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Dr Umar “GerbilFace” Johnson Is At It Again, Smh!


You see how the bread and circus monkey show entertainment squad called The Breakfast Club have summoned this dick policing, coke snorting failure to their studios once again without asking the dude the real pertinent questions that need to be asked?

First and foremost, Gerbilface Johnson needs to educate his black “queanies” on economics because as soon as they get money, the very first thing they do is immediately throw it back into the coffers of the East Asian community just so that they can purchase their lace front weaves, wigs, fake eye lashes, witch’s nails and the rest of the vain garbage they love wasting money on.

Remember a few years ago where a guy who owned a beauty supply store called Juns punched a black woman in the face(admittedly, she assaulted him first), as soon as the manager announced a 50% off sale, guess who was lining up outside of the store, that’s right, BLACK WOMEN.

Additionally, on the sale day these same black harriets heavily disparaged the black men who were protesting outside of the store on their behalf, here’s the video just to refresh your memory, please excuse the background music but you’ll see the point is still made:

Now, Gerbilface messy, trash spread all over his front room Johnson goes on to talk about protecting black families, however how can this be done when black women are the most prolific assassins of unborn black children and since 1973 have slaughtered well over 15.5 million black children in the womb as of 2012(the figure now must be well over 20 million)?

It’s evident that black women don’t want black children, they want mixed offspring which is why they launched the levelling up/divestment/swirling failure of a movement, this is their pitch towards Major Blizzard in the hopes that he will scoop them up and impregnate them so they can finally have those mixed children with light skin, light eyes and so called “good hair”.

Here is an article directly below that was recently brought to my attention by Kirigakure Jones about women in Ghana who are taking pills in order to try to lighten the skin of their unborn children, mind you this is in addition to the skin bleaching epidemic that is raging throughout African countries especially in Nigeria:

Before Gerbilface Umar Johnson worries about what dating choices black men are embarking upon, he first needs to deal with the severe mental illness that is pervasive across black female society to where black women are deeply ashamed of their own skin colour as well as their heritage. The long and short of it is black women don’t want to be black!

Again, as per usual with these frying pan African, red black and green pyramid headed Negroes, as far as they are concerned all the responsibility for change must always be placed upon the shoulders of the black man, in their eyes these black sirens are not to be held accountable for anything(even though they’re the ones who have brought about their own destruction). Here is another pro black knucklehead simp telling black women what they want to hear(lies, myths, urban legends and fairytales) instead of what they need to know:

Beautiful, what part? Most black women these days because of the many external appendages they love to use in their efforts trying to look attractive resemble a cross between a mannequin and a tranny. Sorry, your average modern day black female is NOT attractive.

Remember Tyrone Muhammed, the guy who in 2019 put bricks through the windows of a Chinese nail salon in Chicago protesting the harsh way they’d treated a black female some days before, guess what, the next day the store was open and which ethnicity of women were in the store in heavy numbers getting their nails done as if nothing had happened, that’s right, BLACK WOMEN(ironically Muhammed was arrested by two black female police officers):

The truth that the merchant of black women Umar coke sniffing Johnson doesn’t want to accept is the fact that black women as a collective are finished, these are the same women who proudly engage in all manner of reprobate behaviours but at the same time berate black men of sound mind and character who rightly criticise and refuse to cosign their degeneracy.

The mass SYSBM exodus of black men towards white and other non black women is the black female’s fault, she via her own two hands is the one who has flushed her own image and reputation down deep into the sewer. Here are some clear as day examples that more than illustrate just some of the reasons why more black men are choosing to take their chances elsewhere with women of other ethnicities:

Don’t try to present me with defective beyond repair products, I’m not interested. The clown Johnson expects you to form a confederacy with a group of women who aren’t even fit for the scrapheap, yet as we’ve been pointing out here at Slaying Evil for years, the dude himself has yet to cuff one of these black “queens” he so desperately wants black men to get with.

Recently it was brought to my attention by commenter Blue Collar Trevor that there is a growing contention brewing between Kevin “Cool Whip” Samuels and the frying pan African Prince Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson, for those who haven’t viewed the clips concerned, please see them in the links below:

We have to remember and understand that Samuels and Johnson both have the same end goal, that is to palm off the black witch onto the productive, educated, intelligent, free thinking brothers, however Samuels is different in that he at least recognises that the product(black women) first needs some serious restoration work(not that any difference will be made at this stage for the overwhelming majority of black women).

At the end of the day Umar Johnson needs to keep his mouth shut until:

1. He cuffs a black female.

2. He opens up his Frederick Douglas Marcus Garvey Academy for boys.

3. He deals with the many defections within black female society instead of trying to palm off broken beyond repair women onto free thinking black men.

4. He deals with his drug problem.

5. He tidies up his front room as well as the rest of his property.

Umar Gerbilface Johnson just like Derrick Jaxn is a merchant of black women, both men are no different to your average on the corner church beast pastor who regularly fleeces his majority female congregation for stacks of cash every Saturday and Sunday. Since black women are stupid enough to give these types of guys their money, the folly lies upon themselves.

Additionally, as a man who comes from Africa(though I was born and raised in the UK), African men aren’t in Africa going around dick policing other black men on their dating preferences, this defective behaviour is purely from the pro black, slow-tep, red, black and green, pyramid head squads/camps.

African men date and marry whom they please and do so without interference from other African men, this is why I have to look at Johnson sideways every time he attempts to link his dick policing, anti interracial dating doctrine and philosophy to African culture.

At this stage Umar Johnson is beyond a joke, he reminds me of the black witch of Scalp Summit, one Miss Cynthia G, he’s completely blown out and doesn’t have a chicken leg to stand on, however because of his brainwashed, knucklehead and blinkered followers, unfortunately the foolish notion in his head that he’s somehow still relevant remains.

You’d think after his exposed escapades with the Conscious Stripper the dude would’ve quietly slipped back into the shadows to concentrate on what he needs to concentrate on(cuffing a black queanie and opening up his boys school and cleaning up his house/apartment) knowing that if he puffs out his chest, it can easily be deflated by bringing up these same shortcomings, but no, Gerbilface keeps prattling on recklessly attempting to dick police black men’s dating preferences.

Black men simply need to ignore this fool and just do themselves, Johnson is like the annoying fly on the wall that you eventually get to smash with one of your slippers, just like the black female and Derrick Jaxn Gerbilface Johnson has destroyed his own image and reputation and there is nothing he can do at this stage to redeem himself, NOTHING.

SYSBM, be free black men, never compromise your standards nor allow low brow mulletheads like Johnson to intimidate and bully you into “keeping it real” knowing full well that high quality black women in 2021 are extremely few and far between and the condition of black women as a whole is currently deep in the toilet bowl with no hopes of redemption.

There is no so called “snow bunny crisis”, the real issue here is the fact that there is a serious dearth of quality black women, this is the true epidemic that these pro black flunkies such as Dr Umar Johnson don’t want to acknowledge and deal with.

Sorry, there is no hope nor no change for the Negro female. She is the number one enemy of the black man(even though most black men can’t accept this) and as I’ve stated in my book Negro Wars, nothing in the so called black community will ever be rectified until she is heavily chastened and brought back into line.

To be honest, in view of the huge amount of death, destruction, mayhem, chaos, pain, misery, suffering, bloodshed, distrust, dishonour and degeneracy black women have brought upon their own community, even if they were to magically change their ways for the better overnight, in light of their already lengthy abysmal track record, only a braindead fool would be stupid enough to trust and accept them back into the fold. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Gerbilface Johnson Needs To Take 30 Seats Before Speaking Again On Black Men’s Dating Preferences

Most High Bless

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48 thoughts on “Dr Umar “GerbilFace” Johnson Is At It Again, Smh!

  1. Umar Johnson thinks this is a snow bunny crisis. Little does he know about the untold American history before segregation laws came to existence in 1865. Black American men were having interracial conservative families with British women, Irish women, Scottish women and Welsh women from 1500’s until 1800’s in certain parts of the U.S states, even as slaves. Negresses never arrived in U.S until the 1700’s. The reason why segregation laws came to existence is simply because both caucasian guys and negress slaveowners obviously never wanted to see sysbm relationships continue. This pan africanism bullshit should stay in Africa. The black Moorish men were able to build a Moorish empire with snow bunnies in Europe for over 700 years against 3 groups of enemies. The vikings of caucasian guys, negresses with black males. People think caucasian guys are the first colonisers. This ain’t true. Black Moorish guys are the first rulers of colonising Europe. A lot of this information was delibrately white washed from history. Sysbm can never be stopped under any circumstances whatsoever. It is the future whether he likes it or not. Snow bunnies in Europe are smarter than American women on average. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. Witwijf,

      True Pan Africanism is NOT what you think, it’s simply the desire to see people of African descent unite, come together and improve their conditions. Another important detail that needs to be pointed out is true Pan Africanism is patriarchal, all of this “the black woman is god, queen, mother earth” garbage once again is not part of the movement and philosophy.

      Even though he was an Arab, an example of this would be Colonel Gaddafi who I believe wanted to either produce some sort of currency backed by gold that the entire African continent could use to trade among themselves in order to boost the wealth of each country or use gold itself as a currency. Of course the West made sure that didn’t happen and took him out.

      Umar Gerbilface Johnson however has hijacked the Pan African title in order to push his own mutant, GMO, pro blackity black doctrine. True Pan Africanism has nothing to do with what ethnicity of woman you choose to date and marry, this anti interracial dating concept comes from the red, black and green pyramid heads. When you look at articles on Pan Africanism, there is no mention about dating only within one’s race:

      I totally agree with you on the Moors, this is why Europeans refer to their 700 year reign as “The Dark Ages” where according to them history was a “blur” because vast records and logs were lost. This of course is NOT true, the reason why they labelled the Moors reign the “dark ages” was because black people ruled and dominated much of the world, not just Europe.

      It’s funny how Gerbilface calls himself the prince of Pan Africanism yet when it comes to the official movement and its related literature, his name isn’t mentioned anywhere.

      1. What happened with Umar Johnson is proof that white supremacy and pro wack fascism are merely two sides of the same damn totalitarian coin. David Carroll and Damian [Incessant Goi] had a inkling of what is going on but failed to get it. When was the last time you saw these hoteps or white nationalists coming together and having a serious discussion about technology transfer and the corrupt multi polar Eurasian world order white liberal zaddy and Lord Shlomo are fighting over, or even going out with banners saying ‘Israel has sold us out to China! No more support of Likud and CCP until Generalplan Ost comes to an end!’ near military bases. That’s what I call real effort and planning.

        But noo, what we get is race purity nonsense and utter insanity straight out of 1914 when Wilson bent over for Massa and let France, Russia and the UK get away with atrocities because he wanted the attention and fame as savior of the world.

        Race purity is the biggest form of con artisty and deception in the world and a huge money maker for oligarchs and the Windsors.

        1. Brendan Dubalos,

          The worst thing is the amount of black folks that actually get suckered by this race purity garbage, acting as if black people are on the verge of extinction when in actual fact it is white folks who are the ones the most concerned about the preservation of their race.

          Additionally, Johnson talks about mixed children being what their fathers are, thus if a certain sect of black men choose to form unions with non black women, what’s the problem, according to what Gerbilface says, the children will be black because of their fathers.

          These pro blackity black clowns are full of it, double talking themselves so much, they really aren’t paying attention at all.

          1. Thanks man. Umar Spengler is a idiot who should have been exposed a long time ago. Asians know the score, a Chinese Youtuber named ‘Vigilante Intelligence’ exposed the QUEANS and her lord and savior in his vids. It made me crack up with how the black female created these low value LIQ negroes and set them up to get killed by the freemason cops.

    2. Right. When racist liberals come whining about the wignat Bolshevist revolutionaries they helped create, I laugh and look at Queen Victoria and her grandson Wilhelm II who helped put chattel slavery in the bin where it belongs. Zionist Jews had a reign of terror across the Caribbean that was unstopped until Victoria abolished slavery in the British Empire. Lord Simosen threw a fit at this, and decided to create Communism and fascism to bring back the plantation.

      Shaniqua and white zaddy destroyed all that by attempting to shill hard for the Windsors and the Chinese who still despise them, even after giving them the tech and the equipment. Woodrow Wilson and his motely band of KKK thugs are a prime example of why SYSBM should be implemented. Every problem in American society can be traced back to him believe it or not.

      Broken ass, entitled jackass nerd who never got over the Civil War and dragged the country into a war just so that he could ‘reshape’ the world and get accepted into Lord Oldberg’s castle. Who does this remind anybody of….

      This is why I say MSM and MGTOW must be left to burn. These people are children in adult bodies plain and simple. Both black females and their white liberal lord and savior.

      As one commentator pointed out, the likes of Richard Spencer got left behind in the 60s when the Perestroika Deception started. Those behind Hitler and the Progressives no longer need KKK legions and outdated race purity laws to enforce order.

      Instead they can use vaccines and media campaigns to influence society which is far more effective. Look at what happened with Assad in Syria and the PNP in Jamaica, guys were absolutely corrupt and murderous for years and then as soon as ISIS and the scammers come up they become ‘nationalists’.

      Swirl Mountain is just another section of proof that black females and progressives love attention and need someone to accept them no matter what evil they do. Same with far right Communist oligarchs.

      My base belief is that black females and the sheethead donkeys were always denegrate and used white supremacy to cover up their problems. Look at guys like Roger Stone, guy claims to be for the white race yet is a avowed fruit who hangs around Bi Bi who bombs Palestinians. Dr Brendon O Connell was talking about him for years yet the sistas avoided him in a attempt to climb ‘Swirl Mountain’.

      1. You comments gave me a lot of insight about how these popular YouTube people always seem to be right on time for the latest trend and talking points. They be obeying orders.

        1. Thanks man. A lot of intelligence agents in the MSM know the truth and try to say it, but get shut down because of Shaniqua and white zaddy’s love affair with Massa Shlomo and Lord Oldberg. I remember a video going around in which a Chinese man boasted of getting ‘Wall Street J…s’ to carry out any form of dirty work for him.

    3. Like I’ve been saying, White women that complain there are no viable men to marry are flat racist as they ignore everybody and are complaining to White men only.

      We live in a multicultural country that means everybody is viable mate. Now we know how many women in America have taken a bite of feminist fruit. That alone makes bad marriage material.

      You don’t see Asian women complaining their no good Asian men available. Same with Latinas, only Black women and White women in Anglo countries push away the majority of men as not viable.

      While it’s true Gen W and Gen Next are most likely to married outside of their race, the numbers pale to the UK and Brazil.

  2. I mean, what sort of name is ‘Tyrone Muhammed’ ?? LOL

    I’d like to think that he is making fun of the whole genre of pro black woke culture. Not !

    More than likely he has a brother named ‘Tbone Abdullah’.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      This is the underclass of black society for you, it is a very strange place equally full of even stranger people.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    The reason why Umar Johnson despises mixed race relationships between black men and non black women is because we SYSBM black men finally fully know our self worth in 2021 and we are exercising our dating options to get with clean good looking childfree single non black women and we are escaping blackistan for good. Also Umar Johnson moans at the fact that if black men refuse to date or marry black women then black women will lose out on money and resources going back to the black community but what he fails to mention is that black women don’t care about the black community or black children because as soon as they get lots of money they spend it back to the asian community when there black women waist their money on fake weaves/wigs, fake long claw nails, skin bleaching cream plus they wear blue, grey and green colour contact lenses just to look like a white woman which is utterly pathetic. Umar Johnson needs to shut his fucking mouth and get his own house in order way before he tries to dick police us SYSBM black men on how to live our lives. Mixed race relationships is here to stay and there isn’t a damn thing these fucking simps and Umar Johnson can do to stop it because its going to continue to grow. Like I said before Verbs I refuse to date black women and single mothers as a childfree black man at 38 because I know my own worth and I don’t feel guilty about it either. The only women that I am in dating is a good single childfree non black woman who is a at least a 6 out of 10 in looks and above and who is slim or athletic build who also lives in London as well.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Gerbilface continues to repeat the same old redundant talking points over and over again, in essence he wants free thinking black men to still deal with and take on board black women in their current beyond abysmal state. That means dropping one’s standards and compromising which is something that level headed black men don’t do, we are not janitors/clean up men over here.

      The dude is beyond a joke, people shouldn’t even be giving the guy the time of day based upon his atrocious track record, again, where is his black wife and where is his boys school/academy? Both are nowhere to be found. As much as I’m not a fan of Kevin “Cool Whip” Samuels, even he had to admit what I’ve been saying here for years, that the overwhelming majority of black women are done for, they’ll never get a man and will find themselves roaming up and down Mount Singledom until they hit the grave.

      Keep your standards high and never allow shines like Umar Johnson to coerce you into lowering them, NEVER!

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. Umar Johnson is a failed fake arse pro black who at any opportunity wants to spout his nonsense to anyone who would listen and he is a fucking liar because he is selling black women fake dreams, he is a baby daddy with two kids from two different black women and he hasn’t built that blasted school yet and he has conned a lot of black people by getting 500,000 dollars in donations and not paying these gullible black people back because he is using it to fund his lifestyle. Those black women in the above videos are so ugly that I wouldn’t even touch them with a 10inch bargepole.

        1. He’s a racketeer just like his Bolshevist counterpart Matt Heimbach…who was caught fucking his own stepmother by the way. These wignats and pro blacks are a comedy strip funded by white zaddy and oligarchs. The purveyors of propaganda Yuri Bezmenov tried to warn us about. What a joke, making Russia and its KGB bureacrats have a job again while refusing to touch technology transfer and Belt and Road with a ten foot pole.

          “But we wuz KANGZ bro!”

  4. These red black and green shines talk all this BS and have absolutely nothing to show for it. Chewmore Johnson has the same talking points as any dusty, basement dwelling black YouTube with 25 subscribers, yet he’s supposed to be some professional philosopher and teacher?

    This dude is more concerned with black men rightfully sticking it to and pairing up with superior women (which frankly includes ANY form of female life that’s not a black woman) but doesn’t care about black businesses being raped more than ever with lockdowns, black women’s DISASTROUS net worths being lower than ever, the epidemic of black people not being able to retire and typically DYING working grunt level jobs, drugs, illegitimacy and a whole host of other ills.

    These Pro-blacks, instead of just trying to promote the fairy tale of black love and telling black people to get married and have legitimate families, instead bemoan when black men do it with anyone else. That’s when you know you have a defective product: you can’t big your it’s selling points, you can only tear down the competition. In other words, you can’t actually compete with them. Umar and his cronies can only tell black men not to date outside their race, they’ve failed to give reasons why to refrain from saying outside of their race. That’s because they know that only the most gutter level non-black woman is the EQUAL to the black woman, not even inferior to her.

    And again, where is Johnson’s wife? When you see white supremacist and fundamentalist Mormon groups, they’ve carved out communities for themselves and ALL have wives and several children. Meanwhile, Chewmore is busy dicking down strippers. That’s “black love” for ya!!

    1. TRUTH! You’re right!

      Chabad Lubavitch [behind the Nazis] started off as a small time cult in Ukraine and by the end of the 20th century had bases and locations all over the globe. They also infiltrated the Soviet Union and destroyed it from within after forcing Stalin to stop supporting Chang Kai Shek in China and discrediting him with the Holodomor and Doctor’s Plot. These guys run the Russian Mafiya, when white zaddy was running the Russiagate scheme he kept his mouth shut about Kushner, Dugin and Roger Stone who were the real people who should have been prosecuted, not Trump. Why?

      Because unlike the alt right that will throw a fit and complain just like their liberal boss, racist Zionists mean business. These MFs utilize and know the real meaning of power.

      Hoteps and wignats are just a joke and should be laughed at.

  5. Read the comments of that laughable video and you will also see why black people are screwed and why 90% of black people, INCLUDING black men, are ONLY fit for dysfunctional western societies. There were DUDES making money out to be the number one priority of a marriage, and yet they’ll turn around and bitch when a woman then takes them to cleaners? When you jump into something with a certain mentality, don’t be surprised when it comes to full organic fruition. Again, even most “head on straight” black men are one step away from the hood, that’s why you have dudes like Black Caesar. They’ll moan about the hood but really are only ever comfortable in its dysfunction.

    This is why Johnson has yet to tell these ugly harridans times straighten up: he and dudes like him LIKE dysfunction, they like drama and they like struggling unnecessarily while getting absolutely nowhere.

    This is why SYSBM black men are some of the only black people who should be taken seriously AT ALL. The rest in one way or another, no matter the aura of strength they put on, just want to be victims. The BDSM fetish of subjecting yourself to the black QUEENIES is it’s own victimhood and torture.

    1. Hahahaha, that’s right. Black Caesar had the right idea but made the mistake of taking black females and her liberal lord and savior seriously. Having been around these guys and made the mistake of reading the insane writings of oligarchs I know that these types are simply utterly delusional and self righteous, perfect for the idiot sheep who fight for and support them.

    2. “There were DUDES making money out to be the number one priority of a marriage, and yet they’ll turn around and bitch when a woman then takes them to cleaners?”

      These game dudes who talk this “high value man” nonsense will never learn; they think that using more game to get over on feminism is the key when it’ll do them much better to leave these women alone.

  6. The fact that this got caught up with a literal ho says all you need to know about how “intelligent” these so called “woke” shines are.

    You can add the term conscious to any manner of stupidity and it will justify it in the eyes of these knuckle dragging dashiki wearers.

    This dude not only screwed the “conscious” stripper, but it’s a Coke user to boot. Ten thousand stereotypes validated, but it’s “wypipo” that are the problem, amiright?

    This dude is actually worse than a church beast pastor, as even they can usually hide their grime and dirt WAY better. Likewise, at least white charlatans like Jimmy Swaggart had to come hat in hand with that “God I have SINNED!!” crap when he got caught with whores.

    Black people are always looking for some damn to fix their problems, anyone but themselves. Every time they find their black Jesus of the month, they fittingly fail to ever question or criticism them, instead bitching about people who they have NOT even deemed their savior and who typically want nothing to do with them. Insecure as HELL!

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      What really demonstrates just how “done” black society is, is you have guys like Chewmore(as you call him) regularly transgressing against the very people he’s claiming to love and to look out for and those same blacks who are constantly afflicted by the shines shortcomings fail to call him out but will instead make up convenient excuses for the dude, smh.

      This is why I say most black people deserve what they get, if any man proves himself to be untrustworthy again and again but yet is still able to sustain a sizeable and substantial fanbase, that is more of a terrible reflection on his supporters than the swindler himself. Dude has been campaigning for his pipe-dream boys school for over a decade, at this stage only a person with half of their brain tied behind their back would still donate to the guy.

      No wife, no school, a drug user, has a dirty apartment/house and yet they guy is still walking around puffing out his chest as if he has some sort of moral high ground to stand on. You’re right, when he got caught with the stripper Kim Ringgold he didn’t even apologise, he simply carried on as if nothing had happened and the worst thing about it is as per usual so did the sheeple who follow him.

      1. A lot of this race purity crap is utter nonsense anyways. ADL and SPLC run a lot of white nationalist organizations and hotep cults. Meanwhile these fakers pretend to offer the solution of authoritarian government and blind obedience, all while calling thinking black men ‘n…..r Nazis’. Yes, these liberals did say that.

  7. Can the dude just give it up already? You really got to ask the pro blacks something: What are you trying to achieve out of defending the black women? Bruh, look at the black women nowadays, why should I deal with that? Oh yeah, because I need to “stick to the race.” Yes, I know the majority are gonna be with a black woman, but black folks need to get out this looking at race all the time because it’s not healthy at all. I mean, they’re like countless videos of black women doing the most foul shit ever, and Dr Umar biscuit head ass want me to deal with that? No, and I’m a tell you why the answer is no: Because I have standards. I keep asking myself these questions: Am I wrong for not trying to stick to the race, Am I wrong for going with what I like, and am I wrong for not having a black girlfriend? I’ve told my people if I did have a black girlfriend, nine times out of ten, she’ll probably be a Afro Latina, or a Blasian, but then again, Idk. I probably don’t even want a black girlfriend with the rate they going in. I don’t think I wanna touch them for relationships, marriage, hell not even touch them for friends with benefits, or for a sex partner, due to their unrealistic standards, and the shit that comes out of their mouths. Like bruh, I’m good. I’ll rather stick to my personal preferences.

    1. D.K. Phantom,

      This whole, “there’s an emergency, black people are going to be wiped out if they don’t exclusively deal with each other” mantra in nothing short of hot air and flatulence. Again, the point I brought up before and one Gerbilface has echoed himself, if the offspring of black men are classified as black then what exactly is the damn problem?

      Once again, dude is 3 packs of fries short of a happy meal, however what do we expect from a drug addict? He claimed that he’s related to Frederick Douglas, that somewhat flew until the direct descendants of Douglas came out and categorically stated that he(Umar Johnson) is NO RELATION.

      This dude loves lying his mouth off, as in the case of the bald headed priestess of Scalp Summit Cynthia G, if it wasn’t for his non critical thinking and blindly following fanbase, a long time ago Johnson would’ve been written into the annuls of history as one of the biggest frauds ever be born into black society.

      Once again, the true tenets of Pan Africanism have NOTHING to do with dick policing other black men(never black women of course) concerning their dating preferences, this “add-on” is strictly part of the red, black and green, pro blackity black, slowtep doctrine, smh.

      No black wife, no school produced to date, a messy apartment as well as a drug problem, this dude is NOT speaking on my behalf, neither is he dictating my dating preferences either.

      1. Another one bites the dust…..seriously Umar should get help and leave the goosestepping to the professionals. It reminds me of the time my dad chose to fuck around with a black bitch and the hoe threatened to call the cops if he didn’t bring the bastard child home. What she didn’t know is that my parents have connections with almost everybody and after pulling a few strings dear dad tried to extend the stay due to the child being ‘sick’.

        This bitch knew the child was sick and did nothing expecting dad to clean up the mess. And now Dad’s running around trying to play the hero for a kid that’s four and can’t read and still shitting his pants. The brat’s also swearing like a sailor from the old days and can’t control himself emotionally.

        And according to my dearest father we should be patient and loving even when the kid fucks up and makes a mockery of himself, because of human weakness. Is he fucking blind or what man? This is Jamaica, the drug capital of the new world!

        So bad it could give the Wild West and Las Vegas a run for their money! Even though I went to a good high school (St Jago De La Vega) my classmates and I had to run the other way when gunmen started killing each other! The place is a banana republic goddamn it, colonial elite rule while dumbass politicians control the natives for them.

        Legit this is why I don’t deal with most people these days man, they can’t take responsibility. Always got to be someone else’s fault why they miserable and hurt.

        This is why the black community is finished and dead, wannabe hero mentality helps no one at all! It leaves you dead and destroyed and the people you’re trying to save worse off!

  8. I can retire now…!

    This fat Negro cannot ever fix his fatty mouth to speak about black financial empowerment when his queanies are gladly helping Pakistani and Korean families fill out their retirement plan with ease.
    What did Gerbilface spend his radio speaking fee on, pray tell? Tax free contribution towards his 10 year plus imaginary boys school? Are we as conscious blacks entitled to that information?

    Dr Umar was blessed with being a gifted orator, but he is wasting his God given gifts trying to speak to his money base. Worse yet, his follower drones lap it up with no critical thought applied.

    Trying to start a beef with the only black YouTuber that makes coin *criticising* his viewers, smh. Tariq Nasheed’s size 10s are still hanging from his backside and that wasn’t enough of a lesson. Still, better to be talked about…


    1. Michel,

      The dude wants to talk about black economics, yet what has he done with all of the money that was sent to him in relation to his fantasy boys school project? What, so black men should basically wife up a group of females who have happily volunteered to be used as weapons against us on behalf of Colonel Frost on the one hand, but then on the other we as free thinking brothers are expected to hand over our hard earned cash to dudes like him so that he can continue to feed his “spare some change please, run some donations” drug problem? Get out of here with that mess.

      Wasn’t this the same guy a number of years ago who called his supporters “trifling ass Negroes” or something to that effect because they only donated towards his imaginary school once? How many times do people need to donate for this dude to be satisfied? Gerbilface has collected well over $2 million dollars in donations, that’s more than enough to start up a basic education centre, where’s the school Zoomi?

      Afrofuturism1 is spot on, most black folks are damn fools constantly looking for “the one” to rise up from their community to save them instead of each person using the particular gifts and the talents they have to make a difference for themselves. Umar Gerbilface Johnson just like Cool Whip Samuels is NOT going to be bringing any Negroes to the promise land flowing with milk and honey.

      I agree, the guy can speak well(when he not engaging his Slim Sauce “speak your speech n***a” mode), however the dude is a straight up swindler and clearly the coke/crack has made holes in his brain to the point where he either can’t see just how bad things have gotten within black female society or point blank doesn’t want to.


      1. Delusional jackass. Clearly this fool hasn’t been in touch with reality. Now this is why I say MSM and MGTOW need to go off a cliff and take a trip along with the oligarchs: all three have gassed up people’s minds. No wonder incels are so entitled and murderous, they have a good point to reference.

        You don’t see Free Syrian Army, Eastern European resistance and NDVP type liberals in the East behaving like spoiled brats and ignorant fools when they present their points, they let hard facts like Assad’s terror campaign and Putin’s palace speak for themselves and do the actual groundwork.

        Umar should stop aping Spengler and Rosenberg and get a real job. Stop feeding Massa Shlomo’s second coming race war to feed the ‘Mediocre Reset’ scheme and actually do something for once.

  9. Gentlemen,

    It isn’t only us who are seeing the foolishness and hypocrisy in Gerbilface talking about certain “beta male YouTubians” making black women “feel bad”, here is a collage that somebody else put together. But we’re making black women feel bad, what about this crap right here:

  10. “…since 1973 have slaughtered well over 15.5 million black children in the womb as of 2012”

    I have yet to see any pro black person account for this statistic. Even as a kid i could never figure out how the US black population is stagnant at 13-14% (we now know why.). Umar been talking about that school for years, shit i was in college when he was talking about it. That nigga got a rundown building, not to mention there were guys who offered to help the school. Not to mention that guy is on coke. Next, the 3rd video is damn near kiddy porn, like yo, who thought that shit was cool? The other one they ran up on a chick at the hospital, no words for that one. Black women as a whole is a hard pass, I’ll stick with the whites girls

    1. OGBobbyJohnson,

      When I used to make regular rounds on different YouTube channels, not one of these pro blackity black shines could ever answer to such a horrible fact. This is one of the main reasons why I simply can’t take this fool Umar Johnson seriously, how is he going to claim to want to preserve the black family yet purposely overlook black women and the major part they’ve played in causing the black population to remain stagnant via their systemic and religious use of abortion?

      Mind you, this isn’t even taking into account their own issues which again Johnson fails to address, but yet like clockwork he’s always got “words of improvement” for black men, smh.

  11. Umar might as well join the rest of the effeminate ass negroes that Dick Police on YouTube. I didn’t think David Carroll was lying when he talked about Beta Male Stalkers & these other bitch made negroes but I didn’t think it was as widespread as it is! These cats are unsalvageable so they should be left to their fates of damnation with the Daggle!

    1. Val Zod,

      Umar Johnson simply put is a grade A dunce, he somehow believes that he can bring order to black society without first chastising this black female and bringing her back into line, he fully expects black men to take control of these feral hogs and manage them in their wild state without any implementation of domestication protocols. A coke sniffing, no school manifesting simp and a pimp he is, smh.

  12. Foolmar Johnson is still at it. Listen to me; if there is ever a simp super league, then he will be in it. This man will not stop dick policing black man when they date outside their race. It’s not getting worse. And I didn’t know that he had a cocaine problem. I didn’t know that he was sniffing. But let me tell you something, these scarggle daggles want the 12 Gauge Mike, Man Man, Thick Dick Tyrone, Rum Smuggler Don, Corner Boy Ronney, Weed Man Jake coming to Neasden in a V8 van full of collie weed and Machete Man Briggy. The simp in the video who was throwing bricks into the chiny man’s nail shop, you think these black women are goanna bail him out? No. Of all of the videos I see from the browning shaking her booty in front of her children and no father in sight right down to the woman who shit up the floor in the train, we all know that these broads are really fucked up.

  13. As you see these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles doing the most degrading madness, thinking black men will look at this and date the white chick, the Latina and the chiney gyal. The reason why 55 per cent of black men are dating non black women in the Britain is because of the dysfunctional behaviour of black women. And all of these videos prove it. And Foolmar Johnson says that we have to date these types of black women? The cocaine shag up his head big time. I beat you the ghetto scraggle hoodrat shit up the floor in the train; I bet you he will say that “She’s a queen! That’s a beautiful black woman!” blood claat, him fool you see? I have never seen a black man fool in my life. The dumbest black man ever!

  14. Like you pointed out at least Samuels knows that these women are messed up. Umar wants you to marry a BW anyway despite the fact that he hasn’t himself. No one should listen to Umar until he walks down the isle with a Black Woman.

    “There is no so called “snow bunny crisis”, the real issue here is the fact that there is a serious dearth of quality black women, this is the true epidemic that these pro black flunkies such as Dr Umar Johnson don’t want to acknowledge and deal with.”

    Exactly, there is a BW crisis and BW want us to ignore it. The obesity, bastard kids, STDs, bad attitudes, their contempt for their own hair and other physical features, etc. BM who have it together are beating the odds in this society, with many themselves being raised in messed up conditions by Black single mothers. BM who have their lives together don’t want to deal with that and don’t want it passed down to their children either.

    Keep the Wall up.

  15. Umar needs to seriously shut up and have a seat! I’m so sick and tired of these dick policing Hotep communist simps who want to control who Black men date; there is no “snow bunny crisis”, the only crisis there is is the “scraggle daggle crisis” as shown in the numerous videos attached to this article. What about the other nationalities of women outside of Euro women? This guy wants to talk against interracial marriage, but has 0 smoke for swirlers like Serena Williams, Halle Berry, or Aisha Tyler; I hope for the day where a Black person who interviews Umi Zumi will ask him for the statistics to back his claim that Black men in interracial relationships end up losing their wealth to White America. I honestly have a hard time stomaching Umar’s word salad when it comes to his pan Africanism; it’s always these grifters who haven’t accomplished anything trying to pressure Blacks who have accomplished something into doing for the communitah what they wish. This reminds me of General Zod in the ‘Man of Steel’ movie who was not pleased to see Kal El fight for Earth instead of Krypton, but Krypton is dead; the same can be said for Blackistan. #SYSBM

    1. “…it’s always these grifters who haven’t accomplished anything trying to pressure Blacks who have accomplished something into doing for the communitah what they wish.”

      Bingo. When the question is so-called “Black unity” and “coming together” what it REALLY means is the educated, accomplished Black man (always the Black man, never the Black woman) is supposed to reach back and bail out the irresponsible Pookies and Sharkeishas even though most successful Black men in non-sports and entertainment made it DESPITE the hood, not because of it.

      The only negroes preaching this unity garbage have less than you, trust me.

      Pookie and Skillet want YOU, the lame and the square they used to try to beat up after school, to marry up their babymamas and get them off the hook for child support.

      Only “come together” with your fellow negroes of like mind, education, status and equal financial resources. Fuck these double-talkin’ hood niggas doing their crack dance like Sam Jackson in “Jungle Fever.”

  16. All this talk about ‘Black Race purity’ or ‘Black people will die out’ which is a bunch of bull.

    I remember a crazy lesbian female witch Youtuber mention this many years ago I think it is ‘Jamila Briscoe’ she said this (the video is no longer there):

    Due to Black community Tribes which is passed on to the current generation, the culture had side effect as a results of Feminism, Liberals and the creation in the Matriarchy, And that is they are ‘Allergic to Rubber’.

    When I heard this, this kind of make sense.

    And what uses rubber? ‘Condom’ – exactly.

    Hence reason why Black women never like condom when it comes to sex and attract thugs/bad boys and breed like rabbits. Even they got a lots of birth control options.

    The reason Pro-Blacks say this because they are lack of good black men to to keep the race preserve. They know fully well that these are the black women will always reject good men for bad boys and thugs.

    So, no, the black race will not die out because they are plenty of supplies with thugs and bad boys aka Pookie and Ray Rays. Also prison thugs where women get thug d1ck.

    That is another reason when black women like to work in the prison, they even give up their pension for a thug d1ck. Tommy Sotomayor made a lot of videos on this years ago.

    I remember one of the videos that Umar said that does not believe in marriage. So if he does not believe in marriage then he cannot say anything about black men should wife these hoes at all.

  17. That video of those hood heffas boosting the makeup aisle reminded me of the case where another ugly black heffa tried to sue Walmart for locking up their cosmetics. In searching this article come to find out that Walmart caved and no longer locks up black beauty supplies. I guess they figure the annual monetary loss from black bitches stealing outweighs the bad publicity. Why do they always cave to these hoes when their lawyers have video evidence?

    1. “Why do they always cave to these hoes when their lawyers have video evidence?”

      Exactly, they are enabling them.

  18. Damn Verbs, these videos of hideous Westernized feminized BW shows that the entire BW collective is heading down the toilet. I have never seen so much degenerate scraggle trash videos in one sitting – ever! But I had to look & SEE for myself.

    The woman scratching her hair hard — with a brush. Eeew! The deranged mother doing that annoying twerking shit with all them kids blindly joining in the ignorance of the moment. Saddening. That dumb moronic black simp in the strip club getting off on the cucumber scraggles. Nigga [black] men like him are point blank enemy #1 in the BM collective for encouraging this ratchet behaviour. Thankfully niggas like him can’t survive outside of his American Dream territory since other cultures wouldn’t tolerate that ignorant mindset.

    Here’s the thing…
    In all of those videos, not even a decent looking sista. Nada!
    BW have morphed into a collection of fugliness never seen in generations. Personally, I think there’s some mind control going on behind the scenes to get an entire gender of a race (BW) to hate themselves so much. And their ratchet behaviour makes normal black folk look REAL bad. It gives Queen Karen & Lord Euro ammunition to say to naive white folks “you see, black people are savages. they need to be conquered…blah blah blah.”

    I know I sound like a broken record, but the West truly is dead. Get the fcuk out while you can. Because when Dollar Collapse accelerates, all hell’s gonna break loose in Dodge. And you don’t want to be caught in the mayhem that will be coming afterwards – inflation, mass unemployment, crime, chaos & anarchy.

    It’s just a matter of time, but it’s coming – the proverbial shit WILL hit the fan. And blam, game over for anybody caught behind enemy lines in Captain Amerika’s ill gotten dis-United States. Then you’ll see how racist things will become out of the need to SURVIVE.

    Russia Slashes Dollar & Euro from Reserves in Favor of Gold & Yuan

    US Overreaching Itself, China-Russia Together are Stronger, Western Alliance Disintegrating

    Like I said, there’s a reason I decided to abandon the West. My beloved Canada has been destroyed with degenerate liberalism thanks to Prime Minister TruDope & our freedom-luvin patriotic warmongering bankster neighbor to the South. If Captain Amerika thinks he can return to that post World War 2 bliss where the Dollar was dominant for decades because other countries were destroyed, not gonna happen. Times are different & that advantage has now been permanently squandered.

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