk” Kansas City shuffle even though according to their narrative the “vaccine” can handle this new so called “Indian variant”.

I find this very strange because the same government has already made it known that those who are vaccinated can still catch the original strain of Covid and pass it on to others, therefore how can the so called “vaccine” be suitable against a new variant they claim is far more deadly than the first?

By the way, the so called “Indian variant” is the UK government’s latest Kansas City shuffle in trying to put the spooks into the Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi communities etc into getting the jab. The next focused target will be the blacks, wait for them to pick an African or Caribbean country as their next so called “variant” smoke and mirrors bread and circus monkey show, remember where you heard it first.

This is what people are supposed to do but most don’t, that is ask questions, use logic, reason, common sense and rationale as well as point out inconsistencies, anomalies and irregularities in the statements other people and governments make.

At the beginning of this so called “pandemic”, the UK government stated that only the elderly and the vulnerable needed to be jabbed up, now in 2021 everybody has to get it including children who if you remember according to their words are invulnerable to Covid.

They also told us that there were no plans to introduce vaccine passports, now they’ve already introduced them in the form of the NHS Track and Trace app. Flamboyant goalpost moving, inconsistent chatter and outright lying and the government wonders why so many don’t trust them and are reluctant to take the plunge.

If an individual lies to you more than twice you will rightly conclude that they cannot be trusted, I say the same principles and conclusions MUST be applied when dealing with the State who we know have lied countless times regarding anything and everything related to this so called “pandemic”.

The bottom line is these governments cannot be trusted at all and anybody who feels otherwise ie still chooses to place their faith in them deserves everything they get in return. Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, you’ve got the floor gentlemen, roll the dice.

The Deprogramming and Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mindset)

Most High Bless

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52 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

  1. The UK Government won’t have a choice. They’ll have to fully open up. CONVID is finished.

    Boris the Twat will prolong lockdown long enough with the so-called tier level until more of us accept the deathshot:
    • 90% of the UK has refused the shot
    • 50% of NHS staff have refused already.
    •<1% of BAME population have signed up, vastly underperforming.

    Short of forced vaxzinations, the gig is up and time is up. The constant brainwashing propaganda hasn't worked and the walls are closing in on everybody connected with the CONVID hoax. Fauci, Wancock, Witless, Gates and Neil Ferguson (who came up with the consistently false charts) will all face trial at the Hague for crimes against humanity. My only wish is that ITV broadcast it to the whole country…

    1. LOL….hopefully this happens. But knowing Chabad Gates and Soviet Johnson you know there’s something else coming to keep the masses paralyzed with fear in time for UN Smart City open air prisons. The Rebbe used the black female and white zaddy to push Aryan race bullshit in Europe after WW1, in order to pave the way for the chaos and destruction that Hitler [Schichelgruber], Beria (Abeher spy) and Mao (Yale graduate) caused during the Second World War.

      Sustainable development my ass, this is full blown fascism and Marxist tyranny completed with a contrived enemy to keep the scam going: the foot soldiers and propagandists of the white liberal’s racist scheme aka ‘white nationalists’. Worship of the environment is straight out of Druid and Norse paganism, which a lot of wignats suck off.

      Who are deep in bed with the KGB and CPSU by the way, but that’s for another time. Bagman boy Putrid is being puffed up just like his mentor Yuri Andropov to keep the likes of the New KKK Times, MSNPC and Soviet Oligarchy Today going.

      Pan-Europanism was the goal of Leon Trotsky and Adolf Hitler and their followers did it to the letter. If you look at maps that had post war plans of National Socialists, you will see the ‘Greater German Reich’ dominating Europe and expanding to the Urals. Vast amounts of technological and social development, combined with a strong welfare state and supposed traditionalism to keep the masses in line.

      This lebernasum, or living space in English would also be extended to the Holy Land. The Jewish population of Europe would be deported to the Middle East where they would form a Zionist state that would be the centerpoint for the region.

      Flashfoward to today and what do we see? The ‘European Union’ which is the fulfillment of Karl Marx and Hitler’s dreams. The Ukraine has been broken apart by clashes between government forces, Isreali backed ultranationalists and Novorussiya separatists backed by the Kremlin which is still owned by the Communist Party, a useful tool for the geopolitical goals of Chabad Lubavitch just like its supposed nemesis the American Democrat Party.

      Which we all know is the poster boy for intersectional denegracy and black female fantasies of getting that Harlequin novel model.

      The Nazis didn’t even have to do anything in the Middle East, just pretend to support Arab nationalism and Islamic fundamentalism while slowly bringing in the Volk through ‘transfer agreements’ and even outright deportation. There were even two paramilitary departments of the Nazi regime in Palestine: the Stern Gang and Irgun.

      Many intelligence agents of the Allies smelled a rat and tried to prevent the establishment of a Jewish state. The word ‘Nazi’ is actually a portameau of ‘National Socialist’ and ‘Zionist’.

      They used the fake gas chambers and 6 million scam to deflect attention from atrocities such as eugenics, T4 psychiatrist program and slave labor camps run by SS and around 180,000 Jews in the Wehrmacht.

      Current ruling party in Isreal, Likud was literally created when the Nazi remnants joined forces with communists from Russia and other ultranationalists to form a strong coalition that would eventually consolidate enough power to rule over the entire Middle East. In solidarity with their brethren in Europe and China, who would control the Far East and Eurasia.

      As a result you have a supposedly democratic government being controlled extensively by a bunch of expansionists and genocidal maniacs, with strong links to brutal regimes. The real holocaust was of the Arabs in Palestine, but you won’t hear mainstream media tell you about that because it hides their real motive.

      Assad and Putrid also help Likud and Merkel by creating false opposition, which distracts from real issues such as multipolarity and Belt and Road. Why has no one on [liberal Zionist shithole] or Gab done some basic research and start calling up guys like Crowley follower Dugin or even that f…..t Roger Stone and his Pride Boys which MSM loves to whine about, put people like Pelosi and Bryd in place by stating that slavery ended in 1838 and they should carry their whiny entitled asses somewhere else and start protesting at military bases against technology transfer and continued support of Soviet Israel by the establishment, since they claim to care for the ‘white race’ so much?

    2. Michel,

      The deceitful way in which the UK government is propagating the vaccine situation, you’d think that the overwhelming majority of people in the country have been jabbed up, of course just like they’ve grossly over exaggerated the covid numbers and the amount of daily testing they claimed to be carrying out, the same has to be said concerning those who have been vaccinated.

      Yes, there are plenty of knuckleheads who have rolled up their sleeves and taken the bioweapon, however with the effort they’ve put into the Convid propaganda machine, the UK government expected people to be lining up around the 20 block fighting to get their jab, however this hasn’t been the case.

      I agree with you that Boris will have to give somewhat on June 21st, however like you said I believe he’ll continue with the local lockdown garbage. The sheeple are a complete and utter disgrace, why even give them a brain if they’re going to allow somebody else to use it for them?

      The UK government is going after the BAME community now, hence why this so called “Indian variant” has popped up out of nowhere, this is the government’s lame attempt to spook the Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi communities into running for the bioweapon, however it won’t work.

      As I stated above, expect them to come for black folks next, picking an African or Caribbean country as their next so called “variant” smoke and mirrors bread and circus monkey show, remember where you heard it first.

      1. Good one Verbs. Boris and Gates know the sheep are stupid and will not look up eugenics or anything of that sort.

      2. Worst thing is South Asians are the ones pulling up their masks at Blacks! Numerous times at me.

        Like, hello?

        1. Michel,

          It seems like disingenuous white zaddy in the UK uses the term ‘BAME’, the same way disingenuous white zaddy uses ‘MINORITY’ in the US.

          ‘Minority’ is used to conflate Blacks, Asians, Middle Easterners, Latins, Native Americans, etc, as one monolithic collective that is the ‘Other’.

          But as much as General Blizzard and his progeny despise, hate, envy, and torment Black Men in the US, I shudder to think what General Patel and his progeny would do if they were the majority in the US.

          The racism that General Blizzard engages in against Black Men, pales in comparison to what the Patels, Chins, Ramirezes, Ahmads, etc, would do to us, if they had the power.

  2. Well said Verbs. More idiots on this side of the pond are getting the shots it seems. The traitorous blk celebs and blk doctors are being effectively used to prey on their own. At least one person close to me has gotten it. She went to the ER last week for a severe allergic reaction that came out of nowhere… She’s also certain that it wasn’t the shot that caused it🙄.

    There also seems to be a new development as far as symptoms go. Be careful around those who have been jabbed. If you need more proof of what this really is, please listen to accredited doctors who have been blacklisted:

    1. But according to idiot MSM and self righteous progressives and black females, Pride Boys and the single mother broken simps they created aka incels and Hikkimoris going Gay…sorry MGTOW are the threat that’s going to kill us all. It’s funny how white zaddy and Shaniqua will moan and groan about False Flag Fedowitz and Hitman Hanzelstein on air, then go and jump in bed with these same thugs when they need something from them.

      The cognitive dissonance is unbelievable with these fools.

      Another reason to keep the wall up gentlemen:

      [This looks suspiciously like Generalplan Ost…why wasn’t this investigated? Again, for all their talk you can see that this whole hotep and wignat thing is a big scam.]

      1. Very useful links. I’ll have to check them out.

    2. Xstopalopoketl,

      The black celebrities and black religious clerics in particular are some of the worst sellouts imaginable, trading their own people down the river for 3 shekels of silver and a soggy buttermilk biscuit, smh.

      How any Negro doctor who has signed up to this genocidal agenda can look at their fellow man with a straight face knowing the full extent of what they are doing is beyond me, they didn’t learn anything from the Tuskeegee experiments?

      I’m not a knucklehead and I point blank refuse to be one, why do I require a so called “vaccine” for a virus that already has a 99.98% survival rate for people in my age range?

      Not only that but the overwhelming majority of people who get this supposed coronavirus don’t even know they have it because their immune systems are so strong, they deal with the virus like it’s a walk in the park.

      The bottom line is Bill Gates is the one funding all of this, that is all I need to know.

      1. True indeed. The latest bit of distractionary nonsense is the Gates’s supposed divorce proceedings. Like we give a damn. Just another bread and circuses diversion that means nothing in the current context of their joint crimes against humanity.

  3. Threat to Army jab refuseniks: Troops who decline Covid vaccine could face discipline.

    Leading military lawyer warned actions may amount to ‘threats’ or ‘bullying’.

    Comes as Government rules ‘no jab, no job’ policies for private sector are illegal.

    Orders to the Royal Artillery and Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers state: ‘Covid-19 vaccination. Anyone who is refusing to have the CV-19 jab is to be educated by the CoC (Chain of Command) and any rumours quashed.

    ‘If they still refuse they may be deemed as unfit to soldier and dealt with accordingly as the CV-19 jab may be a requirement to deploy on operations/exercises, much like yellow fever.’

    By law the Army cannot force soldiers to get jabs. Yet being ‘unfit to soldier’ is an offence under the Armed Forces Act.

    The orders are believed to have been sent this week.

    The government are using bioweapons against soldiers who are defending and protecting a nation. More army soldiers should protest against this decision. Many people don’t think to ask questions to the state. Why take the jab if there is a chance of still catching a virus? Many people haven’t seen reports of eye disorders, sterilisation and death from the jab. Of course mainstream media won’t report on these articles. Does the military want to lose more soldiers than WW1 and WW2? What’s next. People who refuse the jab can’t travel on public transport or can’t drive any vehicles or can’t buy food nor drinks in stores without the jab. This new normal is where everything is leading to. The new world order of depopulation. This is a deadly crime against humanity. Other nations are accepting vax passports. Other nations are probably doing the same thing as the British government to those who are refusing the bioweapon jab. This will affect sysbm practitioners and quality stargates. More and more people need to be educated to fight back. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

  4. White man goes in on Donovan Sharpe!

    This one YouTuber seems to have a big problem with him marrying his long time girlfriend Devon. Now, I don’t know if he feels betrayed or disappointed, but this guy has already made 3 videos so far about Sharpe and his missus.
    Sharpe was called a sellout for even *talking* with White MGTOWs, guess this means he’s on his own, then?

    1. If you’re talking about undead chronic I like most of his stuff and I think it’s just the principle with him.

      He declares that the woman in question is an over the hill former stripper if that is the case another blow to the pua community lmao

    2. I was finna say recently, I’ve seen a couple of videos of dudes going in on Donovan Sharpe because he was “secretly married,” but the chick he happens to be married to is older than him, and some former adult entertainer.

  5. Verbs 2015.

    The reason why the government is blaming unvaccinated people like ourselves is because we caught on to their bullshit and lies in that they are saying even if you have 2 covid jab shots it still doesn’t protect you from the new Indian variant in which I personally think that government made up as a cover up for their excuses to force everyone in the UK to take the two covid vaccine jabs because they invested so much money in these covid vaccines that they can’t see the money go to waste otherwise they will be in big trouble. Like I said before Verbs I am not taking that fucking vaccine because I want to live a long life and if I took those two vaccine jabs then I will die at a young age.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      There is no so called “Indian variant”, just like there won’t be a variant from Africa or the Caribbean whenever that con is announced. Again, these desperate move by the UK government show me that the numbers they’ve been quoting of people who have supposedly gotten the vaccine are grossly exaggerated.

      This is the problem with prolific liars, most of the time they can’t keep track of all the lies they tell and so it’s easy to catch them out. I’m not taking any vaccines either, why would I for a so called “virus” that is no worse than the common cold?

  6. Most of the south here in the US has been re-opened for a few months now. For example the Gov of Texas reopened a while back and said no more masks or lockdowns, people who want the shot can get it, people who don’t, don’t have to. A lot of states are also ending federal unemployment benefits too, people are currently making almost $1k a week from unemployment and businesses are saying that they are having trouble hiring people because of it. A lot of people don’t want to work because the unemployment checks are so good right now lol.

    1. The easy solution would be for wages to be on par with unemployment or above, but that’s too easy a solution aka sOciAliSm. Rents, inflation, food, gas, CEO salaries and golden parachutes skyhigh but wages stuck at 1989 levels. People are sick of working at subsistence level a.k.a. the working poor or the working homeless. What was once a team of 5 is now a team of 3 or even 2, yet the workload remains the same or more. Raise wages and people will go back to work. Simple.

      1. Schadenfreude,

        Here’s the facts. The government adds 300 a week to the unemployment benefit. In many states, the state portion of the unemployment benefit can be as low as 50 a week. In Florida, the maximum state portion of the unemployment benefit is 275 a week. Even if you made a million dollars a year before you were laid off, the maximum you get is 275 a week from Florida. Add the federal 300 to this, and the maximum you get is 575 a week. Most people on unemployment in Florida get less, because they get less than 275 from the state.

        Many people cannot qualify for unemployment. Some states have very draconian hurdles designed to keep people from drawing unemployment. If the former employer doesn’t want you to get unemployment benefits, it can make up some lie about misconduct. The worker would have to prove they didn’t commit misconduct. Sometimes this is very difficult to do.

        Almost no one is getting 1000 a week in unemployment, and that is including the federal 300 a week. Only one state has a maximum state portion of the unemployment benefit large enough for a worker to get 1000 a week, and that is Massachusetts. And only a very small percent of workers in Mass can get 1000 a week. The federal 300 a week ends in the first week of Sept.

        As you stated, wages are stuck at 1989 levels. That is the problem.

    2. JamesSYSBM,

      To be honest this is the way it should be, those who wish to get their death shot can do so and those that don’t want it should be left alone to carry on as normal.

    1. Bruh, Shawn James commented on this video (as if he has any place to speak on SYSBM or anything related to relationships).

    2. Another charlatan. Funny he’s not quoting the part of the Bible where the woman is supposed to SUBMIT TO HER MAN. Also bizarre how he equates SYSBM with the Divest crew. SYSBM is a response to the gutter state of BW. If BW were better women, we wouldn’t leave. Cause and effect. And “divesting” only means to escape the Blackistan of her own making. Good luck!

      Why are they so desperate to keep us on the plantation? Most of us are the classic Black men that Tyquonisha didn’t want anyway. And why are so-called heterosexual Black men dick-watching? Strange.

  7. 1) Yesterday, I posted an article on the off topic section about mainstream doctors refusing to help vaccine damaged patients. Lord, I’m extremely at the point now where the truth needs to eventually come out because like I said before, how long are they gonna keep lying to the people? All this moving the goalpost, flip flopping information, trying to force the vax passports (which is gonna cause an extreme uproar because not only to travel, but to do things in general like go to the store and all that, and there vaccine passports are gonna cause some real dangers), lying to the people that the “vaccine” is safe and effective, but people suffering severe side effects, blood clots, catching covid after the vaccination, and still want people to get it, this whole freakin festival needs to end. Y’all say it’s too late, please, it’s better late than never to end the shit. They say some of these politicians, Biden and Harris, Even Bill gates, said they got their vaccinations, but I highly doubt they did, because how the hell they still breathing, but we got people dying minutes, hours, days, weeks after getting vaccinated? Then Biden got “vaccinated”, but why the hell is he still wearing a damn mask, even though the CDC done said fully vaccinated can take off the mask, but the unvaccinated can’t? Biden done made a dumb move, threatening the unvaccinated Americans that they will “pay the price,” and I’m looking at this man, and saying to myself is he definitely trying to go there, because he finna cause a civil war that’s gonna get borderline ugly. Both Biden and Anthony Fauci are the most confused people to ever exist. What’s also crazy is that my mother ask me yesterday am I planning on getting the vaccine, and I say no. My reason for not getting it, them vaccines were work overnight (Vaccines take like 5 to 10, or even longer for them to develop and be licensed), and there’s people dying and suffering severe side effects from it. I’m hearing stuff like the vaccine is altering people’s body, spike proteins, and they’re mrna vaccines, and I’m just super duper confused of what the hell I’m hearing and reading out of these articles that’s talking about these vaccines.

    2) Bill Gates: I’m trying to figure out why people even bother listening to this man because last time I check, this psycho don’t have no background in the medical field. He needs to worry about that divorce court, and the Metoo creeping up on his ass.

    With all the currents events that’s going on, taking place in front of our eyes, I just wanna find the people who are behind this madness because I want some answers, and I want the whole freakin answers, not no half shit. It’s like, how the hell are they giving these psychopaths, criminals, and weirdos all this power? They giving them all this power, telling the people how to live life, pushing these agendas that’s gonna harm the earth and humanity, going on that woke shit, painting them as the “good guys, the heroes,” They done freakin lost it.

  8. Happy Wednesday, SYSBM brethren! So, there’s a new variant of the virus going around, huh? Notice how these variants are affecting only communities of color according to the lamestream media; as Black Caesar said on the old site, Whites and Jews travel more often, so they are the ones who are most likely to spread the virus, NOT minorities. This “Indian variant” Kansas City shuffle is another jedi mind trick to get the Indian population inoculated with Bill Gates’ potion. Speaking of Gates, he’s now facing his #MeToo moment:

    I can’t be the only one who notices that whenever a “high value man” goes through a divorce, he instantly is portrayed as the most dangerous predator alive; it also doesn’t help his case given that Melinda Gates has expressed how she wasn’t comfortable with Bill being friends with Jeffrey Epstein. On the flipside, he does deserve this for being a male feminist simp who supported women empowerment initiatives while he was at Microsoft; male feminists always turn out to be the biggest predators.

  9. Time to roll the dice, on Boris Johnson’s forehead. Poisonous blonde!

    The UK government just don’t quit. They just keep pissing people off over and over again. The country is now a ship sinking down the bottom of the ocean but hope everyone is doing well. I’m doing fine. Just finish watching Midnight Caller on Forces TV. Right, you wonder why Boris Johnson, Bill Gates and the UK government are doing these stupid lockdowns is because that they are trying to destroy the British economy. They have been trying to destroy the economy for many, many years now and you know what is shocking that they are exceeding. I don’t know what is their issue with the UK economy. These rass claat are nothing but sociopathic narcissists.

    Right, next ting now. Last year, we could off see the 2020 UK Election. Right guys. I’m goanna tell you this. Theresa May was no good prime minister. She couldn’t handle that job. That job is too big for her. And Labour? I don’t know if they can win the next election because they don’t have a strong individual that has an iron fist. And to be honest Keir Starmer, if that’s his name is, he don’t have the will power to make Labour to win the next election. But the tories had some of the worse prime ministers, the fucking worse. Britain need a proper prime minister. Not these beta males like David Cameron.

    And I heard that Sadiq Khan has won the London election, again. Oh boy. I’m now more worried about London more then ever now. Because he done nothing for London for the last four years. He hasn’t done nothing for with the knife crime with the young black boys stabbing each other up like crazy. And they voted for this guys. I am goanna talk about this on Money Cultural next week because that I’m goanna talk about Foolmar Johnson aka The Black Hitler on Friday.

    Right, I was watching Reg The Bag guy on YouTube on Friday when he was talking to Obsidian when Kevin Samuels asking a the young incel about his dick size. If Obsidian did watch the interview of Kevin Homosamuels, I would not be surprised if he says nothing about this.

    And another thing. I was watching the live stream on Mad Bus Driver and the Sharp Shooters say that he unapologetically like Fat White Women. When I heard that, I couldn’t stop laughing. I was creasing up. I need to link up with him in the State and find two fat gyal and breed them. There was a fat chick at the bus stop up at Leagrave, Luton. If I was on the other side, I would off get that number quick time. Listen, I hope we don’t have a lockdown.

    Laters guy!

  10. { By the way, the so called “Indian variant” is the UK government’s latest Kansas City shuffle in trying to put the spooks into the Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi communities etc into getting the jab. The next focused target will be the blacks, wait for them to pick an African or Caribbean country as their next so called “variant” smoke and mirrors bread and circus monkey show, remember where you heard it first. }

    Verbs, I kept thinking the same thing too. It will either be one of the more prominent black countries like South Africa, Nigeria or Kenya so as to get the other negroe populations in line out of fear.

    And lookie, what do we have developing here?

    Panic as five more test positive for deadlier Indian strain of Covid-19
    By Elizabeth Ojina May 7th, 2021

    Five more people who were in contact with Kenyans, who travelled from India, have also tested positive for Covid-19 in Kisumu, as it emerged that the Indian variant had been detected by last month in the lakeside city.

    A report by the Lake Region Economic Bloc (LREB) advisory committee on Covid-19 seen by Nation indicates strains from the UK, South Africa and India had been detected between March 26 and April 18. The Indian variant was detected at Kibos Prison Dispensary, the report adds…

    Banks of the Ganges
    Kisumu County Health and Sanitation Executive Boaz Nyunya said eight people have been confirmed positive for the Indian variant, which has a higher transmission rate.

    Panic over possible spread of the virulent Indian variant has gripped the lakeside city since release of information about five patients of Indian origin who had travelled to India to attend the Kumbh Mela Festival between March 11 and April 10.

    During the festival, millions of devotees descended on the banks of the Ganges River in the northern city of Haridwar to dip in the water.

    Hindus believe the river is holy and taking a dip in it will cleanse them of their sins and bring salvation.

    After the month-long festival, the five travelled back to Kenya on April 10 and went to Kisumu where they work at a fertiliser factory.

    It has also emerged that concern over the Indian variant was first raised by LREB chairman and Eminent Persons Advisory Committee chairman on Covid-19, Prof Khama Rogo, in a document titled “Variants of concern in LREB.”

    Dr Rogo had cited three variants recently reported in LREB, namely the B.1.1.7-UK variant, the b.1.351- South African variant and the B.1.617 Indian variant.

    “The UK and South African variants are ‘…of concern.’ They have high transmission rate and reduced vaccine efficacy. The Indian variant is a ‘variant of great concern.’ It has a higher transmission rate (above 70 percent and significantly reduced efficacy,” he had stated.

    Nairobi News:

    My take? If only the damn sheep would at least take a teaspoon of Neem leaf powder in hot water on a daily basis to improve the effectiveness of their immune systems, they would make it very difficult for CONvid or other chronic diseases to take up residence in their bodies.
    My very good pal down here had CONvid & he took 1 teaspoon of Neem 3 times a day. On the 2nd day, he felt the Neem starting to work. On the 4th day, CURED – no more CONvid!! Do we see any studies or mention from our public health officials to take Neem? Nope! And how come the CDC of WHO hasn’t done any public trials to SEE what it can do? Oh well!

    REMEMBER, Neem (called the Village Pharmacy in Ayurveda medicine) ultimately is a BLOOD PURIFIER which is anti-VIRAL, anti-bacterial & anti-fungal. It kills 3 birds with one stone. Since disease is TRANSPORTED in the body through the BLOOD, a powerful blood PURIFIER like Neem will go a long way in eliminating or minimizing DAMAGE to the host by CLEANSING the blood. It’s that simple, people: If you take Neem, it’s very difficult to get sick!

    Yes, Neem is fcuking bitter to take. But that’s WHY it’s so powerful. Just add honey or put it in capsules with a capsule machine off of Amazon. I just drink it straight because I know the benefits its giving me. So I don’t fcuking understand most people. They have this need to go see a Pharmacist (Chemist in Africa) or a “Doctor” wearing a white coat to “cure them. ” Geez!

    By the way SysBMers, I make a potent herbal formulation for myself & friends with Neem, red raspberry leaf powder, cinnamon, chia seeds, moringa, turmeric, black pepper, cayenne pepper, ginger & nutmeg. I stir it up in a bowl & then capsulize them in 500mg or 1000mg capsules (depending on what I have in stock).

    So it combines the top super antibiotic herbs with the top nutritional herbs to form a powerful synergy. I put a teaspoon in a cup of hot water every day & I never ever get sick. Neither does my girlfriend. Great ENERGY booster too if you’re going running or to the gym.
    That is the first forumation I know of with so many top herbs. Usually you get maybe 2 or at most 3 herbs in a capsule. But my instincts told me I was onto something. Everybody LOVES them. No cramps during periods too. 😉

    1. By the way, did you know how Neem’s power was discovered? A swarm of locusts were coming over the horizon destroying everything in its path — EXCEPT the Neem trees. You see, the bitterness is a God send. That’s where all of its magic is stored. Just learn to tolerate the bitterness. See it as a PAYMENT for FREE exceptional health. It’s not really that bad.

      Check this AMAZING Neem info out: 👇🏾👇🏾


      📌 Neem – A Tree For Solving Global Problems
      Extracts from its extremely bitter seeds and leaves may, in fact, be the ideal insecticides: they attack many pestiferous species; they seem to leave people, animals, and beneficial insects unharmed; they are biodegradable; and they appear unlikely to quickly lose their potency to a buildup of genetic resistance in the pests. All in all, neem seems likely to provide nontoxic and long-lived replacements for some of today’s most suspect synthetic pesticides.

      That neem can foil certain insect pests is not news to Asians. For centuries, India’s farmers have known that the trees withstand the periodic infestations of locusts. Indian scientists took up neem research as far back as the 1920s, but their work was little appreciated elsewhere until 1959 when a German entomologist witnessed a locust plague in the Sudan.

      During this onslaught of billions of winged marauders, Heinrich Schmutterer noticed that neem trees were the only green things left standing. On closer investigation, he saw that although the locusts settled on the trees in swarms, they always left without feeding. To find out why, he and his students have studied the components of neem ever since.

      Schmutterer’s work (as well as a 1962 article by three Indian scientists showing that neem extracts applied to vegetable crops would repel locusts) spawned a growing amount of lively research. This, in turn, led to three international neem conferences, several neem workshops and symposia, a neem newsletter, and rising enthusiasm in the scientific community. By 1991, several hundred researchers in at least a dozen countries were studying various aspects of neem and its products.

      Like most plants, neem deploys internal chemical defences to protect itself against leaf- chewing insects. Its chemical weapons are extraordinary, however. In tests over the last decade, entomologists have found that neem materials can affect more than 200 insect species as well as some mites, nematodes, fungi, bacteria, and even a few viruses. The tests have included several dozen serious farm and household pests – Mexican bean beetles, Colorado potato beetles, locusts, grasshoppers, tobacco budworms, and six species of cockroaches, for example. Success has also been reported on cotton and tobacco pests in India, Israel, and the United States; on cabbage pests in Togo, Dominican Republic, and Mauritius; on rice pests in the Philippines; and on coffee bugs in Kenya. And it is not just the living. plants that are shielded. Neem products have protected stored corn, sorghum, beans, and other foods against pests for up to 10 months in some very sophisticated controlled experiments and field trials.

      Researchers at the U.S. Department of Agriculture have been studying neem since 1972. In laboratory experiments, they have found that the plant’s ingredients foil even some of America’s most voracious garden pests. For instance, in one trial each half of several soybean leaves was sprayed with neem extracts and placed in a container with Japanese beetles. The treated halves remained untouched, but within 48 hours the other halves were consumed right down to their woody veins. In fact, the Japanese beetles died rather than eat even tiny amounts of neem-treated leaf tissue. In field tests, neem materials have yielded similarly promising results. For instance, in one test in Ohio, soybeans sprayed with neem extract stayed untouched for up to 14 days, untreated plants in the same field were chewed to pieces by various species of insects, seemingly overnight.

      Neem contains several active ingredients, and they act in different ways under different circumstances. These compounds bear no resemblance to the chemicals in today’s synthetic insecticides. Chemically, they are distant relatives of steroidal compounds, which include cortisone, birth-control pills, and many valuable pharmaceuticals. Composed only of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, they have no atoms of chlorine, phosphorus, sulfur, or nitrogen (such as are commonly found in synthetic pesticides). Their mode of action is thus also quite different.

      Neem products are unique in that (at least for most insects) they are not outright killers. Instead, they alter an insect’s behavior or life processes in ways that can be extremely subtle. Eventually, however, the insect can no longer feed or breed or metamorphose, and can cause no further damage.

      For example, one outstanding neem component, azadirachtin, disrupts the metamorphosis of insect larvae. By inhibiting molting, it keeps the larvae from developing into pupae, and they die without producing a new generation. In addition, azadirachtin is frequently so repugnant to insects that scores of different leaf-chewing species – even ones that normally strip everything living from plants – will starve to death rather than touch plants that carry traces of it.

      Another neem substance, salannin, is a similarly powerful repellent. It also stops many insects from touching even the plants they normally find most delectable. Indeed, it deters certain biting insects more effectively than the synthetic chemical called “DEET” (N,N-diethy- lm-toluamide), which is now found in hundreds of consumer insect repellents…📌


      I LOVE you Neem bcuz you’ve always been good to me. You’ve never let me down while I’ve been living in Africa with its many hostile & exotic diseases. And if you were to fail me, I have my Colloidal Silver generator to bail me out from Lord Ziostein’s pandemics.

      1. Neem is bitter and disgusting to drink as a tea, but it works fine. Got a bag full of that shit in case the West Indian variant gets invented 🤣

        Been trying to tell family about it and only one person used it regularly. The other (my mother) took the jab instead. Smh.


    Seems that the daggle was jealous that her former man was with the white chick. Expect to see more of this happening as the daggle’s prime directive reasserts itself.

    NO ONE really feels sorry for the true face of black women, because they know that this, not the fake valley girl, is the real daggle.

    1. Another masculine BW shemale. But they’s the “LeAsT pRoTecTed.” Just goes to show you if you’re gonna level up with your new white chick you have to leave the hood completely especially if your babymama is a straight goon. Notice she went straight for the white girl’s hair and pretty face, smh. Self-hating ass bitches. Of course Aaron Fountain and the other dick-watchers will have no comment on this shit.

      What are we saving ourselves from again?

    2. No wonder black hoes and white zaddy love the likes of False Flag Fedowitz and Hitman Hanselstein, these dudes can give those Indian men a run for their money on the violence. Plus these dudes love denegracy and low standards as seen when they ‘collapsed’ the Soviet Union and looted Russia dry, then ran off to Israel to avoid detection.

      Even the ultra liberal rainbow coalition type Ashkenazim who ain’t on the side of the so called ‘white’ liberals and their accomplice the black female, loath and despise these thugs.

      And hustlers like Umar Spengler with his fake boy’s school and love of hookers wanna talk about race purity. Bitch please, this ain’t the pre WW1 period.

      Only when wignats and hoteps start talking about technology transfer, oligarch control of people’s lives and Belt and Road as well as protesting at military bases against these things that they will be taken seriously. I didn’t believe Verbs when he said that Eastern Europe was more traditional due to Commies trying to hold on to power in this part of the globe, and of course Putin and the Jewish oligarchs around him, but when I saw Polish nationalists lighting up Lord Euro for jumping into bed with Judeo-Nazism during WW2 and selling out their country for some idiot racial theory created to brainwash idiots during WW1, I realized why NDVP, FSA and other anti oligarch movements can hold their own against religious fundamentalists and a corrupt government while progressives and black women remain groveling at the feet of Chan, the Royals and Chabad Lubavitch despite all their tough talk on MSM.

  12. Gentlemen,

    The desperation of the State to get people jabbed up is off the chain, I’m sure you’ve heard about governor Cuomo(NY) offering those who get the bioweapon a chance to win $5,000,000 in his “Vax and Scratch” lottery program.

    You couldn’t make this stuff up, sorry my life is worth much more than 5 million dollars. Additionally, with the amount of people that this so called “vaccine” is killing off, anybody who takes it may not live long enough to see the draw take place.

    These kinds of desperate manoeuvres tell me that the numbers they’ve been quoting for folks getting the jab just like so called “Covid deaths” are grossly over exaggerated, nether the less, there will be some suckers out there who will jump at this “offer” believing that they have a chance of winning that money(if the offer really exists to begin with, this is something else to think about as it could be a blatant trick):

    1. Custer’s Last Stand. If you’re going down, take as many people with you as possible.

      There’s a better chance of winning $5million opening a black boys school. Sniff, sniff.

  13. Hackney Council are now on the streets harassing passers by for a CONVID test. If you work or live there, chuggers are apparently coercing you for your DNA sample (so they can add it to their AI database).


    1. Michel,

      Straight up desperation, again if the so called pandemic was legitimate people wouldn’t need to be haggled into getting Convid tests and bioweapons.

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