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Black British Wench Has A Meltdown When Asked A Simple Question – The Case For SYSBM!



Apparently these Blue Therapy sessions are all staged, the show is supposedly fake, however as far as I’m concerned their depiction of black on black relationships here in the UK is accurate and realistically correct, this is exactly how black women here in the UK behave.

The 60% clip of black men dating interracial is that high for a reason. If anything, this L is on black women yet again because her white father General Frost knows and understands exactly how she behaves towards her male counterparts and has no problems putting that dysfunctional behaviour on display for all to see which in turn also explains why so many black men in Britain have thrown in the towel on black women altogether.

Therefore this blog post will remain because even though the show is staged, you can find real life examples of dysfunctional black females up and down this country who do indeed behave in a similar ratchet manner. Consider my breakdown from an art imitating life perspective:

As we can see, unfortunately there still remains a sizeable contingent of simp black men here within the UK who remain steadfast under the “gotta keep it real” spell/hypnosis and who unfortunately still believe that they can satisfy these modern day black females, however as we can clearly see, the broken beyond repair black witch over here in the United Kingdom is no different to her defective beyond restoration black female cousin in the US.

The first thing that needs to be reiterated is there is no satisfying this black woman, no matter what you do for her(as a black man), she will always have some sort of complaint or issue with you regardless. She’ll never appreciate any good deeds you do for her, in her eyes something will always be lacking in your actions towards her, of course the complete opposite will be the case if she manages to get herself chosen by Captain Snowy/General Blizzard.

It doesn’t matter where you go on this planet, from the UK to the US to Africa, this inherent disrespect black women as a collective have for black men at some point will always rear its ugly head. Unfortunately I’ve come across a few brothers from the US(not true SYSBM practitioners) who mistakenly believe that the black women over here in the UK are better than their own, the above videos I hope will clearly demonstrate and clarify otherwise.

I really have to scratch my head at those black men who still believe that they can have some sort of prosperous and fruitful relationship with your average black female, exactly what do they believe they can get out of forming a union with their number one enemy?

As per usual, the mental illness typically associated with most black women is clearly on display in all of the videos, the fake eye lashes, the weaves/wigs, the fake nails, the thick makeup etc. While scrolling through these videos I also noted the typical black female hand clapping, wild hand movements, rude gesturing, head rolling and wagging, eye cutting and screw faces they love bringing out for show.

The long and short of it is the guy in the ripped jeans and black jacket(Jamel, who is a personal trainer) has landed himself a chick(Deborah) who is all about gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, I want all the riches, materials and glory right now, I don’t plan for the future type female and the other simp(Paul) in the black suit has picked up the daggle in the pink dress named Chioma who is still behaving as if she’s single even though she’s supposed to be in a relationship with him.

By the way, here is an Instagram photo of Chioma, this is why I never get excited whenever I see any female with a ton of makeup on her face, this is the real face product right here in it’s base form:

Additionally, I looked through Chioma’s Instagram photos and I didn’t find any pictures with her and her man together, oddly enough her man isn’t even featured in any photos by himself on her page. This is a typical black witch manoeuvre, it’s all about her, her and her again, she wants all the attention for herself.

Here are a few Instagram profiles of black male YouTubers involved in relationships with non black women, note the complete contrast and exactly the same can be found with the profiles of the women they are dating:

This is what normal couples do, have fun together and post pictures of themselves TOGETHER. You’ll be hard pressed to have fun with your average black woman, they simply don’t know how to unwind and relax because most of them hold onto this ridiculous idea that they always have to be on guard and be ready to show their “strength and independence”.

Black women view having fun, unwinding, relaxing, showing emotions in the appropriate settings, being affectionate, demonstrating love, care, hugs, kisses etc as being “weak”, this is why most black women walk around with a perpetual chip on their shoulders as well as a permanent mean mugging grill fixture.

They especially won’t relax around black men because they view us as an adversary, since when do you relax and chill out around people you view as your enemies?

The advice to black men as always is to stop believing that you can forge something meaningful being involved in a relationship with your run of the mill black woman, as I’ve stated many times before, black women of decent quality are extremely rare to non existent especially in the UK, hence why black men here are dating interracially at a 60% clip.

If you have to ask your girlfriend what is she bringing to the table, that’s a strong indication that she had nothing to offer from the beginning and that your reasons for choosing her seriously need to be questioned. I dread to think how much money Jamel has spent on Deborah, one thing you’ll learn as a man is that Jezebel is never satisfied, NEVER initiate any relationship upon a foundation of buying gifts, it won’t end well, this is where Jamel messed up royally.

There is nothing wrong with buying gifts for your woman, however these are supposed to be for the OCCASIONAL moments, not all day every day like many of these defective black sirens expect.

Jamel’s girlfriend Deborah is clearly for the sewers as the streets are too good of a place to give her, all she’s interested in is syphoning his money and resources as well as having a constant conveyor belt of gifts flowing in, Deborah doesn’t love Jamel at all.

Notice how when she was asked about what she brings to the table, she had no response other than to meltdown and at the same time accuse Jamel of “being rude”, lol. She knows just like most black women she has NOTHING to offer, NOTHING, hence why she had to deflect the question and attempt to guilt trip Jamel for asking it, these black harriets really aren’t original.

Chioma is the same, it seems to me that she’s more focused on keeping her Instagram profile “hot” just in case a “better offer” comes her way. I keep on telling you that most black women don’t have a commitment switch built within themselves, they’re always looking to “trade up” from what they have.

Black women as a group are incapable of loving others because most of them weren’t shown love to begin with, we already know that most black children are raised in single mother households where the mother typically has a revolving door which different men use to roll in and utilise her as a nut dump.

If you’re looking for love and a long term companionship that means something, DON’T BOTHER DEALING WITH BLACK WOMEN. This is not to say that non black women don’t come without their shortcomings, however you have a much higher chance of forging something meaningful and lasting once you choose to expand upon your dating options. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Avoid Daggles Of All Kinds Especially Those Of The Black Variety

Most High Bless

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62 thoughts on “Black British Wench Has A Meltdown When Asked A Simple Question – The Case For SYSBM!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    This is the reason why I refuse to date black women as a childfree black man at 38, because you have black women like Deborah who is fake looking from head to toe expects black men to give her the world while at the same time offers nothing in return because she expects you as black men to be her slave servant. If Deborah got with a white man then she doesn’t expect anything from him because she worships her white lord and saviour because he can give her mixed race children with that good hair and blue eyes and all the white man has to bring to the table is his skin colour no matter if he is rich with a well paid job with 4 university degrees or he is a homeless bum living on the streets. Mad Bus Driver posted his latest video on his YouTube channel showing you that white women and other non black women are a better fit for black men when it comes to mixed race relationships because these types of non black women know how to have fun, be happy, be positive, they allow a black man to be a man in the relationships because these non black women know their roles in the relationship because the majority of them grew up in functional two parent homes so that gave them the blueprint of how they should cater to a man. Also at the same time these non black women who are with good black men in interracial relationships are looking to build strong families with us because they can see that we SYSBM black men would make great husbands and great fathers to our future mixed race children despite the negative stereotypes that we SYSBM black men face on a daily basis from the worldwide racist media. What makes me laugh about black women, racist white men, racist non black women and racist non black men is that they have you to believe that black men are ugly and bottom of the barrel when it comes to relationships because they say that no quality good looking childfree non black women who is in her sexual prime years would want to date a black man because of the racist stereotypes that is aimed against us on a daily basis, but I see Millennial black men(born between 1981 to 1995) and Generation Z black men (born between 1996 to 2010) with all kinds of beautiful childfree non black women everyday especially all over London and particularly in North London where I live because it is very multiracial and the percentage of black men in the UK who are in mixed race relationships with non black women in 2021 is almost 60 percent and growing. Also you can see the biggest growth in interracial relationships between black men and non black women on the Internet and throughout the world plus Mad Bus Drivers youtube channel proves this point. Like I said before Verbs as a SYSBM childfree black man at 38, I refuse to date black women because they bring nothing to the table accept for baggage, drama and being fake looking from head to toe. I am only interested in dating good looking beautiful childfree non black women with NO KIDS who has her own hair on her head and is real looking from head to toe.

    1. GAME! You took the words out of my mouth Quincy. Let False Flag Fedowitz, Bankster Rotschild and White Zaddy Liberstein have black females and let them fight each other over white supremacy and ‘multipolarity’, which is the biggest crock of nonsense I’ve heard. You have to be SERIOUSLY insecure to be watching a next man’s dick and sending out your goons to dick police, which considering how many fake woke progressives and hard right oligarchs suffer from bad families and abuse in their early lives is pretty pathetic to say the least.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Black women as a collective are mentally unstable, to put the hair of non black women upon their heads and walk up and down their local streets with a proud look on their faces goes to show anybody with sense just how far the modern day black female has fallen.

      Black women actually believe that wearing weaves/wigs, fake eye lashes, fake nails and 550 pounds of makeup is normal behaviour.

      The modern day black female doesn’t value herself, she feels the need to replicate and mimic the look of other races of women especially white women, again, why choose the knockoff when you can simply go for the original?

      I don’t deal with fake women, I also avoid those with Jezebel tendencies.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. Black women think that you should worship them like gods all because they are a fake looking wannabe white woman. I will never worship or bow down to any woman because I am a fucking man who knows his self worth in this world.

        1. Brother Verbs you Kiragakure,King Sigma Nagone11 and MBD are of the few that i listen for every bit of advice.I hope that Brothers start to question a lot of things.I hope these young brothers learn to deconstruct every argument.Travel: More Black people in South American countries than anywhere except Africa.Africa-Evidence of black females being whores 100’s of years before slavery.The simps looking for women with european features goes down the drain.Also what about the fake color game where dark females lose with nasty attitudes and connection to evil but blame it on colorism(term coined by black female writer in 1970’s).Also many of these black female whores have european features because of their whoredom.Also the fake “lucy” argument.Yes that prehistoric monster looking thing resembles the amerikkkan black female jim crow2 witch.But where is the evidence concerning the male that mated.Or do these simps know that Lucy their monstrosity could have headed to europe,or any other places .Then that would destroy their lie err fake talking point of mudder of civilization.Hope all is well, Brother Verbs Bless Up, Fam

  2. Any black man dating a negress ain’t a true sysbm practitioner at all. Interracial dating is part of the tenets. Finding a quality stargate is also part of the tenets. It is that simple and straight forward. Conservative values and standards. Not liberal minded at all. If therapy is needed in a relationship, it automatically means a red flag immediately. The therapist knows black men and negresses have never been compatible ever in history. The therapist knows the underclass black males and lower class black males are the only kind of negroes that negresses can date. The therapist won’t admit it for obvious reasons cause of racial tensions. The therapist knows only white women in UK can date and marry middle class black men and higher class black men at the highest rate between 55% to 60%. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. I never knew that man, thanks! It’s good advice for those just coming in. It’s true man, lots of these negresses have no standards and will bend for anybody who can pay the price. For example in Jamaica, a lot of the thugs are helped by ‘hot gyal’ who support them and help them escape justice.

      1. Brendan Dubalos,

        Jamaica is one of the worst locations on the planet for black female dysfunction, you name whatever it is, it goes on with black women out there.

    2. Witwijf,

      One of the main points you talked about was compatibility and how heterosexual free thinking black men and black women don’t compliment each other. You’re right, free thinking black men and black women as a collective are not compatible and I’ve been saying the same thing for many years, however as per usual most black men don’t want to hear this kind of talk, they still believe that they can “make it work”, however the observable evidence clearly shows otherwise, the above couples being prime examples. The interracial dating numbers here in the UK regarding black men are that high for many good reasons.

  3. Don’t approach them, talk to them, date them, or impregnate them. These females are ANATHEMA…you DO NOT team up with broken and traitorous females. As a MAN you remove yourself from them and find WOMEN who respect productivity and prize being feminine. I can’t take any male seriously who has amorous desire for these uncultured creatures.

    You should make it your goal to blot out these whores from your life.

    1. Black females would rather big up and support Occultist Jed, False Flag Fezowitzh and White Zaddy Eiberstein that help out black men because these dudes have nothing but money and brutality on their side. Look at guys like Rotschild and Soros, these guys look like they just came out of prison.

      I wonder what Umar has to say….knowing the guy he’s probably on crack or something like that.

    2. Autodidact,

      Agreed, this is why I keep on telling black men with sense and intelligence to either avoid black women at all costs if possible or as much as they humanly can, there is no reasoning with these treacherous monsters, this is the hard part of the equation that many black men simply don’t want to accept.

  4. SYSBM game is strong in the UK, especially in London. I peeped at least 3 couples within a 30 minute walk round my ends. Black men date out at an estimated 65% rate (2021 census pending), number one flavour is white women.

    We definitely aren’t on that “keep it real” Anglo puritan shite, the only ones dealing with the Daggle are your Pza Doh shiv nighas, bewitched Ghanaians or Simple Simon beating one off on Round and Brown.

    1. That’s definitely going to piss off some single mother and feminist raised domestic terrorists..aka supposed ‘incels’. These guys are the perfect reason why you don’t open the door to certain people at all, broken immature idiots latching onto a dead ideology, raised, educated and indoctrinated by other broken self righteous man children. And then black females and progressives wanna come around with Pikachu face, when these broken simps become killers.

      Didn’t guys like Jack Bernstein and Richard Silverstein tell you ages ago to stop hanging around the likes of False Flag Fezowitch and Banker Rothschild years ago man? Notice how these guys are supposedly so rich and powerful yet have to go around false flagging, mass murdering and raping their way through life like they’re still in the hood. But according to Rainbow Flag Sandman and the bastard children of the ‘Emos Going Gay’ coalition aka MGTOW and alt-right, this is what a ‘alpha male’ is.

      And again this is why I can’t take MSM and black women seriously at all. They whine about ‘hate speech’ and Redneck Rick from the trailer truck being a nuisance but when it comes on to things like tech transfer, confronting the likes of AIPAC and Chabad on their role in systematic racism and helping white zaddy and keeping things in order they’re nowhere to be found. These guys need to get out of intelligence and news and let the real people come to the forefront.

      Fix their own problems and stop throwing them on other people or denying them when confronted. Grow the heck up and stop hanging around bottom of the barrel thugs because they have money and power.

      Of course knowing them that will never happen and the oligarchs will continue to steal technology and use alt right and wignat to destabilize society along with hoteps, but that’s not my problem. You claim to be queens black women, you claim to be alpha alt right, MGTOW and progressive, well deal with the Neo Soviets and the Belt and Road instead of watching black men’s dicks like some immature fish.

      1. The Rainbow coalition of Emos Gone Gay aka MGTOW🤣🤣🤣

        I could never understand why I couldn’t stand a bunch of white males whinging about how bad/damaged/ran through white women are. Compared to the UK Daggle she is a well behaved saint.

        These guys are doing such a bad impression of “I don’t care” but have lots of time dick monitoring and memeing all day long concerning black men/white women relationships. Gab, IR doxxing websites and Instagram shitposters always betray their words. In their heads, you are to remain in the plantation field, whilst they build “traditional” families with their women. By force, if they could get away with it…
        What a joke.

        1. Hahaha, good one. These white boys got left behind in the 60s. The likes of Bill Gates left behind lynch mobs and false choice traps [thuggery or Mason controlled law enforcement] for science and controlling the flow of information. Notice with Russiagate, the names Roger Stone, Dugin or Kushner never get called at all.

    2. Michel,

      I see the same SYSBM momentum heavy in London, you can’t even turn a corner without seeing a black man with a non black woman. These black females are truly grotty creatures, they take no pride in how they look neither do they pride themselves on keeping their image and reputation clean.

      All the best to those black men who still chose to deal with them, as I always say, when those same black harriets turn coat and bite them in their backsides, they can’t say that they weren’t pre-warned.

    3. >We definitely aren’t on that “keep it real” Anglo puritan shite

      The only thing we’re keeping real is keeping a real LONG distance AWAY from the scraggle and her minions.


  5. I must’ve made the right choice to not “keep it black” as a gen z. After looking at them two videos above, I’m thinking to myself that black relationships/marriages ain’t gonna get any better anytime soon with the bullshit. Trying to find that “good black woman” nowadays is like finding a hay in the needle stack, it’s not worth it. I don’t wanna hear that “oh you just looking in the wrong places, go to church, look at the educated ones, the nerdy ones, blah blah blah” because I’ve been there, done that, and guess what: Nothing! When these folks tell me there’s good black women out here, the question is Where? Because from my eyes, I barely see any, majority of them are living a freakin fantasy thinkin a baller, street dude, or in and out of jail dude is the perfect match for them, when clearly time after time shows that black women got a horrible sense of choosing a man. No wonder why I’m leaving the dating market in America alone, and just opt out to dating aboard. With American women, it’s either sex partner or friends with benefits, I cannot deal with the fantasy bullshit.

      1. When the number of the beast is mentioned in a bible verse, it was actually referring to the scraggle.


    1. D.K. Phantom,

      The so called “good black woman” line is played out, across the board black women as a group are defective, it matters not what spectrum of black female society you look into, the same results manifest themselves.

      As I’ve stated in the past, if you want to deal with black women in 2021 and beyond, you are going to have to compromise ie drop your standards on many things and I’m NOT prepared to do that.

      Besides, something else I’ve stated is you cannot have a fruitful and prosperous relationship where only one party is ever held to account. “Everything is the black man’s fault” just isn’t going to work unless you’re a bottom feeding simp.

  6. A lot of BW are forced to live in a world of fantasy and delusion because dealing with reality is far too harsh for them. In their own minds they are smart, sexy, queens that everyone desires, in reality they are the least desired group, least married group, the fattest, have the most STDs, the most bastard kids, the most children by different fathers, etc. That chick in the video isn’t even pretty, and she is probably balding under that weave.

    Either way I have no sympathy for guys who deal with chicks like this.

    1. TRUTH! Black females love sorcery [big pharma and drug trade] and illusion, because it makes them feel better. No wonder they engage in witchcraft and hang around occultists who don’t even care about them in the first place, many of these same guys who send out the likes of white zaddy and False Flag Fedowitz to commit wet ops basically tell people to stay away from these guys due to how violent and deranged they are. And black females jumped straight into bed with these ultra violent Hyper Zoanoid type doped up losers, because ‘black men ain’t shit’!

    2. JamesSYSBM,

      The thing about their world of fantasy and delusion, is it would be one thing if they indulged in their fake paradigm by themselves, however they fully expect others to channel into the same delusions of grandeur with them.

      Many white women are finally understanding that they’ve been duped by feminism and are choosing to back away from the failed religion(even though it may still be too late for many of them), black women on the other hand are doubling down in the philosophy but at the same time can’t be bothered to take a step back to see if there’s any correlation between the misandrist religion they subscribe to and celebrate and their of the charts single rate numbers, smh.

      1. That’s what makes me mad. Not even the likes of Richard Silverstein big up and support the likes of Banker Rothschild and False Flag Fedowitz when they do wrong yet these hoes expect us to be Clark Kent, Archer from Fate Stay Night or Captain Planet when they screw up.

        1. Anton,

          Slaying Evil just hasn’t been the same without your word salad double talk. Welcome back, lol.

  7. Verbs2015,

    I usually go hard at the black male simps. And so keeping in character, I’m going hard at the black male simps in these videos.

    First of all, if either simp has more than 2 live brain cells, he should have been able to discern from his scraggle daggle’s personality that she was unfit for marriage. He should have been able to discern this during the courtship phase of the relationship. I assume they had one, that they didn’t just get married without any prior involvement.

    During the courtship phase, non simp men are evaluating whether the women they are dealing with, are wife material or not. However, the black male simp typically assumes that all scraggle daggles are wife material.

    The scraggle daggle’s fakery and fuckery is obvious to any man with average discernment. Bottom shelf Brad sees thru the scraggle daggle’s fakery. The scraggle daggle’s only usefulness to him, is as a convenient place to take a dump.

    You won’t see bottom shelf Brad going to counseling with his scraggle daggle. Nor will you see bottom shelf Brad engaging in struggle love with his scraggle daggle. The scraggle daggle either gets with the program or is replaced by another scraggle daggle. To bottom shelf Brad, scraggle daggles are a dime a dozen.

    Only the black male simp treats the scraggle daggle as something better than what it is. Only the black male simp puts the scraggle daggle on a pedestal. Only the black male simp engages in struggle love with the scraggle daggle.

    Bottom shelf Brad uses the scraggle daggle as a convebient place to slum, or he will get with a rich scraggle daggle like Serena Williams or Halle Berry, to get that money. On the other hand, rich black male simps like Russell Wilson, will give the scraggle daggle their money.

    I hate the black male simp because he not only hurts himself by gassing up, enriching, and empowering the scraggle daggle. He is hurting other black men as well, even SYSBM men. Without the black male simp, the scraggle daggle would lack the resources and the empowerment to pop up and be a pestilence and nuisance in the life of any black man at any time.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      I understand your deep disdain and hatred for the simp, I am the same way, however we must never lose sight of the fact that it is this modern day black female who is the main culprit responsible for the creation of these pro black simp yes men, her alongside Slim Sauce, 12 Gauge Mike, Field Mouse and Chunky Bruh together with financial support and incentives from their white lord and saviour Major Blizzard.

      Indeed, the simps are the ones propping up these daggles and enabling them to postpone their recompense and judgement, however there is only so much time these black sirens can hold off the inevitable.

      This is why these black females created them to begin with, they knew that they would require a group of buffer men in order to temporarily hold off any form of righteous judgement coming their way.

      However these black females are done and they know it, there is only so much damage these simps can take and buffer the black witch from.

      1. Verbs, you’re right. These hotep simps and immature emo incels are a problem, however Shaniqua and Lord Snowy helped create them through ‘no child left behind’ and letting Bolshevick Berescosky, False Flag Fedowitz and Banker Rothschild raise their children through mass media and the education system instead of raising them themselves. Even the rainbow coalition, peace sign type of supposed Jews hate and loath these thugs with a passion to the point where they’ve even excommunicated them from the religion, I kid you not.

        And black females and white liberal zaddy had no problem jumping into bed with these hoods and goons just to shame black men even though people warned them for years. As you showed with Candice Owens these hoes will have no problem promoting denegracy to attract morons, and then crying foul after they get the cops on your ass.

  8. Man, it was a bit tiresome listening to those videos, but it helps in me giving my honest assessment of what I watched. Let’s start with Paul and Chioma: Paul doesn’t sound like he’s interested in investing anymore into the relationship than what he already has, but expects more of Chioma; Chioma feels like she’s neglected by Paul, and is receptive to whatever attention she gets elsewhere. It honestly sounds like Paul wants Chioma to fulfill the role of a traditional housewife rather than be a working woman. Does Paul need SYSBM? Yes, but he’s not ready for it yet.

    Now onto Jamel and Deborah; Deborah is another textbook example of the scraggle daggle that SYSBM Practitioners are saving themselves from. It sounds like her father spoiled her as a child, and now she expects Jamel to just pick up where her father left off; she’d be better off looking for a sugar daddy to waste his money on. I’m also glad Jamel asked that Deborah the million dollar question: what does she bring to the table? She also needs to stop watching what her friend’s boyfriend is doing and is wanting to mold her and Jamel’s relationship in that same framework. He’d be a fool not to go SYSBM after that!

    1. Please excuse my typos; I’m just now noticing them after my comment is published.

    2. Blue Collar Trevor,

      The million dollar question that the witch Deborah couldn’t answer. Most black women believe that they are the table, if that’s the case I say throw out that particular table and order a new one from Ikea.

      I feel the bottom line is black men need to stop being sucked into the whirlwind of games and expectations that many black women often list are “the keys to their heart”.

      Quality stargates don’t play games, they instead naturally slot into their role/function and allow you to take up yours without quibbling, arguments, contentions and competition.

      1. I also forgot to mention this, but she also pulled that “I’ll submit to him once he meets my expectations” Kansas City shuffle; nothing is ever enough for them.

  9. You see the black women in America; it’s the same thing in the UK. The weave, the huge amount of makeup, being single mothers, chasing worthless men, looking for a childless black man when they become single mothers, etc. As you look at things, I think the attitude with black women in the UK; it comes from black American women. They say that good black women around. The question is where are they? Nowhere to be seen.

    Black men in Britain are dating interracially by 60 per cent and the reason why they it’s so high is because of the dysfunctional behaviour with black men, so in Britain black women are suffering big time when it comes into the dating market. And black men are with black women but most of them are with fat black women. As you look at these black women on these videos, they are nothing but gold diggers who are willing to use these simp financially and they don’t care about it at all. But these scraggle daggles are worthless just as the worthless men that they love and desire.

    1. Money Cultural,

      All I see when I walk the streets of London is loads of makeup, fake eye lashes, witch’s nails as well as an assortment of weaves of all colours, I really don’t understand where black women get off believing that using all of these external appendages makes them appear more attractive when quite the opposite is true.

      Black men over here are checking out at an astounding rate and have been doing so for many years now. I find it comical how black women in the UK just like those in the US continue to pretend they have no idea as to why so many black men are throwing in the towel on them and instead choosing to venture towards other ethnicities of women.

      1. That is right. 55 per cent of black men in Britain have now made it with a non black women. It goes to show that black men in the United Kingdom don’t fuck with black women. All because of the ratchet behaviour what these scraggle daggles bringing to the table.

      2. >All I see when I walk the streets of London is loads of makeup, fake eye lashes, witch’s nails as well as an assortment of weaves of all colours,

        Let’s call those scraggles for what they are: circus clowns.


  10. “The long and short of it is the guy in the ripped jeans and black jacket(Jamel, who is a personal trainer) has landed himself a chick(Deborah) who is all about gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, I want all the riches, materials and glory right now, I don’t plan for the future type female and the other simp (Paul) in the black suit has picked up the daggle in the pink dress named Chioma who is still behaving as if she’s single even though she’s supposed to be in a relationship with him.”

    Wow, there’s definitely a more “sophisticated” nagger BW species in the UK. No wonder over 50% of the UK brothas have abandoned the sinking BW ship.

    So I’m toking with my gal Mary Jane & busy completing deadlines on my laptop while watching them 2 Queens of Nagville nag for what seems like a fcuking eternity. My God, shut the fcukp up so I can think!

    I never knew extreme black naggers like that existed. And get this. These “appear” to be frigging middle class scraggles let alone having to deal with ghetto scraggles & their putrid baggage.

    And its so surreal watching both of these Western feminized naggers nag incessantly — cuz well, I’m toking! — and I deeply reflect & say “THANK GOD my girl ain’t like that…not even CLOSE!” Not even 1%. It’s like night & day, the difference in black mentalities – urban vs rural.I guess I’ve been out of Dodge for tool long…definitely a good thing.

    And Verbs correctly called both gents above, simps! Why?
    Because any real SysBM warrior who abides by the SysBM tenets would NEVER have ventured into ANY relationship with these 2 nagger queens. They wouldn’t even register on his radar bcuz of the ANNOYING fake hair, disgusting makeup & shitty BW personality.

    I’m glad I left the West. Nough said.

    1. ‘B..but these be our queens…the mothers of civilization yo!’ Hotep simp

      ‘We wuz KANGZ and shit bro..KANGZ! These negroes be taking our women maaan……tradition’s the way maan!’ – alt right

      No difference at all. Spawned from Dugin’s chaos magic which black females and progressives will suck off even though they moan about it on MSM. Leave them to Oligarch Lev, Kalashnikov Rubin and Banker Rothschild fresh off the gulag.

    2. Black Picard,

      This is exactly where SYSBM differs from the rest, we don’t believe that we are obligated to put up with dysfunctional women, especially those of the modern day black female variety and we don’t, we leave that task to the simps/clean up men.

      This idea that you can somehow “work things out” with women like this is nothing short of delusional and a pipedream, and to think, these are the same females acting as if they’re royalty that you must kiss the feet of and bow down to.

      The two cases above illustrate how important it is for those black men with their heads screwed on straight to choose right from the beginning and to NEVER COMPROMISE ON THEIR STANDARDS.


    Black Woman In Arizona Begs A White Man To Love Black Women…But Then He Said THIS???
    From the comments:
    This is a major L. She said, ” Because we sleep with everybody, ha” and dude said, “Yeah, you guys are pretty gross”. What more proof do Black men need? She just admitted how promicuous bw’s are. He insulting her and she still complimenting him. This is the lowest of the low.

    Need I say more. THIS is the reason for their low IR dating rates, but we already know that. They are throwing themselves at other men only to get laughed at, rejected and insulted in return. LMFBO, the L’s keep on coming.

    1. But according to Umar the cokeheaded clown and his counterparts in the wig nat Bolshevist movement funded by the KGB through the IRA, ‘these be our QUEENS YO!’ Black females really think they are special, don’t they know of places like the Middle East and India? Ah well, I forgot they and white zaddy are denegrates who want us to ‘level up’ and take care of their bastard ultra feminine hellspawn…aka thug negroes and supposed incels who need to accept the fact they got conned and put the focus on the people who scammed them out and lied to them for years instead of helping Banker Rothschild and False Flag Fedowitz increase emigration to Soviet Israel.

    2. Haha how much lower will these nappy headed hoes sink for Massa. But I thought WM were swarming to scoop up Tyronisha according to Christelyn Karazin and her ilk. Can anybody produce a comparable video where a BM debases himself like that for WW?

    3. >the L’s keep on coming.

      L’s courtesy of L Express – Delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free. Worldwide. 24x7x365.


  12. I only skipped through the videos as I can’t stand to hear these hoes talk. Those dudes could have any non-Black chick they wanted. Especially the bald guy with the beard. He is clearly well-dressed, nice build, and hangs around people who are more wealthy than him. That is a great quality, he’s ambitious. Of course the black bitch accuses him of “fake it till you make it” wtf. The modern-day black bitch is the epitomy of “fake it” fake hair, fake lashes, fake nails, fake waistline (body shaper). They fake it but they never make it.

    The second dude haha. Loved the meltdown when he asked what she brought to the table. Like you said, Verbs, NOTHING.

    Too bad for these guys SYSBM is for the few not the many. We all ain’t gone make it. Hopefully they will make the switch to Ling or Becky ASAP.

  13. Gentlemen,

    Apparently these Blue Therapy sessions are all staged, the show is supposedly fake, however as far as I’m concerned their depiction of black on black relationships here in the UK is accurate and realistically correct, this is exactly how black women here in the UK behave.

    The 60% clip of black men dating interracial is that high for a reason. If anything, this L is on black women yet again because her white father General Frost knows and understands exactly how she behaves towards her male counterparts and has no problems putting that dysfunctional behaviour on display for all to see which in turn also explains why so many black men in Britain have thrown in the towel on black women altogether.

  14. @Verbs

    Good commentary in this op ed. You brought a lot of receipts.
    These women have platinum standards for Black men, and NO standards for non-Black men.

    You can’t buy a woman’s genuine desire, respect, and admiration.

    Freedom of choice is the only solution.
    Go where you are celebrated and respected.
    #ebm #sysbm #FixbyExit

    1. King Sigma,

      Thanks bro. This notion that the pro blacks simpletons continue to propagate that we’re supposed to fight for the love, affection and attention of the daggle is 12 kegs short of a six pack outlandish buffoonery, as you stated, there should be a mutual attraction and interest on both sides from the very beginning, anything less is simply inviting calamity and disaster down the pike.

      1. Ironically, it is the women who should be fighting for love, affection and attention – which they do for the men they actually admire and revere.

        The Black matriarchy produces an endless supply of simp drones.

        As long as 8 out of 10 Black boys are raised by dysfunctional ABW, there will be no foreseeable change to the state of things with the Black majority.

  15. Verbs2015
    Those Ladies in Those Videos, Especially in the 1st Video Make Naomi Campbell & Tyra Banks look like Saints. I Had No Idea the Black Women in the UK Were like that. They’re About the Same as The Black Women Here in America. Though here in America. Aside from Them Being More Aggressive Both Verbally & Physically. They go on their Soapbox or to put it More Accurately Daytime TV, Social Media or BOTH & Spew out All Kinds of Negative things About Black Men. All for a Crumb from the Massa or They think They’ll get a Seat at Their Table. Be it Tamron Hall, Jemele Hill, Angela Rye, Tarana Burke etc & Then After all the Rhetoric they Unload About Black Men Being Either No Good, Low-Down, Deadbeats Dads or Their Favorite Statement of All ”AIN’T SHIT”. It’s like After all that. I’m Like Ya’ll Have the Audacity to Ask ”Why no Black Men want us?”. I’ll Say this Just as Racist Whites are The Reason Why Terms like ”WOKE & Cancel Culture” Exist. So Called Sistah’s or the Sistahood are the Reason ”Why SYSBM Exist”. Cause the Women I Just Mentioned They All Model Themselves From the Quintessential Queen Bed Wench Herself OPRAH WINFREY!!! #SYSBMForLife.

    1. Shawn Swint,

      Anywhere the media and internet are, black bitches will be dysfunctional. Therefore, their dysfunction is an international problem. US or UK, they all talk like it’s from the same script. The marching orders are beamed out by Lord Ziostein. There is a “Real Housewives of Nigeria” show where the hideous African hoes are encouraged to act just as ratchet as their US counterparts. It matters not where in the social spectrum they’re from, high falutin’ light skin prom queen or ratchet Section 8 babymama, they all act the same.

      The sad thing is the white girl is racing to the bottom with the black hoes they idolize. Toxic feminism, fat, hoeing, twerking, stripping, tattoos, fake asses and Bebe kids by Pookie & Man Man. I feel sorry for y’all generation.

      1. Schadenfreude
        It’s a Definite Sickness. That’s for Sure. #SYSBMForLife!!!

  16. Quick observation, notice in the first photo of the weave demon with her hand up and thumb out, you can see that she’s attractive for a black woman with substantial makeup and a European style wig. But look at her hand, it easily looks like a man’s hand, I would say a gay man, but they’re typically more masculine than gay men.

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