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The Dark Side And Evil Nature Of The Swirler Featuring Candace Owens


George Floyd didn’t ask for a knee to be put on his neck(which is a popular police torture technique), neither did Floyd request to be executed. Remember, when Floyd’s life-force was being drained from his body, HE WAS ALREADY IN HANDCUFFS.

Exactly how much resistance can you muster up already wearing a pair of handcuffs, I’ll wait? Notice how Owens doesn’t want to deal with the immediate moments surrounding Floyd’s execution, she dug into his criminal history and somehow believed that his track record justified his execution while in cuffs at that moment, where is the logic here?

Regardless of his past criminal history(which I don’t condone in any way, shape, form or fashion), at that particular moment in time George Floyd wasn’t engaging in any activities that warranted his blood circulation and air being cut off. This is what Candace Owens and her racist white lord and saviour Admiral Frost point blank refuse to understand, why, because they both view black men as expendable cannon fodder.

This reminds me of what happened to Eric Garner in 2014, a father of six who was literally choked to death for “selling cigarettes”. My point is, the minor infractions most certainly do not fit the punishments and untimely deaths the victims received as a result.

On a side note, “resisting arrest” in some cases is fully justified because it can clearly be observed that the police are undoubtably acting outside of their capacity, this notion that being under arrest is a motion that should never be challenged is a ridiculous one, however I also fully understand that resisting being arrested even when the cops are dead wrong does carry its risks and often times can end up detrimental towards the victim.

It should also be noted that the idea of “battling it in court” isn’t always a solid and viable route either. I have a close friend who many years ago was accosted and arrested by the police for no reason other than walking the local streets going about his business. When the matter eventually got to court, despite it being demonstrated that the officers involved had no justification for what they did to him, the crooked judge still ruled in favour of the police, handed my friend a hefty fine and actually stated to him that he should’ve simply allowed the police to abuse him as well as violate his God given right to go about his business without being hindered, obstructed and harassed, smh. There isn’t an effective justice system for black folks anywhere upon this planet.

Back to the matter at hand, this is the major problem with those black women who manage to date out, they are so obsessed with white men and are willing to do anything to please their white lord and saviour, there are very few cases where black women who either date or marry white men are genuinely in love, the overwhelming majority of the time the primary elements involved in such relationships are WORSHIP AND INFATUATION on the part of the black female towards the white male.

Most black men simply don’t understand the modern day black female’s obsession with Major Blizzard, the black siren Candace Owens is simply the latest in a long line of black women who have a deep disdain and hatred for black men and who have no problems vocalising that same hatred in different forms whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Isn’t it the high priestess of Swirl Mountain one Miss Christelyn Karazin who has formed a confederacy and completely agrees with another black witch who goes by the name of Kendall St Charles(another decadent black harriet who now prefers to carry out her black male hating dirty deeds from within the shadows) who herself some years back stated that black women concerning unborn black males in the womb should “abort those motherf***ers”?

So many black men continue to remain in a comatose state, everytime a black man dies for whatever reason, your average black female jumps for joy, rejoices and expresses her desire to see even more black men perish. The death of Kobe Bryant should’ve been a wakeup call for many black men as to the true nature of these black women who claim to have our backs, but only in talk, never in action, it was a wakeup call for a few but unfortunately not enough.

Herein lies the fundamental difference between black men who date out vs black women who do the same, free thinking black men at least recognise that even though they’ve left the community, their salvation and preservation does NOT lie in the hands of white or any other societies nor their women, our strength lies within OURSELVES, we have the power to forge our own paths and do.

Dangerous “divesting” black harridans such as Candace Owens, Christelyn Karazin, Kendall St Charles aka Breukelen Blu, Chrissie, old hag Deborah Cooper, Sheraseven1 and the rest of these wannabe swirling acolytes honestly believe that Lord Euro is going to save them from the consequences and the fallout of the very community they’ve destroyed via their own hands on his behalf.

As I’ve stated before, the modern day black female is the white man’s flunky, her job as per her contractual obligations towards the State is to keep black society and especially black men flat on their faces. Candace Owens is completely infatuated and obsessed with placating to the alternative right as well as her white husband, so much so to the point that she’s willing to throw basic logic, common sense, reason and rationale completely out of the window in order to try to get a seat at Lieutenant Lime’s table.

Candace Owens is yet another disgraceful black witch trying her utmost to be accepted by white society, however we already know that this will never happen. How exactly was the guilty verdict on Derik Chauvin wrong woman?

Additionally, I personally don’t believe that Owens’ stance on abortion has changed(when it comes to BLACK CHILDREN), as we already know that most black women are so desperate to give birth to mixed children with good hair, light eyes and light skin.

The sad thing is if Owens’ husband were to divorce her in the future, she just like the cleavage showing black Jezebel Irene Yvette would be able to wander back into black society where some desperate simp would be waiting and be fully prepared to cuff her as well as look after her children from another man.

Black women in general are dangerous and should never be trusted, swirling black women especially are extra lethal because of the deeper hatred and disdain they hold towards their own skin colour, heritage and black men. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Swirlers/Divesting/Levelling Up Black Women Are The Worst

Most High Bless

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42 thoughts on “The Dark Side And Evil Nature Of The Swirler Featuring Candace Owens

  1. I stopped dealing with the black witch back in 06 & my only regret is I didn’t do it sooner! If I was raised in a more diverse area I would’ve never have dated the black witch to begin with!

    1. Val Zod,

      I pipped you by one year, however just like yourself I wish i’d have thrown in the towel much earlier.

        1. Somewhere in the 90’s, I think it was 1996. That was the last time I had sex with a Black woman.

          I have never dated a BW, ever.

    2. Dude, I’m 21 years old, about to turn 22 this month, and I ain’t had my first black girlfriend, and I’m not gonna lie, I’m glad I didn’t.

  2. First!

    Another banger. Couldn’t agree more.

    I always say: Black women date out to spite Black men. Black men date out because Black women ain’t shit.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      Black women stay trying to spite black men via the swirling/divesting/levelling up(but in reality levelling down) doctrine and philosophy, this is why they typically create such a loud song and dance whenever Captain Frost chooses to date them. Note, white men choose them(and those occasions are very rare), not the reverse.

      1. #BlackGirlMagic literally turns princes into frogs. Your Prince Harry there in the UK messed with a quadroon, lost his title, and had to get a job. “Leveling up” for me, commoner life for thee. Not a good deal for the white man who wants to take on these hoes. Oh well, he was warned.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    I can’t stand black women like Candace Owens because she supported the police officer Derik Chauvin who murdered George Floyd because he was black. Black women worship their white lord but it is never reciprocated because white men don’t desire black women like that because through their bad behaviours and fake looking appearance they are the least desired woman on the planet. Black women try to tell us SYSBM black men that white women and other non black women don’t desire us black men like that due to the negative stereotypes against black men by the racist media but despite all that shit we SYSBM black men are the second most desired man on the planet by white women and non black women when you see black men/white women couples or black men /other non black women couples throughout the world in real life and on YouTube especially on Mad Bus Driver youtube channel showing videos of black men with non black women and white women in happy relationships and not only that we have kids with white women and other non black women who are good looking women so that destroys the myth that black men can only attract ugly white women and ugly non black women.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Derik Chauvin had a nasty track record himself, he cold cut executed Floyd and knew exactly what he was doing even when people were shouting at him informing him that Floyd was flagging and losing consciousness under his knee. White male bootlickers and brown nosing flunkies such as Candace Owens are a complete and utter disgrace who’ll throw black men under the bus as any given moment just to impress their white lord and saviour Field Marshal Sleet.

      Black women look incredibly stupid whenever they and their pro black simp serfs say that black men aren’t desired by other races of women, viral Tik Tok videos of white girls/women expressing their interest in black boys/men and visa versa have put that baseless mantra to bed. The fruits speak for themselves, more black men are choosing to branch out and at this stage there isn’t anything black women can do to change the tide.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I saw the video of Derik Chauvin killing George Floyd and it was horrific to watch. I am so glad that more and more black men in 2021 are dating beautiful childfree white women and beautiful childfree non black women because black men are now starting to know their self worth and that they are valued by white women and non black women and that it’s good to get away from the black community plantation because its only going to get worse. I don’t feel guilty for not dating black women and single mothers because I just don’t find them attractive. Let these pro blacks and Umar Johnson rescue these ugly black women and single mothers.

  4. Candace owens is a real liberal like every negress. Apparently Owens actually owns a BLM property. There is no such thing as a conservative negress. It don’t exist. The truth is Captain blizzard frost and negresses both hate white women and black men. History proves this. The police force is corrupted with freemasonary rankings. The judge court also has freemasonary corruption to the core. Black male simps will remain the permanent under class along with negresses. Dating is social economics and politics. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. Witwijf,

      Despite everything being stacked against black men, we still continue to push forward and overcome nearly impossible odds. The West is crap, the court systems here are crap, the police here are especially garbage, judges are easily bought with brown envelopes passed under the table. As I and many brothers here have been stating for a while now, if possible the West should be abandoned. I talked to a guy yesterday who was born and bred in the UK and even he is thinking of ducking out of here at some point with his girlfriend going to her home country of Kosovo.

      1. They aren’t just passed brown envelopes under the desk, in the US it’s legalized bribes in the form of campaign contributions.

        That how Judges go down the 3 strikes/Police First and twist the law in favor of law enforcement when that runs up against common sense. This is why sooner rather than later we will have A.I replace judges and juries.

        I am not saying that would be better, it might be worse but looking at laws black and white vs. grey for some and not for others.

  5. First off, with the George Floyd case, that whole incident was making my head spin around because I don’t know what the hell to believe, but I’m not gonna get into that.

    Second, with Candace Owens, I listened to some of her videos, and yeah, she’s definitely sounds like she’s mess with the white dudes heavily. I think she’s republican, which I don’t care because I don’t care about neither party like that. Plus, I remember her going in on Cardi B, which I don’t like her neither. I think someone had ask this question before in a livestream I was watching, and this person ask, for a black man, would you date Candace Owens over Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, and that was real questionable to me.

    Now as for black women with that “Divestment” shit, let them go on and keep chasing a fantasy, because I already don’t give a damn who the black woman dates. The good black man is not on the black woman’s list, plus the truth is, I don’t think most black women don’t deserve a quality black man with the rate they’re going at. The disrespect in black woman is so damn strong to the point where black women are gonna have no male counterparts in the future because black women done lost all the ability to be a wife, nor girlfriend. I’m just trying to figure out what makes them think the white man will save them, because only a tiny percent will probably get with a black woman like that, but other than that, the white man don’t prefer black women like that at all. All them romantic novels and movies of black women getting into these relationships with white man, it’s all a freakin fantasy man. Their fetish for white men is extremely dark. Talking about wanting a light skin baby with good hair and good eyes. I’m a light skin black dude, but I’m really not into women who are darker than me. Not hating, it’s just preferences. It’s always been fair skin, my skin color, that olive skin, or the cinnamon tan/honey golden skin color women for me.

    1. D.K. Phantom,

      Candace Owens, Cardi B and Meg The Stallion are identical because they’re all cut from the same cloth, Owens speaks well which gives people the false impression that she is somehow different from the rest, however nothing could be further from the truth. All of them are daggles to the core, Owens however uses her so called “professionalism” to mask her inner scrag/Jezebel spirit, however I’m not fooled in the slightest.

      As for these swirlers, their recompense is soon coming, you don’t throw your male counterparts under the bus for men from a different ethnicity mistakenly believing that they will save you from the mess you created in your own society on their behalf, that’s an ultra dumb move.

      Candace Owens is swinging a heavy pitch hoping and praying that Captain Birdseye will allow her to sit at the table with him, however she’s still a black woman working on his behalf, the hammer of reality will come down heavily upon her skull one day where she’ll finally realise that she’s on her own.

  6. “You know the damage one ignorant Negro can do?” – Master Sergeant Vernon Waters, “A Soldier’s Story”

    Black women like Candace Owens (who still goes by her maiden name even though she is married) are very dangerous indeed; the above quote by Sergeant Waters was spoken with the frustration of knowing that one ignorant Negro can throw a wrench in the process of Black men getting the respect they deserve. In the case of George Floyd, her FB live video was the wrench that could’ve obstructed justice for Floyd’s family; she’s also ignorant because the jurors were instructed not to watch the news, so how could “mob rule” have swayed their verdict? SMH

    Has anyone else heard her speak up for Black female victims like Sandra Bland or Breonna Taylor? No, you haven’t, because they were victims of White officers instead of Black men. When she made that Facebook Live video on George Floyd and his criminal past, she said what upset her most was when he pistol whipped a pregnant Black woman. Candace Owens will never address the source that creates these criminals in the communitah: Black women who told the world she didn’t need a man; that would explain why the most toxic straggs in the Negro sector of YouTube have taken up for her.

    Candace Owens is a textbook example of what David Carroll speaks about when he days the DSM needs to consider classifying being a Black woman as a mental disorder; Owens continues to go on the air to repeat White racists’ talking points that they don’t want to say themselves (lest they receive backlash); she does this in service to Lord Euro, yet who was it that racially denigrated her in college? Who was it that castigated her half breed son when he was born in January?

    I said it before, and I’ll say it again: she’s going to have her day when she falls off of Swirl Mountain, and she’s going to fall harder than Stacey Dash; mark my words, she will fall.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      This is the main point that must be driven home time and time again, these black sirens are the ones who are creating the Blackistani hellholes they are so desperate to get away from. Again, what does Floyd’s criminal history have to do with the immediate moments surrounding his death.

      The dude was handcuffed, he was already restrained but Chauvin decided to use that as an opportunity to take him out. These police for a large part are retarded, how long do they think they can continue carrying out torture and execution techniques as well as appointing themselves as judge, jury and executioner before the public say enough is enough and begin doing the same on a bigger scale?

      I hope the police are prepared because a serious conflagration is coming for their chests and when it finally lands on their doorstep, they should take it on the chin and not complain. It’s not like they’re not aware of why there is a growing disdain and hatred for them just like the modern day black female knows exactly why more black men are leaving the building and choosing not to deal with them anymore.

      1. This is why I say swirlers and MGTOW are two sides of the same coin: white men pushed and allowed liberalism and feminism, while black women chose both. Now they have the gall to complain about their choices instead of admitting to have created them? It’s nothing but Frankenstein being scared of his own creation.

        As for these cops, corona has shown many white conservatives how worthless these cops truly are. Once THEY pull support, it’s over

      2. ”The dude was handcuffed, he was already restrained but Chauvin decided to use that as an opportunity to take him out.”

        They had interviewed a White lady who owned a local restaurant which Derek Chauvin frequented, and she stated that he was intimidated by Black people; I guarantee you if George Floyd were in a better state of mind and hadn’t been handcuffed, Chauvin wouldn’t have knelt on his neck. Racist Whites never try to challenge a Black person they know could tear them out the frame if the odds were fair for both sides. Back to Candace Owens; note she also never recanted her statements in the video about his toxicology report nor did she acknowledge that she was wrong for misleading people as to what was Floyd’s true cause of death; she just doubled down on her statements regarding his drug use. I don’t know where she heard people calling him a ‘saint’ or ‘hero’, but she’s making that up; this is that mental illness that David Carroll speaks of when he talks about the scraggle daggle.

    2. I draw the line at Taylor being a victim. She is only a victim of her own circumstances, IE she loves thugs and it got her killed.

      Bland ran her mouth, as Black men we are very familiar with “a matter of fact” attitude that Black women they use to influence others. It doesn’t work on law enforcement that is why she was arrested and three Black women, her mother, sister and aunt couldn’t come up with the 10% required to pay her bail out of jail.

      You can believe it or not she committed suicide or not, but the fact that she is dead is the problem here and shouldn’t have happen. Taylor should be alive as well, but the decisions they made doomed their existence on this planet.

      If you make similar decisions your time on this earth might be limited.

  7. I’ve been waiting for this swirl shit for a very long time star! As she said what she said about the copper who killed George Floyd, I know deep in my heart that this woman must of jump for joy when Floyd was murdered. But I like to know what type of white man she is married too. I bet you it’s a white beta male that is living off her. I bet you that. And when these swirling scraggles was glad that Kobe Bryant died, black men yelled out SYSBM. Right, there was a black woman on YouTuber called The Happy Hooker and she was some whore that put black men under the bus until she found that black men are walking away from the black women.

    Everyone around the world that the beta male is the most man on the plant. Stacy Dash found out that and now she is looking for a black man now. Listen here. A thinking black man will look at her and say that I don’t want a swirler who has children from a non black man. Christelyn Karazin who has a hate for black men but is so desperate for a white beta male. When her beta male leaves her and never returns, she soon goanna make an I love black men video. And Crystal Swirls, he man is drug addict and he’s fucking her up on a daily basis. Listen here. I’m just waiting this woman’s downfall. I’m just goanna sit back and drink liquor and watch them fall. Just what I did with Bareback Fountain as I see that is man stick in a whole when I told him about his mother fucking him up when he was a child.

    1. Money Cultural,

      I really have to give Owens’ husband a seriously funny look and a side eye, he actually believes that his wife is attractive and additionally moved to seal the deal by impregnating her, smh.

      We understand why so many black men deal with busted up, ugly looking black women, it’s programmed into them from a very young age by the degenerate mothers who raise them, however white men are supposed to be cut from a different cloth, they actually have attractive female counterparts in abundance. Owens must have used some of that “black girl magic” on him, lol.

      1. The only white man that black women will get is a mediocre white beta male. These white beta males have no car, no job, refuse to work, don’t have a house, provide for his children, complain about how difficult things are and so on. And these ghetto ratchet black women thinks that the white beta male is better then the ordinary black man who is stable? Let them have the white beta male. They soon reliese that the lazy white beta male cannot match with the black man.

        1. >They soon reliese that the lazy white beta male cannot match with the black man.



  8. In the case of George Floyd, what happened to him was wrong, but I’m not gonna act like most people would’ve given a shit about him if he hadn’t been killed by a white cop in a viral video. Frankly, that was probably the one time his own family gave a damn about him.

    This does however expose a lot about this swirled. Understand this: did Herman Cain get HALF of the push that Candace Owens gets? That dude actually created JOBS and BUSINESSES, yet they didn’t constantly ask his opinion on things. Likewise, you don’t see Ben Carson or even Thomas Sowell receive half the clout that she does, and they actually deserve it.

    Now that Kim Klaycik chick was for the most part seen as the corporate whore that she was, and most people rightfully dropped her on her floppy fat ass. The point is, black “conservative” women get twice the clout for doing absolutely nothing.

    In terms of this woman’s husband, notice you barely see this dude. It’s the same thing with ugly ass Serena Williams’ fiancé: those dudes were a means to an end, and as verbs and I have mentioned, there is no legit love in those relationships. It’s indifference on the white man’s part and a gross infatuation over nothing on the daggles’ part.

    With Abigail Shapiro, that woman ACTUALLY is conservative and you can tell she’s ACTUALLY married. On top of that, she’s ACTUALLY feminine looking and attractive. Candace Owens is ugly as hell, and given that there really isn’t much difference between them in terms of morality once the facade fades, a non tarted up Cardi B WOULD look way better, hell easily.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      “It’s the same thing with ugly ass Serena Williams’ fiancé: those dudes were a means to an end, and as verbs and I have mentioned, there is no legit love in those relationships. ”

      Serena Williams’ husband is in it for the big payday. A female cousin of mine got it twisted, and thinks that Serena Williams’ husband has the deep pockets in the marriage. This cousin of mine (who happens to be a scraggle daggle) was pontificating about Alexis Ohanian being worth billions because he was a cofounder of Reddit. Last I heard, the dude was worth 8 or nine million, versus Serena’s 185 miilion. Mark my word. Once Alexis thinks he has put in sufficient time, he will file for divorce and take a big chunk of Serena’s 185 million dollars. When this happens, maybe Serena can get Steve Harvey to white knight for her. LOL

      1. You ain’t lying, that’s the white boy 5-year plan right thurr. Ask Aisha Tyler and Halle Berry, they both got took. Aisha put her white boy through law school. The minute he passed the bar, he drew up his own divorce papers then got himself a white chick. Aisha was on The Talk literally crying about it. Halle’s actually paying spousal support. Gabby Sidibe is next. These black hoes stay getting fleeced.

        1. Sidibe?!!! Someone married that hungry hungry hipped ho? Can you say insurance policy?!!

  9. Understand this: daggles no matter the “political side” do NOT have legitimate interests. They don’t have independent thoughts, it’s all to either be unconsciously ghetto on autopilot or to snag a white or other non-black man. Do you think black women REALLY like anime, J-pop or k-pop? Hell no, it’s just something to hopefully escape their own blackness. They do things that most blacks don’t do to SPITE black men, not because it’s an actual interest of theirs.

    Do you think those Asian dudes would EVER check for a black woman like that? NO! Black women are also slowly but surely ruining their chances with white men more and more.

    Black women en masse need to go ahead and take that corona jab and end up either on a slab or infertile. My biggest fear is that it’s black and African women who are the most ambivalent to take it, when they frankly should be the main ones doing so.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      Like I said to Money Cultural, I have to scratch my head as to why any white guy would cuff the woman outside of being bewitched, enchanted or spellbound, as you’ve pointed out and we all can see, Owens is not attractive at all yet Colonel Frost is supposed to be getting the cream of the crop from black female society, just an interesting observation.

      Black women are a straight monolith and they expect black men to behave in the same manner, they don’t have genuine diverse interests and hobbies like you’ll find with women of other ethnicities. They pretend to as a front in order to “level up”, however their mindsets still remain the same. Black women are the least diverse group on the entire planet.

      Once a black witch, always a black witch, the leopard doesn’t change its spots. She’s got her mixed child with good hair, light skin and pretty eyes now, so I supposed she’s somewhat happy.

  10. As I’ve stated on many occasions, I used to be a simp. I started out as a simp because of brainwashing and mental conditioning by da communitah and its agents. Even during my simp days, I never engaged in unqualified worship of the scraggle daggle.

    I believe that all black males born in da communitah are conditioned and brainwashed to simp for the scraggle daggle. It is up to each individual black male to overcome this in life. It is called self improvement. But I will say this for for the umpteenth time. No amount of brainwashing and conditioning by da communitah, can be an excuse for the absolutely nauseating level of scraggle daggle simping that most black males engage in. This is strictly a function of the lack of character on the part of the black male simp.

    I personally do not care one iota that a scraggle daggle like Candace Owens is a swirler. Nor do I for one moment feel that Black Men as a collective have lost anything, when the likes of Candace Owens swirls.

    You see, ever since my eyes became opened concerning the scraggle daggle, I view the overwhelming majority of black females as an inferior collective of females. A cohort of women who are so damaged beyond repair as to be a liability to any man of quality. I do believe that the rare black female unicorn does exist. But I am not in the habit of looking for needles in a haystack.

    So, es machts nichts to me, that the likes of Candace Owens swirls. Also, es machts nichts to me, what the likes of Candace Owens opines about on any topic. The scraggle daggle phenotype of female has less than zero credibility with me. It does not surprise me that the likes of Candace Owens would be so wrong about George Floyd. I never considered Candace Owens to be unicorn, She was always nothing but a scraggle daggle to me. A scraggle daggle is a scraggle daggle, whether it prostitutes itself for ‘liberal’ General Blizzard, or ‘conservative’ General Blizzard.

    Now, I reserve my greatest disdain for the black male simp. He, and he alone empowers the scraggle daggle. It is he who enables the scraggle daggle to do the daily harm that she does.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      I hate the black male simp as well, however I never lose sight of who is the culprit creating these simps and unleashing them into society, the modern day black female. If it wasn’t for her simps would be very few and far between.

      The black male simp is merely a symptom of a much bigger problem, the black witch is the root origin of the problematic brainwashed SIMPleton. Neutralise the malevolent schemes of the black female and the simp will cease to exist.

  11. At 44 years old I have NEVER dealt with BW. Never dated or engaged in casual sex with any. SO SICK of Candace Owens. Still remember when she said the BM Cleared of a sexual assualt by DNA evidence where “actually really guilty”. Then the time she referred to Native American as “savages” until the White Man “domesticated” them. I notice she never speaks on BLACK WOMEN and the fucked up shit they do that makes the news. Then she caught feelings when the Republicans snubbed her to speak at the Republican Convention….

    1. 8bitBlerd,

      You did well avoiding them completely. Candace Owens is a prime example of the mentally deranged and mentally unstable black female on display, so desperate is she to impress Lord Euro that she will subscribe to and repeat any lies, propaganda, fairy tales and fables that come from his camp.

      I had no idea that she spoke on the Native Americans in that manner, I didn’t know about the black man cleared of sexual assault either, however it just goes to show you how deep the black female’s infatuation and worship of her white lord and saviour goes.

    2. “I notice she never speaks on BLACK WOMEN and the fucked up shit they do that makes the news.”

      As King Sigma stated, misandry against Black men is the only accepted form of discrimination in America; I, too, remember when she said the Central Park 5 were guilty even though they were cleared by DNA evidence and a confession from the actual perp; she was doing this in defense of the “Cheeto in Chief” after a documentary about them was released.

      1. Oh, I just remembered this: this witch had the unmitigated gall to say that Adolf Hitler was a good guy as a Nationalist, but he became a bad guy when he tried to segue from Nationalism to Globalism; if she were to speak that crap in Germany, the German government would tear her cooning backside out of the frame and she’ll never see the light of day again!

  12. Candace Owens is evil incarnate. There are women in my family that act like her so I saw her coming a mile away. There are many black men that actually like her. However from my experience these are the same black men that will be destroyed by a woman like Candance.

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