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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

Gentlemen, another Open Mic Session is here. Just to let you guys know, a work colleague at my employment was found slumped over dead yesterday morning. He’d completed the first half of his shift but never got to finish the rest as he passed away in one of the recreation rooms during his meal break.

I strongly suspect that he had gotten the jab though there has been no confirmation of this yet, the guy looked healthy. I don’t believe he was suffering from any health conditions. Get ready to see more cases like this, where people all of a sudden either drop dead or fall unconscious as a result of taking Bill Gates’ bioweapon, coming soon to a street/workplace/area near you:

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind), Be Yourself, Not Somebody Else

Most High Bless

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48 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

  1. Verbs 2015.

    I am so so sorry to hear the sad news about your work colleagues death. Like I said before Verbs I am not taking that fucking vaccine because I want to live a very long life plus you don’t know what kind of poison that they are putting in these vaccines.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      People need to get this idea out their heads that they’re being vaccinated against something when they’re not. They’re being given an extermination bioweapon, some folks will die within a short period of time, others in the following months to come.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I think the whole covid 19 thing is a scam and its the governments way to control peoples lives and force people to take these vaccines against their freedoms. People in the UK are so brainwashed into believing in this vaccine crap.

  2. I believe he passed away from the jab. There is no other explanation to suspect the cause of death.

    19,916 ‘eye disorders’ including blindness following covid vaccine reported in Europe.

    More than 10,000 reports of eye disorders after covid shots in the U.K. alone.

    New Zealand fires nine border workers who refused covid vaccine.

    I need to somehow leave western societies for good and find a quality stargate that won’t mind leaving the west with me. I need to find societies in north east or south east that won’t make poison jabs mandatory. I don’t mind if it was just a covid test without taking the poison jab, but this is seriously getting out of hand. This is what happens when a general public allows wealthy people to abuse their power to a point where they can’t defend themselves at any level. Especially if many people are accepting a vaccine passport like the credit score system in China. The government tracking and tracing every move, including financial records. Can’t own property, can’t travel, can’t eat nor drink. Does the general public really want to be permanent slaves? Unfortunately I think the answer is yes. The global reset turns out to be the new world order of compulsory lockdowns. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. Witwijf,

      Sadly, even the Covid test is a major problem not only because of its ultra high inaccuracy(93-97% false positive rate) but also because of the nano particles on the swob tips, the way around that is to refuse to have it put down the back of the nose but instead spit into a disposable container and dip the swab into the saliva.

      The British public sadly are ripe for the slaughter because their god is the State, they don’t believe in a higher power and thus aren’t bestowed with the discernment to recognise when they’re being hoodwinked. This is one of the main reasons why this places is being overrun so quickly with evil and terror.

      Indeed, ensure that you find yourself a quality stargate, in these post Covid times that also means finding a woman who has NOT taken the bioweapon jab and has no intention of taking it.

    1. Jon,

      The daggle stay daggling, they never change even though they’ll pretend to whenever attempting to climb Swirl Mountain.

      1. I saw this story on Twitter and it had no photos. But there was no question what the assailant’s race was with the name “Chenasia.” James SYSBM is correct, these ghetto names are a signifier.

  3. Today in “Tales from the Black Underclass”

    He was a lawyer, father and teacher. His future was cut short by Baton Rouge’s wave of gun violence

    This brother had a law degree, was a law professor at an HBCU, had a small landscaping business, and was married with a child. He was killed during a attempted home invasion by a member of the Black underclass named “Terrius”.

    Stranger attacks Asian women with hammer in New York

    Random Dark Skinned BW attacks an Asian woman on the street with a hammer.

    Off-duty cop subdues woman after mid-air flight attendant attack on JFK flight

    BW named “Chenasia” Campbell with 3 kids (no doubt out of wedlock) punches a flight attendant, pulls her hair, and tries to rip her dress off because the attendant tried to get between her and another passenger who were arguing.

    “Campbell, from Brooklyn, is facing federal charges for punching the employee during the flight on Sunday after she intervened in an argument between Campbell and another attendant for not picking up her garbage.”

    ““Cops aren’t going to do anything to me,” she allegedly yelled as she hit the victim again and the two tumbled to the floor. Campbell also tried to rip the flight attendant’s dress off during the incident, prosecutors said.”

    ““Be good and get rich,” she told reporters outside the courthouse, after earlier giving the middle finger to photographers while in court. Campbell was arrested in August 2020 for attacking a woman using a walker, a law enforcement source told the Daily News.”

    200+ carjackings in DC area, dozens of juveniles arrested so far this year

    “Police have arrested 44 people and 34 of the suspects are under the age of 18. Based on police reports, some of the suspected carjackers have been as young as 12 years old.” “”That’s just what they like to do,” Acting D.C. Police Chief Robert Contee said when talking about some of the suspects. “They just do it. They enjoy committing crimes.” Some juveniles have engaged in this crime for not only the thrill but to brag about their conquests on social media, Contee said.”

    No doubt these children are the products of “strong and independent” Black single mothers.

    Keep the Wall up like your life depends on it.

    RIP to your co worker Verbs

    1. JamesSYSBM,

      I see dysfunctional Negroes will continue to be regardless of what threats or perceived threats there are in the world. As for the work colleague, like I said to Witwijf, the UK is a godless country with the people worshipping and believing in the State as their god. As a result they have no discernment to recognise then they’re being deceived, tricked and hoodwinked.

      If people are so determined to get jabbed with an unknown substance then that is on them, all I know is that I’m most definitely going to be seeing and hearing about many more employees at my work and elsewhere who’ve gotten the bioweapon suddenly croaking it for “unknown reasons”.

    2. Attacking the Asian woman, smgdh. The thing the liberal media won’t say is that 80%+ of the anti Asian hate crimes are done by black people, namely black women, usually ghetto dark skinned ones at that.

      Again, any liberal cause is nothing but virtue signaling, they don’t give a shit about the victims. This honestly resembles the random attacks that middle eastern and desi men perform, namely in Verbs’ neck of the woods. Again, both are the most unattractive and least desires of their sex, so it fits.

      1. Like I said, state sponsored terrorism but we won’t call them that, just as we won’t called racist right wing White males terrorist either. Left and Right hand of White Supremacy, they are the shock troops.

  4. This whole vaccination fiasco has me concerned for a coworker who, as I’m writing this, has taken the first dose; I can’t remember which company it came from. My younger brother also is thinking of taking it; he’s morphed into a total SJW sheeple since he went off to college. My brother would put Black Caesar to shame with his denial of the evidence pointing to the hoax that this pandemic actually is!

    Now, regarding the man who funded these vaccines, Mr. Bill Gates, he and his wife are divorcing; I’m not sure what happened between them, but apparently they have no prenup and I’m sure she’s going to be taking old Billy to the cleaners. If I were Bill, I’d consider taking one of my vaccine cocktails funded with my billions and end my misery.

    I meant to post this last week, but they are moving the goal posts again:

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Join the club, I know of so many of my co workers working at the same location who have gotten the jab, the guy I mentioned who passed was at a different location to mine. So many people have been suckered in by the constant propaganda repetition from the mainstream media, I honestly don’t understand how people can still watch commercial television when there are so many other options available.

      It’s sad to see so many people who you thought were intelligent and had some sort of logic and common sense falling for this nonsense, regardless of how much evidence you bring to the table that clearly demonstrates at minimum that there is no so called “pandemic”, the mainstream media seeds of witchcraft, sorcery and spell binding enchantments are stronger and locked into place, smh.

      Bill Gates is still a terror regardless of his marital status, a guy that has absolutely no medical degrees nor qualifications is somehow dictating health policies around the world, what kind of garbage is that?

      There is some good news though, I’ve no idea what country this video was taken in(I think the language being spoken in the video is Portuguese, not the subtitles, they’re in Spanish. It could be Portugal or Brazil), however it seems that the healthcare workers are fully aware that this so called “jab” is no vaccine and have opted to take the route of “pretending” to inject in order to save their people, these are the real nurses that need to be saluted:

  5. Video Showing love to the bro’s who droped a great quote. Again @verbs2015 loved the Church Beast Book and the pastors being called bankers wow!!! May I use that phrase in the future it is fucking brilliant…

    1. G1,

      Your kind words are appreciated brother, use whatever phrases you want. I enjoy coming up with words, terms and phrases that stick and make an impact. Glad you enjoyed the book, these church beast pastors need to be called out for the swindling and deceiving scum buckets that they are.

  6. Oh Boy, what to talk about today.

    I’m not sure if you brothas have heard the news, but Bill Gates and his Melinda are getting a divorce. Oh Boo-Hoo, but guess what, I’m still not getting the damn vaccine, even if it means to fight for my life because that’s what gonna happen eventually. I still don’t get why people would listen to this freak. Yeah, the man is super rich, but does he have an actual background on science, or in the medical field? Last time I check, he knows some Microsoft, software bullcrap. Some Good news is that Florida done suspended the restrictions of Covid. Honestly, I can see the wave of people dropping dead after getting vaccinated sometime soon.

    Okay, if this happen, than I probably already know who’ll survive, the unvaccinated, and these people who were behind this mess. The people that are behind this mess, I highly doubt they got vaccinated, because if they did, how the hell they still breathing, and still living normal, but everyone else who took it done A) develop some serious side effects, B) had blood clots, C) Die like minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months after taking it, and D) catching covid right after vaccination, talking about the vaccine is “safe” and “effective.” How the hell is a vaccine safe and effective if that shit was work overnight? Because last time I check, I thought vaccines take years to be develop, literally like 10 years, or more than 10 years for it to be develop. It’s sad that the majority can’t use their own freakin brain, and they are the first ones to be wipeout.

    With Climate Change, this whole save the earth, I never got that crap because what are we trying to “save the earth” from anyway? I’m confused about this whole saving the earth shit. One day ago, I read some shit about Biden Climate plan, and I’m telling y’all, I’m super confused right now about what he’s trying to push. I wonder if he’s gonna live longer for all this shit to happen because the man is already in his senior years, like he’s 80 or something. This is what I’m not liking about this crap. These folks trying to tell us how to live, what to eat, and all this crap, but I’m trying to figure out are they gonna follow along? Probably not because they gonna be “eating good,” living the good life, while everyone else live like slaves. When they talk about population reduction, and if it succeeds, I be wondering who all is gonna be left on this planet earth.

    With everything that’s going on, they can swipe it under the rug all they want too, acting like they doing the “right thing”, trying to be heroes, but sooner or later, all that shit will definitely come to light.

    1. D.K. Phantom,

      Regarding the jab, as I’ve stated before people need to get the notion out of their heads that they’re being offered a vaccine for a genuine biological threat, this is NOT the case. The so called Coronavirus vaccine is actually a sterilisation and extermination poison, however the mainstream media witchcraft propaganda machines keeps on repeating the word “vaccine” in their efforts to make you believe that this killer potion somehow has benefits to it, however nothing could be further from the truth.

    2. The gates divorce is nothing more than 1) a way to liquidate their assets 2) a big indicator that soon the market corrects itself due to the mass over inflation going on and 3) the foreshadowing of a massive crash not long after.

      Pay close attention to Amazon. When that Amazon stock is being offloaded, the cash will come soon after.

  7. The propaganda is thick in these streets, billboard and radio adverts, back and side of the bus ads, council leaflets urging to take the deathshot. If you’re watching TV it’s on every ad break. I’m not surprised a gang of people are taking it, even they can’t tell you why, just following orders.
    As far as I’m concerned, it’s an intelligence test. Take it and you’re certified stupid.

    Watch as your work colleague’s death will be attributed to anything but the deathshot, but he’ll be added to the WuFlu count. Smdh

    1. Saw a electronic highway billboard ad today about “emissions awareness day” and to lessen trips. These people really think the average Joe is stupid and will follow whatever they say. The sad part is, they’re mostly right.

    2. Michel,

      I’m so glad that I don’t watch television and haven’t done so in almost 20 years, that is the main medium where most of the Convid enchanting witchcraft is disseminated from.

      I agree, the contradictions, inconsistencies, anomalies and irregularities in this entire fiasco have been nothing short of a joke and a laughingstock(to those who have bothered to use their own brains instead of allowing the mainstream media to do their thinking and reasoning for them) and yet so many people have still been suckered and hoodwinked into taking the shot.

      You know this, I already know that some cock and bull story is going to be manufactured to cover up the real cause of the work colleague’s death. I also found out that there may be a few others in different departments who have also croaked it after getting their jab, however unlike this case they died away from work.

  8. Off topic – what’s with the cold weather all of a sudden? Have they’ve stopped cooking the atmosphere round these parts? Global climate emergency my arse.

    1. Michel,

      Nothing is off topic in Open Mic Wednesday. I agree, a number of weeks ago in April for around 2 days the temperature was up in the early 20s(as the weather should be for the spring), then all of a sudden it plummeted, I guess these weather wizards are up to their old tricks once again.

      I remember a number of years ago these weather fiddlers stretched out the winter over here clean up till June, temperatures no higher than 10-15 degrees C, but when June hit all of a sudden the temperature rocketed up to the late 20s early 30s.

      In that years the spring season was completely omitted, the weather jumped straight from winter to summer temperatures and people over here still believe that these weather patterns are normal, smh.

  9. Sorry about your work colleague who died. This vaccine is nothing but a poisonous thing is killing people. And we have warned people of don’t take the vaccine and they don’t wanna listen to us. Some have died, so was seriously ill and so on. And you know that murderous nerd Bill Gates, his wife is divorcing him. Look, I know that divorce is something men go through because they will lose what they work for but for this motherfucker right here, I’m glad that it’s happening. The wife must of known that he’s a wicked man that create this Convd -19 beacsue it’s just a con and this dangerous vaccine, I hope she take every penny from that rass! Take every penny from that wrinkly face nerd. Yeah man! The man is just sick and wicked.

  10. So they tried to get mad at Joe Rican for telling people not to take the jab because he has no medical experience, but lick Bill Gates’ dirty buttcheeks. After all, isn’t Gates known for NOT having a college degree?

    This goes to show you that the average Joe regardless of religion is NOT atheist, nor do they belong to whatever religion they profess. They worship the elites, who are honest justified at this point for seeing themselves as gods. They appeal to these people to think for them, and guys like Gates and Fauci are no different than the average church beast pastor. You can add health gurus and climate whores in there too. It’s all part of the religion of liberalism and virtue signaling.

    These same people will ironically try to talk shit about people who liked Trump, when THEY are the ones in a cult. Remember, Whitmer had a damn PILLOW of Fauci in her house.

  11. Here is my current list of counties that I WOULD consider relocating to and that currently want no parts of vax passports. Turkey may fold as part of Europe, but idk.

    1. Turkey
    2. Russia
    3. Brazil
    4. Serbia
    5. Sri Lanka
    6. Pakistan
    7. Uzbekistan
    8. Indonesia
    9. Croatia
    10. Bosnia

    Russia is looking better than ever, and surprisingly enough for me, so is Brazil.

  12. I’ll soon have two official, and maybe three GIG, work from home, freelance jobs as combined full time endeavors, and still plan to bolster them with more emphasis on my blog in the coming weeks, a potential YouTube channel and definitely a patreon.

    As I’ve said before, I’m done with that 9 to 5 hustle of doing something I have no interest in and going absolutely nowhere. My current roles will be continued freelance article writing plus contract health content writing and affiliate marketing. I should make good money which will only increase as I push ALL of my stuff for clicks more. Said bucks would go even farther in Sri Lanka, Russia or Brazil.

    NONE of these require living in the us, and once the dust starts settling and I get into a groove with them, they’ll make me more than my former job even taking into account buying insurance.

    Get into a position like this, download Duolingo and Drops, and for the love of god get TF out of America and Britain. Florida, the Dakotas, Arizona, Alaska, Oklahoma and maybe Utah are the ONLY states I’d ever deal with.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      Anything is better than a 9 to 5 in this climate, working for one’s self has always been the better way forward, however many people are more comfortable with the security of working for somebody else and having a guaranteed salary coming in each month.

      In light of Covid, so called “job security” has been thrown straight out of the window, brothers would do well to at least initiate some form of independent income in preparation for the excrement hitting the fan which it most definitely will at sometime in the near future.

      Setting myself up to get out of this place eventually as well, there is no future here in the UK and I like yourself advise those who can leave to get the heck out and never come back.

      1. Verbs2015,

        I’ve already gotten my alternate income stream flowing. Initially I was going with the idea of having multiple streams of income. But now, I have enough income thru rentals that I don’t need a 9-5.

        With the degeneracy of da communitah at an all time high, and mainstream US society going mad with toxic white Karen and scraggle daggle feminism, the epidemic of black male simping, and white beta cuck male ideology proliferating; I too am looking to relocate.

        I’ll give Russia a look. But I am skeptical about Russia. During my years working in IT, I met some Russians who were brought to the US on H-1B visas. The males were dumb as rocks, and incompetent as hell. They were also ugly as sin and racist to the point of being cartoon characters. The females were beyond ugly and had cottage cheese bodies that triggered my gag reflex. This might be because they were pulled from Russia’s nerd collective, because I know there are beautiful Russia women.

        I’ll still remain skeptical of Russia, and look more at eastern European countries like Hungary, Poland, Romania, and the Czech Republic.

  13. The curious mysterious divorce of one Bill gates is interesting indeed. I doubt it’s a coincidence and probably all part of something. I don’t expect gates to put up with divorce fees at all, either. Expect his wife to come up missing.


    This happened in South Carolina, unsurprisingly; note that the Black man who was taken advantage of is said to have “intellectual disabilities”; he would’ve never got away with that if it were a mentally apt Black man. Lord Euro has no balls, which is why he always goes for the weakest Black man to intimidate; did this guy think he was back in the 1600s or 1700s even? The scraggle daggle would say this guy “conquered” a Black man and claim they could level up with him.

  15. This is a story from a few weeks ago but I thought I would post it:

    Radio host fired after comparing skin tones of Black women to toast

    “On the show, Lederman said he “would never go with Serena Williams level, but I’m very comfortable at a Halle Berry level.” “”I need a little bit of mulatto still coming through,” he said. In the audio, Brown also mentions “CBS This Morning” co-host Gayle King by name.”
    Dark skinned BW are not found attractive by men regardless of the man’s race. They continue to try to fool themselves into thinking that they have “swirling” options when in reality all they have are ghetto gagging options.

    1. BW want to be mainstream and talked about, but when a mainstream radio host discusses them, he’s fired. Oh well. Too bad, white man, you’ll be all right.

      1. I had a nice experience today that highlights the difference between white women and scraggle daggles. There is this white woman who works at the neighborhood grocery store I go to. She is always friendly and pleasant to me. At first I thought she was just being polite to me as a customer. Then over time it hit me that she was more animated and talkative to me than to other customers. Today I asked her for her number. She wrote it on my receipt and said I’ll be expecting your call.

        She’s attractive, not overweight, and looks like the girl next door type. She didn’t play coy or hard to get, and she wasn’t overly aggressive. She saw a man she was interested in, and she let me know by being pleasant and affable. Much more classy than the average scraggle daggle.

        1. The Klingon bitch on the other hand growls and snaps at you to let you know she likes you, if that.

        2. AmericanBlkMan,

          We already know how the black witch would’ve dealt with that same situation, “n***a please, what do I look like, you better keep it moving with that mess” etc, etc, etc.

    1. That was quite interesting. She was actually competing in her head with a nonexistent white woman lol. Too bad all she had to do was be pleasant and go up to the brother, but simple kindness is beyond the modern-day black bitch lol. Videos like this prove the Black Man is winning. SYSBM works.

  16. So local elections in the UK are happening those of you in the UK who are you voting for?

    In the London mayoral election I’m hoping Shaun Bailey wins. What do you think of him?

    He did call out single mothers if you remember as well as other people for their nonsense

  17. Also looking into drop ship business. Anyone know anything about those?

    1. They have full courses online at places like udemy and etc.Some of them are free some of the you have to pay.Also if you wanna take it seriously after completing courses and gaining knowledge you should find a mentor.Somebody who is successful at drop shipping.This will shorten the learning curve significantly.Than if you tried to learn it on your own

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