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She Knows This, Why Don’t You?


SYSBM Tenet Number 19 reads:

19. SYSBM PRACTITIONERS ARE NOT CLEAN UP MEN, we refuse to accept the current decadent and degenerate single mother philosophy being pushed by black women within black society, we will NOT be returning to the so called “community” to clean up anybody’s mess ie date and wife up single black mothers. We have high standards, single motherhood and the janky fruits thereof are totally unacceptable. We solidly practice and believe that a man should start his own family tree/legacy from scratch, NOT take onboard the children of another.

See, I don’t really like to use the terms “alpha male” and “beta male” because very often they are misplaced and misappropriated by “certain” individuals. For example, as I’ve mentioned before a black man with his head screwed on straight is viewed as a “beta male” by the black witch contingent as well as the hyper dysfunctional community they’re in charge of, however as soon as that same black man chooses to expand upon his dating options, the non black women he comes into contact with will view him as a so called “alpha male”.

I believe it was C Boogie Productions(who has now gone full on omega simp) who was the primary culprit behind giving these two terms a wider spread within these black digital spaces after he fell out with Obsidian, however I could be wrong. Unfortunately for C Boogie, when he decided to have a jab at SYSBM, unlike as he did with the Black Manosphere, he couldn’t state that we were “woman haters” over here as the Tenets as well as the philosophy clearly instruct black men to choose QUALITY women.

Even Boogie himself had to scratch his head at the fact that those same level headed black men who run into difficulties with black females, are treated very differently as soon as they begin exploring other ethnicities of women. However, there is no mystery behind this phenomenon, we already know that black women as a group are dysfunctional, this is why they much prefer to shun the “educated lames” in favour of opening their legs to, getting impaled and impregnated by Slim Sauce/Two Snacks/Field Mouse type Negroes.

I can’t really argue with any of the above tweets, I believe Diana Runyararo hails from Zimbabwe which is very surprising because most black women no matter where they are in the world will typically recommend black men take routes that are a direct compromise to themselves, their masculinity and their manhood(not that anybody yet alone black men should be listening to the cruddy advice coming from black women anyway).

This is NOT a black female plug, I’m simply agreeing with what she’s said because we men have been making these same statements for the longest, in fact it wouldn’t surprise me if she picked up these valid talking points from a man, a wise one at that.

There are no two ways about it, so called “stepping up” to look after children that don’t belong to you is selling yourself extremely short. There is no “step up” when it comes to being a step father, such a move is a blatant step down into a muddy ditch which additionally is helping perpetuate this disjointed idea that looking after another man’s seed is a normal practice when it clearly isn’t.

No other society promotes being a step father because all other societies and communities are run by men, this black witch however will heavily push this “step up/stepped up” doctrine in her efforts to find a sucker/clean up man to take care of herself and her bastard children she had by a guy that was obviously no good.

Single mothers need to be left to stew, marinate and burn in their own failures, it’s NOT your job to bail them out and ease the unfolding negative consequences because of the stupid decisions they made in the past regarding who they chose to sleep with.

Never allow any woman to guilt you into even thinking about looking after children that don’t belong to you especially the black female, as commenter Quincy Fitzpatrick continues to say, the aim is to seek out CHILDFREE quality non black women as per SYSBM Tenet Number 3.

Don’t be like the long time simp Ebrahim Aseem who I see many years on is still engaging in gale force simping on behalf of these useless black harriets or our long time no see nor hear from resident simp D32018 who just like the rest of these pro black simp drones, in the face of close examination and scrutiny couldn’t successfully defend these black heifers either.

As MBD would say, save yourselves black men, be free. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming and Decontamination Program Continues

Say No To Single Mothers

Most High Bless

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59 thoughts on “She Knows This, Why Don’t You?

  1. 1. I hate black male simps.
    2. I hate scraggle daggles.
    3. I hate the devil spawn of these two collectives.
    4. I hate da communitah.

    To those black men who are struggling to build a meaningful, purposeful, life well lived away from and outside of da communitah; I say God bless them.

    Da communitah is a matrix; a trap, designed to ensnare, corrupt, and ruin potentially good black men. Its end game is to lead them to destinies that perpetuate the dysfunction.

    Long live SYSBM !

    1. Thank you. I’ve been saying this for a long time now. If black females and progressives were serious about stopping problems, they’d stop hanging out around the likes of False Flag Fedowitz, Revolutionary Che and Chabad Chev fresh out of the gulag and take responsibility for their actions. This is why hoteps and wignats are a joke, they just help to keep the fear narrative going and fill the pockets of FARC News Network, the New DNC Times and Soviet Russia Today as well as distract people from multi polarity and Belt and Road.

    2. AmericanBlkMan,

      There are no two ways about it, the black community(the black woman) is ultra communist, marxist, fascist and ultra socialist rolled into one. Instead of handing out sound advice to help others avoid her pitfalls, she recommends that folks take the same calamitous paths that will ultimately lead to complete disaster.

      Black women and their minions expect you to suffer with them in their stupidity, as far as they are concerned any healthy paths you choose to embark upon are looked upon in their eyes as blasphemous and reprehensible.

      1. You’re right Brother Verbs. Black females and progressives are no different from your ‘n…..r Nazi’ racist genocidal lunatic Hasidim rabbi lowkey manipulating his followers to use white supremacy to dick police, they just hide it better.

    3. Even my little Millennial bro & his crew in Canada have gone SysBM like forever!
      It’s the previous generations of black males that usually are confined to simping & doing stoopid scraggle shit. He goes to a predominantly black church with my Mom, but he seems to have avoided black womin unlike others who grew up in the late 70s & 1980s.

  2. I will never be a stepdad ever. It ain’t happening. No woman can guilt me of being a clean up man. I prefer to build my interracial conservative family from scratch. Me and my future partner will have to be childless before building a foundation for ourselves. It is politically proven, economically proven, scientifically proven and spiritually proven that every negress on planet earth has the lowest IQ because of very high testosterone levels with ugliest features. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. LOL. But according to False Flag Fedowiz, Banker Rothschild, Chaos Magician Dugin, Umar Spengler and the black female and white zaddy, ‘we gotta keep the race pure to prevent white/black genocide!’ Meanwhile Chabad Lubavitch and their agent Billy Boy from Microsoft is working to destroy via denegracy, white race communism and intersectional fascism and nobody gives a crap, cuz ‘muh feelings’.

      Exactly as Generalplan Ost laid out and as the Rebbe foretold in his last rant before his death. Distract the public with foolishness then strike when weakened. Considering how black females and progressives love attention and will suck off the same thug oligarchs whom they love to whine and moan about on mainstream media just to please the crowd it would be no surprise than incels and hoteps are just as stupid, rebellious, racist and hardheaded as the people who spawned them.

      What a pathetic joke.

      Once Umar and the wig nats start talking about technology transfer and Belt and Road, then start protesting at military bases then I’ll take them seriously. Until then they’ll be seen as agents of the state and treated accordingly.

      1. Brendan Dubalos,

        Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson won’t be doing anything serious anytime soon, he’ll be sticking to the usual court jesting antics as well as his dick policing regiments, he can’t even erect a boys school he claims has been in the works for over a decade, smh.

        1. And people think this idiot is a leader. It just shows how silly people have gotten and why the likes of False Flag Fedowitz and Banker Rothschild view the masses as animals. Nobody can convince me that this wig nat and hotep scheme is nothing other than a occult ponzi scheme to rob the people blind while playing on their emotions.

          “But we wuz KANGZ bro…KANGZ!”

          The battle cry of idiotic morons since the French ‘Revolution’.

      2. I agree completely. This is why I have zero respect for sheep black womin & their simp counterparts. It’s like they haven’t a fcuking clue what’s going on outside their dumb closed minded world. I don’t see any of them protesting the fact that some elements of slavery have resurfaced in Libya after their black Prez Obola & his DemonRat ilk destroyed a perfectly PROSPEROUS stable & functioning Libyan society that was about to transform Black Africa by leaps & bounds with the issuance of Gaddafi’s Gold Dinar backed by Libya’s oil resources.

        See Lies of the Libyan War here:

        In fact, a MAJORITY of black folk in the West sat back & said NOTHING bcuz a black man was selected as President to fool an ignorant black race into turning a blind eye to Libya’s destruction. For that, I will NEVER EVER FORGIVE a majority of those same “Western” black folk for staying silent. Same for a lot of naive Africans over here too who fawned over that smooth talking Manchurian candidate.

        And where the fcuk was “Black LIVES Matter” & the dick policing leaders of the black communitah?? Absent!

        In another time dimension in another universe, every fcuking awakened Afrocoid would’ve surrounded all US Embassies en masse in Africa & threatened to burn them down taking everybody hostage IF one missile is launched on Libyan soil. I feel strongly about this bcuz this shit really boils my fcuking blood.

    2. Witwijf,

      The “step up” doctrine is black women trying their utmost to guilt trip classic black men into sacrificing themselves ie helping these sirens buffer the harsh consequences of their past bad decisions.

      If the heifer opened her legs to Field Mouse and Chunky Bruh, then let those guys “step up” and take care of their responsibilities. Dealing with single mothers just isn’t worth the trouble, get yourself a child free, high quality female from the beginning and never be shamed into settling for anything lower.

  3. Even this chick gets it, though she has probably nefarious reasons for saying it. This is also an African chick, and as we know, they are incredibly promiscuous and adulterous, more so than even American QUEENIES. Those searching in “da muddaland” for a good one will find only a larger nightmare.

    No dude 40 and under with prospects and half of a brain should be dealing with a woman with kids. Now, Field Mouse and J. John Jambalaya, yeah, that’s right up those dudes’ alleys.

    Playing step daddy to the kids of a woman that was never worth a damn can only end poorly. Get ready for section 8 housing and all the trimmings and accoutrements that come with it to become your new normal.

    And most times, these dudes, once in these relationships, are discouraged from having their own legacy and kids with the woman.

    Marry your OWN wife, have your OWN children.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      You’re right, I believe I came across a website if I remember correctly in which the writer was lamenting the fact that he’d read that Nigerian women are the most promiscuous females in the world, and this was back in 2015:

      I can only imagine what the situation is like now. Like you said, it’s a no brainer, no guy worth his salt needs to be dabbling in the single mother pool, ensure the woman you get with is CHILDFREE and high quality.

    2. This is what I can’t understand with pro wacks: if they were serious, why don’t they talk about things like this? Why all the dick policing and race purity nonsense? Here’s why:

      It’s an attention grabbing scheme. Just like this LGBTQP and ‘social justice’ nonsense black females and progressives love to say is ‘Western’ and on the other side you have the ‘Blood and Honor’ wignat nonsense being propped up by KGB Putin who is deep in bed with City of London bankers and Nuttyahoo. It’s a scam designed to keep any real issues from going to the forefront.

  4. Verbs 2015.

    Thanks for the shout out Verbs. The above article and the comments from that black woman from Zimbabwe reconfirms the reasons why I refuse to date single mothers as a childfree black man at 38, because I want to build my own nuclear family from scratch with a childfree non black woman not jump into a ready-made family with a black woman who has multiple kids with multiple baby daddies because its going to cause nothing but problems and drama plus there isn’t a happy ending. Step fathers don’t get respected by single mothers, baby daddies or their kids because they see him as weak because they think that he can’t attract a childfree woman to build his own family with so instead he gets with a single mother because the step father does not realise his own value in that he can do better than to settle down with a single black mother and that he can attract a good looking quality childfree single non black woman if he just believes in himself. Back in 2013 or 2014 my own step mother tried to shame me into dating single mothers because she done herself with me when she started to date my dad who was a single dad with me and my step mum who was a childfree woman when she was 20 years old back in 1983 when I was 1 years old and my step mum felt that I should do the same thing with a single mother because it’s the so called noble thing to do and when I told her no she got so offended about it that we started to have a big argument over it. The weird irony is that other races of people don’t support the single mother epidemic because they know its bullshit and I fully agree with them, but in the black community the single mothers bullshit is celebrated because these black women know that they can fuck up their lives by having lots of kids with the worst black dudes ever and when that fails they know full well they have a desperate black male simp willing to be the clean up man due to the brainwashing they received from their own single mothers over the years to wife up black single mothers. I will never ever be the clean up because I know my own self worth and self value and I will never ever sell myself short just to get with a single mother. Like I said before Verbs, the only women that I am interested in dating is a good looking childfree single Turkish woman, Turkish Cypriot woman, Greek woman, Greek Cypriot woman, White Woman with brown eyes and Indian woman who also lives in London like me plus they have to be in shape preferably slim build or athletic build, they have to be between the ages of 23 to 39 and they have to be at least a 6 out of 10 in looks because I have high standards for myself and I will never lower them for anybody.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      As you would say, I fully agree with you bro. I can’t argue with anything you’ve said. Herein lies a group of black men who will NOT submit to the decadent, degenerate and backward rules of the angry and bitter black sisterhood, single motherhood must be shunned at every turn.

      I’m reminded of the show Maury, where a black witch on the show gets exposed for the whore that she is when the DNA test results reveal that the black man/men she’s brought into the studio are not the father/s of her children.

      I’ve noticed on quite a few occasions that Maury himself will attempt to invoke that “step up” witchcraft but ONLY WITH BLACK MEN. Non black folks already know that too many black men out here have bottom of the barrel standards because of the gutter black females who raised them, what a shame.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I will never ever be a step dad.

  5. As I’ve stated for time and memorial, there are no pros to a childless man with his ish halfway together to seriously date let alone wife up a single mom. There just isn’t any; not for the man, anyway.

    In a lot more cases than one would care to admit, the single mom still has her eyes set on the guy who knocked her up, NOT the poor sap trying to play stepdad. Ever wonder why she suddenly turns into a ‘born-again virgin’ seconds after meeting some desperate mark who hasn’t gotten any since the Kings were good? They’re hoping against hope that the ex has a change of heart and commits or at the very least, want to keep their options open enough to recruit a BBD (Bigger, Better Deal). Either way, she doesn’t want to explain to those guys why she gave Poindexter any play, which is why they demand to be ‘friends first’ for months at a time.

    Take it from us older guys whom were raised by our single mothers and pastors to play Sir Galahad and wife up these so-called damsels (i.e. neighborhood thots in training) in distress under the faulty guise of being a ‘real man’. It is the WRONG choice…

    1. The Inner Circle,

      It’s funny you should mention the “real man” line because I’ve seen a few memes in which these black women suggest that you’re NOT a “real man” if you refuse to take care of a child that is not yours biologically, the nerve of these heifers.

      They’re not even using charm and being extra nice in order to entice childless black men, nope, because of their arrogant and haughty nature the cockiness and entitlement streak always has to come out in their efforts trying to get level headed black men to play the “step up” game.

      There is nothing good that comes from the black female camp, nothing, let them keep their so called “options” open and deal with the dudes that knocked them up instead of trying to palm themselves off on us.

  6. The blended step family is a lot better than the matriarchal step family. Blended is when both male and female already have children from previous partners, therefore the marriage is more romantic and genuine. However, what’s becoming very common in western society is the matriarchal step-family. The simp aka step dad is only bringing his wallet while the woman is bringing her children, drama, emotional baggage, bad habits, valueless sex and rules that you must follow. These type of men are looking at the relationship as bonding, but the mother is looking at it as survival and entitlement. As single childless man, the worst thing you can do is date strong black single mothers (even the white ones) who will pit you against their baby’s fathers who already put their stamp on the baby’s mother as his achievement.

    There’s also a very complex side to dating single mothers. The common two situations can be where she will get the stepfather to do a murder for hire on the baby’s father out of envy that he’s doing better. Or the baby’s father will plot to murder the stepfather out of envy. The matriarchal step-family is the one you see on news headlines all the where it’s the boyfriend/stepfather getting killed. No childless black man should be putting his life on the line for a single mother.

    1. You’re right man. Can’t tell the multiple times I’ve seen things like this happen on Jamaican MSM.

    2. Elon Brings Receipts,

      To add to the complexity you mentioned of dealing with single mothers, there is also the side of the mother overriding your authority when you attempt to discipline the child for his/her wrongdoings.

      That overriding technique is straight up emasculation and is yet another reason why childfree black men and men in general have no business dealing with single mothers.

      The blended step family you mentioned makes more sense and if it can work then that’s a good thing, however as you pointed out this is not what we’re seeing the most of especially in Western black society.

      I refuse to be a clean up man for a stragg who made bad choices and who is now trying her utmost to avoid facing the consequences head on by herself.

  7. HAHAHAHA that 2nd pic man. You on fire Verbs! Gonna be many skeleton filled park benches unfortunately…

    1. Lurker,

      I’ve got to thank the SYSBM discord brothers for that particular meme, it so accurately depicts exactly what will happen to those who continue to listen to swindlers and hustlers like Gerbilface.

  8. If it’s one thing I learning, if the women rejected you because you wasn’t this or that, but years down the line, she comes back to you all sorts of mess up, trying to get with you, leave her alone completely. If I’m gonna start a family, I need to start one from scratch. I cannot deal with a woman who’s already made a family. It’s funny how black women and simps tell us we need to “step up” to the plate, “be a man,” but the black women need to be telling that to the dudes that let them hit it raw, and left them out in the cold.

    Tenet 19, I took that tenet to heart because it’s a reason why I develop standards for myself. I not gonna take whatever that’s been thrown at me. Them two labels, Alpha male and Beta male, I don’t like using them two terms for some odd reason, and it’s kinda hard to explain why from my point of view. With C Boogie, like I said before, I used to listen to this dude, but once he got into that “Dom” game, that dating coach shit, I just had to unsubscribe from him.

    Discord for SYSBM and Travelin Bros:

    1. D.K. Phantom,

      C Boogie talks about self improvement which SYSBM practitioners don’t have a problem with(SYSBM Tenet Number 6), however in the long term who is he trying to get you to improve for, that’s right, the daggle.

      All of that self improvement, cleaning yourself up only to be lead back onto the same plantation that did you much more harm than good. True high quality men(not high value) do not deal with black females because they themselves are not of good quality.

      A real man outright rejects single motherhood, furthermore it is down to level headed black men to determine what constitutes a real man, not women and most certainly not a bunch of washed up, rinsed out and ran through single mothers.

    1. Exposing Himself Aaron Fountain,

      I would strongly suggest that you stop worrying about Black Caesar and instead concentrate upon the very limited time you have left on this planet as a result of your decision to inject yourself twice with the bioweapon.

      Your remaining days on earth are very short, make good use of them while you still have some breath left in you, smh.

      1. Dude’s still at it? With the way he was in Damian’s videos trying to start some dick policing and cause chaos you’d think he’d have time to check out Brendan O Connell and start shaming the black witch and white zaddy for sucking up to Missa Chin and the Royals in exchange for power and likes.

          1. This just proves that every so called ‘incel’ is a simp in denial. And yet progressives and black females want us to ‘level up’ and take up their problems.

      2. This fool is only adding to the many counts of cyberstalking he has against him; I’m reiterating this point lest he forgets the FBI is watching him due to his harassment of military personnel like MOT.

      3. Well said Verbs. Sorry I haven’t checked in here in awhile, but you seem as sharp as ever. Strength and power to you always my brother. May The Most High watch over you and guard your steps.

        You are right about this so-called “vaccine” being a bio-weapon. I wish dumb negroes either used their brains or in some cases, even had one to begin with…

        But it’s good to see that this stalking simp idiot ‘AF’, was one of the fools who signed up for this Satanic experiment in population reduction. For anyone else still fooled about this evil agenda from watching mainstream news sources, please educate yourselves by listening to these distinguised doctors:


          It’s all good bro, the last year has been very hectic with all of this Covid propaganda being spread as well as the bioweapon they’re deceptively labelling as a vaccine being pushed out into the mainstream.

          A lot of brothers are just trying to get their stuff together and make preparations for the stormy waters ahead. As always I appreciate the prayers and the compliments, feel free to repost that link in Open Mic Wednesday.

          Yep, the fake academic went and took the experimental bioweapon and is now living on limited borrowed time, eventually you won’t see his YouTube channel updated with new videos and community posts. At that moment you’ll know what happened and exactly what was responsible.

    2. Aww! Don’t deny Fake Academic Fountain’s last remaining weeks on earth by holding a secret. Surely he should know this, rather than why his matriarchal mother took it turns to equally mollycoddle and beat the shit out of him?

      All ready to inject himself with an experimental vaxzine, but no emotional counselling… Weak feeble mind.

    3. White boys, black hoes and dick-policing simps just can’t stay out of straight Black Men’s spaces. Any idea why that is?

  9. Take that witches tweets and pin them up on your wall, brothers.

    Here’s the idea – men’s idea of love is idealistic and romantic, but women have to be much more calculating because her survival is on the line.

    This is why simping never pays – especially for a skank who would gladly open her rotten beef curtains to I-Brow Cutz and Pza Doh. Bringing nothing to the table but dirty nappies (diapers).

    When you SYSBM, you relegate the likes of Diana to the garbage dump she’s used to. You’re far above her level, don’t try to make it fit, lest it cost you your life.

    1. Michel,

      This is one of the main reasons why SYSBM is hated so much, because we demand higher standards instead of compromising and throwing ourselves into the cesspool of the black female’s forever swaying from side to side changing rules and regulations.

      Level headed black men are worth much more than a weaved up, fake eye lash and fake nail wearing single mother with 1,2,3,4,5,6 or more children en tow.

      A single mother can never fix her mouth to tell me to “step my game up” knowing full well that Field Mouse and Two Snacks were successful in running “game” on her backside.

  10. I have to so many men especially black men not t date single mothers. I have done so many articles of this on Money Cultural. Single mothers are good for one thing and this is for sex. When a scraggle daggle get breed up over and over again, then the hunt down the childless black men but the thing is that black men with no children will not date these single mothers because they will take care of children which are not his. These ghetto ratchet hoodrats are coming after black men with no children. When a black man say no to single mothers, speaking as one, they come after him and throw daggers at him because there is no way that he will be with a single mother, no matter what colour she is. Do you know how many simps taking care of children which are not theirs? A whole leap of dickheads taking care of children which doesn’t belong to them. You know who are the biggest simps in the black race? Jamaican men! Yo, do you know how many simps in Jamaica taking care of children which is not theirs? A whole leap of them taking care of a next man’s responsibility. These ghetto ratchet single mothers and these simps are making single life better and better.

    1. Money Cultural,

      I personally would advise black men to NOT use single mothers for sex because they can easily get themselves entangled in her web, there are plenty of childfree women who can fulfill a man’s sexual needs.

      Additionally, dealing with single mothers under any capacity continues to give them attention and has them believing that their predicament isn’t a problematic one, however nothing could be further from the truth.

      Let the simps have them, this is the exact point in history they were created for.

      1. Black men really need to be careful who they are having sex with most of the time. They will get trapped if they have sex with the wrong female.

      2. Lots of dusty hood Black males have been caught up that way. Even for pu**y single mothers are off limits.

        1. Anthony,

          I’ve heard a number of wise men say that you should only sleep with women who you wouldn’t have any problems or reservations with if they ended up pregnant.

  11. Most BM understand everything that she was saying, which is why there are so many single moms in the Black community. Most BM, if even on a subconscious level, understand that being a step dad isn’t worth it and is a bad look. Thus when BW become single mothers, the overwhelming majority of them REMAIN single mothers.

    1. Unfortunately, the thirst is too real with the majority of black men. Russell Wilson is the poster child for black male thirst.

      The majority of black males in the US will have no trouble wifing up a black woman who already has kids by another man, if said black woman is average looking or better. There is a very high percentage of black males who will do the same for a black woman with below average looks.

      Black male simping has burgeoned to such a degree, that it dwarfs the highest level of simping that exists in any other collective of men. This is exacerbated by the degenerate and depraved subcultures and lifestyles that flourish in da communitah. It doesn’t help that hotep rhetoric from black feminists, political elites, and black clergy, glorify behaviors such as stepping up and taking on ready made families.

      The scraggles are staying single. But this is not due to a dearth of black male simping, but rather to a dearth of black male simps with means.

    2. JamesSYSBM,

      The thing that kills it is not dealing with single mothers is the standard protocol in non black communities, I believe in Japan the single mother rate is around 2 percent. Compare that to the whooping 77% you have with black women in the US(UK black female society isn’t far behind that figure either).

      That colossal percentage is one of the main reasons why there is a serious dearth of eligible quality black women to choose from, again, as I’ve stated before, any black man who chooses to deal with black women in 2021 has to compromise and lower his standards.

        1. JamesSYSBM,

          The daughter herself stated that her real father was in jail and that she missed HIM, not the simp repairing the bike, a classic example of the type of black men black women choose to get impregnated by, the mother should feel ashamed(but we already know most black women don’t know what shame is) and the simp fixing the bike should feel utterly embarrassed.

        2. There was an old Divorce Court where a young brotha was married to a Latina with a daughter. The babydaddy was a gangbanger who was in prison. The young brotha was a clean-cut handsome young dude aka simp. He and the Latina wife had a kid of their own as well.

          Anyway the babydaddy cholo gets out of prison and goes back to his gang life. The wife is still all in love with dude & the brotha think she’s fucking him while he’s at work. He starts picking up HIS biological child from school and leaving the stepchild on the curb let the gangbanger take care of his daughter. Of course this makes him the bad guy, not the deadbeat gangbanger.

          Finally, cholo is killed in gang activity. Brotha comes home to find full on shrine with votive candles to cholo in HIS house. Latina somehow thinks this is OK. This is the final straw, off to Divorce Court they go.

          Brothers many of y’all fetishize these Mexican mamis because y’all obsessed with melanin and your woman has to have some, beware they can be more trifling than the daggle.

          Lesson: Do not save these single babymamas! Especially these “alpha widow” hoes with a troublesome past with Flaco, Pookie or Man Man

          Old school Divorce Court had these hoes telling on themselves long before Kevin Samuels lol

      1. Exactly. Black females think they are so smart and cunning, but their stupidity keeps on hurting them.

  12. My generation was among the first group of BM to fall for the step-dad okie doke. I have old peers who did just that. A couple of them never seemed to get around to having kids of their own, they just raised hers. Guys my age were brainwashed into thinking that it was our responsibility to play clean-up. We were also the suckers who would blow through their life savings trying to build businesses in the hood for thankless negroes (not me, but guys from my hometown). Luckily nobody I know ended up like Nipsey Hussle.

    The good news about this new generation of BM is that they have seen all the bullshit us old guys went through with these ashy ghetto BW and are moving accordingly. And they aren’t letting BW or their simp enablers dick police them or dictate their preferences as Tik Tok shows us.

    Remember this classic. Sherri Shepherd’s then-13 year old son had already thrown in the towel with these hoes. He’s 16 by now. I bet Sherri has been trying to browbeat him into bringing home a daggle. Good luck to that kid.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      The so called community cannot be saved, black women themselves aren’t interested in saving black society or the black family, their only concerns and “hobbies” revolve around collecting as many material possessions as they can as well as landing themselves a simp so that thy can spend his money while stacking their own.

      I’ll keep on making the same statement, single mothers need to be left to stew, marinate and burn in their own failures and like you I’m glad that younger black men are doing just that despite the many techniques of trickery black women bring out of the hat in their attempts to lock a sucker into position.

      The younger generations of black men must be congratulated and saluted for their resilience against the relentless sorcery and witchcraft of the modern day black female.

  13. I was on Instagram and saw a video of a Black man pumping a tire on a little girl’s bike, and the mom who was recording said, “Awww, look at Daddy”; the girl retorted, “he not my Daddy”. The next thing she said was that her real dad was in jail, and she misses him! After seeing that video, the tweets above hit different; yesterday, my boss was talking about some obese stragg we did some work for who had a baby probably 2 years ago (apparently by a simp younger than her who didn’t stick around) and was saying she liked younger men. Then he started talking crazy like I could get with her and I said she needs to find the sucker responsible for giving her a child; that is just another example of what’s wrong with the communitah. The scraggle daggle choose maggles who have no standards and then expect there to be a clean up man prepared for duty; the fact that my boss even mentioned m entertaining this brawd shows how we’re perceived outside of the communitah, as well. Don’t be a janitor for these daggles; get you a stargate that is fresh and clean! #SYSBM

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,


  14. the woman broke down the Biological father/versus Step Father clean up man in a appreciably blunt manner.
    It is rare to hear truth come out the mouth of Western misandrists, but when they do take notes and take heed.

    Most women will never respect the clean-up man and will fiend for the man they genuinely desire and admire. When women meet a man they desire and admire, there are no lengths she won’t go to secure his attention, validation and genetic legacy.

    1. King Sigma,

      A childless man should have no dealings with a single mother. The clean up man role has to be one of the lowest any man without children can sign himself up for, especially when dealing with a female who is simply looking for a bailout from the harsh consequences of the bad decisions she made in the past.


      1. There are more women seeking a bailout plan in 2021, than anytime one could think of since 1965. Debt, debt and more debt is a common companion of the predatory female. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of simp prey for these same women socialized to abuse and discard the beta male.

        This woman told the truth about the clean-up man bailout plan and many more will continue to boldly state the truth, as there is no significant punishment from Western society at this point.

        Big Daddy government is the clean-up man, hence why so many of these modern strumpets could careless about the beta male chump.

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