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Equal Rights, Don’t Forget What You Wanted!


First and foremost, let’s judge your appearance WITHOUT the make up and the fake eye lashes. Too many women are way too reliant upon the witchcraft called cosmetics to make themselves appear to be somebody they’re not, however over here we’re not fooled in the slightest.

Secondly, this is the very environment that women as a collective in the West wanted and cried out for, they wanted to be “equal” to men(well, when it comes to certain areas but clearly not others), they bought into the feminist propaganda that successfully hoodwinked many of them into believing that being a housewife and a mother was an old hat and outdated position.

Now the chickens are coming home to roost, so many women are all of a sudden realising that the work environment isn’t really for them and that being a stay at home mother/housewife isn’t that bad of an occupation after all.

However, for many of these harriets in the West it has gotten to a point where it is too late to turn back the clock, they threw themselves into the work environment and this is the way that they’re going to have to live out the rest of their days.

Another reason why so many women are lumbered with having to work is because they love debt and have very poor management skills when it comes down to the way they handle their finances. In the US black women carry the highest amounts of student debt of any ethnic group both male and female, to true SYSBM practitioners this isn’t really that surprising when we observe just how carnal and materialistic the modern day black female is.

I’ve heard folks say before that many women want equal rights to men, however they don’t want the responsibilities that comes with managing and using those rights, this is why I have absolutely no problems comparing women to children because the mentalities and behaviours aren’t that much different.

Don’t run away from the work environment now, this is the very environment that many of these women fought tooth and nail for. Aren’t these the same women who to this day have been complaining about an imaginary pay gap which has been refuted and debunked over and over via the demonstration that women in general tend to gravitate towards completely different professions than their male counterparts?

The more women in the West complain, the more traditional, classic women in non westernised countries look more attractive and viable. Non westernised women revere and exalt being housewives and mothers because for the most part they haven’t been tainted with the sorcery of feminism telling them that their traditional roles are useless and oppressive.

Another one for the archives gents, only the needs of women should ever be met, NEVER THEIR WANTS. The West is a prime example of exactly what happens when you placate towards the wants of women, you end up creating haughty, arrogant, narcissistic behemoths who believe they are entitled to anything and everything just because they have a vagina between their legs.

Let these heifers work, toil and sweat, this is what they wanted and this is what they’re getting. Ignore the endless complaining and instead simply remind them that they shouldn’t be protesting against that which they’ve been longing for or at least what their feminist generals informed them was the “best way forward” for the modern day female.

Lastly, beauty doesn’t entitle you to anything in my book, unlike these ultra blue pilled, beggar simps, I believe all women should be held to a higher standard and being attractive should NOT alter this position in any way, shape or form. An attractive woman is to be held accountable and responsible for her actions in the same manner as a female who has a more homely appearance. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Equal Rights Mean Just That, EQUAL RIGHTS

Most High Bless

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30 thoughts on “Equal Rights, Don’t Forget What You Wanted!

  1. Yes indeed. Them now hiring signs are up all over the place where the women used to work and plus, we’re still in a pandemic and vaccines that are damaging people by the thousands. But, they voted for Joe Biden. Elections always have consequences, always.

  2. They said that they’re strong, independent, and don’t need a man, well, the government acknowledged them and gave them freedom. However, the government does not have to feed you as well.

    1. Robert Chavis,

      This is the point, they want
      to be strong and independent on the one hand but then when the reality of having to work sets in, all of a sudden they want to jump ship and throw in the towel, smh.

  3. In the US, feminist women, and especially feminist black women, want authority without responsibility. And the feminist scraggle daggle doesn’t just want equal authority when it comes to black men. The feminist scraggle daggle wants greater authority than black men, with zero responsibility.

    Now feminist white women might want generalized authority without responsibility. But the feminist scraggle daggle doesn’t dare to want authority over Colonel Blizzard, just over black men.

    The thing that perplexes me the most, is that so many black male simps cosign this mindset.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      These wishy washy simps will cosign anything if they believe it will help them get into a woman’s panties, simps in general are a disgrace, however the black male simp is the worst specimen I’ve come across by far.

      Many women have been hoodwinked by the doctrine of feminism, a sizeable chunk of white women are beginning to realise this and are backing out seeking a return to the former things, the modern day black female on the other hand is remaining steadfast and choosing to dig her heels even deeper into the failed religion of misandry and female domination.

  4. They should blame previous generations of women for them having to work. Feminists back in the day wanted to end “patriarchy” and allow women to work, the powers that be happily obliged. Now the economy and employer wages have adjusted to two income households, prices are higher, pay is lower, now women HAVE TO WORK. In the past jobs had to pay men enough to care for a family, not anymore, now the solution for low pay is debt and women going to work too.

    Today you have a lot of women out there wishing that they could be stay at home moms, but most jobs don’t pay enough for a man with a family to live comfortably and have his wife stay home, once again, its expected for the women to work too. Be careful what you wish for.

    1. JamesSYSBM,

      You are being very generous to women, and far too generous to black women. It is true that past generations of black women were qualitatively better than today’s ratchet collective.

      But black women as a collective were never great mothers. Thru almost 300 years of slavery, black women were better mothers to massa’s offspring than to their own.
      Many black mammies nursed and suckled massa’s spawn, leaving their own children unnourished. To many of these mammies, the health of massa’s children was more important than the health of their own.

      Now historically, black women have always worked. Black women worked long before white women ever dreamed of a feminist movement. This was a necessity due to the extreme scarcity of opportunities for income, that were afforded to black men. Now granted the black family unit was healthier than it is today, and black men and women were more cooperative as partners.

      But black men as a collective have never enjoyed the sort of authority in the household that white men take for granted. Even then, the black woman used her insider ties to Colonel Blizzard to undermine the black man’s authority in the house. Contrary to the pro black lies, black women as a collective were never great mothers to their children, nor were they ever great partners to black men. They have just gotten worse with scraggle daggle feminism.

    2. JamesSYSBM,

      I would say that the majority bulk of women who now desire to be stay at home mothers and wives would have to be non black women with white women most likely being at the top of the list as we already know that black women both prefer single motherhood in order to use their children as financial instruments and on the other side of the spectrum they point blank hate children, marriage and the family unit.

      Women in general have burrowed too far into the scheme to turn back time now, as you pointed out expenses have now gone up to the point where a one person income many a times is insufficient to deal with the various and many expenses dealing with your average household.

  5. American women are complaining about equal rights after voting for Joe Biden. No logical common sense whatsoever. Liberals will never learn. In reality, feminism and MGTOW ain’t much of a difference between the two. It is all part of the depopulation agenda by design to destroy conservative families through divorces and financially screw men on the family court system. This is first method that has been used for decades. The second method the government is using to depopulate the world is now the poison jab. The third method I believe the government will use is WW3. In future, I feel like western societies will just be abandoned or completely destroyed during a nuclear war at this point. Good luck trying to find a quality stargate who hasn’t taken the poison jab and has no intentions of taking it. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. Witwijf,

      The idea of women have equal rights to me is a ridiculous one on its face simply because men and women are NOT equal. Any society that attempts to equalise women with men is doomed to failure, hence why we see Western and westernised countries being sucked down the drain at an astonishing speed.

      Notice how those countries who have chosen to reject the feminist claptrap are the ones which still have reasonably stable and functioning societies(Eastern block countries as well as Eurasian regions).

  6. Verbs 2015.

    If feminism was never created then the world would be a better place because there would not be a high divorce rate and single parent families would be very small. What makes my laugh about feminist woman and these stuck up haughty career woman is that they both think that they are better than men because they have a well paid job, lots of educational qualifications like 3 to 4 university degrees, a nice home and a nice car they somehow think that they are superior to men but what these women need to realise is that if it wasn’t for a man then these stuck up women wouldn’t have shit or material wealth because it was the man who created these material things so that woman can enjoy these things without putting any hard work into it because it is already done for them. Also in regard to stuck up good looking women who wear heavy make up, again if it wasn’t for a man who created the makeup industry then women wouldn’t be able to enhance their looks to make them better looking then what they already are so that they think that wearing makeup gives them the right to be rude, stuck up and flaky towards men especially good men until they hit the wall plus when women don’t wear makeup they look like plain Jane’s at best. If the makeup industry and the high heel shoe industry was to dissappear for good tomorrow then the majority of women in the world would be fucked and they will need to humble themselves because no men would be giving them any free attention plus they can’t lie about their height especially when it comes to women dissing short men who are 5ft 7in tall and below in height and the worst culprits are the short women who are 5ft 3in tall and below.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      This is the fundamental element that many women fail to fully understand, if it wasn’t for men these same complaining harriets would have absolutely nothing to their names, the last time I checked it is men who build kingdoms and infrastructures, not women.

      Men are responsible for the vast majority of inventions and innovations, there isn’t anything a woman uses that wasn’t created by a man, that’s why in foreign countries where feminism is not the order of the day, those women know and accept their roles fully respecting the men who have allowed them to partake in the kingdom that they’ve built.

  7. The world we live in never accepted “cute”, “handsome”, or “sexy” as a legitimate reason not to work; when your beauty fades, what else are you going to use as an excuse to avoid working? These females want the benefits of traditionalism, yet they’re out here living like the entitled feminists that they are; the women of yesteryear weren’t afraid to work, yet they still knew how to carry themselves like women should. The irony of claiming to be strong and independent yet you’re whining about work because you’re sexy; be sexy and make me a sandwich!

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      The women who subscribe to feminism don’t even want to play by any rules, except their own, as far as they are concerned, men should be pandering, placating as well as catering to them unconditionally without any protest or conditions first being met on the part of the women.

      The benefits of traditionalism are reserved only for those women who fully embrace their femininity as well as the classic role of being a woman. It’s not the work itself that makes the woman a problem, it is the haughty, entitled, brasen and arrogant nature that typically accompanies many women who inhabit that territory, the modern day black female provides us with the most demonstrable example on the daily.

    2. Society has been about fixing potential problems. Feminism in of itself was suppose to give women the right of self-determination. When some women smartly figured out they could take advantage of both; You to give credit where credit is due. Nobody takes advantage of this more than White women.

      The White women who are on the scale of 6-5 and almost able to compete with attractive women on equal footing. I don’t know about the frequent commenters here on Slaying Evil but I’ve been watching some of the Fresh & Fit podcast on YouTube ever since Verbs brought up the so-called smartphone delima with contacting women if you had a Android phone.

      Most of the women that agree to be on the podcast are not the best looking women available in Miami. Many are above average and that’s it, they just happen to be young as the majority of them are under 30.

      If these are the women that men in the MGTOW community are talking about I have to laugh, what sort of failure are these dudes? Sure they might want HVM but no so-called high value multi-millionaire is going to attach himself to an average looking woman when his money can afford him to go up the ladder to at least an eight.

      When this attempt fails and it will; A bunch of these women are nearing 30, they are going to come crawling back to the average and above average wage earner looking for a LTR. The ones that find themselves with a child around 25-26 because they hung out with a entourage flunky and not the key individual will be left on the shelf.

      Nope feminism is not about self-determination, it’s ensuring women take two bites of the apple.

      In other words if their looks don’t land them a Whale, they’ll go after Capt Nemo because he’s grizzled and not attractive to most women but he has job security.

      Makeup doesn’t help women over 35…. That’s like waxing car with serious body damage.

  8. You know when they say they are strong and independent women? To be honest most of them are not. And some of these so called strong, independent women, most of the are gold diggers that will use a man. Feminism is something I’m against because it destroyed the two parent home of the black race and these scraggle daggles from the hood took up that shit. Right, I don’t mind a woman working or having her own business but there are some scraggs say they are strong and independent which some of them are not.

  9. Feminism is HEAVY Here in America. Yet I Don’t Know why American Black Females Tend or Continue to Think that it’s Equal to Them as it is Their White Female Counterparts. I Mean When was the Last Time Tarana Burke was Joined by Rose McGowan, Michelle Williams & Alyssa Milano etc on the Red Carpet in Sisterhood Unity? Or For that Matter, Back in February Where was the Me too Movement, Times up Team & Gloria Allred When Chad Wheeler the Football Player Beat the HELL Out of his Black Girlfriend to Where in the Photo. He Beat her so Bad. She Looked like She was Close to Death? Obviously Nothing but Crickets From the Left & More so. When Biden was Running for Office Last Year. The Democrats Were Gassing Black Women up Saying ”Black Women are Gonna Save the Democratic Party”. All the While they Make it Seem like Black Men, Didn’t do Nothing. Making it Seem like We’re just Walking Penises. We’ll After Biden Won. How Exactly did the Democratic Party Repay Black Women. They Turned on Them. You Got Actress Eva Longoria Saying that it Was Latino’s Who Saved the Democratic Party. Trying to Eclipse Black Women. Sistah’s Got Played, But don’t want to Admit they got Played. Instead they take their Aggression Out on Everyday Brother’s Who Don’t Have No Control Over Anything in America. Rather than Zaddy. Who Run’s & Control’s Everything in America. With American Black Women Who think Full-Democrat it’s Always a Risk Factor to Being Around Them. Same Goes for Liberal American White Women, But With them it’s a Play at your Own Risk Factor, Because the very Minute They Say ”He Raped Me” or ”He Made Me Feel Uncomfortable” Then it’s Automatically Believed & Without any Evidence to Back up your Claim of Innocence. Your Life is Done & Apparently Even Having Evidence Won’t Be Enough. Cause in America When it Comes to Black Men. There is No Guilty till Proven Innocent. It’s Just ”GUILTY”!!! Sorry to go Off like this, But Just Needed to Get that Off my Mind. Stay Classy Brother’s. #SYSBMForLife.

  10. I always say feminism didn’t just liberate women, it liberated men, too. Now we don’t have to waste our hard-earned resources on ungrateful bitches, least of all Black ones. We do not have to “provide and protect” these strong-faced, stretch-marked heathens, babymamas, IG thots and Backpage call girls. Keep your money in your pocket and in the bank, brethren, unless she’s giving you blow jobs, backrubs, home cooked meals and keeping the weight down, and even then keep an eye on her.

    It’s been over 50 years of “skrong and indepennent,” no backing out now, heffas. This goes for all these bitches. White Feminist Non-Binary Misandrist Karen is now on this same trip where random dudes she ain’t fucking are supposed to “protect” her. Not happening!

    Like MBD says, be free fellas. S Y S B M!

  11. There’s nothing strong or independent about having an only fans or sucking dick to pay the light bill. Again, feminists and most black people are Siamese losers: begging for acceptance, handouts and raises from the same groups that they claim are their enemies and that they’re independent from.

    In the west, namely America, the white women I’ve dated have 90% of the time not acted like this at all because they came from very conservative religious backgrounds where the mother was many times a homemaker. Many of them, namely my ex that passed away, had never even dated seriously or even kissed a man before me. Though I don’t get down with religion like that, conservative Adventist, Pentecostal and Mormon women are some of the best white women to date. Same with Jewish women. Just look at Abigail Shapiro, that woman oozes femininity and submissiveness.

    On the other hand, those rightfully trying to GTFO the west will find it much easier to find a good woman anyways. Why do you think I big up countries like Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Uzbekistan and even European countries like Russia, Bosnia and Serbia? Most people would never even think of visiting those countries because they aren’t the generic vacation spots of Paris, London, Rome, etc.. In other words, they have been able to keep their traditional non-western culture.

    There is an Uzbek actress named Durdpna Qurbanova. This woman is very pretty and yet despite being an actress is far more feminine and traditional than what you will find among the average women in the west. These women also have no issues having larger families. Go elsewhere and lose the hassle, in SEVERAL categories.

    1. >> On the other hand, those rightfully trying to GTFO the west will find it much easier to find
      >> a good woman anyways.

      The irony is that when I came to Africa, it was only supposed to be a 2 week business trip. lol
      15 years later, I’m pleased with my decision to stay out of the West seeing how fast it has gone downhill after the 2008 financial crises courtesy of Lord Ziostein & his gangster banksters. My instincts told me to stay put.

      So Eurasia will be where I look to develop future business & tourism links between Africa & the conservative family-oriented Eurasian citizenry. I have zero desire to return to any society that has been hijacked by morbid Feminism & degenerate simp culture. Nada!

  12. It also has to be said again, why do you think these dating coaches focus on you tiptoeing the mine field in the west while you make them rich so they can go bang women in Thailand?

    They want you to think dysfunction is the norm, all while they know it’s not. They want you sweating to get a B level product at best so they can have the cream of the crop all to themselves. Those dudes are nothing but hucksters and pimps, so stop listening to them. Otherwise, the best you’ll get is a chick like in the above video.

    1. The truth has just been laid out. All these dating coaches are waiting for their bank accounts to hit six digits so they can say sayonara to the MGTOW and lost males who never had strong male presents in their lives.

      They didn’t need them anyway and I find it funny they keep taking their hard earned money and giving it to Fresh & Fit, Greg Adams, Donovan Sharpe and others who keep begging for likes, thumbs ups and donations.

      I find it interesting to saw Fit as he tries to thread the needle between the abundance of dating in the West and his hardline Sudanese upbringing.

      Hardline feminist as the one he was confronted with a couple of days ago (I wanna say May 26th 2021) flummoxed him constantly.

      No worries, we’ll be back here 10 years from now as the oldest of the Z’s hit 35….

      1. I don’t take progressives, oligarchs and black females seriously. This is because they destroyed civilization in the name of ‘black men and white women ain’t shit’, put their incompetent lackeys and butt boys in positions of power and then exploited the working classes of the world in the name of ‘revolution’. It always amused me that wignats talk about ‘the Aryan race’ when these so called supermen came from Iran and India, NOT Europe.

        This so called ‘white power’ movement is nothing more than a modern version of the nonsense in France that lead to Woodrow Wilson and the Entente, and any real student of history knows how EVIL those guys were.

        Modern day ‘white supremacists’ would have been the first to have been murdered by the Jewish Nazis if they had bothered to win the war, because Bornman, Khrushchev, etc didn’t consider Slavs [which make up the majority of whites] human! Even now the Likud Party continues to use Russians to gain votes and weaken the West via white supremacist communism and revolution, but of course MSM doesn’t care because that doesn’t sell news papers.

        You couldn’t convince me that this pickup artist nonsense is anything other than normalization of the club life and the street madness. ‘Feminists’ use it to avoid confronting their abusive families and justify their failures while ‘game’ sellers feed of the degeneracy this produces.

        MGTOW should call themselves Emos Going the Faggot Way because that’s all they are at this point. Claiming to have given up on women and gone ‘red pill’ yet screwing sex dolls and promoting porn addiction.

        Damian had me laughing when he started exposing MGTOW, they’re just as bad as racist Jews or white zaddy.

  13. Here’a what I think about feminism: It’s gonna be the straight downfall of women period. All that Strong and independent, is gonna be a complete downfall for women period. Women that act like they can do everything a man can do, there’s just something wrong with them on the real. There are things that are design for both genders (male and female), and there are things that are design for one gender (male or female), and guess what, that’s how life works son. I never believe in equal rights because what are women trying to be equal in. That’s the million dollar question folks need to ask when encounter women who embrace that feminism: What are you trying to be equal in?

    For instinct, women talk about equal pay. I never understood equal pay, I mean I don’t know what the deal is behind that man. Either your doing 9-to-5, having a career path, or you’re doing something that’s legal (like cleaning, teaching/tutoring, fixing things, video creation, or whatever), Just pray that you gonna make some good money off of it. These people into that onlyfans, showing naked flesh for profit will haunt them for life. This coming week, or later on, I’m planning on hosting video gaming sessions, and probably get paid for it. Then, I’m a pick up on a few trades, just to fall back on. When you 18 – 25, start thinking about doing some big things.

  14. I could never date a woman that wants to be 5 different things that men have the manpower to perform and still spoil her like daddy’s little princess. Good luck to the beta males with these Wonder Woman, Lara Croft & Amazon jungle warriors.

    1. All these Wonder Woman, Lara Croft, Crossfit, Muay Thai, Krav Maga, rock-climbing, kickboxing, third wave feminist white man-hating superwomen, yet none can seem to fight off their alleged attackers and molesters that they cry #MeToo about.


      1. Athletic women are not a problem. It’s just the ones who want to verbaally and physically fight you over everything that doesn’t go in their favor.

  15. “Feminism” is the ugly womin’s way of dick policing the good looking feminine women & making them feel “unworthy” for a having a vagina that men wanna pound bcuz, well, they’re um, GOOD LOOKING.

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