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Looks like the Fake Academic is on his way out via his own foolish hands, the reason why I’ve posted this is to illustrate that many of those who purport themselves to hold some level of reasonable intelligence, in light of this scamdemic have completely lost the plot and fallen for the most basic and simple indoctrination techniques despite the “official narrative” having so many irregularities, inconsistencies, anomalies, incongruities and holes in it.

As I’ve stated many times before, intelligence and being educated are NOT one and the same. Vitamin D is the solution to a virus that is part of the common cold family, NOT an unknown, experimental bioweapon.

Another thing I’ll mention here is I will not be playing the silly games and going along with the moveable rules of Kevin Samuels acolytes/defence team, at minimum the man is effeminate which is clearly observable, I as well as many others suspect that he’s actually a homosexual which is why it isn’t a good look for so many black men who claim to be heterosexual to be rallying around the dude(which is no different to rallying around a woman).

Yes, I saw the video by Kid Organic which features Tommy Sotomayor playing a video from Samuels’ Instagram which clearly shows him lusting after another man(Samuels has since taken that particular video down):

I find it funny that according to Kevin Samuels’ defence team, nobody is allowed to question his sexuality, yet whenever somebody points to a video or a picture of him engaging in sexually questionable behaviour, all of a sudden that video or photo “disappears”.

You can’t acknowledge that elements of black male masculinity have been lost(because of this modern day black female) and need to be restored but at the same time rally behind a black man who is effeminate and suspected to be homosexual. If lost elements of black male masculinity are to be reinstated, anything that resembles being effeminate, homosexual or has the potential to emasculate MUST be pushed out.

Obsidian back in September last year stated that the Black Manosphere needed to be lead by a homosexual in order for its members to do better(please see Reg The Bad Guy livestream 420), this homosexual leadership I believe is now occurring in the form of Kevin Samuels.

SYSBM Tenets 7 and 10 are the reason why true SYSBM practitioners are NOT rallying around Kevin Samuels, over here as per the natural order we prioritise the heterosexual free thinking black man.

This ludicrous notion manufactured by his worshippers that we’re not allowed to question Kevin Samuels’ sexuality in light of the many obvious red flags is totally ridiculous, how does the saying go, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…….

I strongly believe that Samuels is trying his utmost to hide his homosexuality because he recognises that the Black Manosphere is supposed to be a HETEROSEXUAL black male space. The problem is not acknowledging that what Samuels is stating about black women is true(as he’s using talking points syphoned from many different individuals in black digital spaces), the issue is the worship and the blind defence of Samuels in light of his obviously “questionable mannerisms” as well as masquerading himself as a heterosexual black man when he’s clearly not. Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, you’ve got the floor fellas, enjoy.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mindset)

Most High Bless

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61 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

  1. First link didn’t work, what’s it show?

    Samuels is a dude who if you showed his picture to anyone, he’d automatically be suspected as gay, he has a fruity gait about him and his face. There’s one thing to not be some stereotypical buff steroid taking or bell pepper nosed goon, although dudes that look like Samuels, namely dark skinned ones are the LAST dudes who should ever try to put on airs of being “pretty” boys. The greys don’t help.

    This is a dude who as you stated is manifesting the manosphere’s desire for homo leadership. Why ANYONE wanted that, I don’t even know. You can not moan and groan about feminism yet welcome the alphabet mentality with open arms. Just look at Black British Guy, who’s probably currently up in some tranny’s tail as we speak.

    Like black Caesar, these guy take the easy path. It’s easy to complain about Boomquisha and her devil spawn, it’s much harder to actually stand for something, namely in relationship to your own life. That’s why most of these dudes are just extensions of whatever it is they’re complaining about.

    1. LOL. This is the reason why I don’t take hoteps and white nationalists seriously at all. Wignats claim to be ‘for the race’, yet support Putrid and Assad who slaughter Arabs and Whites for Greater Isreal. Hoteps dick police and claim to be the defenders of black culture yet refuse to hold black females accountable for anything.

      No different from black hoes and racist liberals fighting oligarchs when they have a fallout. Not my problem, not my war.

      1. Brendan Dubalos,

        These slow-teps will never hold the black witch accountable because in their eyes she is the sacred cow of the so called “black community” that can never be questioned, examined or scrutinised.

        However as we’ve seen in the form of Dr Umar Gerbilface Johnson, these guys and the black women who hand them their orders will constantly berate, disparage and attempt to dick police those black men who choose to expand upon their dating options, smh.

        1. Umar is a clown. Instead of dick policing shouldn’t he be focusing on building his school and stopping the technology theft from the West by China and Israel with Russia as the frontman? This is why I can’t take black females, hoteps or wignats seriously: they whine and complain all day and do nothing to actually solve problems.

    2. Afrofuturism1,

      For some reason the link isn’t functioning so I took a screenshot instead, I changed the link above as well. You really have to question the intelligence is some individuals in light of so many more questions than answers being raised surrounding this Convid hoax.

      As for Samuels, what I find disappointing the most is the huge numbers of “heterosexual” men who have been enchanted by him and are overlooking his fruity tendencies just because he’s calling out these black females.

      Where is the discernment, where is the wisdom, where is the true desire to restore the lost elements of masculinity they rightly claim have been erased due of this modern day black female? Like I said before, it’s one thing to acknowledge the truth but it’s another to worship the man speaking it, especially when that man represents a sexual orientation you understand is the antithesis of your end goal.

      1. Taking the damn vax, shaking my head. These same black folks especially will whine about racism yet sign up wholeheartedly for Tuskegee Part 2.

        I actually hope more of them take it and make it public that they did so. When they suddenly stop producing videos, we’ll know what’s up.

      2. These types are just all over the place, man. Just talk and no fucking action. Umar Spengler claims he’s going to build the school for nearly 10 years….to this day crickets. It’s just a damn joke.

  2. Shit’s popping off in Israel with the Palestinians, although some are coming out now saying it’s fake. Either way, queue the “gud chuch foke” to talk Shuri how the Jewish people “beez God’s cho-sun peepulssz, mmkay.”

    Evangelicals are the most idolatrous people on the planet, don’t let them tell you otherwise as they fit some reason point the finger at Catholics. These guys WORSHIP Jews and Israel, despite the fact that Christianity would’ve literally been unnecessary if the Jewish folks truly were God’s people still.

    1. TRUTH. What makes it worse is that these same Pharisees whom they love to worship will get rid of them through the Noahide Laws. Pharisees hate and I mean, HATE Christianity, the religious wars in the Caribbean and Latin America prove this. Queen Victoria and the Portuguese monarchy had to fight tooth and nail just to get emancipation done.

      Why do you think white zaddy and Shaniqua were given so much power and allowed to act on and speak their nonsense? These guys talk big but have no action and their ‘alt-right’ and hotep action forces have inherited this madness. Biden and Haris is a good example of Swirl Mountain. They whine about ‘hate speech’ and fake hate crimes yet fail to do something about this:

    2. Afrofuturism1,

      You know what’s funny, the way these Jewish people describe themselves automatically shows how they cannot be God’s chosen people nor related to the biblical Hebrews. They call themselves “Israelis” not “Israelites”.

      An Israeli is born of the STATE of Israel, he/she is NOT a relation to the biblical Hebrews nor of the land, yet these church beast pastors and their brainwashed parishioners keep on telling us that we’re supposed to support these imposters at all costs, they can keep on stepping with that mess.

      Additionally, the scriptures blatantly state that when the real Jews are back in their own land and the Most High has re-established his house, there will be no more war on the entire planet and nations shall remould their weapons into gardening tools(Isaiah 2:2-4, Micah 4:1-4).

      Notice that since these Jewish people landed themselves in Israel over 70 years ago, all they’ve been doing is engaging in non-stop warmongering. They are NOT God’s chosen people, far from it.

      1. Expecting a flood of anti-IR mess on the usual alternative social channels. See, when you start giving neo-Nartzees a headwind, their next step is ALWAYS “stop the negro breeding with our white women”.
        Never fails.

        1. ”But we wuz KANGZ and shit bro, KANGZ!”

          The battle cry of useful idiots and true believers since the Wilsonian revolution. You actually have to wonder if many of these white nationalists are simply Mossad, DNC, FSB and CSIS in disguise leading their followers to their doom. Some intelligence agents in mass media suggest Dugin and Chabad Lubavitch used the Russian government as a cover to destabilize the Middle East and cause the refugee crisis, in order to boost the alt right Bolshevist revolution.

          Sounds weird but it makes sense. We all know black females and racist liberals were denegrate from the start. It explains why you can have guys like Milo, Stone and Pride Boys running around with huge amount of feminist raised broken children following them to their demise when the ‘Crypto-Fascist Emo-kid West’ vs ‘Traditionalist Judeo-Christian Alliance’ fraternal war breaks out.

          Netanyahu gains big from the war as the survivors will be running to Israel to help boost the population. The blind sheep of MSM and fact checkers will suffer the most as the elite will have no more use for them. The ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ becomes a reality complete with robots and smart city feudal estates a la post emancipation British America, with a bit of Kamen Rider 555 to boost it up.

      2. Black females and liberals don’t care because they love the power the chaos and dysfunction created by these oligarchs gives them. Even ultra liberal rainbow coalition type Ashekenazim don’t want these thugs around them, yet Shaniqua and white zaddy entertain and even put these criminals in armed forces and law enforcement just to get the praise and attention. Only to be surprised when the youth turn out to be knuckle dragging, entitled, weed smoking idiot morons who are products of broken homes. Prime target for FSB, Mossad, CSIS, and MI6 to create fake terror organizations to intimidate the Aaron Swartz and Richard Silverstein types to leave the West and go to Soviet IsraHELL where Likud can exploit them as slaves to build the AI fake god.

        What’s so cool about being up at 10pm at night with military grade camouflage and a knife looking for somebody to slice up just because your feelings got hurt, shows the maturity level of these clowns.

  3. Has shortages and illegals in Texas and Florida the two states that REALLY defied Biden. Do you think this is coincidental? Secondly, you can hack a PIPELINE but not an election?

    This shows you how most of Biden’s voters are evil at this point. You HAVE to be evil to willingly vote for and support this shit that he said would happen, just because you didn’t like someone’s mean tweets. That “misinformed” isn’t an excuse anymore either. If you’re truly a grown person (30 and up) and have a smart phone, there’s NO excuse for not using your brain. GTFO of the west and don’t look back.

    1. Progressives and black females are children in adult bodies. Broken immature children to make matters worse. Constantly looking for acceptance and love from stupid fanboys and fangirls just as morally retarded as they are, warlike tendencies and inability to think and behave like adults. “B..but muh Ruskies and wignats man….” Oh, please.

      Enough with the ‘Red Scare’ nonsense and on to reality and ACTION. Which the MSM, racist liberals and black females fail consistently at.

      You guys clearly have no problem jumping into bed with oligarchs and the occultists behind them to destroy Afro-European civilization so what’s the deal? Just man up and deal with the problem for once instead of using chaos to keep your following. No wonder incels act and behave entitled.

      Apple never falls far from the tree.

    2. There’s no way he has 80 million voters. Hell, l I’d wager he had half that, maybe less.

      This was planned and not coincidental whatsoever. As you said, if you’re over 30 and this ignorant, you deserve everything that is coming your way.

      1. But but but Orange Man Bad! He’s mean, he hurt my feelings…

        Bunch of MK Ultra fractured mind nihilists.

    3. Afrofuturism1,

      They were so desperate to get Trump out, a man who finally brought about a situation where black folks were actually beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel, however the Democrats and their “he’s a racist” witchcraft was successful in keeping most Negroes steadfast and fixed on the plantation even though none of Trump’s policies were detrimental towards them.

      Trump was blatantly robbed, there’s no question of this, the worst thing about it is those who had the power to put things right chose NOT to lift a finger to bring about justice, even the Supreme Court was an abysmal flop save Clarence Thomas and another chief justice whose name escapes me.

      Biden isn’t even calling any shots because of his one foot in the grave stumbling and mumbling, Harris and her handlers are busy at work destroying what remains of the land of the free and the home of the brave.

      I have to salute Governors DeSantis and Abbott, more so DeSantis for recognising the Covid scam for what it is and acting accordingly.

      1. • Lowest black unemployment
        • Lowest black male prison levels
        • Highest amount of black employment
        • Long term, FIXED investment into HBCUs
        • Ending of rampant welfare abuse

        But Trump’s the racist.
        Enjoy being replaced.

      2. Black females and progressives will fight anyone who tries to do actual work because they are broken immature idiots. Obssesed with attention and always being ‘right’, while failing to do anything to solve actual problems. No wonder Bill Gates can be so open, he knows these people inside out.

  4. One thing I am looking forward to seeing is what happens after all the sheep start croaking. Think of all the dead idiots, they’ll drop like flies. Think of how empty and free things will be! Though I also suspect that the elites will have something in store in the aftermath.

    1. The only difference between sheep, oligarchs, & the Progressive coalition {wignats, white liberal zaddy and black females} is who’s on top and who’s at the bottom.

  5. Is it bad that in your last post, I agreed with one video and laughed at a portion of another?

  6. Verbs 2015.

    I always had a strange feeling that Kevin Samuel’s is gay because when you watch some of his livestreams he always asks what a man’s dick size is which is some fruity shit. I really hope that there is a loophole in the UK law that the vaccine passport won’t be introduced because it will stop people living their lives if they haven’t taken the vaccine because we all that the government is trying to force everyone in the UK to take the vaccine if they want to travel the world, go to the shops or just have a normal social life. Like I said before Verbs I am not taking that damn vaccine.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Oh, you must be talking about this video right here:

      How on earth is that kind of question going to fly from the mouth of a man who is heterosexual, answer, IT ISN’T. But we aren’t supposed to look at such a question and draw the obvious conclusion, smh.

      As I stated before, what we have with Kevin Samuels is a homosexual man masquerading himself as a heterosexual(not doing a very good job though) knowing that the Black Manosphere is meant to be a gathering space for heterosexual black men.

      He’ll “come out of the closet” eventually and those claiming to be heterosexual who rallied around, supported and defended him to the hilt will look incredibly foolish.

      As for the vaccine passport, in times of tribulation and difficulty, people become incredibly talented and innovate. The vaccine passport will only get so far, there will be ways and means to circumvent it.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        Kevin Samuel’s was definitely on some battyman shit on the above video link that you shared with me. I hope that you right about the whole vaccine passport situation.

  7. The fact that the leader of the black manosphere was a faggot means the manosphere is clearly exposing their hatred against hetrosexual black men and interracial conservative families. A lot of them will perish after taking the bioweapon vaccine. The more of them taking the poison, the better it is for civilised societies to get rid of useless trash. I always choose vitamin D over a bioweapon jab. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. Vitamins, sunlight, exercise, fresh air, healthy habits (no smoking, no excessive drinking) and a decent diet should be common sense. It sadly isn’t.

      Doing these basic things will prevent many health issues. But that takes work and responsibility which we all know these liberals and queans will do anything to avoid.

      1. LOL. These losers would go back to being the whipping boy of oligarchs than do any real work. Dr Brendon O Connell left a lucrative nursing position to expose Massa Shlomo and Zing robbing the West blind and using Russia to cover up the theft and got more done in 15 years than these guys did in 150 years. And notice who helped him along the way: that’s right WHITE Women.

        A similar thing happened with Damian [incessant goi] as well. In all of his videos it was white women and Eastern Europeans helping him call out and expose MGTOW as the denegrate rip of feminism it is. He suspiciously croaked of cancer just a few months back, guess the oligarchs didn’t like him stopping the conveyor belt of death and destruction.

        This is why I can’t take black females and progressives seriously, you have a enemy that wants to destroy everything you have and yet still you let him in hoping for scooby snacks? As Afro said a lot of people love victimhood.

      2. FDC,

        #BOOM, people can’t even apply the basics to their lives anymore because they always require the “advice” of so called “experts” to guide them, smh.

    2. Witwijf,

      You have a suspect homosexual in the form of Kevin Samuels and a mystery woman from the UK in the form of Jessica X leading a group of black men who claim to be heterosexual and masculine and very few if any of them see this as a problem, smh.

      As MBD keeps on saying, most black men are unable to get their mother’s breast out of their mouths and it shows, allowing themselves to be lead by women and sodomites, an absolute disgrace.

      As for “Covid”, I’ve been taking vitamin D for years and it has done me wonders, I don’t need an experimental bioweapon either.

      1. Verbs2015,

        I believe that Covd-19 poses little danger to most people with a healthy immune system, who eat right, who get enough exercise and don’t abuse substances.

        As for vitamin D, for years we were taught that vitamin C was the the most important one for the immune system. Lately, they are saying vitamin D has more immune system benefits than vitamin C. I take a mega vitamin, that is supposed to have them all.

        A couple of questions about Covid-19 that just beg to be asked.

        We have been giving people flu vaccines for decades, so we have long term data on them. Covid-19 vaccines have been around less than a year. So we couldn’t know anything about their long term ramifications.

        Then there is the matter of where Covid-19 came from. If this is a new virus that the world has never seen before, then I for one, want to know its origins. I think its important to know if it comes from a laboratory, or if it jumped from animal to human, or if it is a mutation of an existing virus ? It seems more than a little fishy that the powers that be are not more curious about its origins ! It seems like there is something they are not telling us, like the fear of mutations. Its almost like they have let something out of the Pandora Box that they can’t control.

  8. My sister asked me about this Kevin Samuels dude, of which she actually agreed with his points. I had to let her down gently about his previous fur wearing and purse handling…

    As for Fake Academic Fountain taking the shot – there’s not much to say, is there? Damn…

    1. Dude has a purse? Wtf I didn’t know about that.

      Who wants to start a pool to see how quick the Fake Academic croaks? The winner gets a pair of Cynthia G’s draws!

      1. This just proves why fake skeptics and fact checkers can never be taken seriously. They had the internet in the palm of their hands for years and did nothing but chase clout and attention to fill the hole their bad childhood created. No wonder some fruits call them ‘pride extremists’ and ‘a bunch of lonely weirdoes holding the biggest microphone to show how weird they are so they can feel less lonely’. I kid you not.

        What a bunch of losers. Ringing on Flat Earth and Richard Spencer all day is not a badge of honor it’s something even your dumbest Narutard on sucking off NaruSasu can do. These fools whine about Bolshevism but let them go to Jamaica, Syria, Russia, Canada, or China with that shit and see how long they last. There is a reason why white liberal zaddy stayed far away from Roger Stone, Dugin and Kushner during Russiagate.

        And despite the tough talk, nothing gets done at all and the problem worsens.

        These guys need to man up and face the oligarchs once and for all instead of using white supremacy to low key promote LGBTQP+. Stop attacking innocent people and do something useful for once in their miserable lives instead of being so mean and hateful.

        No wonder the incels act that way.

      2. Afrofuturism,

        One of these ex chief scientist for Pfizer(I believe the guy’s name is Dr Michael Yeadon) stated that once an individual takes the bioweapon, they’re finished, there is nothing that can be done for them and the maximum they can expect to live after that point is another 3 years(and that number is being generous):

        No more “Exposing the Manosphere” and many of the other knuckleheads in the comment section of his community tab who stated that they’d taken the bioweapon also. The fake academic responded to a dude in his comments and said “Covid is here to stay”, well, the same cannot be said for himself.

    2. Michel,

      On his Instagram there was a photo of him in a thick red fur coat, when people started questioning it, he took it down(or made it private). The same goes for the video above with him lusting after another dude, it has also “disappeared” under “mysterious circumstances”.

      Samuels had a number of photos of himself in fur jackets, one by one they’ve all disappeared, but we’re not supposed to ask questions and put the pieces of the puzzle together and point towards the obvious conclusion, right?

      As for Fountain, as you keep repeating and as the Caribbean saying goes, those who do not hear must feel.

  9. 1) Covid-19: How long are they gonna keep playing this lying game, talking about the “vaccine” is “safe and effective”? They lied to us from the jump, and they still lying now. I getting tired of seeing these commercials convincing us to get the vaccine so things will be back to “normal,” oh everything will be back to normal alright, when the bullshit starts popping off. The non vaccinated people are gonna get the last laugh. Then, with the vaccine passports, agree with me or not, but I can see them backfiring for real. Not only to travel, but to live life in general, and putting a monitor on us 24/7, yeah it’s gonna cause a major uproar for sure.

    2) I’m not really the type of person to talk about politics because I be trying not to get involved around that arena. Like I said before, I don’t care about neither party because my path is straight forward, no left or right, but it ain’t looking too good for Biden. I don’t care about Trump nor Biden, but I do find it funny how people talk about Trump bad, or Trump’s a racist, like Biden is this Superhero, but from my standpoint, every last one of them Politicians don’t care about the people.

    3) With Kevin Samuels, I never really listen to this dude. I still ain’t forgot that incident where he ask that caller do you have a big you know what. Like you don’t never ask another dude how big is his you know what, you might get knock the hell out. I ain’t gonna lie, he do got some homo tendencies in him.

    1. D.K. Phantom,

      The goalposts have been moved so many times and so wide concerning this Convid hoax. If there genuinely was a legitimate threat, these governments were upfront and honest from the rip and Eugenicists weren’t in charge of the so called “solution” then there wouldn’t be any hesitancy, people would fall in line and cooperate without resistance.

      Normal is going about your everyday business without being hindered or obstructed in any way, shape, form or fashion, a vaccine passport is a further restriction upon one’s life, that is NOT normal. So many people have been suckered in by this plandemic, in time they’ll learn the hard way that governments who lie time and time again can never be trusted.

      Samuels will eventually come out of the closet officially, there are certain questions you don’t ask, statements you don’t make and behaviours you don’t engage in when you’re a heterosexual man.

      1. That’s my point. Low level vaxtards and alt righters are useful idiots. As Dr Brendon O Connell pointed out when the smoke clears you’ll see DNC and EU heads meeting up with PNP, Baath [Assad party], CPSU and Kuomintang heads at Davos and having a laugh, while Brownshirts and Cheka slaughter each other on the streets.

        Think Weimar Republic times brought to the modern age. Do people really think a bunch of ragheaded idiots like ISISL or a bunch of scammers could build up for so long without CTOC, Mossad, hell even Syrian domestic intelligence noticing? If they were real they’d be located by security services and wiped out.

        I’m currently doing training in cybersecurity while doing some graphic design training on the side. What most people don’t know is that computer security, video game ‘modding’ and internet security are filled with Russians, Brits and Chinese who use their numbers to wield considerable influence. In the mod scene you had guys in the industry for donkey’s years, scouring the dark reaches of the internet just to get a rip from a forgotten game on a Russian mod site.

        This control extends to other sectors of the net as well. Russians dominate cracking and there have been cases where IRA [Internet Research Agency] has been able to influence people’s behavior through ads.

        Since guys like Bareback Fountain, Richard Bronstein and Gay Pride Duke claim to be so patriotic and for the race, why don’t they start talking about it? This is a issue of utmost concern. Maybe get some banners saying ‘No more support for Tel Aviv’ and ‘Remember Teinman Square’ and place them all over military bases.

        This is why I don’t take Neo Nazis and pro wacks seriously at all, all talk and no action except to dick police.

  10. So, Bareback Fountain took the jab because he say that he feel the side effects. But I know that Bareback Fountain was at his foolishness as usual. Stalking people left, right and centre. Has he sorted out the problems with his mother beating the shit out of him when he was a little child? It seems like he hasn’t. And Kevin Samuels being homosexual? He looks real suspect you get me? Why any heterosexual male would even follow a man like him anyway? Just remember when Kevin Samuels had that conversation of that 20 year old incel asking him that does he have a big dick, smh! You know when a person say that “You ain’t seen nothing yet?” Well, as a man who is goanna be 40 years old, I have seen everything now.

    1. Money Cultural,

      Well, soon the fake academic won’t be making anymore videos about you or anybody else because he’ll be 6 feet deep. Who knows how long the dude has left on this planet, lol. You could say this is his recompense for waging an unnecessary war against heterosexual free thinking brothers simply because we’ve chosen NOT to drink the poisoned Kool Aid of these black sirens.

      Kevin Samuels is homosexual, I and many others already knew this way before the above video surfaced, it really isn’t that hard to tell and I’m not going to give him a pass on that just because he’s calling out black women. I’ve NEVER asked another man about the size of his family jewels, I would never dream of doing such a thing.

  11. When a man ask another man what size is his penis, the guy is goanna be wondering is he gay? Listen, if the man is gay then he can live his life but we know about Kevin Samuels lifestyle now. And for Bareback Fountain, not only he took the vaccine but he still hasn’t stop talking black men while he hasn’t seek help for what happened in his childhood when his mum use to beat the living shit out of him.

  12. OfI saw that Fake Academic Fountain took the jab on his community tab a few days ago; I also learned that my brother took the two Pfizer doses. I am concerned for him (my brother) given the evidence shared regarding the gross side effects and deaths of people like Tiffany Dover, Hank Aaron, Marvin Hagler, & DMX due to the jab; he’s made his choice, and he’ll have to live with it – however long that is. Now, for this Kevin Samuels video, this is the most damnable piece of evidence pointing to Samuels being a homosexual; as Verbs pointed out, the video has since been removed from his IG as he probably wasn’t expecting his detractors to scroll that far down his timeline. David Carroll has spoken on these allegations and how it won’t repel Black women away from him because they love gay Black men; if Samuels is the fulfillment of Obsidian’s ‘gay leadership’ vision, the Manosphere is going to have a “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” phase, and I as an SYSBM practitioner shall have no part in that!

  13. Gentlemen,

    The plot thickens concerning this covid 1984 plandemic/scamdemic, many folks have been making videos demonstrating how magnets are sticking to the area of the arm where they’ve been injected with the bioweapon.

    Many reckon some sort of microchip has been implanted into them alongside the bioweapon itself, this wouldn’t surprise me at all. This is what I’m saying, the constant lies and the lack of transparency is a serious cause for concern and clearly illustrates why governments must never be trusted.

    Of course the so called “fact checkers” are out in force attempting to debunk this covid bioweapon magnetism phenomenon, however you can’t refute so many videos illustrating the same thing. Always remember, the so called “fact checkers” are only there to ensure that the lies perpetuate, they will NEVER admit the truth, NEVER:

    1. Join the millions giving out hope (and aborted fetal tissue, mercury and dead viruses) because every vaccination (black sterilisation) matters!!!!!
      Don’t forget your local council and doctor! They say it’s safe with absolutely no nanoparticles inside!

      What do you mean your arm is numb? Walk it off, nigha, weak ass…

      1. Vaxtards and fact checkers are just as dumb as alt right Bolshevists. No wonder even the likes of Dugin with his chaos magic got tired of them and their stupidity and told Putin to try and take Europe and the Middle East. Even FSA, NDVP type liberals have more honor and justice than these dumb emo Progressives.


    The day that Melinda Gates filed for divorce from Bill was the day that game and the relationship industry suffered a deadly wound; many men have been coached over the years by dating “experts” on how to attract women, one of those tips being to lead with their wallet. Some of the world’s richest men have all been divorced, Elon Musk having divorced 3 times already, but I’m supposed to believe that money makes you a high value man? Man Of Tomorrow had a Livestream where one dude got on the panel to express his disagreement over leaving the scraggle daggle alone to seek out women from a different culture, and this guy said you have to vet them to ensure you won’t get screwed over; this brings me back to Bill & Melinda Gates: before they became a couple, Melinda had discovered Bill had a whiteboard where he wrote down all that he was looking for in a spouse. All that vetting Gates did didn’t stop his wife from seeking divorce lawyers, yet these guys still want us to believe that you should keep trying your luck in a system that is bent on destroying guys like them; it’s a lot smarter to seek out women from a culture where there are consequences for turning on their men. #SYSBM

    1. Let’s be real, Bill Gates is a nerd with no social skills, Elon Musk first married a disrespectful harridan, then a strange alien thing. Jeff Bezos wife went black (I think). Zuckerberg wifed up a commie spy.

      These dudes may be billionaires, but their dark cult bosses handles who they marry and share money with. Their little cult shouldn’t be taken as real life.

      1. B…but the mainstream media told me I could get girls all day and have the big life if I just acted like an asshole! What do you mean I have to put in effort? – typical Incel

    2. GAME. You’re correct man. A lot of people don’t know this at all.

    3. Great points. In the West leading with your wallet doesn’t protect you, the woman has the courts on her side, especially if there was no pre-nup.

    4. Exactly, dudes who think it’s all about the money will be self fulfilling prophecies and attract only the same money grubbing airheads they claim to not want. You can’t get the Beverly Hills trophy wife (not that Melinda is one) and expect anything but.

      On the other hand, Gates’ divorce is suspect as hell, especially given his hand in the COVID hoax. I have a feeling that Melinda will try to tell all to get off more easily when the train of this scandal truly comes off the tracks.

  15. Why Grocery Stores Are Avoiding Black Neighborhoods

    Scraggle victimhood projecting aside, the answer is quite OBVIOUS.

    Amazing how the scraggle points the finger at everyone except the person in the mirror.


    1. Aren’t these the same knuckleheads known for burning and looting when they don’t get their way? Likewise, the few blacks that open up shop are expected to give free handouts. Let the permanent underclass die a million deaths. They can moan and groan about racism all they want to, in the end, their current plight is on them. Even poor ass Mexican are able to start up tiendas, bodegas and taco shacks, and THEN support each other.

      There are two places in Chattanooga, tortillerias, where all the Mexican shacks buy their taco shells from. Those Mexicans are not rich and the blacks outnumber them, but they have far more businesses and support each other much better than blacks in Chattanooga.

    2. Outside of the ghetto they don’t have to worry about theft and other hood crime, and they get paid in cash instead of food stamps.

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